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Thread doko

Kaneko Lumi
>Lumi: Queen of /vst/ (GSG, RTS, 4X, you name it). ARPGfag, especially Souls. Great at chat interaction. Very good singing voice.

Utano Pandora
>Pandora: Brit living in Japan. Most idol-like of the group. Bilingual EN/JP. JRPGfag. Savior fuel.

Amaris Yuri
>Yuri: FPS/horror games. Seagull laugh. Likes guns. Schizo queen.

Ayane Hylo
>Hylo: Variety. Godlike vocal range. Boomer humor. Chaotic energy.

Momozora Seina
>Seina: Speaks EN/ES. Variety, good at rhythm games. Will call you a pig.

CyberLive Official links

Full schedule:

Reference Sheets:

Upcoming Events:
Kaneko Lumi Birthday. November 17th.
Reminder to post notable events as a reply to the OP to have them added to the next OPs ahead of their date.

Cyber Friends:
Phase >>>/vt/pcg/ (/pcclg/ UNITY)
Shirara - https://twitter.com/dumplingshirara
Vivi - https://twitter.com/vividlyASMR
Shizukou - https://twitter.com/Shizukougames
Moon Jelly - https://twitter.com/moonjelly0
Maria Paradisia - https://twitter.com/MariaParadisia

Last thread: >>12924440

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HYLO! You have the 3D to do these type of streams! Make it happen!!!!!

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Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise


>> No.13023579

I'm very honoured to have my drawing used as the thread image, thanks OP!

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One day Lumi will play minecraft.

>> No.13024155

She already has.

>> No.13024713

Lumi gorilla soon

>> No.13024764

I know gorillas are meant to be unscheduled but you can at least say how much time approx Lumi

>> No.13024793

You guys did send Lumi a happy birthday message right? I hope mine really butters her up.

>> No.13024812

Going by the previous morning stream, it takes ~1 hour to make coffee.

>> No.13024822

Not yet, i've been really lazy with finishing my gift.

>> No.13024932

My gift will take about 3 minutes to prepare, she'll crave it I just know it.

>> No.13025364

Fuck off, atleast before i go sleep

>> No.13025907

Can you not try to send her your semen?

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>> No.13027318

Triangulating Lumi location using weather forecast reports for snow

>> No.13027407

Lumi GFE....

>> No.13027463

snow autist...

>> No.13027486

Thank you for giving me ideas

>> No.13027596

>he didn't already have her triangulated
Not gonna make it with this work ethic.

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Is this an edit?

>> No.13028581

made it using picrew

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>1 second
>1 hour later

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Remember to treasure your oshi while you still can. The future may hold sorrowful farewells and joyful reunions, but there will come a day when she will not return, ever again. Cherish every moment as if it were your last.

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be ready lumigumis

>> No.13030676

please be AOE

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>> No.13031197

Chris had to be contained

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>> No.13031675

It will be more GFE and you'll like it.

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Just turned the stream on, what did I miss?

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just tuned in. Can someone explain? she's been laughing for like 5 minutes
(nta btw) >>13031874

>> No.13031985

Her laughing is getting annoying. Is it just me or am I getting too old for whatever is going on?

>> No.13032019

The future is now old man.

>> No.13032100

I feel the same way old man, and she is supposed to be older than me

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>> No.13032223

Jetis is appariently the funniest name to her

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>> No.13032270

shes still high from last night please understand

>> No.13032350

Are laughing fits gfe?

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>> No.13032358

based misaki telling lumi to shut up

>> No.13032532

>laughing mood
is this some kind of reverse period kinda thing? wtf is this

>> No.13032600

I've seen 'GFE' so much the acronym has lost all meaning to me. I simply see it as another spelling of Lumi.

>> No.13032621

She has 8 hours of sleep and she hasnt been working nonstop since friday. This is her natural state.

>> No.13032664

i think it's probably just because she slept more than 30 minutes last night

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Man I love the faces she makes when she eats or drinks.

>> No.13032698

>she's very interested in whale cum
Not sure how I feel about this

>> No.13032776

why all chuubas overwork themselves? I thought this was easy play gaem on the internet job

>> No.13032792

Is lumi stalking me? why she showing all the youtubers I watch?

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stoned Lumi

>> No.13033042

That's because she's (You)

>> No.13033241

The tributes worked, I am now become lumi.

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>> No.13033625

>niggers appear on screen
>"don't look!"
Based lumi.

