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How can we fix roastie voice? Almost all western vtubers have it.

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If you hate western women enough to call them roasties unironically just give up on western vtubers

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Get that voice changer all the babiniku use. It's fake sounding, but good enough for me

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1. Don't hire Americans.

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Roastie voice is not hard to get rid off just needs some practice.

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Transorbital lobotomy shows a marked improvement in 70% of all cases.

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better idea

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I don't know but I wish there were some sort of regulation on this shit because I truly lament good design after good design wasted by incompetent, talentless, western faggots who have neither the personality nor voice to fit the character.

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Not him there are ones that don't like Kana. But God damn dude most of the western ones sound either like a total jizztubes or have such bad uptalk they could be an NPR reporter.

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You can't, they don't care enough to work on their voice unlike their Japanese counterparts.

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The US and Canadian Asian girls are the only English speakers I can have heard pull off anything remotely pleasant sounding

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Futakuchi has very cool voice, and I got excited by it, but seemingly even she is a SEA girl. Not a western vtuber...

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Go back to /r9k/

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Kyuotto is a whore.

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Please calm down, roastie.

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Rose sounds nice too. Seriously all these girls need to do is put in a little effort to sound happy and charming

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And so is this dumb bitch you keep trying to force. Almost all western v-tubers are whores, and this cunt is just another flavor.

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Ask Towa

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Honestly it can't be fixed. Women raised in the west have a certain way of speaking that signals to men that their vagina has been thoroughly used and is open to new occupants. Maybe it's a corruption that happens to them through interacting with dozens/hundreds/thousands of males throughout their life and adopting their masculine speaking style, but listening to western women talk just gives me a gross feeling.

Your best bet is finding ones that are socially stunted like Kana and have never interacted with men outside of the internet. Those girls still talk like females and have yet to be corrupted, though they may end up being corrupted later like Nyanners and ending up as roasties.

Somehow this doesn't apply to Japanese vtubers even though the majority of them have boyfriends. Maybe because Japanese culture discourages women from adopting a masculine speaking style they instead learn to amplify their femininity in their voice to attract mates? Who knows.

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Bro all they need is money just look at Ame

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take your bluepills anon

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Ina is more than remotely pleasant sounding, friend.

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“masculine” speaking style is just their natural relaxed voices. the high pitched nasally shit is a product of women being so desperate for the sexual approval of males they change their entire identity around it. one of those types sound like whores and it’s not the former.

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That was admittedly a shitpost but honestly it's true that western vtubers have a very gross way of speaking. I tried watching Juniper the mothgirl because her design is amazing but her voice and way of speaking are fucking awful. Why can't western women have cute voices, even the ones that do professional ASMR work? Like they can "cute" it up for ASMR but then the moment they speak normally it becomes awful.

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>true that western vtubers have a very gross way of speaking
I think a lot of them don't even realize they are doing it because no one has ever complained about their voice IRL and that is just how most westoid women speak. These girls are probably scratching their heads wondering why they aren't getting the numbers they expected.

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I dont even think its her voice she just seems boring as fuck.

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nah dont worry man just having fun
now that i think about it most female musicians i listen are asians

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Leave them die, unironically, that's how capitalism intended to

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So are Westerns always going to be looked down upon because of the lingering influence of /jp/ or will things change one day?

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It's got nothing to do with /jp/'s influence and everything to do with the fact that this site was made to discuss Japanese media. It's never changing.

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oba-san voice is not roastie voice, anon.

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>So are Westerns always going to be looked down upon
Not if they learn how to emulate the culture correctly

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>or will things change one day?
That's up to themselves and wether they can actually produce good content.

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Not all westerns are looked down on. People generally like Kana and others who keep their head down and actually behave as a vtuber should. Vshojo and the twitter dramawhores and grifting slut-tubers will always be looked down on though.

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western faggots live in another world they aint changing

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Gura is the most talked about vtuber on this board. Sorry that people don't like your whores anon.

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>the high pitched nasally shit is a product of women being so desperate for the sexual approval of males they change their entire identity around it.
Did you learn that in women's studies?

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Your oshi is a roastie

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I've only seen clips of Juniper so far, but what I've seen gives me the same vibe as Mori so I'm inclined to like her

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what does roastie voice sound like

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>I left /jp/ and am upset that things aren't exactly the way I want them to be how could this possibly happen?

>> No.1363908

>I have horrible taste and am upset that things aren't exactly the way I want them to be how could this possibly happen?

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take a break and step away from the computer pal

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backroom talk, one of the Japanese language teachers, a native JP.

