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Give your talent more creative freedom

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Not until he gets rid of all the whores

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Noel isn’t that bad

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>please let your girls get creampied by anitubers!!
lol no

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sorry yagoo-sama, this is my favourite holoJP gen ever. you nailed it.

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I don't need to apologize, I thank Yagoo every day for his contribution to society.

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But I never stopped believing in Yagoo.

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And end up like Nijisanji or Vshojo?

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Just look at Kson and her "creative freedom".

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i see her in the top 1 superchated, chink

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Hahahaha no.

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ogey zhang

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I also see twitch e-girls making lots of money. Doesn’t mean they’re not whores.

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What IS creative freedom ? Whoring out your body ?

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dunno, this
or this,
maybe this,

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Not chumpedos, neither KFPhaggots, you tatsunokos are the worst fan base by far. Your oshi graduated, she is dead, but you can't just turn the page faggots.

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Yagoo didn't you told us that we're your favorites?

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>you can't just turn the page faggots
>the fucking irony when chinks didn't stop spamming on fbk's chat.

stfu west taiwanese

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Keep seething
Maybe your tears will flavor your bat soup

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Why should I apologize. I don't keep up, I'm sorry

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I'm honestly glad they sacked that bitch.
Taiwan is an independent country too.

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Hmm.. I wonder what happened between gen 4 debut and gen5 debut..
Surely there must have been something different that no one had ever done before..
I wonder what it could be..

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based dragon carried the whole company on EN community, and zhangs gets angry because they aren't special anymore. hehe

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I love Tokino Sora chan!!!!!!!!

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Huh? "kson" for this month isn't top superchatted, nor for alltime, nor for this week, nor for today. Coco is the top superchatted for the year though. But there's no stats where "kson" is number 1 in superchats as of right now.


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>based dragon carried the whole company
rewriting history again?
sora, aqua, fubuki and korone did more for the company than your e-thot

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hey man!

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>did more for the company than your e-thot
>Zhangs POV

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I wonder how many tatsunokos are vhojo fans...

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I fucking kneel.

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I will. Hololive really is the best. I even have a drink coaster of Amelia…

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>everyone who calls me out for my bullshit is a zhang
unfortunately for you brain dead tatsu, i'm not from west taiwan.

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Why does every company have to give talent "creative freedom"? If you want creative freedom as a vtuber there's nothing preventing you from working for those companies or being an indie. Cover does not have a monopoly or anything resembling a monopoly on the vtubing space. So why do all companies have to operate the same way?

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Its not, and never was, cope.

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Ogey, zhang who lives outside of mainland because his family got fucked by winnie the pooh

>> No.13800429

For what? In fact Yagoo should thank me for still paying attention to his half assed EN branch.

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based nun nun

>> No.13800558

people keep repeating muh creative freedom like parrots but they never bring any actual examples of content that honestly would be worth sacrificing all the pros that the net a corpo brings to you

it honestly just feels like an excuse to be crasser and i dont think that it actually makes for better content

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>this content is not creative cause I don't like it.

>> No.13800713

>this content is creative cause I like it.
what's your next move, Zhang?

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>dat Wagahai
>dat pon orca
>dat qt pink Ramy
>dat cool wingheaded hag
>and dat Samurai which could be the best one yet.
Yagoo is a god. Too bad the picking of the EN branches is not done by him.

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NTA but that's not an argument. Anon asked for examples of things that vtubers are free to do outside of the corporate system that makes it worth sacrificing the benefits of the corporate system. He offered his opinion on crass content, but never said that it wasn't or couldn't be creative.

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Not everyone who dislikes the whore is Chinese. I fucking love Taiwan btw.

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anon please learn to read

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Towa will graduate and join nijikr

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do your jp reps. Silly dumb anon nigger-fag-chama.

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damn zhang... your family fled to taiwan?

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I will say it. I think Coco was slightly overrated
don't kill me

>> No.13801035

Why is Coco everywhere today? Did some zhangs decide to spend their last moments seething on 4chan as they dies of hypothermia because their country ran out of coal?

>> No.13801067

Look at what happened when she went back to Kson

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>three Kson/Coco threads made by the samefagging schizo died about hour ago
go figure

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Hello, Zhang

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so tatsunoko are just calling everyone zhang now?

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get a new bit you insecure fags

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>this month
She actually is so far but that's October in your image.

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how's beijing?

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This is from October, November is 1 day away and estimates indicate that it is in first place.
By the way subaru. had some good numbers this month.

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yeah you love that corpo cock don't you?
useless senpai can't even protect the based dragon who carried the whole company

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Why are tatsunoko like this?

