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Gura is the only vtuber that has proven themselves to be worth watching.

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she makes her content entertaining, I know. Many 2view vtuber almost never talk.
NijisanjiEN should be a good option too

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You should get checked for the coof. One of the symptoms is having no taste

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This is the biggest difference between her and the rest. She talks to chat. She can't take her eyes away from chat. Even during VR she stops playing to talk to chat. Chat is not secondary, not even primary, everything is about chat. I stopped by one of her streams today and immediately went parasocial mode, laughing with her jokes and antics. She is the top no doubt.

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i don't like you fags
worst fanbase

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She was born for the role. The Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan of vtubing. She's just a natural at what she does. Not even a chumbud or frequent watcher and I can tell she dabs on her co-workers

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She's second only to Pekora on my list.

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>her and the rest
Ame does all of this plus she's Ame not Gura so Ame wins.

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Idk why you have and inferiority complex but surely teamates are not like this

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She's the best


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People make up reasons why she lucked her way to the top, but they underestimate what a great performer Gura is.

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Ultra based OP

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People who say she's sailing on her design forget that she had one of the smallest sub counts in myth pre-debut.

Her growth is all on her.

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Yes and despite how scattered her audience and fans are (compared to Pekora's), Gura is clearly Kizuna Ai's successor.

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>she lucked her way to the top

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I've come round to Gura nowadays, but part of the reason I didn't get into Hololive until this year was that I didn't really take to the singing shark and the clips I saw in 2020, which were mostly of her because of her visibility. Not that I disliked her actively at all, but the content did nothing for me, so I figured that vtubers just weren't my cup of tea. After my oshi found me I warmed to Gura with exposure and today I find her streams pretty watchable, but I still don't really understand why she was the one to blow up. She was an acquired taste for me.

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>still gets absolutely mogged by xQc

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No idea who that is, but im a gura hater so TALK THAT SHIT FORTNITE OR VALORANT PLAYER BRO

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shes litterally the best.
Listen to how sana and ina talk in this stream.
they are just inferior

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Gura loves me. She is talking to me specifically. We're romantically involved and will one day be married.

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here, anon. A gift

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Chumbuds are the only fanbase that have proven themselves to be worth filtering.

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Too bad her stream time dropped so much

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shark tail

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Ok chumfag

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I'm man enough to admit that the biggest, most corporate/faceless restaurant McDonalds has the best fries around. But to start saying McDonalds is the only place you eat is actual retardation.

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I hate Gura and I hate chumbuds. I hope Gura graduates, gets sick, dies in a fire, whatever. And I hope once she's gone, all of you chumniggers fuck off too and kill yourselves. Worst fucking fanbase.

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I'm a KFP but I can't deny that Gura is very entertaining

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she's not that bad.

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damn that's sad

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Stupid retard read this carefully,
EVERY fucking fanbase is trash full of schizo you and me included and there's nothing you can do about it, FANS are always the reason why there's drama/fight/misunderstanding, sadly people are fucking retards in 20whxdp21

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Yes let's watch her iphone troubleshooting stream, that's really worth my time

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Name 1 interesting thing about her stream
Tips : you can't

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She can set up a joke and deliver it

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Is this the Gura edit thread? Can I ask for more Gura edits?

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This is why people hate chumpedos

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Who's your oshi?

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>Hiiii chumbies!!!!

My fuckign heart

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Chumpedo , the strongest race in the world

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She does, but she needs more games outside of Minecraft/Nintendoshit

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>Even during VR she stops playing to talk to chat
I also like to add that she was suffering from motion sickness and still ended up headbanging/twirling to show off her butt just to entertain chat. That's Haachama levels of dedication.
Luck and being a part of Hololive (and having a cute modal) may have help get her noticed at the start but the reason she still has and keep rising those numbers is because of how amazing she is.

She is truly worthy to be my oshi and I am proud of her.

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Based chicken lover, all heil our fuhrer

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>>13006615 is not me but my oshi is actually Kiara so the hivemind worked out.

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this is the real inspiration.

she's literally talked about watching the streams,

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So much raging bait in this thread that some chumfuck could actually blogpost about how much he believes OP to be true and everyone would be none the wiser

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Her voice is fucking nails on a chalk board i literally cannot watch her streams for more than three seconds without getting fucking migraines.

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she's too cool for me, whats why i doesn't watch her

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you DID buy your COMEDY shirt right?

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Kill yourself

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She has all the boxes check marked. Cute, funny, memer, great singer and all that. But there is something else and I think this interview with Trey Parker kinda explains it. https://youtu.be/YjmghQC3nCE?t=91

Her voice just catches that right pitch. And she exploits it so well.

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>I still don't really understand why she was the one to blow up.
There is a reason, but we do not speak of it.

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