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Can't find post anymore also he deleted his post on making video. So he pussied out or vshojo convinced him he is still In their circle.

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I think it might have been due to this.

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New tweet, same video

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yep, nailed it.

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Oh, no. Is Nux about to get BTFO by Vshojo whores. What a way to end his career.

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lmfao this can't be real

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Very Batman with the personality of joker -esque.

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bravo nux you truly are the embodiment of chaos and joker as hell

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It's not like we didn't know the only girl in VShojo who didn't outright hate him was Mel.

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Ok assume im a retard, what am i suposed to be seeing here.

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Melody is already the most menhara of the menhara group. She will probably sudoku

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no wonder she was so down on her kson collab
she probably was pressured by the other girls.

>they knew about this form a long time ago
>they gave Nux the ok
>the thanked him

Tell me again why this isnt a black company?

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Didn't rip at nyanners by stating she threw vshojo under the bus that people were getting doxxed when they knew about it..........he did it for some of the ewhores instead of the other ones which is why I think he backed down.

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is that it? because it's still in the new video.

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in an ironic twist, nux wanted to hide which girl was in the business call but fucked up the censoring. he then took down the video to properly hide the name

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he blurred out melody's name in the group list but not in the chat name
which is why he deleted the first vid and fixed it in the second

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Do you know what a black company is, retard? It doesn't mean "company I dislike" or "company that does bad things". Stop posting anytime

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Nux didn't censor Melody out in the original video so he took it down and re-uploaded it in the new one.

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i cant believe batman with the personality of joker overlooked such a simple detail

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>he was telling the truth all along


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its so surreal to see the twitter mob suddenly switching sides. what the f

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Nux forgot that he can't steal hearts in real life.

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but they are, melody should quit and leave these menheras

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Oooohhhhh nooooo9 they will target my melly next.

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Thank you. I understand, i think.

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Two actually, and ironically the only two that matter

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Oh boy Nyanners is gonna have a bad time now

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Rittenhouse and nux acquitted, bros we can't stop winning.

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>A western drama thread
Nobody cares. This is now a Ayame thread.

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The end of Nux

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This is gonna be a shitshow right?

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>managemnet fucks up
>girls just ebnd down and have to cover for them

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Nux bros did we win or lose I can't tell?

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So nyanners is more pissed off and somehow convinced vshojo and the other girls to follow suit with her? How much influence does pink cat have on vshojo? What kind of dick sucking or dirt does she have on the CEO to whip them like this?

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so whats the potential consequences of this exactly
t. seabrain

>> No.13577401

how many days

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The Arbery murderers weren't chud.

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Both, but mostly won sadly

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So the vwhores LIED about Nux not having permission. They fucking lied. They're sociopathic scumbags that tried to throw Nux under the bus.

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Both lost

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Multiple threads hitting bump limit all for this, incredible

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He apologize for not taking down the video at the girls request and being a dick
it paints vshojo mangement as incompetent and nyanners as a liar. So it is 50/50

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I don't really care what happens, I want both of them to crash and burn. The fact there's a chance one of these two cancers can be shunned from the vtuber sphere from this shitshow makes me super happy

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Vwhores should have just let this issue be between Nux and Nyanners. Now, everyone looks stupid. Sasuga western vtwichers

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Its over for Vwhorejo, their true face is reveal. Stabbing in the back by own member.

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so no one wins and both cannibalized each other. exactly what /vt/ wanted. nice

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Can Someone just TLDR me on this situation? I cant stand "horny tubers" so I dont keep up with nux and his whores like that. I just wanna know what to hate him for next if anything

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Good, vwhores and clout chaser lost, I see it as a total win.

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If what blue jew says is true there might be a lot of backlash for VSJ.
What will really be a big thing is if this causes internal Drama in VSJ. Looking at Nyanners Discord Posts and the implications with melody this thing has the potential to blow absolutely skyhigh

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If this results in pink cat quitting vtubing or going solo then I'm all for it. Fuck pink cat.

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Who would have thought that the pink cat self-preserving bitch was talking out of her ass and did not know what their management approved?
Regardless, at least Nux leech got the reality check he deserved.
Let's see if any of the VWhores will at least acknowledge that they fucked up.

btw, both sides deserve to burn

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ah shit so he has permission to post it. Fucking nyanners lying as usual.

>> No.13577633

I dont think so
but she probably wont be using her fancord for a while

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>What kind of dick sucking or dirt does she have on the CEO to whip them like this?
They're a team, she doesn't have shit on the CEO. They all know they either sink together or swim together.

>> No.13577644

Western whores like her are born to lie.

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>Looking at Nyanners Discord Posts and the implications with melody this thing has the potential to blow absolutely skyhigh
GunRun will throw Mel under the bus and kick her out and the group will be fine with the new members from the audition taking it over Mel's spot. this is going to cause a festering wound that'll become gangrenous over time as the girls stop trusting GunRun and the group falls apart. but it'll happen slowly and gradually.

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if you want what's relevant to this thread and what nux said
>nux makes vid talking about the scammers
>vshojo twitter thanks him for working with them
>nyanners tells her discord that he uploaded it without his permission
>all of vshojo suddenly publicly shits on him on twitter
>vshojo twitter deletes their tweet thanking him
>nux stays silent for a bit
>releases tweet showing he had explicit permission from vshojo's ceo, melody, and their head of cybersecurity to upload the vid, directly against what nyanners claimed

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qrd so i can filter these threads

>> No.13577700

Isn't Mel the founding member along with Nyanners?

>> No.13577715

There's only one thing I give a shit about:

Does the dox prove zentreya is a dude or not?

>> No.13577716

Finally this can be the last thread about this

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Nux won. He had the receipts and posted them.

He can't admit it, because he knows in today's society a man can't admit success against a woman without an army of faggot whiteknights screaming at him.

So he went big brain and apologized.

He knows the audience isn't completely retarded. He knows how this will make VShojo look, and rightfully so.

Watch as the entire comment section of twitter says he's done nothing wrong and shouldn't apologize.

He's fucking done it, the absolute madlad.

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No, just read

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nux bros... did we just... win?

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>Pink cat is a lying whore

>> No.13577732

revelations that Mel was the one who okay'd it against the rest of the girls' wishes is already causing a rift between then. they're all in it for the money and branding and will turn on each other soon.

>> No.13577736

There's no "founding members". Gunrun created the company and hired the girls. She's one of the original ones along with everyone else except for Vei but that's it.

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If the girls don't produce receipts of telling him to not publish the vid they got some fucking explaining to do this is malice

>> No.13577749

Technically only permission from the head of cybersecurity, the other two being in the same discord group doesn't mean they directly approved it

>> No.13577760

Nux loses friends and vwhores... Pink cat may quit from her seething hard over Melody basically back stabbing her and the other girls shitting on him like crazy hounds. Man, western drama sure is messy but it makes me happy that at the end of this both Nux and Nyanners are going to get fucked

>> No.13577773

>Nux ends up as a misunderstood hero, people now see him as a victim
>VShojo mismanaged the situation but weren't lying about it, people think it was "miscommunication"
>Nyanners rages and lies about the whole deal
>The girls join Nyanners and start canceling Nux
>Melody was there when Nux got permission but still joined the others

Depends, but pretty sure Melody and Nyanners definitely lost

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Once a piece of shit, always a peice of shit.

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>> No.13577791

The receipts are devastating. Vshitjo will come tumbling down after this thundercracking revelation. Nux can't stop winning. Let's see if the whores will save face and delete their hate tweets against Nux.

>> No.13577795

>No bloodlust
>Adds rashness and false accusations to the list of things people don't like about VShoujo
We take those?

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What does this mean?

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So, nothing to really care about. I'm sure the vwhores will flock to him again once this all blows over. and he'll always have his personal whore f*f* to give him a consolidation blowjob

>> No.13577833

So pink cat is fucked right?

>> No.13577847

Hololive and niji keep winning

>> No.13577851

make sure to keep resposting this in the next threads anons

>> No.13577852

pink cat spends time in her fancord being bipolar and mope posting whether she thinks vwhorehouse would be better off without her to encourage people to simp for her.
>i've been doxxed
Pink cat has had dox since she first started as an avid shitposter and later coerced older dude VA's to ERP with her until she threw them under and went off to join tumblr for fuck's sake.

