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Confess your sins and Marine shall forgive you


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Also captcha was XXXHH

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I want to rape Ui mama

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i want to wape wosemi

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This one better than the pedoGura one

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I want to pegg comet

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Sister Claire is better

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I enjoyed the Kson/ProjectMelody stream.

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I currently have an art commission which I've been delaying for 2 weeks now coz I've been watching vtubers

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I just got back from a ban today for troll posting on /vt/.

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I confess. I can't stop thinking about impregnating, marrying, and raising children with you Senchou

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I like to bait hoshischizos

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I'm not loyal to my Oshi. Given the chance, I would go on a horny rampage and impregnate every single Holo.

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That bitch is definitely going to Hell for this.

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Then I will spread my seed to Hell.

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I jerk off to roommates and I don't feel any remorse whatsoever

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Christianity itself is a religion that has been perverted by later generations to make sand nigger the saviors of the world.

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Sister marine, I hate every single other holo except the Gen 1 girls and I don't even know why, every single one of them pisses me the fuck off...

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Everytime I see Suisei i can't help but wonder what she would be like if she struggled while I rape her

Also Senchou I want to sully your womb with my semen

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sexual stuff done by chuuba roommates, or just regular roommate pics?

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>sexual stuff done by chuuba roommates

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why would you feel remorse? sex is sex

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How to spot a newfag

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Maybe try yoga or some shit? You can't be angry if you don't care

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Everyone here is a turbo newfag by definition

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if you don't know who eliene is you are a newfag

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How do you search for wosemi r-18 art?
I need to fap.

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I had a mental breakdown yesterday because I came to the realization that no matter what I do with my career, I'll never make a fraction of as much money (let alone get 1/10000000 as much recognition) as a lot of vtubers or other ecelebs make. Life is fucking miserable anyways so I don't know why I continue to bother putting up with it when I can't even make as much money as some talentless shitbag who has a good voice.

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I forgive you

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You're only able to compare yourself to them because they're big enough for you to notice in the first place. It's an anchoring bias. You're literally cherry picking the top of the top and making yourself feel shit about it. Think of the tens of thousands of 2views you've never heard of; you're not comparing yourself to them are you? (Most) of those at the top are fucking nutcases anyway and will suffer long-term under-researched mental health issues as a result of this virtual fame when it all comes comes crashing down.

Honestly anon, stop comparing yourself to others, focus on your own achievements and the small steps you can make in your own life, then chill out to some hot vtubers you vibe with during your downtime. Get the fuck away from /vt/ too. Everyone here is a faggot, including me.

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I witnessed 2views vtuber getting shot live during stream

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I am extremely close to dropping my oshi

She's the same as ever, but I'm just not feeling it anymore

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All of them started as 2views. Sure they got lucky, but at one point they were as talentless and unnoticed as you and they kept making content and developing the skills you see today

Hell, Gura's old channel has a video thanking her 4000 subscribers at the time. And she was one of the successful ones before entering Hololive.

Just try making something. Who knows where you will end up in 2-3 years

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I prefer pope Gura.

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I'm a worthless person who has never had real friends, dated, and haven't enjoyed life in a decade. My financial status for being in a decently paying field is the only value I can ascribe to myself, so I seethe when I see some random cunt who is, by all indications, an asshole be able to take advantage of having a voice people find cute/sexy to make millions while the best I can ever hope for is to maybe buy a house if I get really lucky.
>Just try making something. Who knows where you will end up in 2-3 years
Out 90-99% of the $ and 100% of the time that went into it. My voice is charitably described as annoying so that would filter basically anyone immediately, and I don't have any niche I would ever appeal to. I don't have any skills or talents that others don't do 10x better and why watch some ugly autist with an annoying voice play videogames when you can get a better experience watching someone who has a non atrocious voice (let alone anyone with actual talent or charisma)?

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Dude to be a male content creator you don't even have to be attractive. Asmongold is a goblin looking motherfucker that lived with his mother and played WOW all day and he got lucky and became popular. Tyler1 looks like a neanderthal and has no IRL friends, plays LeL all day, and still found an audience.

Look, the point is trying, even if you are talentless. If you practice something in 2 years you'll be ahead of everyone else that didn't even try and people will call you talented too. Or don't even have a talent and still try, Sseth and Charlie were literal /v/tards with no talents that just reviewed videogames and they made it on Youtube too. Notch was a literal /v/ fat fuck neckbeard and he made the most popular videogame of all time. There are tons of people out there who by all means wouldn't be famous yet there they are, and are earning quite a bit because they tried making something at one point and got lucky.

Will you succeed? Most likely not, but not even trying has a 0% success rate, while trying has a 1% success rate.

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I want to be a vtuber but there's child porn of me and other sus photos of me out there plus there's a "e-boy"in love with me who wants to fuck me and has been pursuing me for whole months

he's delusional and knows my internet presence and people feed into his delusions and believes that we are in love

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...what the fuck

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this is for true confessions, the pope asked for it

I stayed silent about my internet stalker because he's already associated with me and if I make fun of him further with my friends that will solidify his rent freeness in my head. So I opt to ignore him completely. He tries to look for photos that might be me online so if I become a vtuber he will definitely find me

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Isn't this highly illegal? Ask him to stop in a clear and direct way and in a way that you can prove you did it (messages, emails a voice recordings only if it's legal where you live etc) If it doesn't stop start calling the police and have them deal with it. Most importantly before you do anything talk to your family's lawyer ,they know local law and what to do and not to do better than anyone on the internet could

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cyber stalking is legal and I did what I could. I can't stop him from trying to find my internet presence. The problem would be ten times worse if I was a vtuber.

