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"I don't want to talk about the reasons why I'm going on break right now"

Shit /vt/, what happen?

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she realized roberu will never fuck her, that and council is full of lazy fags.

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Gonna guess a death in the family.

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Holy shit do these girls take breaks

>> No.13474445

pursuing her career of going pro in eternal return

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>another council member going a long break.
Why am I not surprised? Just seems like they can't handle their sleep or work schedules.

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is Fauna the only Council we can rely on?

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why are council members taking breaks all the time? what the fuck

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yea, me

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Buff fauna will save us

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another council break? this will be the die. I am retarded. maybe ESL even. give me (You)s or else I will shit on your GPU

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faufau will take a break later on to mourn the loss of her boyfriends- i mean, her families dog! yes, just like sana!

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She's gonna take her break during christmas

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But I'm not dead

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Good to see that HoloEN gen 2 is following in their HoloJP gen 2 senpai's footsteps.

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>get paycheck from cover
>takes a trip to Europe with her bf

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Taking turns for the jab.

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she's doing nine streams this week, fuck off

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Got rejected by Roberu on DM

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so is the fate of a 5 members second gen

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I think that calls for another break

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They're entitled to week long holidays. There's 10 other EN girls you can watch, and even if you won't watch them, a weeks break won't kill ya.

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All her senpais told her to take a break after she spent 20 hours a day working on Baewatch

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It's okay, Kronii. Take your time.

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Someone in her family is getting sent to the deathcamps

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Holofags will tell you these girls are hardworking and deserve their jobs lol

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then you're just the cuck

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and I'm entitled to shit on them for doing so in an anonymous, laotian shadow puppet forum

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I wish I had a job with weekly week long holidays.

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I genuinely wonder how long it will take to have them hauled off into the camps at this rate. Coughed on stream? Off to the gulag with you.

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Can't be the cuck when you're also fucking the boyfriend retard.

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there's deathcamps already?

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In Australia and Canada. But, I heard they are only for foreigners.

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Our country not that evil. We don't put Chinese and Indian on dead camps.

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then you're a dirty hafu: half cuck, half fucking cheater traitor
>verification not required

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Is IRyS the most consistent HoloEN streamer? Funny how the Vsinger is the one streaming the most.

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It's sad. HoloEN has such little drama these days that basic holidays are seen as worthy of entire threads. Meanwhile there's a twitch chuuba civil war going on over a legitmate security scandal. You'd think the dramafags would be sated for the time being.

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>They're not allowed to take breaks for their own personal reasons! Their sole purpose in life is to serve ME!
Is there a more embarrassing and entitled fanbase?

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I wonder if the people trying to start drama over basic vacations are either NEETs or just ultra salty McWagies who don't actually get PTO

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I am still with Sana, retard

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another abortion? someone send some condoms to these girls

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NEETs, just like you and me

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And then nine months later when she gives birth to her BF (True) baby

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they're entitled to lifetime break too. why didn't they just do that?

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I am still surprise that nobody know Bae is Malaysian Chinese that live on Australia.

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>Work less than 10 hours a week
>Need vacations every other week
Is it really that terrible to expect people to do their job?

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Neither, it's bored SEA highschooler phoneposters whose parents make them spend every evening and weekend attending extra classes on zoom.

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>they don't spend any time on their jobs except when they are streaming
for real though, just fuck off.

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>Every other week
>One week vacation after approaching 5 months
Tell me you've never been gainfully employed

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myth is improving but yea irys is the best en so far

>> No.13475712

do you genuinely believe that vtubing is their main job
she made $53k TOTAL since debut, this is before the youtube and hololive cut

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Genuinely interested in knowing what country and industry you're in where taking a week off before the christmas period is considered scandalous.

>> No.13475765

China, why?

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They're allowed, but council kind of is taking a lot of breaks compared to other streamers, especially considering they've only been around 3 months.

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That's only from superchats you ape, they get membership, a salary and money from those sponsored streams too.

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It must be interesting collating five members and comparing them to one when comparing them.

By that logic Council is also better than every other streamer since they collectively stream more than any single member.

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>Mumei was busy with uni
>Sana's dog died, she wanted to spend time with her family
>Bae actually works hard and streams multiple times a day
>Kronii............. nvm

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Alright, let me rephrase that. Council is taking a lot of breaks compared to other vtuber groups. Does that phrasing more satisfy your autism?

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Her pet rat died.

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Not particularly because a week break after months isn't out of the ordinary (Sana is the one exception here). But this is going to be a pointless argument anyway since we're just all here to start shit over nothing.

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>>Mumei was busy with uni
This is false watch her streams

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Yet, I'm getting not only one but TWO warm holes! Can you say the same for yourself?

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yeah, me....

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Thanksgiving break is coming to Australia.