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>> No.13033770

I want to buy her one of the historical Total War games, but I don't know which one she would be most likely to stream mostly because I'm cheap and wouldn't want to pay full price for the game if she wouldn't play it on stream

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>> No.13034093

Lumi go back to based thownsends....

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>> No.13034182

I love my racist oshi!

>> No.13034325

She's already gotten a few gifted to her, including Medieval 2, but not any of the new ones

>> No.13034333

>the bigger it is, the less good it tastes

>> No.13034370

College student, please andastando

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>> No.13034476

I have a chance...

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>> No.13034524

I love Lumi so much...

>> No.13034771

She'll change tunes, with my eel down her throat.

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Spoonfeeding Lumi!

>> No.13034970

I do too anon, I'm hoping I can be friends with her!

>> No.13035105

pokemon with panda

>> No.13035237

>why all chuubas overwork themselves?
To many it's the first time they've really been appreciated for showing off the things they like to do. That's addicting.
Kek unironically that's probably part of it.
When a chuuba is suddenly well-rested for the first time since debut it's often like they're actually on (medical or recreational) drugs.

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>> No.13035290

Yes, but I'm an antisocial retard so the message is very basic

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>> No.13035585

Why was that laugh absolute sex holy shit

>> No.13035715

>That's addicting.
Been saying this for a while. She's very obviously addicted to streaming and has been for a while. Given how busy she seems irl from streams & tweets, this hobby is probably just acting as a big chunk of her social life without her even really realizing it.

>> No.13036088

Someone please tell Lumi to be more cautious with her browser search history

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Lumi swinging her dick at the club

>> No.13036529


>> No.13037563

Lumi carpet muncher...

>> No.13037807

This is the comfiest stream in a while, Lumi should do more of them

>> No.13038171

I love gfe!

>> No.13038232

This made me realize I'm a fucking npc, while never talking about youtubers here on 4chan I somehow watch the exact same shit as you guys do....

>> No.13038477

I am now envisioning a pccl SCP multiplayer game.

>> No.13038498
File: 332 KB, 1918x1080, FEMYU9AX0AEFrSZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your oshi WILL play Apex

>> No.13038606

lumi scp is cringe stop it.

>> No.13038620

My "oshi" will never play APEX, I can guarantee it.

>> No.13038696

It's too late bro, W*nham's played Fortnite unironically

>> No.13038705

I will never forgive them for the teenage succubus retcon political shitflinging aside. Best way to learn it is unironically Oversimplified SCP, neat little mango.

>> No.13039026

Don't use an animal as an insult

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File: 53 KB, 400x397, 1619131788428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ahhhh the Lumi GFE

>> No.13039251

>self-hating Boer in chat
That explains so much about this fanbase.

>> No.13039596

You can be white saffa without being a boer mate

>> No.13040021

>lab WORK on a SUNDAY
bros you told me she was Christian

>> No.13040134

So the only dangerous thing there was the name of a bank.

>> No.13040193

Birds of a feather or so they say

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>> No.13040346


>> No.13040350

comfy and fun/10
Tho it could use less adhd and actually finishing a video before starting another one. at one time she couldn't even go 5 seconds before switching screens and that was jarring.

>> No.13040351

Lots of Lumi giggles, Food videos, and Folk music karaoke soon/10

>> No.13040420


>> No.13040659

Best stream in a while for me. I really enjoyed the chat interaction and Lumi's autistic giggles. Hopefully there will be more streams like this one.

>> No.13040699

Highly enjoyable, Lumi should entwine the folk singing with the "around the world" trip she was doing, with some exploration of the places the folk songs are from

>> No.13041130

Way better than her mmo streams, highly entertaining. Hyped for folk song karaoke, might even get on discord to recommend a song or two.

>> No.13041484

Had a hearty laugh for the first time in a while/10

>> No.13043062

Could use better audio balance, maybe pause the video when explicitly talking to chat, had a great time though/10

>> No.13044585


>> No.13044841

I love Pandora bros...

>> No.13046755

Lumi puts in hours after streams to practice games and singing and whatever else. It's her only source of income and she's putting herself through college with it.

>> No.13048631

Autist Lumi and Perkele Lumi crossover when?

