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Because it's the human side that was dark.

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Because she doesn't want people to think she's black

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she's just an n'wah either way

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Because she doesn't want to be confused for a nigger.

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Black dog anime

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Nips hates dark skin.

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Ayo ayo hol up
So u be sayin
We wuznt elves and shiet???

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You can't deny it forever

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>half elf
so, she's just tanned? maybe we can get light skin outfit for flare one day.

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That's called whitewashing, anon.

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This, it's the only way being a half elf with dark skin that isn't a dark elf makes sense.
Flare is black.

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Flare and Sana should collab

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They could review malt liquor together.

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I remember someone saying in another thread that it might be because dark elves are generally associated with hentai (rape hentai to be more specific) but i don't think it's that, i just think its a little (healthy) bit of racism

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She is not a dark elfe, she is a black elfe.
Know the difference.

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Why are people so obsessed with calling her a dark elf?

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Same reason they're obsessed with calling characters with straight blonde hair African.

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Anyone else notice that the dark skinned holos are the lowest subbed of their gens by a pretty large margin?

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genuinely a nerf. can you imagine IDs with dark skinned

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which makes no sense since Flare is the sexiest in her gen

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Asians hate niggers, another reason they are honorary arians.

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They do well on superchats.

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>doesn't want to be called a dark elf
>would rather canonize her mother being a coalburner
Flare isn't very smart, but we like her anyway.

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like 0.001% of us

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I don't know if there's any race that likes black people with bad behavior and big attitudes.
White people love them even though they torment us.

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i-i kneel

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Are you Flare's father?

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nobody likes to be black anon. even black people are racist towards those with a darker shade of black

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An American hero along with Batman and Spider-Man

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She's Japanese

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Cute feet

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I can't nnNAAaa

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Please anon, Flare's father is a large cup of coffee. This is well known.

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Once she go black she never go back. Of course smart Flare understand that.

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>she's a brown half-elf because her father/artist quite literally uses a coffeeheaded man as his avatar

That's completely retarded, but also explains everything in a satisfying way.

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Unfortunately because she is only half coffee, full-blooded coffee powers are something she will always lack.

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I thought coffee (black) was a secret word.

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She's just tanned asian

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Coffee elf.

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> Black men impregnated an Elf

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Flare can be whatever she wants to be, it wont stop her from being a cute sweetheart who makes my dick incredibly hard. I love her so much, bros.

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Because dark elves are EVIL

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Only in some series. In TES they are far from evil and are quite good.

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Because she hates SPIDERS and them dark elves are spider worshiping faggots!

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Its pretty evil of her to turn me on so damn much but not let me fuck her.

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>English "elf" < ProtoGermanic "albiz" < PIE "h2elbʰós" (white)
>are beings known for their beauty
what's the meaning of this?

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Beast races beg to differ from what I've read of dark elf invasions

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>"حورية" ("huría) arabic word for nymph
>beings known for their beauty
>from the semitic root "h-w-r" (to be intensely white)

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Unironically read more lore fetcher. Morrowind is racist as fuck

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>dark elves are EVIL
not in japan, they mostly just portray them as prostitutes or rape victims, flare doesn't want to be associated with those kind of stigma, hence her insisting on being a half-elf instead of dark-elf.

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Huh. I should've taken this for granted from all the doujins I've read but I didn't know that. Thanks for the insight.

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And it's not just the Dark Elves for that matter.

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Damn empire always trying to keep an n’wah down.

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phenomenal post

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>something she will always lack
I see what you did there

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>there are kiddies who only played Skyrim and think dark elves are poor refugees who are mistreated by racist nords
s'witter was a mistake

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>caring about the opinions of drug addled animals.
You should disregard the thoughts of those who ingest moon sugar or hist sap.
That's a general elf thing from porn, it's only about as common as orcs being entirely male and reproducing via rape. It is not so prevalent in other fantasy.

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Not even in the west, there was always a "not all drow" thing with Drizzt and it's only gotten more like that over the years because "das raysist/I want to be a good drow char just like Drizzt!!"

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What do you mean Skyrim isn't the first Elder Scrolls?

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Skyrim has pretty much the same books as Oblivion which has the same books as in Morrowind. If I remember correctly

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Unironically this kinda. Whiter skin is often preferred over there. It’s a shame too, since Flare’s darker skin is sex.

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Low test nips hate dark skinned sex goddesses.

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To be fair her original model is garbage, and Flare agrees that it is garbage, it made her look like a lizard

>> No.12856770

It was just the rigging that was trash, the design is sex.

>> No.12856886

Because it's inaccurate. Accuracy is important, faggot.

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I will always wonder why she just didn't said this. It's so fucking easier to explain an old school gyaru tan than anything else. Even Matsuri was tanned on her summer version.

Of course then people would have asked for the tan lines but, she could just said "whole body tan" too and then make the fan artist go wild for a bit.

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>dark elves are generally associated with hentai (rape hentai to be more specific)
Isn't that just elves in general?

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Qpi is fairly popular

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She and her half brother both have more tanned skin because they along with Lack were from southern Italy. In western and other countries, there's a growing population of dark elves who have immigrated looking for work and often end up causing other societal problems. Flare's been discriminated against before by people confusing her for a dark elf and is very quick to point out her origins as a defense mechanism.

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Yeah but there's also low test Nips on 5ch saying they'd like her if she wasn't a gyaru sex goddess. Which was my point, too many nips hate sex.

>> No.12857593

Man, good thing we don't have shit taste because shes actually top tier.

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This guy is bullshitting.
Brown is not rare in doujinshi.

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Because she’s not a dark elf

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>hates being called Coffee elf
>when her daddy is unironically a cup of coffee

>> No.12859219

Have you seen the history of Dark elves?
Usually tangos between being the ugly family side of the elves or being plain murderers with no regard for life and actually being degenerate who would murder themselves to extinction if left uncontrolled.

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No, it means her mother was probably a full elf who got blacked.

>> No.12859453

She doesn't like to be called coffee elf because she can't drink coffee, and so it's awkward for her to be known as a coffee elf. Though I think it may be a bit of a missed opportunity to declare that she can't drink coffee because it would be cannibalism.

>> No.12860288

That just makes them based.

>> No.12861418

so was her mom a dark elf or was her dad a nigger

either way, imaginging the sex is hot

>> No.12861632

Yeah. She’s more like an Altmer or Ayleid than a dark elf anyways.

>> No.12862162

Don't care, I want to fuck her brains out regardless.

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There are two reasons why she refuses to be called a dark elf. First, a malicious person spreads it and misleads new viewers. Second, there are really dark elves Vtubers (Gwell, Kerin, etc.) is exists.
So She don't want to fight them. Blacks have nothing to do with it. Her mother is an elf and her father is Japanese so she speaks Japanese and announced that the elf forest is in virtual Japan.
She is one of "the Okinawan" type caractor.

>> No.12867515

It’s still fairly niche taste though

>> No.12868421

She isn't a dark elf, she just has re-vitiligo - opposite of what Michael Jackson got.
Lucky bastard

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Because she's half coffee elf, you could call her a latte elf.

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>"not all drow"
yeah but "not all" implies most are, which was entirely true
>it's only gotten more like that over the years because "das raysist/I want to be a good drow char just like Drizzt!!"
i'd attribute it to fantasy gamers having "moved on" from the traditional tropes and playerfodder races are "boring" in a play space where everyone is trying to focus on narratives and shit
The racism shit is more just twitter niggers latching onto it because wotc and most of the devs in the industry are already pozzed as fuck so they know they have enough influence have them sing the song.

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