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700K Celebration Karaoke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gxtn6EpXY54

>Archives (Songs, Clips, Misc.)
>Unarchived Karaokes
1414211 (7.29) / 1428330 (9.03 MO) / 1434768 (9.19) / 1440268 (10.05 MO) / 1450620 (10.31)

>Channel / Twitter / Streamlink

>Caesura of Despair MVs

Previous thread

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HIRyS, it's IRyS!
Hearing Dokuro-chan always fills me with nostalgia. I'm glad she knows about old-ass anime nobody heard of.

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Why is she such a tease, lads?

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She's a healthy young woman. And women have their needs too...

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Cute. She should take some lessons from Mio-mama. Sparkle is her specialty.

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It's a long song. I'm sure she'll nail it the next time.

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IRyS would unironically make a great mother.

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Is this an actually scary game she could use the heartrate monitor for?

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No. It's more a comedy than anything. So just the kind of "horror" that she likes.

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But Scaredrys is the best.

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I said what she likes, not what we like.

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I liked ScaredRyS in Night Delivery and Missing Children, but Radio Station seemed like too much for her and she just closes her eyes and stays quiet when she's scared.

>> No.12917888

Yeah. She was getting freaked out. If this is her comfort zone then it's for the best.

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I've been meaning to ask this, do you actually get scared while playing horror games?
Jumpscares would definitely get a reaction from me, but that's it.

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Normal horror no, but Alien Isolation in VR was legit terrifying at first. Eventually you can get used to anything, though.

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The more I listen to Sparkle from this karaoke the more it's becoming my favorite. I hope archiveanon can unscuff it properly.

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>you have been crushed to death by Irys (accidentally)

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I used to get pretty spooked when I played Silent Hill back in the day, I guess maybe depends on the games. I can't take horror though and I don't watch horror movies.

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Fauna is pretty cute bros.. I can feel myself wavering a bit....

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You can watch both

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Keep it to her split.

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pls wait, mid-song rehearsal!

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I am listening to fauna right now, you can have several oshis, but there is only one on top.
Make sure to pick one wisely.

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This is an IRyS thread

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I forgot they made ramen flavored sodas.

>> No.12919754

Some JOP IRyStocrat needs to send some to Cover so IRyS can finally experience it.

>> No.12919928

Are they still available though?

>> No.12919974

i wanna hear IRyS puke the ramen soda after tasting it

>> No.12920059

Please don't make me think of IRysGagReflex I don't want that thought right now.

>> No.12920190

We should all SC about her trying ramen sodas. I have my credit card ready as soom as she goes live.

>> No.12920247

She's talked multiple times about how she wants to try it but it was already out of stock once she found out about it.

>> No.12920408

I will take your word for it, i don't want to bother her with aytaha question already asked.

>> No.12920409

don't waste your money, i'm picking some up for her on the way home

>> No.12920509

Fuck I'm drunk enough idk what aytaha was supposed to be.

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We need soda tasting ASMR

>> No.12921146

With hand cam too.

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As long as it's a son.
Any DaughteRyS would just be verbally abused constantly for her mother wanting another man in her life.

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I double dare you to SC her asking which she would rather have, a son or a daughter.

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I want to get into irys but her avatar filters me so hard

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Background listening is a thing, anon.

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File: 818 KB, 765x998, OperatoRyS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Working on it, had to wait for YT processing of the archive, unfortunately.

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She makes my heart hard.
I feel sorry for anyone filtered by her avatar, because you can't let go of your preconceived notions that she should look a certain way you will never experience the IRyS I know.

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Calli just teased a collab song with "a fellow member of EN" with "a huge producer, the likes of which I never though I'd be ever to work with". IRyS is the only one that makes sense, right? She's the only one in Japan and she has cover's backing making working a huge producer more likely.

>> No.12927526

It seems pretty likely. IRyS didn't give out any hints about it though.

