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Wow lamy is best coombait

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I think comparing percentages would be better, what's the % of lewd art in comparison so the whole gallery of a said chuuba, I would guess marine gura and haato would be the top

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How did anyone find gura sexual?
She looks like a child

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The reine is losing to a trashy character.

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Now post the one with percentages.
I know you got this from Reddit.

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There was a chart with all that but it would be really out of date now. You are right about Haato and Marine, Noel was also up there.

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There's your answer.
Pedos everywhere.
Cunny isn't a portmanteau.

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there should be pics of Reine getting her asshole fisted, it's not fair bros

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Japanese are pedos surprise surprise

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>Cheap bait from cumbuds to make people post degenerate art in replies
Many such cases

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do you bros think aqua's twat tastes like candy

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gura has the most erotic design out of any holo
if gura and marine debuted at the same time, gura would have way more art
i mean, just look at pic related, don't you just want to pin that down and revel in its newly deflowered tightness?
these anons are delusional, anime characters don't look like real humans, their proportions are all wrong. the same is true of lolis, the proportions of human children and anime lolis are very different, they don't look alike.

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She doesnt have to in fanarts

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File: 860 KB, 1488x1000, __omaru_polka_and_daiba_nana_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_riroi__ec1a74974b363fc20de5bab97b6e2ecc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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>big tity loli
>not popular at all
Honestly kind of a shame

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Surprised IRyS is so low, having like a 1.5 month headstart on Council and being EN's most consistently horny streamer. Maybe her design is just too hard to draw.

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>iNa HaS tHe SeCoNd MoSt PoRn Of AnY hOlO

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That was my first thought on seeing this thread, lol.

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If they wanted a furry chuuba with fath tits they could've just drawn Botan. Redesigning/aging up the design just makes it barely recognizable.

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It's not hard to draw it's just ugly

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I thought Marine, Aqua and Haachama would be top 3 desu.
Fubuki has to be the most surprising one for me. Is it just for being popular? There's not really anything sexual about her.
Also feel like Choco and Mel would be so much more higher if they had more views.

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Take in consideration popularity and time, Fubuki is one of the oldest ones, also her "Friend-husband" plays is pretty hot

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Her design is inherently sexual + she was the face of hololive and most subscribed for the longest time

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>there's not really anything sexual about her
>design is inherently sexual
the state of weebs, my god

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Ok help me out here.
Where do you boys see sex in this desgin.
i'm genuinely curious what I'm missing.

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So none for her?

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Don't understand how people can find Gura R18-worthy

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Based, Gura number one soon.

You wouldn't get it...
It is her personality

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I am surprised Botan has that few. Her character is good for femdom, and alt outfits are all pure SEX.

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>IRyS at the bottom


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>whore on top

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FBK is probably the most versatile holo when you think about it. It makes sense that she'd have a lot of lewds drawn.

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Marine dropped her "I am horny" acts long time ago, no? Sorry, I don't watch her, I am pathetic gaijin who will never be japanese

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It's the top part of her outfit. It's essentially a bra and the ribbon covers what could easily be a boob window, it's extremely easy to lewd as an artist. When I look at Fubuki in a stream I don't think she's lewd. But I'm saying in terms of easily creating lewds her outfit is pretty open. and shows a lot of skin.

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why are Mel and Choco so low??
RBC should be higher too desu

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UOOOAAAAaaaaaahhhhh cunny power transcends the definition of sex desu~

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Reminder that Gura has 2 art tags on pixiv and that people dont always use both.
Gura has way more porn than Marine on Pixiv if you know how to actually search properly.

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Maybe if she stopped hiding her breasts and embraced it this wouldn't happen

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Whats a shame is that she isnt a flat chested loli. If she was she would be 10x more popular.
The shear flop of EN2 is a result of not having a single cunny character but they are lucky enough to be closely associated with EN1 that it wasnt a total failure.

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Gura is OP

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I think there was a period where Korone and Pekora had more than Marine.

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We should bring back public hangings for you people

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how about this one

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looks about right.
Matsuri no sex? hard to believe anon.

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Move all in orange up to red
Move Ollie, Watame, Matsuri, Ina, and Anya up to red

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add has had sex but doesn't care anymore, and married category.

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Pekora has seen a penis before by her fan

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Marine had a boyfriend prior to Hololive, she is also straight

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Watame hae a boyfriend of 7 years

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Yeah, with me

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>Noel that high
>Flare that low
oh nono no

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Mori belongs under knows about sex, doesn't care or little to no sexual knowledge lol.

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Hell yeah motherfucker

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Made by a seething retard it's worthless

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But, i was told all of them are lesbians.

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Thighs, a stocking, cutouts in the shorts, exposed midriff, booby window, exposed clavicles

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is this made by redditor?

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read the filename

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>Reine that low
jesus why?

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A more interesting statistic would be R-18 to sub ratio.

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Haha, look at that, 3rd Generation Hololive JP represent!
Really, in all the metrics they blow it away! Each member not only have more than 1 million subs, but now we can see that literally each and every member of the 3rd generation is at the very least in one of the top 5 categories for lewd images too
Views, subs, superchats, fanart...at the top, each and every single one, the single strongest powerhouse gen in Hololive

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Kronii shouldn't care

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indeed we should, we should hang the authoritarian elites who wish to oppress everyone's freedoms, and those who support these authoritarians. and funnily enough, this would severely hinder the actual child sex trafficking rings that these elites run, stopping real pedos (rather than weebs who draw, or weebs who look at drawings)

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post this to r/kson_ONAIR so it can get featured in her meme review

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