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AFK Money AHAHAHAHA Explain Holobronies

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I don't wanna

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Ame will lead the worker's revolution and the unionization of Hololive talent

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teacucks should kill themselves

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Amelia Basedson will take over Yagoo eventually.
She already got a team of designers, programmers, 3D modellers and illustrators that will do anything for her.
The rise of Watson Industries is just a matter of time.

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>hires someone just to fire them instantly

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>Wait a minute! That's what Cover does!

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She should graduate so she can keep all her money

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If she was remotely honest she would say
>Yagoo doesn't like it when I act like a whore and beg to collab with vshojo

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Is new Kson 8 feet tall or something?

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if it wasn't for cover she still would be streaming for 50 faggots on twitch earning literal pennies

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189.3 cm => 1-Ya-Ku-Za

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Cover's goon everyone! are you gonna harass her now?

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God I hope so.

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