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Comfy Shinove edition.

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This is the thread

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Shinove 3D debut when?

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Holostars my beloved

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Majin love!

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There's already an existing thread meido, this is spam

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This is the thread.

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>It's just an hour of Shinove sitting in the office taking calls

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Gonna take a while since his design is a lot more complicated when compared to the simple A-chan. I still don't know why he got such a flashy model.

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I just want him to have fun with the boys too

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If by some miracle Shinove gets a 3D model, I want a 3D group endurance drinking stream. Whoever passes out or throws up is disqualified.

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Waking up to this collab was great, Astel knew how to match Matsuri's energy and comments measure for measure. Looking forward to the collab with Ollie and/or the duet cover.
Imagine being Astel here

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Aran-san, kakkee~

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Festival is very erotic.

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I love Roberu!!

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Risu, calm down

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At least two people in Global thought this was Mio.

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She took Astels first time :/

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goddammit, fujos...

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so when is roberu inviting some holomembers into his bar!!! first time visiting free drink! :333

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you’re a cute little anon, aren’t ya? bar robel is dead

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Bae soon you just fucking know it, probably Kiara and Irys afterwards. It's so good to know that son finally is being a genuine CHAD and inviting holos to collab, hopefully he reaches out to Marine eventually

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Bar Robel is dead anon, but the EN collabs will happen. Expect Bae for sure, maybe other Council girls or IRyS, don't expect any Myth girls except Calli.

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>EN collabs will happen
You're going to make the schizos seethe anon...
Also, what makes people think that Council in particular is friendly towards the Holostars? Not against it, just that outside of Bae I feel the others are about the same as myth

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A 15 man amogus on paper sounds like a disaster. Comms will take such a long ass time to go through.

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It's the new one with new roles right? It will just be confused noises.

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>bar robel is dead
Wait, what happend?

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there’s been huge gaps between each one (the last one was in september) and since robe has been busy, if a bar robel does happen again, it’ll probably be next year, this is just my speculation though

>> No.13173611

I can see him bringing it back with the EN collabs on the horizon, Maybe a mutual collab with Kiara. He has her on Bar Robel and she on Holotalk

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Kusogaki APEX

>> No.13174005

KusogakiPEX - Road to Master day 2

>> No.13174126

Good old Astel and Izu. But no Kira....

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Leia-san has joined the boys for rank.

>> No.13177708

Is this Izuru's first time playing with Leia or am I just forgetting a session from the past?

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アルランディス in da house in 1 hour

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Probably not all of council but at least half of the girls like the Holostars. Bae and Mumei actively interact with them, Sana talks about them, and (according to this board) i thunk Kronii likes them too

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>> No.13188080

>Bae and Mumei actively interact with them
Has Mumei ever talked to them again after that one time she was in Astel's chat?

>> No.13188429

Not directly no, but she’s been there for every Bae and Roberu interaction and has commented then, she’s friendly with them at least.

>> No.13188476

Good to know

>> No.13188956

>Mumei popping up for the apex collab at 3 am
Either the word spread around their discord or she has a 6th sense for this stuff.

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She's just a massive procrastinator and was most likely just lurking Discord.

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Is this already posted? The ASMR producer? (maker? agency? company?) noticed Robechan buying ueshama ASMR. Ueshama collab might be closer than we think

>> No.13191931

Man these are fucking baby numbers compared to Patra, through they were like relevant

>> No.13192063

If you want to jerk your dick to numbers instead of hot Japanese women, there's a containment thread for you faggots.

>> No.13192513

Ueshama please teach my son how to do ASMR, maybe then he’ll remember

>> No.13193335

Imagine Ueshama being a guest on either Bar Robel or Henraji

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I want to touch Shinove's boobs

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It's YouTube being retarded again?

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>59 Celsius
>that upload/download rate

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Glorious crying noises from the knight as he struggles with technology.

