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vtubers can't compete with this. you sit here and make fun of each other's oshis for their numbers but all vtubers are literal nobodies compared to actual popular entertainers. humble yourselves and stop belittling someone else's taste because their favorite isn't as popular as yours because the stupid bitch you worship is a small fry too.

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Yes, I see you saw this on twitter trending. Everyone should just enjoy vtubers regardless of the numbers.

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you thought it was okay to click "Submit" after typing this.

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Joke's on you, my oshi is Marge Simpson

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based and beastpilled

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$456K seems like pocket change for a MrBeast video. Has the man lost his ability to strive for greater heights?

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Probably costed millions just to put the shit together. He rebuilt every set from the show.

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>making a soi face
Why are Amerimutts doing this in their thumbnails?

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>tbat soiface

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>Vtubers can't compete against entertainment for little children.
There's this thing called "market segmentation" retard.

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My kamioshi is worshipped by people all over the globe, from megacities to mini huts, all life submitting to His eternal glory including animals and plants, and He even made my other oshis and allowed them to thrive and prosper under his dominion.
God is good all the time and no one can compete with His infinite wisdom. AMEN.

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is this supposed to be numberfagging? what a pathetic attempt

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>implying vtubers aren't for little children

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Anon... vtubers are also entertainment for little children, why do you think they censor themselves so much

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it's supposed to be the beginning of your coping and the end of your numberfagging because nobody gives a fuck about your little vtubers viewership. watch what you enjoy and shut the fuck up

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There's a reason why Cover told her to tone it down because she was a negative influence on the other talents. Holos are meant to be family friendly. Besides, kids love stupid sex jokes like yelling "booba" every time a character with breasts shows up.

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Post your oshi being cute before the thread gets 404'd

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>before the thread gets 404'd
it won't

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are her breasts really so fat?

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I'd post a soijack that perfectly encapsulates your post, but you did it for me

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jannies deleted my thread about asking what went wrong with /vt/ an honest discussion on the state of this board but they let numberfaggotry bait threads like this stay up thats not even relevant to vtuber. Fuck mr. beast and his annoying soi boy face and fuck the jannies on this board for letting shit bait threads stay up.

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based, numberfags deserve rope

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>numberfaggotry bait threads like this
This is an anti-numbernigger thread. I'm sorry you're too low IQ to see this.

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Trust me, it will.
So far they nuked 3 Yagoo and 2 kson threads today, meanwhile threads about the Vshojo incident went for days untouched.

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who cares faggot, mr. beast isnt relevant to vtubers and its not a topic that should be discussed here.

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I don't really see the big deal with the VShojo thing, seems like it'll be easily forgotten. I guess the antis were waiting for something like that to happen.

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Meta threads aren't allowed on most boards retard.

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Seethe harder nijikek

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1 meta thread per board?

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kys normalshit

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Yeah and mr.beast can't even compete with this. No one can. This little shit has more views in a few videos then all of hololive videos combined.

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im certain im not the only one who reported, fucking jannies asleep. but i bet the moment someone triggers a vwhoreshit, trannyjanny wakes up

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A fellow Lauren chad? What a pleasant surprise

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Numberfags are so fucking retarded. Why does matter how many people like my oshi? She could have 4 subscribers for all I care. As long as I enjoy her that's all that matters

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why is he doing basedface on every thumbail?

>> No.13821242

Because that makes people click your video, it's true

>> No.13821372

vtubers do it too. it's actually funny to think about them posing to take the screenshots

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500+ million views per video and this literal loli doesn't give a shit about the whole world knowing who she is and where she lives.

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Both of them are big fans of Hololive so that makes them honorary Holos.

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Because you get better clicks with that face.
Don't ask why it just works, this was figured out back in like 2016.

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>going off a TV trend
>literally an infectious economic disease.

why have numbers when i can have taste?

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Is this vtuber?

>> No.13821823

Who is their oshi?

