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Successful Anniversary Edition

Welcome to VShojo+! A thread to discuss VShojo, and any vtubers frequently associated with them.

VShojo is:
Nyan - https://www.twitch.tv/nyanners
Silver - https://www.twitch.tv/silvervale
Froot - https://www.twitch.tv/apricot
Mouse - https://www.twitch.tv/ironmouse
Zen - https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya
Mel - https://www.twitch.tv/projektmelody
Hime - https://www.twitch.tv/hajime
Vei - https://www.twitch.tv/veibae

Previous thread: >>13524568

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>that title
on this day yet again OP was based

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woops, thread died

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Yeah, snuck up on me, too.

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I mean, the anniversary's going great, since Kson is visiting.

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>share my love of Froot with gigantic tits to the world
>get my deserved vacation
>all this Nux shit breaks out and explodes
what the fuck
always hated Nux but this entire ordeal has been quite a sight to see

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I was like 5 seconds late in linking the new thread, rip

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your sacrifice was appreciated

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>Nux is dead
>Kson is joining
>Girls having a good time in a collab
What a great anniversary

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I'm a fan of you, Froot paizuri poster

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Late to the party here. Why the fuck is Connor here? I'm not even going to seethe because there's no point, just morbidly curious on how on earth did a Mel+Kson collab turn into this.

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You were based. Thanks for your service.

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I hope all the girls and all of /vsj+/ have a nice Thanksgiving tomorrow. It's been fun watching Nux lose everything with you all.

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Why do the girls let this guy in? i watch Vtubers for cute girls not gross inbred welsh "people"

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Thank you for what you did You were unironically in my thoughts as I wondered what it would be like to just watch this shit happen and not be able to participate lmfao

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It was a normal Mousey+Connor stream and then Kson and Mel logged in

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Mouse and Connor were in the server when Kson joined and although I think originally they were meant to have separate adventures they decided to join up

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yo,this boss is sick

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Agreed, anon

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Connor is gonna use this stream as content for his youtube channel isn't he

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Frootposters control the fate of the universe and the cocks of anons

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Mouse and Conner were on the server, they decided to squad up. Then Nyanners joined. And probably Silver's gonna join up with them.

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he was playing with mouse an hour or so prior to the kson + mel collab starting
I think the stream is fine, but I can understand why some people are mad that it's not just a collab with mel

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not yet
otherwise yes and yes

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Divegrass anon, is Froot's name Frootposters yet? Because it probably should be

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I feel the same but Mousey likes him for some reason, and so does most of the rest of this thread. It sucks but it's harmless most of the time.

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I was wondering where frootposter went

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Okay that bossfight was pretty fun

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Don't know how I managed to do this, but I'm proud of it.

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there's at least 3 of us

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she looks like a second life avatar

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read that as "HAPPY BRIT"

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what the fuck did you say to my gecko oshi

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absolutely based

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>MFW you lost your oportunity of grooming mouse to a welsh anituber.

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I'm actually loving how connor's constant fuckups are causing entertaining things to happen in the minecraft collab

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Thank god she at least has the social awareness not to join something she will get completely ignored in

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Did you.

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Kson looks like she is having fun. Happy for her.

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Silver has joined the party!

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I hope so. I'm watching mouse POV and admittedly idk much about Kson but I can only hope that her first experience with vshojo is fun

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I'm glad that Nyan managed to get out of her head and join this collab

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Imagine if we could just get the Froot player name to be >sucks your cock
Imagine beebs commentating that.

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This is the most I've seen Kson laugh. I don't even think she's laughed this much when she was Coco.

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The only ones not having fun are the seething ksonfags who whine about literally everything that happens like little children throwing a tantrum.

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I've been blocked by Zentreya since 2019. All I said to her was 'queef'

>> No.13532074

It's good, but all they've done so far is fight mobs in a ship, in a cave and now in the Nether. I seriously hope one of the girls gets a spark of genius and turn this collab into something actually entertaining before it ends.

>> No.13532077

Don't use my wife to shitpost against the gecko

>> No.13532137

You mean the Zhangs?

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Fuck all the way off, tatsunokos wanted to enjoy this collab too but it is objectively shit.
t. nyacolyte

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>Kson's fucking scream when she fucking explodes thanks to Conner fucking up
I expect Kanata to run into the room to check on her. Was fucking 80's horror movie levels of screaming

>> No.13532223

They're having fun together so it's a good collab

>> No.13532227

I wanna see Zen and Vei collab sometime. They're one of those pairings that seem fairly close but have almost no 1 on 1 stream interactions.

>> No.13532242

Sure you are

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You might have to look in the dictionary what "objectively" means, falseflag-sama

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They've played Apex a few times

>> No.13532330

I definitely get where the anons who'd prefer a vshojo tour are coming from, but this is fun too
Kson has created huge builds like the YAGOO statue, there's nothing in the server that she hasn't seen besides the scuffed mods. But it's fun seeing her hang out with Mel and friends

>> No.13532390

I thought fore sure Zen was going to play Battlefield with her but then Halo came out during that stream

>> No.13532404

Zen was the first Vshojo Vei ever collabed with iirc (though it was 2 months prior to Vshojo being a thing)

>> No.13532444

It was gonna be a tour, but then Mouse and Conner were still on, and it became an adventure, then Nyanners and Silver joined. And Kson's clearly having so much fun.

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>...Vshojo 1 year anniversary on Twitch, it's a day that I'm certain my guest at this time will not forget, I'm talking about the former Intercontinental Vtuber Champion of the World, Violence Woman Nyatasha Nya...'

>Nothing means nothing!


>Nothing mean nothing, man.

>Nothing means nothing? What do you mean by that?

>I'm talking about all the way to the top, yeah. Unjustifiably in a position that I'd rather not be in. But the cream will rise to the top, ooh yeah. Violence Nyanners, yeah, has got more to offer than NuxTaku thinks that I got, yeah, and let me tell you something right now, cards stacked against the Violence Woman Nyatasha Nyanners in the Vshojo 1 year anniversary, let me say it, yeah, let me say it out loud, and let me point to the Owner Of The NuxTaku YouTube Channel, the Violence Woman Nyatasha Nyanners is not happy with your decision, yeah. I am the cream in the English Vtuber Scene and there is no doubt about it, yeah, you Anon you know that I'm the cream of the crop!

>Well, wait-wait a minute though Nyanners, I've got to ask you very seriously, do you blame Mr. Nux Taku, the distinguished Owner Of The NuxTaku YouTube Channel, for ruining the Vshojo Anniversary Celebration today?

>Yeah, I do, yeah. Outside interference, yeah. In my moment of glory! Yeah, and now I'm living in a nightmare. And I am the cream. And now, not only his Twitch career must fall but, his YouTube career! Because anitubers, yeah, I am the cream, yeah, the cream of the crop. And there is no-one that does it better than the Violence Woman Nyatasha Nyanners! On balance, off balance, doesn't matter. I'm better than you are, yeah, and I'm talking everyone in the English Vtuber Scene, and I'm even talking to the Owner Of The NuxTaku YouTube Channel, yeah. I'm on my way, and nothing is gonna stop me. Nothing's gonna stop me.

>You know, just out of curiosity, Nyanners, and I certainly don't want to diminish your tremendous God given talents, but I'm very curious. I haven't seen Myau ately.

>Yeah. She's on the outside of the ring, does she interfere in matches? Yeah? Nothing, zero, pure athlete yeah and I've been, uh yeah, maligned from the top to the bottom and because they can't handle the Violence Woman Nyatasha Nyanners: the Cream of the Crop! Nobody does it better!

>> No.13532515

>Kson's clearly having so much fun.
This is how she sounds every stream. If you want to hear her really having fun, watch her Melody collab.

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>> No.13532555

you guys need to chill, this is really fun

>> No.13532561

She doesn't laugh this much. She clearly thrives in collabs.

>> No.13532670

Pfft, Silver confusing Kson for Mel. I guess they all look alike, lol

>> No.13532681

I don't have the photoshop skills to make the image, but we need a VShojofied-version of Scott Steiner's math speech.

>> No.13532683

let's just enjoy the fact that Kson will forever be associating Connor with the name "Pee Pee Man"

>> No.13532696

>Having Fun
Kson literally just laughing nervous unless you thought she attributed anything to the conversation.
Her chat became shit none of her regular fans are there only tourists.

>> No.13532704

Getting a gifted sub doesnt count.
Post twitch mount sub count.

