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>another purge (3rd), 50K subs this time
Not so smug now, huh, Holox keks?
Your loli will kneel to Gura, and Susan won't let her use sub bots.

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Damn Susan is ruthless
She was at 380K an hour ago

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>only 50k

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More to come.

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Tick Tock cumsharts
Gura is dying/graduating soon

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She's seething LMAO

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The amount of coping in this anon is hillarious

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I will cum over there and pump my elixir of life into her frail sickly body

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Is she the first ever numberfag vtuber

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Dont jinx it anon, Council got hit like 5 times

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cry harder you cheeky brat

susan's throbbing cock isn't done fucking subs out of you yet

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Fuck faggot, UOHunity.

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Susan is a whore

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>Had to resub Sana 3 times when council came out
>H-haha begone bots!
Youtube just doesnt want to send 2d anime girls playbuttons, thats why they keep cutting subs.

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ma la loli is so cute
her tweets are hilarious rumao

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What's worse is that yo can be fairly certain the subs that are being cut are legit cut. You don't pull 150,000+ CCV AND have over a million views on your debut video in under 24 hours and NOT convert at least a third of those views into real subs.

I know this because I myself have been unsubbed from Darkness. From Iroha twice now. They're just randomly deleting subs without explanation.

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Looking at this chart most of council would have been above 500k by this point. Kronii would of easily been 700k+ next to IRyS.

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Did Myth and ID2 or IRyS have to go through this much sub deletion when they debuted? I don't remember Myth or ID2 but IRyS had some but not this major. It was only around Council where it got crazy ridiculous. How long did the sub nukes last for them? I'm guessing around 1-2 weeks. After that, then we won't see the huge amount of sub nukes but the little ones that youtube does when they audit for subs and views.

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No It's a new youtube feature post IRyS

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why the fuck does anyone sub to their channel?

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>Chumpedos on alert after the Koyote almost eated the shark
They really got a reality check that cunny is no longer the final boss of vtubing LMAO.

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I will save her.

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What? She dropped down to barely 60k on her followup stream with 3 of them collabing

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Thank you for reporting chumbud

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Gura is the only one who doesn't viewbot, everyone else viewbots to try and catch up to her.

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Is this the famous deflection?

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sana got screwed over so hard...

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gura wishes she could get 20k in her streams

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she doesnt have to, she already gets casual 100k viewers on her karaoke streams and had a minor 200k on her outfit reveal
nothing major

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God I hope so

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RRAT time= youtube is sabotaging Vtubers on purpose because they don't like how waifus are the face of their streaming and consider them a liability in attracting normies

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>Barely 60k
>Gura's follow up stream topped at 47k
Do you want to keep going childfucker

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It's a feature!

It's appropriate for an evil society leader.

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Smash 28k
Minecraft 24k
GTAV 25k
Pokemon 27k
Karaoke 35k
Jackbox 32k
Skyrim 22k
Animal Crossing 20k

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>Chumpedo doesn't know the difference between CVV and VOD's views
Nevermind why they are attracted to childs since they have the same brain ability, but that's an insult to actual childs.

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do you mind? I'm trying to push a narrative here
delete your post

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>how new

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Beat the tutorial before you try and take the final boss

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>chumbaby unable to respond the significance of views vs ccv
Hello fellow chumbud

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Reminder that Sana still has more twitter followers than subs

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This is the biggest menhera numberfag
You have seen nothing yet

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woah, what's the blue line?

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I sure do wonder anon

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It's subs to the main Hololive official channel. Same color as their logo.

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What this makes clear more than anything is just how much Gura is for normalfags these days.

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nah it's probably the same fucks that follow them on twitter and think his tweets are le awesome

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Good on susan
Delete all those new bots that have been created in the last 3 days

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well thats over
whens the next gura killer

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Nice "Gura killer"
There is a reason why the Coyote dabs on this shitty brat

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>4' long Premier in the morning JST
I don't give a fuck about these EN1 vs Gen6 (or Gen6 vs anything for that matter) craps Nijiniggers and Chinks have been trying to incite, but you need to try harder anon

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Hololive should stop sub botting

>> No.13769872

Coco became the #1 most superchatted youtuber in the world streaming in morning JST

>> No.13769876

is honeymoon already over???

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That wasn't a stream, though. It was a 4' short.

