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Wow, I wasn't expecting very much from this collab, but it's even worse than I imagined. They might be having fun playing minigames together but it's so boring to watch. I follow 6 of them and there are so many people that my favorites hardly ever speak, and my favorites are split across multiple streams. I gave up about 45 minutes in.

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It's not even finished yet.

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>implying they're having fun

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Still needed more cameramen. When you have to rely on one cameraman for a group that is terrible at it, you're going to miss a lot as shown by bae. At least bump it up to 2-3 so you've got different angles from the same team.

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Actual legit criticism holy shit

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not to mention the fact that everything takes so fucking long to set up when it's only mio and miko. The amount of downtime we've had to sit through explains how these streams make it to the 5 hour range

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Perhaps... one of the managers could jump in... as a cameraman... assuming they ever helped the talents... or did anything noteworthy...

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They probably want to limit the cameramen to the least viewed chubba on each gen (bae and irys)

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can't help but agree

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>throwing any regard for viewer experience out the window for a temporary number boost
have to admit i wouldn't be surprised if that was true sadly

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>least viewed

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The girls had to choose. None of them wanted to do it. The limit may have been a higher up restriction, but the chubba choice was all them.

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>My favorites
Why not enjoy them all

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I don't want to listen to fucking Kiara and Ollie.

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It's really bad and one annoying person to you can ruin 1/4th the streams.

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Looks pretty good so far and it's not even done yet. Way to jump the gun faggot, now everyone knows you're just some seething retard.

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It would be fun if next year they could get some of the staff to be cameramen and producers switching between angles like a real sports event. There would still be the player's perspectives on their team's channel, but on Miko's channel they could be talking about and reacting to camera footage that periodically rotates and maybe even replays. Admittedly, it would require a lot more staff, but if they could make it feel like watching a parody of sports on TV complete with fake ads, discussion during the down time, and music cues that play as the next segment starts, it would surpass perfection.

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Miko and Mio did a great job on organizing things. The game sucks and boring however.
I wish they can organize something like MCC but I bet that nobody in the Hololive actually watch decent Minecraft content.

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What if everyone can stream their own feeds, then there's a global feed on the main channel that can show and switch in between feeds. You can have A-chan commentate too or something.

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So, basically, F1TV for weebs? I'm ok with that.

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They could probably set a viewer record by doing that.


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>soori, sumoru sutarutap kampani, pureasu andasutando...

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or you know, have STAFF san feed, but that takes away from income I guess to find some female mooks to just be silent cameras

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take that white team

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Stop seething whitefag. Accept the results and move on

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It was scripted and the script sucked.

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>anticlimactic results
Yup, shit, it was foolish to expec something fun.

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oh come on

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What? I was 4 hours early. Sometimes you're just ahead of the curve.

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>watched 1/7.3 of stream
>gives his "opinion"
fuck off

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