>> No.12927601

I mean neither did Mori before today

>> No.12928685

Irys has been in studio past two weeks. Maybe that’s what she’s been working on

>> No.12928886

>a huge producer, the likes of which I never though I'd be ever to work with
Is omega alpha that big

>> No.12929179

In your dreams.

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Honestly her face is cute enough to me I just want her to be able to remove those fucking horns with some more new hairstyles. I feel like I've been coping hard the past month telling myself a slight redesign would be packaged in with her first new outfit.

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But he was behind this

>> No.12929473

What's wrong with the horns? She looks weird without them. And it's like one of her main design elements.

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>Any DaughteRyS would just be verbally abused constantly for her mother wanting another man in her life.
What do you mean by this? That Irys would hate having a daughter? She's a mama's girl that relies a lot on her sister. Why would she have issues having a daughter?

>> No.12929666

Help me here lads, i subbed to IRyS so i could have access to her Q&ASMR but i dont have the time listen to it in one go.
If i wanted to go tothe highlight, which ones would be in time stamps. (Exp. 01:20)
I ask because it's a fucking pain to be a premium YT user + member of IRyS channel but still can listen without my phone screen active (On).

>> No.12929770

Nvm, i am a faggot. Carry on.

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>first 15 minutes of the Q&ASMR
I am melting by her voice. Best $5 Spent.

>> No.12931642

>first 15 minutes
Child, you barely dipped your toes in an endless ocean.

>> No.12931884

I doubt she's that flexible.
>ywn do flexibility exercises with IRyS...

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IRyS needs to get on the team

>> No.12932900

I'm very curious to see what kind of character she can come up with.

>> No.12933055

They need to put IRyS on the roster so I won't root for /sp/

>> No.12933103

El Goblina perhaps?

>> No.12933248

Would be fun, role play is made to act as someone completely different from regular you. But I don't see her going that route. I think she'd make someone super girly and cute. Oh, maybe someone with a mean streak, even someone outright nasty/foul. To have a release for the pent up demon side.

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File: 386 KB, 1408x1253, Sparkle - Radwimps [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fzocl8h.ogg].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Archive additions to Mega in OP. I do apologise for the wait.

Lemon - Yonezu Kenshi
ROKI (ロキ) - Mikito-P
Dry Flower (ドライフラワー) v2 - Yuuri
Q & A recital! - Haruka Tomatsu
INVOKE v2 - T.M.Revolution
ANGELUS (アンジェラス) v2 - Hitomi Shimatani
Sparkle - Radwimps
Homura (炎) v2 - LiSA
Usseewa (うっせぇわ) (piano version) - Ado
Saudaji (サウダージ) (acoustic version) - Porno Graffitti
Yuki No Hana (雪の華) v2 - Nakashima Mika
Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (撲殺天使ドクロちゃん) v2 - Chiba Saeko
Take It! Sailor Uniform (もってけ!セーラーふく) v2 - LUCKY STAR

For Sparkle, I found the karaoke she used and then lined up all sections she sang without messing up, which left a gap of 14 seconds. She made several attempts so I aligned every attempt with the original karaoke track, then faded together what was best. There is one line she unfortunately doesn't sing throughout all her attempts so I kept her vocalising for that section. Would be perfect if she didn't break into a laugh towards the end of it, but here we are. All in all, I think (you) will be pleased with what I could salvage.

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File: 28 KB, 341x341, irys jii.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 120 KB, 480x640, irys what.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 163 KB, 1280x720, irys glossy lips.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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thanks sound anon, i didnt think you'd actually try and fix the Sparkle attempt,so scuffed it was.

Now i can do my gym reps with IRyS' new tracks.

>> No.12935602

I was mostly joking, but since you're on the subject, mothers go to war with their daughters once they hit puberty..
God help IRyS once her daughter finds out how her mother made her millions and opens an OnlyFans to try to do similar. Endless screaming matches as IRyS tells her daughter it's "not the same" and DaughteRyS goes off on her mother for being a stupid boomer with outdated morals.
HusbandRyS just goes to the bar after work every night to avoid the constant fighting.