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I think you just go the opinion of some bitter J-roastie

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Just watch Dutchwomen.

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>it's another muh Jap girls good, western woman bad thread
You'll never be japanese
who cares faggot, just watch Japanese women only then.

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Anything not really high pitched

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Actually, west have no control in talent. Just like how American voice acting is messed. Western Vtubers don’t pass audition so they voice are not trained at all.
Plus, western females are prideful on the wrong things. I made an acquaintance emulate a cute pitch for jokes, and she did it after a few tries, but after fun time passed she expressed to prefer dying than using a stupid accent.

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>Why can't western women have cute voices
You've unironically spent too much time watching anime and vtubers that you've conflated the inflection and character voices they do to sound "cutesy" with their actual speaking voices, you probably have little to no interactions with IRL eastern women and have no point of reference what they sound like if you catch them on the street, most weaboos are like this.
As to why most western women don't do cutesy voices? it sounds unnatural in english and most them of can't pull it off without sounding like they're playing a character and are too self-aware/self-conscious to try.
If it truly bothers you that much than just stick to watching JP chuubas, the phonetics of english itself doesn't sound right when forcing yourself to speak in a higher-pitched voice.
TL;DR: You will NEVER be japanese.

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Do anons unironically want the funimation dub voices in real life?

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>it sounds unnatural in english and most them of can't pull it off
All you have to do is not sound like you work for Vice or NPR. There are plenty of English speakers that can do it

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not my problem fuck off

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Listened to her voice. Sounds like every World of Warcraft raid leader's wife that will inevitably cause a shit ton of drama.

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>what does roastie voice sound like
Mori. She unironically sounds like a boy

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Heh that's funny because I witnessed that happen like 8 months ago and their voices actually sound similar.

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There's a sora clip where she shows and compares a bit her "sora voice" and her natural voice, also mentions how she produces the sound. Might be worth watching if youre curious about women's voices.

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>All you have to do is not sound like you work for Vice or NPR
What the fuck does even mean? lmao go outside

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Imagine unironically thinking that women doing lolibait baby voice while playing a character with titties rigged to wiggle when they move aren't faking every aspect of their voice and personality.
Your pure 2D waifu is actually a 3D whore who talks to males and would hate you if she met you. Cope.

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take a whitepill, jesus

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>You will NEVER be japanese.
thank god

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just admit youre a pedophile lmao. women with squeaky ass voices are emulating children

>> No.1367342

Real children sound annoying

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It sounds just as unnatural when youre fluent in Japanese. Weebs are highly delusional in their fetishizing of Japanese women

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>suicide rates
Who cares. Imagine being a manlet.

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>enter this bitch's stream
>aw that's a cute avatar
>roastie raspy voice

>> No.1367420

so does every high pitched jap vtuber

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You mean viagra to fuck all those western sluts

>> No.1367672

that is literally every single western whores. You can't fix what's already broken that is the entirety of western women.

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The amount of seething in this thread is amazing. Insulting vt and the average vtuber audience will surely change their mind kek

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what's it called?

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the average western woman has no concept of moe and are therefore mentally incapable of fixing it despite being physically capable.

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western society encourages women to develop a deeper register and vocal fry to be taken more seriously as equals to men.
asian women have more of a focus towards femininity and cutesyness leading to them all talking in a higher pitched voice.

the only way to fix it is for the woman to probably become a weeb and shun their society at some level.

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Honestly if anyone has an example of a soft moe voice in English, then please give me an example. I don't think it's possible with English but I'd like to be proven wrong.

>> No.1369240

>watching westernshit
>not watching gundou mirei instead


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Deep voices can still be cute though.

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True that is

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are people just arguing over what they think the voice is? anyone have an example because everyone here is talking about different things right now.

>> No.1369578

here's your western loli voice

>> No.1369628

that... just sounds like a regular talking voice...

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and it really doesn't fit her avatar at all

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Have you even tried watching Rose?

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Calling it a "roastie" voice is pretty stupid, and it's a retarded term that only faggots from /r9k/ use.

>> No.1369764

....are you guys talking about the uwu voice? the fuck is a "roastie" voice?

>> No.1369790

I saw her in the collab with Koopa, she didn't really stand out.

>> No.1369809

Not even influence of /jp/, but the ripple effect from earlier wave of western streamers set the norm of titty streamer culture.
Like the thread have said, Koopa, Ina, and Kani are examples of good voice.
And today, all the documentary youtube channels use this specific roastie voice that is just grating, or they'll hire a diversity voice.
And to be impartial, even Mori have roastie voice, but at least her true personality and content makes it up for it.

