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My oshi can beat up your oshi

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Nah, my oshi is the beginning and the end. He has all the powers.

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In any real conflict though Kuro-san's knees will explode taking out both the combatants and the city they are fighting in.

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Yes, but I can't imagine Korone assaulting AZKi.

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Oh yeah?

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But can she beat me up?

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no, mine is the sstrongeest

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Probably can. My oshi has the stature of a grade schooler and never leaves the house or plays fitness games.

Her weakness is kind of the appeal.

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my oshi has a fucking gun

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My oshi's boyfriend can beat your oshi's boyfriend

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I'd like to see him try. I'll put him in the fucking floor.

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absolute state of transanji

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at least my oshi isn't dying this year

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im my oshis boyfriend, your oshis bf better prepare himself.

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I wouldn't be so sure, after all, my preparations are almost finished.

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My oshi has the power of belly, and she uses magic to summon a big gun. Her ultimate move is Kusogakick. It has 90% chance to hit the enemy, and 10% chance to miss the enemy. If she misses, the kick will inflict big damage to her. If she hits, it will deal 2x the health of her.

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She can do it.

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My oshi laughs while your oshi goes to jail for trying to overthrow her.

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I am both their boyfriends, (you) lose.

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my oshi is single and her bf would win

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That's even worse, because the worst enemy a man can face is himself.

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Calm down tsun zu

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>My oshi's boyfriend
Yeah, me
>Your oshi's boyfriene
Yeah, me

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That's true, yeah. Honestly Pekora seems like she would be VERY easy to beat up.

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Yeah she is fat as fuck so maybe even the most unfit hololiver can knock her down pretty much without problem

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shut up faggot

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perhaps the only exception is the Nekomata Okazu thing, but that's from Okayu so yeah

even Reine couldn't put a finger on zero limiter Coco, probably same with Moona as well

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Skinny people are considerably easier to beat up than fat people, you know.

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My oshi is just a fragile kid. Please dont hurt her

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fat person cope

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Not really. Weight counts for a lot in a fight. The fat person probably won't win, but at least they're not going to be grabbed, thrown to the ground or have their bones broken immediately like a random 40kg skinny faggot would.

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why would that happen immediately, if you're not a fat fuck you can move. Whoever hits faster and more often will win. It's not MMA.

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Imagine having a shitty manager that you don't even know the voice and that just makes dumb shit like adding even more stupid lore to hololive, atleast A Chan and Shinove actually do some shit on stream, do you find Omegacucks tweets hot or some shit because that is the only shit that you know about this dude, I know this is a bait but i can't help to get mad at this shit.

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False, fat people can't up eat body shots at all. They also are slower, have less stamina, and are not really that much stronger. The exception is strong fat.

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Sure bitch.

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cocos "strong american badass doragon" schtick is an act. shes a sheltered asian american pretty girl who is a massive fucking nerd.

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I'm not talking about winning a fight, i'm talking about beating up. Like, if you're one sidedly beating the shit out of them. Which one do you think is going to take longer to kill, the fat dude or the skinny one?

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>The exception is strong fat.
to be fair those people are living like they're 2 feet taller than they are

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Thats just weird

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What, you don't like ryona? You a gayboy son?

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not really but if I was it would be male on female

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She's dead.

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My oshi can unplug your oshi‘s life support

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>My oshi can beat up your oshi

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And that's why she's my oshi

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