>> No.13577872

Fair enough.
But this leads to an interesting point. Is the guy even qualified for cybersecurity? If so, why was he the only person to give permission, despite nyanner's and rest of vshojo's claims that it was harmful to make the vid?

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>> No.13577886

>we don't think you should do this, but we can't technically stop you

>> No.13577890

>you can talk about your experience getting phished and how you handled getting doxxed by the impersonators, but don't drag our name into it and claim you were running an investigation for vshojo or take credit for all the information we've collected so far

>> No.13577893

Hate the guy but that's a good move. If he antagonized Vshojo, he's gonna have to deal with mindless simps.

>> No.13577897

it's in english seafren, circle the parts you're confused about

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And I thought Spic drama was the worst and turns out the EN side has some juicy dramas too

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Another day, another knife in the back

>> No.13577921

Also as seen on >>13577819, the approval itself is very flimsy.

>> No.13577930

this tweet makes absolutely no sense now with these receipts

>> No.13577934


>> No.13577939

This going well so far for a 1st anniversary for Vshojo.

>> No.13577946

if this is really the end for Pink cat, are we going to cheer for a clout chasing kike faggot? I mean props to him playing this smart, he actually had his receipts and now everyone is on his side. Reminds me of that time everyone tried hating on Projared but then the guy BTFO'd cancel culture. I hate this guy but he has my respect, you can never trust western whores

>> No.13577953

She's being honest basically, she didn't say no don't upload but to take into consideration what it'd mean for the rest of the girls, who all told him no. He uploads then is surprised when the girls are pissed.

>> No.13577958

Melody was also half in the wrong as well during her whole shit storm with her original modeler

>> No.13577959

Nux wins, Projekt Melody backstabbed VShojo girls, Nyanners is a lying whore.

>> No.13577963

This was Nux's master plan. His 5D chess.

He needed VShojo to incriminate themselves, to show they're all pieces of shit.

To make way for the future.


>> No.13577968

So apologizing was the smart move for once?

>> No.13577969

> coerced older dude VA's to ERP with her until she threw them under
still based for cashing in on whiny lolifags

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Still watched the vid and gave the go ahead though. I'm more curious to what the ceo and melody said in the group chat.

Both can get fucked. Nux in this case is a useful fag.

>> No.13577982

>the approval itself is very flimsy.
it's obviously him telling Nux that he's got every right to talk about his own side of the story. Vshojo has no right to prevent Nux from telling the public what happened to him and what he did. the problem came when he took that as blanket approval to release a video claiming credit for all of the investigative work done by Vshojo and trying to paint himself as their savior.

>> No.13577995

He pussied out.

>> No.13578000

She doublesided with nux and vshojo girls I think right?

>> No.13578001


>> No.13578007

He'd been doxxed/swatted before, so learning that someone else was out there trying again spooked him and he started acting on that.

Also VSJ's cybersecurity guy said they had no problem with him doing the video

>> No.13578009

you only apologize when your enemies are whiteknights and western whores, it gives you more power from normal people when you actually have stuff to back up your claim. This is the perfect example, even if the guy is a clickbait faggot, to deal with Western cancel culture

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If melody was in that group DM she knew about ongoing doxxing of people using vshojo's name and didnt responsibly disclose it publicly too, this isnt just gunrun, they are putting 2views in harms way to save face

>> No.13578017

is this the first vtuber apology video ever?

>> No.13578019

>when he took that as blanket approval to release a video claiming credit for all of the investigative work done by Vshojo and trying to paint himself as their savior
He didn't though. He did some investigative work, but didn't claim credit for VShojo's side of it.

>> No.13578034

Everyone involved of this shit is a doublenigger. More news at eleven.

>> No.13578037

so melody is a whore? who didnt tell pink cat what was happening?

>> No.13578038

Lying whore, literal fucking psychopath who has no problem throwing her friend under the bus for a minor inconvenience

>> No.13578055

He accidentally forgot to blur her name the first time he tweeted the video, she's the "one of the vshoujo girls"

>> No.13578057

No, I was cheering for this faggot to burn vshojo with the receipts, but now that he already did his deed he can get fucked.

>> No.13578065

>forgetting Aloe's apology vid
JP are light years ahead

>> No.13578066

Kike clout chaser, I kneel...
You're truly the joker with personality of spiderman...

>> No.13578068

Jews are smart and manipulative after all.

>> No.13578077

imagine getting this triggered by an anime girl lmao

>> No.13578085

Nux apparently had no problem disregarding what all his friends had to say about the video, telling him not to upload it, so he shouldn't be surprised when it came back to him immediately.

>> No.13578089

>Also VSJ's cybersecurity guy said they had no problem with him doing the video
Except they wanted him to remove vshojo from his video and he failed to do so. They only okayed him talking about his own experience. They never wanted him to give out sensitive information such as giving (bogus) information to gunrun.

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File: 76 KB, 944x960, 1607730250883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all these faggots in the previous threads defending pink cat

>> No.13578108

He provided screenshot proof that they were OK with him uploading the video.

>> No.13578109

more like knowledge of mel's involvement is going to hurt pink cat and mel's relationship. So there's likely going to be a lot of infighting. Who knows if some of it is going to creep out into the public. But start expecting a lot less collabs, and any collabs are just going to be met with awkwardness and subtle aggression (especially in anything with pvp)

>> No.13578113

Basically all of the other whores peer pressured her to release a statement, why do you think Hime logged on twitter just to shit on him?

>> No.13578127

He's Lex Luthor with the personality of Lex Luthor

>> No.13578139

>Except they wanted him to remove vshojo from his video and he failed to do so.
give the fucking timestamp in the video

you have no proof they asked for this

>> No.13578142

LMAO, even Nux's cherrypicked image the guy basically says "I guess we can't you stop you." it's hardly some enthusiastic green light
wait until Vshojo's side fires back with some of the DMs before and after that Nux cropped out to make this video, or even logs from separate conversations Nux had with the girls

>> No.13578149

>Vshojo basically going to have broken bonds and inner catfights for their first anniversary thanks to this
Is this the best outcome to ever happen?

>> No.13578153

he didnt ask the vshojo girls you idiot

>> No.13578164

She is going to drag Coco to the ground too? It seems she is a double sided whore

>> No.13578166

>give the fucking timestamp in the video
>the video that nux editted and curated himself to make sure he leaves out anything that could suggest it
great logic there

>> No.13578176

Not literally every other vshojo girl who claim they said no, which he did not dispute in any real way.

>> No.13578192


>> No.13578195

He asked their management and management said OK. Do you really think he should ask for permission from every vshojo?

>> No.13578198


>> No.13578199

They would never do that though. Do you think they are dumb enough to provide more context for this?

>> No.13578220

Im not going to click on that OP.

>> No.13578221

Guys if you stay quite for a bit you can hear pink cat screaming and crying.

>> No.13578225

where is hero hei?

>> No.13578229

Asking permission from management doesn't mean the girls can't have their personal gripes with it after the fact.

>> No.13578233

I don't remember that
what was she apologizing for?

>> No.13578236

Fuck that faggot.

>> No.13578237

>should he ask victims if they're okay with him lighting a fire under vshojo girls and turning them into a beacon and recruitment ad for more doxxing and harassment?
yeah probably, would be neat of your "friend" to do.

>> No.13578239

phoenix isnt their management, but i understand why you cant read.

>> No.13578244

>He asked their management and management said OK.
"the management" is TheGunRun. you saying he gave express permission to publish the video and risk threats to all of the girls?

>> No.13578247

>Waiting months for Hime to be online

>> No.13578255

Almost, something else has to happen so Nux leaves vtubing and it's a complete win.

>> No.13578262

I still dont understand how Melody backstab anyone.

>> No.13578278

>Do you really think he should ask for permission from every vshojo?
yes bitch
there aren't even that many vshojos

>> No.13578279

Based vshojo defense force

Nyanners appreciates your efforts. She really respects the 4chan warriors.

>> No.13578288

Actually nux said their ceo was "TheArtGun"
It's obvious they he got permission from the ceo guys, he knows them by name

>> No.13578290

None of the other girls ever felt threatened they only got concerned suddenly when pink cat started pressuring them

>> No.13578294

>risk threats to all of the girls?
vshitters actually believe this
the only thing vshitjo had threatened was their image

>> No.13578296

This made me chuckle.

>> No.13578299

You are right. Nyanners is screwed though with her statements. Also, some girls will backtrack what they said.

