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The Most Important Collab in the History of Vtubing.

Holochads, we kneels

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didn't watch

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Put your ribs back after sucking your own dick

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Eigo muzukashi.....

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Anon, remember to check on any nijikeks you know to make sure they're okay

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I guess all the vshojo tards are about to join zen and the other 41%.

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Our lord in heaven...

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Best hololive collab "without Coco".

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The time slot suck.
Didn't watch live.

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millenialf*g can't remember the first golden era of minecraft peaking with kino mega huge competitions...

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why dragoon?

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A simple Mario Kart (or some similar game) tournament would have been better, easier to watch and follow, less drama, no excuses about cheating, misunderstanding the rules or games not working properly, can easily see who the winners and losers are instead of trying to force fake draws, etc.

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Wow, this looks really boring !

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>racing in a racing game is boring
>racing in a Minecraft is not boring

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All the drama happens here so nobody really cares

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The sports festival had around 100,000 concurrent viewers. And you would have replaced it with a simple Mario Kart tournament or some shit? I'm glad you don't run Hololive, nigger.

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The point isn't about who wins the competition, it's the memories created along the way. Learn to anime.

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Kneeling to yourself must be hard

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