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Be honest, Troopas, how many times did you coom tonight?

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Way too many times.

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Three times for Koopa!

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No new stream to watch? Come watch Sis get tormented in Dark Souls 2!

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I was at work in the breakroom so no.

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Already there

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I still have not enter the bathroom yet troopabros

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I've had my share of vtubers appearing in my dreams, and some of those dreams were erotic, but never got past kissing, cuddling and light touching. However, today I saw kwaps in my dream for the first time, and it instantly went to violent cunnilingus followed by reverse cowgirl.

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How can kuiper be so intensely sexual without even trying

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Damn that's hot

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fortuna was made for rough sex

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>dat little chubby belly
Time to milk the ol' pink troopa again

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>Small amount of tummy pudge
You fucking madman.

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Is it time for us PINK to overthrow the green? Auntie Fortuna molest me pls

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Yes, but she's the one being rough.

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What is the belly equivalent to BOOBA and BOOTA?

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Not enough

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Meds killed my sex drive.

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>"You want me to turn the audio off? Okay. Beg for it."
God damn it why did that get me

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>That pudge

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Can't jerk off atm, so I just did deadlifts, hip thrusts and pajeet push ups pretending I fuck Koopa and hope balls will stop aching. Last time I had blood in my coom.

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Jesus Christ, Anon. Dedication is admirable but don't explode your balls.

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I wrote some comments and I kept doing grammatical mistakes and mixing up words. She didn't read a single comment outloud but I bet she is extremely dissapointed and hates me

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Speaking about choking your pinkos...
just a simple paintover pose from stream, but still, should I color it?

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Relax, Troopa. Kwappi don't care about dyslexic Troopas. She loves all of us equally.

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>Last time I had blood in my coom.
That's not normal at all. Visit a doctor.

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Hit that shit, Anon.

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I felt something within me move when kwapper said that.

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Uhhh Troopas?

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Pinks are the most powerful Troopa! Also I am a bit disappointed that Koopa is using the Japanese voices for Ring Fit

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pink troopas baka
she's /here/, thus, et tu weeb

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Broacrius is on. Show /our/ clipper some support.

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I guess I can check him out for a bit fucking brit fuck

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I'd love to but it's 3 am over here, I was just preparing to hit the sack. Next time, brother, black mesa stream was good.

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His voice wobbles a bit like he's super anxious or has a speech impediment. It's cute.

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Wait, he's bromega?

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I'm catching up on Koopa's RFA and it's pretty great boys! I honestly wish Mori would do one of these but I doubt it will ever happen.

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Bromega isn't too bad of a streamer. Even if this game isn't the most entertaining.

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me nowhere in the picture :(

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Set an alarm to get up and watch the RFA stream. Accidentally set for AM instead of PM and slept through the entire thing. Still mad.

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who's the shota? Also I like the africat model! cute!

>> No.1364616

Just some random shota I guess or (you)

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>Recently become aware of various fetishes
>This strikes all of them at once

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Anon have you been in the Nina stream today? She was super happy to receive your animation!

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checked the archive since i was away now its really awkward to horny post her model so im doing it here

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She's OK with hornyposting (source: debut video) but I understand your feelings as another artist, Ash seemed to feel the same as he dropped drawing her but thats just an observation. Anyway, I hope you keep supporting our local Sister!

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Ok, here, finished, not like I wanted to draw lewd koopa myself, b-baka anon...
that reminds me, my first koopart was about her legchoking troopa too, but it was much worse

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I like the hair too! this is nice, anon. What references did you use to draw it?

>> No.1366013

Just took screenshot from stream and made skeleton over pose from it. That's... that's all actually

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Nice, but why did you make her shit out a turd, though?

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here you go troopa

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You mean that fucked up shadow or pinko?

>> No.1366219

N-now have Koopa nibbling his ear...

>> No.1366355

w-what are they planning to do with that shota? They just want to talk about video cards, right?

>> No.1367018

shilling how great of an internet service provider comcast is

>> No.1368541

Kek yea it's a shadow, nevermind

>> No.1368643

Why is Koopa's intro BGM so good?

>> No.1369586

where'd you get Nina and Rose card?

>> No.1369640

Where does one even find the Koopa card anyway haha? Custom job?

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>Body hair and alt outfits
Ohhhh my my. Oh Jesus. Thank you Anon.

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i made it during dead hours

>> No.1371933

Tested again after sleep, it seems to work fine. No blood now, maybe it was torn skin or something. If it ever happens again, I'll seriously inspect the cause.