>> No.13198288

New Aruran short - flexing pull ups on Miyabi

>> No.13199088

Wachastars 19 with Roberu, Izuru and Rikka

>> No.13199113

Alright, now it's Miyabi's turn, except the video does not end until he does 5 pull ups in a row.

>> No.13199335

Male Holostars fans confirmed chads

>> No.13199440

>Try HoloPro chocolates
>We're not part of it though

>> No.13199499

Ayyy a kaigai niki from California!

>> No.13199568

Roberu bamboozled www

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found it in that baelz clip btw

>> No.13199613

Who, who is being shipped, and who the fuck is that guy

>> No.13199640

>Young males and little girls are holostar fans
What the fuck

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>> No.13199643

It's the kid from the thumbnail!

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are you new here? for real.

>> No.13199718

>a kid that like Demon Slayer
i guess it's a family-friendly show in Japan.

>> No.13199731

Izu-chama is this little girl's oshi for sure

>> No.13199817

>tfw you will never play pokemon together with izuru onii-san

>> No.13199857

I wish I was that little girl

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It's not fair

>> No.13199935

The groomed has become yhe groomer

>> No.13202743

Does Shinove have any gachis?

>> No.13203060

Yeah, me

>> No.13203945

Miyabi: New mafia bunny resident needs a name

>> No.13204555

>baby rabbit
>ends speeches in -de chu
>voiced by Banjo Ginga

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>> No.13206562

>ywn have Shien come over to your house to play games with and cook food for you
Why live

>> No.13206719

Shien's girlfriend is so lucky...

>> No.13206725

WIM MV on Saturday!

>> No.13207563

Yup, I really am lucky.

>> No.13208489

It's been so long, Im happy for more shadowgear, I wonder if Bossu has a skit prepared for something inbetween the games.

>> No.13208678

Temma Apex

>> No.13208720

Oga chat

>> No.13208757

Its dragging him back...

>> No.13209206

Did they get temp permissions for this?

>> No.13209444

Yes, the girls are having another tournament sponsored by NND

>> No.13209479

What just happened to Temma's stream, I zoned out a second and it's been removed.

>> No.13209564

Ah, good shit. I just noticed Polka is streaming it right now.

>> No.13209575

Kino just dropped

>> No.13209578

He has been having issues with his pc while streaming and its continued into this stream. During the pc buying stream he ended up not doing so because it was fine then and he figured out that he should also clean it, unless I missed a tweet he still hasnt bothered to clean it out.
Seaweed has been trying to help via chat but it doesnt seem to be working out, he seems to be using apex as a benchmark but isnt apex poorly optimized? I wouldnt know

>> No.13209644

Yeah, Apex runs like a brick. Clean ya PC, knight.

>> No.13209721


>> No.13209940

The last two streams have pretty much become apex obs settings tests, hopefully he will figure it out and just take the time from constantly using the computer to just do some cleaning/tweaking off stream.
I expect it no time soon though, love this silly knight.

>> No.13210339

>Majin watches Fauna ASMR
Friend... Tree rat....

>> No.13210396

Collab when

>> No.13210513


>> No.13210523

When Risu and FBK finish whipping his ass again.

>> No.13210744

Temma's computer heard chat mention it should be cleaned and has gone on strike due to hostile work conditions.

>> No.13210829

I am happy that some of the hololive peps are interacting with the holostars, even if they are IND and EN.

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Why does Majin's stream have 11 dislikes? Did something happen?

>> No.13210996

Maybe >>13210339

>> No.13211042

>Everything in existence is trying to mindbreak Temma
Makes sense

>> No.13211274

>Oga favourite female Seiyuu is Tanaka Atsuko
Majin you're showing your old age....

>> No.13211511

Little by little anon, the walls are coming down, first it was ID, now it's EN who knows what will come in the future.
I told you that it was only matter of time until the stars were fully integrated into Hololive, Unicorns are a retarded and dying species

>> No.13211698

Temma is made for mindbreak after all

>> No.13211847

Looks like Oga and Risu will do something again for their birthday

>> No.13211882

Pretty bold to ask for a duet cover like that. It's amusing that he goes back and forth with a nutcase like Festival, but more reserved with RBC and Choco. It feels like yesterday when ShibuHal paired them together in Vsaikyo.