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Trading a western indie for a legit Japanese whore, why are you like this?

That voice does not fit the character at all, its too jarring. JP vtubers change the fuck out of their voice if they go for a loli character, prolonged use strains their vocal cords which is why most don't go for those characters.

>> No.1369816

every adult white woman voice is a roastie voice

>> No.1369911

Imagine trying to do the "weebs" shit while watching women pretend to be cute/hot anime girls.

>> No.1369921

Holy fuck did we need an entire thread dedicated to sperging out over this woman with an extremely normal ass sounding voice?
I thought she was gonna sound like nails on a chalk board but she just sounds like the average american from the mid-west
THIS is it? even Coco sounds worse than this

>> No.1370018

I never saw the point of hate-watching people, don't you have better things to do?

>> No.1370175

i guess we accidentally took up important space on the catalog for more important vtuber topics like annoying orange, anti-chink general, and future rrat theories.

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Your so smart dude. I'm glad this board has you to show others their stupidity.
>As to why most western women don't do cutesy voices? it sounds unnatural in english
Yeah man, that's why the most popular English vtuber has such a natural mid range voice.

>> No.1370314

they're playing a character though, that's the point. everyone knows anime characters don't even talk like normal japanese people do, but that's part of the point. you're playing the role of an anime character.

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I hate her already

>> No.1370591

i think there'll always be a clash between JP and EN only viewers. the streaming culture between the east and west is just too different.

>> No.1371108

>western indie
>not whore
>trading whore to a whore

You what

>> No.1371134

what the fuck anon

>> No.1371283

I'm not annoyed by it. If anything, it silences the minors that think she's an actual child.

>> No.1371524

Is that the one drawn by slugbox who's Mother's Basement's whore e-thot wife? Cause if so, avoid that disgusting bitch like the plague. She literally screams about muh loli is pedo shit 24/7. She's so bad that other e-thots called her out on it.

>> No.1371590

how many different types of pills do i have to take to post on this website

what happens if i take all of them at once

>> No.1371592

Roastie voice is actually pretty lifeless as a vtuber like Kyuotto and when they try to be funny it just becomes fucking noisy and loud like whores on twitch. Western vtubers don't even have cool low pitched voice like Towa, Ange, Flare, and Mana (Filipino vtuber). They fucking need practice.

>> No.1372048

Kyu doesn't do noisy and loud shit but it's true she needs more practice.

>> No.1372268

How do we stop roasties from infiltrating our well cultured japanese hobby? It's getting worse each passing day and unironically using the virtual "youtuber" tag and only streams in the whore(twitch) platform.

>> No.1372307

the answer is for all of us to grow a pair and stop being pussy ass little misogynistic bitches about it not that hard, anon

>> No.1372438

Tuber isn't short for youtube, tube is slang for television. And it's not like youtube isn't full of whores.

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The answer is the same. Harassment and trolling until they leave. But you pussies will never do it.

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What her voice type though?

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I hate to break it to you anons but the japanese can be just as much of a roastie as American girls. I'm an average looking white dude but when I was in Kyoto I could jump on Tinder and find a japanese girl wanting foreign dick withing a few hours. I can guarantee they sounded like at least one of your favorite vtubers. The only reason you think it sounds better is because you don't understand the language.

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there's an order to it
>how many different types of pills do i have to take to post on this website
first you take several redpills over the course of a few months
you'll inevitably take some blackpills by accident, so you'll need to counter them by a number of whitepills (talking to sensible people, reading good literature, leaving 4chan for a while)
hopefully by the end of this process you'll have left 4chan for good
>what happens if i take all of them at once
you become the ultimate shitposter whose only purpose on this earth is to be contrarian

>> No.1372602

>whose only purpose on this earth is to be contrarian
god fucking damn if that ain't the truth

>> No.1372711

I'm not sure, but Juniper's also an anti-loli retard.

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File: 89 KB, 605x580, 62550d221d4ef351f18524a57524cd28a33bae802e17462297421492a54b9945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Tried to find that tweet but she seems to have deleted it?

>> No.1373121


Try harder, senpai.

>> No.1373127

Should still be up

>> No.1373154

Guess twitter was fucking up

>> No.1373177

What a hypocrite though. She is following bunch of people who are explicit loli/shotacon

>> No.1373194

Don't listen to this anon, all you get is a crippling emptiness once your ego dies

>> No.1373195

she was also trying to profit on the streamer market

>> No.1373249

i am playing with my fiendishly large cock while looking at explicit pictures of gawr "gura-chan" gura RIGHT NOW and there is literally not a goddamn thing she can do about it

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And here's something more recent in case anyone's thinking her views may have changed, but this one's been deleted.

