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This is the writing thread, for all of your fanfiction needs and desires. Check the archives below for everything the thread has put out so far, ranging from SFW to NSFW, fluff to tragedy, small literary works and shitposts alike!

Collective works so far are available in the archive:

>Isn't this just you fuckers writing fanfiction, eh?
Previous thread:>>13688830

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Do you have a story like you'd like to see written? Reply to this post with it! Try to be as clear and concise as possible; the better you describe your idea, the more likely it is to be picked up!

Consider forwarding your prompt to the prompt archive to keep your idea safe and alive forever! No information is gathered - it's all completely anonymous. Use the form below:

Curious to see the prompt archive? Check it out here if you need a little more inspiration!

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this one's even more of a nobody than usual

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Unironically, I think absolute nobodies make for better threads since there's nothing to cause dumb shitstirring over. I'd still prefer themed threads to what was in the last one but you take what you can get when there's a jackass making early threads.

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Would've been funnier if the earlyfag used a chuuba that's now in JP6

>> No.13887077

Ehh, NijiEN is definitely more popular than a lot of whos that OP posts.
Like >>13885492 said I think thread themes based on the previous thread is good, but overall I really don’t care. It’s just an image, it doesn’t stop us from posting stories or anything.

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Since I missed it last time, here it is again


A Mother's Love

tags: Suisei, Sora, (you), abuse, chuuba abuse, ryona, NSFW

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I'm gonna be honest, this is a good concept and the writing feels good to read through but everyone being Out Of Character like this really doesn't do it for me.

>> No.13889575 [DELETED] 

It's a neat concept and I'm interested but the pacing feels a bit too brisk. I think that Suisei leaving JUST so Sora can give an exposition dump then come right back and pick up where she left off is very forced, especially when the 'why' would have worked better as a mystery to unravel later. What the other Anon said is also fairly true in that it doesn't seem to really matter who the character's really are in this, and if you were the one asking for an innocent chuuba last thread then it just being "Sora" is not gonna do enough of the legwork for you in making someone feel bad.

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I saw this while scrolling through the catalog and I just want to say that Reimu has a very cummable back. Thanks for reading.

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How about a comfy story about comforting Rushia on the death of her cat? She seems really broken up about it.


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>Rushia limply trying everything to bring her cat back and failing while slipping deeper and deeper into despair

>> No.13892093 [DELETED] 

Monkey's paw - a truck slams into Rushia, sending her to see her cat again

>> No.13892451 [DELETED] 

Whom she proceeds to unbirth, sending the cat's incorporeal form into her womb where it belongs and having a brain-melting squirt-a-thon while doing so.

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y'all are freaky fr

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Russia shoving a pussy in her pussy.

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Crossick having their way with you while you're confined to a hospital bed

>> No.13896244 [DELETED] 

This, but with Fubuki instead of crossick.

>> No.13896644 [DELETED] 

6K words and no sex? Jesus Christ just drop it already

>> No.13896687 [DELETED] 

An actual lesbian pair nice. Noel and flare should just come out already.

>> No.13896823 [DELETED] 

Fubuki and Kurokami hospital SEGGS!

>> No.13896993 [DELETED] 

>Fubuki and Kurokami hospital EGGS!
I like your thinking!

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File: 720 KB, 1890x3600, nurse_fubuki_has_a_bandage_for_you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Friend is always an option

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Fubuki? Never heard of her. Nobody gives a shit about your little 2view.

>> No.13897579 [DELETED] 

I said SEGGS (sex/Takeshi's forté). Begone with your insect fetish.

>> No.13897589 [DELETED] 

Rindou coming home after a long night drinking at the bars and using an asleep Kuzuha as an onahole. All you need to know is she's a tiny milf alcoholic hag and he's a kusogaki gamer. And her dick is bigger than his. Please and thank you.

>> No.13897604 [DELETED] 

Apparently Hololive's queen is a 2view. What does that make your oshi, Anon? 1view?

>> No.13897829 [DELETED] 

What the fuck is Holo Alive?

>> No.13897916 [DELETED] 

God I hate that Fubuki's basically become this thread's basic bitch. I say this as someone that like her, because it is weird that she's become the 'slot in' to anything.