>> No.13212248

I just caught it up. Wacha Stars are really interesting lately!

>> No.13212509

Nice! Papa came well prepared to be that fast releasing the MV. Here is the MV director's twitter, with previous works, for those who care: https://twitter.com/mayonaca_w

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>> No.13213978

dios mio, la creatura

>> No.13214056

Sorry, I got jealous of Fauna.

>> No.13214108

Don't let him catch your lips.

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>> No.13218222

Is it just me or it's feeling like Hololive JP are getting slightly more comfortable with collabing with Holostars?Maybe it's the influence of Hololive EN and especially ID, and also the popularity that Holostars is gaining, but I feel like the fear of having fan backlash is slowly but surely diminishing.

>> No.13218296

Lower your expectations, it's just FBK and Festival.

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>> No.13221271

AsuIzu Apex feat. Leia

>> No.13221464

Don't get your hopes up. It's cool that Festival is hanging out with Astel but she's a known quantity. Bae might be a Roberu/Stars fan but I don't really expect the other EN2 girls to suddenly want to set up collabs. It's fine if they don't. I only want collabs that happen because everyone involved wanted to do one.

>> No.13223042

Fubuki and Festival are the ogs of helping out the boys when management didn't have faith in them. It's nothing out of the ordinary.

>> No.13223062

Izuru POV now that they're live

>> No.13224483

This is my oshi

>> No.13224718

I wish I could mindbreak knight and then make him feel better with noodles afterwards

>> No.13224848

Considering how quickly AsuIzu got to Dia 2 yesterday, do you think they'll get to Master today?

>> No.13226081

No, unless they get a bunch of champions today

>> No.13231484

Hope it goes well for them at least.

>> No.13233846

>Good thumbnail
What the fuck happened with winning son?

>> No.13234171

Someone probably made it for him. I don't believe it was him

>> No.13234866

It just a rare fanart thumbnail plus the game logo. He got some good fanarts, if only he uses them for thumbnail instead of his live2d faces, his thumbnails wouldn't be so shitty.

>> No.13235020

I'm more than a decade younger than him and I also love Tanaka Atsuko. Fuck you.

>> No.13235328

Bets on which starter Robechan will pick?

>> No.13235736

Anon you're a gaijin, unlike nips you probably didn't Tanaka Atsuko anime when it was airing. Plus you got no exposure of young female seiyuu lewd photo books.

>> No.13235831

Well sorry mean to reply>>13235020

>> No.13236624

Papa Apex later!

>> No.13237833

Fair on the first part, but I don't know if lewd photo books would do anything for me.

>> No.13239019

26 minutes clip of BRO apex collab

>> No.13239989

Astel pokemon stream incoming. Fun!

>> No.13240981


>> No.13242577


>> No.13243963

Astel - Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

>> No.13244026

My money is on Turtwig. Golurk and Rhyperior are his favorites so maybe he likes ground types.

>> No.13244526

[Pokemon BDSP update]
>Version bought
Astel - Brilliant Diamond
Roberu - Brilliant Diamond
Aruran - Brilliant Diamond
Miyabi - Shining Pearl
>Starter chosen
Astel - Piplup

>> No.13244596

that damned shotacon...

>> No.13244651

Seaweed what the fuck

>> No.13244717

He ended up naming it Yome...

>> No.13244847

Shadowgear offcollab Snipperclips

>> No.13245379

That game looks surprisingly fun, and comfy with that duo

>> No.13246591

Roberu Pokemon

>> No.13246861

>decides to play as Lucas just in case he gets an oneeshota scene with him and one of the characters later on
Never change, Rob

>> No.13246956

I thought pokemon was supposed to be a buff game

>> No.13247293

this is your brain on gacha
they just switched to Warioware btw

>> No.13247308

Looks like they've switched over to Warioware

>> No.13247993

It's boring and only a buff for chuubas who are so bad at the game that the forced exp share can't stop them from wiping out to level 9 pokemon in the grass.

