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>You're upset because I took your membership fee and didn't provide any content for an entire month because my pet snail died? FUCK YOU
Remember when people thought Sana was the nice one?

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That's really cool anon, go take your worm de-horser

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You posting another Sana anti thread because your getting nothing on the other ones?
Also I paid tier 3 gladly because I'm not a poorfag like you seanigger where you make what $1 a week?
Please do us all a favour and kys faggot

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Ironically Sana anti-threads are probably made by one of her fans, since otherwise people would forget she existed at all.

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I don't watch Hololive or many EN streamers but during her break, the shitposting made me curious, and she is a sweetheart. It is just hard to understand her speaking. She used to draw my tourabu oshi in her PL but I felt too weirded out by one of my favorite artists who inspired me to draw digitally, debuting as a fucking vtuber in the biggest company

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Go anally birth a horse, faggot

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Nah. Sana is a cunt. You've got to look beyond how they act on stream and pay attention to their actions. Here is someone who got a once in a lifetime opportunity, beating out thousands of other indies who would chew off their left foot to get the same chance and she's fucked it all up by acting extremely unprofessionally after only 2 months. If you landed a job as a Walmart greeter then you'd lose it if you did what Sana did but she's held to lower standards despite earning 5x more.

She needs to grow up.

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nah you are a cunt fuck off

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twitter user, it’s horse dewormer

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I hope she sees this bro. She still won't fuck you though.

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I just don't agree, but you're fine to feel that way.

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>he thinks the more you make the more dedication you have to show
it's the opposite anon, a walmart greeter will be fired for taking an uninformed day off, while someone in middle management would just get a light slap on the wrist. Meanwhile, upper management can go on impromptu vacations with no consequences.
The world doesn't work how you think it does.

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>t. sanalite

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Yes but everyone thinks the managers are scumfucks for doing it. You're licking Sanas boots and making excuses for her because you're a retard. There lies the difference.

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Is it the same anon spamming these threads that kept spamming threads about that forced Ina drama a month ago or when it was?

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"Are we being raided" the redditor asks as he peers outside his global hugbox to see the rest of the board is not like his containment thread

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yeah, i know. also banned on twitter

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as long as he leaves ayame alone he can make any thread he wants

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you aren't doing any favor by outing yourself as a fanboy cuck

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Do you cuckpost every day?

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>Touken Ranbu oshi
>male anon

>> No.12899931

she will

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Just a reminder, if you are insulted by what she said that means she was talking to YOU.

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a girl would never talk to me

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This bait is so fucking retarded that it's probably a false flag to drum up support. No I won't take my meds, Sana is based, OP is a faggot

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I didn't give a shit until she said that. Fuck that bitch, she took a fucking month off because her hecking pupperino died. Who the fuck does that? In the grand scheme of things it's not the end of the world because this isn't her main job, but it's weird to leave people hanging like that for a month OVER A DOG. I don't know how memberships work because I'm not a retard that spends money on virtual woman but if she really did just dip and leave people hanging like and she's telling people to fuck off who are rightfully pissed of than she's a huge fucking bitch. Like I can meme about "hating" or "disliking" certain holos, but she's legitimately the only one I can say I really legitimately don't like after this shit. She's an emotionally stunted child and won't I give her the time of day anymore. I'm not a sperg like any of those sea antis, I'll just ignore the bitch and put my energies to watching better chuubas.

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>not a sperg
>all caps

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Why do you care that a girl which you clearly hate and dont watch told you to go fuck yourself

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I've never watched a stream of hers, but what she did was pretty fucking stupid. She's garbage, will never give her a chance. She can whine some more about being a nobody and feel bad because of low subs

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So many whiteknighting simp paypigs in this thread
Truly this board is deranged beyond all saving

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why you typing so much bitch?
get fucked

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well she's Australian. of course she's a cunt

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It's a really fucking bad attitude really. She should be thanking her supporters and showing humility for the patience they gave her, instead she says fuck you to the people who (understandably) got annoyed at this bitch blowing off her 6 figure job to cry about her dog for a month. It means she thinks she was entitled to dowhat she did, which she definitely was not.