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File: 2.15 MB, 7200x5700, Kermit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>kermit suicide

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Anything non-exotic sounds "roastie" to you motherfuckers.

Look at >>1362058
>The US and Canadian Asian girls are the only English speakers I can have heard pull off anything remotely pleasant sounding

Weeaboo just wants exotic bitches. Y'all the same as white chicks who want black dudes.

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>> No.1373336

You should tell the Ina thread that.

>> No.1373373

Her design is entirely ripped off from a /ss/ shota rape doujin. Not even like "consensual" /ss/ but actual rape.
How the fuck was she not cancelled for that lmao?

>> No.1373387

Honestly I disagree, Mori isn't Asian she's a white girl from California and yet sounds pretty good. It's not like the roasties have a natural speaking style, their voice is even more fake than the Asians.

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File: 327 KB, 741x757, 1614455483860.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah not to mention the part where the dude's loli rape-daughter rapes him too. Anti-lolicons have no fucking clue how prevalent this kind of stuff is in Japanese media.

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Once an anti lolicon, always an anti lolicon.

>> No.1373456

I'm sure she knows she just doesn't expect the people watching her to know where she ripped it off from. If anyone calls her out she'll just accuse them of being a pedophile for knowing and her orbiters will mindlessly join her side because it sounds "woke" to accuse weebs of pedophilia.
I'm not one of those rabid anti-SJW retards but the hypocrisy when it comes to loli/shota characters in the anime community is worth calling out when Twitter whores get uppity.

>> No.1373469

What is the manga it's lifted off from, anyway?

>> No.1373493

Shiragasane by Sakekan Memorial

>> No.1373497

The voice isn't bad by itself, but when you see the character it's supposed to come out of it's fucking awful.. Nothing to do with the "roastie" shit OP and most people are talking about here.

>> No.1373501

It's a series of /ss/ doujins by this artist

>> No.1373509

There's nothing exotic about an Asian leaf, anon.

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>118 seconds to /ss/ rape doujins
I am impressed and disturbed in equal measure

>> No.1373530

This girl sounds like an obese southeast asian living in the west coast US/Canada. What makes you think she sounds midwestern?

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>society that sexualizes real minors mad cartoons not included in japan's cp ban

>> No.1373792

You can't. It's ingrained in roastie culture to wreck and take credit for what other women did, especially women of different ethnicity. All we can do is ignore them and hope they attract the twitch kiddies

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The fuck is roastie voice? How does it even sound like?

>> No.1374029

I'll show you a fucking roastie voice.

>> No.1374060

it sounds like every single 20 something year old woman you've ever met at a club or bar

>> No.1374069

No, I heard Japanese women don't have sex until they get married.

>> No.1374089

Go back to >>>/lgbt/
Go back to >>>/twitter/

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i'm sorry i have to do this you anon
i still still prefer eastern streamers because they understand moe at least

>> No.1374123

I mean, she's right, I'm just not ashamed

>> No.1374205

At least do you think the rates are smaller for vtubers since they seem to mainly be shutins?

>> No.1374270

i like mousey's voice

>> No.1374281

Spoken like an offended wh*te woman

>> No.1374313
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sure for hololive at least, since they're mostly severe inkya

>> No.1374319

We can have English speaking vtubers alright, they just have to be Orientals from like Singapore.

>> No.1374348

My oshi Milkyqueen has a lovely voice but I'm not sure if she counts as western or Japanese.


>> No.1374349

Anon this is just a list of countries ordered by population...how embarrassing...

>> No.1374357

Vocal fry and other shit tier trends are most certainly not "natural relaxed". It takes effort to sound like a garbage compactor.

>> No.1374421

lots of western indies are Asian American/Canadian

>> No.1374441

It's the american accent. I can listen to british or even australians just fine, but american english just sounds so fucking lazy and bitchy by default.

>> No.1374482

It's not really the same. We're not really talking about a racial problem but a cultural one. Western women are just raised wrong and encouraged to talk like men to be taken seriously by a patriarchical society that doesn't respect women.

Eastern women are praised for their femininity and encouraged to be cute and kind rather than masculine and brash. Even though they may be just as big of whores they're much more in tune w/ their womanhood and this is attractive to males.

>> No.1374531

stupidest thread in the board, congrats OP

>> No.1374563


>> No.1374571

What the hell is a roastie voice??

