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here's a challenge for /vt/: let's find one chuuba that we can all agree to enjoy with no fear of being labeled a faggot

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prove you speak japanese and i wont call you a faggot

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You will always be a faggot OP

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>like a woman
>be called a faggot

Well OK. Make sure said chuuba is indeed a woman first.

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How about watch whoever the fuck you want without giving a single shit about what other people say? If Froot fans exist, nobody else should feel bad about liking any Vtuber.

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you guys are getting the wrong idea, I'm not doing this for me, I know I'm a faggot. I just want to see if the board can settle on a chuuba. It can't, but I want to see it try

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>fear of being labeled a faggot
state of /vt/

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Ko'one :3

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only holos so far? Disappointing

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There are no relevant chuubas that aren't in Hololive.

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honestly I kinda agree anon, but I'm sure there will be an objection

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Kizuna Ai
Unless I've missed post, no one really seems to hate so much as consider her irrelevant now.
But I guess she isn't a modern vtuber.

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This is the Hololive board

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people who hate this dog are lying

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Sora? Why does /vt/ never praise the original holo?

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i hate her because she isnt my wife

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because nobody watches her

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this is the one

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I honestly believe anyone who potentially dislikes Pika has no soul.

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towa is a male....

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the duck

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? it's nenechi.

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number bunny

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she was too good for this world

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