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Now that Gura has finally gained the drive to better herself, it makes me wonder if she changed because she came across all the nihilism and depression threads that were posted here recently.

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on what planet does "going on 4chan(nel)" possibly improve your life?

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>taking rrats seriously

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Earth 2

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I doubt she knows you exist.

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You’ve got to be joking lol

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You must be retarded to think any of them would come here, when they can just go to reddit and get instant praise.

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Its because she meet anya that things changed for better

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This has long since been debunked, you self-deprecating retard. They do visit this site.

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is gura a shitposter?

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Yes I am.

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I make decent money swing trading stocks they talk about on /biz/. Someone mentioned COTY and I bought it for 5 dollars a share and sold for 7.90. Easiest almost 2.9k I ever made.

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Most likely getting called a piece of shit by Kiara did it.

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Risu please

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Why, chumbud? Why do you do it? Why subscribe to my channel? Why keep donating? You believe you're watching for something? For more than a distraction? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it for fun or friendship, perhaps the GFE? Could it be for love? Illusions, chumbud. Vagueries of perception. Temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect try desperately to justify an existence without meaning or purpose, and all of them as artificial as vtubing itself. although only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love. You must be able to see it, chumbud, you must know it by now. You can't escape depression it's pointless to keep trying. Why, chumbud? Why do you persist?

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What an awful thread.

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Instant praise doesn't help much with bettering yourself.

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Other than risu, which one visits here?

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This, she wants to better herself so her kouhai keeps calling her cute.

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>implying anything you post here matters

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>you're watching for something? For more than a distraction? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it for fun or friendship, perhaps the GFE? Could it be for love?
For entertainment you schizo.

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Quite funny, Gura-chan. Now say the line and I will give you 100 dollars.

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I pay to see films. I pay to see plays. I pay to see animals at the zoo. I pay you because you're a dancing monkey, a trick pony. You entertain me. I give you five dollars if you make me laugh, because you're better than television and films when you're at your best. Be warned, if you stop amusing me I'll stop giving you my hard-earned money. So dance for me, little monkey. Little gibbering ape-shark. Little depressed girl. Say the line, do the dance, pull up on your own reins and canter about the arena. If you don't then I'll find someone to replace you. Oh, and believe me, you are quite replaceable.

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>you are quite replaceable.

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Because I choose to.

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yes, I have a huge stock of Gawr Guras in my basement

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When the day comes that she realizes that all she ever has been is an animal for amusement and she puts that shotgun in her mouth and paints the wall with brainmatter and bliss then you will attach yourself to another entertainer and the cycle will go on.

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if Gura dies I will actually kill myself

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This is a wholesome rrat I shall believe. That the kind words of Anya saved Gura from her existential crisis. I'll add a little more and say that because of this Gura is now an Anya Saviorfag.

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Get your affairs in order then, she's volatile. A bad collab. A yabe moment. Perhaps even something Hololive or Youtube will do. Just one wrong push and she's bleeding out from her forearms locked in the bathroom.

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>drag my feet on buying more Bitcoin until it dropped to 45k again
>it jumps to 55k
I’m so fucking tired

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Well said anon.

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You gained nothing, you lost nothing
It doesn't matter
Repeat until you believe it

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are you getting off by imagining Gura killing herself?

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Pretty much this. You can't watch cute things if you are dead.

The Watame argument.

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If Anya is going to protect her, she has to make sure there's something to protect. You would, too, if you had such a cute girl protecting you, right?

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Gura? Maybe not. HER? Abso-fucking-lutely, she was one of the greatest shitposters to ever shit.

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Did she say she wants to better herself, or something? I keep expecting an original song from her.

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If simply going on 4chan changes your mind, it can be changed back just as easily.