>> No.13532756

Get cucked by connor, Bale-max, stfu, or get lost completely.
Your only options

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I'll just fuck off, I have better things to do anyways
But if you see actual tatsunokos being reasonable about this stream being bad, put yourself in their shoes first. This could've been a fun casual duo collab between Mel and Kson exploring actual builds on the server, and instead it's whatever this is. Plus Kson is constantly being left behind, watch from her perspective if you don't believe me.

>> No.13532767

When Kson showed the silhouette for her 2D model people there were people who thought she was announcing the Mel collab because they were so similar lol.

>> No.13532804

What ever you say HoloPurist.

>> No.13532839

>none of her regular fans are there
does she even stream around 2:00 PM?

>> No.13532846

maybe they'll do that next stream, she said she wants build her house

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>inb4 "b-but twitch prime doesn't count"

>> No.13532893

Has she done many English only streams? I remember people in the Kson thread commenting on how strange it was to hear a full English stream when she collabed with Mel on CB.

>> No.13532909

>3 months

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Its ok if you dont like the stream, I can see why. Its too chaotic and is not comfy.
But you dont have to be a faggot about it. It is objectively fun and kson, vshojo and this thread are having fun and laughs.

>> No.13532977

see >>13532757
swear to fuck if you retards create bad blood between us and tatsunokos

>> No.13532983

Blessed. From the other Nyacho man promo anon.

>> No.13532985


>> No.13532991

How terrible that evil, vile Connor forced all these girls to do this at gunpoint. If only they had free will so they could do whatever you want them to do.

>> No.13533000

lmfao Connor fucking owned

>> No.13533003

Her fans literally get up to watch her at 7am. None of them are watching now because it's an English stream.
This is her third all English stream ever, and one of those was a shill stream in like 2017.

>> No.13533022

mikeygonzales: I'm ALWAYS GONNA BE a mature weeb Otaku Hentai Gamer only in ps4 anime waifu games

>> No.13533062
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Anybody who says this stream isn't great doesn't know how to have fun at all.

>> No.13533063

She's literally in the thick of it. Nyanners is the one left behind if anything. She showed up, gets killed three times, and just sort of hovers just out of the field of vision like a fucking cryptid.

>> No.13533077 [DELETED] 
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I'd say pathetic but somehow I only have 4 month too.

>> No.13533082

I will never be a friend with a tatsucuck

>> No.13533119

El Poopacabnya.

>> No.13533176

tfw no weird gloomy nyanners stalking you why even live

>> No.13533177

Vei was super nice to zen right after her "severe mental breakdown" and played apex with her onstream.

>> No.13533178
File: 309 KB, 685x383, Did_you_see_it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>like a fucking cryptid

>> No.13533183

truly a based retard

>> No.13533187
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Also Silver has arrived and they now have someone who is actually good at this game who knows what the fuck she's doing.

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>"K-who? I'm just trying to have fun with my friends in Minecraft on a weeknight"

>> No.13533231

Vei's also typically one of the first to comment on cool things Zen shows off on Twitter and she even made Gecko Zen smoking a blunt in spore.

>> No.13533234

Layna is an absurdly good streamer. she needs to be in.

>> No.13533300

>"Do you have gravel?"
>"I need extra EXP."
>"Okay lemme set up the waypoint."
>"I need diamond, who has diamond?"

Oh yeah. I love watching people endlessly prep for an MMO raid while occasionally dunking on a Welshman. Top-tier entertainment. Let's do this for another whole month.

>> No.13533363
File: 54 KB, 1080x258, Screenshot_20211124-230556_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

containment breach

>> No.13533375

Yes, now you understand!

>> No.13533384

They will, you can fuck off for a whole month if you don't like it.

>> No.13533441

i think react andy streams might be more your speed.

>> No.13533529

does connor or whatever his name is always use this shitty voice filter, whos gonna tell him that compressing the fuck out of your voice like a tryhard podcaster doesnt actually sound good

>> No.13533532

anyone clip the girls shouting "Yaaaaaaaaay! Genocide!" in a really happy voice?

>> No.13533590

I don't like those either. I liked when VShojo was playing stuff like Raft or even Phasmo. But they didn't play goddamn Phasmo for two months.

>> No.13533593
File: 892 KB, 1962x2048, 71C5C582-AA3A-41E2-90B8-C7A27B809DE1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13533622

I don't really like Minecraft, but Mousey's POV is actually funny

>> No.13533631

lol, what are you even doing here?

>> No.13533678


>> No.13533681

Anon that was like 10 "trendy games that everyone plays and then drops after two weeks" ago

>> No.13533682

Do jp bros usually watch english collabs like this?

>> No.13533694

i'm a sucker for clothes-swapping pictures. i love how baggy Hime's duds are on Nyan and how Froot is wearing Vei's new lore outfit!

>> No.13533708

Connor JUST wants to play Minecraft. That's literally it.

>> No.13533737

How dare he

>> No.13533822

He needs to corral the rest of these grifters away from Kson and Mel. This is their collab.

>> No.13533833

I think this collab is very fun

>> No.13533865

How dare you

>> No.13533877

Cancel and Twittershame this faggot

>> No.13533879

Why does Silver say I love you all the time. It sounds so fake

>> No.13533892

nervous tic

>> No.13533893

They're all friends, and I'd trust Mel or Kson to privately say if they wanted to be left alone. Let the friends enjoy their game together, maybe?

>> No.13533915

GFE for all.

>> No.13533921

>faggy roman name
checks out

>> No.13533923

Did Connor just say the n word?

>> No.13533930

>oh a nigga im going to kill it

jesus christ conor

>> No.13533942

>I trust them to speak up and handle it themselves
Have you ever met a women?

>> No.13533949
File: 190 KB, 825x1163, Ep1SNHoWMAAD7o-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some people are just really nice. Silver is one of them.

>> No.13533959

I´ll just give up soon and accept they are lost Vods but does anyone have an Archive of the Nyanners/Myau Vods from 30/08/2021 "listenin to music and chillin" and the first one from 16/12/2020 named "Myau sing strem" with a runtime of 2:02:22 ? added the runtime as there are several vods with the same name.

>> No.13533964

It's different, he's British.

>> No.13533982

didn't he learn anything from the Amaud Arbrey verdict?

>> No.13533984

Seeing Kson's chat right now, then no.
It's all greyname EOP.

>> No.13533999

This man is invincible, I kneel.

>> No.13534017
File: 319 KB, 520x517, 1627077465841.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lets get this straight:

>> No.13534018
File: 17 KB, 163x450, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what jp bros?

>> No.13534125
File: 98 KB, 848x837, 4500BFE2-7A42-47BE-867A-727B90FC5458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does silver have a dad

>> No.13534135

I dont watch mouse or any of the vshojo´s beside pink cat but is the Vod worth archiving ? I can archive it if people want it as mouse keeps not uploading vods from what i´ve heard here.

>> No.13534148

She calls me daddy. Does that count?

>> No.13534150

cheeky cunts you made me go back in the vod to check

>> No.13534154

never give up, anon
you're bound to find someone that has it someday

>> No.13534168

>Jp bros not watching a english speaking collab shocking

>> No.13534188

Where the Welsh Bros at?

>> No.13534189

All genuine kson falls left this stream none of the usally en members are there to. This stream probally going flitter her audience for a long time unfortunately

>> No.13534196

Silver has decided to encourage the fighting. Also Nyan is still here?

>> No.13534200

Why mouse had to bring connor to this collab? I mean did you notice that there is no one else from friends but him

>> No.13534212

When will Vinny finally join VShojo

>> No.13534236

Connor is an official member that has yet to make his debut. Currently scheduled for December.

>> No.13534250

one of the vinesauce members already became a vtuber, it's only a matter of time until vinny does too

>> No.13534259
File: 51 KB, 634x670, article-2719226-02AB94A60000044D-738_634x670.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>67% in favor
Silent majority strikes again

>> No.13534273

>vshojo is imploding

>> No.13534307

>anon is retarded

>> No.13534338

It is really fun, a lot better than recent collabs. Nyan is a bit quiet but yeah if you could archive it, it'd be great

>> No.13534343

Connor is legitimately going to be part of Mousey's canon, so it counts.

