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Meet Sony's newest VTubers!
You'll watch them, right?

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Blue and purple are cute.

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Get the fuck out with your corporate chuubas

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Yeah I'll check them out, i am not some brand loyal faggot

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>only stream in laotian

no thanks

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This entire board revolves around corporate chuubas

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i want to see lewds of the blue one

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hell no

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I would give Hitoshiro and perhaps Alba a chance IF they weren't Snoy.
On principle I will have to abstain from watching them.

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Blue and Goat looks cute

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I trust Re:AcT's imploding management more than I trust Sony so no

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Sheepchads EOPs are in!

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AKA the cast of "The Curse of Kaguya Luna Act 2"

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Holy KEK

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I pray for these poor souls, but they chose this fate.

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The one on top left looks like a KyoAni character

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Meh they look boring, Rin is the only one that looks soo normal that can become something good with some mistery lore, like that one LV Loli

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Based off the focus on creating characters in a multimedia universe with some sort of anime thing to introduce them, Sony seemed to have make the mistake of actually making kayfabe Virtual Youtubers, not just streamers with an anime avatar.
Gomen, I'll pass, I only ever cared for streamers with anime avatars, not characters.

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sony can eat my shit

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Boring as fuck

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The Japanese market is too saturated
Should have pandered to international viewers but now it's going to be dead on arrival

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Mumei Killer, Watame Killer, Kronii Killer, Baelz Killer, Mori Killer, and Ayame Killer...my god boys Sony has us bested this time

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Debut on the 19th eh?

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Who the fuck would sign on with Sony after what happened to Kaguya Luna

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Nice. Maybe this time I'll get to watch some shitshow from the beginning.

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>no males

no thanks

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>corporate shit
>boring designs

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>all girls
>no males
>no troons
perfect, I will watch them just because of this

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Hololive is /vt/ approved corporate, they are fine

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Duh, she's designed by Horihori

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Alba, Hitoshiro and Kagase look nice. The other's not so much.

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Not a single one of you lusting over the cunny? WTF happened to this place?

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There were still people that signed up for MyHoloTV after they wiped out a whole Gen. It's just a mere stepping stone to better companies, I would hope.

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Why is Rin the most normal looking one?
She looks out of place

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Probably busy lusting over Gura's Skyrim Stream.

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Normal isekai MC

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You mean Kagase? Yeah she's good. The sheep cunny looks like shit though and probably have a boring meek personality.

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Honestly the two in the middle look nice, I'll prob check them out, specially the yellow one.

The other designs are pretty meh, specially the first two.

(Dragon girl looks like a rip-off ch'en tho)

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>All female
Well so much for being different than the competition. How is that we live in a era in which Kuzuha is the most popular vtuber yet no one gives male vtubers a chance

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>most popular vtuber
3.5 million > 1.1 million

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Rin doesn't stream, btw, she's just a lore character that ties the other five together.

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What's Snoy

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Kuzuha has better viewership than any vtuber

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If they are doing six man waves will the final one have two chuubas?
At least they will get to keep the models which look somewhat nice, mostly

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because he pretty much has monopoly
NijiEN males will bury him

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Wrong on both counts

>> No.12883899

Snoy ma balls

>> No.12883910

Kagase is cute but I'm not watching them
Overall meh designs

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I'm sorry for the people involved, but the setup and cross media approach is too convoluted. No interest

>> No.12884231

>One successful male vs. Several successful females
You'd have more females than males if you were running a group.

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Sony is partly owner of Niji, surely they got some counselors putting them up to speed with the vtuber scene.

>> No.12885430

Sony doesn't own any part of nijisanji, or at least I couldn't find anything official

>> No.12885508

Sony is in a close business relationship with NIji, but they are justt partners

>> No.12885541

>NijiEN males will bury him
If they had been since the start maybe they could have done something, but now? No way, those guys are fucked.

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No cunny no watch

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Don't care
Didn't ask
Plus Rin looks shit

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I don't care about american companies.

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>viewership than any vtuber

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Sony Music is an investor in Nijisanji.
They have invested around 15 million into them

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I miss luna

>> No.12885748

More CGDCT? With some retarded lore shoved in? In Japanese? Nah, hard pass for me.

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Wait Rin is not a real vtuber? She was the only one I liked.....

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>American company

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reminder that pekora retweeted kuzuha once and management told her to delete it
same with kuzuha retweeting coco

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>VERSEn" is a VTuber project that travels through a variety of stories, spinning the past, present, and future of the "VERSEn" world together with its users through a cross-media development of contents such as live streaming, animation, music, illustrations, novels, and manga.
wtf is this? just copy alternative and hope it works?