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>I say this as someone that like her
Don't believe you

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Sex in Fubuki's slot!

>> No.13898208 [DELETED] 

I can see where he's coming from. If my oshi became the go to for 'bland deuteragonist that can have any personality pasted onto them' I wouldn't like it either.

>> No.13898214 [DELETED] 

It's the status of that one girl from Spice and Wolf.

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>God I hate that Fubuki's basically become this thread's basic bitch
>I say this as someone that like her
If you really liked her, you'd be happy about it. Better yet, you'd contribute.

That being said, despite the number of Fubuki stories sitting at a comfortable 50+, I still crave more Fubuki fluff/smut. So, with that being said:

Seconding these. Hospital Fubu/Kuro sex sounds amazing.

>> No.13898342 [DELETED] 


>> No.13898390 [DELETED] 

Someone needs to write a fic of every fetish happening to Fubuki. I'm talking insect shit BBC shit pegging shit CBT shit and literal shit.

>> No.13898580 [DELETED] 

No, no they fucking don't need to do that.

>> No.13898833 [DELETED] 

Fantastic idea. You're a pioneer.

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I haven't checked the thread a lot lately but when I opened the archive today I saw my request got fullfilled. Thank you to the anon who wrote the disabled Mumei story, it came out better than I thought it would. It really took a toll on me, as I had to hold back tears.

>> No.13901346 [DELETED] 

I'm glad you read it. At first I was worried because there wasn't any sex and I assumed the prompt implied it but it the story seems to have its intended effect.

>> No.13902162 [DELETED] 

Jackin' off yer pal Foobs' 5 foot long bonerino! Pinchin' her butt and makin' her flood the planet with jizzie-wizzie!

>> No.13902918

I didn't know Snoop Dogg likes VTubers.

>> No.13903088


Yer old pal the Fuboobster's been buffin' the macguffin' in public... again! You catch her jerkin' her gherkin at a Perkins and decide to teach her a lesson by slashing her tires (in Minecraft)!

>> No.13903100

I would actually love to see his reaction to them

>> No.13903146

Yo, legit. I wanna see what would he think of them.

>> No.13903261


I need this

>> No.13903491

Snoop Dogg and Kronii/Mori getting high at a battlefield multi-player event.

>> No.13903938

Yer pal Fubuki is as tiny as a thumb! Fubs taking a relaxing soak in a hot mug of tea!

Oopsie! (You) drink it all in one gulp and swallow Fuburino whole! While you go on about your day, Lil' Fubnugget traverses the human body on a very educational journey until she finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel... your tunnel, that is!


>> No.13904835

Okay this is literally a shitpost prompt, but I'd totally read this if it was a shitpost fic.

>> No.13905106

Fubuki getting spanked by one or more of her kohai, follower by fluffy sex. It's up to you if she enjoys the first part or not.

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Ryona play with Chloe?

>> No.13907046

I want to beat her with my penis.

>> No.13907224

... and the satire flies right over your head.

>> No.13908704

I mean what do you expect of a flufftard

>> No.13909831

Fubuki's been sentenced to death for a crime she didn't commit! But due to a freak thunderstorm, her prisoner transport plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness! (You) are the world's foremost mantracker, hunter of both man and beast, and it's up to you and your half-Indian guide Jacob Stillwater to track her down and give her a swat on the fubutt! You don't like that you have to do this, but the law is the law, and fluffy sex is fluffy sex!

Up to writer if Foob Saibot clears her name.

>> No.13910089

Which Holomem do you think would like hardcore fisting? Who could you go elbow deep in?

>> No.13910199

Aqua because I really want to see this.

>> No.13910305

Marine, probably.
Personally I'd go for Shion, though. Kusogaki has to be taught a lesson.

>> No.13910364

I really like this premise and I like what you've written down so far but I gotta agree with the other anons on the issues of characterisation and pacing. But regardless of the issues, I enjoyed it and I think it would turn out quite well if you ironed out all the kinks. Also are you British?

>> No.13913942

thats hot

>> No.13914113


So, for the anon who was working on the Gen 0 Gets Buff story and looking for character references and personality references, this 2020 shellnut video is a pretty good start... for everyone except AZKi.