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lol, Sana probably still has more membership content than the rest of Council combined, thanks to that 8 hour stream before her break

>> No.12902723

>more hours means better

>> No.12902858

Don't worry I'm with you on this anon. Alot of anon here don't know shit around here about money or working. She be fired anywhere else.

>> No.12902939

Nah it's the opposite of that, the world doesn't work the way you think it does.
Anyway if her friend is Ina that's a good hint at what she is like in her personal life.

>> No.12903093

compared to people who spend their days starting pointless arguments about girls larping as anime, yes she's the nice one
i'm almost starting to worry that people here aren't joking with all the inane shit they choose to be angry about

>> No.12903157

>She should be thanking her supporters
what, like she did for the rest of the stream? i guess all that doesn't factor in and only the single sentence targeted at antis is relevant?

>> No.12903192

being nice is a value for women, not men.

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>seething commie can't cope with reality

>> No.12903502

ITT: Anon can't handle the banter

>> No.12903545

i hope she never apologizes to you unlike ina.

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That just means she's doing her job to have fun and doesn't care about the money. It's a good thing.

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That has nothing to do with paylevel and everything to do with how critical their role is to the operation.
The greeter provides a service to the customer, if he is missing, the customer experience suffers.
The middle+ manager doesn't do anything time critical, if he's missing for a day or 5, the customer doesn't notice and the only thing that happens is that his backlog gets deeper or upper management gets angry that he's not available when they needed to reach him.
In this case, the streamer is the product, if she's missing then there is no operation.

If you take money for a service and then can't provide said service, you offer a refund at the minimum. That's just basic ethics.

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At 33:30 she thanked her viewers. Her fuck you was clearly targeted towards the obnoxious heartless cunts, not those that support her. Her mental state directly affects her job performance, unlike most types of jobs. You don’t need to be happy to lay as brick. What’s the point streaming if you’re genuinely miserable, especially when people tune-in to your streams specifically because you’re normally chirpy and bright. Someone like Kronii could get away with being quiet and cold in a stream, Sana can’t. Fuck you tehe.

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Wagies get back to paying for sana's salaries

>> No.12904805

>Memberships a girl, when she has not even streamed for a Month
You only have yourself to blame for that

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>> No.12909161

>being miserable because of a dumb dog
literal mental illness

>> No.12910393

Not op, but I guess you fools never had a job o proper business relationships with anyone right? If you can't see the disrespect that's on you because everything he said was valid

>> No.12911877

>being miserable because a living thing that was part of the majority of your life no longer exists
That is called being normal. (You) are the mentally ill one. Take your meds.

>> No.12911897

Nothing (you) said was valid. Cope, copepod.

>> No.12913974

>not pausing membership during the hiatus
You only have yourself to blame

>> No.12914848

I cancelled my membership

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Honestly I don't even mind what she said, but it's the fact she lashed out in the first place that makes me think of her differently. Like a vtuber's personality is everything and Sana being getting angry like that out of nowhere felt like a off-putting contrast compared to her usual jolly/optimistic self. Once humble vtubers like Sana and Ina cross that bridge displaying their true feelings regardless if it's justified or not you can't just watch them the same.

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Damn. Sanallites are so insecure and aggressive. They have no class either, just like Sana. Oshi reflects the fanbase is so fucking true. Take Ayame. All she did to address haters and whatnot was to say "I don't care what they say or think about me". That's it, and THAT'S based. Nakirigumi are much the same way, mostly going "OJOU AISHITEEEE" or similar in anti threads.
Sana went "fuck you tehe" like an insecure 11 year old just having learned about the word, and here you have Sanallites throwing all manner of insults around, including telling people to die, in insecure fashion while utterly seething. The disparity is between streamer and fanbases is pretty funny.

