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>watch a chuuba
>make her my oshi
>she says she loves me and can't live without me
>found out that she have a boyfriend
>conflicted on whether I should continue watching her or should just quietly leave her
I can't /vt/. I just can't. I love this girl very much but I feel so very cucked right now. I'm not even sure if I'm really the one that's cucked or is it the boyfriend. What should I do anons? I don't want to lose her but I also don't want to be a cuck

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>I'm not even sure if I'm really the one that's cucked or is it the boyfriend.
copium overdose

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>>she says she loves me and can't live without me
>>found out that she have a boyfriend
Anon she lied to you and all the other viewers for a quick buck. She's scum and should be exposed so more men don't fall for her lies.

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>What should I do anons?
find a replacement

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I know this is a satire post but this is what GFE faggotry results in. Watch your oshi if she's entertaining but for the love of god stop pretending that there's anything more than that. I swear some of the chuuba watchers out there are more pathetic than Twitch simps.

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Keep supporting her you cuckhold, the avatar doesn't have a bf.

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shut up faggot, if you could watch a girl for months and not want to be with her she isn't an oshi

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>I know this is a satire post but this is what GFE faggotry results in. Watch your oshi if she's entertaining but for the love of god stop pretending that there's anything more than that.
Some vtubers pretend to be the viewer's girlfriend for exactly this purpose, to siphon more money. They have nothing to offer but to pretend that. I honestly think GFE if you have a boyfriend is disgusting and morally reprehensible, you are tricking a bunch of vulnerable pathetic men into giving you more and more money despite being taken.

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I mean it is my own fault for finding out that she had a bf. She never mentioned it on stream before. Still, I don't want to support something that makes me feel lime a cuck.

I don't think she's lying exactly but maybe it was just an act. Saying that she's chat wife and getting married with chat and all that. Also this isn't satire.

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Your favorite entertainer being in a relationship doesn't make you a cuckold. At least if you have a functioning brain and don't consider people whose dads fucked their moms to be cuckolds.

Chuubas aren't your brides to be, anons. Take the meds.

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I WILL marry my oshi.

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Anon you need to make her feel jealous too.
Watch her, start a conversation and wait a couple of minutes, then once she's in the middle of your topic start by cutting her mid sentence off by bringing out that someone has sent you a notification that "she" ( another vtuber) is calling you on Discord (make something up like a membership,subscriber, tier 3 or so stuff "Fan service") and say sorry because you cant stay for long.
Come back later on or next stream, once she ask you if you had a good day or something then bring out that you had a good time with the other vtuber.

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If you're into polyandry, God speed champ!

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I don't think it's so bad actually. If viewers would just keep it straight in their mind that it's a character on the screen being portrayed and not a real person if shouldn't be a problem what they do in their real life. You are in love with the character they portray on stream not some regular girl.

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providing money to woman that lie to you is a cuckold behavior.
your mom never lie to you about fucking your dad.

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I'm not OP. My oshi is Okayu and I will have her. I will court her like a bird, though my dance will consist of my pecs that im working on.

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>lie to you
Young, attractive women don't have chastity belts permanently welded to their pelvises. A unicorn chaser hearing voices in his head doesn't make anyone a liar.

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I see you're still not tired of this same thread oveer and over.

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If you're going full retard on this, you might as well have sex with her boyfriend.

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I'm not gay. I don't want to fuck a man's ass.

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It's not so bad if you try it.

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Women are objectively shit as entertainment or friends, if they're not your family, the only reason you should spend your free time interacting with or watching a woman is for emotional or sexual fulfillment.

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no matter where you go, your problems will always be right there with you, OP.

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I have far more respect for actual fags then people who unironically bitch about GFE chuubas. At least they actually attempt to have sex instead of sperging out on basketweaving forums.

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no one cares actual cum gargler

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Let him fuck yours then.