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Holding on to them for personal use or is it back in a thread previous?

>> No.1374227

i'll post them after doing a few more tweaks on africat. maybe once i'm done with Nekoreen

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Me being squashed by Kwappi thighs

>> No.1376241

Anyone got anymore roleplay vocaroos shes done like this one?

>> No.1376519

you'll have to write more and ask for her to read it out

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Why is Kopier so sexual? She doesn't even play it up, she doesn't have any slutty vibes, she just exudes pure succubine charm.

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Something about her voice. When she was doing the RFA stream earlier and was all animated talking about how she set her hair on fire, it was charming and goofy. But then, conversely, she's also capable of flicking the "now fucking make them horny" switch in a hummingbird's heartbeat. It's astounding.

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Cursed Troopa

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When the girls don't stream, koopa/nina/africat generals turn into unity generals and I love it.

>> No.1378685

That's what your incestual lust will birth

>> No.1378821

It was such a fantastic collab stream, it sold me on those four being a sort of Elite Four of the West Indies. Not only are they great on their own, but their synergy is also incredible. We just need a fifth for a solid generation. Maybe Nyaru?

>> No.1378914

Nyaru's already part of an actual group

>> No.1379072

Its a tough pick, I don't know any obvious answers - anyone from Koopas circle?

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How long ago did Kuiper start streaming, three months? She already feels like a pro.

>> No.1379195

He kind of relaxes me into a coma like a British documentary about something I don't care about, no offense to you Bromega

>> No.1379319

She had a good stream with Yoro, I recall. The group could use some gremlin energy like that.

>> No.1380350

The thing is if Yoro is there, we need Nyaru too.

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I want to see my turtle mom Koopa teach English to my bear daughter Beatani, and then my bear daughter can teach my turtle mom Japanese

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So, she's obviously not a western vtuber, but I'd really enjoy a collab between my degenerate daughter and my degenerate mom.

Since she already speaks english well and strives to improve, she could even be a honorary member of sorts.

>> No.1380576

I didn't even see this post when making mine, glad someone else feels the same.

>> No.1381758

Koopa's voice is basically a female Mr Metokur and that is blessed.

>> No.1382008

I don't remember getting a boner from listening to Jim.

>> No.1382052

What are you, gay?

>> No.1383587

She is? I don't watch Nyaru much

>> No.1383601

Right? His are the only weather reports that empty my sack.

>> No.1383621

You ARE asking something when she does her q&a stream, right anons?

>> No.1383967

Don't have time to watch mom's fit stream. How'd she do, is she actually in shape?

>> No.1384071

Yes, THUNDER THIGHS. You're missing out, troopa.

>> No.1384355

Of course, I need to make my based guro and auto-vore appreciating daughter feel welcome

>> No.1385026

>guro and auto-vore appreciating
from this place in more detail, please

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Also this

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Beatani is a gem. She looks like another moeblob retard, but she's actually pretty clever, quick-witted, knowledgeable and dege- cultured.

>> No.1385557

She is also Cute and fUNNY, which contrasts well with a motherly chuuba like Koopa, I do hope they can interact at some point as most 4chuubas seem to have done. I don't know if they have any game interests that crossover though.

>> No.1385594

I've come to realize, through my watching of chuubas, that every single woman is a degenerate.

>> No.1385750

>dege- cultured.
Yak deculture!

>> No.1385931

Succubus is as succubus does

>> No.1386688

And that's a good thing!

>> No.1386689

Bored? Mom Kopernicus isn't streaming? Nina is! Come join us for the time of the stream!

>> No.1386756

Thanks for the heads-up, Ninabro!

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>> No.1386787

Already there, NinaVegas is good

>> No.1386846

That's not how you pet a dog, Nina!

>> No.1386964

chuubas on themselves are bad representation of averageness

>> No.1387189

I don't really want for them to collab. Language barrier is hella debuff, it probably would be even worse then with junii

>> No.1387516

HOLYBASADO she even have R-18G tag in description. Is this even normal for jap indies?

>> No.1387722

She's an oldfag (in futaba at least). She's definitely unique.

>> No.1387834

I think it would be fun if it was just for some language learnings for both of them. Assuming Kwappa is interested in learning Jap

>> No.1388796

> even worse then with junii
That collab was fine, I don't know why you're talking about it like it's some kind of worst thing ever.

>> No.1388936

It was her worst collab by far

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troopas, your turtle mama has been featured on a 25k clipper channel together with our girls!
It's good timing that her most recent stream is RFA.