>> No.12918665

>Person insults you
>Legions of fans defend you
>More give you money
That's why they do it anon, they're immune to complaints of any kind.
The amount of people that will be mad about this are a drop in the bucket.

>> No.12918789

>Dog was likely the only friend she had through her bad and rough times
>Sana had this dog for years and she saw as a family member
>Dog suddenly dies at a time when she was likely stressful from being in Hololive

But a month break is too much? No FUCK YOU, you don't understand when you lose a pet dog.

>> No.12918900

Just ignore people who do not understand why someone needs a month brake to deal with such a loss.
Sana is such a lovely person. It must have hit her even harder.

>> No.12919044

>pet snail
You always know it's a sound argument when you need to exaggerate part of it and can't just present what actually happened as is.

>> No.12919097

Yeah true, not to mention the new subs gained from said defense force against a loud minority. I thought she was playing the long game, but she's actually 4D chess instead. She's definitely got my interest in how she spins this.

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This, so much this.

I was considering buying Sana's membership before her dog died, and I get it, people handle death differently. I'm impressed that Cover gave her that time off. If anything other companies should follow Cover's example and not force the stereotypical capitalist policy of wringing your employees dry and throwing them in a ditch whenever something personal happens in their lives that prevents them from being a slave for over a week. It's fine that Sana took that time off, but it's what came after that bothered me. I thought she was a nice girl. Then I watch her stream and hear her saying "fuck you" and acting very unprofessionally. What really bothered me about this is it made me think about what she's really like behind the scenes. Maybe Sana's entire persona is all an act to attract pay pigs? I've just lost all trust I had in her and am unwilling to support a girl that only acts pretend nice when the camera is recording.

>> No.12919503

Can someone give the quick rundown?

>> No.12919587

miko raped sana and she had to take a month off

>> No.12919689

The more people you have the more time you can fill with people streaming. There is no reason to be as strict about such things when you have ten other people to not only cover certain times, but not worry about overlap with a person.

>> No.12919698

Sana dog died, she went on a month long break.
Sana returns, thanks supporters for staying with her, says fuck you tehe to people that told her to get over it and go back to streaming.
/vt/ is doing what it can to bait the sanalites (sana fans) into seething. As usual its nothing big, just ur average vt drama.

>> No.12920079

Her 20+ year old dog died. Naturally, since this is a pet she has had for most of her life, she was upset by this, and took a break, because streaming is one of those jobs where you really don't want to be miserable and depressed while doing it. I feel like one month was maybe pushing it, but whatever. When she came back, she thanked all the people who waited for her, but made a point of telling people like OP who were saying "lmao who cares its just a fucking dog" to fuck off.

>> No.12920484

this sounds like 2view seethe to me.

>> No.12920557

kronii needs a vacation and a nap

>> No.12921275

Doesn't work desu.
Very few people actually respond to anti-threads unless it's about Kiara.

>> No.12921649

anyone who thinks that taking a literal month off for a pet is reasonable has never worked a day in their entire life.

>> No.12921784

I agree, I hear a lot of things about how she's a nice person and her early videos has her showing off a good personality but this is very jarring. The sharp moment of spite and maliciousness towards just random people just says there's something behind here that's going to explode in the future if it gets bottled like this again. It's best for me to just not watch her to avoid it.

>> No.12921895

No one's even taking that bait anymore either, honestly.

>> No.12921979

She probably faced bad comments just before her stream. At least anger helps you to handle your sadness.
But she is not at her best form.

>> No.12922295

They aren't obligated to provide anything for members. Anyone who feels they are owed something is capable of canceling their membership before the next pay cycle.

