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HoloKR is coming,all the sign are there,and we just got our first confirmed talent

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Am i missing someone?

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kill yourself OP thanks

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Even as a nijinigger I wish holoKR can teach them how to run a branch because KR nijimanagement is our equivalent of omegatyranny

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HoloES in the mud

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Why would she go from one black company to another?

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Omega tranny is only hated here, the kr management is even worse

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give me your best rrat about holokr

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hory shitto!

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> HoloKR is coming
they already debuted

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Towa is going to be used to promote KR like Coco was used to promote EN.

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Hah, holoKR just gonna be full of EOP fanbase anyway like holoID, what shit can they teach when niji doesn't even had that big of EOP fankvrky

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HoloKR will never happen as long as Ayame stays in the company

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post the tweet

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>Bora will return from her studies, take up residence in a nearby place for her internship and future job
>Streams under HoloKR as the gamer
>The other four is a retired idol, a korean manhwa artist, a fluent trilingual speaker and a wildcard.

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Soon people won't even remember she exists. How many days ago was her last stream, again?

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Omega is doing his job, he's just kind of a cunt on twitter.

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some faggot makes a thread everyday counting how many days since her last stream, last time i check it's on 40 days

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If stars were also on the menu I'd say Jakads, he got a lot of shit from gook rhythm game community and is taking a long break because of it and university stuff(but I think this is his final uni year?).
But since the boys themselves say there will be no more holostars anywhere, we'll have to only look at girls.
I unironically think more antis and shitposters remember about her than fans at this point.

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LCK is dropping lots their talents rn,so expect Faker gonna be in holokr

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As >>13052820 has noted, NijiKR really is slow and dumb af, shouldn't be hard for holoKR to have a better management, just be more responsive and they'll be 1000x better than NijiKR

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Fuck off, holobronies. VSPO already claimed Bora and she and rpr will be the flagship for our foreign branches.

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Its MeRise most likely or better yet, CR's first female member. She was supposed to get training from Selly that was mentioned ages ago.

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But its don't wipe the fact that holoKR fan gonna be full of EOP, what make you thing that Korean Will watch holoKR when they don't even watch nijiKR, they the same as Indonesian, majority of them not gonna watch their local vtuber for the fact that they cringe looking at their own people acting like anime character

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the dumb cunt shouldnt even be on twitter

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Korean follow whatever trends on the EOP side. They are unironically bunch of westaboos

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t. omega

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You forgot Yuya

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It is unironically coming all the signs are there now. It'll pop up around January
>No new JP debuts in god knows how long
>No ID debuts
>ENG just debuted so whatever
>Bora disappears for "muh academics" reason, same for Yuya

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I want Korean gura and Bora

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I doubt gen 6 is happening

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also known as holoEN

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I don't think repeating things that the voice in your head tells you will be true

Holo's core is still Japan.

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EN3 will happen before GEN 6

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If they're busy setting up a new regional branch it would explain why it's taking so long

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Oh well, it's good either way. But they should debut JP6 mid year of EN3's debut, feels like JP's have beem stagnating, they need new blood to replenish what they've lost or about to lose.

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Someone post the Ame greentext

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More than half the people in HoloEN are koreadogs.

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>4 is half of 11
Math reps

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Who's the 4th?

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Is Sana is Korean though?

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Bae is a chingchong

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Isn't Irys a japanese hafu?

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Only Ina and Kronii. Sana is a seanigger

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IRyS is a Hapa.
Is that why they made her brown?

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I feel nothing. Can't understand korean, and lost any desire to learn it after skimming some lessons on an app.

I'd imagine Koreans will be happy. I just don't see us EOPs being any more interested in Holo KR than Niji KR.

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But HoloKR already exists.

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>the west is shit and that's why the east is getting worse

Poland will save us.

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Where did this half of Hololive is korean rrat come from? The only koreans are Ina and Kronii
Theres a rrat about her being a spic
Indog filled Aussie
I don't know, but what do i know is that she's not Korean. same as Mumei

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Apex is a debuff game for Hololive. No way they would sign an Apex autist.

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Fauna is Dunkey's wife; she's white

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Poland's gonna go full retard and start WW3 at this rate.

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Literally half of those are completely wrong.

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Not to mention all the holos who have been studying Korean.

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She's an FPS/Apexfag, why would she join Hololive? VSPO is more likely if anything.
More importantly, why are Holofags rallying for her to join Hololive? I thought you guys hated Apex.

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Isn't she Towa's friend?

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Yes and Towa is a low end Holo (like most Holo Apexfags) with a sizeable number of active shitposters in this board. I generally see most Holofags disliking Apex and Apex streamers because (1) they're usually addicts who will spam Apex streams everyday barring one or two every month (usually another FPS game) and (2) they will collab a lot with males. Bora fits both of these easily, she's if anything closer to FPSfags community than even most Nijis. Why are people suddenly wanting her to be in Hololive?

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And that's why they will just watch HoloEN instead of HoloKR.

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Keep saying it.

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2/7 is a failing grade

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Actually, there is strong evidence circulating on discord that Nabi will join Hololive as a Korean "Gen 0" when HoloKR starts, keeping her own character she's currently using.

>> No.13069734

oh yeah?

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the voices in your head don't count as strong evidence

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It's coming:


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HoloKR will actually be HoloDPRK

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hololive_de doesn't exist yet, could we hold the name hostage to force Kiara to pay ransom for her future german kouhais?

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supervised by big Kim himself

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Ayame will graduate shortly after it's announcement

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>followed by Cover Corp

Wtf, it’s real???

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It won't.

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Is Ayame still even in Hololive? she hasn't streamed in like 2 months

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just like the HoloJP carnivores want to eat Watame, the HoloKR members want to eat Korone

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>Account suspended
Hermanos.. they already graduated before they were announced...

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>grabbing every single asian market before trying an ES branch

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I buy this rrat.
>inb4 we also get HoloFR

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