>> No.13534351

My view is I don't have the collab but I'd much rather have had an above ground adventure. Preferably one that began with a tour of what people have built cause there's some genuinely impressive shit there. Nyan's onsen and Silver's treehouse are both really fucking cool while pretty much most of the time above ground was spent in Mouse's shitty shack lmao

>> No.13534355
File: 60 KB, 942x422, E9cQSs-UcAQNmYs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he doesn't know

>> No.13534367

Why do you want Xi Jinping in VShojo? Like, it would be pretty cool, I guess, but he'll stream even less than Hime.

>> No.13534390

Watch it explode as I post it in kson threads

>> No.13534391

>I mean did you notice that there is no one else from friends but him
he is technically a vshoujo

>> No.13534393

t. sickos

>> No.13534397
File: 97 KB, 1280x720, 1630859203420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's good to see the thread back to normal after the last few days.

>> No.13534407

I can agree with that. I like the chaos but they chose some boring places to explore.

>> No.13534427

I genuinely can't tell if Bubi will be considered an official VShojo talent

>> No.13534439

I just realized that we never heard of silver’s dad? …..does that mean mamavale is single?

>> No.13534444

>Nyan is a bit quiet
She is always like that when somebody new shows up.

>> No.13534456

drama pretty much subsided right as mouse went live, which is a welcome development

>> No.13534477

Just wait till Nux drops his """"""receipts""""

>> No.13534486

Hey sorry to be a retard but I just heard about this whole Nux situation and was wondering if one of you fellas could dap me up with a screen cap or archive or something?
Or a general direction, if not

>> No.13534528

she didn't, mouse and connor were collabing streaming and they met mel and kson befor kson started stream and THEY decided to to join mouse also connor is funny an make for some nice banter

>> No.13534530

It will never be normal and thats a good thing.

>> No.13534532

She is. As far as I know nobody in the family has talked about it openly but I feel like I remember Mamavale at one point basically implying that he walked on them. Couldn't even begin to provide a source or a clip though.

>> No.13534544

The long and short of it is that there are reasons why we don't hear about Silver's dad, and there isn't any good that'll come from looking into it.

>> No.13534545

It's a bit of a meme, but likely no. He'll be a character in canon, but he won't be a talent. It'll be a way to canonize the weekly mouse and Connor streams.

>> No.13534548

>I just heard about this whole Nux situation
just ignore it be a happy anon

>> No.13534551

Rev and Limes became VTubers, and Jabroni Mike is one part time, and technically, the first VTuber on Twitch. And Vinny was an alien vtuber once.

>> No.13534581

Wouldnt kson be considered friends

>> No.13534582

They talked about him once, vaguely and not in positive light. I guess this is a hornet nest that should be left alone.

>> No.13534584

Here's a quick rundown video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_JcM45gaFs

>> No.13534598

It's fun that Mouse is getting a little buddy for her streams but it makes me think of Konzetsu and how his ex was tied into his lore...

>> No.13534602

>there isn't any good that'll come from looking into it.
did he died?

>> No.13534619

previous two threads pretty much has all of it. qrd is that nux contradicted himself, all of vshojo plus others @ him on twitter, he went into damage control mode before finally logging off. mostly a nothingburger in the grand scheme of things but lots of people disliked him before and this pretty much ruined his rep

>> No.13534623

>how his ex was tied into his lore...
Wait what

>> No.13534634

It's still pretty fast considering how late it is. But it's a much better feeling when the speed isn't because the entire board is invading. Really fucking hoping Nux isn't stupid enough to try and escalate this shit further. The group deserves to be able to celebrate their fucking anniversary in peace.

>> No.13534643

All the antis are timelooping in the Nux thread and the Connor anti thread.

>> No.13534648

Yeah but Connor is a professional content creator not just a random person she knows

>> No.13534661

Good thing Connor is just a friend, and Bubi could be eliminated and replaced at any point.

>> No.13534693

>pretty fast
There's a massive collab going on right now

>> No.13534696

>mostly a nothingburger in the grand scheme of things
it's so fucking annoying to me, hoe people want drama why can't you be happy?

>> No.13534698

wait, what? since when? last I recall he was just your usual audio commentary-only streamer and nothing else
I know vinny's used the avatar once but it wasn't intended to be a serious thing

>> No.13534701

Allright getting an Vod up once stream ends.Not watching the stream myself as its way to chaotic for me with that many people and i realy hate minecraft for some reason.

I hope they have fun but i cant watch any minecraft streams anymore.

>> No.13534706

>drama magnet and clout chasing retard extraordinaire
>not escalating it

>> No.13534718

Kozetsu's lore had a necromancer (Svkibomb) "awaken" him after he had been sealed away. That was his girlfriend, and she was his "community manager" on his discord. They broke up a few months ago, and she's just taken to hating on vtubers on her twitter while Kon just pulled a Stalin on her existing.

>> No.13534723

He sometimes puts on a vtuber model when collabing with Mike.

>> No.13534734
File: 19 KB, 827x210, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

17.8% of people hate this collab.
I am not fucking kidding.

>> No.13534768

Who cares?

>> No.13534772

All those schizos exposing themselves.

>> No.13534776

Funny how the schizo minority is always the loudest huh

>> No.13534783

Holy. Fuck. 13 people vshobros what are we going to do......

>> No.13534812

Kson hates the collab. She's never coming back. Blame the Welshman.

>> No.13534831

ah, well.
in that regard Limes is the only one that's done it "for real", which is what I meant. not even sure why I'm extending this discussion anyways since it's not going anywhere.
has vinny ever even interacted with anyone from the vsj circle that wasn't Snuffy?

>> No.13534832

While true, he was also ostensibly their friends until this. There's a big gulf between how much he's already fucked up and going full scorched earth and straight up turning them all into enemies instead of people who are willing to let it end here.

>> No.13534840
File: 178 KB, 1920x1017, 1637213335188.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not a fan of minecraft streams, hope the rest of the collab is fun

>> No.13534845

Thank god they're out of the fucking cave.

>> No.13534853

She said she wanted to build a house there, I think she's going to come back

>> No.13534862

Ah so it’s one of those things huh? Damn

>> No.13534863

le funny number

>> No.13534864

bao is live, not sure if she talked about this whole thing but she has redacted in her Twitter name again

>> No.13534877

Well they're finally at the surface, unless they end it now it might start being actually enjoyable

>> No.13534883

Hey vshojobros, this is a zhang. They only exist to shit talk Kson.

>> No.13534887

She has a house in the Holoserver too.

>> No.13534904

>ywn know what it feels like to have that fleshfang bite on your dick
why live

>> No.13534906

猪与 vshojo 合作只有 vei 只是

>> No.13534921

>the rest of the collab

>> No.13534952
File: 32 KB, 635x376, 1619248176061.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

VShojobros... I don't feel so good...

>> No.13534961

She can't go back to her Holoserver house.

>> No.13534968

Cool captcha, loser.

>> No.13534973

>it didn't

>> No.13534979

>zhangs knows how to spell "welshman"
learn to recognize shitposting

>> No.13534981


>> No.13535035

>nyan starts talking energetically the moment someone mentions peeping on the onsen
Based pink coomer

>> No.13535084

>Connor is not allowed in the onsen
Harembros... I don't feel so good

>> No.13535098

is mel finally understanding what she was supposed to be doing this entire fucking time..?

>> No.13535115

Got a link?

>> No.13535133


>> No.13535141

this is the reason you are not popular with women.

>> No.13535148

It's pretty fucking obvious there was no plan from the get-go, she wasn't really supposed to do shit

>> No.13535217

Would it be soft?

>> No.13535350

mouse and connor are the quintessential husband and wife

>> No.13535374

She refuses to allow him and Nyan talk.

>> No.13535433
File: 82 KB, 512x512, 1637764329384.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13535508

>Silver guests Kson in Layana's room

>> No.13535513

Just because Gunrun has ties to the Crips and ordered a couple drive-bys it doesn't mean he is black

>> No.13535620

She love Nyan but she won't let her take her property away

>> No.13535637

It's Silvers guest house

>> No.13535667
File: 950 KB, 320x178, e326a55261c1d4b811bcf7880fc272fa.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Vshojo don't fuck with slobs kek

>> No.13535799
File: 152 KB, 577x594, 1613148026670.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nobody fucks with slobs after the last big drama tangentially related to the group.

>> No.13535977

yeah I highly doubt we'll see kson collabs after this, I would love to see more but god this was painful from her perspective

>> No.13535991

what are the odds that Nux is planning to reply back to the drama with the DMs and is just waiting for the anniversary to be over to do it?

