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It's definitely just an act for the majority of them but I'm sure there are at least a couple who are genuinely bi or full lesbian.

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Luna is the only one I'd say is overtly, absolutely, genuinely, definitively a dyke. Her interactions with Matsuri and now her interactions and clinginess with Subaru supports this.

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only Mikoti and polka the rest are >>13288304

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yes. miko is a pure lesbian

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Statistically 1-2 probably are. Flare and Reine are the two that sound plausible.

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Most of gen 4 seem at least bi. You have Towas roommates zatsudan about her liking girls and just look at kanata, don't really need to say anything more about her, she radiates overwhelming dyke vibes

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To this moment, I still have not seen a shred of evidence. Only claims.

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If i had to say 4 names, i would go with migo, kanata, kiara, reine

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>pure lesbian
>roommate had an online bf for 2 years

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/u/FAGGOTS are delusional.

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Unlike the rest of Holo ID she's never really tipped her hand on finding males attractive. Moona hasn't either but if you told me Moona has never had any romantic interaction with another person in real life I'd believe it.

>> No.13289502

And to add on that
>mentioned how she wanted to open up more of her real personality after 6 months streaming
>proceeds to go full horny over women

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I would believe that moona would have had a romantic interaction most men swoon over girls who can sing

>> No.13290086

Only Miko, I'd say. She doesn't exactly keep it secret.

Not really. Luna is just extremely shy and becomes clingy with people that break through to her. Of course Cover uses this for yuribait.

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Muslims aren't allowed to be lesbians, anon

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it was actually pekora

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Which makes the rrat even more plausible, anon.

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tf is an online bf. Like when you play WoW together?

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post evidence

>> No.13290841

watch streams

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watch streams faggot also do reps

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lurk mor

>> No.13290956

None of them are lesbian, its all acting to appeal to the yuri shipping fags

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is anon acting like a retard too?

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*cums on you*

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Reine is obviously one.

>> No.13291314

Migor Rape Peggor

>> No.13291350

Miko fucked one of her lesbian fans so hard she has been following Miko for 8 years

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Anon , she even enjoy reading Smut Yuri fanfic on her stream.

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Lesbians no but some of them are bi for sure.

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watch streams you don't even need to do your reps

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Acting for their audience. Christ in a bike you faggots are so gullible.

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watch the streams and join their membership

>> No.13291818

Holo EN exists.

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Do you believe that any of the holo girls are actually idols?

>> No.13291942

Do reps. "Boyfriend" she never met was definitely Peko.

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Being an idol is just a matter of branding and public reception.

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Post them with timestamps. I’ll not do your job for you.
Somebody else did join her membership solely to find the dyke stuff. Ended up finding nothing. I won’t do the same mistake. It’s your claim, no one has to prove it but (You).

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elaborate on Kanata, that's not a real argument. she might just feel more at ease around women (i.e. the gender she's not attracted to.)

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elaborate on Kanata, that's not a real argument. she might just feel more at ease around women (i.e. the gender she's not attracted to).

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Stop shilling your oshi you faggot. "Just join their membership if you want to know about this specific thing " fuck off

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Her mom even thinks she is a lesbian. Of course Kanata denies it. But She is a good idol otaku who values her unicorn fans. She doesn't want to scare them off by admitting shes is a gay.

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Yes? If you think that they are un-idol-like you probably just don't know anything about japanese idols.

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Publicly? Hell fucking no. If they're actually lesbians, they'll keep it to themselves because... well just look at their viewer demographics.

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i don't understand

>> No.13293455

Billionaire muslims can be anything they want

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Moona had an ex boyfriend that she works with to make covers in her PL

>> No.13293561

I feel like every time I see this rrat an extra zero is added to her net worth.

>> No.13293616

ayo nigga i dont speak bing bong can you translate

>> No.13293643

moona almost got groomed by a brit man, but a gachikoi changed her mind

>> No.13293697

While she was in the hospital, she had an extremely attractive female nurse, and was more or less constantly in a state of turned on when she was around. IIRC she said something about getting super flustered when she had to take her shirt off in front of her or something. Also she hangs around Coco naked all the time and they got each other rings so.

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Reine used to literally write yuri smut fanfics all the time. She was a yuri fiend. She's as much of a dyke as you can possibly physically be.

>> No.13293778

>Moona hasn't either
Wasn't there a rrat that 2ch still brings up about her being married to some dude from her old band?

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The moment they claim it openly is the moment I kneel to Nijiniggers.
One drop of faggotry and you know the well is going to be tainted by alphabet fags.
I'm not sticking around a company converted into another Blizzard, EA, CDProjectRed, or any of those bullshit.

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Pure lesbian no, bisexual absolutely.

>> No.13293868

she has a daughter too

>> No.13293987

>Miko has quite literally openly stated she likes women and isn't fond of men
>You don't even need to know much about Polka, if you take one look at her roommate you can just tell
>Kanata's mom literally thinks she's a dyke and she fawns over Coco every single possible moment she can
>Korone and Okayu have straight up talked about kissing each other and based on past life/roommate shit that matches
>Flare stayed the night at Noels for an off-collab, the next day on Noel's roommate's channel she had several suggestive as fuck bruises and her fingernails were clipped
>Matsuri has openly stated she likes men and women numerous times on both channels
>Kronii iirc is a confirmed dyke due to roommate/doxx shit
>Coco/Kson literally said she doesn't want dick in her life and called herself a womanizer/lover of women
>Roboco mentioned enjoying it when Matsuri french kissed her
>Luna has coped actual romantic feelings for Matsuri, and now absolutely wants to fuck Subaru
>Kiara is the most bisexual girl to ever be bisexual period
I mean idk anon. Maybe if you actually watched any of them you'd know these things?