>> No.12935603

wait i'm retarded, why is the mega asking for "Enter decryption key"?

>> No.12935765

Because browser shenanigan. It's bERcB4FtvuLJpahT2AFb5Q

>> No.12935915


OH one pitfall of IRyS as a girlfriend

Don't cross her

>> No.12936165

>every other girl had already appeared in a short
They saved the best for last.

>> No.12936976

Might as well give it 5 views. I'm happy they were able to represent her accurately like that.

>> No.12937157

My wife is cute!!

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>dreaming of being younger
>IRyS is in my dreams
>she’s way outta my league at the time at that age but I finally muster the courage to talk to her
>when we start speaking she was really kind
>and then I fucking wake up
This nephilim really is haunting my dreams..

>> No.12938065

the succubus got you, got to church or something

>> No.12938447

Reading these makes me glad that I can keep level-headed about her. I don’t think most of you will be ogey...

>> No.12939270

In 15 minutes

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You just know she feels so soft and light like a feather when she sleeps clinging to you... AHHHHHHHHH

>> No.12940005

man I want her to cover this song again so badly..

>> No.12940355

Her morning voice always gets me aroused all the time but this one is the cherry on the top

>> No.12940363

Morning sex voice

>> No.12940512

>irys eating a banana
>i am eating a banana
we are!

>> No.12940579

Why are these banana sounds so good?

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Bananas are good and quick sugar support that's natural, YOU should also eat banana instead of artificial sweetened snacks.

>> No.12940698

It's the kind of morning voice to dream of

>> No.12940705

I really need to update the body sounds in mega/add to rentry
t. soundbitanon

>> No.12940718

Sorry, couldn't tell you I'm not horny today. Knowing IRyS that'll probably change by the end of the stream though…

>> No.12940721

your meds anon..

>> No.12940771

>she's using her dark mode background
She truly is the best.

>> No.12941750

I can only watch IRyS now and am only faithful and loyal to her. I'm not sure what happened.

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Yubi Yubi!!

>> No.12942037
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As it should be
You've been enlightened

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File: 285 KB, 720x500, adRyS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How many soda cans can IRyS fit in her shitter

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File: 636 KB, 828x1286, 3B634679-064F-4D6C-AF9D-DD857DBBD0E8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12942651

This game reminds me of the extra chapters for an LN where everyone is brainwashed into killing themselves except the main characters

>> No.12942869

I want her to play some VNs, I like her narrating and reading stuff

>> No.12942957

embrace hope
ignore dog

>> No.12942967

Now I'm curious on the Japanese version

>> No.12942976

This game is short right?

>> No.12942987

Has she played DDLC on stream?

>> No.12943039

Once upon a time...

>> No.12943072

She already played it before debut. Perhaps if you convince her Plus has enough content to do it again.

>> No.12943210

Yeah. She's doing a pretty good job taking it slow and reacting to things

>> No.12943327

Nice and slow. More time with IRyS.

>Can't snap my fingers guys
Wait. Not everyone can do that?

>> No.12943436

Anyone know whether english or nihingo is her first language? There's been moments where she couldn't understand kanji and where she misheard and said english words incorrectly

>> No.12943576

she growup like ina, english speaking country but family in japan(in ina's case korea)

>> No.12943758

Is this a buff game or has IRyS exploded in popularity

>> No.12943840

Buff game but IRyS is in the upper half of holoEN.

>> No.12943877

Isn't this peak hours for burgers on a Friday night? East coast it's 10:30 and west coast its 7:30

>> No.12943900

I'm proud of her

>> No.12943983


>> No.12944030

some of those listeners-san are genuinely scary kek

>> No.12944044

this makes me wonder if there's a holo that has a rape fetish

>> No.12944134

>IRyS already doing good in EN
>Very good time slot for NA (Friday night both EST and PT) and JP (Weekend morning)
>Buff game with Holo member theme
>Refugees from Kronii's viewers

>> No.12944226

It's a buff game with JPs, don't know how much the EN audience cares about Korone. But IRyS has been doing fine lately even though she's pretty much always overlapping with other streams.