>> No.1374577
File: 191 KB, 1000x2108, average-number-of-sexual-partners-in-selected-countries-worldwide.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a foolish mistake on my part
pic related is credible, but only has selected countries

>> No.1374582

Dumbass here , what is roastue voice sound like

>> No.1374607

a female voice that they can understand.

>> No.1374610

Where’s those british vtubers? Ame didn’t really pan out

>> No.1374621

Kani Kanizawa

>> No.1374631

Let me guess. The respondents were heavily on the sexually free side since actual conservative Muslims wouldnt bother answering

>> No.1374644

Ange, apparently

>> No.1374647

Barbara Genshin Impact English dub.

Her voice lines got changed from roastie to something similar to the JP voice in update 1.3

>> No.1374672

you have to go back

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Speaking of roasty voices. An anon shared this link in a thread before, and to this day it's the worst I've ever heard. Imagine listening to this daily.

>> No.1374703

It's a dreadfully vague term, but I suspect that it refers to the sort of scratchiness or croakiness often associated with "older" women (age 30 and up).

>> No.1374728

Turkey has a large minority of Christians and like all Christians they are whores yes.

>> No.1374738

Maybe he's just from Texas, why the hate for Texans?

>> No.1374793


>> No.1374800

They're around. A lot of them put on fake quasi-american accents though. While others will go full bri'ish


>> No.1374803

>a quarter of the posters are spics and seanigs who are sick and tired of entitled roastie voices too
why do roasties think that the only people who exist in the internet are them and white males?

>> No.1374878


>> No.1374917

When was the last time you had a bo'ohw'o'wo'er.?

>> No.1374930

Do you really have to ask why non-white dudes are invisible to roasties? You already know the answer.

>> No.1374956

Ironicly with more deepthoating.

>> No.1374989

compare holo EN vs holo ID speaking english

>> No.1375025

Ollie and Reine sound more roastie than any Holo EN.

>> No.1375031


>> No.1375061
File: 33 KB, 681x625, vocal fry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

vocal fry isn't a natural relaxed voice. it's just a recent trend among young women in the west.

>> No.1375073

Her voice isn't terrible. But my god does it NOT suit the character model.

>> No.1375137
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take the Kanapill

>> No.1375140

Thank you for explaining why western women offend my ears. We can all go home now.

>> No.1375191 [DELETED] 
File: 141 KB, 722x1686, vocal fry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and it's unfortunately not going to go away for at least a few generations. it's a pop culture staple of the anglosphere

>> No.1375218
File: 144 KB, 722x1686, vocal fry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and it's unfortunately not going to go away for at least a few generations. it's a pop culture staple of the anglosphere

>> No.1375564

Hey put me in the screencap next time you faggot

>> No.1375657

>guy who browses /vt/ looking for screencaps to get social media clout is a faggot

>> No.1375784
File: 570 KB, 819x1169, gelbooru.com 5883249 1girl blush breasts cleavage hair_ornament heart ikuchan_kaoru large_breasts looking_at_viewer full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I prefer their natual voice.

>> No.1376020

At first i thought that was ironmouse and i was ginns a sayiribbmouse sounds pretty cute honestly

>> No.1376194

Kyuotto. Ignore that jealous and lazy Amerimutt Faggot saying Ange who's popular as fuck in the jp vtuber scene. Western roastie don't even have any good low pitched voice either.

>> No.1377752

>glutinous maximus

>> No.1377913


>> No.1378586

I like Ange though, all I'm getting from this thread is that all indies, not even just western, with an average pitch or lower are roasties or that most of you don't bother trying to find a good one

>> No.1378645

it's not "average pitch", it's this >>1375218
people automatically associate this style of speaking with the kardashians

>> No.1378657

>double Germany
Just fucking how? Our culture isn't that different from theirs. It's even more than France, even though they are famous for trying to seduce everything? What the hell.
But alright, strengthens my resolve to not get involved with IRL roasties.

>> No.1378681

Maybe there's a bias in statistical reporting

>> No.1378708
File: 20 KB, 500x281, c32d35e603e87eb292e851e47e6f7207.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any Manchester slag vtuber?

Yeah, roastie voice is not ikeman voice.
But I guess people see anything that isnt mousey as whoreish.

>> No.1378739

Need Yorkshire vtuber

>> No.1378780

>American accent
Which one? There's probably a dozen of them.

>> No.1378800

Isn't that just the valley girl accent? Just avoid all West coast indies then lol

>> No.1378888

Anon all indies are from the west coast. The rest of the US is a barren wasteland of braindead bucktoothed hicks that can barely operate a computer.