>> No.13294052

being lesbian or gay is a sin according to the bible

>> No.13294061

>That Noel/Flare rrat
That has to be the single most clear cut proof we have right? I mean its as open and shut as it can be.

>> No.13294153

Yet she consistently does a terrible job of hiding it. Since she talks about Coco 24/7 and has mentioned they bought each other rings, talked about how they both like to lounge around naked or half naked, and talked about being turned on by an attractive female nurse.

>> No.13294165

The rrat is because she literally wears a ring on her finger. All the time, and it's not any finger, it's the marriage one.
She being a muslim wouldn't be unusual for her to be married very early into her life.

>> No.13294268

>Her marriage finger
That's actually not true. In Indonesia the ring you wear on your finger for marriage is different than the traditional one. She wears her ring on the more western ring finger, not the traditional Indonesian one. Indonesia also has a weird culture when it comes to rings and shit. That rrat has such little leg to stand on that even in that doxx site 2ch made, it talks about how its almost impossible to make any assumptions on if she's married due to that

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Saudi, Sudan, Iran and the whole middle east muslims is right to do what they do.

>> No.13294293

>Miko is a lesbian
Miko says herself that she had an online boyfriend for two years in high school. However, she has never met him.
44:48 ~ 48:10

「(視聴者コメント)引退後、俺たちリスナーに望む事は?」うーん、ナマヌシを、一人の人間として見てあげてください (エコー)

>> No.13294305

It has always been. Only retards and shitposters don't think that they're both gay as fuck for each other. Also shit like this
Might be the gayest thing I've ever seen in Hololive.

>> No.13294319

Matuli is definitely a lesbian or at the very least bi with how much she touches and kisses the other members, plus she said she had a gf and said she stalked a female crush

>> No.13294345

The only issue is that it's not true.

>> No.13294387

tw- I like girls, "guys are a pain"
chat- i don't hate girl on girl relationships
tw- oh really? i really do like girls though.
tw- I like all humans actually, now that i think about it. i like people who can take a joke and i hate those who lie or go after anyone with a pretty face.

>> No.13294390

thanks, will use it to spam the miko general

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>Its not true
>Source: My ass!

>> No.13294421

I don't speak inferior languages, translate and identify the person.

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>Its true
>Source: my ass

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>> No.13294489

She's bi anon. She's expressed liking dick and pussy both. However she's definitely leans more towards women. She's straight up french kissed Roboco and more or less sexually assaults her friends all the time.

>> No.13294527

I mean there is literally direct video evidence of Noel having super sexually suggestive bruises and trimmed fingernails the day after we know for a fact Flare stayed the night. Do your reps.

>> No.13294536

A different kind of /u/schizo: obsessed with denying lesbianism rather than encouraging it.
Anon, did a dyke fuck your crush or your oshi?

>> No.13294556

yeah it was pekora

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kek this rrat again

>> No.13294604

>Roboco liked it
Oh right I always forget Roboco expressed enjoying it. Didn't she get into it and cause Matsuri to freak out and get super flustered? I could've sworn her or someone else mentioning that to a Nijisanji girl.

>> No.13294611

If I was cucked by a lesbian I wouldn't even be mad

>> No.13294618

the thing is there's no concrete evidence showing they're actually lesbians.
See how many people here think Miko is gay

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>> No.13294653

Moona has always came off as extremely gay to me. Even her roommate shit had her drooling over the KDA girls all the time and other Kpop girls. I think she actually is a dyke. That marriage rrat doesn't match anything I've seen on her at all.

>> No.13294682

Then post it faggot

>> No.13294722

anon in an industry where your fans don't want you to be close to men. Of course you will appear being gay

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>"In several largely populated countries such as Japan, Canada, America, Indonesia, and Australia there can't possibly be even one single bi or lesbian girl in Hololive! They don't exist! /u/ schizo reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
Please seek help.

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They're a mix of straight horny and bi, with maybe a few lesbians thrown in.

Marine for example, that womans built straight, but is so desperate for love she'll take who ever is interested.

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>"I'm a lazy faggot! Please do my reps and digging for me!"

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So it doesn't exist then? Got it.

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Miko is lesbian that online bf was definitely pekora

>> No.13294924

>Refuses to actually watch any of the girls
>Makes nonsense claims about them without watching them
>Won't do any reps of any kind or go digging through the archives
>"You won't post it so it clearly doesn't exist XD"
Go back to r*ddit faggot.

>> No.13294931

futaba ? i never see it

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>> No.13294934

why are you fags so retarded? 1.8% of the population are gay in western countries.
Hololive has about 50 girls, so there's a big chance that none of them are gay

>> No.13294960

but pekora is straight

>> No.13294971

You already conceded, no need to keep going.

>> No.13294977

anon, latter in the video, people asked if that was a male or a female she said it was a guy

>> No.13295000

she was living in the dorm with ID1
what kind of mom leaving her kid to live with her friends

>> No.13295015

1 in 10 people in Japan alone identifies as being a part of the LGBT anon. That's millions of people, and honestly that number is probably even higher due to the fact Japan is extremely anti-LGBT.