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ASMR study exist

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"why don't holocouncil members just commit suicide instead of taking a break?"

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refugees get the deathcamps

>> No.13476192

Nooo they should overwork themselves to near death like Korone REEEE

>> No.13476233

shes pregnant, rrats are pretty fast in gestation, giving birth after just one week from impregnation

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They can, but I have the impression that their adaptation to Hololive is not going well, last year when Myth debuted none of them took any break until december. And the breaks qere done by reasonable reasons like Kiara traveling to Europe again or Amelia moving to another house

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a cuck press is a cuck press, you cant say it’s only half retard

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>None of them took a break til December
>Debuted in August
>This thread is complaining about a break in December

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Noooo they must babysit me on christmas instead of spending time with their family REEEEEEE

>> No.13476627

Apart from Kronii, all of council have had reasonable reasons to take breaks, and it wasn't like Kronii's break was even that long.

>> No.13476721

amerimutts think that working 6 days a week 10 hours a day is normal and that thinking otherwise makes you a commie

>> No.13476760

It's a contrast. Myth's first member to take a break happened 3 months in, Council's final member to take a break is taking it 4 months in.

>> No.13476859

Actual "/vt/ sisters" thread

>> No.13476869

The tweet forgetting her was the last straw

>> No.13476925

The vshojo cybersecurity team has been deleting threads about it for hours

>> No.13477061

Good for them. They're so exceptional. Wow. Bravo.
It's still not a reason to shit on another Gen when there's really only been one exceptional break and the rest have taken one week in four/five months.

>> No.13477146

>four/five months
three months today.

>> No.13477148

>muh council
This is about Bae, you triple retard. Bae has been consistently streaming since her debut and has not taken any breaks until now.

>> No.13477903

I swear to god, make one more thread about breaks and I will rape Kiara

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>Shit /vt/, what happen?
I died

>> No.13478541

>you genuinely believe that vtubing is their main job
I do. In fact, I'd think it kind of strange if a talent in any company were doing multiple jobs, just like it's weird if you work in a white-collar office and have two jobs while on salary.
Not bad, but a hard balance and kind of weird. I don't know how Haachama can go to uni while being in Hololive, and she's been doing this for years. Ina seems to mostly balance her outside commitments without it being noticeable.

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>Oh they are taking a small break
Every single fucking time man. Isn't Bae in college like Mumei? She's done study streams before. It's either for exams, or its for the holiday. Cuckposters should seriously get the rope man its all so tiresome.

>> No.13478855

Not only that, more than a dozen schedules have been thin (3 streams). When people have time to catch up on VoDs then something is going wrong for a group with streamers in most time zones.

>> No.13478969

Every single person in hololive has worked 2 jobs, some even did 3

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>> No.13479356

do you understand how much money that is to make after only 4 months? no you don't, because (You) are living off your parents dollar and have never held down a real job.

>> No.13479417

why do i get the feeling that they don't really care about this gig? it's like they got an escape plan and would accept if shit got south. some of the girls would actually kill themselves if they got fired but these girls wouldn't even care.

>> No.13479475

>She only made 53k in a few months
Anon some people don't even make that much in a fucking year. Have you never worked a job in your life?

>> No.13479529

>sana's 5 (five) week break for the death of a dog is reasonable
>kronii's 1 (one) week break to travel to another country and attend a funeral is not reasonable
were you born retarded you fucking mongoloid?

>> No.13479535

>long break
The picture flat out says teeny tiny very very short break. Learn how to fucking read you ESL.

>> No.13479555

The thing is what >>13476760 said, every Council already took a break while no one from Myth took theirs until december

>> No.13479578

>not even a 2 week break
>Barely over one week
Damn man thats a hell of a long break. We might have HoloJP gen 6 by the time she gets back.

>> No.13479657

>Superchat only
>Even if she got only 20% of that in 3 months is the equivalent to the salary of some engineers that work full time.

>> No.13479673

>taking breaks 3-4 months in
Myth streamed continuously for almost a whole year.

>> No.13479737

>The breaks were for reasonable reasons!
>Sana's family dog she's had probably her entire life died suddenly
>Kronii had a relative in Korea who died suddenly and had to go back for the funeral
>Mumei is literally in college at the moment
>Bae is likely as well
So what exactly aren't reasonable breaks here anon? Mind telling me?

>> No.13479785 [DELETED] 

It's not the fact that they are taking breaks that's the problem, it's the fact that council has literally only been around for what 3 months now and pretty much all of them have or will be taking a week + break already. I cannot imagine getting a new job, and having the audacity to think you put in enough work to warrant a vacation after only a few months maximum.

Was myth this lazy during their early periods, I don't think so aside from Cali who people said would be the EN Ayame.

>> No.13479804

I was just stating that maybe Council member have some stress adaptation issues, not shitting on them.