>> No.13048716 [SPOILER] 
File: 56 KB, 655x339, PqXVa57.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's over... Cyberlive just announced they're closing..... their fan discord

>> No.13048887

Makes sense, bad PR in the long run

>> No.13049112

is anyone making a fan server.... i know... forbidden to ask

>> No.13049200

why dont you make it anon

>> No.13049283

What's the need for fan servers when the girls each have their own discord already?

>> No.13049339

non yesmen discussion kek

>> No.13049936



>> No.13049942


>> No.13049943

We've got a voice


>> No.13049992

Great day for Cyberlive, discord server closing and gen 2!

>> No.13050039

any rrats on who? good voice so far

>> No.13050109

I just finished the other small corpo debuts, I can't handle more so soon...

>> No.13050285


>> No.13050469

This girl plus Megbert. Is Misaki the most based manager?

>> No.13050732

cunny gen is real oh my god lets fucking gooooo

>> No.13050846

Voice sounds familiar who is it?

>> No.13050919

I would like to contract a virus from this uooh

>> No.13051004

Sounds like Shiki but ESL

>> No.13051108

>Shiki but ESL

>> No.13051565

>only 1
>it's not Jelly

>> No.13051630
File: 449 KB, 800x800, 1635957158732.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>GFE stream
>"I am not a GFE streamer btw!"
It's just who you are

>> No.13051646

I don't really understand why, if it's a matter of jannies just get more. That said I wasn't using it.

Actually Seina still doesn't.

>> No.13051652

They said they were looking for 5 people during their auditions though?

>> No.13051682

Maybe gonna tease the rest later on?

>> No.13051713

Probably. They also announced two illustrators during the auditions so it for sure is more then one.

>> No.13051723

Pretty sure that's just Yuri.

>> No.13051818

>used cyberalter in auditions months ago
>gen 2
>just yuri


>> No.13052441

>esl shiki

>> No.13053442

I think I know who this is and if so HOLY SHIT this is the best pull of any startup corpo so far.

>> No.13053487

You can't just drop that and leave, anon.

>> No.13053578

She sounds very similar to someone in an 18+ game. All I will say for now.

>> No.13053835

I think I know but I don't want to get banned... is it ok as long as it is speculative since no debut?

>> No.13053952


>> No.13054015

Pandacord isn't membership/subs locked?

>> No.13054137

all the girls unlocked their servers to the public

>> No.13054228

Section of it is.

>> No.13054846

Lumi doesn't give out the link to hers

>> No.13055012
File: 449 KB, 550x505, porcelain[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F6r9ccz.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13055123

I need need NEED futanari Lumi art NOW

>> No.13055377

its given out in the cyberlive server announcements channel with the rest of the members' links (excluding seina)

>> No.13056471


>> No.13057144

Lumi cord will be public soon, except the sub/membership section, just like the other Cyberlive talent servers.

>> No.13057214

Gen 2 rrats?

>> No.13057243

It already has a public section and a private section, it's been like that since its inception.

>> No.13057270


Yeah I meant it'll be easier for people to actually find and get in it though

>> No.13057314

Seina now has a discord by the way.

>> No.13057346

They're all broken/damaged girls just like gen1

>> No.13057814

MoonJelly give up and accept to go corpo again..

>> No.13057852

None of them are /here/.

>> No.13058041


>> No.13058076

Redpill me on him.

>> No.13058176

cunny and does some of the most creative streams in vtubing. plays mobas friends with lumi

>> No.13058858

>I don't really understand why, if it's a matter of jannies just get more. That said I wasn't using it.
Dude. Company Discords always go fucking *bad* to the point having one is something more and more places actively abstain from because it always festers or turns into a cold war. The only reason to have one is as an alternative for Push notifications.
>We've got a voice
...not a fan. This is just mobagedubvoice #24355432.

>> No.13059149

just like hololive!

>> No.13059403

>wake up
>see a ping on discord with the words 'sad news'
>mind immediately jumps to the conclusion that Seina was quitting
>its just the main discord closing down
Misaki discord when?

>> No.13059824

I thought they were going to say cyberlive was shutting down

>> No.13062210

Fuck I hate my autism, i joined one of the discords a while back but I just can't seen to gather the courage to talk in it. I hate having my name attached to things and saying hi or anything like that makes me feel like an attention whore.

>> No.13062274

I bet you want to see someone say hi back don't you whore

>> No.13062444

Whenever I see the words "sad news" my brain immediately jumps to thinking that someone died

>> No.13062461

Im paranoid too anon. I use a different email for youtube, another one for twitch, another for twitter, and another one for discord. Every account has a name vastly different from the other too so connecting the dots isnt easy. I dont even do anything worth hiding.