>> No.13295021

nah she's just covering up for pekora

>> No.13295037

this seems to bother you anon, are you ok?

>> No.13295085

I understand /u/fags are annoying, but what is with these insane ass anti-/u/ people who take the other extremist side and deduce that every single girl in Hololive is straight? That's such an insane statement to make when there is without a doubt several bi/lesbians in Hololive.

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You'll never fuck them anon. Screaming into the void about how every girl in Hololive is straight and wants dick won't make it true. Give up. Seek help.

>> No.13295130

/u/fags are very generous with their (you)s

>> No.13295141

anon... do your reps.

>> No.13295144

wtf is online boyfriend and she never met him? what kind of relationship is that?

>> No.13295163

Asian parents often leave kids with grandparents or other family members to work in some other location that pays better

>> No.13295179

This rrat has been disproven already

>> No.13295200

The Moona is married/has a kid rrat is honestly on the same level of pathetic as the Ollie finger rrat. Just zero substance of any kind and completely falls apart the moment you put even a fraction of thought into it.

>> No.13295204

but not leaving the baby just to have fun with her friends

>> No.13295207

it's the guy from her old circle way before she join Hololive, she also said that she already broke up with him in mid 2020, no such thing as marriage and having a daughter

>> No.13295226

She’s definitely not a dyke, maybe bi though

>> No.13295228

Her parents wealth isnt hers exactly, but if the rrats are true, her dad is a literal billionaire net worth

>> No.13295237

Have you read the yubigate copypasta? It seems like a lot more than just a baseless rrat.

>> No.13295271

> They're a mix of straight horny and bi, with maybe a few lesbians thrown in.

This. They're bi enough to be comfortable doing yuri bait with each other, but also straight enough to play it up for a male audience and understand what men want.

Unironically I think most of them don't have any real sex life, they're to busy streaming and doing whatever else they need to do.gjsxv

>> No.13295285

This one?

>> No.13295290

nobody asked it was female or male why are you lying?

>> No.13295291
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Its extremely tiring that I have to constantly post this all the time when Ollie is brought up but here we go again I guess. The only reason people still talk about the yubigate yab is because they beat off to it. It's just masturbation material. That's it. It crumbles to dust at even an ounce of inspection.

>> No.13295308
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>> No.13295310

then show some real evidence. Everyone used to think Marine and Miko were gay

>> No.13295346

It’s her Mom, not the dad

>> No.13295357

>Everyone used to think Miko and Marine were gay
>Miko has quite literally openly stated she liked women and didn't care for men
>Marine is nearly on the same level of horny bi that Kiara is
Please watch streams.

>> No.13295369

Marine said herself she was became lesbian because of the all-girls high-school but that she 'got over it', it was just a phase because of the environment. She was drawing a parallel to Hololive when talking about it, tho.
There's more.

>> No.13295388

what kind of evidence do you need? it's not like you would believe them even if the girls said it by themselves

>> No.13295412

ok and Marine has said she likes men so many times already

>> No.13295429

Marine has also made it pretty clear she's bi as fuck though. Her and Shion came with an inch of straight-up fucking.

>> No.13295451

>The Miko online BF thing is believed to be Pekora and Miko never once confirmed that it was actually a guy
>Marine is bisexual and this is super well known
please watch streams

>> No.13295452

>trimmed fingernails
the fuck? Is this code for something?

>> No.13295459
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>> No.13295479

she is fully lesbian now thanks to pekora

>> No.13295504

a lengthy talk about their sexual orientations like what Sukoya or Gundou in Niji did.
Not a single holo said she's a lesbian, the actual word, you know

>> No.13295513

Why are hoshiyomis like this?

>> No.13295520

lesbians/bi women will trim their fingernails before having sex with other women because fingering a girl with long fingernails is not only harder, but much more potentially painful.

>> No.13295541

are you retarded? she actually broke up with the guy and it traumatized her a lot.
What the fucking video

>> No.13295558

>I'll only believe the talent if they openly go into extremely detailed information on their sexual preferences
>They must purposefully fuck themselves over and lose out on subs/tons of money because I personally am a fucking retard!
Please get help.

>> No.13295586

I really hope you're pretending to be retarded

>> No.13295615

It's known she doesn't hate men, she doesn't trust them that's all. That's why she has no problems being super clingy towards her listeners, trust isn't an issue.

>> No.13295620

so it was nijifag all along

>> No.13295627

Why do you fags cares if your oshi a turbo lesbo or not? Its not like you can join them while they are fucking

>> No.13295629

>"Openly call yourself a lesbian!"
>In a country as anti LGBT as japan where you'll only deal with more shit because of it
Please use common sense.

>> No.13295640

no one will give a shit if they say they're lesbians. Miko already said she don't like men so why don't she use the actual word

>> No.13295671

>Nijisanji is a Mongolian company

>> No.13295682

not him, but that actually makes a lot of sense.

>> No.13295694

Yep, it's pretty hot
>t. Lunaito

>> No.13295799

So according to this thread the following Holos are lesbians

>> No.13295853

I will make them straight

>> No.13295883

Nothing a good dose of dick can't fix

>> No.13295909

Its wild to me that Luna got cucked by Hoshikawa who's straight, and now she's decided herself to also pull a Matsuri herself and try and fuck a straight girl.