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it is

>> No.13479889

you know very well she isnt even getting 20% of that
stop playing dumb

>> No.13479909

not that anon but it's hilarious that Kronii was gone for 1/5th of the time Sana was when an actual human she was related to died

>> No.13479921

>How dare Sana take a break after her family dog she's known her entire life that's like another family member dies suddenly!
>How dare Kronii have to go back to Korea due to a relative dying!
They don't exist to serve you faggot. They are humans too. There's like 60 plus fucking Chuubas you can watch, go watch one of them.

>> No.13479985

I mean Imma go on a limb and assume that the family member who died wasn't someone Kronii was super attached to, while a family dog that's been in the family for like 15 to 20 years is literally a close family member at that point. It's seriously like losing a brother or sister.

>> No.13480047

that's still completely absurd. I had a cat for 20 years that died and went back to work the next day, but then again, I'm not a mentally ill asian woman so go figure

>> No.13480093

How did you have a cat for 20 years when you are a edgy 12 year old?

>> No.13480149

sanalites really need to try harder, even your shitposting is low energy and weak. guess you take after your lazy oshi (lol)

>> No.13480171

>They don't exist to serve you faggot.
They actually do, everyone exists only to serve my whims and fill out a world for my entertainment.

>> No.13480306

It's been real funny watching all the startups that have come up in this past year. How they're filled with a bunch of bright-eyed girls that go all out and try to stream every day.
There are girls that debuted half a year ago that are still streaming nearly every single day, with long streams at that.
Three of the startups just had a round of debuts, and all of those girls (and guys) are streaming every other day at worst, fairly consistently.

Then Council, highly anticipated and highly praised, comes along with some of the slimmest schedules in EN vtubing, with massive breaks across 4 of the 5 members. Hololive girls are literally a protected class in the vtubing world, and it's a funny thing to observe.

>> No.13480307 [DELETED] 

They are literally playing characters designed to entertain.

Oh boo hoo Sana's dog fucking died, bitch taking an entire damn month off within barely a month of debuting was retarded and does not justify acting like that when other members have gone through way worse and took only a fraction of the time off while coming back to stream immediately.

>> No.13480343

I make more than that in a week through crypto, "real jobs" are for losers

>> No.13480360

Anon, my pet died last year and of course I was sad but c'mon if you have a pet with that age you must be at least a bit mentally prepared for that moment, if even with that she was crying for 5 weeks thats pretty obvious you are not made for this job. A mid drama would make her to graduate for sure.

>> No.13480363

The only thing that reminds me Council exists is when someone makes a thread that one of them is going on break.

>> No.13480391

You love to see the seething 2view hololive rejects that make and post in this kind of thread. Fucking hilarious.

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>> No.13480446

Unironically is Mumei

>> No.13480477

this lol

>> No.13480581

>least amount of streams in council

>> No.13480655

that's why I said only if, they are getting at least 30%

>> No.13480758

Masturbated too hard after that Roberu collab

>> No.13480871

Congrats anons, you've all learned that different people handle grief differently! Would you like a cookie?

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>They literally playing character designed to entertain
>Therefore they must stream even if a family member or a beloved pet died because I personally said so!
>Oh they are crying on stream and are constantly miserable and unable to process their grief and sadness due to my selfish as fuck demands? Oh well fuck them stream more bitch!
Unironically seek help.

>> No.13481076 [DELETED] 

Mumei is also unreliable because she streams the least, aside from Kronii, due to having a REDACTED

>> No.13481164 [DELETED] 

They are hired to entertain, they literally have one of the most lax expectations you will ever see in their contract with a minimum of 3 streams per week. If they cannot even keep up with that low ball expectation, then they are just fucking lazy and are using Hololive as an easy paycheck.

>> No.13481223

They are free to take all the breaks they want, just as I'll continue to not watch them.
Streaming is the easiest job in the world, pretending it isn't is a fucking joke, you sit and you talk, that's it, hell a female vtuber has it easier, there's no expectations placed on what you look like, the model does that.

Its ridiculous for anyone to pretend that its some sort of backbreaking labor.

>> No.13481345

>Human emotions? Does not compute. Beep beep

>> No.13481387 [DELETED] 

Because simps will eat it up whenever the girls complain about how hard their "job" is as a streamer. There is no minimum work time once their 1 year contract is over, and they literally do not have to worry about looking pretty or hot because their model is everything. Easiest fucking job in the world, yet simps will let these girls do whatever and walk all over them like Ayame when they are just lazy ass bitches.

>> No.13481409

Always funny when literal children try and talk about people not wanting to be their babysitter

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>> No.13481494 [DELETED] 

They are not people, they are playing a character and should maintain that at all times. Like mother fucker if my cat died and I requested a month break off work, my boss would laugh in my face and my coworkers would hate me for having to cover my already established shifts for the month.