>> No.13801745

chill, it was in every holomember interest to get rid of the dragon

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shut up retard, you have an ugly view of things

>> No.13801842

stfu fake cuntsunoko zhang

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yeah can't blame them they want that pooh money.
they'd turn hololive into chink mascots

stop false flagging citizen of west taiwan

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We keep repeating creative freedom because at least 3 Holomember cried this year because of it and multiple ideas were shut down

>> No.13802263

Example? Manager job is keeping the girl from doing stupid shit.

>> No.13802415

Holo manager job:
>wanna do this??
>sure, nice nice, very nice
>well, game, sing, talk, i can only accept those

>> No.13802464

We really should get you homos banned for shoehorning this fuckboi you love so much. What about you take your circlejerk worshipping of him to >>>/jp/ and >>>/tv/ instead.

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yes, yes daisenpai picking friends over corpo is an ugly thing

>> No.13802570

>a thread died for this non-VT piece of shit fuck
You goddamn FAGOOts are a fucking disgrace to the whole VTube community. Shilling this fucking bastard as if he's the "best girl". You assholes have no respect for the girls who bust their asses for your entertainment. Stop fucking shilling this shithead, you retarded fucks

>> No.13802613

does kson have a company that takes a 30% cut on top of youtubes cut? or was it 50%?

>> No.13802617

If there's one asshole who unironically deserves to get #MeToo'd, it's this prick

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Shhh.. Let these holobronies delude themselves.

>> No.13802795

Why are you FAGOOts have a gay boner for this 3DPD jackoff who looks like he's from JGV? He's not even a VTuber. And stop bumping the thread, you autistic fuck

>> No.13802967

Jackasses like you are the reason why many people hate VTube so much. VTube is not your new place for your self-insertfaggotry. Stop bullshitting Holo/Niji with your Fagoo/Shitzumi CEO bullshittery and get a fucking girlfriend

>> No.13803004

Damn, what did yagoo do to you?

>> No.13803021

Give Haachama what is due, I would not dare to say many, but she was slowly gathering up foreigners before gen 4. In fact I started watching holo because of her and I am not the only one.

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I never doubted you yagoo

>> No.13803031

Why are you fucking homo for him?

>> No.13803064

someone's seething

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>> No.13803110

Niji EN

>> No.13803112

someone's being gay right now
You will never be a VTuber like your Fagoo fuckboi

>> No.13803122

>creative freedom
You mean chaturbate streams and collabs with Connor? rumao

>> No.13803126

Wasn't Haachama wanting to play twister with everything oiled up and the manager did stop that or something similar?

>> No.13803159

>5 shit designs
>5 shit voices
apologize for what you fucking retard

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>Unironically being a self-insert shitter who uses some uglyass CEO as your self-insert for your Hologirls

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Why should I apologize to some nobody dumbass that you love beating your meat to?

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oh no no no… holobronies we're getting bullied

>> No.13803373

at this point I'm tempted to just keep bumping this thread just to see how much seethe we can squeeze out of that guy

>> No.13803465

Your Fagoofagging is what makes VTube so shit. Fuck off with your gay 3DPD shit

>> No.13803477

If I remember right it was lotion and she started eating it

>> No.13803499

shut up Zhang

>> No.13803516

This asshole looks like the kind of guy who would get #MeToo'd for all the right reasons

>> No.13803520

It wasn't the manager who stopped that, it was seething nijiniggers because Hoshikawa did a similar stream a couple of days ago and sperged out about Haachama copying it.

>> No.13803545

Stop fapping over your shitty Fagoo pics, homo

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>This is the current state of Hololive

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>This is the current state of Hololive

>> No.13803695

Nice one lol

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Absolutetely obsessed and unmedicated >>13804334

>> No.13804705

E-girls are millionaires, what's your point???

>> No.13804749

You will never be a woman and you will never be a VTuber, just like your Fagoo bitch boi

>> No.13804775

that would be a dream come true

>> No.13805035

and saved

>> No.13805144

You closet faggots and your mancrush for this fuckwit are even gayer than /y/ /cm/ /hm/ /lgbt/ all put together

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meds. now.

>> No.13805359

Oh shit I'm sorry

>> No.13805366

Says the literal Fagoot schizo

>> No.13805557

Just in case you want to keep track of some absolute primo seethe

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Nothing wrong about pointing out some retards obsessing over some 3DPD shit, anon

>> No.13805731

How is this IRL pig even related to VTube or /vt/ for that matter? He's not even a VTuber

>> No.13805796

Even worse, they're closet homosexuals too. They probably have deepfakes of Fagoo in nude male bodies too

>> No.13806409

All of these posts were made by the same person, btw

>> No.13807380

Yagoo... I kneel

>> No.13807618

Wow Nijikeks are really seething lately because of HoloX doing so well? I thought they were self aware enough to not come off as this pathetic but I guess envy hit them hard.

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