>> No.12922431

Yeah this is the thing that people don't understand. Like I don't care she took a break and I understand her feeling sadness that her dog died, but the fact she unprofessionally shown this instead of just ignoring the antis does really kill the overall vibe she had going with her.
>Maybe Sana's entire persona is all an act to attract pay pigs? I've just lost all trust I had in her and am unwilling to support a girl that only acts pretend nice when the camera is recording.
Honestly I feel the same. Actually watching Sana significantly more than the other Council members during the debut month, she pretty much never shown any noticeable sign of aggression like this.

I understand people see it from the perspective of "haha aussie btfo antis" and that's fine and I hope the people who discovered this new edge to her enjoys her. Yet for me, you, and whoever loved the humble gallant underdog we thought she was it's really a bummer she decided to show that side of her to for a quick snide to the antis that would've just move on to the next fake drama anyways.

I'll still watch her of course, she's still very entertaining and her Dread stream tomorrow sounds hype, but I can't be invested into her like I originally did.

>> No.12923278

Coco says fuck you to her haters and no one bats an eye, Sana does it and everyone loses their minds!

>> No.12923350


you niggers are retarded if you don't think the girls in hololive are being fake nice a majority of the time. everyone has a tipping point and its not just sana

>> No.12923587

We're trying really hard to make "Fuck you, tee hee" into a controversy, aren't we? Itcwas 2 seconds of a stream and she didn't even sound entirely serious even when she honestly had right to be. Fucking grow thicker skin, you faggots.

>> No.12923664

Your tipping point being three (two) months into your career is a bad sign.

>> No.12923683

So are people really that oblivious about how Australia has been handling COVID and how any sort of travel nowadays is a bitch and a half with all the extra quarantine measures people have to deal with over there? That’s the whole reason Sana wasn’t certain how long it would take her to return since she probably got fucked into quarantine when she got to her folks place and was pretty much stuck there, not feasible to bring her streaming setup with her as she traveled either but damn the antis really must be that empty-headed huh

>> No.12923830

Finally someone pointed this out. Holy shit this place can be dense.

>> No.12923889

Then why didn't she say any of that? Lemme guess, she did but in a super secret privated member's stream, right?

>> No.12923892

Sana isn't Coco, you faggot reddit cunt. Not even close.

>> No.12923898

coco didn't do anything wrong and her haters were third world subhuman filth, so i'm not sure the comparison is applicable

>> No.12923962

yeah so if that were the case she would have just said so

>> No.12923967

Implying these gossip threads aren't full of /vt/sisters

>> No.12923988

This is just as much a narrative as people making making up reasons to hate her.

>> No.12924040

the stress from joining hololive, her dog dying, then coming back to hate comments and streaming for 5k people. continue being daft anon

>> No.12924098

t. never worked a day in their life
love your walmart analogy though, that's totally comparable to the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you described. totally replaceable by the company that benched 2 designs because they can't find anyone else up-to-snuff for them, right?
get over yourself, retard

>> No.12924110

>saying anything that could be interpreted as shittalking a penal colony government that’s had no qualms about going full authoritarian lately

Yeah that probably would have ended well for her. There was a bloke who was accosted by the police over there at his own house because of a COVID meme he posted, learn how to infer, anon.

>> No.12924118

That's not my point, but considering you believe in the Reddit boogeyman I can't expect you to piece things together. If you're offended by fuck you, tee hee, you might want to get off the Internet. Making a mountain out of a molehill to satiate your victim complex is pathetic.

>> No.12924120

Okay but I dont see the same kinda behavior or breaking of character from Sora for example who has been doing this way longer. Sana only has been at this for 2 months and half of that is being off.

>> No.12924155

Agreed, before the break she came off as the type that doesn't care about what people say, numbers are irrelevant, does what she wants. So why come out of the break and tell off people you don't care about? Clearly those people got under her skin so that whole not caring about the haters thing just feels fake.

>> No.12924169

the actual state of some sana fans because she said 'fuck you'. i feel bad for her if she sees this and decides she has to walk on eggshells because of snowflakes

>> No.12924172

I love Sana!