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>> No.1391261

Fingers crossed for all 4, our girls are gonna make it bros!

>> No.1391283

>Channel dedicated to 10-seconds moments

What the fuck, and I thought subbers who did 1-minute videos were bad enough

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>> No.1391737

That one in particular just dumps clips he finds on twitch on to his channel. He only recently struck gold with the moth. Before that he was getting pretty low views. It's not a pretty format, but it works.

>> No.1391858

>Look at moth clips
>100k views on average
>See Nina's clip from few days ago
>Only 1k
I don't think there will be a significant boost in followers, unless people will pick on the ara ara bait.

>> No.1391903

>unless people will pick on the ara ara bait.
That's the plan. Additionally, the moth is taking a week off, so no new moth content for a week.

>> No.1392074

Let's hope for RFA clip then, troopas went apeshit with kwapper's workout moans and so will normalfags.

>> No.1394302

I wanna sit on the couch beside Koopa and have her rest her head on my shoulder.

>> No.1394423

Anon...your head has much better uses. Koopa has NEEDS!

>> No.1394444

Koopa is a beautiful and sensual woman, but not all needs are physical. Emotional intimacy is also nice.

>> No.1397082

>Let's hope for RFA clip then
Okay. Beg for it.

>> No.1397951

your old name was way better, nerd

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I didn't

>> No.1404131

I haven;t yet, should I?

>> No.1406358

Quads speak the truth. Sex is good and all but there's more to intimacy than slamming uglies while monkey grunting.

>> No.1406703


>> No.1409067

Koopa is for gentle handholding during the day and mating press once the sun goes down.

>> No.1409105

She's for mating press 3 times a day and gentle after-sex cuddles and kisses every single time after.

>> No.1409115

Koopa is for ME

>> No.1409124

But, if I'm you and you're me... then who are THEY?!

>> No.1410949

I'm they, but what if they are also you? Are we they or am I you?

>> No.1411843

I can always count on troopas to post the best damn indies. I like this bear.

>> No.1414286

Bedtime stories with kwappi.

>> No.1414468

>*Knock* *Knock*
>Come in
>Hey little troopa, what's wrong?
>….. Oh my little troopa had a nightmare, come here and sleep with mama and ill make it all better.
>Everything is okay, mama is here, you want me to read your favorite bedtime story?

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>CEO already in prechat
she, too, craves the turtle mama experience.

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>> No.1414663

This is literally like voicing hentai

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>> No.1414704

Even Fortuna can't stand a chance against troopa's turtle penis.

>> No.1414724

this is tasteless honestly

>> No.1414733

>tfw momma hornyposting

>> No.1414779

Seconding this

>> No.1414838

I'm taking this to vtuber slutposting!

>> No.1414883

>literally voice porn

>> No.1414936

Not even vshojo girls do shit like this...

>> No.1415045

This feels wrong desu

>> No.1415060

w-what was it?

>> No.1415080


>> No.1415151

Too sluty for me, I'm leaving, screw this.

>> No.1415163

>be Fortuna
>talk shit about troopas
>get ravaged by turtle dick

>> No.1415238


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Can't believe I missed Koopa's sex tape by being late a few minutes...

>> No.1415357


>> No.1415376

Why would you do this?

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>My messages dont show up in chat.

I guess I'm at my limit.

>> No.1415436

Dubs and I'm spamming this link in the chat

>> No.1415498

>type CAPS once in chat
>Messages no longer show up

Uh oh. Is this permanant.

>> No.1415513


>> No.1415523


>> No.1415541

I just wanted to shitpost some Mom... please unban me.

>> No.1415575

I missed the vocaroo, was it good anons?

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I really didn't need this today

>> No.1415612

It was fortuna blessing

>> No.1415627

I know, man. Why'd she delete it before I could save it?

>> No.1415631


>> No.1415644

it says it's expired...

>> No.1415656


>> No.1415697

I already saved it Koopa, too late, shoud I reupload now? Im mailing it to cover in case she wants to join.

>> No.1415716


>> No.1415750

Quick rundown on pink troopas?

>> No.1415765

We make nuggies from them.

>> No.1415780

They're basically what would happen if miscarriages barely avoided death.

>> No.1415795

Anyone re-up? Vocaroo is expired.

>> No.1415815

Hmmmm. Tonight I will draw sith troopa.

>> No.1415816

Fortuna's bastard children.