>> No.1378958

>its just a pun for cute

What the fuck

>> No.1379059

the midwestern accent that mass media adopted.

>> No.1379161

what the fuck is happening in Denmark?
okay but I don't care though if it's hard, most of the things they do as a vtuber are extremely easy and mostly require money. they could be a little talented and have a pleasant voice or interesting personality. Ame sounds very much western-woman-like but she is fun to watch due to her sheer autism.
jap chicks love white chinpo

>> No.1379181
File: 108 KB, 306x300, 1613666381873.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the mid-atlantic accent never became mainstream
kuso timeline

>> No.1379275

After listening though a few clips, Kyuotto doesn't really have much of a fry, it's more of a mismatched voice and avatar and op is using a really vague term to describe a manner of speech

>> No.1379305

I'm sorry roastbeef, but I'm afraid he isn't scared of your words. He just knows what type of person uses em and is telling you that you ain't welcome.

>> No.1379333

Rip Canadian chuubas

>> No.1379358

Even the Canadian chuubas like Ina are from Vancouver tho. The west coast of Canada has a massive asian population and therefore a ton of weebs absorbing their culture.

>> No.1379525

it's impossible for an accent to become mainstream when its literally made up by rich people so they can feel special that they speak an accent that no one in the world speaks natively.

>> No.1379643
File: 2.64 MB, 1280x720, 75428D61-E0E3-4203-BC59-9998321DEB39.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You only need to take the BOGpill

>> No.1379645

no, pretty much every american accent has more or less started adopting vocal fry among 30 year olds and younger.

>> No.1379698

Imagine if women started calling men scrotoids. It would be bizarre and confounding like these incelposters.

>> No.1379796

well this is 4chan so...

>> No.1379799
File: 9 KB, 104x99, 1440070713305.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am I alone in liking her voice simply because I was expecting some super high fake western anime voice?

I'd think it'd work better once she gets her "true succubus" form she mentioned but honestly I can fall asleep to that voice of hers

>> No.1379839

in what situation would you use it?

>> No.1379882

When females blame males for their own shortcomings sexually or socially.

>> No.1379912

I don't mind it but her pitch really doesn't fit her appearance, thread somehow has derailed into accent discussion though

>> No.1379953

It always baffles me when disgusting fucks think that loudly and shamelessly doing this is somehow cool or acceptable. Usually only know it from guys though. Awful.

>> No.1380177

There's like no point in history when asian women (and men) weren't considered especially feminine by western standards.

>> No.1380184

I love Rose's accent so goddamn much

>> No.1380204

there's a place called cr*stal.caf* anon

>> No.1380268

>China at the bottom after killing all their women.

>> No.1380433

So what happens if I eat one of the blue ones?

>> No.1380516

Is she even trying? It's like she missed the voice change memo.
I know plenty of western girls can do a cutsey uguu UwU loli voice quite well.

>> No.1380600
File: 452 KB, 910x608, 1613648093817.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what do you mean anon? you've already been eating them your entire life.

>> No.1380603

French are all bark no bite

>> No.1380632

And it was just as embarrassing as r9k

>> No.1380665

watching anime doesnt make you a weeb
fetishizing japanese women as being the peak of femininity makes you a weeb 100%

>> No.1380712
File: 384 KB, 465x516, Eira.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only remedy to that is thick peculiar (and charming) accents or ESL vtubers

>> No.1380753

English is one ugly as hell sounding language. Thats why.

>> No.1380776

I don't like chickens
Wanna see something really funny? Google "Female Dating Strategy" and remember that it's not satire.

>> No.1380809
File: 1.20 MB, 390x338, 1615048550084.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You will never be a Japanese woman

>> No.1380813

What do you mean, I've been munching on the grey ones

>> No.1380929

He is right though, English is an absolutely horrible language, it's the muddy septic tank of languages but hey, at least it isn't as bad as Chinese.

>> No.1380963

you got froot but shes a literal whore who cheated on her exhusband while he was deployed

>> No.1380988
File: 52 KB, 750x1086, 052.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're hated because you're right.

>> No.1381024

Let me name some languages that sound much uglier:


>> No.1381068

Ina lives on the east coast, probably halifax lul

>> No.1381082

No she definitely lives in Vancouver, this is well known.

>> No.1381101

scrote hands wrote this post

>> No.1381725

I like Abigail's voice.