>> No.13295943

>Hoshikawa who's straight

>> No.13295954

Those aren't lesbians. They are bi, but the rest yeah they are mostly lesbian.

>> No.13296004

I mean to be fair, Matsuri confessed to Hoshikawa during their date and Hoshikawa told her she was straight and friendzoned her. Matsuri cried about it on her weird off-channel thing she had for like 10 minutes.

>> No.13296005

being around each other naked isn't necessarily proof, it's the same way you're more comfortable around your bros than women; I wouldn't put too much stock in what a parent says on this topic, which could also not be serious; rings might also be a joke.
I'll grant you the other stuff.

>> No.13296079

not as gay as your post.

>> No.13296095

also, people in Japan expect you to have children in a traditional family, the fact that you're gay or not doesn't really matter.

>> No.13296113

>she didn't know

>> No.13296136

>Hurr durr I'll fuck the gay out of them!
You do know that every study done on this has shown that women orgasm like multiple times more when fucking other women than they do with men right? You ain't doing shit pussy.

>> No.13296161

I'll fuck the gay into you faggot

>> No.13296186

probably not the best example.

>> No.13296303

because if they are lesbian/bi they can fuck women, and avoid being disgusting whores. It's simple anon.

>> No.13296466

This doesn't surprise me that much. Towakun always seemed a little, you know. Also I saw a picture of "her" with short hair and jesas.

>> No.13296648

Hoshikawa made out with some other Niji girl recently right? I remember people were laughing at Matsuri for getting cucked.

>> No.13296740

No. There are no lesbians on a sinking ship.

>> No.13296765

Wasn't there multiple pics of this? I always hear about that incident but never actually looked into it.

>> No.13296824

I really wish I could've been there to see how that played out. I gotta know how far things went, who started it, and how it all went.

>> No.13296927
File: 1.79 MB, 3000x1803, 1637301332889.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shiraken? More like Dykes den

>> No.13297020

Didn't Shion initiate things but Marine got too flustered and panicked causing it to stop from going into full on sex?

>> No.13297056

Based robostacy showing Matsuri how it's done.

>> No.13297088

You mean IRL?

>> No.13297124 [DELETED] 

She has an ex-boyfriend anon

>> No.13297133

iiirc Matsuri asked if she could kiss Roboco in a playful manner. Roboco said yes and Matsuri jumped on the chance and went straight for tongue action. Roboco was surprised but didn't mind it and went along with it, which caught Matsuri completely off guard and made her get super flustered and pull back. Roboco said something about being fine with it continuing or something along those lines. Idk it was forever ago when this happened.

>> No.13297149

They can't help themselves but bite the bait. Seriously maddening that the average 4chan poster nowadays is this mich of a gullible retard.

>> No.13297202

I took a screenshot of the stream. Idk if this is the stream that anon was talking about, but at some point the people watching it pointed out the bruises too.

>> No.13297233

why miko is always hyper sexualized in fanarts

>> No.13297270

>>Korone and Okayu have straight up talked about kissing each other and based on past life/roommate shit that matches
You fell for yuribait. They had to come clean later saying it was a joke. Also there are video if korone's roomate on a date with a tall dude. Dumb idiot.

>> No.13297295

>Plays eroge so much she managed to get a collab with one of her favorite eroge studios
>Has streamed her playing eroge numerous times
>Is always horny and thirsting after Pekora and other hololive girls
She's lewd anon. It's not rocket science.

>> No.13297329

Just going by numbers, probably. A couple of them like Noel, Miko or maybe even Watame might be bi, but it's difficult to tell if some of their interests are reflecting actual sexual desire or them just being social oddballs.

>> No.13297339

fell for the kayfabe.

>> No.13297356
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>> No.13297359

>They had to come clean later saying it was a joke
No, a faggot translator named OtakMori purposefully mistranslated a clip and made it sound like Korone and Okayu were saying they fuck each other, when what they actually said was waaay lighter in tone than that. It caused Korone and Okayu a lot of flack and Cover got pissed off over it. They only ever said anything because of that retard dramabaiting. Also yeah no shit, everyone knows Korone used to be married to a guy, its one of the most well know things about her.

>> No.13297443

That's 'normal' in Japan and not a clesr cut sign of homossexuality as we define it. Do your cultural reps. If she doesnt french kiss and gets in a relationship andnhave maked sex with another girl, it's not gay.

Ask any regular westerm dyke and she will tell you what they think about these poser that will lead you on but when push comes to shove they will chicken out

>> No.13297513

are you drunk

>> No.13297532

this but (You)

>> No.13297616

So you agree with me it was bait? Ogey thx

>> No.13297660

A fair bit, what gave it away? Typos?

>> No.13297719

>"M-muh Kayfabe!!!!!!!!!!"
I fucking hate people who use that retarded term when discussing hololive. One of the only people at Hololive who actually give even a single fuck about kayfabe is Luna and that's it. It's literally a meme at this point that every time someone joins Hololive, they play up their character/kayfabe super hard the first several months, before saying fuck it and dropping it completely and just being themselves. Please stop speaking.

>> No.13297741

>It was bait guys trust me!
>Points out why they had to address it at all
>No it was totally bait XD
Please seek help.

>> No.13297750


>> No.13297813

I assume you believe Towa when she says that the male voice in her stream was a Cover employee despite Cover saying it wasn't?

