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And what's the possibility of Holo en ever playing cards against humanity?

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Cards Against Humanity is for people who aren’t funny. The jokes are written for you and you just apply them. Quiplash is basically CAH: Good Edition.

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i dunno

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jackbox is normie trash. CAH is edgy normie trash. id rather watch UNO literally without any stipulations.

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Couldn't she not play that idol manager game because of the Hitler references?

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>cards against humanity
God, imagine the chaos

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CAH is how schizophrenics predict the future.

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>IRyS and Ame have both almost maybe said nigger

I wonder if niggerposters on 4chan are all secretly disproportionately women.

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but several holos played it

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I know the dramaniggers are

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>niggerposters on 4chan
No such thing, if you're scared of saying nigger you need to go back.

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I think you're forgetting someone who actually did say it.

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