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What vtubers would you want to dom you?

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Gawr Gura
The idea of being pinned down by a girl half my height and weight is really hot

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I want to call pika fat and have her sit on me as punishment

I wont be able to escape

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Choco and Fauna
Hot teacher and mother nature calling me a naughty boy

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You just KNOW she's the freakiest one in bed.

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I want Suisei to isekai me at 40,000 miles per hour.

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I want Botan to do this to me while laughing her signature laugh.

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This, lolidom is fucking top tier.

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All of them at the same time

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I want Ina to strangle me with her tentacles.

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Coco giving the CBT

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Fuck off Shartemis, no one likes you

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Rushia. I want her to snap and revert to a foul mouthed ヤンキー delinquent verbally berating me as she takes control and doms me for the worthless trash I am that is only good for pleasing her. Then afterwards she apologizes profusely, wondering what came over her and saying she's not like that she promises, how much she loves me and how sorry she is, and I repeatedly try to tell her she doesn't need to apologize and I enjoy it and love her for who she is all the time and I feel terrible because she feels bad so I kiss her and then we just cuddle and nyanko sensei jumps ontop of us ruining the mood but causing us to laugh as it's like 5am already.

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Aqua, because her attempts would be hilarious

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She would be extremely inept at it, and it would make it so much better.

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Marine would be my first choice. Second would be Coco.

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>Tells you to call her mommy before she barfs in your mouth