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Based Kiara

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I dont get it

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what do you mean by thisw40pt

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She cant keep getting away with it

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>Tweeting BLM shit in her roomate account
>Now this and got caught of being a pewdiepie fan

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"More like watch only kiara everyday-mon"
I don't get it

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it's related to pewdiepie? qrd?

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What the fuck did the stupid chicken mean by this?

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>he's living at a region where youtube hides the dislikes

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What's wrong with PewDiePie he's apologize for anything he said and is pretty much loved by reddit now

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#WOKE #YOLK has been a Kiara thing for a long time

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Leftists never forgive him and they still see him as a nazi. If Kiara was a lefitst, she would never make a pewdiepie reference.

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Is the new pokemon woke?

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shes just a normal lib i dont think she cares enough about politics to be a leftist

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you don't get it
Kiara doesn't really believe in anything
she cried about racism while in Japan and during BLM thing tweeted the wokest shit imaginable, but now that she is in Hololive she changed direction
you may ask why. the answer is simple she is an attention whore with no real beliefs in anything except narcissism.

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It's a 200 iq play by her as she continues her plans to create a thousand year reich

>> No.13407638

>think it's some SJW thing
>it's actually ME ME ME ME ME
Why is she like this?

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I cant TAKE it anymore. I NEED to smell her cunt...or whatever that supposed SC said.

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Isn't it...just a funny pun ? Why is everyone go full politics with no reason ? Wtf is wrong with you ?

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I clicked on the link and it was a bunch of videos all shitting on wokism and leftism. Did one of the ENs slowly redpill her or something?

>> No.13408485

Poor guy got slandered for it too

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Always knew she was a stupid SJW cunt.

>> No.13409478

Like half of her fanbase uses this site and she reads the pre-chat

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me me me is the reason behind 99% of public political statements anyway so not like it's actually different

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What link?

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#WOKE in her title is a link to a bunch of YouTube videos

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I watch Kiara regularly and honestly believe she has no idea what woke means and just says it regularly because it rhymes with yolk.

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Did she comment on it during the stream? Don't really understand what she was referring to. The word woke nowadays is primarily used by right wingers to mock left wingers. For example: someone could complain that during character creation Pokémon now also has all kinds of skin color, and in that context "Pokémon? More like Wokemon" would make sense. But I have no idea what Kiara meant here.

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She's using it disparagingly.

RRAT: When she finally arrived back to her idyllic hometown in "Australia" after 10+ years abroad, she was dumbfounded how everyone in her hometown had been replaced by "refugees". She probably caught up with her past friends and they all talked to her about how they had been raped by a "migrant". It's why she told Callie you can't just let anyone into your country. She hasn't tweeted any woke shit since coming back.

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I don't care what she means, I just want to shit in her mouth

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t. average delusional mutt
don't overdose on fox news and alex jones

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If you're not a regular, WOKE and YOLK are:
Watch Only Kiara Every(day)
You Only Love Kiara

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Are you honestly trying to suggest EU isn't filled with refugees that have a problem with understanding consent?
Where the fuck do you live, exactly?

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It will come a time when every acronym of 5 letters or less will have a leftist or rightist secret signification and you won't be able to say anything anymore.

>> No.13410905

Alex Jones and fox aren't the side always kvetching about how every woman is a rape victim

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It´s a search for a hashtag, you can do that for nearly a year now. Her jokes have no influence on how other people use the hashtag.

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the idea that every village in Austria is filled with migrants or how every woman is raped my migrants daily is right wing fantasy honey

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Based sister, these chuds need to educate themselves.

>> No.13411074

no one said anything about villages, villages have hundreds of people in it.
why didn't you answer a simple question of whether you were even near where you're talking about?

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>First Mori is a fan of Cr1TiKaL
>Now Kiara is a fan of Pewdiepie
What's next? Ina is a fan of Markiplier?

>> No.13411123

Everywhere but the villages actually. Based village chuds ran the rapists out day one

>> No.13411146

Moomers is a fan of einshine and the manga lad

>> No.13411185

I don't blame him at all. I too desperately need to smell her cunt IRL. Imagine it. I bet her body wash smells like strawberries or something really typically stacy and girlish and the aroma of her pussy... where do I even start... God she's so fucking hot. I want to smell her feet and armpits and her breath too, her morning breath, but first, first her cunt. Yeah. YEAH!

