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Name the best rigging on hololive based on the character.

Anya and Gura being zero of course.

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Agreed, Kiara has good v1 rigging. So do Ollie, Mori, and Kronii.

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Has Umuishi rigged other Holo girls except Gura and Anya?

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Old Matsuri and Old Coco. They both paid from their own pocket to get a new rigger, so they gave him to the foreign branches.

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>anya zero
Get a load of this homosexual.

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Risu please, we liked the derpy face

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Thanks for the info anon.

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why did you download that image twice?

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>using hololive and rigging in the same sentence
Shameful display

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pekoras fuckin u mouth

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>They both paid from their own pocket to get a new rigger
Haha, oh wow. That's bad.

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Nene has the best rigging and facial tracking.


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>rigged the most subscribed vtuber of all time
>makes vt faggots seethe in a daily basis
>refuses to change anything

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>the little nod she does
it never gets old

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What a chad, next he'll fuck you're waifu.

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