>> No.13248250

AGF goods are up for sale.


>> No.13248740

Shadowgear duet tskr

>> No.13248775


>> No.13248897

Aruran - Brilliant Diamond
Shadowgear offpako pt 2 - Cooking

>> No.13250198
File: 720 KB, 1234x638, 723834.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The great flood is upon us.

>> No.13250293

>Miyabi first to sell out

Proud of this flower.

>> No.13250341

>BDSP ended up doing so well
I know this already been said last year, but Pokémon is dead.

>> No.13250696

Hanakishi gachis are too powerful holy shit

>> No.13250803

For real, these fucking retards really Wil buy anything you attach the name to it

>> No.13251944
File: 370 KB, 1536x2048, FEjf_JbaQAEN2hb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rate the meal

>> No.13251998

100% chance of android(old man) having a heart attach/10

>> No.13252593

I'm going to do a to be fair here, knowing Game Freak, everyone probably got temporary permissions for the game for a set duration so everyone's rushing to play it.

>> No.13254868

Been a while since Rob streamed this long. He'll probably stream over HenRaji at this rate.

>> No.13255201

even though both Aruran and Robe start their stream at different time, both of them are fighting Gardenia right now.

>> No.13256014
File: 393 KB, 2047x1522, FEj9pgbaQAIfYst.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another picture of the omurice + hamburger steak

>> No.13257413

What's up with Roberu's weird fixation with Milla Jovovich lol

>> No.13258193

Looks like Shien also got to hug Spanya

>> No.13258603

Roomba is participating in a BF2042 tourney tomorrow.

>> No.13259415

>Maid Rikka is a roomba
You did this, not me

>> No.13259700

I want to hug that grumpy bear.

>> No.13262196

> https://www.uniqueradio.jp/agplayer5/player.php
The weekly Henradio, with guests for this time!

>> No.13262224

HenRaji with guests in ~10 minutes

>> No.13262639 [DELETED] 

God I fucking hate Coco, useless piece of American trash

>> No.13262793

Rob at the studio surrounded by VAs. The ueshama collab dream is getting closer.

>> No.13263022

I can’t wait to see my cute son spill his spaghetti in front of Ueshama

>> No.13263070

One of their biggest roles was in SideM, that's neat but nothing to get carried on.
What is surprising though is how there is almost next to no common anime works between OnoYuu and Ueshama, at least according to my searches.

>> No.13263326

I think there's higher chance for ueshama collab through this >>13191631 route if Robechan keep buying those ASMR. And there's also possibility of Oga being tease and use his connection to get Ueshama collab for himself just to bully our Son

>> No.13266813


>> No.13269280
File: 370 KB, 1333x2000, FCXZiMaVQAAofM5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>they're still the only ones sold out
It's interesting to me that the lowest subbed sold out first. Don't get me wrong I'm happy for them, but it makes me curious if the stock is made relative to their popularity or if Hanakishi fans are more likely to buy merch. Miyabi's badges were also the first to sell out at the venue and didn't his NY stand sell out really fast, too?

>> No.13272454

>Roberu picked Chimchar
>I picked Chimchar

>> No.13273101

>It's interesting to me that the lowest subbed sold out first
It probably means that they had the least stock in the first place. Stock is very likely related to popularity

>> No.13273248

Hanakishi is full of yumefujo fans who are interested in that kind of merch. Must put the pair together on my shelf/must buy 4 copies for my itabag(s)

>> No.13277523

Hiroshima toilet/10

>> No.13280410
File: 801 KB, 825x536, 1628710206673.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's international men's day! But uh oh, you forgot your a day late off from Japan, bummer, now you have to buy a apology cake and naked dogeza at least 100 times to what ever star of your choice, which star is getting your apology?