>> No.12886003

who is kuzuha?

>> No.12886042

Yellow snow

>> No.12886060

Yo mama

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why didn't they just buy Cover Corp

>> No.12886358

That anon is confusing SME with SIE.

>> No.12886412

Probably want the inhouse made prestige

>> No.12886457

>no EN
Failure it is.

>> No.12886490

There's no waves; this is a different project from the 50 VTuber VEE one. VERSEn is being run by Sony Music Labels, one of SME's subsidiaries.

>> No.12887300

I like the blonde dragon girl's design

>> No.12887688

Itsuki is sex, hopefully the voice and personality match the design.

>> No.12889589

The top left isn't debuting. She's a protagonist in lore.

>> No.12889689

blue sex

>> No.12889707

oh the irony

>> No.12889757

Red and blue sex.
the rest don't exist

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Why would I watch them when I have no attachment to the brand. I'm interested in Hololive and Nijisanji debuts because I want to see more people added to the cast and enjoy them with fellow fans. Literally who are these people, why would I ever care.

>> No.12889938

There was a point when you never had attachments to those brands either, live a little anon

>> No.12890143

That's true but until Sony vtubers do something to make me care like those two companies will I'll just not care. They are also Japanese, so I can't imagine anyone giving a shit about them here other than novelty when there are long established Japanese vtubers who get overlooked to hell and back, not only here but on /jp/

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>sony vtubers
>not listing their pronouns and sexual/gender preferences


>> No.12890333

out of 50, at least some of them must be fluent in english right?

>> No.12890387

I will check Blue (Itsuki) and Yellow (Uno) out, there rest seem a bit bland while Red gives me impression of a strict hag.

>> No.12890877

How can you hire fucking horiguchi and aka and still end up with such shit tier design? I thought aka at least is into vtubers enough to push out a better design than that.

>> No.12890891

uno is sex

>> No.12890927

Finally, hololive killer

>> No.12891049

Wonder wind kind of edge they’ll have with so many DCMAs being ignored since Sony owns a fucking label company.

>> No.12891183

no, I hope sony pays them a decent wage but I won't be spending my time or money even if they're good

>> No.12891407

Hell yeah another Niji killer

>> No.12891636

>People gonna be like "why you bitchin about corpo vtubers when that's literally what Holo/Niji are."

Difference is Holo/Niji were literally created as Vtuber companies, this shit with Basedny/Crunchy/etc is just mainstream companies getting on the bandwagon way too late.

>> No.12891722

Interesting designs with a lot of variety so that's cool.
But no males so I refuse to support the project until they add them.

>> No.12891815

>happened to Kaguya Luna
QRD, pls?

>> No.12891832

Rin and Itsuki looks cute, might give them a look

>> No.12892393

Hololive is still a tiny company. Sony on the other hand is a multibillion global gigacorp. It's not exactly comparable.

>> No.12892820

It's (almost) all hornshit.

>> No.12892872

Snoy's Toys for Boys
(formerly Chuck's)

>> No.12893005

Yeah exposure is exposure, at least you could have a decent looking model and something to put on your resume if you wanna try going for the more established companies eventually, some Holo and Niji members came from other companies.

>> No.12893162

(You) are Kuzuha.

>> No.12893221

Should've went with the vsingers route. Oh wait, they ruined kaguya luna

>> No.12893621

Oh wait, upper left isn't actually a vtuber? Then it is all hornshit.

>> No.12894023

Those janky outfits look like they were created by a free online AI artbot

>> No.12894157

>single horn is a poor design choice that just screams derivative
>cute twintail with standout contrasting colors who has the absolute best design of the bunch
>Nina lite
As expected of Sony, a 1:5 success to failure rate is the best they can do.

>> No.12894290

alba looks like she pegs

>> No.12894629

She got fucked contractually and standard Sony music label stuff happened. Things got bad enough that she just fucked off and became an indie and did far better than she ever did as kaguya luna.

>> No.12900616

Jesas, wtf is Sony doing?why are they so retarded at everything that is not Playstation?

>> No.12900877

Fuck off back to your homoshit thread, faglord

>> No.12900974

>Woke as fuck company now trying to destroy VTube

>> No.12901472

>no asymmetric stockings
Thank you

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>> No.12901980

>wtf is this? just copy alternative and hope it works?
If they release if before holoALT they have the edge

>> No.12902104

>Failure it is.
Maybe one of them is a multilingual behemoth with a captivating normal voice, a goddess singing voice, well versed in otaku culture and more importantly... shes good at games

>> No.12902129

The classic schoolgirl design is a welcome change of pace after years of increasingly chuuni shit, but alas, fuck Sony.