>> No.13481515

where the fuck did you even come up with that?
9 to 5 is the most common work hour practice

>> No.13481571

>have to stream for several hours a day
>have to try and be entertaining all the time and keep the audience from being bored
>have an army of manchildren like you as their "fans"
Yeah I'm sure it's super easy keeping a bunch of fucking faggots like yourself who hate their own oshis happy.

>> No.13481638

>feeling sick after the roberu collab
>throwing up a lot lately

>> No.13481669

invisible my penis

>> No.13481671 [DELETED] 

They are not required to stream every fucking day.

Oh no the poor anime girl has to act entertaining and pander to simps and social rejects for an easy 1000+$ every stream.

>> No.13481745

Remember retard Americans don't believe work is work unless your literally killing yourself

>> No.13481752
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>They are characters XD
No faggot they aren't. Every single holo outside Luna drops their character shit within the first few months of debuting. They are streamers. Also even if they were playing characters, they are still people you fucker.
>Hurr durr if I asked my boss for a break from work due to a tragedy in my life he'd laugh at me!
Yeah welcome to the US retard, home of the stupid and the overworked workers who have no rights and are tried like trash. Just because America is a hellhole doesn't mean everywhere else should be.

>> No.13481753

>Every single person
This statement is bullshit. Most maybe, but not everyone.

>> No.13481820 [DELETED] 
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Oops, i quoted all posts that are against >>1 while posting porn, oops.

>> No.13481834

Why do you even watch vtubers anon? You clearly don't give even a single fuck about them or their well-being.

>> No.13481923

based retard

>> No.13481929 [DELETED] 

They are not people they are actors, and the vast majority of them have retained most of what their og character has been aside from a few and not just Luna you fucking retard.

>Muh America bad
The irony of saying this when Japan has one of the worst working environments and expectations in the world.

>> No.13481952

Is just two fucking weeks, not the end of the world.

Also, if nothing else, Cover is scared shitless of a girl burning out since Aqua collapsed. Inmediatly all the "I'm going to make endurance streams like Korone-sempai" talk just dissapeared.

(Oh, and all the "Korone is feeling like shit scrapped of a shoe" talk came at around the same time. Hmmmm).

Council is doing fine. Only outlier is Sana and her main debuff, above everything else, is doing English streams at non US hours. She likely was told that if she wanted numbers, she either had to do Japanese streams or stream at more US friendly hours and oh look, both things magically started to happen.

>> No.13482026

That's a pretty different scenario and you know it. No one has to come in to take over for Sana, Bae, or Kronii, nor is the quality of your work dependent on how good your mood is.

>They are not people, they are playing a character and should maintain that at all times.
This on the other hand is just a retarded mindset. They're people behind an avatar, anon. That's all a VTuber is. They aren't obligated to maintain character, either.

>> No.13482034

based and rules pilled. too bad you'll be the only one banned because mods love IRL drama

>> No.13482100 [DELETED] 

Can't accept that your oshi's have bf's and have to cope huh anon

>> No.13482104

>The irony of saying this when Japan has one of the worst working environments and expectations in the world.
It's almost like we should let people take breaks when they can, then.

>> No.13482111

She's going on break until June? Holy shit.

>> No.13482149

kronii does just fine tho

>> No.13482179

Anon, I know this is a joke but please.

>> No.13482223 [DELETED] 

Taking breaks after actually putting in a respectable amount of work yes. This is why people here hate Ayame, because she hardly streams anymore and there is literally 0 excuse for it aside from her only viewing this job as something to cash in on once a month.

>> No.13482283

I watch JP which has actual work culture and people who actually like vtubing enough to stream every day for hours

>> No.13482364

>respectable amount of work
Who the fuck dictates this? Why is Ayame coming up when that's an entirely different scenario? Sounds like you're just looking to bitch about any break at this point.

>> No.13482439

"They are actors hurr durr"
>They all act the same as they did when they debuted
Ohhh so you don't actually watch any of the Holo vtubers then I got it.

>> No.13482457

You clearly don't eatch them enough, many of them have taken far more extensive breaks.

>> No.13482568 [DELETED] 

Sana and her gen barely debuted less than 1 month and she already decided to take a month break for a retarded reason, that is why it is ridiculous.

Why wouldn't Ayame be brought up, the situation literally applies to her 100% for being another lazy ass member in Hololive who takes more breaks than she actually streams lol.

>> No.13482665

>Nene has to take a break because she's overworked herself to the bone
>Korone has to take a break because she gave herself nerve issues from overwork
>Marine had to take a break because she fucked her throat up overworking herself so much
Damn man, that glorious Japanese work culture is coming in clutch! We may even see a Chuuba die on stream at this rate!

