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Risu is awake and buying nuts!

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First, what the hell happen to the last thread? It got bumped off way too soon.
Second, there are literally better pictures than this scribble treerrat poster.

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No idea what happened to the last thread and idk I thought the minimalism might shake things up

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Waiting room for collab

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Risu's been putting lots of stream this month

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I would like to mating press Risu and give her lots of children.

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Hey, me too!

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Isn't it great?

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I'd like to stick it up her ass as a form of birth control.

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That's pretty fun! Excited Risu laugh is amazing.

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How brown is she?

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Holo x Niji collab? (tree)rrats?

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How new?

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It's ID unity

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wake me up when holoID x NijiEN collab

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sometimes its good to ignore the tribalfag

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Not enough

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Literally every ID streamer is family regardless of company or even if you're indie not only is this not even the 1st NijiID x HoloID but it certainly won't be the last

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Sorry I discovered Risu through the Reddit Nonstop Nut November threads, she's pretty cool.

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Normalfag eh? Understandable.

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I like how much she enjoys Ollie's suffering

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Alright go back while you can and don't expose yourself as a newfag but also at the same time understandable and I'm happy to see someone actually watching streams.

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where is my finger?
weesu : yubi yubi please weesu.. not infront of ollie

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Rate the colab!

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Risu is cute as usual
the Nijis are cool too

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J*U, how was it? Was she retarded?

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At the start, it was mostly in ID but then turned to almost entirely EN. Risu, as a sadist she is, greatly enjoyed how spooked the other two girls were.

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Do you know Hades?

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>Even more normalfags shitting up the lewd tag

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Just mute them. On the bright side, we did get some new arts there, even if a little bit.

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There's also some faggot using the tag posting unrelated lewds, normally i won't complaint but this guy is basically abusing it for the clout and for his own gain.

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let me help you. now, wait for it....

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I want to give the guy the benefit of the doubt and assume he mistook the tag to be for NNN in general. But looking at his stuff, he apparently gets his following from posting other people's art, likely without permission, so fuck him.

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The proportion is better than previous drawings, but the character still appear lanky and the color choice makes it look boring and gloomy. Overall nice improvement but still require some revision to improve it even further.

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I like this guy's dedication. With how much squrl he draws, it's no wonder there is progress. I'm also glad Risu gets more artfags, especially willing to do not only seiso art.

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I miss her :(

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Pov: my nutsacks

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Why's her neck so long?

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To match her huge TITS

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does she get more or less powerful the further we go into november

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More Risu tits

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I like this guy's art.

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Nut, nut, nut, nut, nut, nut, nut, nut

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I forgot to nut yesterday

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That won't do, anon. You need to step up your game

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what da squirrel doin?

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pretending she's not /here/

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Im sorry, I'll try to repent as best I can.

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I have listened to Flos more times than I have nutted this month.

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>"What Bizarre acts is the Tree Rodent Performing?"

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How is her NNN vids doing?
Better than last year or no

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View count wise, they're blowing every other recent non-event video out out of the water. Unfortunately, it's pretty obvious she ran out of jokes a while ago and is just forcing it at this point.

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I think she's had a few that were enjoyable, like the motivational speech and some of the spicier innuendos (like the nut before sleep one). But then some are just boring "deez nuts" puns or reusing content from last year.
Overall, it's a mixed bag (nutsack?) just like the last one. I enjoy Risu's shorts, so I'm happy to take the good with the bad.

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Better? No, she was already beating a dead horse by the time she entered the first week if november last year, now she's just stomping on whatever remains on that horse.

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I hope she tunes down deez nuts jokes. Otherwise those low-effort shitposts are exactly what I expect from NNN. Still waiting for Ayunda.

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It doesn't help when she keep encouraging people to make repetitive shit like this, risu might the the engine but these people are the damn fuel.

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To be fair, anyone can make any kind of shit they want. This tweet doesn't even have risu's tag on it.

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Risu is awake but her connection is slow.