>> No.12924241

>learn how to infer
Funny way to say make up rrats.

>> No.12924275

What stress? She got a first class ticket into the damn company through Ina. Yes her dog died, six weeks ago. She's had time and a half and a half to grieve and not get riled up over what, one or two antis in her chat saying dumb shit? And finally get a fucking grip, you aren't Australian because you watch Sana, dipshit.

>> No.12924301

Can someone link the shit she said? It could have been a joke coming from her

>> No.12924356

Yeah because the Australian government is keeping tabs on what a random Vtuber says about being locked down. Come back to reality, I'm begging you.

>> No.12924364

Samefag or retard? You decide!

>> No.12924414

grow a thicker skin. someone saying fuck you isn't gonna ruin your day anon

>> No.12924451

Tell that to Sana.

>> No.12924513

I love Sana too!

>> No.12924517

She said "Fuck you, tee hee" with next to no emotion. You seem more riled up about that small comment than she was about antis.

>> No.12924573

We expected it from Coco. She began her streams by calling us motherfuckers. Sana, not so much.

>> No.12924583

seethe more

>> No.12924605

Kill yourself retard, youre genuinely fucking stupid and youre expecting others to be as retarded as you

As for women yeah... 1 month is still too much specially when you have hundreds counting on you

>> No.12924659

Ayame can get away with it because she's one of the most popular holos WHEN she streams
what does Sana do? She honestly was a bad hire.

>> No.12924666

You're the one crying about people being mean to your vtuber.

>> No.12924680

Just fucking link the monent you absolute niggers

Most people here havent even heard her say that

>> No.12924741

the only one crying is you because someone said 'fuck you'

>> No.12924759


>> No.12924785

I think thats normal responce for a human anon, all things implied

>> No.12924850

I mean shes disgusting, 1 month is too fucking much lol, unaware whore

>> No.12924855

Fuck you
Let's see those tears, big guy

>> No.12924998

anyone who got actually mad that she said "fuck you" wasn't a fan, merely exactly who sana wanted to address.

how does it feel to know you would fail a turing test

>> No.12925101

tell that to ayame

>> No.12925209
File: 3.34 MB, 262x312, AyameSurprise.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ayame mention!

>> No.12925533

You sound like a top tier onions boy.

>> No.12925720

Anon I KNOW they're all fake and I don't care about that. What I don't get is why anons like you think vtubers are the only ones who put on a fake/over-exaggerated persona as a way to entertain their audience when a lot of popular streamers, youtubers, and just people in the entertainment industry does in general.

The entire point of being a vtuber is to put on a fake persona as a virtual anime girl. Yeah people do care about you as a person and want to see you to succeed mentally and economically while also wanting your character to be loved, which is why it's IMPORTANT choose your words carefully of how your persona would react to such hate. The thing I loved about Council is it felt like it was bringing the lore, personality, and immersion back into vtubing.

I understand it's a hard concept for a lot of post-EN Hololive fans since they came into a subgenre where vtubers were melding their personal lives with their character, but the roleplay is a huge part of what makes this genre fun especially for the oldfags like me who's been into it since the Kizuna era. If you don't get it then that's fine, but I just wanted to vent in the only place I can then move on.

>> No.12925992

Sana is a whore who got into Hololive due to nepotism. She's boring, she revealed herself to be a massive cunt and she doesnt do anything at all. Should have given her spot to someone else who actually deserved it instead of being Ina's butt buddy.