>> No.13578302

if he's Batman with the personality of The Joker wouldn't that make him The Batman who Laughs? you know the guy who betrays everyone he cares for? interesting

>> No.13578309

this is the perfect moment for that genvlive agency to announce itself

>> No.13578317

jacking off in his mom's basement

>> No.13578326

waiting for the one who wins this mess before he uploads a video. clearly

>> No.13578332
File: 41 KB, 283x352, laughing eagle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So this is christmas
And what have you done? (nux?)
Vshojo's year is over
and the fun's only just begun
And so this is christmas,
Pull up a seat
friends into enemies
won't that be a treat

>> No.13578334

wait what the fuck, this guy has 2 million subs, i thought he was some 2 view

>> No.13578350
File: 202 KB, 448x353, spi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13578355

i'm not watching the video, give me a 60-character rundown

>> No.13578361

Testing live2d without permissions.
Also, I forgot Towa apologized during the male voice arc and Coco kinda apologized for the taiwan arc.

>> No.13578363

Why has Cdawg stayed silent on this? If you're not going to condemn Nux's actions you might as well be a supporter.

>> No.13578365

Yes, because the base facts don't look good for Nux and his whole posture in all of this proves it. He said he was going to expose Vshojo as this sinister black company, now he comes back with his tail between his legs and the flimsiest proof you could possibly imagine. These are DMs from a voice call that are apparently so shitty for his case that he can't post a single full message or back-and-forth in its proper context.
Even if you hate the Vshojo girls, at least one or two of them are smart enough that you don't go with a coordinated "we told you not to post this dude" strategy unless you have proof of that conversation in writing.

>> No.13578375

>i thought he was some 2 view
contrary to popular belief, 4chan not talking about them doesn't make someone a 2view

>> No.13578390

why does pink cat make incels seethe some much

>> No.13578403

hes just barely in their circle

>> No.13578404

Nux threw his brother under the bus

>> No.13578405

Nux did nothing wrong. No one asked him to not post the video (despite what the vwhores claim)

>> No.13578408

You really think monkey brain is going to inject himself into this mess?
He's just going to play unawares because he's not really into vtubing in the first place

>> No.13578412

>thought Mumei was Lex Luthor
>it was actually an about who’s a bit cringe that was Lex Luthor

>> No.13578428

isnt he fucking mouse? and is friends with hime
he should say something

>> No.13578429

The most disgusting part about this is that they deliberately used their massive following to dogpile on him without even hearing his side. Actually evil shit.

>> No.13578435
File: 1.56 MB, 498x498, 23ef34582701cda151911f87b8e1a87d.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Happy Thanksgiving, guys!

>> No.13578437

why does this cringelord have more subs than most of Hololive

>> No.13578442

>both lost
>vwhorejo lost more
LMAO. I love this shit.

>> No.13578446

pretend i just posted a bunch of characters from naruto. i'm too lazy to actually do it

>> No.13578448
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cope nyanners, just take the L

>> No.13578449

>sorry some people got offended
>i was doxxed in the past and was hurt so i felt the need to save western vtubing to prevent this from happening by making a clickbait video and implying the doxxer who is still on the loose was arrested when he wasn't
>no one told me not to post it
>it's actually management's fault because some executive gave me the okay

>> No.13578451

As a youtuber you have ONE JOB LITERALLY ONE JOB ONE RESPONSIBILITY just dont show any personal information and yet all of these braindead manchildren fuck it up daily
dont fucking take screenshots of personal business calls, dont use your streaming PC for ANY sort of personal use, etc

>> No.13578475

Because Vtubers are a niche, but anime and clickbait videos aren't.

>> No.13578476

yes, he streams with mouse regularly, but doubt she mentioned it when they streamed together yesterday with kson

>> No.13578479
File: 30 KB, 683x449, 1621893710247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Followed by Kson

>> No.13578492

holy retard

>> No.13578511

Why did management let the girls go ahead with the whole thing? They even helped out by jumping on that girl who claimed to have been donowalled by them. But the whole time they knew Nux had something from them he could twist into permission? There was even a “everybody huddles backstage and realizes everyone was telling him no” moment, management let that discussion happen without volunteering their own very important info that they kinda did say yes? And the girls will catch all the heat. Christ it’s like I’m back in Hololive, this is something fucking Cover would do.

Nux is a faggot and I wish he was dead, gunrun/vshojomanagement/melody have revealed they are faggots and I wish they were dead too, the girls did nothing wrong and and I wish them the best. Yet the girls will catch all the shit, Nux and mgmt will walk scot free. Ridiculous

>> No.13578514

Are you new to twitter

>> No.13578517


>> No.13578521

What shit storm was that?

>> No.13578523

anime is niche

>> No.13578528

>one joke

>> No.13578533

typed by a normie who doesn't look at porn on his work computer

>> No.13578538

She just can't get a break. Stepped out of a minefield and walked into another one.

>> No.13578540

>being surprised the vwhorehouse acts like a whorehouse

>> No.13578554

Of course, it's all about perception. People now think that he was being genuine, he has receipts and waited just the right amount of time, the only question at this point is whether anyone would really collab with him or Vshojo after this or if this will be forgotten in days.

>> No.13578557

He just wants to smash their cunnies, it's funny how I use to love snuffy and vshojo members and hated Haruka...... now I love the green deer and hate the rest, the irony of this fucking drama.

>> No.13578565
File: 1.98 MB, 350x476, sadgedoge.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that was legitimately the best play he could have made. be somber and apologetic but also blow them the fuck out with the receipts. 10/10 Very Jewish!

>> No.13578569

>not nyaggers
One job.

>> No.13578578

how can you fuck up an apology video that badly lmao

>> No.13578581

Because dramas are juicy no matter if you are a vtuber or not, also Japanese filters a lot of people against that you think

>> No.13578585

What's Ja Rule's take on this?

>> No.13578586

Go to sleep anon, she is already fucking with another guy...

>> No.13578589

>waited just the right amount of time,
you mean waited until most of VShojo was away for thanksgiving dinner to post something so he has several hours to claim the spotlight and sway public opinion in his favor

>> No.13578590

guys it’s okay when the Jews jew my enemies.
its only not ok when they come for me

>> No.13578602

So what I gather is VShojo (the company) told Nux he could publish the video and even drafted a statement to go along with it and reviewed the video before it was posted. So Nux posted it. Then VShojo (the talent) got mad at him for it because they feel it threatens an ongoing investigation and ask him to take it down. Nux doesnt take it down right away so after a few days of pleading they go public. VShojo (the company) deletes their original statement because they can't appear in disagreement with their talent. Nux takes down the video because this has all gone public now.

Is that about right?

I don't think there's anyone bad here, obviously the girls want the investigation completed without interference for their own safety, Nux wanted to let the community to know what was going on to prevent others from getting swatted, and I don't know what VShojo (the company) was thinking not communicating with their talent.

>> No.13578618

You're a faggot for ever liking any of them

>> No.13578619

cry more nux

>> No.13578625


>> No.13578629

The guy sounds like a fag so he's probably the bad guy in this situation.

>> No.13578633


>> No.13578636

Anime isn't niche any more than gaming or comic books are now. Good anime might be, but he's not exactly pandering to Mushishi viewers.

>> No.13578642

it was the best part, i want to see at least one destroyed

>> No.13578644


>> No.13578652

>The girls
It was just the pink cat

>> No.13578654

the green one has diagnosed autism unlIke those whores.
she needs to be with her people (us) and not them

>> No.13578658

The implication is that the girls told him not to post it before he posted it, but otherwise sounds about right

>> No.13578663

the jews are really subverting history with this one.
first they came for the vshojo

>> No.13578670

so, is pink cat vs melody?

>> No.13578674
File: 198 KB, 463x453, 1629343882870.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

happy thanksgiving anon!

>> No.13578678
File: 70 KB, 652x488, consider godzilla.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Melody originally commissioned her model from DigitrevX. After agreements and other shit, there was a point and time where DigitrevX filed a copyright suit on melody for her twitch and got her banned.
Melody then came out with a twitlonger including cropped screencaps about her interaction with digitrevx, painting digi in a light of asking for more money and payment after melody becoming popular (before joining vshojo)
Digitrevx then fired back with his own receipts and all it came down to was that both were pretty shitty to eachother. Both eventually made up, and all you get as a historical moment is a verge article asking if vtubers "own their body".