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Risu Bebe

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poor sqrl

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It was very good at start but it seems like it went a little down after day 8. Day 11 was really meh. We will see today.

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Well, shit. Hope her internet gets better soon.

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I hope it gets fixed until prisuners night

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Wholesome nutpost.
Thanks for making me feel motivated, Ayunda.

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What is it with ID and ENG doing the split character shit? Ollie has Olivia. Ame has small Ame and Gura has Evil Gura

>> No.12907513

ask kurokami fubuki, she's the one who made those universe exist

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Don't know about others, but Risu was doing this since her debut because of her vocal range. Having high-pitched Risu and low-pitched Ayunda is one of her features. She is also very consistent with what each of her personas does.

>> No.12908247

Aww, I did not expect that

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It's a small detail, but I like how the hat pushes down her ear.

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Is there a non-blurry version of this pic?

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I love Risu

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nah I can't find it

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I think I found the secret gura risu connection, they're both miku nerds.

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She really love that new outfit. No wonders though

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Last night I dreamt about Risu. It was something like this.
>Me and my friend were waiting inside a car.
>He said he was waiting for a friend
>A car came and parked nearby us
>A girl came out
>She's qt with brunette hair and a round face
>She started to sing Snow Halation
>Me recognize her voice
>"Oh shit, it's Risu!"
>We walk towards her
>Risu jumped to my friend and hugged him like a real best friend
>Risu came to me
>"Are you Risu?"
>She replied "Yyes.."
>Thought I was going to get hugged by Risu
>She instead gave me the most awkward handshake ever.

What should I feel about this anon?

>> No.12936269

>Waking up and there is no Risu to awkwardly shake your hand
Idk, but I would feel lonely

>> No.12936800

Just thinking about this happening makes me feel a little nauseated.

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I'd feel cucked

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Sucks to be you. I woke up in the middle of the night with a boner, thought about having 69 with Risu, had a nice nut, and went back to sleep.

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it kind've looks like korone's first one, except with a wizard hat.

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Reine is drawing Risu RIGHT NOW

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And Fubuki has Kurokami and Yukkuri Fubuki.
And Matsuri has Lolitsuri.
And Haato has Haachama, Red Heart, and Lolichama.
And Aqua has Aqutan.
And Korone has Dark Side Korone/enoroK.
And Marine has future Marine.
There are also genderswap personalities for half of JP, plus more alternate personalities that I likely missed from members that I'm not as familiar with.

If you plant a social reject in front of a computer and make them pretend to be an anime girl for multiple hours every week, this shit is inevitable.

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This post was made by Risu, and NNN 12 is her answer to replies.

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I did find it suspicious that the next video seemed like a response to the criticisms that were posted here.

I like the idea, but it would have been even better if she did something with her voice to sound like there were more of her.

>> No.12962956

squrl amogus

>> No.12963018

Get better soon, Risu! No time to be sick with all those nuts coming your way

>> No.12963125

TWO RISUS? Now neither of them will be virgins.

>> No.12963213

Still not worth repeating the same joke over and over again, she could've stop on the very first short since it was still fresh but no she had to turned it into a damn series.

>> No.12963267

Please rest well and feel better, squrl.

>> No.12963421

Fortunately for you, it's less than 30 minutes of content over the course of an entire month. Just ignore it if you don't like it.
Also, if you do actually watch her videos, you'll see it's not just the same joke repeated. At least not for the good ones.

>> No.12963667

I wish she would nutpost when she has a good idea and skipped fillers. But I guess the non-stop part requires it to be daily.

>> No.12963686

It's nut based jokes anon, no matter how much she try to change the delivery they always resulted in the same punchlines. Good for you for enjoying them but for some they simply can't stomach stuff that they and their grandma had heard countless times already.

>> No.12963938

The fillers are definitely the weak part, but I doubt NNN could happen without them.

Except they're not all jokes with punchlines. Risu even put out a PSA explaining this for those that missed that fact.

>> No.12964704

Risu is alone tonight! But she might get her paws on Anya.

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Getting nuts just for one was troublesome enough, but now there are three of them.

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