>> No.13536018

It was only painful from your autistic perspective

>> No.13536034

Hey, another Zhang.

>> No.13536038
File: 197 KB, 2048x1039, 1619759575814.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol Mel just tweeted this. Apparently made by Shinect who I may remind you is in

>> No.13536080

This was a Connor and Mouse collab with Kson in the background

>> No.13536126

Didn't kson just talk about building her house there next time?

>> No.13536153

Yes. Just ignore the zhangs. They just shit on Kson when ever.

>> No.13536158

Pleasantries. Nothing but pleasantries.

>> No.13536193

Hopefully tomorrow I won't wake up and see posts about gunrun burning cigars on a 2view's hand. I don't care if gunrun is a shithead, I'm just hoping the girls didn't comit group social suicide by going so hard on this.

>> No.13536195

I wish they were zhangs.

>> No.13536238

Those VRchat lap dances were consensual, damn you! How else would he know if they are vshojo material?

>> No.13536240

Mouse is the POWERbottom, Nyan went full master. Everyone else is just a hole to be run through.

>> No.13536256

It's not Ksons fault that there was no planning involved in the collab. It's once again a failing on Vshojo talent to actually have an organized collab.

>> No.13536275

>on kson
This shitshow was all on Connor though, he's the one that kept directing them to do retarded shit

>> No.13536281

Quick question, how often is this Connor guy Collab with Vshojo? I really wish he not around next time.

>> No.13536282

She wanted to build something there with Melody all along, she talked about it multiple times in past streams. Instead she got lost in caves for 3 hours.

>> No.13536283

>checks the time
>Afternoon in Beijing
Can't make this up. Not like we haven't gotten some Zhangs in here before, but this appears to be our first actual taste of them and... I am not impressed. Up your game, boyos, we deal with shit worse than you before lunch.

>> No.13536288

I think the collab was fun & I'd be happy to have more. But it was painfully obvious Conoor & Mouse's carsima overshadowed what was supposed to be a Mel/Kson collab. Part of that is Mel's fault though for not being assertive in planning what they were going to do on the server. If they had done a world tour first and THEN a raid, it would have been much better. Starting out with a raid for 2 hours was pretty jarring.

>> No.13536291

>I'm just hoping the girls didn't comit group social suicide by going so hard on this.
anon this isn't as big as you think it is

>> No.13536293

At this point with how much support is behind them and how many people are against Nux the only thing that could reverse it is if he was telling the truth all along and provides irrefutable proof of it. Or if he tries to do that, but fails, but still causes extra stress on them in the meantime.

>> No.13536302
File: 222 KB, 745x479, 1631201262851[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F0m9cnh.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13536309

Impromptu autism is way more entertaining than your artificial "planned" shit

>> No.13536310

They called out a piece of shit for being a piece of shit and got plenty backing from people outside vshojo. Whether or not gunrun did his job is gunruns concern.

>> No.13536330

He just wants to adventure in Minecraft. That is his sole purpose for existence.

>> No.13536348


>> No.13536357

Most big collabs I can remember don't feature him. I'm pissed they allowed him in this one.
There was a recent Mario Party collab with Snuffy/Nyanners/Mouse/Vei that was quite fun

>> No.13536359

I hate virtually all collabs. Even between VShojo talent. I hate Hololive collabs too. VTubers are better when it's just one chuuba and the chat. Collabs make me feel like I'm watching people forced to pretend to be friends.

>> No.13536363

Again, this is just a reflection of the worst features of the Hololive formula where everything is pre-planned and the jokes have all been greenlit by staff ahead of time.
Even if Kson does feel this way, I'm sure she understands why Vshojo talent have been distracted with all this bullshit going on in the background

>> No.13536370

MONKE simple man. See Minecwaft. Play Minecwaft.

>> No.13536390

With vshojo? Rarely.
With mouse? Every week, plus minus.

>> No.13536420

Yeaaah, it's been a weird day can't really blame any of them for blowing up whatever the plan might have started out as conceptually.

>> No.13536425

If a Vtuber is streaming, He is there. He is omnipotent. In stream. In chat. In your favorite Vtuber.

>> No.13536434

It was actually Mouse who planned on doing the pirate thing they did in the start. Wouldn't be surprised if she'd told him she wanted to do the other stuff beforehand as well. My assumption is still what it was when this first started though. It was a stressful day, and Mel wanted to lessen the pressure of carrying a collab with Kson all on her own and asked if they could join Connor and Mouse's plans.

>> No.13536442

Well see, that's the thing here. They actually ARE friends so you don't have to worry about the pretense!

>> No.13536466

Vshojo as a company has some risk, but each of the girls don't have much stake especially since majority is on their side (at least on Twitter). Nux has gotta drop some real good shit on them for the girls to be compromised.

But his antics on Twitter with Snuffy is making me think he has jack shit to show anyhow.

>> No.13536509

You know the plan was originally
>walk around the server and look at stuff

>> No.13536523

Did Connor even "dictate" anything? My memory is shit but I'm pretty sure the pirates, caves and hell thing didn't come from him, he just seems like the one in charge because he keeps going HEY HEY LOOK AT THIS HEY HEY I'M GOING THERE HEY HEY LET'S FIGHT THIS

>> No.13536542
File: 571 KB, 220x123, 1633493937067.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

genuinely fucking kill yourself

>> No.13536546

>whatever the plan might have started out as conceptually.
there was no plan

>> No.13536549
File: 478 KB, 500x500, amphibia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the plan was to walk around and look at minecraft houses

>> No.13536577

>So the anniversary was fun
the pain in nyan's voice when she said this

>> No.13536580

He kind of was but in every one of these collabs he generally goes along with whatever Mouse says. WOuld not be at all surprised if they planned this course of action out beforehand since Mouse actually does make plans for the days even if it's something as simple as "let's go north until we find something cool."

>> No.13536586

Sigh...the next collab gonna look grim...anyway you vshojo lads ain't so bad and the girls are interesting. Thanks for the reply.

>> No.13536589

>everything is pre-planned and the jokes have all been greenlit by staff ahead of time.
fuck off, this is a falseflag, fellow vsjfags aren't this retarded. they're bad but not this bad.

>> No.13536591


>> No.13536598

Did you miss the part where Melody was surprised by the "guide me Mel" thing? There was no fucking plan, kson probably assumed she would get a tour because it was the obvious thing to do

>> No.13536639

and that would've been infinitely better than whatever the fuck this was

>> No.13536646

And as much as we all love Mel she's not particularly aware at the best of times lol.

>> No.13536656

The second Silver asked if she had a good day, it was over.

>> No.13536669

That woulda sucked

>> No.13536685

If it makes you feel better, vshojo has to cancel a male streamer once per three months to uphold its pact with an eldritch god and his potential replacements are running thin

>> No.13536692

>the pain in nyan's voice when she said this
is fucking Nyan! that bitch is always depressed.

>> No.13536705

It was a boss raid. Connor and his harem vs what may lay ahead.

>> No.13536719

August 31st Arcadum
Today Nux
Did they get anyone before then? lol

>> No.13536727
File: 566 KB, 817x640, fuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Here's Zentreya's house
>Oh, sugoi sugoi tomodeska urusei yameto ko desu
>And here's Silver's
>Ah ah sugoi sugoi

>> No.13536728
File: 837 KB, 800x600, Hopium.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you want some hopium, connor was on collab this time purely by chance, next one may not feature him.

>> No.13536731

I liked the collab but I don't think so. A little tour and some explanation about the mod-exclusive stuff would have been nice before they jumped into fighting shit

>> No.13536755

>that would've been infinitely better
you are a boring person.

>> No.13536784

Pretty much this. Didn't hate it but a tour of all the stuff would have been fun to see her genuine reactions to it. Stuff like how insanely densely detailed Annie's house is and how fucking massive Silver's house is would all be great.

>> No.13536788


>> No.13536792

didn't she say she got a tour last week when she first joined the server?

>> No.13536804

Too many people in the collab, I barely heard kson

>> No.13536805

Sorry, I phrased that badly because I'm a bit high and forgot how many tourists are in these threads but I'm honestly not trying to stir shit. It's not that Hololive collabs are actually like this, it's that the worst aspects of those collabs come from a stifling workplace culture where the corpo takes an aggressive role in dictating content. It's obviously not 100% or w/e, I just didn't explain what I was trying to say well and fell back on hyperbole

>> No.13536811


>> No.13536824


>> No.13536843

what are you anons so weird? who talks like this?