>> No.13062495

I'd rather be an attention whore than an autist

>> No.13063069

I wonder if they're all really as fucked up as they say or if it's just played up for saviorfags. Seems very exploitative if Cyberlive hired damaged girls on purpose

>> No.13063188


>> No.13063595
File: 29 KB, 128x113, 1593173721017.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All times UTC

>> No.13063705

Lumicord was a mistake

>> No.13063891

explain further

>> No.13063905


>> No.13064026

I don't even know what to say in public discords. I met some of my friends through one, but that was mostly luck since I lived by some people & met them for food

>> No.13064040


>> No.13064173

>Seina gets a server
>Its all spanish
>Especially the english channel
>Spaniards don't use the spanish channel
I'm going to claim the spanish channel in the name of the english language.

>> No.13064842

Based, that Spanish channel will be our Gibralter if you will.
The eternal ass-pain and humiliation for them.

>> No.13067397

>take a long break from most Discord activities
>things burn down

>> No.13067471


>> No.13067516

Discord servers are never anything but a mistake. Should just let fans make their own.

>> No.13067599

Nothing happened though.

>> No.13067761

Just a whole lot more chatter worth ignoring, I did enjoy it being insular, though I expect this was bound to happen

>> No.13067918

>Lumi has the most active discord
>Seina will have the 2nd most active due to all the latinx people finally having a home
>Yuri's is the 3rd most active because of cat-chain spam
>Pandora's is the 4th most active but has actual discussion and is tame
>Hylo's discord is dead

>> No.13068602

She can't groom her paypi-I mean fans-I mean real actual friends if she isn't there though

>> No.13068617
File: 19 KB, 594x141, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hylo, it's Monday.

>> No.13068651


>> No.13068953

>blushing face
Grats on the sex Hylo.

>> No.13068983

It's all just bait for views & $ until she grows large enough to totally distance herself from the site & its users. Tale as old as time.

>> No.13069021

Anonchama "there", not "here".

>> No.13069630

Reminder that Lumi is a whore

>> No.13069658

I'd suck another man's cum out of Lumi's vagina. Thats how much I love her.

>> No.13069660

She's going to cry in the birthday stream when someone gives her money again isn't she?

>> No.13069680

>the absolute state of lumicucks

>> No.13069727

1/10 for criticism
0/10 for effort
Write a poem about it next time faggot

>> No.13069890

Wouldn't you cry happy tears if some lonely guy donated a thousand dollars to you?

>> No.13069907


>> No.13069941

>tfw you will never make Yuri cry when you unleash your massive load(of cash) all over her
Sucks being poor.

>> No.13069960

Lumi is a whore.
Poetry is for faggots.
Kill yourself cuckold.

>> No.13070021

She's crying because she feels good about being able to get some simp to give her 1k, which she can spend on condoms for her boyfriend.

>> No.13070162

Someone played Totono I see.

>> No.13070239

>ESL cunny
>Megbert cunny
Cyberlive Gen 2 is going to be incredible

>> No.13070771

Endless giggling
Giggling while unfinished
Unfinished eating

That was better! Now do that for all your trolling please.

>> No.13071062

No she isn't
Says the faggot
How about you?
Something about seeing an anime girl be successful makes you seethe and it's hilarious, she puts in the hours, does all other of her responsibilities without neglecting stream time, does hours of reps before streams and if you still think she doesn't deserve what she built then go outside and stop seething over an anime girl.

>> No.13071419

>actually whiteknighting over a lazy shitpost

>> No.13073890

Did pomu asked for a thumbail and Hylo gave her a thumbnail made not by her? lol

>> No.13075102

She's just another thot manipulating men, you're nothing more than a dollar amount to her.

>> No.13077629

>Lumi is actually faking everything, is a whore, and manipulating me into donating hundreds to her
>I still can't make myself care; I'm lonely and desperate enough to accept this form of parasocial relationship
I love Lumi!

>> No.13077673

I've accepted I'm a subhuman & that being a paypiggy is the best I can hope for.

>> No.13077711
File: 1.52 MB, 854x480, dead rrat.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13077712

I'm going to die alone and unloved. But at least Lumi thanks me and says my name when I donate.

>> No.13077719

Great soundpost

>> No.13079977

Seina love...