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yeah, boyfriend totally feels cucked when she sucks his dick with Nutella spread all over his balls that has been bought using your money.
Stop coping. If she does GFE and have actual boyfriend then she is bipolar slut that wants money

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And yet, despite being such a cum gargler, I still manage to have sex! Curious. You are a coward who won't even have gay sex.

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Again, not OP, and that's a disgusting thing to brag about but of course faggots are fine shaking their junk in front of children so there's no end to the degeneracy that could be uttered from you.

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Lying to someone for money is okay as long as there is a facade of a character? By that logic the Nigerian prince scam was perfectly moral. Sorry your pension is gone grandma, should have not been so vulnerable.

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"I'm not gay," said the world's biggest homo. "I don't want to fuck a man's ass," said the unfathomably gay retard.

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this is why I only watch vtubers who have clearly stated they will never be in relationship as long as they are streaming

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This pasta is boring. Post the version where she kills herself after OP calls her out and gets all her paypigs to leave.

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>providing money to women is a cuckold behavior

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That's funny, I don't recall anything about having sex with children. All of my gay sex encounters were with consensual adults. Do you have something you want to share with us, Mr. GFE Chuuba Discourse?

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You are pushing the blame onto the viewers when she's the one tricking them, saying shit like "I'll always love you and be here for you", and then pretending she's doing nothing wrong and just playing a character and the men watching her are at fault for all the money she's getting. It's scummy behaviour.

If you are a vtuber reading this and you do that, then you are scum, human garbage, no matter how swollen your wallet gets you'll always be a vapid cunt that got the money by tricking emotionally vulnerable men on the internet.

Now, I don't have a problem with vtubers that have a boyfriend and don't do GFE. If they just try to entertain their viewers with comedy and commentary while playing videogames badly, then I do not care, but the moment you pretend to be your chat's girlfriend for a quick buck while also being taken, is the moment you cross a moral redline and become an irredeemable con artist.

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Can you guys stop trying to make me feel bad? I'm here for advice. Should I just leave her and try my luck again or should I continue supporting her?

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>watch a chuuba
>the fuck is an oshi?
>she never says she loves me and can live without me
>have boyfriend or not don't care,nobody wants to be her boyfriend anyway
I can, /vt/. I fucking can. I love this girl very much and i have no idea how anyone will feel cucked over someone who provides funny stuff. For OP, you should try watch Vtuber instead of whore with anime avatar. You didn't lose her, you never own her in the first place.

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I'm trying to make you feel bad, so that means that I want you to fucking leave her.
Grab new 2 view to groom

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Literally every gay pride rally that's ever happened has children attending, with you fags half naked if the kids are lucky dancing and gaying about.
I said there was no limit to the disgusting shit you could say, didn't say anything about what you do.
Don't exactly believe you have sex to begin with.

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>Supporting a liar that's just playing all of her chat for money

If you find her funny or whatever then keep watching her, sure.

Just do something else with your money. Your can support her as a viewer, she doesn't needs or deserves your money

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who is your oshi, cucknon?

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Oh fuck. I can do that. I can just watch her for entertainment. Time to find a new oshi I guess I can support I guess.

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You know you don't need to spend money on them right? Investing in a gym subscription instead of a vtuber subscritpion will do you infinitely more good in the long term.

Also I'm curious, who's the liar that says she's chat's girlfriend while also having a secret boyfriend? I NEED to avoid her.

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They aren't lying though. If they are playing a character and the character is single then there is no deception involved in acting like you are single. The only person getting things twisted is the viewer. It's like if you started getting mad at a film star for portraying someone single on screen when they are known to be in a relationship in real life.

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Again anon, I never mentioned anything about gay pride parades. I've never even been to one nor do I ever had the urge to go to one. I only mentioned that I have gay sex which I have to preface is with consensual adults. I have no idea why you keep bringing up fucking children since I have no experience with this like any other law-abiding fag. Sounds like there's some sort of connection between bitching about """GFE""" chuubas cucking you and pedophilia that I hadn't even thought about until now. Again, is there something you'd like to tell the classroom?

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GFE is still just E
It wasn't real in the first place, and no cucking is happening.

