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which market has the greatest potential for male vtubers? and why is it Indonesia + Bahasa/Malay-speaking Countries?
Previous threads :
>>12727414 UAE
>>12748527 Philippines
>>12886604 LATAM + Spain
Discuss if male chuubas could work or not, and why would you watch/ignore/anti them.
>OP-san, what about North America?
Just ask in /wvt/ or /asp/, some of them already made it into 3 digits CCV.

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The people on this board like seaniggers too much.

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I just can't find any chuubas that has similar shota BFE feeling as Rai even for JP. Most of his streams are ASMR worthy even they're actualy not ASMR streams

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Not enough people speak Polish

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I didn't expect the Philippines thread to last for 3 days and a quarter with 150 IPs. Let's see how many Indonesians/Malays are on this board.
Oh yeah, you can also shill your fav male chuubas here. My knowledge of male ID chuubas is only limited to Maha5 monkey dude and Bobon from NijiID.

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Masaru is more of a cute little brother I'd fuck, but Rai is the quintessential shota boyfriend.

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The filipino thread is filled with shitposting than actually discussing on-topic that they revealing is the flips who have the worst SEAniggery than any other SEA cunts.
You can look up on another ID startup groups like Metanoia, Yume Reality and many more but something like the monke and Bobon are rare in here.
Him somehow busy with irl job but having cute childish personality and voice just makes me wants to spoils him with pure love. And it somehow feels authentic too…

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>which market has the greatest potential for male vtubers?
The western one. You know, where all the successful ones are?

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I'll just post picrel here
>Just ask in /wvt/ or /asp/, some of them already made it into 3 digits CCV.

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>Cheap Labour
Might be one of the cheapest region in SEA, why'd you think most of the newer EN MV's are produced by Indogs
which also means it's easier to start up your tubing career in Indo (Art comissions, rigging, stream assets, whatever)

over 270 million people natively speak Indonesian, and Malaysian is similar to Indonesian so you can add another 30+ million to that number.
Anime and Tokusatsu is also popular in Indonesia because it's all over national TV since many years ago.
More population = Larger market = Larger audience size = big numbers

>Free content
Watching vtubers is a (relatively) free hobby. Indonesians and most seafags are poor. People watch youtube vids on their phones in their spare time.
It also helps that local telco providers sells cheap data packages to stream youtube in Indonesia.

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is that Poland

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fuck you aussie

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It's cropped Dutch flag.

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that's monaco

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I wrote a paper (or whatever you call it) about Indonesian corpo VTubers for my assignment. It was fun.

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Hololive Monaco, First generation, Baccarrat-Chan desu!

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NijiPL fucking when.

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There is a flip male chuuba who does godly Vocaloid covers but I forgot his channel and I didn't sub and I forgot the song, all I know is I thought "holy shit flips can sing" I know I'm describing a grain of sand but help. He did not have that many subs.

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In January 2020, an utaite that I know was interrupted by phone calls during his singing stream. He said those were prank calls from "Hololive's company" asking for an interview. Then 3 months later HoloID gen 1 debuted. Back then, I didn't know what the fuck is Hololive.

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? What's the problem? He's a male. If those calls were not pranks and he's directly scouted, it's such a wasted opportunity. I mean it's just an interview, he may or may not be in Holostars, he could just politely decline instead of hanging up on them like that. Better than joining auditions like everybody else.

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i want an EN Pak Taka

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Who is it? Then again I think it's better to join other agencies such as Niji or Maha5 as male than Holo imho

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oh wow, i am suprised this thread doesn't instantly get ruined by self-hating shitposter like the Philippines one. the shitposting is mostly people mistaken the flag. looking at the ID fanbase, i thought this thread gonna end up even worser than the flip. guess im wrong
>inb4 i jinx it

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the city of baltimore

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why are we shilling chuubas from monaco

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I assume most Indonesians are lurkers searching for dramas, then posted /vt/ rrats and shitposts they found to other places. That might explain the occasional heavy raids from Indonesians like during the PekoMoona collabs and the angry mobs who attacked their own oshi (mainly Ollie) because she angers "Western fans (from vt)". Reddit is a bad place as a drama source, so "Western fans (from Reddit)" are barely heard.

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Afaik, most of Indons who are here are either lurking and post some dramas at either fb or discord or just stay in their chuuba general or occasionally /svt/ when someone makes it
t. Indon

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>who attacked their own oshi (mainly Ollie) because she angers "Western fans (from vt)"
>because she angers "Western fans (from vt)"

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>does philippines and latin america before indonesia
OP is a fag from the facebook group. fuck off.

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oh wow suprise suprise there's not that much indog posters like everyone keep saying

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No, it's cropped norwey flag

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