>> No.13536853

They have a mod on the server so the person has to be on to go into their house. Protects from griefing.

>> No.13536878

Who the fuck griefs in a friends-only server?

>> No.13536883

>I barely heard kson
really? she talked a lot.

>> No.13536889

Frogposter you've changed!

>> No.13536901

just rolling the cosmic dice that if there is a next collab, connor won't be there.

>> No.13536917
File: 59 KB, 933x871, 1634900257961.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yes who

>> No.13536927

Kermit is Connor's thing, he's defending the collab leader.

>> No.13536944

"Tourists". They're clearly not our regulars.

>> No.13536958

did you even watch???

>> No.13536986

He will "coincidentally" show up right as the collab starts, like that distant friend who suddenly wants to hang out with you after you win the lottery

>> No.13536999

>Clearly not a regular
>talks about specifics of Anny and Silver's houses
anon please. Reactions are fun.

>> No.13537016

I could swear Mousey took someone to see Silver's house while she was offline

>> No.13537023

Nigger, I spend all day in this shithole. I'm just an ESL.

>> No.13537062

>A little tour and some explanation about the mod-exclusive stuff
From Melody!?!?!?!

>> No.13537070

Silver fucking destroyed Connor lmao

>> No.13537075

They can be, but acting like that's what they should have done when they clearly had fun doing what they were doing is fucking asinine.

>> No.13537086

Silver probably doesn't have it, I have seen people raid her house all the time

>> No.13537109

Are you saying they wouldn't have had fun with the other thing? Along with introducing all of her viewers to the general layout of their place and what they've built? It would have been fun.

>> No.13537110

She's got good bantz. In terms of bantz: Mouse > Silver > Anyone Else > POWER GAP > Nyan

>> No.13537125

>what are opinions

>> No.13537127

do I need to post my nyan membership again or are you gonna stop putting your fingers in your ears going "la la la"

>> No.13537163

I am a tourist and I wanted to see the shit your girls have built.

>> No.13537168

>They can be
It's almost like I was conceding that a tour around the structures could have been fun, too. If it isn't clear yet, I'm not the same guy you were arguing with above. I just find the whining about what they were doing to be, well bitch whining.

>> No.13537220

Oh there it is, the "muh opinions" defense. Now I KNOW I'm dealing with shitter tourists.

>> No.13537245

Take your meds

>> No.13537270

>Nyan membership
Jesus, even her antis have memberships. That doesn't mean shit.

>> No.13537305

If you count +s then Bunny cancelled Mike Z

>> No.13537321

But it would've been with Melody who barely knows where her own house is

>> No.13537322

That's fair. Just get yourself invited to the server and you can tour around all you want!

Oh shit followed by "meds". Gonna do the "cope, seethe, sneed" stuff next?

>> No.13537358
File: 184 KB, 560x560, 1636093367280.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only people with a 12+ month membership matter

>> No.13537382

But they didn't cancel arcadum. He got cancelled and later they talked about it.

>> No.13537427

So? Kson wandering around lost with Melody while looking at random buildings would literally have been more interesting than Kson and Melody wandering around lost in a randomly generated cave, which is what we got.

>> No.13537432

No, I'm just going to tell you to take your meds again because you clearly need them if "I liked the stream but wish they did X" triggers you this much.

>> No.13537476

lmao I have no idea what the fuck is going on, all I know is that someone got doxxed and everyone hates Nux even more now

>> No.13537481
File: 141 KB, 1525x848, 1612507322646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

alright, how about a screen grab from that one now-ancient vrchat collab where nyan discovered the model she was using had modeled genitals
is that good enough for you?

>> No.13537500
File: 508 KB, 1531x953, 1620374556246.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What about this please don't make fun of my Hime sub

>> No.13537530

please don't mind the retards saying this stream was awesome, they're just happy the girls were happy but it was genuinely pretty boring and I agree with you, that should've been the focus

>> No.13537535

are you thinking the server has the same protection as silvers community server? i don't think it has it on the vshojo server

>> No.13537573

Can't believe VShojo ran a year long campaign to cancel Nux. Pretty extreme, but it was the final solution.

>> No.13537585
File: 230 KB, 1920x1080, 1636150840818.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>No Haruchii sub

>> No.13537600

Please don't criticize the girls or their content, only an anti would do that. Real fans love every moment without question

>> No.13537614

im sorry anon im not made of money i have to pick who to use my prime sub on and anny got it this month because she was doing a lot of cute minecraft collabs and her ads were very invasive lol

>> No.13537651
File: 139 KB, 471x353, shitters.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13537656

Melody: "look Kson a house"
Kson: "wow"
Melody: "look Kson another house"
Kson: "wow"

>> No.13537677
File: 563 KB, 1958x2499, EtBEVYbXcAEqJ5g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's my screenshot. You're free to use it if you wish but, no it still proves fuck-all. But this conversation is dumb. Enjoy the stream.

Oh you found one I didn't think of, congrats.

>> No.13537700
File: 62 KB, 210x201, 1624231944555.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fags unironically agree with this

>> No.13537707

Then maybe they should have made it the focus. There was nothing stopping them from saying "ok we are going to tour/build a house now" and leave.
It's not like Connor or Mouse were holding Kson by the throat and forcing her to do this shit. People are literally complaining that they didn't pay her enough attention.

>> No.13537724

>stream advertised as a kson+mel collab would end up being a kson+mel collab
Honestly do you think them being autistic like that would bother people more than what happened?

>> No.13537738

Seething is not a criticism.

>> No.13537759
File: 142 KB, 617x500, 1613009953431.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They didn't treat Kson like a valued guest, she was sidelined and forced to do random PvE shit when she clearly put in the title of her stream that she wanted to have a fucking TOUR. And that's likely what they would've done had Connor not commanded them to do all that random shit. Put yourself in the shoes of Tatsunokos for a fucking second.

>> No.13537796

>It's not like Connor or Mouse were holding Kson by the throat and forcing her to do this shit.
What was she supposed to do? Say no I don't want to be in the same voice chat as you? A fucking jap girl saying that? She was basically a hostage, she wanted to hang out with mel and hopefully hang out with some vshojos, not be a background mob to connor's and mousey's adventures

>> No.13537811

Meanwhile, Kson's actual thoughts instead of your shizo interpretation:

>> No.13537814

Yes, now you understand!

>> No.13537848

>There was nothing stopping them from saying "ok we are going to tour/build a house now" and leave.
If you aren't aware, Kson is a shy awkward shut-in nerd with over 2000 hours played in a dinosaur collecting game, she's never going to say something like that to a stranger she just met.

>> No.13537888

they were using proximity chat, tourist

>> No.13537892

Not him but he's not saying how kson felt or didn't have fun, he's just stating what happened, they literally ignored her questions before she ended the stream

>> No.13537894

>she was sidelined and forced
No one forced her to do anything and she got sidelined by her shyness, just like Nyan (who is friends with Mouse and already did a bunch of collabs with Connor).
>she clearly put in the title of her stream that she wanted to have a fucking TOUR
She put "Mel guide me". The rest if you interpreting whatever you want to interpret.
>had Connor not commanded them to do all that random shit
90% of the ideas came from Mouse and the Nether thing was from someone I forgot. Connor's only actual idea was going to the pyramid.
>Put yourself in the shoes of Tatsunokos for a fucking second
I don't give a shit about the whining of stuck-up former Holoniggers

>> No.13537896

>Honestly do you think them being autistic like that would bother people more than what happened?

>> No.13537903

I'm sure the shy nerd is very upset everyone wanted to be her friend

>> No.13537914

yeah i'm gonna be real with you anon these types of tweet never mean shit, they appear after every collab no matter what happens
we'll just have to see. if kson collabs with vshojo again, then you win this one.

>> No.13537937

>SIlver immediately lootninja all stuff dropped by a lich
Based gaming gremlin

>> No.13537941

She had fun.
Jesus christ, you're so autistic. You make Haruka look like a functional member of society.

>> No.13537944

Yes anon... That's why it was too late to say no, else this situation wouldn't even have happened

>> No.13537958

I'm a coco clip watcher and always assumed she was very loud and extroverted, but she sounded like a diffirent person here, I watched her stream for a while and she seemed more awkward than even nyanners during collabs

>> No.13537964

>I'm sure the shy nerd is very upset everyone wanted to be her friend
some people are like that.

