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Is it over before it even began?

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literally the next Aloe

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it definitely wasnt a dog if it was this long
it was her boyfriend

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those damn aussie blokes always drink driving and killing themselves

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>came back the first week of her break
>anon is STILL shitposting about it

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who ?

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yeah, me.

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If she graduates I'm gonna akasupa her CHAT MY DOG DIED LETS GOOOOO at least several times.

While it looks like she has cold feet overall however I mean she plans on getting back into the groove next week. Some people have thought covid quarantine would have something to do with it because they are super strict about traveling across state lines in Aussie land, but, I mean what is that? Being stuck at home? Where your computer and setup all is etc? She has done a couple streams during this break so we know she has the technical capability.

Sana for me went from being "holy shit best council easy, this will be the dark horse once everyone realizes her personality is the best of the gen" to "Right. Her. The one who clearly gives no shits about us or this gig and makes excuses to ghost us all. You know what, I am not that into her anymore."

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>Sana for me went from being "holy shit best council easy" to "The one who clearly gives no shits about us"
nobody normal thinks like this. either get help or stop roleplaying on /vt/.

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why not both?

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Nobody on 4chan is normal.

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i mean retards who go full idol brain should get mental help, and retards who pretend to have it should not do that.

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How would you feel if someone ghosted you for six weeks?

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someone telling you that they're going to need to be on leave isn't "ghosting you". either go outside or pursue healthier relationships with fucking youtubers than the ones you're in right now

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She posted her schedule, she's fine.

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yeah me sorry im dead

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I just played video games in Sana's abscense. Though I am slipping back into a depression again.

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I'm normal and I'll prove it, come on ask me anything

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It's not 2011 anymore. My pregnancy fetish was degenerate when I was a teenager, now it's just normal because all the 'normal' people have amateur anal sex mandingo videos. What made 4chan weird in the past makes 4chan quaint today.

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you forgot Selen pic

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Maybe if you are a stupid child or autist you are unable to read people between the lines, but some people in fact have that ability and ahve talked to and dealt with girls and know exactly what it is when you are being given the runaround. Granted, Cover makes them do BS stories anyway because that's part of how idol stuff functions there but still it's not confidence inspiring. Do you really believe all the excuses for why Ayame doesn't stream either? Did you think Cover had everything under control with Coco until the day she announced she's leaving? Etc.

Whatever the cause is it is more complicated. I mean granted it may not necessarily be disinterest on her part so much as a bonk for something behind the scenes and they just can't explain it etc. However given we will probably never know the full reason and are told it was the dog and then she just felt like adding an extra two more weeks just 'cuz? It rings hollow, leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

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Stop thinking like a woman, she'll be back next week

Talk to me when she makes Ayame look active in comparison

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Anon are you ok?

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What did Sana do that would suspend her for almost six weeks on stream?

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If you have seen roommate photos I’d would be very hard for her to find a boyfriend again.

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Her pet died. She needed time to recover.

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Anyone got the copypasta for /nasa/? I'm thinking about continuing /nasa/ threads in the other anon's abscense.

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complaining about a youtuber "ghosting you" is about as peak child or autist behavior as it gets. get help.

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is she hideous?

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It couldn't be, I'm not dead

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no but youre close. shes australian.

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no way, is she really?? im fucking unsubbing and cancelling my day 1 membership

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It's sad but I agree.

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This is the saddest attempt at a falseflag I've ever seen

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H-how could you not tell that was a joke

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they were joking. i promise you they were joking.

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>what is a joke
how fucking autistic are you?

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>posted in a sana anti thread
You never give /vt/ the benefit of doubt

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>her WHITE DOG bf
It all fits.

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Fucking ghosts

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the people here are pretty retarded anon.
Anon you're being a literal unironic schizo.
Get help.

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she's a woman she can always get something

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It must be cursed to have a 11/10 personality but not the looks.

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Sometimes I really don't want to admit it but nevertheless it's blatantly obvious that something is seriously, legitimately wrong with the people in this board.

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What's your honest opinion about the studio ghibli movies?

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I'm not him but I will take this opportunity to posit that Laputa and Howl are overrated.

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Better Sana rrat

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fuck you that movie's good

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You're not normal.

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She's Chinese Australian, and from her cosplay photos, she's an ugly chinkoid.

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I only saw Spirited Away and it was good.

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Why the fuck do you people like Howl so much? It blows.

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she's average however she's a fujo

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She's pretty average looking
I sat next to her at the FGO event in LA, but this was years before she became Sana and I didn't know it was her until I saw her post pictures of the event on twitter.

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Holy mother of god thats horrible
I pray for her recovery

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If Marine could graduate from BL, maybe she can too.

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You guys made me look it up even though I hate doing that, but I just... cannot for the life of me connect the voice to the face. I almost don't believe it's actually her.

>> No.12571369

Did you have fun at the event?