>> No.12944234

I hope not that's incredibly fucked up unless it's IRyS doing it to me, then it's kino.

>> No.12944264


>> No.12944447

Well, korosama uses him as a punching bag so no surprise there

>> No.12944559

Not actual rape, rape play, like sneaking up on a girl and gagging her or something, long as there's a safe word it's hot

>> No.12944619
File: 392 KB, 613x612, 1636742498639.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has some great expressions sometimes.

>> No.12944700

they need to nerf her since she's too powerful

>> No.12944711

>Oh no, he's bald too!
She HATES bald non-actors.

>> No.12944763

smile all the times and worship korone
holy shit

>> No.12944871

The only way to nerf her would be to take away her voice and I'd hate that. This girl is far too powerful and I want to fall even deeper in love with her.

>> No.12945055

IRyS brainwashing everyone through hope soda

>> No.12945116

God if she uses her narrator voice for an entire stream I'll fucking go crazy, it's so smooth

>> No.12945120

IRyS consumes too much Anime to not at least be open to it.

Imagine IRyS (fake) resisting you with her noodles arms as you (fake) restrain her....

>> No.12945790


>> No.12945809

irys deluxe...
imagine a chonky irys

>> No.12946472

>Brainwashing ads
Do you think she knows about the Vocaroo?

>> No.12946555

Not a chance in hell.

>> No.12946767

That sexy reporter voice... IRyS is dangerous

>> No.12946843

overthrown the goverment WTF???

>> No.12947202

they fucking kill the dog holy shit

>> No.12947427


>> No.12947632

wtf did the game just show Korone getting police brutalized

>> No.12947743

IRyS seemed to be into it. I think she likes to get rough sometimes

>> No.12947758

>I can't bark!
i don't watch korone

>> No.12947840

she wanted to overthrown the goverment!

>> No.12947972

it's time for the irystocult

>> No.12947984

>lamy water
japs are horny for lamy...

>> No.12948016

>Join our cult, we have Soda!

>> No.12948030
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a lot of jp people in the stream today
blame nene she was the first

>> No.12948110

you hear the lady
only irys!

>> No.12948118
File: 1 KB, 202x33, Another.Moorhen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me too friend

>> No.12948155

>wants to be Kabedon'd
>wants to be princess carried
>likes masculine men
IRyS def is into more physical sex, frail as she is.

>> No.12948259

Her live2D model and rigging is insanely good. I can watch her jiggle for hours

>> No.12948331
File: 394 KB, 680x499, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.12948414

You already have ensnared me with your charms Irys, no need for brainwashing.

>> No.12948492

I think the brainwashing comes naturally, there's no need for a lobotomy.

>> No.12948614
File: 101 KB, 1280x720, 1620765285551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>nuru nuru
the small soundbites are the ones that kill me

>> No.12948741

Listening to this stream really feels like being around your girlfriend as she talks to her other friends and sometimes you

>> No.12948875

>Call me your Seiso Queen
IRyS, my heart…

>> No.12949179

She's so fucking cute...

>> No.12949199

Just IRyS

>> No.12949353

What stream did I miss that IRyS deluxe is suddenly a thing people reference?

>> No.12949406

it started with this one

>> No.12949529

Noel Deluxe was Noel with her voice changed deep. IRyS was doing it for the "Korone-samas" and it reminded people of Noel Deluxe and they started saying it was IRyS Deluxe.

>> No.12949583


>> No.12949648

shes never gonna live down the 116 isnt she

>> No.12949687

She could ignore it if she wanted.

>> No.12949712

Chat sure as shit won't let her live that down. Smh…

>> No.12949728

>it's ok to watch other girls
Combined with IRyS' lack of disgust when NTR is brought up, you think she might be... okay with it?