>> No.13537975

>A fucking jap girl saying that?
she's from georgia you dumb nigger

>> No.13537986

Connor's here for adventures, Silver is here for loot.

>> No.13537987

They got into a discord call .

>> No.13537995

Nice friendly strangers ignoring her questions on her own stream while they do their own adventures

>> No.13538001

>Say no I don't want to be in the same voice chat as you
People go on to do their own thing and leave a call all the time.
>A fucking jap girl saying that
That's her problem

>> No.13538021
File: 29 KB, 445x443, 1614971555625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I don't give a shit about the whining of stuck-up former Holoniggers
And there you have it, actual /vsj+/ tribalniggers. I really thought we were above this but apparently not. Fucking depressing.

>> No.13538022


Cute as fuck.

>> No.13538046

Ok I'm a tourist but please don't even comment shit about kson if you haven't watched her
She's only extroverted when she's with introverts, with melody she's the biggest sperg possible

>> No.13538052

It sounds more like you wanted everyone to worship her for being there while she wanted to just hang out as a peer with a group of friends.

>> No.13538062

>always assumed she was very loud and extroverted
That was just acting. The real person is an awkward dork.

>> No.13538078

I'll stop shitting on you when you stop acting like faggots

>> No.13538090
File: 141 KB, 1897x1080, FFBTXskaIAAAdmd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13538097


>> No.13538116

We've got a serious schizo in this thread lol

>> No.13538126

There's a middle ground between daisenpai autism and what happened here, sidelining and ignoring her.
>but she should've been the one to take initiative
No. This was on them.

>> No.13538137

Why yes anon just twist the arguments into an extreme, not like it was a bad first experience for someone's first time in the server and the first time collabing with them and having to be their background mob even though she's the guest, although this might be japanese thinking

>> No.13538159

You wanted them to just surround Kson and shower her with gifts and praise and put her on a pedestal? Or do you want more natural interactions and treating her like an actual fucking person.

>> No.13538176

I'm not a holo fan anon. Tribalniggery is never acceptable no matter what.

>> No.13538183
File: 1.10 MB, 1397x1056, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13538223

see >>13538126

>> No.13538253

People have made the same complains about other collabs in here for months, whether it's randos derailing minecraft streams or too many people talking in the crabgame streams. Many people here don't like it when a bunch of people are in a collab talking over each other especially when it sidelines the main attraction. now it's suddenly tourists or something because kson was involved?

>> No.13538268

>sidelining and ignoring her.
They must have ignored her like three times and they do the same shit to each other. Mouse and Connor are loud autists so they tend to drown out everyone else whenever they start doing their thing.

>> No.13538322
File: 70 KB, 356x515, BoomerCat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop replying to Nyanfalseflagger

>> No.13538335

It is the Mouse and Connor Show. Always.

>> No.13538362
File: 57 KB, 324x259, help.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe Kson felt more comfortable taking a minor role in this play, ever think about that? She did more then fucking Nyanners did, and Nyanners has collabed with fucking Kizuna Ai before. Sorry you're so autistic to realize Coco did this shit even when she played Minecraft with Hololive. She never was in the group, usually off to the side and talking to people one on one. But you, being the autist, put yourself in her shoes and greatly exaggerated what actually happened. Kson is literally friends with Melody. They've spoken off stream multiple times, and have known each other apparently, for years. You think just because she had a bad experience (she didn't) and didn't just go around and act like a fucking stereotypical Japanese tourist from the 90s going 'WOAW' to every house during a tour, it somehow equated to a bad stream and collab.

>> No.13538364

Yes, anon. 50 spergs screaming incoherently in a massive game is totally the same as two people being loud in a six person collab.

>> No.13538384

She's not a normal person that they will meet everyday retard, she's a guest that might not get seen again for weeks to months, either don't bother and let her have her collab with mel or go the full way and make her have a great experience, not this bullshit about treating her like anybody that just stumbled upon the server

>> No.13538438

>Maybe Kson felt more comfortable taking a minor role in this play, ever think about that?
Please don't talk about shit if you don't watch her, at least none of the tatsunokos are shitting on your girls, they're just shitting on connor

>> No.13538460

Fuck em.

>> No.13538475

>Noooo! Don't touch that thing! >:(

>> No.13538507
File: 1.30 MB, 1280x720, anny_screenwipe.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13538514

do you need more proof anon, this is getting retarded

>> No.13538520

She was turned pretty damn low on Kson's stream the times I checked it.

>> No.13538534

>no I didn't want them to suck her dick, I just wanted them to suck her dick

>> No.13538558
File: 314 KB, 1424x2048, 1613759958624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kill yourself tribalnigger.

>> No.13538567

Read again retard

>> No.13538578

She gets loud when she does that SHUT THE FUCK UP CANUR thing, which she does 50 times per stream

>> No.13538582
File: 9 KB, 387x247, feltface.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And all that laughing and joking and being friendly was an act right? Tell me she was method acting. Tell me it's 'common courtesy' to be polite during a colab. You're just upset your foreign Japanese Former Hololive member wasn't getting swarmed by the people of the server, giving her full Diamond block stacks to make a house. You wanted to seriously watch Kson and Mel just walk around and look at fucking HOUSES. Instead of being in an adventure which she obviously enjoyed. She wasn't front and center, yes. But again, she'd be on the side lines for big gatherings in Hololive's Minecraft server. She actually ran away from a big gathering during the Summer festival. But no, you shit your pants and screech cause it's not the KSON SHOW STARRING KSON WITH SPECIAL GUEST, MELODY. You legit fucking autistic twat.

>> No.13538588

If you want to make that analogy then it was either suck her dick all the way or just don't suck it at all, this stream was basically just blueballing her from any meaningful interaction with the vshojos she was interested in

>> No.13538619

So, they treated her like she already belonged and had been their friend for ages.

>> No.13538620

>my waifu specifically didn't join because she didn't want to interfere with the planned mel kson collab
I mean, it didn't realy matter with how shit turned out but once again she showed why she's best girl

>> No.13538651

>You wanted to seriously watch Kson and Mel just walk around and look at fucking HOUSES.
Yes? There's literally no fucking purpose in going to the server if not to look at what they build, they could do the same shit in any other server. In fact that's what she was expecting too, she asked mel to guide her

>> No.13538660
File: 86 KB, 256x256, 1630157110504.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This was one of the best collabs in a while.
Last Mouse stream with power rangers was great too.
I love being a vshojofag.

>> No.13538662

is it an extreme opinion to say that /vt/ denizens are clearly very bored people who enjoy making drama out of nothing all the time, including right now.

>> No.13538664

First Nux, now zhangs. This has been a hell of a week.

>> No.13538680

>twenty something people on the server
>talks about only one person not joining
I mean, sure.

>> No.13538688

All the vshojos who were on the server at that point where right next to her, there was literally nothing stopping her from having those interactions other than shit constantly trying to murder them, which I agree was kind of annoying

>> No.13538715

The future just keeps getting brighter, dude.

>> No.13538717

And silver was REALLY LOUD for some reason. Also kson herself was quieter than almost everyone else in the call. Made it kinda hard to tell whenever she said a few words or something.

>> No.13538729

explain to me why the chinese would be in this thread complaining that kson wasn't treated properly and that the stream wasn't fun as a result
why exactly would they give a shit

>> No.13538748
File: 340 KB, 1100x1200, xfmk7o[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know I thought the thread would maybe go back to normal after that nuxfag got destroyed.
But sasuga /vsj+/

>> No.13538752

>she asked mel to guide her
This. How could Mel miss it? She sent her a message via fucking YT title

>> No.13538753
File: 1.12 MB, 1200x675, pikachorp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mel didn't want to guide her. You absolute troglodyte. You can't accept that Kson had fun, and will most likely keep being friends with Melody and the Vshojos she met today. It fucking makes you froth at the mouth in anger cause you were one of the people who hated Vshojo for having Nyanners AND/OR one of the people who instantly turned your back on Kson when she retired the Coco character.

>> No.13538785

That's just plain rude when you crash a collab with her actual friend for ages, and it would be acceptable to crash the collab if they BECAME friends, not pretended to be "already friends for ages", kson is mostly japanese she doesn't get this shit, she wanted to bond over it

>> No.13538791

I heard Kson just fine. She was having fun. As usual with this kind of complaining, the people doing it don't care what Kson felt or wanted, they only care what they felt or wanted. It's the same selfishness I've bitched about before but here it is again. It's an easily recognizable pattern of psychopathy.

