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>3 out of 4 of NijiEN's new wave can't beat a channel that literally has no content
Omega-sama I kneel

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/vt/ wants me to hate it but xhe's too strong...

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>98k cucks subbing to a channel with zero content
>and holofags have the nerve to say that brand power didn't help EN at all, and they're only this popular because of raw talent
la mao.

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I love Millie's ASMR

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ethyria sucks dick nice cherry picking

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>nijiniggers are so pathetic that they have no brand power compared to a smaller rival company
honor killing is the only way

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if only dead subs gives money

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What kind of person would subscribe to fucking Omega?

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Agreed, while the one you posted is the one I've liked the least, she makes the best ASMRs I've ever heard.

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I don't think any NijiEN has beaten Aloe in subs who has been gone for over a year already and probably will never come back.

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>104k subs
Good God woman

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Nevermind that, check this out

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Cover let Omega make a channel?! Ugh...

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it's quite funny that nijisanji with all their resources and manpower can't achieve holo's fame

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You mean that YouTube has a thing callen an algorithm? Next thing you'll tell me is something society would say.

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Omega deserves those subs and more because she started HoloEN and is responsible for running it. Not to mention being awesome on twitter.

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>Xe haz a channel
With which 2view corpo vmanager xe gonna collab first?
Slugma from Tsunderia or Misaki from Cyberlife?

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Omega is literally man. Let's not do this again.

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I love the smell of nijicope in the morning

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it's quite funny that nijisanji with all their resources and manpower can't beat holo's algorithm

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I love smells

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I didn't expect Nina to become the most popular from her gen.

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I did after the first week. The other three are very generic. Nina herself is a basic ass Twitch streamer but a Twitch streamer palette swapped as a JP company vtuber while still acting exactly like a Twitch streamer is new. She also has a crazy work ethic which really helps.

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Ruskies and mommyfags pulling their weight

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I don't even watch NijiEN but this is travesty.

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How the fuck is Nina the most popular? I get the other 3 are not really that great, but Nina is absolutely insufferable

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She monopolised the Russian market.

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Most russians have no taste

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It goes to show just how dead NijiEN truly is

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She actually has one of the most based game choices of any EN vtubet

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So that's where all of Botans Russians went.

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if you ever checked the numbers bellow her when she is streaming you'd realize she isnt
not a single one in NijiEN3 can pull ccv even close to the other 2 gens

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I never did. Botan is the true mommy, not that twitch whore wannabe

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guys can u actually watch streams and not threadwatch 24/7. ty

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Cope, honey.

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Why does HoloEN's manager link to NijiEN channels on Youtube?

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You really don't know how hard that undoing the precedence in algorithm is. I get recommended Hololive regularly despite only watching Nijisanji. Though I have noticed a trend that Hololive EN clips are just becoming Gura clips in the algo. So maybe, in time it'll just Gura and some Nijisanij EN clips.

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A thread died for this super obvious bait.

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