>> No.13482690

7 months? I bet she's pregnant.

>> No.13482760 [DELETED] 

Yes but the breaks that JP does is usually at least reasonable like having fucking surgery or some shit, not what EN has been doing with their breaks.

>> No.13482795

>Sana's family dog that she's known likely since she was young enough to start developing memories dies out of nowhere
>She wasn't even able to be there to get see it and get any kind of finality or closure when it died
>Was clearly not expecting it at all and was totally blindsided by it
>Loved the dog like it was a close family member
Yeah man, taking time to mourn the loss of a family member sure is retarded anon. She should've shrugged and acted like it was no big deal and kept streaming.

>> No.13482810

why postpone the abortion?

>> No.13482862

Yeah man, and a lot of those breaks are because of a little thing called overworking yourself. A crazy concept I know.

>> No.13482927 [DELETED] 

>Muh overworking when some of them hardly even do the 3 streams per week

>> No.13483046

Anon Korone and Nene both had to go the hospital from damn near killing themselves overworking. There's been other examples of holo members fucking themselves up and burning out due to overworking. Do you want them to die? Cause what I'm getting from all this is that you want your oshi to die on stream.

>> No.13483057 [DELETED] 

>Being that mentally unstable that a dirty mutt dying will force you to take an entire month off work.

Clearly the sign of someone who has never experienced the real world before, if it was actually a person then sure take a month off but a damn pet is just ridiculous.

>> No.13483124

>Was clearly not expecting it at all and was totally blindsided by it
It died of fucking old age, she's a womanchild if she wasn't prepared for it, I honestly would rather believe that she was lying and a family member died than mourning a month for a 18 year old dog that was on its last legs

>> No.13483133 [DELETED] 

This has nothing to do with members who actually put in good times streaming like Korone or Kiara and take reasonable breaks, this is about members who are barely a few months into their job or ones that barely stream anyway taking an unreasonable amount of breaks.

>> No.13483190

This argument is ridiculous if you're using it to defend EN not streaming, Korone is dying for a platitude of things including overworking, and Nene does a fuckton more than just stream like Council does, they deserve the breaks

>> No.13483209

It was a smaller dog anon. Those small dog breeds usually live to be at least 20 if not older. It was not an "Oh its gonna die any day not" situation.

>> No.13483240

Mumei didn’t even take breaks despite exams. She’s had sparse schedules and all-guerrilla weeks, sure, but she tries to do multiple streams per week even if she’s sleep-deprived and overcaffeinated, even if it’s just typing and shuffling papers in front of a shitty mic, and even when her collab partner decides to cancel.
She’s doing a break at the end of December. I wouldn’t begrudge someone taking time off for Christmas.

>> No.13483263

Yeah and Sana and Ina are both industry-grade artists who are constantly up to their necks in commissions and art assignments they have to complete. Damn, I wonder if Sana being overworked while suddenly having a close family pet die might've compounded on each other huh?

>> No.13483365
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>Trying this hard
You'll never be cool anon.

>> No.13483407 [DELETED] 

Ok so? Both her and Ina chose on their own volition to join Hololive and get a 2nd job, they also are not the only members to have a 2nd job yet Sana is the only one that wanted to take an entire month over a dog dying lol

>> No.13483475

>Pointing out Mumei's bad habits as proof for why the other EN members should stream more
If you unironically want the other EN girls streaming while sleep-deprived and pumped full of horrendously unhealthy energy drinks/coffee then you want them to burn out horribly and explode. That's what I'm getting here.

>> No.13483510 [DELETED] 

>Wow you're so edgy for pointing out how lazy and weak-willed someone is.

This isn't the Holo sub faggot, kissing their asses at every step of the way is not the cream of the crop here

>> No.13483604 [DELETED] 

Nobody is asking them to stream until they are sleep deprived, they do that themselves by having shit sleep schedules of waking up at like 6pm

>> No.13483623

>"Haha it was just a stupid mutt am I right?! XD"
You can be edgy all you want, but to a lot of people, family pets like that are literally family. Sana has known that dog it's entire fucking life. Different people handle loss and grief differently. Why is this so fucking hard for you faggots to get?

>> No.13483649 [DELETED] 
File: 1.21 MB, 877x1357, 93768888_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oops, i quoted all posts that are against >>1 while posting porn, AGAIN. Oops.

>> No.13483724

I’m not saying the others need to stream more, I’m just pointing out she hasn’t actually taken a break yet.