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Women can always get sex, yes, but it’s not quite so easy for actual relationships.

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Have a feeling a grandparent died, and they were close. Probably grandparent looked after Sana for most of her child life and young life. Probably taught Sana how to sow and helped her with the start of her cosplay.

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a g-g-g-g-ghoooost??!

>> No.12572175

Just looked it up, how the fuck is this her holy shit

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Maybe she was an antivaxxer and now is in ze happy camp.

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She voluntarily has abstained from her role of public interaction with (you), the fans, under the pretense of something that with time only looks more and more like a lie.

Yet she also shows up in collab streams still but not on her channel. Do you think specifically denying steaming to her fans on her channel because she is on break, but then you see her hanging out with someone other than you proving she is perfectly capable of streaming but just doesn't wanna hang with you, doesn't look like ghosting? It is simply the most succinct way to put it is all.

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anon you're a fucking audience member. get a grip

>> No.12572383

Like your mom.

>> No.12572411

I'd rather have schizos type their thoughts online than shouting in the streets at 03:00am, but get some help dude or at least some selfawareness

>> No.12572437

I’m still alive though.

>> No.12572592

>nobody normal thinks like this
You are not in a normal board surrounded with normal people, you should know this.

>> No.12572596

Ghosting is not just a singular person to person term and can apply to groups perfectly fine. You're in some heavy denial here. Yes, a performer can distance themselves from fans and yes lying to someone to avoid them is practically the fucking definition of ghosting.

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Maybe the boyfriend left and took custody of the dog. Or maybe he was depressed and an hero'd.

>> No.12572816

>she's regularly tweeting again
Can I get a guerilla stream? Please?

>> No.12572838

You have no real rebuttal here.

What it is, is you still have good will for Sana to overlook her oddly break prone nature, because she is new and has not done this like 10x now like Ayame has. That's understandable but to bristle so hard at the mere suggestion it looks like trying to cover for insecurity. Whatever, taking a month off one month in is shitty but not a deal breaker OK. But, what if this becomes a pattern from her, then what? You would be the one needing meds, to deny her disregard for this whole gig at that point.

Something else of note, is that Ina immediately had a condescending pretentious air to her to chide her fans, has high expectations for them, lorded her chat mod over them immediately and also immediately forcefully friendzoned them. Wouldn't it make sense for one of Ina's friends, to act similarly but maybe just express it in a different way? I'd say so yeah.

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>what if this becomes a pattern from her, then what
call animal welfare?

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She doesn't even look that bad. The problem is she has too much competition that isnt
>beige on beige color palette
>90s anime face
>aussie accent filter
>boring astrology streams
Her design is a massive debuff, she could be low holomyth tier at best if she had a god tier design like kronii.

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Rosemi in one hour!

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Sana's boyfriend that she treated like a dog just died. Leeetttt'ssss gggoooooooo!!!!!!

>> No.12573463

nice one anon, I laughed

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sorry i had the wrong tab open

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Imagine if Gura or Ame took a fucking month off, one month in, because a pet died. What if fucking Mori did that, just how much harder would the "she doesn't care about Hololive" line ring? I'm kind of amazed Sana's reputation is mostly intact still. People have grown soft and complacent.

>> No.12573742

Dont you have ayame threads to make shitposter? Did you hit your 8 threads a day quota yet?

>> No.12573777

so you’re saying I have a chance?
real shit?

>> No.12573894

trips confirm

>> No.12574283

>Easiest job on earth with a basic +200k auto bonus from Cover
>Pander to basically almost every type of degen by being a balloon breasted, tanned aussie donut
>take a break for "your dead dog", to which everyone can swap one word out and figure it out

Swap Sana out with someone like Luto from PRISM. at least she'll appreciate this blessing

>> No.12574289

For one, Sana isn't a gremlin like those you mentioned, and two you must have never had a lifelong pet.

>> No.12574330

bruh people are STILL coping Mori's summer long on/off vacations
Holotribalists could literally hear their oshi talking to a man, then getting banged by them on stream, and they would STILL superchat them

>> No.12574354

You mean the one riding on Guras popularity? Out of every possible vtuber out there that you could've picked she has it the easiest

>> No.12574468

That would be her own mom Nacho, then Kana, then Luto, then maybe Donut if she'd ever fucking sign on

Luto barely has 500 on a good day, and 150 on average

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My dead dog?
Your cute dog?
Your dead cat?

>> No.12574688

How about Pomu.
>Telegraphed months away she would need to take a break for a surgery
>When the time came she streamed right up to as close as possible to it, immediately updated everyone on Twitter afterward of her status
>Was so eager to continue streaming she went against doctor's orders and did it early and reopened her stitches
>Kept streaming anyway

That is the kind of gem you want. Not "oohhh noo guys I need a week off for the vaccine. Oooooohhh nooooo my dog died let's goooo I need a month for this"

>> No.12574693

After Sana's announcement I did genuinely wonder what some of them would do if their close pets died. I think Kiara and Ame would be complete wrecks for a long time if one day Bubba or one of the cats just didn't wake up. I think Fauna understands she has an older cat, so each day is precious. I think she would bounce back the quickest. Mio and Okayu would take it really badly, but I think they would get back to streaming pretty soon after just because of Japanese work ethic. Most others I don't really have a read on.