>> No.13283866


>> No.13285023

>FBK and the flower on the same section as Shizurin

>> No.13289271
File: 209 KB, 386x394, 1678562148562.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>For me, "FFXIV" is life.

>> No.13289598
File: 105 KB, 600x800, 35DE016F-C8B7-4C27-B2D7-52AA1E1D81E8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The do-S flower.

>> No.13293042

I suppose they are doing their training at that time, given how rather dead weekends are lately

>> No.13293607

New Aruran short

>> No.13296693

Well... that was something.

>> No.13297771

Piano knight

>> No.13298893

AsuIzu are also participating in the BF2042 tourney with Leia and Odanobu

>> No.13299719

>not apex

>> No.13300478

> https://youtu.be/n7SHBurxQzc

>> No.13300617

Touch grass, and find a man, lazy sluts.

>> No.13300882

Stylish MV!
That's cool for Papa

>> No.13300948


>> No.13301375


>> No.13302524

Please let him sing this on december's live.

>> No.13302892

The kusogakis don't have a pov (and probably won't), but Odanobu is live and they're in vc

>> No.13303510

I'm losing hair by just hanging out in his channel.

>> No.13303654

Now, I am just waiting for the BGM version on his channel

>> No.13303999

The old man is also taking part in BF2042 tournament

>> No.13304039

Imagining Papa rapping in an idol outfit during the live is amazing. It would be so hype, I love the song

>> No.13306171

Papa mario party with Hira, Kuku, and Naru tomorrow

>> No.13306267
File: 201 KB, 1451x2048, FD6-CkVaUAEgQto.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13306344

>find a man

>> No.13306946

Watching holostars is like watching the pokemon anime after not following it for years. Who the fuck are these people, why are they so ugly, I only care about one of them
Seriously, they need more holostars so they can stop collabing with literal who's

>> No.13307108

Pretty sure Aru is the literal who in that group

>> No.13307200

It's the schizo who complains about every external collab.

>> No.13307230

Roberu's schedule for tomorrow
Looks like the other apex collab is with Shirayuri Lily and Leia

>> No.13307271
File: 157 KB, 773x427, 7436435.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They are gonna recreate this scene after getting champion.

>> No.13307314



>> No.13307316

Personally would have preferred Asumi and Anko. This is fine too.

>> No.13307815

Yay collab with Zenra Tenshi

>> No.13308018

Miyabi acnh

>> No.13308533

Rob... please just ask your manager to make your collab thumbnails for you...

>> No.13308855

Looks like Aruran's (and Oga's, if I'm not mistaken) new manager was also in his chat
Wonder if we'll ever get to see Hanakishi's "ikemen" manager as well as the other boys' own managers (assuming they've already been assigned theirs)

>> No.13309203

Ive been hoping he would show up in chat, Im really curious as to what would draw him out.

>> No.13310700

Astel Pokemon

>> No.13311766

Given attention to their managers is more of an EN thing

>> No.13312919
File: 31 KB, 202x1849, streams.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A Star streamed the most in Holopro this month. Sugoi!

>> No.13313208

Shadow Mountain...

>> No.13313746


>> No.13313866

Now if only it was more than Apex and minecraft...

>> No.13315455
File: 840 KB, 1100x960, FEop9yTXEAInH2Q.jpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just this once, he can be the shotam

>> No.13318257

>Astel namedrops My Little Pony

>> No.13318516

AsuIzu Road to Master feat. Leia

>> No.13318600

Astel WILL reach Master today.

>> No.13318645

>>13318600 (me)

>> No.13318841

Shogun POV

>> No.13319255

Leia has become the stars' apex babysitter.

>> No.13319869

They played that match FLAWLESSLY.

>> No.13321608

They are pretty close now.

