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Why are they so sexless compared to their JP branch? I think Kiara is the only one who even seems to have some sort of sexual drive. This isn't about comparing them to vshojo or niji who constantly talk about their boyfriends or sucking dick or whatever, I'm comparing them to the JP holo branch.

EN is ridiculously sexless to the degree where they are seemingly in denial about how much of their appeal comes from SEX. Mori, Kronii, Fauna especially. Ame is horny on twitter because in streams seems to steer clear completely of saying anything directly sexual to her audience. It's patronising. Is their audience a bunch of preteens or what/

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>Is their audience a bunch of preteens or what/
You just answered your own question

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Because they're millenial/zoomie females

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Artsy faggots for the last 50 years or so in hollywood have potrayed men who like things; technology, gaming, toys etc as weak so they don't give fans the benefit of the doubt when we're perverse.

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Why is OP so sexpless? Can he only jerk it o anime girls?

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Gura's audience is too young.

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Not only do you not watch streams, you don't even read threads

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Gura is the best no cap

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They aren't sexless you're just too stupid and/or ESL to pick up on innuendo.

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You don't watch a lot of Irys do you? She can't go 5 minutes without saying something that's innuendo and I'm pretty sure she's doing it on purpose.

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The two exceptions are the country bumpkin that is also shat on my artsy hollywood fags and the girl that lives in Japan

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Isnt IRyS like super horny all the time?
Even more than Kiara.
You do have a point with the rest though

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OP here, Irys is the exception

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Vshojo and Niji already has the majority of western coomer fags covered, HoloEN has a more general western audience to pander to.

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Sana is pretty horny usually, especially in collab streams and twitter. IRyS is in heat all the time also

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Shut the fuck up, coomer. Go watch Vshojo if you want to hear anime girls constantly talk about getting fucked

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Wrong picture. No ban pls

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Calliope Mori is a chaste woman who only engages in sexual acts with her husband(me).

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OP is a poorfags and doesn't know about all the SEX we get in members streams.

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Why the fuck do you even care about this? You know almost every single top streamer doesn't have to use sexual humor or shipping to be entertaining, right?
I for one don't want more yuribait shit for coomers, they can be to entertaining by themselves.

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and her brother

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Anon here, your goalpost moving isn't logical or impressive.

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This board is so weird

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Stop fucking inviting coomers into Irys's stream. We already have plenty of them in chat.

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t. coomer

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(also me)

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Because they are EN

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She invites them herself, anon.

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/pol/tards, /v/eddit and thirdies make up this board.

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No wonder so many resort to baby speak like coomer instead of speaking English

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>t. doesn't watch streams

Mori has been horny on main ever since she got back from underworldian america. Irys is sex concentrate and always has been. I'm sure the other EN holos are similar, they're women after all.

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>Irys lezes out with half of holoID
>only line she doesn't cross is outright asking them if they want to scissor with her
Why the fuck are you watching her?

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Don't mind the moralfag, he shits up /HiRys/ with his sexphobia and reddit coomer meme too

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Do you think Kronii requested that her default image isn't smiling or was that artists choice?

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The narrative that Mori is horny is only pushed by delusional coomer deadbeats who hear her talking about back problems or some shit like that and proceed to fantasize about her breasts for the next three hours

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I’m actually inclined to agree despite possibly being a bait thread. HoloEN’s oversanitization makes them sound fake a lot of the time because they have way, way more (self or management-imposed) filters than other chuubas that they have to process before speaking any word. I feel letting them cuss and talk about “yabai” stuff, as long as they dont become the core of their entertainment style, would be a step in the right direction.

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I have an idea. You should watch some streams.

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Irys is the only one, Kiara is just a larp, she has said again and again she only puts on a character for the fans and she doesn't really like the bottom left meme

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Not him, but gura sometimes making a figure cum jar joke isn't what we are talking about.
The girls are afraid of coming off as sexually attractive, like one other other anons said ITT, Fauna is especially a travesty, we finally have an ASMR girl but the monkey paw is she completely refuses to do anything lewd

I thought I was going to really like fauna in the beginning, but she is just turning into a less interesting Aki/Mel

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Mori used to coomerbait when she first started. Her 'GUH' and random moans come to mind.

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New idea! Go watch Vshojo if you like cumgurgling whores.

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Coomers are just bad audience in general. Irys is a natural but does not do anything as sexual as many coomers here portray her as. Half of the time it's just a simple phrasing/grammar mistake. It's entirely different to actually cussing all the time or using sexual memes.