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Hey. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Kiara repeated it from chat knowing that it was from Pewdiepie (because chat told her), but it's not like she could come up with this kind of reference herself or has shown any proof of being a Pewdiepie viewer. The only thing we can say is that she didn't "cancel" him or whatever.

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Normies wear their political opinions like fashion statements. They will change them as soon as the cultural wind blows a different direction. Kiara doesn't actually believe anything except whatever is popular with her social circle (and now that she spends all her time with lonely western nerdy men, she's slowly adopted their beliefs one by one).

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Pewdiepie's Alice Madness gameplay is from 2013. There's no way she could've bothered to imitate him if she were not a long time fan.

>> No.13411415 [DELETED] 

Wouldn't she have adopted the Japanese political mentality that so many progressives call fascist then?

>> No.13411429

You will never be a woman.

>> No.13411446

literally who?

>> No.13411453

>She was recommended Alice by her mom, Gura and an IRL friend
>She knew nothing about the game
>She somehow was watching Pewdiepie in 2013
Don't be stupid. Also I was watching the stream and saw the exact chat message that she repeated out loud.

>> No.13411586

>Excited to play Alice Madness
>First thing she did is to search pewdiepie's gameplay of it
What the fuck seriously

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The BLM statement was her responding to somebody asking what was in the news in the US.
EOPs deserve the bullet.
Not that there isn't political shit there, but not that example.

>> No.13412249

it is not a political statement, it is a kfp-meme/marketing strategy

(W)atch (O)nly (K)iara (E)veryday

by using the hashtag #WOKE, the kfp-memes get clumped together with with all the #woke stuff that is not related to her. Just look at her twitter or check her other videos. #woke and #yolk (you only love kiara) is put in all the descriprions.
Now people who use those tags for political reasons get spammed with kiara fanart in their feed.

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I want to forcefully shit in her mouth.

>> No.13412360

Gura a fan of Sam Hyde

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That's actually pretty based

>> No.13413487

based Kiara making chuds seeth and fucking up their twitter feeds

>> No.13413593

So kiara is trying to create a cult around herself while using coincidently convenient words
Im actually respect her more now if that was the intention, trully a uberswomench by the book

>> No.13414596

You know what else is a right wing fantasy?
Australians standing up and fighting against the mandatory jab

>> No.13414639

go back /pol/ack
every Japanese holo is already vaxxed
keep seething

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>Ame is a fan of dunkey

>> No.13414685

Every big national movement started as small cults anons.

>> No.13414759

>ayame is a fan of haku zynkyoku

>> No.13414855

Fauna is unironically, 100% confirmed to be a fan of Northernlion.

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To be fair a good cunt, smells pretty good. Licking pussy is a simple yet amazing pleasure.

>> No.13414970

Find and take meds. Doesn't matter what kind

>> No.13415208

what's it like anon

>> No.13415696

no it doesn't.
its like old pennies

>> No.13415802

Smells like sugar, sweat and flowers, its a very pleasent smell, but very unique. When you feel the wetness agaisnt your mouth its a huge turn on.

>> No.13416478

I kinda wanted to see a holo play Isaac, and it'd be so fitting

>> No.13416550

You have never been within 2 miles of a pussy in your life. except for the gigantic one that houses your retarded brain

>> No.13416573

this only applies to cunny
sorry but you're going to jail

>> No.13416616

I didn't even have to try to find cases like this all over Europe. All I searched for was "mass rape".

Honestly, I was only half-joking about the rape part, but I knew it would make subhumans like you seethe. If you think allowing tens of millions of people with no ties or connections to your culture, ethnicity, language, or way of life into your country is a good thing that brings stability, you're a fucking idiot.

I think /pol/ is the worst board on this site and I never go there. Everyone there is extremely retarded but so are the people who deny what's happening. Go look at photos of crowds in Western countries from only 20-30 years ago and compare them to today. Demographics don't change in a single generation like that except in times of war. I hope Kiara realized all this when she finally returned home.