Roboco is a high-spec robot who's surprisingly chill, although she's supreme when it comes to FPS games like Apex. If you want to use her for exposition for military hardware, warships, etc, she'd probably be the best to know what's what.

Miko is fucking amazing. Her GTAV clips are probably the best showcase of her, she's hilarious, she's hyper, but she's also adorable and sweet, even while shouting FAQ at the top of her lungs. She's supposedly a shrine maiden in lore, although it's questionable how much of that she actually does.

Sora is the embodiment of seiso. A "normal girl" who started the whole Hololive thing as the first talent, kind of an elder statesman. She's what you think of when you think of a singing idol. Kind of a girl-next-door, but she's a singing goddess. Has a somewhat sentient teddy bear named Ankimo.

Suisei is... a lot of things to a lot of people. She started out in INNK with AZKi, but got so frustrated over the company putting all their energy behind AZKi and ignoring her (There's not been any bad blood between the two of them personally, though, IIRC, and all fences have been mended) that she almost quit vtubing, but ended up hitting it big in Hololive proper and jumped ship. She's a super-talented singer, and a bit of a psychopath, so if any of the girls are going to HAVE to kill someone, Suisei will have no problems doing the deed.

Fun fact: Kanata and Coco live together IRL, and Suisei is their neighbor. So if you want to somehow work Best Dragon into the story, that's an easy way.

Holomem comes to look for Coco, come to her apartment, and some tall busty black-haired delinquent chick answers, says her name is Kson Onair. Holomem asks where Coco is, Kson gets all flustered, shuts the door, LOUD NOISES, minutes later Coco comes out.


For AZKi lore, check out her first several music videos, especially the ones for Shit Days, From A to Z, Creating World 2020 and Without U. They're music videos so canon is hazy, but there's AZKi White for her older more cheerful songs, AZKi Black for her older darker songs, AZKi 2nd is the one most of us know and love with the bowl cut and the puffy black jacket, and the current little adorable bundle is AZKi 3rd. She's kind of a music autist, rarely ever streams but has far more concerts and singles than any other holomem... I think she's up to 50 original songs or so in just a few years, and almost as many covers.

SorAZ, the pairing of Sora and AZKi, is pure kino. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uEeXFhw2TyY

Also, AZKi's official bio lists her as A diva who became reborn into the virtual world in order to fabricate a new world. No matter the time, place, or position, she warps through all the barricades with her dazzling talent. So if someone needs to unfuck something in space-time, she could probably do it... as far as being by far the largest and most musclebound.

Also, if you need someone to fuck up time and space somehow... two words. [spolier] Smol. Ame.

Also, don't mind the wall of text. I'm taking this opportunity to test out a new Bluetooth keyboard. It's smol, but it works.

>> No.13916237

Isn't this a doujin with trap nurses?

>> No.13917613
File: 123 KB, 850x839, Crossick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wouldn't know. All I do know is that these women make me want to do unspeakable things to them

>> No.13920031

Would LIKE? Choco.

>> No.13920586

Fuckin hell this is a wealth of info. Some of the ideas sound like good ways to work things in as well so cheers for wall of text.

>> No.13920837

It was either this or more Fubushitposting.

>> No.13924052

Was the La+ Darkness fic not archived?

>> No.13924218

The La+ and Chloe one?
It's in the Kronii general.

>> No.13924326

No no the elixir one, it was a two post greentext

>> No.13924466

It was shit

>> No.13924494

Why must you be so down all the time, friend? I thought it was pretty nicely done.

>> No.13924581

Drop a link to it, I guess I forgot

>> No.13924606

Sure you did, let me just pull up your post saying how nice it was. Weird, I can't find it. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough

>> No.13924781

Based gatekeepchama

>> No.13924942


>> No.13925124

I wonder how many dozens of stories AA has missed and that will never be archived because by now they are several months old

>> No.13925210
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>I even responded to it
Fuck me.

>> No.13925511

At this point the only thing that can save those fics (if they exist) is an autist double checking the earliest threads and seeing if there was a story forgotten somewhere...
So there's a chance if someone here gets bored enough to trawl through nyafuu looking back on the old threads.