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The jannies are asleep so while this thread is still up I want to ask, why was there so much seethe when Mr Beast wanted to recreate Squid Game in real life?
Like yeah, “capitalism bad” was the message of the show (from what I heard) but this man is a multimillionaire who dedicates himself to helping poor people and donating to good causes, so I think it's fair that he's allowed to have fun and spend his money on himself sometimes. And then there was people screeching about he recreated the murder game when (obviously) he omitted the part where everyone dies and you still gained money if you lost or decided to quit

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That fucker's face is enough to make me choose "Don't Recommend this channel".

>> No.13822283

Sex with Lauren!

>> No.13822359

He's very popular and rich and doesn't have any shields (being black, having a handicap, LGBT etc) This happens to all people like him at some point, everyone wants to punch up, even if they act like they're above it

>> No.13822393

Not vtubers

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>you sit here and make fun of each other's oshis for their numbers but all vtubers are literal nobodies compared to actual popular entertainers
Then post in the Numbers thread, dumbass

>> No.13822509

Just look at him. I want to punch him in the face.

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Because he actually does some good in the world, which makes slacktivist angry.
Also pic related: Vegans were so assblasted by him giving out turkeys they would have rather 10,000 starve than have something to eat on Thanksgiving.

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Who is this fag and how did he get 100 million views in 5 days?

>> No.13822767

Idk about the Squid game thing but his business took over the kitchen of a restaurant here to make those Mr Beast Burgers, and they're so bad people got food poisoning off it

>> No.13822879

>Don't know what squid game is
>Don't know who mr beast is
>Know OP is trollan
>Give him (you)s anyway

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Vegan is the worst nu-religion.

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Says the guy who's bringing in discussion that's not related to vtubers at all. What next? You gonna post a video/stream from the NBA on how many people are watching them compared to vtubers?

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faggot thread

>> No.13823078

>post basedjack on /vt/
>get banned
>post irl basedjack on /vt/ and loosely related it to /vtubers/
>stays up
10,000 IQ /qa/ refugee right here

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What the fuck is this squid game shit everyone mentions? I doubt it's splatoon or whatever that nintendo game was called

>> No.13823371

>leddit was mad that he didn't use vegan alt foods
>its thanksgiving
>turkey is a symbol of thanksgiving

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I don’t care about numbers. They make me happy and that’s all that matters.

>> No.13823471

That's how much the prize money was in the actual show.

>> No.13823538

I hate jannies so fucking much

>> No.13823602

I think kids under the age of 15 shouldn't be allowed to upload videos. And the dad here is literally exploiting her, I doubt she realizes just how much money the videos make

>> No.13823781

It's a Netflix show, the premise is a murder game where the participants were suffering from poverty and they either risk their lives to earn a big prize or return to their miserable lives

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3DPD also gets the cunny buff clearly.

>> No.13824204

Surely there is no way you’re this fucking sheltered you don’t know what Squid Game is.

>> No.13824229

Huh that's cool.
I had no idea who this dude was, but rich people actually helping out is always nice to see.
>inb4 but they could be helping more!
They made their money it's theirs to use as they wish. The fact they're willing to help others even if it is pocket change to them is far more than you fags ever do.
Most people don't even give change to beggers.

I have a friend that always buys McDonald's for homeless dudes and it's always awkward because they look at me now like I will too

>> No.13824444

I don't pay attention to zoomer culture anymore.

>> No.13824696

then why are you asking about it. dip shit

>> No.13824737

i would suck an actual dick in my thumbnails if it got me 114 million views

>> No.13824760

Not everyone watches the electric jew pal. Especially when you have better stuff like Vtubers.

>> No.13824877

OP is from the numbers thread and he constantly brings up comparisons to normie streamers which has ramped up since the debut of HoloX since Nijisanji is getting embarrassed every single day now. Yes, OP is a Nijinigger and he uses this tactic all the time in the numbers thread when Hololive is getting big numbers.

>> No.13824889

>It's just a hunger game reskin

>> No.13824980

Is it over? Can I come back regularly?