>> No.12949775

She's just too unity to say what she really thinks out loud, of course. It's a test.

>> No.12949795

she loves hololive

>> No.12949872


>> No.12949887

Who's the motherfucker that broke containment

>> No.12949892


>> No.12949906

You’d have to reprogram chat’s pea-sized brains to accomplish that.

>> No.12949944

only a kiss??

>> No.12949994

She sounds uncomfortable. Immediately shifted to anime to find something wholesome.

>> No.12950007

>to love ru

>> No.12950071
File: 169 KB, 1348x232, Screen Shot 2021-11-13 at 12.08.17 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well she couldn't read the rest of the description.

>> No.12950072
File: 362 KB, 994x1400, 432_1000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I really love the artstyle

>> No.12950085
File: 15 KB, 468x60, 1636780036570.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.12950089

she didn't deny being a succubus...

>> No.12950138


>> No.12950146

I kneel IRyS

>> No.12950150

zoomers will never understand

>> No.12950151


>> No.12950169

another containment breakage successfully avoided

>> No.12950172

if anything she sounded delighted we would dream of her

>> No.12950202

What happened? someone made a SC calling her a succubus?

>> No.12950243
File: 14 KB, 322x133, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12950263

At least now we know that you can't really do stuff like this to her. Shit went awkward. Subtlety and jokes are the best way to keep her engaged to any horny talk

>> No.12950294

trouble is pronounced toraburu in japanese too

>> No.12950339

Now we know. Anon, (You) should have already have known that. Don't directly call a woman a succubus it's not rocket science.

>> No.12950341

The fact that she can't do serious ASMR without practically breaking out in giggle fits should tell you the horny chatters are off putting to her.

>> No.12950351


>> No.12950361

She said we didnt HAVE to dream about her. She didnt tell us to stop..............

>> No.12950369

It was a dumb SC but it's not really a big deal. Anime is full of succubus characters isn't it?

>> No.12950379


>> No.12950389


>> No.12950407

IRyS's voice in my head

>> No.12950420

>only irys
holy shit

>> No.12950427

About half of harem animes have them and those harem animes were really popular when she was growing up.

>> No.12950432 [DELETED] 

I doubt any of us would aka IRyS when we could aka Kronii instead

>> No.12950458

I miss IRyS.

>> No.12950460

I didn't send it.
I guess she doesn't know what it really meant. Maybe she only knew the nip word for it. She sounded surprised when she googled the meaning.

>> No.12950467

I'll do it when she reaches 1,000,000. IRyS and only IRyS. Fuck off back to /∞/.

>> No.12950468

>half of it is a concerted effort to deflect
>the other half is her believing it after one lowly google search
It’s a team effort, even if she doesn’t know she’s on it.

>> No.12950478

She's building her cult...

>> No.12950544

>I didn't send it.
Good. I hope now they know that was an insensitive thing to say.

>> No.12950564

I would only AKA Irys and give the rest memberships instead. But I reserve AKA for milestones.

>> No.12950569
File: 6 KB, 348x111, Muh Duolingo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12950584
File: 671 KB, 883x791, HappyRyS2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You'll love her forever, right?
Your ending for tonight:

>> No.12950615

Sorry guys, I didn't realize which thread I was in. Obviously y'all would support your oshi.

>> No.12950626

And I'll be the only one

>> No.12950638

You knew what you were doing. Don't you dare do that again you little shit. I hope your happy with the (You)'s you got.

>> No.12950648

wtf what containment needed, she's a half demon who constantly spouts sexual innuendo, even normal retards would make a succubus connection without being here.

>> No.12950655

>only top right of my brain
>also 90% so you dont forget to eat
i am confused

>> No.12950679

In all honesty, IRyS is the only one I watch from beginning to end, including VODs if I miss it live

>> No.12950698

Could be an honest mistake, I have 8 threads open from all over 4chan. Even soundanon accidentally posted something meant for here in the ffxiv thread the other day.