>> No.13297833

By adress you mean they denied having kissed and gone all the way, sating it was a joke? If so then yes that's what they did.

>> No.13297862 [DELETED] 

Not that anon but I've seen the clip I think he's referring to. I think it's this clip here. I don't know where he got the info about Roboco enjoying it though. She did do a stream once with Matsuri where she mentioned she'd be down to fuck in response to Matsuri teasing her, but I don't know how serious she was.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aWyRpJQYAs

>> No.13297864

>waaah I'm a flaming faggot and i need virtual anime girls to also me homos or my life is over waaaaaah

>> No.13297896

>everything these entertainers do is genuine
Subaru does it with the police stuff, Marine had Sister Marine recently, for instance. (natural impulses, sure, but it's still playing up/with their personas.)
calm down.

>> No.13297919

>despite Cover saying it wasn't?
That actually makes it extra funny.

>> No.13297926 [DELETED] 

Not that anon but I've seen the clip I think he's referring to. I think it's this clip here. I don't know where he got the info about Roboco enjoying it though. She did do a stream once with Matsuri where she mentioned she'd be down to fuck in response to Matsuri teasing her, but I don't know how serious she was.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/0aWyRpJQYAs" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

>> No.13297933

>Some ugly old fat guy who catfished highschool Miko probably has her nudes

>> No.13297959

Not that anon but I've seen the clip I think he's referring to. I think it's this clip here. I don't know where he got the info about Roboco enjoying it though. She did do a stream once with Matsuri where she mentioned she'd be down to fuck in response to Matsuri teasing her, but I don't know how serious she was.


>> No.13297972

why would they link something that private to their professional life?

>> No.13297980

pekora might be ugly but she's not that fat

>> No.13297988

You mean the male voice that was her friend on apex? That one? The only reason Towa got shit for it is because she panicked and lied about it like a retard. Hearing a male voice doesn't instantly mean Towa is taking dick from them.

>> No.13298003


>> No.13298024

>Why would streamers who talk about their lives all the time talk about their lives
Gee I wonder anon.

>> No.13298028

kys don't use my oshi for this shitpost

>> No.13298048

do you even watch streams or just shitpost here?

>> No.13298090

she doesn't say it was a cover employee now, she said that at the time because that was the safest thing to say, she admitted the next day that they were her friends when people actually started trying to contact them online when they heard the same voices in streams from her previous life. Then cover released their statement after that.

>> No.13298103

No lol, their kayfabe just becomes something else thats easier to keep

>> No.13298152

>They denied having kissed
The only thing they did was mention that they didn't fuck anon. Cover had to course correct due to one faggot's shitty attempt at dramabaiting. That hardly means shit. For one they originally never once even mentioned anything close to fucking, Korone made a cutesy comment about touching Okayu a lot, and OtakMori translated it to sound like she meant fucking.

>> No.13298200
File: 216 KB, 476x531, 1608894888945.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"I have decided through my intimate and perfect knowledge that all of the hololive vtubers are all just kayfabe and not real at all!"
>"Source? My ass!"

>> No.13298217

All girls are a little bisexual, it's not like men that are heterosexual or faggots with no point in the middle

>> No.13298231

>No trust me guys they are all just pretending and doing kayfabe!
Why are you posting here if you don't watch their streams anon?

>> No.13298345

Who cares if they are dykes or not. The real question is if they sound like dying animals when they fuck like in JAVs or if they actually sound hot.

>> No.13298409
File: 524 KB, 909x649, 1637018414826.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

your all reatard

>> No.13298448

You just know Moona, Ollie, and Reine all fucked like animals during their sleepover. You could feel how horny they were.

>> No.13298679

she wants it that way

>> No.13298804

Moona was kind of terrified of Reine's and Ollie's horny, actually.

Reine just dgaf and openly invited both of them to fuck. Or as openly as you can with youtube. I was actually surprised, I figured that with her family and being in a muslim country, she's have to keep up appearances in public, but no, she just openly invited everyone to yubibang.

Given all of that, Ollie's probably bi, Reine's a dyke, and Moona is a straight woman who was mercilessly raped all night by Reine and Ollie, painfully aware that there is nothing she can do when someone of Reine's social standing wants to use her.

>> No.13298818

Someone who carries her through content and gives her ingame stuf while Jayquan pounds her each night.

>> No.13298856

Probably gigguk fans muh "wrestling with waifus" when in reality it's hard to tell what the character even supposed to be most of the time, not that they don't have a streaming persona people seem to confuse this things a lot.

>> No.13298916
File: 39 KB, 480x403, gachikoisRlosingIt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this entire fucking thread

>> No.13299032 [DELETED] 

Life is not fair bwos
>A girl is raped by another girl
She just gets fondled and licked the worst thing that might happen to her is being penetrated by small slender fingers
>A man gets raped by another one
He gets a hard, veiny and smelly cock inside his asshole, hurting him like hell while being manhandled, then he gets his asshole filled with cum that leaves him the feeling of being dirtied forever
How fucking unfair

>> No.13299199

Why do you think he's an ex now?