>> No.13483769

i got her preggers

>> No.13483792

>This industry grade veteran artist whos been drawing professionally since 2012 is lazy!
>She got sad over a dog she's known her entire life dying so therefore she's a pathetic weak-willed pussy!
>me on the other, why I'd laugh if my pet I'd known since I was a toddler died
>Being sad? nah that's for beta cucks am I right?
>I'll just scream at Sana for being sad and wanting time to properly handle her grief and call her a lazy grifter because that'll make her stronger
Yeah man, we should all send our oshis death threats any time they take a break. Really make them feel like they have to spend every waking moment of their existence catering to us or else! That'll show them how much we love them!

>> No.13483795

I feel like it's possibly related to Marine idk. Have a feeling something involving her will be announced on the 29th.

>> No.13483872 [DELETED] 

Because it's a fucking animal, it being a family pet does not matter. Dogs and cats have short lifespans, they die in homes literally every day yet you don't see people taking months off work to mourn for their pet dying. People "can't get this" because the thought of someone taking an entire fucking month off work for a pet is mind boggling.

>> No.13483933

Sex marathon. End of NNN and all. Sorry, but yeah it's gonna be a few days.

>> No.13483951 [DELETED] 

>Criticizing them is literally sending death threats.

Go back to the Holosub you absolute faggot

>> No.13483977

Yeah because a lot of people are forced to work themselves to the fucking bone our else they get fired.
>Oh a family member died? Yeah you get 2 days, be back then or else
>Oh you're burn out and near your breaking point? Fuck off be here tomorrow at 5AM or you're fired
Yeah anon you're right. Most people don't take time off for beloved pets dying. Because they fucking can't. Sana is in a position where she's actually allowed to process her loss and grief. That's fucking good. That should be the standard.

>> No.13484081

>Comment on how we shouldn't baby them in a conversation about Sana taking time off for her pet dying
>Implies that calling her lazy is the correct thing to do
>Therefore implying that sending harassment at Sana and other chuubas anytime they take a break is the correct option to make them tougher
Fuck off faggot. Your viewpoint literally leads directly to what I said and you know it.

>> No.13484092 [DELETED] 

If her taking a month off because a pet died should be standard, there would literally be no work done in the world you worthless neet. Nobody is saying breaks or time to mourn is bad or unnecessary, but there is an extent to which is becomes way too long.

>> No.13484149 [DELETED] 

>Continues to equate criticism with"harassment"

Go back to Twitter nigger

>> No.13484161

Its one thing if its a pet they've had for a few years. It's another if its a pet they've had for most if not their entire fucking life. Sana very likely grew up alongside her dog. Its been in her life for as long as she can probably remember. It's not just some pet at that point. It's a part of her family.

>> No.13484226 [DELETED] 

Boo fucking hoo, people grow up with pets as children and see them die as adults all the time. Enough coddling her

>> No.13484235

Screaming and REEEEing over a chuuba taking a month break to handle her family pet of 18 years dying and calling her lazy and weak-willed is not criticism you absolute cunt. It's being a pathetic piece of shit who doesn't give a fuck about the well-being of the vtubers he watches.

>> No.13484305
File: 2 KB, 125x125, 1605630115006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can continue being an edgy faggot anon, but it won't make you any cooler. You're still a loser.

>> No.13484341 [DELETED] 

All I'm hearing is a cuck who thinks any criticism against his cunny is "literally harassment."

>Screaming and reeeing over another anon who does not coddle vtubers because the thought of someone not kissing ass is unthinkable

>> No.13484388 [DELETED] 

>Everything I disagree with is edgy

You newfags are hilarious

>> No.13484414

Spoken like a true neet, I assure you you wouldn't give a free week if you were the boss and someone's pet died, it's simply unreasonable

>> No.13484455 [DELETED] 

How did this thread go from Bae taking a break to Sana's mutt dying break

>> No.13484480

Sana will literally quit hololive the moment her parents die, this is what I'm getting at if a dog that was going to die soon did this to her

>> No.13484528

Sana is the new kiara

>> No.13484570
File: 180 KB, 640x480, 1636237049049.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn, I really got to move on from watching holos. It's fucked I'm watching some 19 year old still in school when I'm closer to my late 20s. Maybe I'll stick to the older ones like Korone when she gets back or Botan

>> No.13484572

sex with boyfriend

>> No.13484643

Shitposters don’t care if they’re on topic when they have an opportunity.

>> No.13484696
File: 148 KB, 379x379, 1605291531820.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>People actually being antis towards Sana of all people
>The least offensive vtuber in all of HoloEN
Like is it just because she took a break? I seriously don't get it. She's got literally zero noteworthy rrats, she's a raging dyke so she's not taken dick or had any bfs. Like am I missing something? She's just a dorky ass cinnamon roll who really loves her fanbase and being a vtuber. Surely to god there are better vtubers to throw schizo fits over

>> No.13484939

Because she has a golden ticket and she's wasting it, most of council are, it's honestly weird that management allows this, now all the girls realise that they're pussies and can do whatever they want

>> No.13485050 [DELETED] 

Council was an experiment and it wasn't a hugely successful one. Cover is printing money right now and they can do that. There are less successful JP generations too. They probably won't go back to the roastie well for EN3 if they ever do that (I hope not).