>> No.13080798

Whoa did some gigachad anon really tornado in some ETH to a fresh wallet to donate to Lumi while staying as anon as possible? Based.

>> No.13080866
File: 3 KB, 297x99, W0NDR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do your wander reps
we're gonna make it bros

>> No.13082172

Don't listen to Wander. You know you're not gonna make it so why even bother.

>> No.13082474


>> No.13082799

I always preferred listening to W0NDR anyways

>> No.13083509

Do you think Misaki's gonna find good enough talent for gen 2 after Prism, Tsunderia and Kawaii's debuts?

>> No.13083566

Good talent? All they need to find is females with decent voices.

>> No.13083567

the talents are already picked out anon

>> No.13083748

There is beauty in the struggle of trying to make it, even if the chance you ever actually make it is slim to none.

>> No.13084599

Imagine expending incalculable amounts of energy and time chasing a dream that you will never realize. God it must be so horrible to wind up never achieving your goal and only being able to smile and say "At least I tried!"

>> No.13084658

So far we know of two
>Trailer Voice is ESL Shiki
>Megbert which is a cunny, dotafag, and friends with Lumi
Yeah I would say it is looking amazing

>> No.13084816

Better than the alternative of lying down & rotting

>> No.13084998

>he doesn't want to dream the impossible dream
Never gonna make it

>> No.13085229

My dream is to kill God and take His place on the throne of Heaven. I've been training for it my entire life.

>> No.13085338

I know i won't make it that is why i watch vtuber to begin with, it's just a cope so i don't off myself and leave my family grieving if they still remember or care for me.

>> No.13085716

How is Megbert as a streamer?

>> No.13085794
File: 2.18 MB, 2560x1414, boss room.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know you have to defeat the pope first, right?

>> No.13086155

Really talented. She nuked vods so I can't prove it to you, but she is going to be amazing.

>> No.13086688

Is she a singer?

>> No.13089107
File: 1.03 MB, 1106x1260, Shirou0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am going to make it. I will do whatever it takes to become strong so that I can save other.

>> No.13090086
File: 24 KB, 350x490, 1625294394054.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I made this post

>> No.13092362

And i'll make it with you

>> No.13092740



>> No.13093737
File: 428 KB, 420x618, gay bolshevism.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13095372


Jelly's been dialing up the GFE (Little Sister Experience?) lately. Has Lumi has been giving her tips?

>> No.13095559

God I want to pat her head so badly in that pic

>> No.13095573

UOH, but not a sexual kind

>> No.13095600

I hope so

>> No.13096128

All vtubers are schizoids who are slowly falling in love with their chats and will wind up alone in their 30s after graduating or losing audience interest
All vtubers are GFE-whores because their entire profession is based on appealing to lonely men who gravitate to the nearest woman who is mildly attractive in voice & model and shares or pretends to share their interests

>> No.13096989


>> No.13099051

Misaki discord doko?

>> No.13099647

Misaki I wanna praise you so hard right now, please follow through on that marshmallow stream

>> No.13100403
File: 2.40 MB, 1381x770, 1636499036813.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All times UTC

16:00 - Lumi AOE4, Sekiro (Twitch)

22:00 - Pandora Duolingo

02:00 - Yuri/Hylo Abeggs :DDDD with Haruna (Twitch)

>> No.13100561
File: 211 KB, 800x450, 1590055395490.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's been 3 weeks since last stream

>> No.13103707

How much time will she waste on the horsy? how much time on the bull? Place your bets now. Lumi Hirata estate was meant to be revisited after a while so don't autistically try and do it all the way.

>> No.13104945

I want to lick Misakis butthole!

>> No.13105227

me too

>> No.13107424

I want to have raw sex with Lumi's personality!

>> No.13107520

How do you have sex with a personality?

>> No.13107718

I do not know yet but i WILL find a way!

>> No.13107872

literally googled it like a retard before I said it out loud

>> No.13109230

CyberChads, have (You) bought any CL merch so far? Will you buy whatever Lumi puts out for her birthday?

>> No.13109457

Gen 2 doko

>> No.13109544

If she puts out anything that satiates my foot fetish I will buy it

>> No.13110569

She has no feet so that's unlikely.

>> No.13110652
File: 338 KB, 356x343, 1635885996522.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Lumi EU times

>> No.13110682

I love Kiara!
I love Walfie!

>> No.13110738

secret event at the end of this week, that's gen 2's announcement right?