>> No.13925646

It's pretty simple. Look for stories which aren't linked to the anchor. AA said he doesn't always look through the thread and just archives what's on the anchor, he did say he'd change this behavior, and he did, for a week, like 2 months ago. There's usually one non anchored story every 2-3 threads.

>> No.13925768

Only a couple last I checked since if I fuck up I'll be told as such pretty quickly. One that comes to mind if someone just linking a few cross-thread posts without warning and it turns out they were stories. I usually archive stories right before bed or right when I wake up depending on when the thread dies so I'm prone to fucking up if something isn't attached to the anchor. As nice as it is, it's made me lazy on more than one occasion.

>> No.13926052

I know I linked you over 10 stories that you forgot but that's because they were usually my stories. Can't imagine that all authors actively check the archive to see what name you gave to the story so I think it's very likely that a bunch of stories slipped by unnoticed.

>> No.13926245

AA could you slap a Comedy tag on Victory or Death for me? I forgot to and then I forgot to ask last thread

>> No.13926353

>that's because they were usually my stories.
Fuck me. I'm sorry, man.
If I had to guess, the easy way would just be to check the character added and other tags. Things being unnamed is usually difficult because I don't want to just name something like "Fubuki NSFW #852". I HOPE I'm not fucking up that badly.
Sure. I was going to but thought I'd better not since it wasn't listed originally. Standby.

>> No.13926501

Thanks pal, my b

>> No.13926806

I mean...
> Short Ina Futa Snippet
> Unnamed WIP Snippet
> Short Kiara Story
> Futadom Risu
> Untitled Selen Sex
... not exactly creative per se but I guess you're not fucking up?

>> No.13927035

Some days are better than others for names. I wonder whatever became of the WIP snippet? It was the fighty one if I remember correctly. It was implied to be part of something bigger but I don't know if it ever actually came out.

>> No.13927286

Speaking of names, can you change the Lamy futa story "Mother's love" to "A chill down your throat"? I noticed there's another story named "Mother's love" now and I'd like to change that.

>> No.13927628

>Fighty one
What are you talking about?

>> No.13927691

Done. I should really rename those snippets while I'm at it.
The entire purpose of it was combat being shown off if I remember right.

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File: 3.32 MB, 1242x1746, 1630297614262.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wanna make people cum but recently it's been hit or miss with my stories. Wdyd to fulfill your dream of hearing about anons cumming to you?

>> No.13929391

Would anyone be interested in an ABDL fic? Asking for a friend.

>> No.13929575


>> No.13929993

a what

>> No.13930067

Diaper fetish
Didn't recognize the acronym at first and thought I was about to learn a new fetish but sadly that wasn't the case.

>> No.13930457

If you can somehow keep them in character.

>> No.13930549

Well it depends on what you want. Do you want to be the little or do you want to baby a vtuber?

>> No.13930556

Selen literally wears diapers so it'll be another selen fic kek

>> No.13930590

What the hell is a little?

>> No.13930786

i want 2 chuubas. i can't fap to smut with 1 character and 1 piece of cardboard.

>> No.13930815

Selen No! Babies can't drive Trucks!

>> No.13930906

/u/schizo malding ever since the release of Miss Sakura lmao

>> No.13930929

It's been a long long time since I've done two chuubas instead of anonxchuuba. I think that'll actually be a good change of pace.

>> No.13931165

i've never even read that and i don't even care if both the chuubas are female. i just hate the fact that 90% of fics have 1 chuuba and the most boring person ever written as their only characters becuase faggots are too narcisistic to enjoy stories that don't have a chewed up piece of bubblegum as a stand in for them.

>> No.13931371

yuri is trash and futa is worse

>> No.13931475

what does that have to do with what i said?

>> No.13931487

Then write your own fics.

>> No.13931614

if you don't want people to critisize you for putting a silent protagonist given speech in your story just so that braindead people with no personality can relate to it better, just stop doing it.

>> No.13931733

>putting a silent protagonist given speech

>> No.13931747

Okay. Then write your own fics. No one's stopping you from making your own chuuba fic anon.

>> No.13931761

What's wrong with yuri you gay or something

>> No.13931835

the self inserts in most fics here have the same amount of personality as a silent protagonist, with the only difference being that they can talk. hence, silent protagonist given speech.