>> No.13578685

>I actually did a lot of research and i found all this out, including the fake domain and your failed copyright attempts
actually batman, and mogs the shit out of their OpSec like the joker.

>> No.13578687

Not her fault at all considering the timing was really awful

>> No.13578689

it's looking more like Vshojo vs Melody + TheGunRun

>> No.13578690
File: 438 KB, 632x573, 1637891408758.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The talent runs Vshojo and Nyanners is the main boss.
Vshojo is a black company.

>> No.13578691

None of these are 60 characters long

>> No.13578702

nigga what kind of whorehouse you going to?
cause I think you might be getting scammed

>> No.13578717


>> No.13578720

“It’s within your rights, and we’re fine with that” is corpo speak for telling you you can’t is a crime. That’s not approval.

>> No.13578728

blame your shitty burger education

>> No.13578736

your oshii is too

>> No.13578745

>Pink cat caused all the problems
I really hope the jannies don’t slap me for posting that nux was a Jew earlier

>> No.13578747

Them being in the call does not mean they approved it, in fact it does look like most of the conversation came from the cybersecurity dude and they were just there to oversee it

>> No.13578755
File: 730 KB, 707x794, 1636008979616.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

happy thanksgiving my beloved wholesome sheep. (watch your wataback)

>> No.13578761

> waited until most of VShojo was away for thanksgiving dinner
>Zen liked something posted 30 minutes ago and posted something an hour ago
>Silver streaming
>Iron Mouse streaming
>Thanksgiving doesn't apply to Froot or vei

The only one MIA is Melody unless you want to count Hime.

>> No.13578775
File: 20 KB, 300x300, 1615416806010 (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Vsisters...it's over

>> No.13578785

when is vshoujo response to the response coming?

>> No.13578787

>No one asked him to not post the video
thats not what he said in his own video anon

>> No.13578788

Christ I am happy they were not jury members for rittenhouse.

>> No.13578791

> Nux wanted to let the community to know what was going on to prevent others from getting swatted,
Extraordinarily generous interpretation of Nux’s motives, but yeah this is the summary

>> No.13578794

joke's on you, my oshi is a wagie femcel

>> No.13578806

Reminder that none of this would happen if Nyanners kept her mouth shut.

>> No.13578811

>Pink cat is a lying whore

>> No.13578812

nux being a kike has been known for some time now

>> No.13578813
File: 10 KB, 228x219, 11027476_10208406521185276_5766535187934779773_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Happy Thanksgiving anon!

>> No.13578838

That's how women kill any opposition, you should know by now.

>> No.13578839
File: 55 KB, 200x195, 1619830957089.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hope you have a nice thanksgiving burguerbro!

>> No.13578844


>> No.13578849

He says in the apology the only person who asked him not to is his brother. There's no reason to make this statement if all the VShojo girls have to do is post their own screenshot to prove him wrong which is what shoould've been done from the start.

>> No.13578855

Prove to me that 73 doesn't equal 60 right now, you racist colonizer.

>> No.13578866
File: 45 KB, 348x172, Capture_(33).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

given that he didn't tag Vshojo or the girls like he did in his previous post, he's probably hoping this one flies under their radar for a few hours. his tweet about the video tagged VShojo, but his "apology" doesn't.

>> No.13578883

Someone give me a capsule version, what exactly did Nyanners lie about?

>> No.13578884

What's pink cat gonna say guys?

>> No.13578910

All eyes have been on him for days, he's not trying to fly under the radar, if he was he'd upload it to his Youtube and not Twitter where everyone is looking.

>> No.13578911

So who is the bad guy here?

>> No.13578924

she said nux didnt have permission to post the video

>> No.13578937


>> No.13578938

Nux is a faggot but i respect him for not taking the easy way out

>> No.13578946

I dont know what whorehouse you ever been to, but sitting down and watching anime is no what happens in them.

>> No.13578949

If they had anything they wouldn't hesitate to post it. They really just hoped that they can dogpile on him hard enough so even when he reveals something no one would care

>> No.13578950
File: 838 KB, 859x866, 1636245506686.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'll never forget when that one whore house used their massive internet following to dogpile on an anime content creator, just like vshojo did today.

>> No.13578951

The pink cat as usual

>> No.13578954

>Anyone fucking mouse


>> No.13578971

At most people have a short attention span, he waits a day or two after so that people calm down and are ready to hear more stuff, I gotta give him credit since its pretty smart judging by the Twitter replies.

>> No.13579005

just Pink Cat

>> No.13579009

>Claimed folks told him not to upload the video in the Vwhorejo meeting.
>Nux posts caps from the Vwhorejo meeting that shows that is absolutely not the fucking case.
>Showed it was the Whore of Babylon, Melody, that was present at this meeting.

>> No.13579020

How did Melody betray anyone here. Didn't all the girls know that Nux was making a video, what Melody knew, everyone new.

>> No.13579029

That's the implication, but he's clearly claiming that wasn't actually a fact

>> No.13579036

Nah, Melody has her fingers deep inside VShojo. She's practically the real manager of the group hiding in plain sight.

>> No.13579055

The girls (every single one, not just pink cat) for being snakes and throwing Nux under the bus
Vshojo staff for giving Nux permission and thanking him publicly for the video, even though it had the possibility of interfering with the investigation, also for not informing the wider community of the doxxing problem and putting everybody else at risk
Nux honestly did nothing wrong

>> No.13579061

>Company that consists of a grifter, a slut who cheated on her husband, a hypocrite, an actual whore and other terrible people are full of shit and lie to protect their own asses.
Who could have seen this coming.

>> No.13579064

I know people here have a hate boner for nyan but she might not have known

>> No.13579077

He's quite literally the Keemstar of Vtubers. He peddles in drama baiting and clipchimping. He'll go into indie vtubers streams and try and pressure them into saying edgy shit so he can make a video on it.

>> No.13579079

I'm only interested in this drama because Nyanners is my kami-anti

>> No.13579087

And yet he only shows responses from cyber security guy, not melody.

>> No.13579098

Melody vs Nyanners when.

>> No.13579103
File: 335 KB, 463x453, 1630328773087.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>managmenet fucks up and let nux post his video and even thanked him initially
>in a fit of frustration Nyanners vents on her discord about it and just outright lies about the situation
>rrats startd breeding outside her discord
>iron mouse in a sign of support also calls out nux
>she even said she only cared about supporting nyan, so she obvioulsy knew she wasnt saying the whole truth
>other girls alsostart doing the same
>management now has to retract their statement and call out nux too
>All the girls gangbang on him
>even the one that was on the chat with him reagrding the issue
>dms come out
>Now people are saying managment and nyanners were lying and the girls shouldnt have send hate to him but to their managers instead
>managemnt comes out as incompetent
>some of the girls come out as mean and liers
>nux still gets outed as a dramma fagot but everyone knew this already and the worst is the loss of a bunch of possible content on thefuture now that he is balcklisted from VS

In all of this Nyanners not even one publically called out nux on tweeter, she just retweetd her firends twets.I can only imagine her looking at this snowballing out of controll and she being so full of guilt she couldnt even play her part right becasue of that one lie she told to her fans.
Sasuag pink cat

>> No.13579118

She said Nux didn't have permission to post the video. He did. And all the girls rushed to her side.

>> No.13579119

Nux got permissions from GunRun, he even showed them the video and they gave feedback on it, and he complied.

It's the VShojo e-whores who are shit. They ganged up on him after he got permission.

According to him, his brother was the only one who asked him not to post the video.

It's up to the e-whores to prove they asked him not to post it next.

>> No.13579134

>anon goes to brothel
>all the hookers are on twitter
>they don't even fuck him, they just post on twitter
>anon spends years thinking that this is normal

>> No.13579147

You're forgetting that pink cat is the epitome of self centered. She only gave so much of a shit and whipped the others into a frenzy because she was personally "affected"

>> No.13579163

>According to him, his brother was the only one who asked him not to post the video.
Didn't he say "people" didn't want him to upload it? Not a singular person?

>> No.13579174

Can we stop Making threads about this now? Holy shit I don't care about these faggots.

>> No.13579195

Melody gave permission to him for uploading the video without saying anything to the other vshojo girls, then wrote that tweet in >>13577883 and maybe asked him to blur her name but he forgot to blur the group name in >>13576554

>> No.13579198

If he was he would tell everyone on his chat to say nyanners is a stupid nigger.