>> No.12926227

You really think someone would cry because someone said fuck you to them

Really thats what you literally extracted, You unironically would fail a turing test

>> No.12926322

What i mean is that anyone can get upset over a retarded fuck you, why the fuck not specially when context is added

If youre uncapable of obtain this meaning youre literally retarded

>> No.12926402

Nah but you actually sounds like a top tier basedboy who the fuck says top tier, just fucking say you take it in the ass aswell nigger

>> No.12926533

that's what we're pointing out, read >>12924785. some people really think "fuck you" from an anime girl is a tearjerker

>> No.12926540
File: 335 KB, 1587x2245, 1635052741756.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ah, i see sana is this week's target because she dared say fuck you to the based /vt/ dramaniggers

>> No.12926651

I could turn that Tier 3 price into pennies, fill a washing machine with those pennies and the noise would still be less grating than Sana's voice

>> No.12926656

It's in this very thread you fucking lazy dipshit

>> No.12926716

wow anon haha you just got r/whooshed haha! the whoosh is the noise the joke makes when it goes over your head! this is gonna get me so much karma on reddit! >:)

>> No.12926817

anons like me? where did I say that vtubers were the only ones with fake personas? i may not have been around since kizuna, but I was there for gen 0 of hololive, so I get you. but this much strife over her saying fuck you feels ludacris

>> No.12926857

It wasnt until i asked you dumb faggot

>> No.12926955
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fuck sana and her animal beating ass

>> No.12926990

god nene's so smug. how does she do it bros?

>> No.12927012

Sana was always the outspoken Aussie you retard

>> No.12927073
File: 196 KB, 598x681, heh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well shit sorry

>> No.12927085

>be a dumb bitch
>people get upset
>omg shes being targeted!!

Low IQ niggers

>> No.12927752

Sana is a tradie, she was on smoko at the protests when vicpol came and pepper sprayed her. that knocker her out for a couple of weeks

>> No.12927803

Yeah fair enough. I understand that vtubers have a breaking point and Sana's been through a lot of shit, so go as far as to break character just to tell antis to fuck off is forgivable.

>> No.12927976

so to go as*

>> No.12928440


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File: 2.82 MB, 498x235, 1626828162809.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12928663


>> No.12928913

Pet snail?

>> No.12933172

I want Sana to be my husband!

>> No.12933374

>Trying to pretend a sweet harmless girl is a monstrous bitch
H-have fun, I guess?

>> No.12933447

After that waste of a post, I was at least able to determine which of those slots you'd best fit in.

>> No.12933506
File: 1.16 MB, 1244x840, 012232431151.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

will you guys be watching prism sana's debut?

>> No.12934298


>> No.12934744

I'll check her out because I like the model. Also going to watch that non anon girl tomorrow just to see how /here/ she really is, could be a possible train wreck.

>> No.12935768

Oh anon this is so unfair. you gave her 5 dollars and she took it? how dare she? that bitch

>> No.12938643

>A literal "we wuz egypt" design
looks cute, consider me interested

>> No.12938839

You don't understand!
That five dollars was supposed to be the first in a long line of dollars that gets the Sanalites closer and closer to maybe, just one day, marrying her. Everyone knows these girls always marry their biggest donators.

>> No.12939180

When did she say whatever people are discussing here

>> No.12940324

2000 years ago, it was recently unearthed by archeologists

>> No.12940462
File: 502 KB, 966x966, 1628783858036.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

those eyes...

>> No.12950206

Projecting confirms my suspicions.

>> No.12950300

>waste of a post
Ironic, considering you wasted another to respond to shitty bait. Retard confirmed.

>> No.12955721
File: 11 KB, 229x211, FDukNlVacAAQclf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been a Haaton for over a year. Do you think I care about my one of my Oshi taking long breaks while I am sub to them? No, because I am a fat faqing loser simp living in a fantasy anime world and I love it.

>> No.12956441

Woah, I supposedly left Hololive completely, purged it from my YT feed and everything and only come back to this dumpster for HFZ but seriously, Sana becoming the new Kiara? I remember what pain was being a KFP every day and now this. Faggots never change, I guess.

>> No.12956721

Shut the fuck up Eggman.

>> No.12957023

>time off
Ayame exists, though.

>> No.12957836

Damn, that's an actual good model.

>> No.12958068


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