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I'd do it for no personal gain at all.

>> No.13824994

And Hunger Games was just a Battle Royale ripoff, and so on and so forth.

>> No.13825144

>using MrBeast as the standard of your retarded argument
Sounds more like a compliment to vtubing

>> No.13825170

>being black, having a handicap, LGBT
Let's be honest, even that's not enough of a shield nowadays. Sometimes retards will just hate you no matter what that's just life.

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Soon vtubers will be like Youtube Kids where 99% is what indians paid 2 cents an hour shit out to bait kids with autoplay turned on to watch with increasingly random humor. Because that's where the views are and that's what matters, right? Quality? That shit is for stuck up virgins. Pajeet and Poohjeleh will surely lead the way for vtubing.

>> No.13825336

raises a good point. the Youtube Kids shit absolutely clobbers MrBeast in views, 100M seems like a lot but the spiderman elsa thing is currently sitting at almost 500M, and it cost fucking pocket lint to make.

>> No.13825405

I think it's supposed to be an anti-numberfag thread on how in the grand scheme not even Gura or Kuzuha matter and they're still a 0 percentage in the periphery of what people are really watching, they are really nothing entertainers and you're less than nothing too faggot numberfagging is barely /vt/ related since it's mostly used to shitfling and keep some sort if indian caste system of who is better than who when you are all subhumans filth.and it makes the tribalniggery here worse than /v/ with their console wars faggotry. You are worse than /v/ please fuck off with that.
No you should fuck off back to /biz/ and you should really take the nasfaq thread with you.

>> No.13825436

MrBeast cant even compete with this
Even susan kneels to the random youtube kids garabge'

>> No.13825455

Nobody watched battle royale.

>> No.13825473

why do americans purposefully look like this

>> No.13825525

This shit seems downright predatory. How can Twitter seethe about Gura appealing to pedos when shit like this exists?

>> No.13825564

The future of vtubing

>> No.13825575

Youtube should've removed youtube kids instead of doing the weird shit where random stuff gets demonetized or banned if it looks like it's for kids to an AI.

>> No.13825586

or, indeed, one without breasts.

>> No.13825637

Pretty much but replace fights with watered down Kaijilike games.

>> No.13825659

I fucking hate youtube man, in fact, I hate kids period. I hate those fuckers for watching this shit, like bitch, watch spongebob or some shit. In fact, I fucking hate the parents too, those lazy ass niggers need to get their kids to get off this shitty platform, we're fucked in the future

>> No.13825661

It's because Gura is anime style. Twitter race hates Japanese culture.

>> No.13825752

This is true. These people push for actual pedophilia content like legalizing child marriage (to be inclusive to other cultures and religions) shile saying that animus should be banned. Shit's messed up.

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(sage btw)

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Because it's normalizing and glorifying what is supposed to be a hyper exaggeration of reality TV to highlight the exploitative nature of capitalism.
The purpose of Squid Game was to disgust the audience over what random normal people are willing to do for life-changing amounts of money that would be considered table scraps by the people sponsoring the games. They're willing to throw away their humanity and betray eachother just to fight over scraps. Then you have people like Mr.Beast who see that exploitation and only see it as something cool to recreate or aspire towards. It's pretty fucking sad that so many normal poor people actually agree with him too and wish to participate in shit like this. America is extremely fucked and society has been going downhill for decades in this race to turn the world into the same dystopian fictions they obsessively consume.

>> No.13825994

I hate that, in their attempts to get rid of it, they instead made all the old cartoons on Youtube basically impossible to find because they're delisted from search results for being "for kids".
Meanwhile the robots behind this shit just changed some words in their tags and the algorithm doesn't recognize the same elsa spiderman videos as kids content at all.

>> No.13826041

>Because it's normalizing and glorifying what is supposed to be a hyper exaggeration of reality TV to highlight the exploitative nature of capitalism.
The Running Man did it better and starred a better actor IMO

>> No.13826063

i-it was a book first...

