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pic related

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This one for certain

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Openly into puke.

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is shota or loli considered fucked up? because of so majority of holos and nijis

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It is, but it's not really worth mentioning since chuubas are told to pander to the lonely autistic pedophiles that plague the weeb community.

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I heard she makes Nijis barf for her

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>pedophiles that plague the weeb community

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It's true tho. The funniest part is how upset they get when called out.

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>somebody PLEASE think of the fake children!

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>Kana had to clarify that it's not the vomit itself that she likes but the psychological aspects of when the person shows their distressed/miserable state before and during vomiting.
I wonder what fetishes she's really hiding

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she would peg you

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Mio is definitely into mother and baby play in bed

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I can see that lolishit is victimless and still think you’re a fucking degenerate for liking it

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That's a risky game, Mio. Breast feeding and tummy kissing I can get behind, but once the adult diapers show up that's when we're sailing in dangerous waters.

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I get what she means sort of, I have a caretaking kink

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This one

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She is barely hiding that, she has talked about how she is I to heavy Ryona, vomit is just one example, seeing a distressed and miserable face is what she likes the most.

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Wasn't she unironically into some whacky King Dee Dee Dee vore shit?

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She was basically orgasming when Yumeoi did his vomit skit because his was about how much stress he got from getting enjou. Strangely breathing when he explained it. I fucking love her.

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Isn't she studying to be a nurse? That seems like the kind of fetish you don't want a nurse to have.

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you don't have to proclaim you're a tourist to everyone on this board, anon

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Honestly this I get. I'm not into weird stuff like piss or vomit. But there's appeals to taking care of someone while they do it, or the loss of control someone feels when they lose control over the bodily functions in front of someone they love and don't want to show their embarrassing side to.

I love that feeling of being around people when they panic or get flustered because their own body betrays them.

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>Sukoya likes to look at hard ryona pics of her favorite characters
Can't tell if she's an S or just weird

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That's what lolipedos can't get through their heads. They think anything victimless doesn't deserve to be called out.
You can eat your own shit in the privacy of your own home and I'd still call you a degenerate retard for it.

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Jesas she's hot

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She's probably a switch.
I see her liking certain aspects but being turned off by others. I'm not projecting but I'm projecting

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Stop being scatophiliacphobic.

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I mean, all of them, none seem to be able to get into this game without being a socially fucked up weirdo

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Piss isn't that weird of a fetish, though


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Depends how. If you're like me and only like it in select situations, such as tying someone down and sitting across from them laughing as they struggle and beg you to unbind them so they can use the toilet, and eventually succumbing to their bodily urges and pissing on themselves. That's fine and a relatively normal fetish.

People into like piss drinking and peeing on people are weird though. Like I can understand the humiliation aspect but it's just kinda gross you know?

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She's actually studying to become a doctor

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mama mio do what?

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yes stupid faggot

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One of fubuki's fetish is literally being an ashtray. Where people would use her body to put off their cigarettes.

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ITT: Meme fetishes

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Who cares retards? What you don't get is that just because it's weird, it doesn't mean that there's something wrong with it. Unless you believe that I'm pedophile because of anime, of course
At least I'm into fake characters instead of fucking poop

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Something can be wrong even if Noone is actually hurt. And it's okay to be into it but you should still at least recognize you're fucked up.

I'm into guro and ryona and have been forever, I got introduced to gurochan when I was like 13 and I've been fucked ever since. But I recognize it's a retarded fucked up fetish and I dont go around posting guro as every gura OP like you pedos do.

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Boo hoo, I already know that I'm a weirdo for being into (fictional) children. Hey, at least you don't want to fuck a bloody corpse, do you?
Also cope, you should already that this fandom is popularized by lolicons

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Only hololive. Nijichads are S&M bros.

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only would be true if it was explicit.

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>That's fine and a relatively normal fetish.
anon... no...

Getting sexual pleasure from watching some one piss themselves is not "relatively normal". Relatively normal is feet, or tights, or choking, the kind of shit that is so tame it wouldn't even register as a fetish on this degenerate hellhole of a website.

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Opinion disregarded

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She wants to fuck Shaymin and Tails (she self inserts as having a 36 cm futa cock), finds 3D humans disgusting and likes amputation.

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She is not even an S, she is a switch but leaning hard towards M. Although it is also possible that is due to the fact Tomoe is a full S and I can only really recall Sukoya talking about S&M stuff in relation to Tomoe.

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She also drew art of her cumming on Pichu's tummy while he's nailed to a board.

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Monsterfucking is perfectly normal

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I'm convinced Nyanners is developing a fat fetish or something

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could you please elaborate on the hag's preferences?

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deepthroating big dick and throwing up on it

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Feet are literally the most common fetish.

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Pretty sure that's bdsm, along with rape.

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so you might have a chance with her?

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You may not believe this, but I have heard that she's into women

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You won't have many friends if you attack your fellow weirdo's hobbies and unironically think yourself higher than them
Like Watame https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6g7cuikVsM

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Doesn't she have a mind control fetish?

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Unfathomably based. I thank her every day for the Yumeoi vomit skit.

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oh, cringe.

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Nyanners sure does love joking about giant woman alot.

Also a Humiliation fetish, but that's not that weird desu.

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Oh no, no 4chanfags as friends, woe is me!

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Nurse is her kayfabe, her area is more lab based than patient based, despite the classes she took.

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>focusing on feet instead of choking there
great bait all around.

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I'm almost 100% sure Mio's into ageplay and femdom