>> No.12902147

Sony America have been slowly fucking up playstation since they became the management for it, nothing is safe anymore

>> No.12902478

sorry anon, but the schoolgirl is just a tie-in character, the chuubas are only the chuuni ones

>> No.12902988

The only thing I trust Sony not to fuck up is hardware.

>> No.12903021

>No males
No, fuck off.

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which ones are hags or hag sounding?

>> No.12903349

Nanamona 205 subs
Itsuki 311 subs
Uno 254 subs
Sera 249 subs
Otoha 212 subs
Rin 0 subs

Rin... My poor poor Rin...

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I still can't forgive them

>> No.12903439

The kyoani character looks cute, I'd watch her if she was a vtuber. I don't care about the rest.

>> No.12903458

Oh no Rin looks cute as fuck
I'll probably watch their debuts and then never again because I'm an EOP

>> No.12903500

Top left reminds me of kyoani

>> No.12903536

Watch Fujima Sakura instead

>> No.12903560

This does not slip!

>> No.12903617

Are artists doing this long neck shit on purpose? You're telling me nobody looked at that pink girl and thought "wow that looks fucking hideous maybe we should fix it"

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>last video 2 years ago

>> No.12903834

Yes, it has to do with how Live2D works. Try to imagine these girls wearing a tanktop instead of clothes that somewhat hide their necks and you'll notice they all have the long ass neck

>> No.12903911 [DELETED] 

Sally is ten times better than all the EN whores in the vtuber scene right now

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>your company bad
>my company good

>> No.12904143

>all those loreshit
>just for them to eventually spam apex or minecraft streams

>> No.12904432

I mean if fucking Crunchyroll managed to make a better vtuber than HoloEN or NijiEN so can they.

>> No.12905580

They will only allowed to play Sony games such as TLOU2.

>> No.12905663


>> No.12905690

if they released 100% lewd loli wave, I would watch

>> No.12906002

No they aren't. Fuck Cover.
The sooner the talents fuck off from that lazy ass company, the better.

>> No.12906102

Worked for Holostars, but for Hololive?

>> No.12906327

Watch as they try a sony exclusive game and get copyright strike cause those sony branches dont communicate shit

>> No.12906381

I would have watched the top left one but apparently they just serve as some kind of catalyst to the backstory. Maybe I'll watch the pink one.

>> No.12906511

>makes $1 mil a year streaming for 2 hours a day 5 days a week
>people think their talent will leave

>> No.12906608

>tfw they'll get first dibs on PS5 games

and that means they'll have nothing to play

>> No.12906626

>ching chong

>> No.12906656
File: 1.11 MB, 1123x1296, 1607775624248.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>just stream once a month
>earn a fat paycheck from superchats, sponsorship and merch
ah yes, truly a black company.

>> No.12906697

retarded misinfo spread by holoshits. Just position the head slightly lower and it's fixed

>> No.12906707
File: 20 KB, 640x591, 22f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit, Gura killers!

>> No.12906742

Meanwhile at nijisanji:
>anycolor takes 50% revenue cut (superchats, memberships, merch, etc)
>management sucks at getting permissions and often the talent needs to get it directly
>riku doesn't give a fuck and keeps releasing waves which is diluting the viewership
>have to pay collab fees to collab with big JP livers

>> No.12907210

its Sony so no

>> No.12907484

Rin: Feminism
Maru: Diversity
Kashi: LGBT
Itsuki: Censorship
Kagase: Politics
Alba: Pronouns

>> No.12907512

>None of them look like whores
Sasuga Snoy

>> No.12907560

Itsuki looks cute.

>> No.12907612

I was never gonna watch them anyway, and yet I'm still somehow pissed off.

>> No.12907628

Other than Itsuki, they look incredibly dull for vtuber designs.

>> No.12907737

I don't support hololive. But I would support them over Sony. Seriously Sony is a huge megacorp

>> No.12907788

The shading on these models is oddly muted. Maybe they’ll be better at high res and in motion but the designs are pretty simple, color schemes a little muted, none of them seem to stand out particularly. Compare say Ayane or Ina. Busy as fuck, arguably slightly over designed but eye catching and impactful. Can always tone it down with the first alternate casual outfit if you want but these aren’t going to inspire a lot of fanart based on design that’s for sure

>> No.12907833

They look like they were designed for an anime rather than a vtubing model.