>> No.13538795

It is a lot better.
We are healing.

>> No.13538801

Yes, your perception is bordering on reality and you clearly need to be medicated. No such activities occur on this board.

>> No.13538822

OK this is an actual tourist, this is plain shitposting at this point

>> No.13538833

To stir up shit and make divisions so Kson is isolated again? I'm not saying that is what is happening, just a possibility. Also, it is not like it'll work because we have literally zero influence over anything.

>> No.13538834

Can't wait for them to collab again so you fags go shove all your "s-she secretly hated it" rrats up your asshole

>> No.13538866

Oh shit, I'll take this kind of bullcrap over the "lol nux army" weak ass bait trolls we were flooded with. At least these folks are vtuber fans, even if I don't agree with their whining.

>> No.13538869

>ad hominem
NTA but the issue at hand is that anon didn't like the stream, do you really have to go this far out of your way to be a dick? I'm not seeing that aggression from him.

>> No.13538891

lol Mel didn't notice the title until like an hour in when she commented on how it surprised her.

>> No.13538892

Kson wanted a tour and wanted to meet vshojos, not connor

>> No.13538920
File: 118 KB, 210x240, boney.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please watch Kson's time as Coco before you zhang it up, tourist. Especially her time in the Hololive Minecraft server. Where she barely interacted with anyone despite having multiple chances to do so. You are literally shitting up this thread with your 'she secretly hated this collab' rrat, when she OBVIOUSLY didn't, and even said she's going to build a house on the fucking server. You'd know this if you fucking watched, and not just wait for a chance to shit up this nice thread.

>> No.13538927

Anyone who hates Kson over this is fucking retarded. If this is a chink psyop to make me hate tatsunokos, however, then they are being pretty succesful

>> No.13538935

You have an oddly negative opinion of Kson for someone who professes to be her fan.

>> No.13538936

>if they collab again it means she didn't hate it
I guess that means zen didn't hate it when nux used her for content since she collabed with him afterwards to try and repair their relationship

>> No.13538944

I'm sure kson will collab with vshojos again, but I assure you she will never touch the minecraft server unless she's sure nobody but mel will be in there

>> No.13538965

Silver may have a bad habit of repeating forced memes for humor, but she just gets really excitable when she's playing games. She wasn't loud at all.

>> No.13538971

>I want to build a house here
Said Kson
And you took this as
>She'll never touch this server again.

>> No.13538991

I don't watch other tubers. I wonder, are all the other generals in /vt/ like this? Where there's no normal day without anons arguing about stupid shit?

>> No.13539005
File: 614 KB, 2048x2048, 1612506870216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean, that's one of the reasons I really didn't like this. If I'm proven wrong and Kson really loved it and they'll collab again, then great, I'll accept I was BTFO'd. I'll even say in the thread "hey, this is the nyanfag that didn't like the collab, I was wrong and I'm sorry". Screenshot this, I don't say this lightly. But I doubt it'll happen.

>> No.13539013

>for some reason
Silvers first interaction with vei was her screaming "hi vei" and vei shouting "Jesus". She's always been loud.

>> No.13539017

She wanted to build it on the same fucking stream, she had a plan in her head since she thinks that what happens in the hololive server was normal and she was hoping that mel knew it, she didn't expect that mel didn't have any idea of what to do and she didn't expect that she would become a sidekick to connor and mouse

>> No.13539018

Okay. How many collabs do you need? Two? Three? Four? Tell me so I can keep track and laugh at your schizo ass when it happens

>> No.13539029

I was talking about everyone's audio levels on kson's stream, not how loud they were talking

>> No.13539044

>source: your ass
You don't know what Kson wanted. She was talking with Connor and Mousey before she even started streaming. Sure seemed like she hated it. Just hated it. Again, you only care what you wanted. Stop being selfish.

>> No.13539045

It’s not over yet. I expect another wave at least.
Please let me be wrong

>> No.13539052

welcome to 4chan

>> No.13539058

I haven't been to /hlgg/ since it was on /jp/ but back then at least it was much worse.

>> No.13539062

>in /vt/
All of 4chan aside from the imagedump boards is like this

>> No.13539084

As one of the two "opinion-shitters", the nyanfag, I can confirm I'm not a tatsunoko. If you're angry about me, don't take it out on them.

>> No.13539107

How is it negative? She's just a tad naive compared to current western people, you can't just expect her to get the "so overly friendly that you treat them like you would with your coworker" attitude when she has never experienced it in japanese society

>> No.13539117

Well, if it is a Zhang psyop, and you know now that they're trying to cause beef with Tatsunokos, then don't let them win and don't think badly of Tatsunokos. Simple as.

Pretty dumb to think you're being manipulated then still fall for it.

>> No.13539143
File: 76 KB, 292x206, 1637535199296.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I enjoyed Mouse's stream, fuck the shitters. I'm glad she finally got to play with Kson and look forward to the SotD episode with her.

>> No.13539158

I don't hate tatsunokos, they just have some vocal shitters and false flaggers. The strawpoll still shows the majority of people either liked the collab or didn't mind it.

>> No.13539161

>she will never touch the minecraft server unless she's sure nobody but mel will be in there
Anon please finish reading posts before writing your shitpost

>> No.13539170

Thank you
And you

>> No.13539174

>she wanted
>she had a plan
>she thinks
>she didn't expect
Are you a telepath or Kson's BFF who she tells all these things she literally didnt' say on stream?

>> No.13539183

Now we've moved from
>well, she didn't *hate* it

>> No.13539200

>>source: your ass
>You don't know what Kson wanted.
Anon I beg you to read the title of kson's stream

>> No.13539254
File: 31 KB, 742x245, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bao still has the {Redacted}

>> No.13539259

>Where she barely interacted with anyone despite having multiple chances to do so.
Because anyone she interacted with got spammed to oblivion, watch her collab with Flare for example.

>> No.13539275

... But she removed it earlier?

>> No.13539279

I watcher her stream anon
>the title was literally inviting mel to guide her
>she asked mel to guide her on stream
>mel didn't know what the fuck she was talking about
>she was surprised that connor was in the server
You did watch her pov right? You aren't commenting on things you don't know anything about right?

>> No.13539288

This has been a hell of a week. Come back when we're not embroiled in Twitter drama that brings two dozen trolls kicking us when we're down and then a collab with a high profile person with a fanbase that is apparently frothing that it even happened. Even as bad as we are not ignoring bait over the last half year, we're still better than this. This has been pain.

>> No.13539292

So is everyone just going to ignore that nyanners was way more withdrawn and out of focus than kson despite being friends with everyone in that group?

>> No.13539315

She talked about her plans on previous streams

>> No.13539316

Kson wanted a guide. She got three during her adventure, and two more joined. She's now in the Vshojo Minecraft server. Jesus Christ, please, tell us what she's doing next all knowing Rrat.

>> No.13539357


>> No.13539367

Lol she keeps changing that, I think she really is just trolling

>> No.13539376

I'm sorry you VShojo fans are dealing with people who apparently know what Kson's thinking at any given moment. It was like this in Kson's own designated thread when she collab'd with Mel on Chaturbate.

>> No.13539392
File: 9 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

GenV decided to kick Nux from their company and everyone came back

>> No.13539415

It wasn't a nyanners collab, she just showed up on the server. If kson just showed up while someone else was streaming no one would be saying she was sidelined

>> No.13539419

I'm still on "the collab was perfect".

>> No.13539433

that's just any collab nyan is in that features people outside of SNIVS

>> No.13539464

Is this some vshojo thought process where calling a japanese naive is bad? Want me to call her "pure and child-like compared to western monsters" instead

>> No.13539484

>So is everyone just going to ignore that nyanners was way more withdrawn and out of focus than kson despite being friends with everyone in that group?
is fucking Nyan, the shy autistic with depression

>> No.13539485
File: 764 KB, 741x844, 1634075495267.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>with a fanbase that is apparently frothing that it even happened
Stop. I wouldn't have put out my opinion if I knew retards would actually associate it with tatsunokos, I have not watched a single stream of Kson since she left Hololive. Take it out on me, not them.

>> No.13539487

And today she had a chance to play with a group who doesn't give a fuck about that. And you think she hated being included by people? You folks make no sense.