>> No.13299206
File: 75 KB, 668x851, 1487950501982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sound like dying animals when they fuck like in JAVs or if they actually sound hot.
Watch some better JAV you idiot. Do your fuckin' reps while you're at it, or at least DeepL the title FIRST.
>「We were having an affair but now I can only watch as my mother in law is raped by loan sharks!」
is going to have a lot more squealing than
>「SPECIAL! Cow-girl has her way with you, the insatiable married woman next door came over for a cup of sugar. Nipple なでなで until you ビクビク ten times. Lustful SEX プレス」
most of those girls do a more convincing "dominant" OL than any Western porn actress ever could. Coming up with those titles was too easy. Abe, visa onegai.

>> No.13299224

>online bf

>girl on drugs thinks maybe chicks are hot

>luna is literally an autistic retard so she becomes attached easily

I don't know what's worse- the fact all the holos are some of the biggest losers in society (yet somehow gifted jobs where they make half a million a year) or the fact this board is full of even bigger losers with even less social interaction than the holos.

>> No.13299269
File: 38 KB, 128x128, 1620140696555.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Retardchama, you forgot to reset the name field after you left the Ayame thread

>> No.13299278

because she said so, she broke up with him for almost two years now

>> No.13299328

the guy already date with another girl in his insta story

>> No.13299402

Sana is a lesbian, her roommate has said so multiple times. Just search the term "gay" on her twitter and read the results that pop up.

>> No.13299486

>Or as openly as you can with youtube
Alright now I know you're just pulling shit out your ass kek

>> No.13299570
File: 33 KB, 535x318, 3248972350.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13299616

Yea, virtual internet entertainers couldnt possible make up personas for entertainment value

>> No.13299683

Possibly bi leaning towards male

>> No.13299699

All I want to know is my oshi Aqua straight or dyke

>> No.13299704

All women are lesbians or bi

>> No.13299712

Aqua's probably too neurotic to be anything but asexual

>> No.13299862

What's the consensus on IRyS?

>> No.13299928
File: 8 KB, 213x237, goomba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The characters ? Sure !
The roommates ? Who cares ?

>> No.13299957
File: 1.45 MB, 1500x2000, 1613870635929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cute christmas cake that I absolutely must breed

>> No.13300192

I didn't know

>> No.13300195

eh? no schizoyomi here?

>> No.13300197

You morons probably think professional wrestling is real, too

>> No.13300226

Straight as an arrow

>> No.13300324

thread police hoshiyomi got banned

>> No.13300814
File: 91 KB, 437x958, explain mikoler, this.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13301647

He wasn't me and I'm not banned

>> No.13301976

>Met and went on a trip with ___ to the country they like the most in the world
What are the chances they fugged?

>> No.13302709

Noel's bruises are from repeatedly hitting her inner thigh in anger.
She's both spoken about this on both accounts and you can audibly her her do this when she spergs out.

Honestly most isn't just kayfabe(although some is) but prison gayness, since many are autistic retards.

>> No.13302756

>Noel's bruises are from repeatedly hitting her inner thigh in anger.
What an autist.

>> No.13302818

100% literally no other outcome can come out of that

>> No.13302929

Have you never seen a clip of her sperging out ? She must break a couple of keyboards per week. It's amazing how someone that hot can be more autistic than 70% of this board

>> No.13303062

Pretty sure the bruises were supposed to be on Noel’s breast in that rrat

>> No.13304267

Hoshikawa thought she was straight at the time and later found out that sometimes wanting to kiss girls means you aren’t fully straight, so Gundō made out with her and now she’s going as bi, flirting with Deron and looking pretty serious about it.
I guess Matuli was never her type.

>> No.13305506


>> No.13306034

Doesn't matter. They're all receiving my fat cock.

>> No.13306073
File: 1.27 MB, 2894x3980, __pavolia_reine_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_bluedoggie__390ced320446a86943aa5d57047da769.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reine is homo as fuck man. Listening to that HoloID twitterspace think they did, the sleepover, she was acting really fucking gay the whole time.

>> No.13306295

>She offers that they all bath together in the shower
>Is one of the first to happily take off her clothes
>Immediately plops her fat tits over Ollie's back and leans over her
>You can quite literally hear how wet she is, especially when Moona and Ollie undress with her
Reine was the horniest I've ever seen any holo vtuber be on stream I think. I mean she was down bad.

>> No.13306509

My god, Matsuri's life is pure suffering.

>Friends with a cute as fuck vtuber
>End up coping legitimate feels for her
>Ask her on a proper date and she accepts
>at the end of the date she asks her out
>Gets friendzoned and Hoshikawa tells Matsuri she's straight
>Goes full menhara during a 9 minute breakdown where she cries the whole time
>Finally recovers from the devastation
>Starts spending more time with Luna, who is also a total cutie
>It becomes increasingly clear Luna has actual feels for Matsuri, Matsuri likely feels something back
>Instead of fucking the princess, Matsuri can't help herself and has another massive menhara meltdown
>Goes crawling back to Hoshikawa and throwing endless simp money at her
>Luna gets deeply upset by this and drops Matsuri like a bag of rocks
>Ghosts her and then the awkward birthday stream fiasco occurs
>Luna dropped Matsuri to go try and fuck Subaru who is like 99% likely to be as straight as an arrow
>Now the girl she was simping for and ruined her possible chance at happiness has decided she's totally bi as fuck and wants to fuck everyone but Matsuri
Like holy hell man. Matsuri's life is an actual trainwreck.

>> No.13306599

>Reeeee show me proof lesbians and bisexuals exist!
>Posts actual proof
>Suddenly nowhere to be found
Damn that anon must be beside himself now. He can no longer imagine all of Hololive is straight and dick hungry. Now how will he dream about fucking all of them someday?