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It's an inane idea that the Hologirls should make ass fisting jokes to please handful of incels if they don't feel like it.

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Disregarding that coomer is a forced reddit meme that isn't even a real thing, purityfags are infinitely worse than people SEXposting over the innuendo

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You didn't watch her ID collabs and minecraft streams where she interacted with people did you?

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Nah. The worst bunch are 10 sec clips of people taking things out of context. That's not purityfagging. That's just outright fabrication
I did. I'm not saying she doesn't say lewd shit or doesn't makes jokes but this whole phrasing that she's a fucking sexual deviant is just hpyerbolic. She had to fucking google what a succubus is. She provides fan service and you will be aware when she does but most of the time it's just ESL brain. She thinks in nip.

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Coomers can’t enjoy anything if it doesn’t get their chubs up. It’s not that they’re ‘afraid’ of being sexually attractive, but why would they have to be? They have an audience of fans that are happy to watch and superchat them without being coomerbaited to do so. There are plenty of indies and VShojo girls if you want a chuuba who likes sexualizing herself on stream.

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She was lezing out pretty heavily with Reine dude.

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It's not a reddit meme and if you can't appreciate a nice seiso girl like IRyS without thinking about sex all the time you have brain damage.

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You don’t have to be a purityfag to see that coomers are the scum of any given fandom, and society in general.

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Anon. They just have great chemistry. She also talked about food for 4hrs non-stop with Mori and only had 1 moment where she talked about Robert Downey's Chest. She also fangirled hard with Bae and Mori about anime boys in another stream for hours.

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because indians and arabs don't speak JP

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all me, upvotes to the left

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I wouldn't say Irys is Seiso. She's pretty cultured enough given how much of an otaku she is. She likes shipping characters as well. But she's certainly not the succubus that some people /here/ want her to be or thinks she is. I think the fact that she's just open about what she thinks is attractive is enough for people to loose their brains because many of the ENs aren't as open her like her. Only person like her is Kiara and she's always dogged by bottom left jokes. But Irys herself isn't as descriptive like Kiara when she goes on about liking certain characters in her jrpgs.

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The dichotomy is part of the joke, she's projecting how thinks a hololive member should appear on the surface while dropping innuendo any native english speaker can instantly pick up on. She did live in America for most of her life, the quips about getting "banged" and shower jokes with kronii were absolutely intentional

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The banging ones aren't, that's just the word she uses for bumping into things or being hit by something. The shower one was intentional and a bit of fan service but my guess is that she doesn't think of it as being as lewd as some viewers do.

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It's incredibly difficult to find western women who fit the niche of "lewd but not slutty", they're either whores or NEET femcels.

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Seeeeex.........I love seeeeeeex...

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JP are multithreaded, EN are not.

If JP play into anything sexual, they can carry on doing other things with distinction and not be held back by it. As long as it's done with intent, the audience can respect it. The downside is anything unintentional being found out can be a career killer.

If EN play into anything sexual, that fact is held against them throughout their entire career despite what other accomplishments they set out to do. See how many people try to tease incredible concept artists in Japan because they drew hentai once, but how nobody in Japan gives a shit. EN girls know this, so they don't risk their content being shat up by Gottemers

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There's like maybe 5 horny JPs out of like 40, and that's pushing it. Give it time.
>"Is their audience a bunch of preteens or what"
Gura's is, her fangirling over Dante or the other boys is all you'll ever get from her.

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ASMR are relaxation and sleeping aid. Fuckers ruined the community with coomer shit. Fuck off.

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In their previous life both Gura and Kiara were a bit lewd. I've seen clips of Kiara offering to show more cleavage and stuff for subs and Gura calling herself a slut. But when they joined Hololive they toned it down a lot. Ame too was pretty dirty. I mean, there's that famous clip of her saying nigger.

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>bunch of preteens
>he didn’t read the thread where anon caught his 8 y/o brother watching gawr gura on his ipad

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Better watching Gura than the fever dream shit that was all over Youtube a few years ago

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Once again, I am given another reason to subscribe to IRyS, and I still won't. And it's not that I don't like her. Something existential prevents me from hitting that subscribe button.

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Excuse me but what? Gura might not be direct with it but fucking Kronii? I can't talk about Fauna because I don't watch her.

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>comparing them to vshojo or niji who constantly talk about their boyfriends or sucking dick or whatever
this isn't even clipfagging it's just hearsaying

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>I don't like pulling out

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you did a Watame, therefore, you did nothing wrong

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