(If you're not saying that at all, my bad and ignore me! its hard to keep the bullshit straight)

>> No.13539496

Oh, I've been here everyday for the last months. September was fine, we didn't much drama. This month started with saruei fags and we had disasters everyday

>> No.13539503

>the title was literally inviting mel to guide her
>she asked mel to guide her on stream
Which she did. "Guide me" translating into "give me a tour of everyone's houses" is your own interpretation. She only said she wanted to do shit with Mel.
>mel didn't know what the fuck she was talking about
Which further confirms there were no plans. They talk off-stream all the time. You think she wouldn't have told her this?
>she was surprised that connor was in the server
Why the fuck wouldn't she? She would probably be surprised if she came across the 20 other literal who roaming around.
>You aren't commenting on things you don't know anything about right?
I'm not the faggot claiming to have access to her private thoughts based on a fucking stream title

>> No.13539508

I never said it was perfect.
Collab was good and fun. Coco wanted a tour, yes (and she will get that), but she did enjoy adventures too.
Anyway, we'll see next week.

>> No.13539524

>You did watch her pov right?
We were watching Mouse, who was, along with Connor, interacting with Kson before she started her stream. The question is, are YOU commenting on things you don't know about?

>> No.13539567

how to spot a tourist >>13539292

>> No.13539615

Probably not a coincidence we enjoyed that one, too. I swear people don't know how to recognize fun when they see it.

>> No.13539655

Which is my fucking point. Shy autists are shy autists.
Maybe there wasn't some evil conspiracy to sideline her and she wasn't screaming inside because the evil welshman forced her to fight skeletons. Maybe she was acting shy because (stay with me on this one) she is shy.

>> No.13539667


>> No.13539699

>"Guide me" translating into "give me a tour of everyone's houses" is your own interpretation. She only said she wanted to do shit with Mel.
Anon that was fucking everyone's interpretation, even Mel's when she found out what kson titled her stream later
>Which further confirms there were no plans. They talk off-stream all the time. You think she wouldn't have told her this?
I wouldn't put it past ahead of two different kinds of social autists, again mel was fucking surprised that she was expected to be a guide

>> No.13539721

>Is this some vshojo thought process
I'm here a lot and I sadly have to say, probably. I notice quite a few anons with dogshit logic who just angry instead of getting better arguments.

>> No.13539727

Aside from infighting about autism, granted it’s been months, the 猫又おかゆ and 戌神ころね generals were usually very peaceful; just people enjoying the chuubas and occasionally talking about OkaKoro

>> No.13539729

Sorry, I should have said "/vt/". I don't know what all Tatsunokos think, I just see seethe threads on /vt/ and know most of it is baiting but at least some of them are honestly upset about it. Especially the Connor thing, which has been brought up in this thread by people already.

>> No.13539766

KSon clearly hates America. A no point during this collab, did she stop dead in her tracts to recite the Pledge Allegiance to the Flag.

>> No.13539772

Its drama week with Nux. It is not always like this, it is usually more comfy (at least in this general).
That said, /vt/ loves to seek and make drama. The LSF of 4chan.
But I love vshojobros nonetheless.

>> No.13539829

I love you guys too. It'll be alright in the morning I assume. Probably still move faster than normal but even the other bait threads about this have slowed down as people keep timelooping

>> No.13539835

>Anon that was fucking everyone's interpretation
I don't recall asking you to speak for me.

>> No.13539837
File: 235 KB, 463x453, 56big.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

finally a sensible post
good night motherfuckers

>> No.13539855

You can't do that in front of british people, it triggers them

>> No.13539966
File: 19 KB, 655x145, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lumi and Anny collab! ...please

>> No.13539974

We have a very weird habit of picking up shitters and baiters and having them stick around and become regulars. The Saureifags and discussion around it had some people flat out admitting this. Either we've got some kind of mind power fuckery here or folks recognize after a couple of days that we're actually chill and not worth harassing.

>> No.13539990

Genuine non-antis who are upset about the stream like me will stop talking about it very soon once it's out of everyone's system and not relevant, so yes, expect better threads tomorrow. The last time I felt totally opposed to the rest of the thread was when I first joined and really didn't like Zen, but quickly stopped talking about it and I turned around on it eventually.

>> No.13540104

Honestly, after this I hate Saruei less. That spam were obviously falseflaggers.
She is still not a + but I'd be glad if she decides to hang out.

>> No.13540171

I mean you can believe that but I still don't lol. The difference is there's so much other shit going on right now literally nothing else would be able to gain traction.

>> No.13540182
File: 632 KB, 863x423, 1632449813659.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13540231
File: 136 KB, 1920x1080, E3eb_5AX0Ag1nHT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine disliking the gecko

>> No.13540256

I used to be Zen's anti to... but her gecko model won over me.

>> No.13540266

Based. Just need Russia hate and she's got a trifecta.

>> No.13540283

It might come as surprise to some people here, but not everyone watches the same vtubers. Some people wanted a kson and mel stream and didn't like that they got a connor and mouse stream instead. I can understand that if you love connor and mouse that you didnt see anything wrong with this, but not being able to understand that some people were disappointed might be a sign of autism.

>> No.13540304
File: 16 KB, 611x198, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hm, she liked this one too

>> No.13540339
File: 143 KB, 567x796, utz3zj[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Happy anniversary anons! I keep coming back here every day every hour for some reason. I've only been here 3-4 months and I love the discussions, shitposts and memes. Good night

>> No.13540362

Autism? In MY /vt/ general? It's more likely than you think

>> No.13540365

Didn't Kson or Mel asked if they can join them ? I only caught the end of the stream and don't wanna assume what happened based on this thread

>> No.13540392
File: 298 KB, 1447x1072, 1622592503317.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Love you, anon

>> No.13540405

Did they have an actual anniversary even or was that minecraft stream all we got for now ?

>> No.13540437

They were already there when the stream started and were basically strung along in their adventures since mel didn't have a plan

>> No.13540442

It was moved.
They will celebrate this week, I think.

>> No.13540443

Always interesting to learn why people start lurking here, even if it's just "because I was curious".

I remember it as sort of a blur, Connor told Kson to click an eye thing to teleport to the raid area and that's how it started. I might be wrong.

>> No.13540473

My problem wasn't with the people who wished the stream was different, I didn't want them to mix collabs and spend so much time in caves/the Nether myself, but there is a difference between wishing they did something else and acting like an underage retard who got the wrong toy in his happy meal.
I mean, it's 4chan so of course people will always go for the most dramatic and agressive reaction, but it still annoys me.

>> No.13540475

Apparently Myau revealed that we'll get a bigger anniversary-related reveal the 30th, and some smaller announcements this week. I'm not setting my expectations too high, but I'd love to be surprised.

>> No.13540522

If Vei announces that she leaves vshojo I'm gonna be happy

>> No.13540548

It started off as that sort of reasonable critique and both sides got progressively angrier, as usually happens. It's sort of hard to avoid, people repeating their arguments or needing to re-explain for other anons is naturally frustrating.

>> No.13540588
File: 251 KB, 1110x1080, 1615632819993.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cmon anon we just stopped shitflinging

>> No.13540606


>> No.13540641

Next to be canceled is Connor, Mouse gonna regret that she made him bubi model

>> No.13540647


Oh shit, busted by clippers.

>> No.13540674

This is the vshojo general. Our girls had a good time. If you feel Kson was slighted, go sperg about it in her thread where I'm sure they will appreciate your psychic connection with her.

>> No.13540707
File: 84 KB, 751x686, 025418.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As if Nux's only lifeline needed to further cement that she ain't his get-out-jail free card.

>> No.13540708

To be honest, he was invisible

>> No.13540731

Well I ain't makin' a new thread tonight. Someone else can do it and I think OP-bro already said he was bowing out for the night. I'm kinda done for one day, frankly.

>> No.13540736
File: 1.20 MB, 879x809, 1633291409218.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it was kson the whole time

>> No.13540749

She's in

>> No.13540750

Attention = successfully gotten

>> No.13540872

The major issue is that Connor dominated the collab, and he has literally zero chemistry with Kson. She was on guard for the whole stream.
She's a complete minecraft noob also, she's never even been to the nether or really played the game outside of making pixel art.

>> No.13540907

Connor invited them to fight the pirates. Mel mentioned something about a "commencing our friendship with a bloodbath" before but I think it was just her saying random shit.

>> No.13540977

Minecraft experience means shit with that mega-mod

>> No.13540992

I am making a new one

>> No.13540998

>she's never even been to the nether
She was there once and got lost for hours.

>> No.13541490


New thread. A bit early but fuck it.

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