>> No.1382647

Texas HATE

>> No.1382759

dont you mean california 2

>> No.1383563

Well the voice I hate so much would have fit better

>> No.1383693

>you become the ultimate shitposter whose only purpose on this earth is to be contrarian
Literally me

>> No.1383895
File: 170 KB, 512x1024, 5bebfc3f91f1b948a59aaf1cbdec3868(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fetishizing japanese women as being the peak of femininity makes you a weeb 100%
Are you implying they aren't?
The only ones who can even compete are anglos.

>> No.1384002

You will never be Japanese.

>> No.1384053

how many japanese women have you talked to?

>> No.1384126

Complain all you want, but there's a reason why your two bit western ENindie whores are getting 20 viewers.

>> No.1384133

You may want to get your eyes checked anon, I'm starting to get worried about you.

>> No.1384175

can you give 1(one) example of an indie whore that has sub 100 viewers and is discussed in western indie threads?

>> No.1384331
File: 894 KB, 1366x1080, korone_punch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It sounds like an insult you'd hear from a 90's TV show bully. "Gimme your lunch money, scrotoid!"

>> No.1384352

Don't forget French and Chinese

>> No.1384365

>NPR reporter
But everyone likes that voice.

>> No.1384413

english speakers cant be feminine. simply they dont have the culture and on top of that masculine feminism and fucked up gender politics/critical theory are getting more and more popular in the west

>> No.1384414

Do you think the dorks on Japanese boards like 5chan say the same about Japanese women?

>> No.1384449

Thats exactly what Im implying. Japanese women in reality have bought into the coldhearted feminist salarywoman golddigger mentality harder than western women. Only weebs who form their opinions through anime and hentai games think otherwise

>> No.1384563

lol you sound like an sjw or a tranny managing to do critiacal thinking without criticising modern woke western standards. awkward but rare.

>> No.1384588

>english speakers cant be feminine*
*as determined by this incel's preconceived notions of what femininity is

>> No.1384640

Nazi Muppet

>> No.1384654

NTA, but that's not an argument, anon, it just makes you more of a weeb
Do you know anything about the work culture in Japan?

>> No.1384655

>exotic bitches
I'm an American the only race of women that are rare to see are white

>> No.1384686

Its the info I get from local sources. Youre welcome to take a trip to Japan and find out for yourself.

>> No.1384699

You can convey more concrete concepts with English than with any other language. I would rather be speaking English than be stuck with some undeveloped shitpot of a language like Arabic or chinese that has to take loan words and uses (almost) only concepts to communicate ideas. The degree of specificity available in English is what makes it beautiful.
If you think it's ugly you are unable to fully grasp the possible depth. Go read a fucking book.

>> No.1384714

>You can convey more concrete concepts with English than with any other language.
Objectively wrong.

>> No.1384724

>this incel's preconceived notions of what femininity is

their femininity is basically being masculine. at least its true that theres no feminine character in american comics and cartoons and garbage liveaction. its actually pathetic that the "women" in the industry still have to struggle with reinventing western sailor moon or mahou shojo and cant anything feminine like that.

>> No.1384747
File: 10 KB, 190x266, download (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mori's deeper husky voice is a god send and if anyone disagrees they're wrong

>> No.1384749

>their femininity is basically being masculine*
t. incel thinks that a woman behaving the way they want is "masculine" because he's never actually been with a woman who was comfortable enough around him to drop the facade that women put up in a patriarchal society because he's a fucking incel and a creep

>> No.1384755

Isn't there a Kiara anti thread you should be posting in right now young lady?

>> No.1384821

There are so many Redditors on this board I can't even tell if I'm getting trolled or not

>> No.1384835

Bro, 99% of the people on the Kiara anti threads are very obviously dudes (either regular ones or trannies)

>> No.1384863

Provide examples. English is the ivory tower of still-living western language.

>> No.1384877
File: 141 KB, 749x809, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you can literally google this, anon

>> No.1384915

guys are already shit on in multiple ways like being ugly, being virgins, being introverted, being shy, etc. one more insult wouldn't do anything

>> No.1385793

>as a vtuber should
Like what? an idol?

>> No.1385857

>even Mori have roastie voice
Eh, she sounds more like a Karen

>> No.1385922
File: 305 KB, 446x376, 8dd9a903.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1385964

Why is every non hololive thread so awful? I'm shocked every time I poke my head out and read the god awful comments.

>> No.1385986


>> No.1386162

this roastie voice issue should be discussed here cause other sites like reddit, twitter, etc never address it even though it certainly exists. westerners cant acknowledge their cultural flaw or inferiority especially when comparing it to another culture. its however wrong.

>> No.1386194

But Snuffy is getting more than that.