>> No.12950707

This is really what anons have been saying. You can be horny for her but you shouldn't be really too forward on her chat and stuff. Just here. Because we know she's not aware of at least half of the things she says sounds sexy or has double meaning.

>> No.12950718

me too i understand the feeling

>> No.12950831

IRyS doesn't have to brainwash me though, I was part of a certain holoJP cult membership but she won me over

>> No.12950849

IRyS is the one to dream about

>> No.12950867

Which was it?

>> No.12950887

For tomorrow's FF14 there's a good chance IRyS will have chat vote on her character race. What do you guys think the masses will pick?

>> No.12950899

it's either you haven't flirted with a real woman before or you are projecting too hard on her. She was uncomfortable. She shifted and thought of a cute waifu succubus

>> No.12950914

I know nothing about FF14 but heard there's an Archer race so I'll vote that.

>> No.12950952

I wonder how it feels to be that guy who sent the SC for her clip on the official channel...

>> No.12950953

anonchama this thread called her a succubus before that superchat, you can tell by how uncomfortable she was by that google search

>> No.12951050
File: 7 KB, 650x80, Exalted.Curassow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The cutest one from this list I hope

>> No.12951057

The wording is all too familiar. Could be coincidence, but I don’t buy that.

>> No.12951138

Hopefully not the midget things.

>> No.12951188


>> No.12951194

a certain blue woman

>> No.12951206

Miqo'te are cat girls. I bet she'll pick that.

>> No.12951207

I'm not arguing it didnt make her uncomfortable, I just dont buy the leaf calling her a succubus HAD to be someone here.

Or it could have been really me, and i'm just pretending to argue. who knows?

>> No.12951359

Alright alright. Let's not cut each other's throat over this. Do you think she will show up in the JK stream?

>> No.12951407

She's gonna take nap so I don't think so...

>> No.12951439

The archive will be there if she does. Go do whatever it is you were planning to do instead.

>> No.12951461

i hope so
but i dont think so to be honest

>> No.12951578

If IRyS didn't watch much hololive before applying she sure did her reps. She made that playthrough pretty fun and did justice to Korone.

>> No.12951592

>IRyS is going to take a nap
>I'M going to take a nap

Later bros, i'll say hi to IRyS for yous

>> No.12952452

Miqote obviously. I doubt she'll pick Hyur

>> No.12953519

Sparkle sounds great. Thanks.

>> No.12953604

She's gonna make a Kaworu midlander hyur knockoff, cap this post now.

Glad you like it!

>> No.12955253

i miss irys...

>> No.12956083
File: 412 KB, 732x732, 1632465480542.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do your IRyS music reps in the dead hours!

>> No.12957697

any news on mv or cover this month?

>> No.12957867

Nothing yet as far as I can remember. We know she has been working hard though so something is coming at some point.

>> No.12957967

Question to OG *IRyS fans, did she always do secret endings back then?

>> No.12958249

my wife just murdered subaru in the ring, what a show

>> No.12958386

after tanking like a dozen finishers too

>> No.12958417

Back when, only 4-5 months ago? Man those were the times, I barely remember.

>> No.12958480

Yeah. Since debut. She didn't do secret endings for collabs at first but that changed since her first Among US collab where she she said thank you because chat were spamming hearts so that she wouldn't notice the chink spam.

>> No.12958481

She just beat the King of HFZ?!? I kneel.

>> No.12958531

4 months and some days ago. Time flew by. I enjoyed every moment.

>> No.12958749
File: 473 KB, 940x1078, Screen Shot 2021-11-13 at 6.07.26 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How it all started...

>> No.12958888

Oh hey, that's my post.

>> No.12958994

Quads don't lie

>> No.12959157

its been a journey these past four months huh
glad to see her in a stable position now

>> No.12959904

Wait, what stream? How did I miss this? Ahhh, my goldfish memory!

>> No.12959939

Her first ASMR stream.