>> No.1415923
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this is too good

>> No.1415957

she prolly took it down for a reason boys, respect her wishes

>> No.1415965
File: 9 KB, 600x400, now there's two of them.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Very comfy

>> No.1415987

True troopas, they possess so powerful and pure love to mom that green's envy them and accuse in every mortal sin

>> No.1416013

t. p*nkoid abortion

>> No.1416025

Or maybe she shouldn't emulate being fucked and post it online

>> No.1416034

yeah, you're right

>> No.1416036

Those replies aren't looking good. I'm... glad I missed it.

>> No.1416049

Wait a minute, that boy...

>> No.1416064

I'm not. I missed it by a few minutes and now it seems like Koopa did it to tease the few that missed it.

>> No.1416081


>> No.1416106


>> No.1416122
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>> No.1416126

sweet fucking lord

>> No.1416129


>> No.1416131


absolutel kino though. Thank you mommy koopa for being so cool.

>> No.1416142


>> No.1416150

Fortuna is a SLUT
She disgraces the name of our good mother and should be exiled for her sins.

>> No.1416159

I love this ASMR. I'm having dinner and Koopa is reading a story for me. Wouldn't mind it if it was a regular thing.

>> No.1416167
File: 408 KB, 1349x2048, Let them eat Grapes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.1416171

I don't know how I feel about this

>> No.1416174
File: 498 KB, 698x698, shocked green woman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1416182

Me on the bottom

>> No.1416195
File: 58 KB, 564x544, 60135CF6-B80A-4965-991D-9A0A8BCBF264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1416197

Are you her foot-stool?

>> No.1416208

Just like my favorite doujin

>> No.1416211
File: 176 KB, 779x867, 1606344429232.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I always forget that old novels kept things cuter and funny

>> No.1416216

Koopa for the love of God get some dick, this is worse hornypost than most of us would make

>> No.1416227

So this is how Pink Troopas were born...

>> No.1416241


Wait there was more?!

>> No.1416246

And more bloody.
That's the thing,
>most of us
She's on the "Fuck it, let's do it" part of the bell-curve.

>> No.1416248

she can have mine

>> No.1416256
File: 34 KB, 112x112, 1609284052742.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is really touching something in me bros

>> No.1416285

Mom has a great voice for relaxing. She needs an ASMR mic for maximum Gosling gains.

>> No.1416308
File: 172 KB, 531x489, greenkoopa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1416354
File: 3.89 MB, 2917x2421, GOOD_ART.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

would go well with a pink hair re-color of pic related

>> No.1416355

Giving myself cousins with Fortuna!

>> No.1416361
File: 88 KB, 679x568, EtWhXZdXcAAtN5w (1).jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah, funny to think of how dark kids stories were back then, when there were more "prudish".

also if anyone wants nicely formatted ebooks this is a good site

>> No.1416380

>I wonder what Koopa is reading
>The Little Mermaid
Oh no...

>> No.1416392

>She's on the "Fuck it, let's do it" part of the bell-curve.
I hope that plateaus for a bit. Hornyposting herself is pure vtuber kino.

>> No.1416540

Is alice's adventures in wonderland the most successful UUUOOOOHHHH post of all time

>> No.1416541

i actually agree, but if we have to be objective, you guys hornypost all day, every day anyway. im genuinely surprised there's people put off by it, thought you were all desperate coomers with no standards.

>> No.1416558
File: 973 KB, 400x300, 1614063682282.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Do I draw it troopas? I'm not confident in my ability to draw nudes and lewds. But I can always draw her face. Do I go to the based horny side? The horny side that koopa seems to get pulled back to. Would mama be proud?

>> No.1416570


>> No.1416578
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>> No.1416579

>im genuinely surprised there's people put off by it
I'm put off by it, but nobody noticed a drop in the ocean.

>> No.1416625

Spoilers for Koopa's next horny vocaroo

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>> No.1416715


>> No.1416959
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>> No.1417134

I want to FUCK this neet, why are some of you fags mad is beyond me, shes a horny neet

>> No.1417169

if she wasn't living with her relatives, she'd have a collection of sex-toys.

>> No.1417179
File: 1.77 MB, 1280x720, 1401522261843.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do femcels really?

>> No.1417190

She DOES have a collection of sex toys. They're called Troopas.

>> No.1417203

Koopa should peg troopas.

>> No.1417204

Why downgrade from Sharpies?

>> No.1417228

Some prefer the warmth of another human even if it's smaller than their toy.

>> No.1417262

You got something you need to tell us, Troopa?