>> No.13579213

No we cannot Nyanners

>> No.13579219

I don't recall Digitrevx ever showing anything to the contrary.

>> No.13579230

In colloquial English, it's common to default to plural when you don't want to make any statements about the number.

>> No.13579239

>He wants to fuck them
>Ironmouse is literally physically unable to have sex and can't leave her house
>Nyanners has had the same boyfriend for like 8 years
>Vei is a whore so that one is possible
>Hime is married to fucking Gigguk
>Melody is a turbo autist who can barely function
>Zen is a guy
Who the hell is he fucking from Vshojo? His only options are Vei and Silvervale and frankly, I think Silvervale is a bit of a dyke so.

>> No.13579251

Oh boy, can't wait for another Holomem x VShojo collab. Totally stable and safe group of folks here.

>> No.13579262

I'm just saying it's possible he's lying about that.

>> No.13579274

Im starting to think you fuckers are the real whores

>> No.13579275

Kson better stay in line or she's the next

>> No.13579291

You guys are saying different people gave him permission. Which is it?

>> No.13579292

So why would he bring it up at all if it was only from someone entirely removed from the situation like his brother? Was his brother going to come on twitter and say he tried to stop him?

>> No.13579293

that tweet makes a lot more sense when you read how carefully she wrote it

>nux betrayed "the team's" feelings
doesn't say betrayed "our" feelings which would include her
>i defended him
so this confirms she was one of the vshojo management who gave nux the okay to post the video. the only reason she's hurt is because the video was posted as clickbait, not that the video was posted on its own.

>> No.13579311

>hime is married to gigguk
have you forgotten that sydsnap (hime) mentioned she loves NTR and Ugly bastard? Gigguk is more like gigcuck

>> No.13579338

>Nyanners actually ghostwrote all of Vshojo’s accusation tweets, even Zen’s mic drops
>None of the girls had any ill will towards Nux for the video at all but Nyanners hypnotized them in a group chat and implanted the suggestion to hate Nux in their minds
>Every party other than Nux was a mere domino in Nyanner’s grand scheme, their actions all predetermined, created and caused by the first domino Nyanners toppled, making her solely and singly responsible for everything that happened afterwards
That’s kinda how you faggots are sounding. She started the avalanche and she twisted the truth to do it, but she didn’t put the avalanche there as well, it was building for a long time

>> No.13579344

that's cancel culture 101. look at Vic and Projared, they didn't do anything illegal yet everyone wanted to destroy them. all of their 'friends' suddenly abandon them and receipts were the only thing they can rely on. it a warning that you should always document everything and that content creators are bunch of backstabbing sycophants.

>> No.13579354


>> No.13579358


>> No.13579362

So basically Nux took them down with him by actually showing receipts you know this is the only time I’ll ever respect this annoying fuck. I honestly didn’t think he would even show anything. This was very entertaining tho.

>> No.13579374

I've seen his dick, he's not getting cucked any time soon. I heard her used to work at the BBC.

>> No.13579382

You forgot froot.

>> No.13579405

>nux's flinging back at them causes holo to retract future collabs with vwhorejo
this fucking jew

>> No.13579412

He showed discord DMs of a security guy saying "we can't really stop you" with a lot of the conversation cropped out.

>> No.13579419

Are the retards obsessed with Nyanners still seething about "pomf" after all these years?

>> No.13579430
File: 175 KB, 1280x720, FEwc3qqWYAEeDaV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't want to say the obvious but this response is way too fucking weird.

Nux definently did it for the views, playing the role of being the one who cracked some code, hell, his fucking video is like every fucking video of his incluiding a quite obvious clickbait thumbnail. No gonna say that Nux is completely in the wrong, he's still a fucking arrogant piece of shit as he's always has been, his point was cleared but he defintely didn't make the video as it says now.

He says that nobody told him not to post it, but it only shows the security screenshots. While, almost every girl says another thing and no DM is shown and even in the video says "people told me", it would make really a diference if he said "my brother" or somebody really personal originally

the main problem is clearly that phoenix guy tbf, although Nux idea was good he did it as always has done it, playing his prick character and being arrogant, even retweeting something just to get in line that the one that is to blame is the company and then deleting it after realizing it was a mistake lmao.

>> No.13579434

meh, it's plausible, he has been swatted before although it being in Canada it's not quite as scary as in the US

>> No.13579454

One of the lessons here for the Vshojo girls is to stop airing business beef on Twitter. That stupid fucking website has people thinking that the only way to communicate with people is to try to destroy their careers via public shaming.

>> No.13579480

what about the older VA's she sent nudes to and later outed them when she didn't want to deal with them anymore? All of this while she was still a minor at the time?

>> No.13579483

What was the response to this?
Nux was waiting for their go ahead after showing them his video.. What did they respond?

>> No.13579486

>One of the lessons here for the Vshojo girls is to stop airing business beef on Twitter.
if you actually read the tweets, they make it very clear they asked him to take the video down in private DMs multiple times.

>> No.13579505

They kind of didn't have a choice when Nux posted his video despite them telling him not to

>> No.13579518

Nux being Nux is not a crime or the issue here. It's not up to Nux to get permission from every single talent. He ONLY needs permission from the CEO and the Security dude. Anyone else is just being courteous and not needed at all.

>> No.13579526

I think in general twitter is a shitshow for everyone. Anyone who uses it more than for posting minor updates, fanart and scheduling information is a big dumb poopy pants.

>> No.13579528

Froot is a confirmed whore so I guess he technically has two realistic options to choose from, but they are both whores so if he wants to risk catching something that's his choice.

>> No.13579540

>"people told me"
I think this is a scripting thing, remember this is all semi-scripted since it's a Youtube video. What sounds better and more provocative in a video?

"Yeah my brother said don't post it."
"People told me not to but I did it anyway!"

I think the latter makes it seem more like he's an agent to be trusted because he's trying to get you the information on one wanted you to have.

>> No.13579562

Kson fighted against 1.4 billion people, alone, and won, you really think she is worried about this, literally the ONLY thing that could take her down now is she making a video where she repeats FUCK NIGGERS for a whole hour.

>> No.13579563

>he says, while on 4chan

>> No.13579573

That's exactly what they wanted to do, publicly shame him and destroy him because he made their whorehouse slightly inconvenienced.

>> No.13579577

he might be withholding the receipts. he blurred her name to keep her out of it.

>> No.13579591

Lol "confirmed", by who? And don't tell me to "look it up", I have and the only thing that comes up is rumors spun up on this board...

>> No.13579609

Zen is a man first off, and second Vei has openly hated Nux for like ever at this point. The only reason she ever held back calling him out by name was Melody.

>> No.13579610

They still haven't proven that they told him that before the video was uploaded.

>> No.13579629

Watch the video.

Nux explicitly said
>I understand, but I think the good outweighs the bad by publicizing this

GunRun then said that he understood, and that IN THE PAST, they didn't say anything because the people getting harassed were just the VShojo girls, so talking about it could make it worse.

He then told Nux that this is NOT a criticism of whether he should do the video, and as a victim, he has the right to make one, and they don't have a problem with that.

Nux then showed them the video, and GunRun asked for changes, which he complied with.

It's not just permissions, he incorporated their fucking feedback and review.

>> No.13579642

that one anon in the thread desperately trying to derail by repeating
over and over again

>> No.13579645

He can get permission all he wants, and as the security guy said they have no right to *stop* him from uploading. But the actual problem and why all this drama is happening is that he went against vshojo's personal wishes and pissed them all off, burning bridges. He got backlash that he deserved for uploading clickbait about a serious matter that was sensitive to others involved, whom he never took into account.

>> No.13579646

No one is going to dig up my stupid 4chan posts years later and ruin my career. Many such cases.
No one is going to post a 4000 character 4chan post exposing me because I asked for a titty pic. Many such cases.

Twitter is a great way to get your career fucked.

>> No.13579652


>> No.13579655

Who knows, maybe some of the other girls or management are going to post the full unedited conversation in its entirety, its just as likely that everyone gets dragged through the mud even worse.

>> No.13579679

She openly cheated on her husband while he was in the military. She's as low on the whore totem pole as you can physically be outside of working the street corner.