>> No.12960302

Ah, figures. I don't like asmr(last one was an excetion, it saw just soft bedtalk mostly) so I watched only the first ~10 minutes of that one. No wonder I'm out of the loop.

>> No.12961794

I was talking about on Twitch

>> No.12962718

>thread talks about background being too bright during horror stream
>irys changes to darker background next horror stream
Did people talk about it on twitter too or is she really here?

>> No.12962870

If IRyS is here make sure to tell her how much you love her

>> No.12963146

When she talked about her last dentist appointment during the 700k and citing the multiple appointments and no anesthesia as part of the "japanese dentist industry" I thought she was reading the threads, because she hasn't described her dentist appointments that way at all till yesterday

>> No.12963164

She didn't stream on twitch in her N-word days and no secret endings but she had an ending song every streams which she sings every end of streams.

>> No.12963375

IWyS probaly dont know watch is a Twitch

>> No.12963422


>> No.12963572

I don't follow N-word but given her lack of understanding of memes/Internet culture I'd be inclined to agree.
You don't end up as seiso as IRyS by streaming on cesspits like Twitch.

>> No.12963688

In a recent stream someone sent her a super or chat message about making her model darker for horror streams and she said something like "I don't know about that but I can use darker background for horror streams. I have it but barely used it for some reason."

>> No.12963761

>she sings every end of streams.
That's cute, imagine if she actually sang cod at the end of every stream.

>> No.12966082 [SPOILER] 
File: 542 KB, 966x738, 1635117680871.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tell me, /HiRyS/
Do you think IRyS believes in Eorzea?

>> No.12967258

Letting the masses vote? It's obviously gonna be Lalafell/Miqo'te/Au Ra.

>> No.12967664

man i'm deep in Heavensward and i'm loving ff14. I'm sad that instead of excitement looks like IRyS is apprehensive on the stream later thanks to disaster that was Pekora's.

>> No.12967827

Hopefully she'll be okay but man. I expected it to be bad but not THAT bad

>> No.12967944

I don't give a shit about MMOs and JRPGs, but how can we help her in game?
Is there some way to know player's IPs in session and DDOS shit out of every retard that appears on stream?
I did stuff like that in Tibia and CS:GO, but I practically got ready programs for that. I doubt japanese got better security

>> No.12967954

It will be that bad if she's somehow ended up choosing an Elemental server, I can guarantee you that.

>> No.12968020

Haven't catch on the Pekora VOD, but I guess it really was quite a disaster?
Ina even downright said in her return stream yesterday she would not stream it because of that reason, even though she post a screenshot of it on twitter before returning from break.

>> No.12968128

Nah, I can tell you that for Ina it's more of the fact that she was one of the top 100 SCH raiders in the world got leaked during her debut week. There's no way she could cope with the amount of backseating and shittalking if she's streaming FFXIV.

>> No.12968149

it was, the moment Pekora went online niggers started spamming her. Soon a horde of niggers followed her every step, imagine try to play an RPG but your your screen is filled with retards in flying cars, spamming blinding spell animations.

Unless Square does something it'll be the same with IRyS.

>> No.12968196

Man, at that point they might as well record the playthrough off line to avoid those, just watch it live to make commentary/zatsudan

>> No.12968319

that's actually not a bad idea. Better than what I thought of, invisible GMs escorting the streamer around, banning everyone who tries blocking her screen.

>> No.12968474

As far as I know, twitch streamers were able to eventually play the game without people harassing them. The first stream is going to be chaos but I don't think it would last, if she wanted to keep playing.

>> No.12968479

Ina and to a lesser extent Kiara were always pretty adamant about FF XIV not being something they want to stream either at all, or as more than a one-off

>> No.12968497

Didn't those big twitch streamers get literal pet GMs?

>> No.12968528

Not a bad Idea and also they can stream it live if they do party raid or instance dungeons since other players can't interrupt them

>> No.12968553

Nope, not even big shots like Asmongold are safe.