>> No.13826075

Are you the same /ck/ browsingTaylor Swift listening Rosemifag that plagues our general

>> No.13826077

fuck you, now I have to watch the running man again.
actually thanks, its been a while since ive rewatched it.

>> No.13826100

np, I should re-watch it too

>> No.13826118

I remember there something about how all the people pushing the anime = pedo stuff in the UN being revealed as actual pedophiles.

>> No.13826133

>The purpose of Squid Game was to disgust the audience over what random normal people are willing to do for life-changing amounts of money that would be considered table scraps by the people sponsoring the games.
That never works, it just gives the people an apetite for the content presented.

>> No.13826158

Onions face

>> No.13826161

Don't think too hard about it. They just ripped off Liar Game.

>> No.13826262

that video took mrbeast a long time and a shitton of money, and hes famous, of course it iwll get views more than a anime girl playing video games

>> No.13826282

Squid Game was actually cited to be inspired by the BR manga, so yeah.

>> No.13826345

I could actually see something like this happening with mills of Vtubers. Maybe have a factory for their animation and content and just have a VA voice over it after the fact and upload it.
picture entire factories of Noors just spilling days worth of content to Youtube and it sitting right next to your oshi's content

>> No.13826365
File: 372 KB, 890x653, eradication.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, exactly.
People watch movies about horrible shit happening and then when it becomes reality instead of being horrified they go "wow this is so cool it's just like The Purge or Hunger Games or Black Mirror hahaha"
God I hate normalfags

No, I only listen to Japanese music and only cook instant ramen.

>> No.13826383

All that work for a 25 minute video? No offense, but he could've squeezed at least an hour worth of content from that.

>> No.13826427

Bitch who wrote Hunger Games clearly did.

>> No.13826488

>They're willing to throw away their humanity and betray eachother just to fight over scraps
Brother I'd kill countless amounts of people for those 50million~ scraps.

>> No.13826524

Damn. Thanks for reminding me of that manga.

>> No.13826739
File: 21 KB, 1784x630, 1638246407073.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shows how much people are fucking tired of Hollywood nowadays; all Netflix execs have to do is reskin existing premises then outsource its production to SoKor for pennies.

>> No.13826802

It helps that 99% of people in Hollywood seem incapable of producing anything that is in anyway entertaining. There's a reason Netflix are grabbing as much foreign shit as they can get their hands on.

>> No.13826828

Why do normalfag content creators love making this fucking face?

>> No.13826833

Maybe, but shorter videos have a lower barrier of entry. If it was an hour many normies would close it early

>> No.13826875
File: 2.03 MB, 380x600, 1638217798824.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The best part is, if a government actually instituted deathmatch, like the purge, squid game, running man, unreal tournament or the like, It would be insanely well received.
Sure, you'd have protests about it for a bit, but it provides a forbidden entertainment to people that lets them live vicariously through other people.

>> No.13826973

I think majority (if not all) of his videos that reach 30+M views are less than 20 minutes. anything less than half an hour is enough to get people watching your videos without making them bored enough.

>> No.13827094

Arcane has also proven that people are sick of the lazy, CalArts/Pixar shit they've been served up.
I doubt mainstream audiences are willing to pick-up anime though; Japan never really makes an effort of marketing it outside the existing niche.

>> No.13827222

Could've milked it more if it was made a miniseries. 6 episodes, 10 minutes or so each. There were already 6 different games played anyway.

>> No.13827475

Part of regressing back to pagan civilization. The dignity of man disappears in favor of a might makes right view.

>> No.13827542

Because 100 million normalfags will click on it

>> No.13827562

Hey OP, stop sucking cocks

>> No.13828006

Mr Beast is now a Vtuber?
or are the Janies Pozed niggers?

>> No.13828415

It's actually marketing and psychology.
It has been SCIENTIFICALLY proved the soi face indeed cause american people to watch, and most importantly listen to you.
If you don't soi face your message has failed and you don't get the clicks
Mutts are literally monkeys.