>> No.13579704

i've been trying to keep up but this kinda feels like he was on the right, no?
unless one of the girls comes out with a dm stating 'please dont post this' before he posted the video there's nothing to be mad about
maybe that he took some time to take it down, but that's what he's apologizing for
in the end the one that maybe fucked up was the security dude/the ceo if they allowed him to post it without checking with the girls first

>> No.13579719

Plausible for a normal person or your average vtuber, absolutely. The sheer amount of clickbait on his channel and his deserved reputation of “anime Keemstar” weigh really heavily against him here, given that the alternative to “nobly wants to prevent swatting incidents” is “wants to get views for a spicy / controversial topic that paints him as a connected whistleblower / insider”, which is exactly the bullseye of what all the clickbait and Keemstar stuff suggests he would want.

>> No.13579731

That's not gunrun, that's the cybersecurity guy

>> No.13579736

>unless one of the girls comes out with a dm stating 'please dont post this' before he posted the video
why is this the arbitrary line in the sand?

>> No.13579746

wtf? Froot is based??

>> No.13579756

silver has openly stated that while she loves boobs, she couldn't date a woman

>> No.13579787

>I can only imagine her looking at this snowballing out of controll and she being so full of guilt she couldnt even play her part right becasue of that one lie she told to her fans.
She stayed out of it for a reason, she most probably was expecting it would end like this, but never expected for this stupid drama to get so big.

>> No.13579788

That's what I mean, that literally came from 4Chan and no one has ever been able to provide a different source...

>> No.13579798

She literally said faggot during a stream and the vod is still up unedited. I think she could say as many racial slurs as she wants at this point and be fine. That shit never seemed to affect her in any way.

>> No.13579816

Because they claimed they asked him not to post the vid, and he's saying they didn't. It should be easy for them to show receipts.

>> No.13579855

>Because they claimed they asked him not to post the vid, and he's saying they didn't
all their tweets say they asked him to take it down in DMs right after finding out it was made public

>> No.13579863

Because he's calling them liars and they're calling him one. He posted proof he was given an OK, no matter how flimsy people want to make it out to be.

>> No.13579865

the only shit he did worng was not taking down after the girls felt threatened by the video. And that is more of a moral thing. he as a victim is in all his right to do a video too.
The girls never told him to not post it that is a lie. They told him to take it down after it was post already

>> No.13579866

The nudes she sent the dude she was fucking behind her husband's back are out there anon. I have them saved on my computer. Lurk more please.

>> No.13579868

>She literally said faggot during a stream and the vod is still up unedited
spoonfeed me please

>> No.13579883

This is correct, it's not GunRun, but if he's writing official VShojo statements I can imagine GunRun was at least aware...

>> No.13579884

Not really gonna comment on the drama and the bad feelings he's fostered between himself and the girls. You're probably right there (except Melody, her response was very carefully crafted).

My view was more on whether there was anything legally or morally wrong with what he did. And there wasn't. He got permission so there was no risk to the actual investigation by what he was doing and no legal issues with the company itself.

Click bait? Sure. For the views and internet clout? Yup. But that's all just classic Nux. Love him or hate him, that's just the way he is.

>> No.13579890

that's what they've been claiming as to why he's in the wrong
"we've told you so many times not to post it" is their discourse for ganging up on him
if they didn't and it's a lie they are clearly in the wrong

>> No.13579905

>But the actual problem and why all this drama is happening is that he went against vshojo's personal wishes and pissed them all off, burning bridges.
The actual problem is from two fuckups.

FUCKUP #1: VShojo didn't buy the website vshojo.org, letting an attacker buy it.
FUCKUP #2: VShojo didn't issue a public notice about the attacker-controlled website, which led to Sakii Nightshade get phished, doxxed, swatted, and almost killed (the same could have happened to Nux, but he didn't fall for it).

>> No.13579945

Bruh. No they're not. This shit literally started on 4chan with nothing to corroborate it.

>> No.13579949

>and almost killed
now that's how you add a juicy lie to make your made up narrative even more emotionally impactful

>> No.13579967

well that settles it, vshojo won

>> No.13579972

Go watch Coco's fast and the furious watchalong.

>> No.13579973
File: 32 KB, 518x301, 5vy518Long.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Zen's the weak link here.

>> No.13579974

But using my oshi as clickbait is way worse than this shit

>> No.13579983

her fast&furious watchalong

>> No.13579990

As another anon already said, it wasn't gunrun. And to boot, it says pretty explicitly that it isn't a good idea to post a video about it, but because he was effected by it they can't stop him. so once they found out he was going to do it anyways, might as well get him to make changes to damage control as much as possible.

>> No.13580009

Swatting kills. You can pretend it's just trolling all you want, but all it takes is a police officer thinking you have something resembling a weapon to lawfully murder you.

>> No.13580024

>is given evidence
>No dude its from 4chan so its wrong
>States more evidence
>No dude 4chan bad
Cope harder.

>> No.13580025

having permission or not, how retarded was it for them to try to shut down the voice of the victim of an attempted dox/swat? if we put in the irl space, if someone was working at amazon and they almost got assaulted there, why would they need amazon's approval to publicly talk about it? how VShojo even ever had defenders before this was mind boggling.

>> No.13580032
File: 136 KB, 389x394, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13580040
File: 2.72 MB, 386x232, laughing school girls.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>vshojo never bought a vshojo domain
wait wait wait

>> No.13580060

I would take the radical stance that maybe the people at fault for those things are the doxxers and swatters.

>> No.13580080

GunRun was still present in the group discussion, so there's no way he wasn't up to speed on the discussion itself.

>> No.13580090

>Swatting kills.
driving also kills. but unless you have some facts to back up the claim >and >almost >killed you're just sensationalizing shit like fox news or oann because you know the only way you can win is through an emotional appeal

>> No.13580142

anon, this tread is for mentally disable people only

>> No.13580147

Was any statement from him even shown in the apology vid?

>> No.13580160

They didn't own Vshoujo either and only got it after someone on 4chan pointed it out.


>> No.13580170

cool, then why did he post a no context quote of the security guy than the actual ceo in the group? do you see how retarded this is? its doctored drama bullshit

>> No.13580173

Are you actually trying to defend swatting by downplaying how serious it is?!

Wow, you are the scum at the bottom of a barrel. Even if the swatting itself doesn't kill, it's tying resources up that could be used to prevent other crimes from happening.

But saying that won't convince someone like you. You're someone that has to be burned before he believes fire is hot.

>> No.13580177

>"is given evidence"
>the evidence: "dude trust me"
until there is an actual link, I'm calling bs

>> No.13580187

Internet mobs and drama follow the rule that the last person to make a statement is right. So they will just keep switching sides as long as one side does not back down.

>> No.13580194

hololive.org and hololive.net are just as open

>> No.13580204

>Are you actually trying to defend swatting
>making up an argument that wasn't made because he knows he can't address the challenge
thanks for the win

>> No.13580218
File: 496 KB, 1445x562, FAQ doko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If ph0enix really approved the final edit of the video and release schedule, then where is this FAQ and official statement that was supposed to come with it?

Maybe they worked together up to a certain point and then Nux fucked up, released too early and/or the video contained specific points that ph0enix or other people in Vshoujo (Vshoujo is not one person) did not approve. Beside the fact that none of the actual victims inside or outside of Vshoujo approved the video.

>> No.13580220

Some anon on 4chan saying she did it then saying he has her nudes is not evidence...

>> No.13580229

>vtuber company
>non-profit org domain
Imagine falling for this

Bruh brb I'm registering Vshojo.adult Vshojo.porn and Vshojo.xxx to catfish ethots 6 months from now when everyone's forgotten

>> No.13580235

he's trying to debate 101 you lmao

>> No.13580239

are you actually defending doxxing AND swatting right now anon?

>> No.13580245

Oh no no no no the narrative...

>> No.13580254

Thanks for proving your reading comprehension is at the level of a pre-schooler.

>> No.13580258

no, only phoenix's statement and nux's word

>> No.13580277

>then where is this FAQ and official statement that was supposed to come with it?

and lolicon!

i'll keep taking these wins

>> No.13580282

>Maybe they worked together up to a certain point and then Nux fucked up, released too early and/or the video contained specific points that ph0enix or other people in Vshoujo (Vshoujo is not one person) did not approve.
This is irrelevant. He said yes to the entire point.

>> No.13580284

Then she shouldn't have written a fucking thesis about it.