>> No.1417280

As long as we can reproduce with each other, we still count as Human.

>> No.1417284

Draw Fortune being fucked by a ugly bastard

>> No.1417351

goddamnit kwappi

>> No.1417386
File: 36 KB, 500x500, why.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uhh, no

>> No.1417389

It's her fetish anon, she can't help it.

>> No.1417400

Koopa and Fortuna are for fit husbandos and Troopas of various colors only.

>> No.1417412
File: 193 KB, 292x450, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1417445
File: 194 KB, 504x618, 1613349106717.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1417451

Sleeping on mama's lap/10

>> No.1417463

I want to cum in Koopa's breast pussy

>> No.1417465


>> No.1417467

Would love to have more/10

>> No.1417471

what song was playing during the Little Mermaid reading?

>> No.1417481

One more story/10

>> No.1417484

Actually extremely comfy, she's a good reader.

>> No.1417493
File: 2.66 MB, 498x328, watamenotice.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where the fuck was this woman all my life?

>> No.1417492

cannot rate as I am literally fast asleep by now

>> No.1417513

kuiper said it was from the sountrack to Witch's Heart

>> No.1417540
File: 979 KB, 897x453, weary.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where will a woman like this be for the rest of my life?

>> No.1417611

I'll wait till I'm 40, save money till then and then start looking for NEET girls to breed.

>> No.1417615

I must kindly refuse your request. Unless you're mama koopa my answer is no. I'm sure someone else will draw it though.

>> No.1417663

Cured my insomnia/10

>> No.1417782


I deleted the vocaroo previously cus I forgot to attach the link. I'm sorry if this got any troopas upset, and I won't do anymore lewd vocaroos anymore. Just figured you were okay with that, seeing what was said previously in streams.

Back to seiso.

>> No.1417808

>wake up
>"oh wow the Koopa thread got a lot of posts. This asmr story time thing must be doing really well. Let's see..."
Fucking Jesus. That was exactly the kind of bait that works on me. Christ.

>> No.1417817
File: 106 KB, 608x608, 1586912947057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1417859

I don't think anyone actually got upset... I'm of course not saying to do more lewd vocaroos but I wouldn't take it as anyone getting mad at you for it seriously.

>> No.1417863

>and I won't do anymore lewd vocaroos anymore

Why must you hurt us like this?

>> No.1417876
File: 195 KB, 658x800, EvCfgXaUYAMe3D5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no more lewd mommy

>> No.1417897

>it somehow gets lewder with actual fucking art
Thank you for the content. It was unexpected but wholly welcomed, at least on my - and the majorities - end.

>> No.1417923

Don't sweat about it, you never stopped being seiso. Personally, more than anything, I was just concerned that this vocaroo can be used against you in some way, gotta be careful with what you put on the internet in public access.

>> No.1417924

>I won't do anymore lewd vocaroos anymore
But why?

>> No.1417944

>won't do anymore lewd vocaroos
Perfectly understandable

>> No.1417949

I think next time if you ever do happen to do it again, maybe don't post such a vocaroo without context...

>> No.1417969

>I'm of course not saying to do more lewd vocaroos
I am. Shit was SO cash.

>> No.1418015

seiso and degen are both good in moderation and juxtaposition

>> No.1418063

I feel like "yeah fuck me" followed by storytime was a pretty good balance desu. I can't imagine anything more extreme than that, juxtaposition wise, off the top of my head other than some insane far-end-of-the-spectrum shit like a troopa orgy followed immediately by a benefit concert for orphaned puppies. I feel like Cher would be there.

>> No.1418092

If you were to do an ASMR where you did growly biting and bitetugs of the ear I would probably donate hundreds of dollars.

>> No.1418140
File: 48 KB, 680x680, 8a01b12e9d8eedde6a756b639a76dce9dc0393dab367d513b861d557ce6ccffb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is kind of a turnoff in execution, but exceptionally arousing in concept. Reminds me of that Tomoko doujin.

>> No.1418163

>Back to seiso
I give it a day

>> No.1418203

>kwappi always boasting about her thunder thighs
but how did she get them so buff? hit me with your best rrats

>> No.1418216

Well, you make the rules. We understand you might've stopped being comfortable with unseiso stuff.

>> No.1418240

Squats, I guess?

>> No.1418277

Koopa is for walking the snowy streets holding hands through wooly mittens, noticing fluffy snowlakes caught in her wavy hair, catching her gaze and telling her how beautiful she is!