>> No.13931969

then why don't you give criticism when stuff is posted

>> No.13932036

Okay so we've established that your dislike for the "anon"-genre is due to the fact that less effort is spent on characterization -- inherently from either the factor of perspective or because they're self-inserts -- but that doesn't necessarily preclude other fics from having stale characterization for the chuubas in question. So really the only explicit factor here is that the characters have known names attached to them, which allow you to fill in the shortcomings from the writing with your own imagination.

Were a (nominally) less-skilled writer to just say that the main character is a particular chuuba and make no other effort to establish that fact besides through character dialogue, would you consider that to be more or less fappable than having a nameless anon as the protagonist?

>> No.13933038

I'm pretty sure the little means the person in diapers since getting 'babied' is part of the genre.

>> No.13933260

No, littles RP as children or something along those lines but are in a sexual relationship with the "big" who takes care of them. It's some weird shit.

>> No.13933628


>> No.13933642

Oh so it's like a power dynamic thing with the diapers being more like a representation of the particular dynamic like with the latex and rubber fetish?

>> No.13933782

>Cumming to me
That's not one of my fetishes, no, but it's nice to hear when your stories have the intended effect as masturbatory aid.

Recently I noticed less of that compared to earlier, not sure if the old regulars are now hanging out in the Kronii thread for more plentiful smut content or it was just a change of behavior.

>> No.13933862

I guess. I never looked into it, but from what I've seen it's a lot of infantalization play with stuff like onesies, stuffed animals, using cutesy terms to describe sex...I guess it's some sort of strange BDSM offshoot and you could apply that same sort of thought process

>> No.13934298

It's probably both. The birth of the kronii thread did noticeably reduce the hornyposting here, and I think that may have had an aid in making it so the thread is a bit more restrained in horniness.

>> No.13935505

Wrong thread finana
I’d recommend the Horni threads

>> No.13935825

Find out what makes Anon cocks hard and double down on it, bathe in the semen shower that follows
or post on /trash/

>> No.13937712

Personally I've actually become conciously uncomfortable hornyposting a lot, and rarely do it now. I'm worried (without evidence, mind) that it might chase away new blood to see constant coomerbait. The Kronii thread gets away with it because they're all there for Kronii first and foremost - it's not a hobby thread like this

>> No.13938892
File: 1.10 MB, 2700x3819, 1636531084729.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pic related probably scares off more casuals than your hornyposting

>> No.13939079

This reminds me of that one mission in Yakuza 2

>> No.13939724


Littles are the angelic physical embodiment of the pain on the Absolute God, extracted to keep her happy and sick, driving her insane.

Fuck you, Baroque was the shit.

>> No.13939789

How the fuck did you know it was me posting? Regardless, as I've said before, that's like not even 1% of the posts I've made here. In fact, funnily enough, others bring it up far more often - like you've just done.

>> No.13939860

lucky guess but my post was meant to show that there's more things to scare off new writers than someone hornyposting.

>> No.13940009

Fair enough.

>> No.13940540

The Saturn/PS1 original, yes. The animu remakes, no.

>> No.13943530
File: 372 KB, 990x990, 1635510127058.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


The ageplay story I promised. I've decided to make it more cute than lewd as ageplay has always been more comfort than fetish. But it may develop into sexual stuff later on.

Building Block Doll
tags: Suisei, Sora, NSFW, ageplay, fetish, fluff

>> No.13945113

this is looking pretty good so far. definitly excited for more to come.

>> No.13947404

insectfag please no

>> No.13947822

just started reading and right off the bat, it looks really well written. The writing is smooth and flows well without stuttering or skipping over details and the interactions between suisei and sora are honestly really sweat and really funny

Im thoroughly enjoying the read

>> No.13949819

a fic where you're a grizzled veteran of /wg/ warning newfags of the dangers of the thread as if they were real(giant insects, depraved fecal consumers, monstrous balls of fluff that consume all in their fuzzy path and crazed berserkers seeking nothing but inflicting and receiving pain) like it's some sort of monstrous outback, which for some reason is completely normal to you.