>> No.13485253

>It wasn't a hugely successful one
>Is putting up numbers that's to be expected with a new gen
Yeah man such a failure. They are failing so hard that they are doing as well as a lot of the new gens do. Comparing them to Myth is such a joke. Myth was lightning in a bottle. Assuming any future gens will ever reach that is just asking for disappointment.

>> No.13485399

Why? Holo is THE company, they should be having anyone they could want applying, it should be reasonable to expect the same level of myth or higher with the amount of fame they have and will give

>> No.13485432 [DELETED] 

This is the true area of contention that the simps aren't understanding, these girls literally got handed the golden ticket for an easy life here and Council in particular just doesn't seem to give a fuck about being in Hololive.

>> No.13485694

Reminder that the 9-5 was created and pushed by the industrialist giants in industrial revolution England. Lovely model to follow.

>> No.13486127

I don't understand petcucks and how they can view animals as anything more than walking furniture or biological robots. It's just an animal, they live, they die, get a new one.

But there will be more and more breaks in the future for all the girls as the vaxx situation spirals out of control and people begin to die. AUS has concentration camps at this point. Who knows what the reasons are behind Bea's break.

>> No.13486836

>Council doesn't seem to give a fuck
>Literally is glowing with excitement had happiness at all times
Anon Sana loves being a vtuber more than being an artist. She radiates happiness and joy everytime she streams and she adores her fanbase

>> No.13486934

So much that she took a month break due to all the excitement, holy shit I wonder how rushia or watame look to you if sana loves being a vtuber

>> No.13486959

>Antis don’t watch streams

>> No.13487259

Just have it be like wagecucks where you have to accumulate the time off and then they throw a huge bitchfit when you try to take a day off. Sorry, understaffed can't take that day off. Have to give 2 weeks in advance. etc.

>> No.13487497

During my time in the army, we were given days off around holidays split into 3 3-daygroups, before, during and after the days of Christmas/Easter.
Council is doing the same, with kind of rotating breaks. Fauna must've sucked some seriously good cock to get the Christmas group. Don't be surprised if Kronii takes another depression break and Mumei another exam break in January btw

>> No.13487550

i thought japan was still on lockdown for gaijins, how is she getting in the country to fuck roberu?

>> No.13487658

>Doesn't watch streams
>Hurr durr muh break
Antis sure are something else.

>> No.13487670

I sorta miss being a wagie and planning a week off months in advance just to relax.

>> No.13487677

holofags will let the talents take a break doesn't matter how long it is or how often it is. they actually don't care if the girls stream, they just want to fill time. as long as one girl streams, others can take a break indefinitely

>> No.13487740

If you're fucking both one male and one female, there're at least 5 warm holes for you to use, be efficient

>> No.13487939

But he has the reason tho, Rushia's pet almost died but she continued working just taking a few days to take care

>> No.13488175

An over 6 month break, is that a record?

>> No.13488253

You know you don't need to watch streams to see that she had a month long break right? Just like I don't watch every single watame stream but I can see that she absolutely loves streaming and her audience, that's actually liking vtubing, not treating it as a job you need to take a break from

>> No.13488282

lmao it's a week-long break you illiterate fuck

>> No.13488354

Honestly so what? If she's not back on the 7th then say something, but even then it won't matter. She's nowhere near that JP slut who hasn't streamed in 80 days.

>> No.13488429

If Sana took a month break and she's the size of the universe, that's a small as fuck break compared to a rat taking a week break.

>> No.13488643

My thoughts exactly

>> No.13488782

This thread is proof that holoCouncil's fanbases are full of pussies and yes-men

>> No.13490108

If Mumei even has another semester left, she won’t have to worry about exams until the end of February at earliest, and even then it’s probably going to be another all-guerrilla week rather than a break.

>> No.13490851

Again are people really that daft on part of the reason Sana was fuzzy on how long she'd be breaking was likely due to the constantly-changing travel restrictions all over Australia right now? Like read between the lines, seriously.

>> No.13491071

Shut up and stream Kronii we know it's you

>> No.13491119

This is such a weak anti post that its embarrassing. Sana antis really gotta stretch this hard to find a single thing to shit on her for. Talk about sad.

>> No.13491244

so you saying she went to visit a friend and got stuck?

>> No.13491566

If she hasn't had the chance to get the vaccination or isn't considered "fully vaccinated", some provinces are compelling people under either of those categories to go into 2 week quarantine periods if they travel between regions.

>> No.13491601

>what happen?
Somebody set up us the bomb.