>> No.13321900


>> No.13324618


>> No.13325874


>> No.13326334

Im starting to think astel's 3d will be on his anniv

>> No.13326765

Pizza man lookin like a GTA intro character

>> No.13326888

He litearlly said that would be case, but I guess no one here can understand him.
He said months ago that his 3D would be in December and that he would debut his orisong on his anniversary

>> No.13327455


>> No.13327480


>> No.13330451

Astel uhu

>> No.13330460

Looks like Odanobu's swapped in for Astel (Astel is still in the vc though)

>> No.13330951

His Pokémon thumbnail looks decent again, maybe Son do really love Pokémon

>> No.13332144

Pizza papa utawaku in 30 minutes

>> No.13333758


>> No.13335053


>> No.13335430

Roberu would be obsessed with Genshin if they were allowed to play it

>> No.13335663

Hate to say it but Arupapa is a shit singer. Did he get singing classes or is it part of being an elderly italian?

>> No.13335744

Don't reply to bait sea poster

>> No.13335846

Believe it or not he used to be even worse, not everyone can be Astel. He makes up for lack of talent with high streaming hours

>> No.13335930

And charming personality. Besides it's cute in a cringe way.

>> No.13336016

Look, he isn't the best at singing it's just the truth, I still like it.

>> No.13336081

Doesn’t Ueshama voice a character in that game?

>> No.13336187

No one actually thinks of them as idols so little does it matter if they're good singers or not, also "shit singer" and all of that dude actually has an orisong with an MV thing that other "good singers" don't

>> No.13336242

He is taking singing classes iirc. It used to be borderline unbearable in the past but it's actually kinda enjoyable now.

>> No.13336250

Actually thinking about it, what do you guys think about the idea of Pizza dad going all in on his rapping reps?

>> No.13336319

Would be fun so he can rap over DJ time

>> No.13336420

I don't think he should pursue singing. It's like fine for the memes and there's the concert but actually sticking to it sounds like a retarded waste of his money and this is the same dude who consistently manages to loose half his paycheck on bad horse bets, gacha and unnecessary shit

>> No.13336476

>bad horse bets, gacha
Isn't that Roberu?

>> No.13336536

Not bait I actually want to fuck Aran I just find his singing bad in comparison to Astel, Rikka and Izuru in particular.

>> No.13336540

Roberu at least makes streams out of it. Papa was known for his horrible financial decisions since before Roberu went all in on the horse streams. He also lost the worst out of everyone at the big horse race last year

>> No.13336616

His voice actually blends well with his coworkers, which is why his MV with Astel was so well liked.

>> No.13336685

And water is wet...

>> No.13336755

If he somehow tried to find a personal style in a musical genre he's completely foreign to. Someone's gotta tell him to study the singing style of 80s/90's rappers, it may suit him better. He should also avoid rapping in eigo, it's clear he doesn't know much of it.

>> No.13337386


>> No.13337427

>He should also avoid rapping in eigo
He wants to land that Mori collab

>> No.13337517

While it would help his numbers, Mori is a shit rapper, so I'm hoping it doesn't happen or for her to step up her game and stop sounding like female eminem.

>> No.13337528

\ アランさんカッケー!/

>> No.13337648

Apex time
> https://youtu.be/0PPp56oZ1qw
Robesan POV
> https://youtu.be/l7sn473FuNA
Shirayuri POV

>> No.13338228

These two loves bullying Shirayuri so much

>> No.13339262

For anyone who missed it, these three are practicing for a custom match. Akio Custom if I heard correctly.

>> No.13339620

Why does Roberu team always turned into comedy team?

>> No.13339698

It is the buff bonus although it also means their playing level is sacrificed to create entertainment.

>> No.13339759

It's Makio's. Astel and Nobu are in it too but no word on their third member.

>> No.13339996

>Entertainment buff bonus
>Skill level penalty
>Win anyways because of the Winning Son buff
Never forget Kansai Noises and their perfect placement.