>> No.1418286

>reception is mostly positive
>retires from lewdposting anyways
i respect your choice but am disappointed it has ended this way and so soon

>> No.1418341

Extraordinarily comfy

>> No.1418366

>I don't think anyone actually got upset...
Díos mio....el novio de Koopa....

>> No.1418382
File: 174 KB, 240x266, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

remove pink

>> No.1418398

being poor and not having a car so she bikes everywhere, along with that being where her fat naturally goes, gives kwapi the most lap-pillow-able thighs

>> No.1418412

well we can always count on aunt Fortuna for those!

>> No.1418488

they like the TMNT but without all the cool parts or the pizza

>> No.1418492

One day I will be good enough to make thumbnail art for you. One day I will make you proud.
Koopa may be seiso. But Fortuna is for lewds.

>> No.1418506

What kind of faggot would get mad about this

>> No.1418664

So this is what having someone that is literally here being vtuber is like, nice...

>> No.1418688

Parasocials. Barring that, people worried that it could negatively affect Koops in the future. But she's a grown woman with a good head on her shoulders. She wouldn't do anything that could actually run the risk of sabotaging her work. I think the fear comes from a good place but is ultimately unneeded.

>> No.1418942
File: 2.44 MB, 1920x1080, turtle news.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1418977

sentient bag of guns personified as anime girls gacha when

>> No.1419004
File: 339 KB, 1440x1397, 1615451741474.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1419003

I love your stuff dude. Thank you.

>> No.1419072

You autist you, feel free to make more just make sure to keep borny levels of troopas in check
Oh shit finally a source of news i can trust!

>> No.1419095
File: 22 KB, 600x591, image0 (18).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>and I won't do anymore lewd vocaroos anymore
You made me like this, you have to take responsibility Koopa.

>> No.1419145

>I won't do anymore lewd vocaroos anymore
dark times indeed
>gotta be careful with what you put on the internet in public access
Sure but then again Holo has people who are -still- doing Lewd ASMR streams regularly. Paying attention and being careful is always good but I wouldn't see shitposting here as the reason to stop doing whatever you were doing before as long as you had fun and were at least somewhat mindful.

>> No.1419182

>as long as you had fun
Sure, I can agree with this.

>> No.1419210 [SPOILER] 
File: 203 KB, 579x562, 1615497819792.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This picture was going to have a followup, but the more I thought about it the more weird it got so I decided not to do it, here.

>> No.1419224

Hey aren't you the fellow resident newscaster from hlgg? Good to hear you in here

>> No.1419225

Koopers please unshadowban me I used caps once today.

>> No.1419263

i think that she had it on top chat instead of live chat and that is why your name didn't show.

>> No.1419286

Sex hair!

>> No.1419308

Is it because you have nice seiso friends Koopa? That's perfectly fine. I understand if people would send vocaroos like that to your friends it wouldn't be a nice thing for you.

>> No.1419310

I posted multiple times and it never showed. Maybe next stream...

>> No.1419339

he he he
tittie urtlemann

>> No.1419406
File: 688 KB, 1300x861, Gun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just what do you think you're doing, pal? Indies are my turf, I thought the settlement on the lawsuit made that clear
Glad to see you're here

>> No.1419416

Kuiper is using an advanced AI algorithm that only shows interesting and witty comments on stream.

>> No.1419523

>ingredient by ingredient söy takedown
Mommy is so thoughtful

>> No.1419534

Love you R. Ratman.

>> No.1419550

Beyond based.

>> No.1419570

R.Rratman long time no see, love you bro!

>> No.1419610
File: 104 KB, 329x459, 1611955348899.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uh... Troopas? Care to explain?

>> No.1419693

Gotta suck on something when mommy's away.

>> No.1419719

Blame my mom for being so horny, i have to satisfy her needs!

>> No.1420828


>> No.1420944

Am baby.

>> No.1420984


>> No.1421067


>> No.1423337
File: 417 KB, 1178x638, para and pinko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I will support the korpula no matter what and hunt down all those against unity

>> No.1423425

Troopa baby...

>> No.1423552
File: 112 KB, 787x787, 0022169681_20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please for the love of god tell me someone has the expired vocaroos.
It doesn't have to be here, but please post them some other time.

>> No.1423902


>> No.1424102

Oh is that it? Well thank you anon i thought i had actually missed them

>> No.1424877

Don't worry about it. I'm fine with not having lewd vocaroos I'm not a pink troopa.

>> No.1426143

holy based

>> No.1426588

See you later thread...