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>friend looks really cute today
>she asks you to walk her home after school
what would you do?

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It'd be rude to decline.

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>this is what she sees

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Splash water on her
"You should get out of those wet clothes"

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Eating crayons with her

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I was planning to walk her home anyway to make sure she doesn't assault any lolis

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Walk her home gently

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Offer her eggs

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Tell her to stop joking around. Of course I'd walk my wife home.

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I'd rather her snow elf classmate.

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flex a 'cep

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I'd walk her home only if she tells me where chammers lives.
You rub my back, I'll rub yours.
If she helps me with my romantic conquest over chammers then I'll pretty much do anything under the sun for her.

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Only if her friends are coming with us.

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>Walk you home?
>HA! As if loser
>Be ready for school tomorrow though
>Better not catch you pulling a Sayori

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I want Lamy to wamy me!

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>Fur just wanna be friends
literally everything

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but i dont speak japanese.... i leave and try to find the Nigerian embassy

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I want to go out with her friends and go on karaoke with them and then get raped!

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>lol no
>*turns 360 degrees and walks away*

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I live in a neo-chivalrous Marxist-Feminist proto-soviet dystopia obsessed with the class struggle between women and men, so I'd nope the hell out of there instead of taking on the liability of being in the vicinity of a woman without any trustworthy witnesses around to vouch for my intentions.

Otherwise I'd walk her home, invite myself in, do the needful and have her make me dinner while I drank and watched the game like any red-blooded man who lived in a free country would.

But I swear, if she put a drop of mayonnaise on my food after I told her in broken Google translated Japanese not to, that relationship would end even faster than I came. I don't know why nips are obsessed with mayo, but I do not want that white gunk on my Japanese hamburger. If her husband likes it, he can put it on himself after he gets home from work and joins us.

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>not helping her

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She's gone Anon. You've scared her off with your incel ramblings.

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Only if she doesn't mind my retarded sister walking with us

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Why'd they make Lamy 3d so SEX?

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I’d rather go with Aki. And then hold hands.

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Hags shouldn't play a high school girl, it's cringe.

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Friend... you must not have realized that Lamy ALWAYS has been SEX

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Autists like you shouldn't be allowed to live, it's cringe.

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are they finally making a Hololive VN?

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>But can I fluff your tail afterwards?

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I am 6'4" and used to be built like a brick shithouse from overeating and doing stock unloading at a furniture store on weekends for my last two years of highschool, and I was frequently asked to walk with groups of girls till they reached a certain street because our school was in a shitty area and they'd get harassed by drunks or weirdos if they didn't have a big guy around.

I actually can't get into rhe whole "walking home with your crush" stuff because the idea of it just makes me brace for possibly having to deal with grown men trying to harass them.

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There's something really special about Friend 3D.
She's really good at it to the point she's like a real anime girl.
All the mannerisms are cute

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>go to expensive private school
>all the girls have drivers picking them up
>never asked by a girl to walk her home
you poorfags have all the luck

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Mating press

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Walk her home and ask her if she wants to grab a bite at KFP.

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no thanks, id rather stalk you from afar like i always do

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I walk her out of school, invite her to come over so we can play games, she beats my ass to next Thursday then we make out on the bed and end up fucking.
Just a regular school day.

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Pat her

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I'd walk her home gently.

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Say yes

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Just learn that shit anon

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I just entered to see this response, nice job anon

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>go home with her
>starts raining all of a sudden
>neither of us has an umbrella so we both have to take shelter in my house
>both of us are drenched so we have to take a hot shower and change our clothes
>she goes first as I try to find something for her to wear
>all of my clothes are too big for her, but it doesn't seem like the rain will stop anytime soon, so she'll have to make-do
>parents are absent so it's just the two of us
>watching TV/playing vidya to pass the time
>feel her getting closer to me with each passing moment
>grasps my hand out of the blue and pushes me down on the couch, kissing me
>too surprised to respond, her lips are away before I can react
>she's taking off her clothes and trying to remove mine
>say "fuck it" and help her, undressing myself as I grab her and carry her to my room
>what follows is an hour of the most intense ye loving sex ever (despite us both being virgin)
>lay on the bed basking in the afterglow
>she snuggles closer to me and says in a small, shy voice
>"I love you, Anon"
>Respond in kind, kissing her again
>the rain is still pouring
>we snuggle even closer to one another, keeping ourselves warm

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>ok sure lets go... IF YOU CAN KEEP UP
>sprint away as fast as I can

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fucking hell man

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>I wake up

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if that gives you a boner then you should check out the entire Playstation 2 library

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i want to ravage aki while she calls me a good boy

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Ask her when was the last time Ayame streamed.

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>mom is busting in my door
>yelling I'm late for school
>I'm startled out of bed, fall to the floor
>jump up wide awake
>obvious wet spot on boxers and bed
>with utter disgust mom tells me to take a shower first and slams the door

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No way NERD! Smell ya later!

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yo what's this 30 year old doing in high school

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sex with friend

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>i cross her name off my list
>next day im walking a different girl home
>see her looking at us
>"b-but Anon.. I thought."
>she's got tears in her eyes
>I only give her a side-glance
>"Don't be a dumb fox."
>walk past her
>I leave with the other girl

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Kek, came here for this, wasn't disappointed.

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Murder her

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yes but she has to show me where Mr. Koro lives

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but anon, i am not a smart man, i change tires for a living

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"Sorry friend but me and the boys are going to drink down by the river with Aki and Lamy."

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whatever you say fox girl

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>start to panic
>look behind me to make sure she's actually talking to me
>head down
>mumble something incoherent
>walk away from her and go straight home by myself
>convince myself she was just trying to make fun of me
>"why else would anyone talk to me?"

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"I am sorry Fubuki-chan, but I am walking with Nene today to protect her from weirdos calling themselves her husband"

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Tell her to dogeza beg if she really wants my help.

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I wonder where this question's coming from? I mean where else would I go?

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Sorry, Aki and Matsuri asked me the same thing and I don't know who choose.

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Sorry, there's only one girl for me.

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you hold hands with the two of them and you carry one on your back.

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I didn't know Suisex was in this class

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are they really going to make a game?

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she's in misora's class.

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Mating press