>> No.13416757

now search for "ass rape". actually you dont have to, because im driving to your basement right now to perform it on you

>> No.13416879

I will keep voting for pro immigration left wing party here just to make you seeth

>> No.13417024

>im driving to your basement

You should probably just take the stairs.

>> No.13417595

based accelerationist

>> No.13417719

Oh man if you only knew the amount of women that got raped by migrants only last year in europe

>> No.13418380

nigga it doesnt taste that good, you just dont think its gross cause your horny at the time

>> No.13418560

NTA but from my experience doesn't really taste like much of anything. The texture is nice though.

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I hate Kiara so much

>> No.13419664

I think you people don't fully understand who this person is. This is just the tip of the iceberg with her.

>> No.13419894

she needs her Lebensraum

>> No.13420089

Wtf why is Kiara so fucking based to the point of being scary. She is truly the fuhrer we needed for our one thousand year Reich. All hail Kiara, Glory to KFP

>> No.13420156

Could be true actually, Kiara is a clever person despite how retarded she can looks at times. It's just that she being too emotional just hides her true intelligence

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>> No.13420239

It's not you're being retarded. You don't know who this person is

>> No.13422561

I dont fuck nasty ass bitches like you anon.

>> No.13422782

How does she do it?

>> No.13422861

>Kiara takes two real random words and completely redefines them to make them about HER HER HER
actual mental illness, holy shit
how can anyone watch this complete egomaniac?

>> No.13423448

Dunkey is actually based though

>> No.13423595

what makes this pokemon woke? are there any gender fluid gym leaders

>> No.13423920

Cum, pussy juice, snot, sweat, tears all taste the same. Some more salty than the other but still disgusting. Surprisingly licking ass just taste like licking copper.

>> No.13424220

game's fucking ridiculous now. no one is gonna put in the effort for that mess.

>> No.13424561

fucking based

>> No.13425219

Here's a fine rrat for you, anon: every single holobird runs their fanbase like a cult. Kiara's just the most obvious one, followed by Reine.

>> No.13426710

That’s not even a rrat. Mumei’s fanbase is literally a Khornate cult.

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Khorne from Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy. Chaos God of war and bloodshed. Your image shows exactly why it’s appropriate.

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>> No.13433621

how based?

>> No.13434967

It's not a stretch. It happened to my childhood neighborhood too.
It used to be a nice place, now it's full of foreigners, foreclosed homes, homes on sale, fences, they demolished half a block to build a hideous commie block, left only the old people who are too old to move out that point of their life who keep saying how awful the place has become. Visiting it killed a piece of myself..

>> No.13437687

Why is she like this?

>> No.13437881

There's no point hunting after her. Just buy some strawberries and sniff them, be content with your fantasies.

>> No.13442682

But the fun of having dreams is chasing them.

>> No.13446115

How’s that based?

>> No.13450230

based on what?

>> No.13450277

Don’t be a YOLK tsundere anon

>> No.13451186

Kiara's a fucking idiot
She's too small (even the biggest streamers ever are too small) to be able to appropriate a common politically-charged word like "WOKE" into an acronym favorable to her.
Streamers avoid using existing tags for their fanbase name or art tags, and she thinks she can appropriate "WOKE"?!

I wondered if this was just a short lived joke since this clip came from a stream in March, but she used #woke in a twitter post in november 12.

>> No.13454516

Holy based.

>> No.13458430

ohhhhh nyyyyo

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>> No.13464470

holy based

>> No.13464536

#Watch Only Kiara Everyday
#You Only Love Kiara

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i live in europe

>> No.13466630

Chuds can't stop losing

>> No.13466841

Her roommate was woke and anti white before becoming a vtuber which lead to a lot of people hating her before she even debuted. She is probably trying to appeal to those people who hated her to grow her audience which has been stagnant for awhile now.

>> No.13466977

I like kiara's playthroughs, they have tons of energy and fun commentary. But, Kiara on her own is a creep and a weirdo. Kind off a gross person, imo.

>> No.13469926

hows it going ahmed?

>> No.13469978

pekora is anti vaxx

>> No.13470013

wtf happened to einshine like wtf?

>> No.13470328

every Hololive employee had a jab

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