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The loli will have more subs than all the other Holos because she’s the only one who started uploading edited clips of her previous streams on her channel. Bitch is the only Holo who knows how the algorithm works.

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If jewtube unsubs people why won't they just sub back if they actually watch them?

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This >>13770052, and there wasn't anything about SC in that pic

>> No.13770974

The first Holo that is openly one, at least.

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It probably has something to do with adblock. People subbed but wasn't considered as a view during the first few days. So susan viewed them as bots and purged them.

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Go do it in the numbers thread, its sure to get you plenty of (you)s there.

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You guys really don't watch vtubers, huh?

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Pretty sure the sub numbers are just hidden, like live viewers are, which is why conventions ran into capacity issues (Gura's panel was hastily moved into a bigger theater.) For some reason, youtube is artificially lowering Hololive's numbers.

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That blue line looks so absurd towering over the rainbow

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Vtubing is now normie entertainment, cope

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>takes a fucking month off because of a dog
She had the chance to recover.

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how can you take joy in that as a hololive fan? why are you creating fights within holo fandom?
are you a falseflagger? you are a falseflagger
kill yourself.

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EN attracted a ton of numberfags that only watch to feel like they're a part of something big, they need to stay in their containment thread

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>For some reason
The reason is obvious. Youtube has shelled out a ton of money to convince big time normie streamers to leave twitch and come to youtube. How bad would it look if a bunch of virtual anime girls mog all of their multi million dollar investments? Its literally pure COPE on youtube's part and the culling is real. They are actively lowering Hololive's numbers to make their normie streams look better.

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>Your loli will kneel to Gura, and Susan won't let her use sub bots.
Next time at least just use ONE form of bait using multiple will not yield greater results

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Yeah. The subs are just hidden. Most people are not physically unsubbed. YT just see's people subbing to all 5 channels and once and just considers them spam without actually unsubbing them

>> No.13774824

Yep. This is what their "feature" was all about last December that hides the actual ccv number because it marks legit users as spam and doesn't count them.

>> No.13774826

this is some unneccessary delusion. youtube is huge compared to twitch. they don't need to pander to streamers.

>> No.13774884

time for a timeloop

>> No.13776088

Actually wouldn't have helped, considering she should legit be at or slightly over 500k
Her debut brought in all the attention cause she went first and people didn't bother to resub after she got knocked 200k that being said her fanbase is one of the best in Hololive

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NTA but it's not about Youtube being bigger, it's about how Twitch still has the streamer audience by the stranglehold. Twitch's monetization and payouts for realtime content creation is significantly better than Youtube, and Twitch's demonitization isn't automated by a pajeet-made bot that automatically assumes animation is for children and demonetizes adult-marked content for saying "fuck" within the first 60 seconds. It is also a lot easier to get a foothold on Twitch than Youtube since Youtube's algorithim is hostile to anybody not pumping out very specifically-crafted content tailored for said algorithim. On Twitch, your biggest obstacle is getting your name out there in the ocean of competition. On Youtube, you have to fight the system even as a big-name content creator.
Youtube is better for archiving, though. There's a reason most Twitch streamers have a Youtube-based archive.

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>seanigger still thinks CVV matters in any way

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>youtube is huge compared to twitch. they don't need to pander to streamers.
they paid the bald nigger like 2m burgerbux to move from Twitch to YT

>> No.13779471

also, Gura's numbers appear to be normalized to this dude's

>> No.13780801

You can really tell that the numbers can be a bit skewed, for example I recently found out that in almost all stream, haato's likes were way higher than her peak ccv.
Like yesterday's stream for example which was pretty guerilla, and the room was only up 30 minutes before the stream started so there wasn't really anytime to just like and leave... Her peak ccv was 12k while her likes were 21k

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This is content fag. You are meant to laugh...
This board, I swear.

>> No.13780868

>Pokemon over 55k
Oh wait that is Marine...

>> No.13780891

Stop using bots holofags, the inflated numbers are not worth the shame of losing them all at once

>> No.13780977

OH no child pouting. Look what you did youtube

>> No.13780999

Gura didn't do that

>> No.13781107

you are deluded my friend
she will not hold this momentum and that is clear to everyone with even a single braincell

>> No.13781127

I know a guy who had to do that three times. Susan really didn't want him watching Sana.

>> No.13781307

the same thing happened to nijis and indies retard

>> No.13781420

It happened with the most recent NijiKR batch who had around a few thousand subs and they lost more than half of it.

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