>> No.1386339

fuck off carlos

>> No.1386511

I am entertained by this thread. Thank you anons, keep going

>> No.1386617

Roasties mad itt

>> No.1386626

>at least its true that theres no feminine character in american comics
I mean you are right especially DC female characters are very dominating but then again male characters are also very masculine.

>> No.1386811

So what in your opinion should be done to this? Do all of them must have fake cute loli voice?

>> No.1386833

>even Mori have roastie voice
I just don't see it.

>> No.1386876

government sanctioned vtuber applications where you get denied if your voice doesnt match the character

>> No.1386989
File: 510 KB, 694x734, scrot1615405907.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just like the happy couple spinoffs.

>> No.1387024

why are you generalising it such a stupid binary way? nobody here can do anything to vtubers.

by making it a criticism and spreading it even if its a buzzword, some aspiring vtuber might take it, and thats the purpose. "criticism like this shouldnt exist" argument is absolutely unproductive.

>> No.1387063



Consciously making a habit of using a more appealing tone of voice is something lots of nipnongonese girls do - and it's a good thing.

Back in more civilized times in the west, people would have elocution tutors for their children specifically to cultivate more pleasant accentuation in speech, amongst other things.

>> No.1387170

Speech refinement is something I'm sure even Hololive does, you can tell there's a difference even in EN if you compare their current speech with forbidden knowledge.

>> No.1387241

Yeah I said it way earlier in the thread, Ame is proof English speaking women can do a pleasant voice if financially incentivized.

>> No.1387431

Her "seiso voice" sounds like exactly the voice women put on when theyre talking to a baby. I have no idea how adult men enjoy being spoken to like that

>> No.1387494

I would laugh because those women would be butthurt roasties.

>> No.1387618

>"Gimme your lunch money, scrotoid!"
What I wouldn't give to hear her say this

>> No.1387678

>facade that women put up in a patriarchal society
t. roastie

>> No.1387899

>By a patriarcal sociaty
Ugh yes those feminist really love men so much that they Make women talk like men

>> No.1387983

>i have an Oedipus complex and want women to talk to me like an infant because i'm developmentally stunted and don't know how people talk irl

>> No.1388244

Japan has a "patriarchal "society as well so why dont they have the same problems.

>> No.1388360

what is differences in culture

>> No.1388666

That's just like being a weeb with extra steps

>> No.1389356
File: 116 KB, 613x530, screencap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

highest IR

>> No.1389598

I don't see it either but I sure hear it.

>> No.1389669

It's a little more complicated than that.

Higher pitched voices are a more general indicator of vulnerability. It doesn't just apply to babies, though evolutionarily it makes sense that humans would evolve to become easily attached to a person speaking in a high pitched voice to want to protect young members of society.

Look instead at how couples speak to each other. Both men and women tend to adopt higher pitched, softer voices when speaking to someone they are interested in. They do it instinctively and react to it instinctively as well.

>> No.1389672
File: 153 KB, 846x1414, power status gender.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

because japan's idea of a patriarchy is encouraging tradition, which means praising the concept of the traditional feminine woman.

meanwhile in the west women feel the need to be more masculine to be seen as equals to men.

>> No.1389727

>She literally screams about muh loli is pedo shit 24/7. She's so bad that other e-thots called her out on it
That just means she's likely is one and is trying hard asf to hide it. Seen this kind of things too many times.

>> No.1390094

Yeah but why can't two kinda of voices exists with vtubers? I personally like more deeper voices and that is probably reason why Mori is my favorite and on Japanese side they really don't have that outside of Coco.

>> No.1390151

So deeper voice woman don't exist in Japan?

>> No.1390253

they do, just not common enough to lower the national average vocal register, there's also a leaning more towards a ikemen type smoother voice, than the lower possible voice that leads to that raspyness.

>> No.1390436

Who are you quoting?

>> No.1390846

Why do you think Towa wasn't popular.

>> No.1390988

japs thought she got spitroasted

>> No.1391051

Ange's voice is fake.

>> No.1391451
File: 2.48 MB, 480x360, 1613623837455.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I have no idea how adult men enjoy being spoken to like that
y-y-yeah who would want something like that

>> No.1391527


>> No.1391964

schadenfreude has been taken in to English but there is still liebesleid.
Also whats the English equivalent for ガチ恋?

>> No.1392716

>English equivalent for ガチ恋?
>being in love with an idol, actor, etc., fan who is in love with an idol, actor, etc.

>> No.1392723


>> No.1392999

look up neoteny then go back

>> No.1393028

this is misleading

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