>> No.12908233

I'm sure they will be fine because they're not some Western whores although I wonder how much would they even stream because it sounds like the whole project is pretty much Hololive alternative on steroids, multimedia stuff with manga/anime/games/whatever so they might be very in character all the time and not really build any parasocial links with their audience after a set number of streams they just go and graduate without goodbye once their role's have ended (i.e. character get's killed in the manga etc.) it might be very different from your regular Vtubing.

>> No.12908328

hololive is still a tech startup not some huge ass corpo, same with Anycolor and any other agency other than the one with SONY music behind it.

>> No.12908734

True, they have anime coloring and a lack of midtones.
Should look even worse in motion.
But designs are only there to get people through the door, it's all about the personality and skill if they're worth anything.

>> No.12908790

some bad boy vampire faggot jap twilight fanbase seem to adore, pretty cringe.

>> No.12908833

hololive alternative only makes sense because people like the characters already, which took years of building the fanbase domestically and internationally. Right now no one even knows who these vtubers are. That includes the vtubers themselves! I'd argue it took myth 6-12 months to really find their groove and identity but even they were buliding off the work of 6+ JP/ID gens. This would be like trying to sell a manga about Sora, Roboco, and Choco 3 months after their debut.

>> No.12908835

they want to sell their shit to china

>> No.12908861
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Sony market cap is......$153.37 billion

>> No.12908914

>judging chuubas by design

>> No.12908985

Anime/carton type coloring and shading can be a valid sylistic choice but for an avatar it seems like a terrible idea, especially for the hair. The head is the focus like 99% of the time while streaming. I've always admired how Ina does her color and shading while working around a very flat anime style face without it being too jarring. Some of these border on appearing lazy

>> No.12909035

Here is the food chain of vtubers

Indies < Small corpos < Nijisanji < Hololive < SONY

>> No.12909051

I look forward to seeing how Microsoft will fuck up chasing this trend.

>> No.12909076

lol no

>> No.12909176

actually they both started making phone apps and VR shit and switched into Vtuber agencies but yea it's not the same, still the Vtubers themselves can be great for all we know, certainly better than some EN "indie" twitch shit.

>> No.12909235

Sure. Why not.

>> No.12909363


>> No.12909383

Hell no! FUCK SONY!

>> No.12909395
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>> No.12909416

can you pay collab tax with your body?

>> No.12909425

Didn't netflix tried getting into a vtuber thing? Is that thing still relevant?

>> No.12909512

Chuck's Tucks for Bucks?

>> No.12909815
File: 1.52 MB, 1920x1080, preemtive (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12909838

>Hitoshiro Itsuki
Now there's a name I haven't heard about in a long, LONG time. I wonder what her disability is.

>> No.12910282

No, I fucking hate Sony.

>> No.12910305


>> No.12910656

>Indies < Small corpos < Nijisanji < Hololive < SONY < Kson
let me complete that for you

>> No.12910765

Makes sense if you add vshojo between holo and niji

>> No.12910949

Can't wait for them to stream Sony hits like Bloodborne and... Have a watchalong of taledega nights I guess

>> No.12911043

>tech jackets
No thank you

>> No.12912950

crunchyroll hime is actually pretty great and have viewership on niji EN level

>> No.12913999

Yeah, their vtuber just posts short videos on their official channel once in a blue moon.

>> No.12914116

>sony slaves
I hope they get paid properly

>> No.12914415

>Play exclusives games made by SONY
>Meanwhile Holo and Niji can only get permissions to play 1 fucking SONY game and only one chuuba can play it and not the rest plus for limit time.
Hope Nintendo and Xbox fuck them with their permissions

>> No.12914635

>Watch Fujima Sakura instead

She was way ahead of her time. Too bad 22/7 didn't pivot towards that Vtuber content

>> No.12914823

would be funny if she ends up also beating these Sony chuuba viewership
imagine getting mogged by your own subsidiary

>> No.12914894

>crunchyroll hime is actually pretty great and have viewership on niji EN level

It helps that Curnchyroll Hime was a mascot character way before Vtuber was a thing

>> No.12918747


>> No.12919680

the ocean? what ocean

>> No.12919815

Budget Arknights? Budget Arknights.

>> No.12920385

Does this mean no more snoy permissions to holos?

>> No.12920439

This shit is hilarious Holobronies can’t even hate because they’re also Corpo

>> No.12921192

so sony only has fucking JP vtubers?

no thanks. The only reason I gave NijiEN a chance is because they're EN. if Sony doesn't have EN, I won't. I fucking won't.

>> No.12924321

>no males
Boring as shit.

>> No.12933020

That's exactly what it means. Get ready for more shitty indie horror games.

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