>> No.13580295
File: 630 KB, 640x727, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lmao then.

>> No.13580302

That's like saying banks not informing customers about known scammers/phishers and how they're scamming/phishing is fine, which is retarded.

>> No.13580306

welcome to 4chan tourist

>> No.13580311

>>then where is this FAQ and official statement that was supposed to come with it?
That was wayyy later.

>> No.13580338

It was linked in the description when he posted the video but then VShojo took it down yesterday.

>> No.13580339

yeah. it was supposed to come with it. but it didn't because they were still putting it together. that's how "supposed to come with it but didn't" works.

>> No.13580340

Vshojo is not a bank.

>> No.13580344

go back

>> No.13580356

They replied to his tweet originally, and he linked it under the video which was privated.

>> No.13580367

that anon is dumb
they did post a message right when he posted the video but deleted
it's probably on this thread somewhere but i'm lazy

>> No.13580374
File: 447 KB, 527x465, 1636496461873.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we dont celebrate thanksgiving in the shithole we live, but happy thanksgiving anon!

>> No.13580391


>> No.13580468

This isn't just banks, this advice applies to most businesses who know attackers are phishing as them.


>If you find out scammers are impersonating your business, tell your customers as soon as possible — by mail, email, or social media. If you email your customers, send an email without hyperlinks. You don’t want your notification email to look like a phishing scam. Remind customers not to share any personal information through email or text. If your customers’ data was stolen, direct them to IdentityTheft.gov to get a recovery plan.

>> No.13580484

Nux has played a literal genius move here. He has published his video on Thanksgiving. So now, no one will reply until his response has sufficient time to soak in. Vshojo's talents are FUCKED. And it isn't a with a dick or dildo this time. Pack it up, Vshojo have now made themselves literal untouchables within the industry.

>> No.13580509

holy shit what a fucking idiot

>> No.13580516

>I got permission
>it's from some unknown, presumably a third party member of the cyber team
>the permission is 'you shouldn't, but we can't technically stop you'
>only evidence anyone else was even there is a screencap with Mel and GunRun, with no other info

Hmm, yes, 100% in the right.

>> No.13580548

lol this is low quality bait

>> No.13580560

which part of audition applicants makes them "customers"?

>> No.13580612

The PC SJW shit only affects people with a majority western audience. If your audience is outside of that you can scream Nigger at the top of your lungs and people won’t care.

>> No.13580625

This doesn't make sense, or you don't know what the untouchables were and just wanted to say some shit that you thought sounded cool.

I don't think that as a result of this the vshojo girls will be trying to stop the sale of alcohol during the prohibition.

>> No.13580673
File: 550 KB, 1700x2800, Vwhorejo weighs in on Nux shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What they put out originally, retards. Keep up!


>> No.13580697

If you want to be pedantic, VShojo is a middleman that connects talent to viewers, with both as customers, like Amazon connects sellers to buyers. If you want to be reasonable, there's no reason this advice shouldn't apply to prospective employees in addition to customers.

>> No.13580699

the hindu meaning of the word is what they were going for, anon, but it is still very hyperbolic

>> No.13580733

Fuck me this was fun until vshojo simps can't even defend their oshis lies anymore begin flooding here..

So if they are to blame nux than Mel is to blame next. Happy vshojo anniversary everyone.

>> No.13580756
File: 377 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_20211126_104455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Takanashi Kiara from Hololive Myth

>> No.13580763

>he is a third party not part of vshojo
nice assumption and even if he was a contractor is still responsibility of vshojo to check what the yare discussing with literally an outsider
they fucked up and probably almost nothing was communicated with the girls.

>> No.13580774

Untouchable is another term for a pariah. Vshojo's Text-to-Speech dragon already spoke about being unable to make collabs happen. Vshojo is going to be severely stigmatized unless they can really clear things up.

>> No.13580787


>> No.13580810

nuxsimps already gave up after he surrendered lmoa

>> No.13580815

>Muh FTC
This advice is not enforceable and every situation is different. A third-party security firm knows better than the fucking FTC. If they (and law enforcement) told them to only notify privately then they better do as they're told.

>> No.13580819

This was definitely written by the Phoenix guy. Wonder

>> No.13580829

Now I wonder the girl who was doxxed she said she sent messages but on discord they didn’t go through was that the truth or what that also a coverup?
Also VShojo fans trying to downplay swatting is fucking hilarious. I feel so bad for you guys.

>> No.13580849

Nah I think it's ok. A lot of people die in car accidents but I'm still going to drive to work. Check 'em.

>> No.13580856

So why does anyone care about the quarrel between nux and vshojo when the only reason they're mad is that the company could get in trouble for not doing anything about it before? Something actually serious is happening to the company and everyone is focused on the twitter drama

>> No.13580884

people are retarded, more news at 11.

>> No.13580908

Posted to the official Vwhorejo account, no less. It just can't get anymore funny than this right now.

>> No.13580921

When vshitshow girls say they are worried for their safety, they mean their financial safety. They didn't want the bad press. Disingenuous entirely; they were in zero physical danger.

>> No.13580939

I don't see how that's their fault. If I got an email from McDonalds.porn I'm not going to think it's a legitimate correspondence.

>> No.13580940
File: 982 KB, 1700x2800, NuxKindaLikeJoker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This was their statement before removing it.
There's even a line where they somewhat disgree with Nux.
I have no fucking idea why they gave him the go a head, but still was seemingly was against it.
This is so fucking dumb.

>> No.13580945

If nux cucks and takes down his twitter vid

>> No.13580952

I am going to hell for this can we have a Mel graduation thread next?

>> No.13580964

And yet that same cybersecurity firm told Nux they had "no problem" with him posting the video.

>> No.13580971

nux defenders are implying that vshojo should've bought the org domain and its hilarious

>> No.13580986

Because the company has and always will be the least interesting part of this drama and what people care the least about.
It isn't about a company being incompetent, everyone knew that already. It's about the people we know like Nux, Melody, and Nyan

>> No.13580991


>> No.13581008

This is what I was thinking
Mel's tweet in particular sounds to me like she was okay with him making a video about it, but then the video ended up including way too much information and possibly stuff he was asked not to make public
My main question is who the fuck is this phoenix guy, as he's the only one that he showed any discussion with

>> No.13581013

>.porn vs .org
do you really think any retard knows the difference between .com or .org

>> No.13581057

Phoenix gave him the go ahead because he has no grounds on which to stop him, other than his recommendation in pretty much the exact same words listed there.
As simple cyber security guy he wasn't in any position to relate the talents' personal opinions into this. That was on Nux.

>> No.13581072

Is Vshojo the Activision Blizzard of Vtubers?

>> No.13581097

so the vshojo girls are innocent and everyone saying otherwise is a cum gargler dick sucker nuxfag or a pedo still butthurt about pinkcat. got it...

>> No.13581105

The general public will not care, Indies or smaller groups will probably not care that much, but with Hololive they burned the last thread of the bridge they had with them, and Nijisanji will be harder but they are not that restrictive

>> No.13581115

It goes even further than that, as a streamer company their customers include anyone that can potentially be a viewer, so they should be obliged to notify the general public of any security risk. While the phishers only attempted to scam audition applicants in this case, they could just as easily have attempted to scam fans through other means such as organizing fake "official" fan activities.

>> No.13581127

that would imply that mangement/talent raped and molested others mangment/staff.

>> No.13581130

Cover has more history of doing the shit they do.

>> No.13581133

>all of this started ebcasue of a lie from nyanners
they more .Live and Nyanners is Sio

>> No.13581137

This but unironically

>> No.13581146

Yeah, they should, it's so fucking basic it's absurd.

>> No.13581166

They released an official statement from VShojo thanking him when the video was originally posted...

>> No.13581212

They thanked him for his help with catching the guy, not for the video, you fucking imbecile.

>> No.13581270

>VShojo fans trying to downplay swatting is fucking hilarious.
why would swatting happen?

>> No.13581271

>for his help with catching the guy
I don't even know what they were thanking him for because they already knew everything and even told him that some of the info he got was fake.

>> No.13581277

Are they actually saying that? Their roommates are basically common knowledge to anyone that gives a shit. Typical women acting the victim.

>> No.13581284

I wish I had that much faith in the general public

>> No.13581299

Pink Gura is bad.