>> No.13306695
File: 12 KB, 320x320, 1605173992572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Turns out Sana wasn't just a friend nepotism hire
>Cover saw how profitable and popular Noel/Flare was for being openly gay as fuck with each other and wanted that for HoloEN
>The actual deciding factor for hiring Sana was the hope that Sana and Ina start fucking again for maximum yuri boost
Shit, we had this all wrong guys.

>> No.13306810

>>You can quite literally hear how wet she is, especially when Moona and Ollie undress with her

She must've had one loooong toilet break after that whole ordeal

>> No.13306826

I don't work for free.

>> No.13306847

That whole stream was wild. Normally I don't pay much attention to /u/fag shit but good lord the raw sexual energy in that stream was too strong to fake/ignore. They'd have to be A class actors to pull of the level of horny coming off Ollie and Reine.

>> No.13307000

Hasn't she openly talked about loving dick or some shit in her past life? I'm fairly confident Irys is one of the most confirmed straight girls at Hololive.

>> No.13307056

>Ollie is probably bi
>Was the second most horny girl there
>Was literally drooling over Moona's naked body
>Got turned on by Reine leaning over her back while naked
That zoomer will fuck anything that offers anon. She has zero preference.

>> No.13307070

Why doesn't anyone mention Goomba in these threads?

>> No.13307118

that's the kind of stuff you'd see in a drama series or something kek

>> No.13307124

Because there's almost zero evidence in either way on what Gura's sexual preferences are? There's just the Jay rrat which has her leaning towards straight. Unless she openly mentioned being a lesbian during one of her old HER streams.

>> No.13307135

She went home that day and stream so yeah, she must've had a very nice night

>> No.13307163

The best part is Luna has somehow made serious ground with Subaru. Subaru is fully on board with the shipping now, and Luna is such an alpha chad she just invites herself to come sleep over at Subaru's house in Subaru's bed. Luna is inevitable. She might actually fuck the duck.

>> No.13307191

The best part is you just know Reine has a massive toy collection. That girl has a bottomless bank and is one of the horniest girls in Hololive. She probably has the high end shit.

>> No.13307213

I want to be a lesbian so bad bros...

>> No.13307238

>zero evidence
Does thirsting after a member of the same sex count as zero evidence these days?

>> No.13307262

Fuck that, I just want to be able to watch that HoloID stream they did. I'd pay whatever money it cost to get a private video of that.

>> No.13307270

> but good lord the raw sexual energy in that stream was too strong to fake/ignore

That was my opinion. Everyone will say "but muh character acting" but god damn they're either oscar worthy actors or there was some serious sexual undertones. Ollie is also known to probably be a voyeur.

I was just surprised by Reine, she seemed the most cool of all of them beside Lofi. She was really fucking spicy in that thing. Hell, she was the one who even suggested taking a shower together. Tell me how someone can suggest a shower with all their same gender friends and not be gay.

>> No.13307291

>Thirsting after the same sex
When was this? If this is AmeSame /u/ shit then fuck off that doesn't count.

>> No.13307303

Do they even sell those in Indonesia? Well I guess she could get some shipped to her but still

>> No.13307351

If Reine and or Moona got to fuck Ollie that'd be some power move shit. Ollie just turned 18. That girl is as young as they could possibly get. Reine is on the older side too. I just feel bad for Anya, she felt like a confused kid watching the makings of a threesome unfold.

>> No.13307444
File: 946 KB, 1920x1080, 1627958465219.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ever being profitable
/u/schizos are too busy gushing on twitter and chat to press the SC button pls undrstnad

>> No.13307446

Reine has infinite money anon. She could order whatever she wanted regardless of if its available in her country.

>> No.13307462

They tend to baby Ollie a lot so probably not, Ollie's just generally touchy. Reine and Moona on the other hand...

>> No.13307465

It's roommate stuff

>> No.13307466

yeah lmao people whining about proof are just straightoids in denial

>> No.13307514

>They tend to baby Ollie
>Reine literally asked if she could lean over Ollie's back so she could press her naked chest against her
Idk about that one anon. I think Reine at that moment was on all cylinders firing mode.

>> No.13307541

Roommate shit? For the longest time the rrat with Gura was that it was impossible to find anything out about her. People argued for like a year into her hololive career over what her sexual preferences were? Did new info get dug up?

>> No.13307595

>she could press her naked chest against her
Do you mean when they did the dogpile? They weren't naked, but I do get your point.

>> No.13307667

god yeah I forgot about that. Ollie is really handsy with the other girls. Didn't she grab Moona's ass and hug her the first time them met irl?

>> No.13307716

do you have a clip? I'd like to hear about that

>> No.13307780 [DELETED] 

>from repeatedly hitting her inner thigh in anger.
That happened once schizo and there have never been any bruises on her thighs, it was her breasts that were bruised.

>> No.13307832 [DELETED] 

>She must break a couple of keyboards per week
It literally happened once
>someone that hot
You call her ugly all the time schizo, which is it?

>> No.13307861

This might be it

>> No.13308001

You mean a tiny mark of the type everyone gets.

>happened once
Actually watch her retard, she's talked about how she does it herself, and you can hear her punching her thighs when she gets annoyed.

>> No.13308067

>everyone's straight
>everyone's gay
>where's the proof
>doesn't count
Like half of this thread is both funny and retarded.