>> No.13340146

>Join tourney
>Treat it like a sports anime
>Have fun
>Get free gaming PC
So Roberu just has Haruhi levels of reality warping

>> No.13340291


>> No.13340951

Temma Smash

>> No.13341484

As long as it's not gacha or horce bets, he's always winning

>> No.13342627

[Sad News] No Miyabi ASMR tonight

>> No.13342768


>> No.13344244

I want to get off the pokemon ride...

>> No.13344434

Miyabi mentioned buying Pearl on Twitter
Expect him to also stream it this week

>> No.13344720

Isn't Holo pokemon permission temporary? Just wait until the permission expires

>> No.13344812

? HoloPro has full Nintendo permissions

>> No.13344842

Just accept the fact that literally every Japanese streamer will be playing Pokemon/Monster Hunter when new games/expansions of each one comes out.

>> No.13344882

I know, it doesn't change the fact that the situation sucks, but I wanted to vent a bit while the thread needed to be bumped...
Pokemon Company != Nintendo

>> No.13344887

Pokemon permission is actually separate from Nintendo, iirc Holo pokemon permission is granted from sponsored stream on Niconico. Check their stream description and you'll find "dwango"

>> No.13345061

Perms for Pokemon games don't fall under Nintendo but The Pokemon Company
TPC also happens to be EXTREMELY anal with perms

>> No.13345168

>この放送は 株式会社ドワンゴ の実施するニコニコ生放送の出張版放送として配信しております
Found it

>> No.13345673

They're nowhere near that point yet but place your bets:
How many tries will it take Astel, Roberu, and Aruran to beat Cynthia?

>> No.13346141

> https://youtu.be/N1vtk18FXb0
>rfw nobody still posted Papa's Mario Party collab

>> No.13346835

Miyabi FF14

>> No.13346984

Rikka to appear on Virtual Music Award 2021

>> No.13347164

Roberu... That was a puzzle made for kids...

>> No.13347544

He is a shota after all.

>> No.13347740

Rikka and MZM are really go to male performers for these kind of event heh. Hopefully seaweed will join when he got his 3D

>> No.13347788

Shota l2d when

>> No.13347869

Nice for him, December is gonna be a busy month for the old man with 3 live shows...

>> No.13348085

Better oil him up.

>> No.13348241
File: 3.96 MB, 640x636, rikka-holostars.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If he does well at these events, maybe yagoo will reward him with a memory upgrade

>> No.13348257

Astel's music industry connections are nothing compared to Rikka's

>> No.13348272

Rikka hikigatari

>> No.13348480

Arrived late, he's doing a new character?
That aside is nice to see Miyabi in FFXIV again.

>> No.13349037

I think this stream is for helping FF14 newcomers and anyone interested on starting to play it.

>> No.13349104


>> No.13349138
File: 290 KB, 475x450, miyacool.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was a nice and slow thread, let's keep up the good work and ignore bait for the next times

>> No.13349225

Eh, I mean when cover get surplus invitation they can see seaweed instead of random hololive like miko (no offense)

>> No.13349258

What the fuck are you even talking about??

>> No.13349360
File: 355 KB, 1271x715, 654654654.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mari ojisan, lay off the snacks.

>> No.13349435

>yagoo will reward him with a memory upgrade
Is that how we are calling good ol' dicking now?

>> No.13349499

On some vtuber music event, sometimes cover get 4+ invitation. The priority who cover sent goes like Sora, Rikka or Azki (depends the event is all girls or not) and then some random Holo girls. I just hope seaweed become their number four

>> No.13349598

Bruh do you think they just get like 4 blank invites, what are they fucking smash bros characters lol
They just don't tell them, "idk mate send whoever you want" also, Matsuri and FBK have a better track record for music events than Azki
Rikka is were he is because the old man has years of stage experience and connections to spare, Astel is just some random utaite

>> No.13349766

Spreading oil over and inside the old man's body...

>> No.13350542

I know this thread is about to be archived in a few moments but I might as well still post these anyway
Shien zatsudan

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