>> No.12969336
File: 416 KB, 1667x2223, 1631507754483.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12969895
File: 290 KB, 1026x408, 1626645302450.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's time
In 9 hours

>> No.12969999

Hope is lost...

>> No.12970079

Please play at Elemental just so that I can see the chaos ensues.

>> No.12970149

She'll definitely play on Elemental unless she's crazy enough to play on the EU servers

>> No.12970536
File: 25 KB, 238x46, 16366368632988287858219204674563.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

expect severe autism and zero actual gameplay

>> No.12970591

i lol'd when i saw the pekora kusada friend requests at the stream

>> No.12972113
File: 546 KB, 2893x1895, E90X7_5UcAIicmf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What makes IRyS so sexually thirsty?

>> No.12972295
File: 180 KB, 1001x1416, 1633541199212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reading ecchi shoujo all day and too small asian peepees

>> No.12972543
File: 121 KB, 703x709, 1635921065775.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you think IRyS is a shipper or a yumejoshi? Seems like she enjoys shoujo and shounen romance and wants to be a qt 3.14 animu grill with a sexy ikemen bf

Captcha: KYS PJ

>> No.12972699

She already have me

>> No.12972760

>Do you think IRyS is a shipper
Shes admitted it multiple times anon, not a yumejoshi kind but a "I want my girl to win the harem" kind.

>> No.12972820

I haven't watched IRyS since debut. I remember that she was super seiso. What happened? Has she caught the American whore virus? Are her American genes acting up now?

>> No.12972890

Please not Primal. Not before Endwalker. We've been safe so far.

>> No.12973016

She's still very seiso, it's just wishful thinking and projection from anons.

>> No.12973035

>I haven't watched IRyS since debut

If you want to bait at least pretend not to be a threadreader

>> No.12973858

Nah. She likes shipping characters with each other. Not herself. Her satisfaction derives from whether or not her OTP will become canon. If they don't, she will go to fanfic to delude herself.

>> No.12974204

Connection security's come a long way since those days, only way would be DDOS and you'd have had to spend years setting up a botnet big enough to even tickle their massive server farm

>> No.12974628
File: 217 KB, 333x446, 1636834206901.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12974902

>unless she's crazy enough to play on the EU servers
god, I might have a chance to white knight for her by reporting griefers

>> No.12974956

Do we know what server Ina plays on? I'm guessing she'll pick that one.

>> No.12975010

There's 500 people her waiting room. Lots of greys. Is this normal? I don't visit her prechat because CFAA cringes me out.

>> No.12975087

If she gets mobbed and ends the stream I hope she just plays something else instead, I don't want a very short IRyS stream followed by a break day, that would suck.

>> No.12975455

There's no way she can have a normal experience while streaming the game and I hope she knows that and can just keep playing anyway. Knowing her she will probably go in completely blind which is kind of a bad idea since normally MMO streamers need to setup some chat blockers and change some in game settings so people can't harrass them.

>> No.12975462

Probably FF14 tourists

>> No.12975548

Making that grave open so girls could get into it was fucking genius.

>> No.12975955

She's painfully aware because she has watched Pekora. She's also aware of all the things that she has to do because pre-chat. chat and Twitter are constantly hounding her what she needs to do and stuff. She's not going in completely blind at this point. She already said multiple times that she will just cut the stream short if it gets too rowdy for her to manage. She atleast wants to share the character creation part.

>> No.12976107

I can't believe hope is fucking dead...

>> No.12977054

pls sb create a new thread. I'm too lazy

>> No.12977117

Ina definitely plays on one of the NA servers. IRyS would be mad to play on those considering the ridiculous amounts of latency she'd have

>> No.12977120

And she just said to stay away from prechat...

>> No.12977147

It's tricky because they all want to play with eachother.
She said not to be offtopic in prechat.

>> No.12977148

It's mostly greys...and she just said follow the rules in prechat, not avoid it

>> No.12977149

You will feel what Aether felt

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