>> No.13308143 [DELETED] 

I am not a woman but I don't get bruises everywhere unless something has happened.
>Actually watch her retard
Ironic coming from you and you do know that her roommate streams with her thighs visible all the time right? Funny how there are no bruises

>> No.13308229
File: 93 KB, 603x778, 0349871510.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here's some more

>> No.13308510

>I don't get minor bruises unless i'm having gay sex
I usually hate fags saying it but please go outside.
She's banged against stuff on stream plenty of times due to messy rooms, how the fuck is a tiny bruise sex?

>streams with her thighs
If you watched her you'd know she often suspends streams when her skin is blemished (such as just after her getting a reaction to the vax), or I dunno the time her legs where rather fucked up from falling down the stairs.
Her blomaga has a few examples of what isn't shown on stream

>> No.13308599

If you think they are lesbos, you probably also think actors kiss in films for real lmao

>> No.13308692

Sana x Ina

>> No.13308725

How do you get bruises on your chest?
>If you watched her you'd know she often suspends streams when her skin is blemished
Once again ironic coming from you.
If she was constantly hitting her thighs, there would be bruises there all the time.
She hasn't used that in months.

>> No.13308813

Most of them are bi. Most vtuber girls period seem to be bi or lesbian, the profession just attracts that type of freak.

>> No.13308909

Bi, leaning towards women. Usual chuuba sexuality.

>> No.13308990

The only straight ones on EN are Calli and Hakos, all the other ones are either bi or lesbian. In JP the only straight one might be Azki and Sora. The industry just attracts weird broken women with messed up sexualities.

>> No.13309043

Ame literally plays otome games

>> No.13309167

Congrats anon. Roboco is actually gay you got one.

>> No.13309207

>how do you get bruises on your chest
Bumping into things, or things off my chest, sleeping on something, my dog, or miscellaneous shit i clearly don't register.
Please go ask other people, minor bruising isn't uncommon.

>bruises all the time
Contrary to what you said a good few of her outfits don't show her thighs, she's changed outfits for such reasons before, and she says as much on twitter. Overly revealing ones are rarer in part for that reason.
And that's to say nothing of the vids she's taken down.
Also for her, go check her blog about the booth, she talks about hurting herself carrying the 20kg equipment.
Also just realised,
>hold mics against chest
>how is her chest bruised

>no blomaga lately
Still 2 1/2 years worth.
Unless of course you're a newfag and would have to pay for older blogs.

>> No.13309310

Yeah, just typos.

>> No.13309413

Do you seriously have bruises on your chest?
I could understand legss or arms, everyone does.
>Contrary to what you said a good few of her outfits don't show her thighs, she's changed outfits for such reasons before, and she says as much on twitter.
If she was constantly punching her thighs as you claim, she would never be able to show them since they would constantly be bruised.
>And that's to say nothing of the vids she's taken down.
>Also for her, go check her blog about the booth, she talks about hurting herself carrying the 20kg equipment.
What does that have to do with your claim that she constantly hits her thighs?

>> No.13309451

>Did new info get dug up?
not that anon, but I don't think so. I don't beleeb she's lesbian but sometimes...

>> No.13309897

>relieved moan

>> No.13309911

I’m sure there’s an archive of it somewhere, right? Can anybody link it for us poor souls who missed it?

>> No.13310089
File: 532 KB, 1048x526, TheTruth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only Miko

>> No.13310127


>> No.13310276

anyone know what's up with kiara? seen arguments for both sides but is there anything that can be used to support either? What's the general consensus?

>> No.13310390

Shes bisexual.

>> No.13310509

Have fun

>> No.13310648

god bless you anon

>> No.13310701

Help onegai

>> No.13311056

Choco is also straight

>> No.13311073

Works for me

>> No.13311140

Please upload it as a catbox I need this so bad

>> No.13311142



>> No.13311168
File: 3.72 MB, 328x352, 1636878781516.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13311172

The link works, use it.

>> No.13311208


>> No.13311254


>> No.13311261

I love you so much

>> No.13311308

is this actually her?

>> No.13311447

>I like to eat movie theatre popcorn with M&M's. At home. I'll substitute with pudding. It's weird but I REALLY like popcorn with chocolate.
might as well be kek

>> No.13311497

>She's Russian
You can't make this shit up

>> No.13311564

>My last name is Martin
Is not her.

>> No.13311789

No, unless she dropped out of hs and changed her last name

>> No.13311932

Is there much difference from just listening to porn at this point. This are not the cutesy girls people expect, this are horny lesbians. Might as well type asian lesbians into pornhub. Not even ethots on twitch fo this, people here complain about twitch girls but then we ahve this, this is 100 times worse than some girl streaming while in a bikini. Fuck them, im dont with this shit, i rather watch twitch girls, at least that's honest. Seuso my ass, borderline pornstars, just open an onlyfans already.

>> No.13311955

newfag spotted

>> No.13311963

How would fans even react if they got hard proof that some of the Holo's were dating each other? What would happen if Pekora had a stream with Miko and they announced they were in a relationship?

>> No.13311973

How I wish I could understand Indonesian

>> No.13311985

It's a good thing no one values the opinion of an ESL nigger

>> No.13312045

Some would be into it, probably more than those who are against it. Most probably wouldn't care as long as it's not a guy

>> No.13312334

Kiara is bisexual

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