>> No.13828461
File: 133 KB, 828x781, ogey_rrat_(4channel_vt).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13828469

Everything I know about squid game has been without my consent. Make it stop.

>> No.13828563

Why would I care? I never even watched T series and they're bigger than Pewdiepie.

>> No.13830034

sr bestia i kneel

>> No.13830265

i thought you couldn't monetize youtube kids content

>> No.13830545


Kys cunnyfaggot

>> No.13830597


Arcane is shit and no one watched it. Kys.

>> No.13830769

retard alert

>> No.13831822

Sounds like cope but okay. Nijifags' mental gymnastic are always impressive.

>> No.13831961

OP if I cared about those walking skins I would not be on this board.

Now please neck yourself.

>> No.13832027

Because Mr. Beast is a piece of shit but unironically almost as bad as omega

>> No.13832050

Also your Kamioshi is a piece shit too.

>> No.13832122


>> No.13832182

Comparing Vtubers to Mr. Beast is like comparing voice actors to Leonardo DiCaprio.

>> No.13832456

Vtubers can't compete because they're always pitted against eachother.

>> No.13832535

Anon, trannyjannies are useless, that is why redditors like OP are free to post their e-celebs and shit the board all the time.

>> No.13832665

It's over. Vtubers just can't compete against this.

>> No.13832689

Quick rundown on who this guy is? Never bothered watching or looking up

>> No.13832723

I rather enjoy vtubers over normie garbage

>> No.13832729

Some idiot who has too much money, so he turned giving away said money into a way to make even more money.

>> No.13832742

I wish vtubers would spent 1% of that effort into their videos.

>> No.13832771

She surely laments it in front of her pink table with a vanity mirror.

>> No.13832834

A smart guy who knows how to make money and contents.

>> No.13832872

Yeah I am sure just flaunting your money while doing shitty content counts as him being smart

>> No.13832895

God i wish i was normal.

>> No.13832964

Being normal is a fate you don't want

>> No.13833198

Squid Game the series: A haunting look at the consequences of capitalism and the greed, poverty, and desperation associated with it, the players willing to risk their lives and betray their allies to escape their debt ridden hell, while the elites watch from above, laughing at the poors struggling.


Fuck these "content" oriented youtubers man. They just want to make money and clout instead of making something meaningful, something beautiful.

>> No.13833239


Arcane is so shit Kys.

>> No.13833440

woah.......we really.....live in a society.....

>> No.13833939

What are you even mad about? It's like getting mad Korone doesn't go to your house to personally bite your fingers off each stream.

>> No.13834059

I am mad that Mio has come to my house to get bred by met yet desu

>> No.13834627

It just feels really disingenuous or insincere, as most of these trendhopping type videos are. It just feels like all he got out of watching Squid Game was "WOAH GAME SHOW!", disrespecting all the work that the creator has put in into making his expression come into form.

>> No.13834703

Squid Game: Kaiji for normalfags
This shit: more shit for normalfags

>> No.13834819

Quick! How can I make mrbeast donate 100k to my oshi???

>> No.13834935

Mr Beast content is for absolute morons. I don't care if he gives most of his money to charity or whatever, good for him (Probably doing it for his image or to launder money anyways)

>> No.13834993
File: 33 KB, 500x382, ba0e3004cba0414bb423a3c02d535fa0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Everyone should just enjoy vtubers regardless of the numbers.
Can you imagine what this board would look like?

>> No.13835044

Meta threads aren't allowed for good reason but I'm still salty that the Seinfeld thread was deleted but they're happy to let the same assholes post the same 20 bait threads every single day for an entire month.

>> No.13835077


>> No.13835154

It's literally just a rip-off of The Running Man and Kaiji with a little Parasite thrown in. It can pretend to be a show about the evils of captialism all it wants, at the end of the day, it's just shallow Netflix entertainment that deseves the shallow normie Netflix audience that doesn't understand satire also watches Mr Beast.

>> No.13835178

Anon, please learn how to cook....

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