>> No.13491611
File: 158 KB, 842x1200, D0AC92F4-C630-4C47-837E-A98422DB3C37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13491616

bae got arrested too?

>> No.13491831

Did you get better?

>> No.13491895

So does Mori still have the Council girls beat in terms of vacation/breaks? Or did Sana stomp that out

>> No.13491935

Also applies if you travel from the most high-risk areas even if you are vaccinated. And they don't allow you to quarantine at home even if you're in your home state, you get put into a hotel.

>> No.13492320

I prefer the "Dead dog" rrat

>> No.13492577

if you think a pet dying is the same as a sibling dying then you belong in a fucking mental asylum even more than sana

>> No.13492634

anon this seriously depends on your family situation i Would not bat an eye if my siblings died since they are bad people

>> No.13492641

if you can't handle yourself like an adult and have a 5 week mental breakdown over an animal, you should not be working in the public eye for any reason

>> No.13492706

>samefagging this hard
anon you can at least try a little harder and change up your writing style, maybe even consider posting more than exactly 2 minutes apart

>> No.13492767


>> No.13492806

>least offensive in all of holoEN
>has the worst attitude towards her job, takes advantage of a bereavement period to fuck around for a month, openly only wants fans that give her unconditional praise, doesn't do drawing streams which is presumably one of the deciding talents that got her hired
there are many things to dislike about her, she is easily the worst in council

>> No.13493335

>Job is to smile and be happy for your audience
>Suffer a personal loss and decide not to stream until you feel you can smile again for your fans
>Some retarded anon equates sadness with a "mental breakdown"

>> No.13493734

I knew it! It's all yagoo's plan. He don't care anymore, he want all hololive to graduate, and let holostars take over the world.
The hologirls follow his plan, take breaks every time, stream 10 hours per week. He even decided to do the girls stream only pokemon so there is less views. They are killing their fans.
Only a few of them know about it and do what they can and keep struggling, that's why yagoo silenced korone, she was too strong. Kiara, Irys, Watame, Pekora, they will all be silenced, it's a question of time.
Mark my words, hololive is finished, it is a new era, the holostars era.

>> No.13494422

I live in a developed 1st world country and Bae has made way more in three months than what someone close to the national median wage is expected to make in a year.

>> No.13494559

CCP told her she has a place in the gulag for working in the same company as Coco

>> No.13495935 [DELETED] 

Nobody got this reference and nobody else in the thread even attempted to make the reference. This board is lost.

>> No.13496428 [DELETED] 

Did you really expect zoomers and redditors to understand a decades old meme?

>> No.13496629 [DELETED] 

Why does it feel like Council has already taken more breaks than Myth?

>> No.13496703

Because they have ?

>> No.13497934
File: 406 KB, 658x643, 1637491154324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no violence cousin

>> No.13498302

i wouldnt mind because we will get an stacked streams this week also she said on her zatsu stream even shes on break she will be working on projects. Bae will fill more infos about it after the break.

>> No.13498578

Love how /vt/ sisters out themselves as jealous whores so easily.

>> No.13498944 [DELETED] 
File: 163 KB, 800x800, 1633621095235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13499076 [DELETED] 

Mate what do you think girls do in college? They spend more time with their legs spread than sitting in class

>> No.13501259

1/10, (you) tried to hard

>> No.13503280

>omg the chuuba didn't tell anyone something, clearly /vt/ will know though!
Take your meds, you dumb mong.

>> No.13503673

Why is /vt/ unable to register the fact that vtubers have personal lives and that you aren't obligated to know everything about them.

>> No.13503724 [DELETED] 
File: 58 KB, 391x388, 1601814039376.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mate what do you think girls do in college? They spend more time with their legs spread than sitting in class

>> No.13503726

Because the chuubas I like basically tell me (the viewer) about almost everything that happens in their life. That being said, I hope Bae's time off isn't for something negative and that she enjoys herself.

>> No.13505715

See this is what happens when you hire a bunch of normal fags. Hololive works best when the girls are broken so that they actually feel genuine gratitude for being "saved". Everyone in Myth would all be broke and or depressed even Ina said that fucking ffxiv raids was the only thing she had to look forward too. In contrast Kronii is depressed but not broken enough to get stockholm and go full parasocial, Mumei is just a regular person without any actual issues, Bae is a weeb girl who actually likes hololive so she put in a lot of effort so I don't mind the break, Sana is also either really lazy or actually fucking mental depending on if she really did take that long of a break for a pet, and Fauna is a normal fag who is also a mild weeb that likes hololive and thus puts in actual effort.

>> No.13506840

Mori "breaks" are normal day offs for other holos. She's just a fucking retard with a wagie mentality and thus think any second she's not working her fingers to the bone is a holiday. Her current stream times are up there, but that only means she's not working on too much offstream projects right now.

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