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Your brain is filled with too much cum, no one cares about you. Faggots should all die.

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Yes but the character in a movie is just that. Here the vtuber is actively pretending to be chat's girlfriend and baiting for donations. It's way different. You can directly interact with her and she'll read the stuff you send her if you send her money. She realizes she gets more money the more she pretends to be the girlfriend. If a woman does this IRL she's garbage but if she puts on an anime .png avatar then it's okay? No, it's not. It's the same. You are not playing a character when vtubing, you are playing part of yourself, you show tidbits of your life, you share little stories and thoughts, there's much more intimacy available in this medium than any character from a show or movie could ever provide.

Pretending "she's just playing a character" is nothing but cope and you are probably either a delusional fan that has spent too much on a woman he will never meet, or a guilty vtuber that doesn't wants to accept that she became a moneygrubbing cunt.

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I genuinely believe the epidemic of GFE and men donating to vtubers is a symptom of a greater societal problem. If men could get sex and relationships I think this would basically not be an issue.

For whatever reason, men and women just aren't dating and fucking anymore

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Find another chuuba. Male so you don't fall into this trap again.

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You still haven't mentioned why you brought up having sex with children seemingly out of nowhere, anon. Remember that it was you, not me, that first brought it up.

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Prostitute is the oldest profession in the world. Inadequate men have always felt the need to get what they can't just with their social skills and status by compensating monetarily.

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I'm neither, I just sane enough to understand that the character on screen and the person behind the avatar are not the same thing. You aren't falling in love with the real person even if you think you are.

It's just a character they are doing for their stream. People seem perfectly willing to accept that its their character when they pretend they are cat girls or dragons or lions or whatever even though they are regular humans in real life without accusing them of being deceptive liars but for some reason their character isnt allowed to be single unless that matches with the actual person or else they are terrible.

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You're so much of a faggot that you think everything is about you. I brought it up because that's what gay people have done, repeteadly and its been well documented by news and supporters not seeing the issue.
Kys, cum brain.

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>If they are playing a character and the character is single
It's a pretty well known fact that single vtubers make more money, Code Miko openly spoke about it. So, knowing that, you want to have me believe some chubba posting on twitter about how alone and single they are, despite being in a relationship, is a play at character immersion and not knowingly targeting a vulnerable demographic? You're either fucking delusion or a woman - either way find someone to punch you.

>> No.12665097

So what? A lot of these girls are probably vtubers in the first place because its easier for them to make money than being face cam streamers that way. The whole thing is built on hiding the truth.

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Retard anon, you watch your similarly retarded oshi for entirely different reasons to OP, so of course your expectations are different.
Vtubers who provide GFE while in a relationship are betraying that sense of trust and anyone who says otherwise either doesn't understand or is a turbosimp.

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also I didn't even say sex, I said dancing. You are the one that's inventing that.

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>I mean it is my own fault for finding out that she had a bf
Is it though? I don't want to know your method but not deleting Google level shit is a hallmark of stupidity. If you or someone else did some HWNDU flag shit to find out then yeah its your fault but that's likely not the case.

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Yes, most thieves steal because it's easier than getting a real job. I don't see how that's an excuse for taking advantage of people.

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>Saying that she's chat wife and getting married with chat and all that
>While having a boyfriend
Yeah no. She's trash. Dump her and find another. And also please expose her here.

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What, do you think I don't know that there are gay pedophiles out there? I've known to make sure some have been thrown in the slammer where they rightfully belong. Also pretty funny how you think that only gay people can be pedophiles. And don't try to pretend I didn't know what you're doing. You were trying to justify your constant NTRposting, but sadly you let it slip out that you're far, far lower than the so-called "whores" you despise so much. It explains so much though!

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Jargon, don't even know what NTR is, kys.

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What I am saying is that all vtubers are guilty of pretending to be something they are not in order to make money from simps regardless of doing GFE or not. None of them have moral standing if you have a problem with people playing a character to make more money.

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