>> No.13110840

The owl and his variant are pure pain, I'm calling you out right now Lumi, you're a nigger if you give up on either of them

>> No.13111942
File: 321 KB, 891x1583, FDeJoXQUYAEzC-f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lumi is way too unattainable and doesn't want your love, where as Kiki is a lonely shuttin and professes her love to us

>> No.13111992

MSPaint anon here. Just sent Lumi a birthday comic. Hopefully she shows it on stream, but regardless on if she does or not I'll post it tomorrow.

>> No.13112033

Huge props mate, your art is stylistic and comedic, thanks for the effort you put in

>> No.13112222

Kiki has to do her self-improvement reps if she wants to be my gf.

>> No.13112316

Good luck MSPaint bro!

>> No.13112446

Kiki is worse than Lumi when it comes to this shit; she's even more schizo and more parasocial, and encourages even worse habits on purpose.

>> No.13112507

lu-lumi doko?

>> No.13112658

be free loomigroomi; go and improve yourselves instead of relying on fake women for companionship

>> No.13112938

I was already doing self improvement to shag loomi but looks like ill have to settle for 3d

>> No.13112988

Do it for yourself, women will come to you and cum TO you eventually if they can see that you have your shit together.

>> No.13112996

Definetly no surprise gen2 now

>> No.13113003

honestly she is actually helping on that end, she is good motivation to work out, especially if she also does the reps on stream.

>> No.13113106

The ideal scenario is that you should be able to go the rest of your life without her even being involved and still maintain those healthy habits. Short-term go ahead, long-term try to move away from needing her as motivation.

>> No.13113388

Oh of course, i was already working out before lumi started with her motivation things. She just helps me go the extra mile when I'm feeling down.

>> No.13113583

Overslept again

>> No.13113622
File: 151 KB, 605x728, 543654363.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13113647

Haha, sorry guys. Lumi and I were just so comfortable just snuggling together under the covers that we didn't want to get up for awhile.

>> No.13113657

Good morning me, last night with Lumi sure was fun!

>> No.13113680
File: 1.49 MB, 1500x884, 1628291473223.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Lumi and Ame woke up at same time
Knew it they were the same person

>> No.13113821

I wrote these posts.

>> No.13113822

We're all the same person anon. You see we're all pieces of a sleeping god's imagination and when he wakes up we'll all disappear.

>> No.13113830

I overslept for the intial start of the Lumi stream too...

>> No.13116025


>> No.13116079


>> No.13116097


>> No.13116132
File: 349 KB, 281x281, 1600370092999.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13116569
File: 439 KB, 509x469, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13116665
File: 146 KB, 267x257, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13116752

What the fuck Seina streamed today and I didn't even know it.

>> No.13116767

Wtf bros Lumi was groomed by her parents to be a hostess?

>> No.13116814

Lumi's mom sounds like an even bigger stacy than Lumi.

>> No.13116842

Waking up to Lumi's freshly made breakfast just for (You)!

>> No.13117069

Man, Lumi is one of few vtubers I actually enjoy listening to, and not just watch because "cute" or "gameplay".

>> No.13117456
File: 316 KB, 367x386, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13117605
File: 561 KB, 593x526, 1634722176561.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ahhh the Lumi GFE feels good...

>> No.13117655

Is FromSoftware capable of designing only one game? All their stuff looks the exact same.

>> No.13117824

Lumi is literally a whore

>> No.13117857

And that's literally a good thing!

>> No.13117874

"Lumi is a whore"
Never heard that one before
You are such a bore

>> No.13118053

I love Yuri and I want to get her addicted to french kissing!

>> No.13118137

She gets it a lot

>> No.13118222

Because of samefags like you saying the same boring shit

>> No.13118311
File: 315 KB, 385x389, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13118885

I want to send Lumi a birthday message, but I don't see any way to do so that isn't just some generic "hey I really like your stream" thing

>> No.13118916

just do it
there's beauty in numbers too

>> No.13119200

>lumi casually skipping half of the area
She better backtrack

>> No.13119629

I wonder how much money lumicucks will throw down the toilet tomorrow, is it going to be enough to make her cry again?

>> No.13119670

Has lumi found the axe tool in the village?

>> No.13119688

She has, and the flamethrower tool too

>> No.13119717

good, gonna have to do the shinobi hunter and get filtered by the purple naruto for the other tool eventually

>> No.13119876

How hard she is gonna get filtered by Madame Butterfly?

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