You can end the story by saving the newfag from danger, but in doing so you sacrifice yourself to the greatest beast of this thread, Fubuki

>> No.13950155

Anon, I'm guessing by the similar formatting you're the same person as the one that posted the other story, and you still have the Out of Character Problem. Which is kind of same problem as in your other stories, like in Sakura Summer.
I think you have a genuine problem with characterization, in that all of the chuubas you use in your stories give 'context' to the character portrayed there (i.e. looks and visualization) but don't actually stick to the actual character.
Which in fairness, did kind of work pretty well in Sakura Summer since the 'context' gave it enough of a kick off point to make you interested in the story and the plot, even if it did also fail in keeping them to their character; but the characterization problem kind of rears its head all the time.
Like I know we're all working off of 'interpretation' here because chuubas aren't exactly hard set characters but are more like a large strike zone where there character can be inferred and interpretted from a combination of stuff from their streams, lore, and stream lore. But the way your characters end up being in your fics, they all feel really off and fall off of the zone where you can still call them that chuuba in regards to how you chracterize them.
For this fic specifically, I can't tell if it's the inherent weirdness of the fetish or what but the characters just feel weirdly 'not them'.

>> No.13951707

IRyS being filled with fear after her boyfriend, (You), undergoes a breakthrough surgery to cure his blindness.

>> No.13951763

The surgery works but now you'll have foggy vision for the rest of your life and any hard impact on your face will not only take you back to blindness but make it even worse.

>> No.13951793

IRyS is so horny that her fugly face doesn't bother me anymore.

>> No.13951803

Anon I don't think you understood the implied meaning of the prompt... It's okay you can read it again and again until you finally realize...

>> No.13951813

This, but it ends with (You) staying with IRyS because you've grown to love her not for her looks, but because of her personality.
Marriage and babymaking sex is a must.

>> No.13951894
File: 923 KB, 1601x382, IRySExpressions.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't even think she's that ugly, so being cured of blindness and getting IRyS as a wife-to-be is nothing but a win

>> No.13951920

Yes, and her fears prove well-founded after Anon recoils in horror and chases her away, a la Shelley's Frankenstein

>> No.13951931

"計画通り " - IRyS

>> No.13952306

Translation: "please cum inside me" - IRyS

>> No.13952595
File: 73 KB, 702x936, hololive irys 30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why DO people say this? KawaiiRySoCute!

>> No.13952730

You had your chance to make your statement and you chose this ugly ass fanart?

>> No.13952814

La Goblina in the archive is like this, I found it pretty funny

>> No.13952821

NTA but I gotta agree with you here. Kinda looks like the artist took inspiration from fucking WoW of all things.

>> No.13952890

This was the most on model I had and also I happen to like it.

>> No.13952962
File: 147 KB, 873x1200, 1635744465370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13953181
File: 141 KB, 850x602, Mio Adventure.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

(You) are a hunter living alone in the woods, surviving off the land. You haven't seen another human in at least two years. Winter is approaching, but just before it does you come across a grizzly bear trying to eat a wolf to gain calories to prepare for hibernation (or just any wolf that's dying, it doesn't matter). You scare the bear off and attempt to gain the wolf's trust and treat its injuries before letting it run away into the woods. The next day, a strange black haired lady wearing a beanie knocks on your door. You live about a two day hike away from the closest form of civilization... so where did this person come from?
Was a story I was planning to write but I have too many ideas and thought maybe someone here would want to pick this up.

>> No.13953201
File: 348 KB, 472x680, hololive irys 29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

See this is what I mean, her actual model is perfectly fine but everyone draws her like this. t. not even an irystocrat, I'm the same old deerfag been shitting this thread up for month

>> No.13953229

This, but instead of chasing her off you run away in horror once you're regained your sight and seeing the horrid form of the shedemon you've laid with.

>> No.13953459

Because it's cute if IRyS was given a buff model she'd mog most of the EN girls.

>> No.13953514
File: 61 KB, 845x676, hololive irys delete 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But RegulaRys is cute too! CUTE!

>> No.13954104

So, which vtuber would have the most gigantic futanari giga-cock?

Which vtuber is wearing special time-space compression panties 24-7 that are still bulging with the sheer size of their futa meat?

Which vtuber, upon flopping out even a fraction of her futa cockmeat out fills the entire universe with her flaccid godboner?

Which vtuber, upon finally getting an erection, bursts through entire dimensions with her omni-cock, and destroys the very fabric of existence itself with her orgasm?