>> No.13581362

So why does nux need permissions from the talents? It's his, the CEO's and the security team's problem, it doesn't relate to them in any way, the company's name is the one at risk, not their reputation as talents and even then if the CEO approves of it then they have no say in it, it isn't their problem

>> No.13581365

meant for >>13581146

>> No.13581377


>> No.13581384

Calm down Nyanners, everyone here hates Nux as much as you, just don't go on "public" talking about things you don't even know

>> No.13581428

Every day is another day justifying that not touching Vshojo was a good idea.

>> No.13581432

>So why does nux need permissions from the talents?
he doesn't and didn't need permissions? the girls were worried that posting a public video like that would agitate the doxxing group into doing something reckless which is why they asked him to take it down asap after finding out it was published.

>> No.13581453

He doesn't need permission to upload. He needs permission for them to not get fucking pissed about it and sever personal ties.

>> No.13581490

Nah, you are giving VS too much credit

>> No.13581517

>Every day is another day justifying that not touching Vshojo was a good idea.
if my knowledge of Celebrities and drama is correct, this is going to be good for vshoujo in the long run People LOVE DRAMA.

>> No.13581537


>> No.13581542

yeah, they're just whores
only mistake was letting coomstars like nux into anything

>> No.13581626

But WHY do they care? The video didn't even shit on them personally or even the video didn't shit on vshojo directly, it just exposed them as completely incompetent but apparently neither him, the CEO, or the security guy realised that. Why are they even mad when his intention wasn't shitting on them?

>> No.13581638

At this point it's clear the VShojo execs fucked up.

In >>13577819 they said
>I am not saying this as a criticism of whether or not you should do a video
>that is entirely your right to do so as a victim and we don't have a problem with that

They said they understood what Nux meant when he said
>i think the good outweighs the bad by publicizing this

He even showed them the video, they gave feedback on it, and he complied with it. They thanked him for the video, agreed to even release a public statement, and tweet replied to him. That tweet reply has since been deleted.

With the VShojo e-whores, it's down to he-said/she-said.

Nux says the only person who told him not to post, prior to uploading the video, was his brother. E-whores claim they told him not to post it. He claims this is a lie.

It's up to the e-whores to post proof that they told him prior to uploading the video. Nux can't post pictures of conversations that didn't happen after all.

So now we wait.

>> No.13581666

It'll bring in attention as drama does, but drama also tends to bring in people with an axe to grind bringing up old shit

>> No.13581714


>> No.13581715

>But WHY do they care?
because it could piss off the doxxing group that had been harassing the girls for months?

>> No.13581725

Because it makes them look like they were turning a blind eye to an issue and now they are desperately trying to save face.

>> No.13581749

It was clickbait giving attention to doxxers and swatters, provided no help and ultimately was only made to garner views. If you believe he did it to help, you're fucking retarded.

>> No.13581824

So what I'm gathering is that vshojo is a poorly run company of catty whores and this Nux guy is generic vtuber clickbait man #5324 except he has 2 million subs for some reason

>> No.13581867

this, the management, in a professional manner, didnt say 'no' explicitly
just told him it would be a bad idea
the whores told him 'no'
he said 'lol'
then jacked himself off thinking of how much he's doing 'for the community'

>> No.13581878

The only public post to suggest anything about them telling him not to post it was from Zen. All the other posts specifically say they told him to take it down after he put it out.

>> No.13581968

what's funny is the vwhorehouse and their fanbase already blew their load on the initial outing by posting "nux trying to get people to say nigger on stream" and such to further paint him
Not to mention snuffy bringing up logan paul shit and whatever that she had with nux
How's it feel snuffy? That you're siding with a pink cat whore clinging to you only because you became popular?
How's your "health emergency" going? Do you need people to buy you another fucking tank?

>> No.13581985

Its basically a battle of a narcissistic anituber vs a bunch of annoying white women. Its entertaining if nothing else.

>> No.13582071

the absolute state of holobronies

>> No.13582090

Yo. I don't wanna read a whole thread of dramashit again today and I hate twitter's video player. Did nux come up with the receipts or what?

>> No.13582101

And he was in a meeting under the watchful eye of Vwhorejo's CEO, and Melody. Either they're retarded and not paying attention to their 1337 Cyb3rs3cur1ty 3xert, or they knew and just thought he'd spinelessly not show the details.

>> No.13582114

Yeah, don't publicly warn people about a phishing/doxxing campaign that's happening using your name. Just keep letting them do it until they get bored. I'm sure no one will ever notice.

>> No.13582158

>literally just made things worse
>exposed them as completely incompetent
only good thing that came of it was the one indie he used getting support

>> No.13582162

>the absolute state of western vtubing

>> No.13582183

Now lets play a game I like to call...
Cumbud or Deadbrap? Cast your bets everyone!

>> No.13582266

Anyone with two brain cells here would already know he is the closest one to Mel. But it's pretty fucked up that she jumoed on the bandwagon anyways. Doubt simps here would learn a lesson anyways.

>> No.13582271

>I don't approve, but I can't stop you. Here what you should remove from the video
From Ph0enix-god-knows-who-he-is-working-for-at-what-position-he-has

>> No.13582295


>> No.13582323

> nux doxxed nyanners
> she got pissed and cancelled him on twitter
> he lost a ton of subscribers and clout
> he got mad like a bitch and doxxed all the vshojo girls

>> No.13582330

get over your dislike of the twitter video player or export it to a player of your choice. Plenty of twitter media and video downloaders out there. Or you know, read the thread.

>> No.13582363
File: 425 KB, 556x670, brapppa the rapper.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take this while you're at it

>> No.13582371

Seeing how many dialed back and condemned Nux for the initial response, how many of them do you think are gonna pull another 180 on this situation?

>> No.13582459

It is literally not their problem, it's the company's problem, at best you could make an argument that nyanners can be mad since the doxxers are also bothering her, but the current situation isn't about her, it's about nux doing his own investigation and consulting if he could publish it with both the CEO and the cyber security team, which both gave the OK. Again, the girls lose absolutely nothing from this, only the company loses from this, and unlike other companies the girls absolutely don't need vshojo, if it catched fire because of their incomptence they get away scot-free, if anything this drama with nux has done worse for their name than the actual swatting

>> No.13582506

Pink shit said otherwise at >>13577134

>> No.13582541

as expected, his receipts meant nothing. It's still vshojo members' call

>> No.13582652

Here's a catbox link for your computer illiterate ass


>> No.13582684

He brought some receipts that answered some questions but also raised more. The apology itself actually subtly calls most of Vshojo liars but since it carries a somber tone it paints him in a good light. If Vshojo doesn't respond then it appears like he is the good guy to the public so they need to bring their own receipts and call out his BS or drop it the entire situation.

>> No.13582704

pink god said she disapproved, what now

>> No.13582904

>doxxers are bothering her
Doxxers have always been bothering her long before she became a vtuber though
Her getting doxxed and heckled isn't anything new. If anything, any of the past enforcement or whatever the fuck that decided to actually look into her past times of having doxx and shit failed miserably at shit. But that's to be expected if people are overseas and shit.
She's just assmad his arrogant ass went out of their way to "own" this doxxer kid while nothing has been done for her situation after all these years. That's pretty much what it comes down to

>> No.13583166

Pink shit said
>VShojo was forced into making a statement on the matter after asking him repeatedly to not release his video.
While the receipts show they saw the video, gave feedback, and said they'd release a public statement as more of an FAQ.

Pink shit also claimed
>It's like making a video about how to make a bomb and showing it to a bunch of 12 year olds

As if somehow he exposed how they performed the phishing, which the video didn't.

>> No.13583421
File: 322 KB, 1754x2048, AF9ABDC1-C1D5-45A3-AB58-FA954204CBF7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>VShojo and Nux tearing themselves apart
>New Hololive gen coming soon
I'm not American, but Happy Thanksgiving bros

>> No.13583525

How did vshojo screw the pooch earlier with holo that resulted in no collab?

>> No.13583567


>> No.13583579

Nux is like Projared with the personality of Leafy.

>> No.13583626

So TL:DR Management are retards, pink cat jumped the gun and attempted to oust Nux from the Vtubing scene as a whole?

>> No.13583670

what does this have to do with what pinkqueen said because the video was the members' call and not the "exec's"?

>> No.13583796

tl:dr, the people that told him to not to release it were right and he tried to clear his name by saying he got approval from a non-member

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