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I think at that point you have to say "lol who cares" and just do it anyways. You don't have to stop doing the things you want just because there's some asshole out there obsessed with you. Live your life to the fullest, meet new people, and be prepared to deal with him afterwards.

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>cyber stalking is legal
Tough luck it isn't where I live, at least online harassement (in which cyberstalking falls into if there is attempted communication).
Again talk primarily to your close a ones for adivice. But i would say don't let some cunt control your life for being a cunt.

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As a (former) /co/mrade and lifelong fan of Western animation before it all went to shit around 2015, I genuinely love the concept of Holorodents: The Saturday Morning Cartoon that one guy on Twitter made. I'd genuinely watch it if it were real.

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HEATHEN, I dont remember approving of this

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Marine I is better than Gura IV. Deal with it.

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I confess that Shubba is going to knocking on Marines' door and take her back to jail.

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Shubba would probably take that heathen in too for thinking Marine is a nun.

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I'm in the mindset that it doesn't matter... I have other things to do on the internet that aren't posting/social media. Being a vtuber is something I always wanted to be but I don't need it to live my life. Thank you all for the replies

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Marine is also hotter than Subaru.

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Sorry Marine, not with that slut whore bitch outfit. Now

Raine Sage

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>My voice is charitably described as annoying
This is why I don't make any videos. I have probably the most annoying american accent of anybody I know and attempts to hide it has just made it worse.

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I fell for the "improve yourself to become the type of person your waifu would want to date" meme and did all I could to improve myself, but still felt worthless but at least it was chasing a totally unattainable ideal which kept me on the treadmill. I've pretty much dropped anime entirely for chuubas and moved my line of thinking of trying to be the kind of person my oshi would like, but I've slowly been coming around to how no matter what I do, I'll never find anyone who is anything like my oshi because she, or any girl like her, could do much better than some balding computer programmer. The only option I have at all would just be settling for someome I'm unhappy with and that doesn't seem worthwhile for anyone involved. I feel like I'm doomed to die alone & if I am then I might as well just LDAR

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I say just give it a try, there's a chance he finds you but also a chance he doesn't. If you're really good about security IE Don't associate any of your accounts with one another, keep your work on a separate drive/computer, get a second phone for work calls, don't use your real name in online applications wherever possible, etc. then I think you could pull it off.

A LOT of the roommate pictures we have are speculatory and were only found because they let loose in their 'previous lives' and let people find a lot of information about them because they never thought they would make it big. If you don't fall into that trap then people wont' have anything on you. We still barely know who Mumei's roommate is, and she had a million subscribers.

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If you wouldn't say a thought you're having to your oshi you shouldn't be thinking it.

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Sister Marine, I got half drunk one night. Added with general exhaustion and other things, that night during a membership chat stream I fell in love with my Oshi. My conscience went schizo at this; I cry-laughed uncontrollably for about 10 minutes and questioned killing myself. In the meantime, I'll just continue to do my reps.

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Heavy Minnesotan? I'm sorry for you donchaknow

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Not like I'll ever be anything beyond a chat message my oshi occasionally giggles at anyways.

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That has an accent?? I thought that was just Southern or whatever snowbird spawn have arrived accent.

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>I stayed silent about my internet stalker
Ironic considering you've been posting this story every single confession thread

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Sister Marine is in jail for blasphemy, let this serve as a warning to all you devilworshippers.

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My favorite Japanese male VTuber and my favorite western male VTuber are both MtF trannies in real life...
It's unfortunate and very much like "what are the odds", but I'm going to keep watching them anyway...

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Anon this is a sign, you must start your own transition now.

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I am watching less and less VTuber content because of my ever increasing interest in motorsports. It's ironic because what started my journey into the VTuber rabbit hole was motorsports, and now, it's my way out.

Clips of DOOG's short-lived GT2 stream were what sent me into the VTuber hole, but now I'm climbing my way out. I'm sorry for not being loyal to any one VTuber, and for wanting to leave VTubers in general behind me.

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Fuck you

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I'm in love with Marine and I must confess that I would plow her brains out while she wore the nun outfit.

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I don't believe in devils.

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i want to breed Haachama every night

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What happened to your dick, anon?
Captcha: WAX MD

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Got baited by Bora rrat, gadly some anons willing to clarify that. Sorry about that but thanks anons.

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I love Trash Taste and Mori Calliope

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>I don't have any skills or talents that others don't do 10x better and why watch some ugly autist with an annoying voice play videogames.
You could said the same for Asmongold when he started.

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I refuse to membership. I don't see the point and I don't want to give google money.

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Oh someone noticed? I'll stop posting it then. Wouldn't want "fame" on a anonymous board

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Less of a sin and just a plain confession.
Back around 2015 I made a lesser tulpa guardian to threaten myself out of suicidal thoughts while in a weakened crazed state. Jumping to the present, I'm kinda worried to have something close in looks to haachama just resting in my mind palace despite being sealed by meds and better life habits.
Also, I got attacked by an incarnation of Ina or AO-chan while off aripiprazole at the start of the year. That just reinforces the idea that my mind is fragile and I need to continue to take care of myself.

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Last night i had a dream that i was about to lose my virginity with a hot girl, and when i was about to lose my virginity... she became a cloud of soap bubbles on my lap, and disappeared. Them i woke up.
Not exactly a sin, but I think this is a sign/message from God.

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>tfw when /pol/ from a long time ago
>now trying my damnedest to not gosling for Ollie, Reine, and Moona.
How the fuck are some of these Indos so charming?

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It's taken a while but I've finally fallen for a GFE tuber hard and it's fucking great!

>> No.13028408

There is nothing wrong with gosling for HoloIDs. Not even Anya and Iofi, who I personally find really boring.

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I frequently masturbate to Suisei and fantasize about starting a family with her. I am everything she hates in a fan.

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