>> No.13954150

Better question: Who has the smallest?

>> No.13954258


>> No.13954344

Even better question: what sexual position would
be ideal for impregnating the queen of /wg/ with?
Personally I believe the piledriver would be most suitable for the task as not only is it more degrading, being shafted into an embarrassing position, and more pleasurable, as the blood rushes to her head and she feels her vaginal canal rubbed in ways you couldn't get in any other position, but you've also got our dear friend gravity assisting in the transportation of nut butter into her womb.

>> No.13954404

I'm 3.5, I need all the help I can get.

>> No.13954409

The unironic non-joke answer is where the check lays on her side. It maximizes the amount of cum or something like that.

>> No.13954624

The answer to both of these is Rushia.
Her personality, design and character all point to her having either an absolutely ginormous bitch breaker or a little tiny dicklet.

>> No.13954811

Bae pregnancy

>> No.13954828

Too many words; keep it to 1 or under.

>> No.13954853

Why is that? I'd have thought being upside-down is the best way, if not the most comfortable.

>> No.13954985

Wrong, missionary aka daddy mommy is the best way to do it, the cock reaches the right spots for stimulation and insemination

>> No.13955480

But we won't know which she has until she whips it out. Long as it's still covered, it could potentially be either.

It's a Schrodonger.

>> No.13955522

Given that there will be a bulge, it fails the schrodinger's theorem requirements

>> No.13955546

She might be a grower, not a shower.

>> No.13955635

Dickletchama (>>13954404) here, I'm a grower. It's less than half an inch when flaccid, making it x7 larger when erect and still just barely not a micro.

>> No.13955932


>> No.13957467


>> No.13957642

*coughs embarrassedly*

>> No.13957887


Rushia's genmates bully her into showing her penis.

Write two different endings.

In one they humiliate her for how small it is.

In one they humiliate her for how massive it is.

>> No.13958196

I've never been able to measure my penis.

I've never had a chance to get it out of Aqua's mouth long enough.

>> No.13958389

How the fuck does the 2nd part work? They rip out her rushia's schlong from skirt and start calling her rushia-kun while mocking how much more masculine her penis compared to everything else.
The small version, I can see just being ripping off dialogue from SPH porn and having her blow a tiny load, but for the massive version?

>> No.13958893

You're a freak of nature, there's no way that's gonna fit inside me, I bet you can't even get an erection, there's not enough blood in your body to power that thing, nobody could ever suck it, horse slut, elephant slut, whale slut, let me jump rope with it, what did you eat ALL the boner pills, etc.

>> No.13959071

Because in that spot the dick can get the furthest in.

>> No.13959308


>> No.13960500

Those don't really sound that humiliating.
I guess if you can put it in a good context alongside the girls trying to humiliate Rushia, it could work. But outside they sound pretty weaksauce.

>> No.13960914

the 2nd ending could just be rushia raping her genmates, humiliation doesnt make much sense

>> No.13960952

Maybe she has a huge cock but is a super quickshot so they humiliate her for having a useless big dick?

>> No.13961140

You guys clearly never saw ModeSeven's futa daisy comic

>> No.13961162

Either ina or coco

>> No.13961176

her cock is so big she developed gangrene

>> No.13961304

which progressed into third-stage sugma

>> No.13962986
File: 703 KB, 1520x2000, hololive fauna 31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have.
t. Srrbpling.

>> No.13963784

Unfortunately then I'm not sure what to tell you. Part of the issue comes with the language barrier so I can't fully experience them as they are, it's why I'm far truer to writing Reine than any of the JP cast.

But this is the best and closest interpretation I myself can come to. It's unfortunately one of those issues that I can't really fix. I watch a stream from each character before writing just a refresher and this is as close to them as I can get while also remaining true to the story. I'm not trying to sound angry or mean it's just one of those critiques I'm completely incapable of correcting. What Suisei is for me is not what Suisei is for you and I don't know how I could even get close to that.

>> No.13964273

Training (mindbreaking) the canine Holo's!

>> No.13964619

This except you take a shotgun to their brains instead

>> No.13965336

Beating the shit out of Fubuku but she doesn't like it

>> No.13965464

This, but.

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