>> No.12574763

Nobody cares

>> No.12574806

Pomu's probably the only person we know of for sure that 100% wanted to join Nijisanji and no one else.
She would refuse, even if it means being stuck in 2k avg viewers

>> No.12574824

you know gura's artist doesn't have to stop getting work just because gura is successful right?

>> No.12574841

People who are willing to judge the character of streamers beyond "say the funny thing yabe RIP yagik's dream" care.

>> No.12574902

>says this while picking Pomu "I'm Pomu" Rainpuff that she has been milking for months as a example

>> No.12574914

her boyfriend died?

>> No.12575002

she likes hololive streamers and Hololive, she's a big Nijisanji fan but also loves Holo, is a big numberfag, and doesn't mind playing Minecraft forever.

>> No.12575047

no i'm still alive

>> No.12575065

me too

>> No.12575086

I'd say like a week off is like "whatever ok take it easy", two is like "dude actual people's deaths have a mourning time of UP TO two weeks" and 3+ is beyond credible patience. In this case it is close to a month. Even if bubba croaked love on stream I think and would have taken like two weeks max.

>> No.12575144

Pomu absolutely applied for Hololive lol. Her being a legit Nijisanji fan doesn't at all disprove that.

>> No.12575188

I want her big brown ass on my face.

>> No.12575226

You picked the worst possible person for your example. Ame gets dejected the easiest and would be indefinitely out of commission if Bubba kicked the bucket. She wouldn't graduate but she would go Ayame mode for way longer than Sana did.

>> No.12575256

doubtful, she was obsessive over niji in her past life and barring kiara, she doesn't seem to mention them beyond twitter bantz

>> No.12575285

She was back after a week >>12568334

>> No.12575313

nah, he didn't pick Ayame so he didn't go for worse

>> No.12575353

Ayame doesn't stream anyways, she's automatically excluded from "would she stop streaming" arguments.

>> No.12575401

Sana is fucked, already started out as the smallest in her gen especially with the weird ass astrology shit. But with this ridiculous break after not even 1 month because "muh dog died", her growth is going to remain stagnated. She lost out on this crucial early stage to establish her audience and gain interactions with her gen mates, now she is just going to forever remain behind and simply be the Mel/Anya/Lofi/Aki of this gen.

I still cannot fathom taking an entire month off work after just starting because her dog died, there clearly has to be another reason nobody can be that mentally deficient.

>> No.12575406

that means its working

>> No.12575429

She did apply and made it to round 1 aka at least got a callback. Thing is she didn't have a lot of experience yet at the time as mint so she absolutely slipped their notice.

I mean it is pretty hard to get a full grasp of just how committed or passionate someone really truly is at their core in a half hour or hour of chat. It is very easy to be on your A-game for an hour in an interview and routine to upsell the shit oit of yourself. I would imagine for example Bae must have seemed fitting for the chaos aspect role from what they knew of her and they had no idea she is actually a pretty mellow person.

>> No.12575523

We know for a fact she did, don't say "doubtful" when you have no fucking idea what you're talking about.

>> No.12575618

Aki is the best example because she was out for like, two months not long after starting. However, her thing was hip surgery, something far less subjective in "does it REALLY take that long to get over it" than losing a pet. And hence for the rest of time Aki was always the runt of Holo and onky uplifted literally as a charity case from redditors having pity for her.

In this case it took like a month for Sana to pass fucking YAGOO's channel. She stunted herself in a gen that already experienced absolute flash in the pan growth to begin with, I really dunno what she can do about it.

>> No.12575746

>Some people have thought covid quarantine would have something to do with it because they are super strict about traveling across state lines in Aussie land, but, I mean what is that? Being stuck at home? Where your computer and setup all is etc? She has done a couple streams during this break so we know she has the technical capability.
Her dog lived with her parents. If she traveled back to her parents' house she wouldn't have access to her stream setup.

>> No.12576073

Nigga you don't even know. I had a fucking loved cat that a part of my life for 15 years, then in at the lowest point of my life on the edge of homelessness and living with a literal schizo relative threatening to kick me out because I couldn't find a full time job instead of the part time work I managed to get my cat had a heart attack and died. Shit was hard and had to deal with schizo relative trying to throw my cat's body into a dumpster instead of letting me take care of the body respectfully. I still wouldn't need to take a month off and have a pity party over it. I'm not going to shit all over sana and sperg out about her NOT CARING, but a month off seems very excessive.

>> No.12576091

>refuses to do drawstreams, despite that being the thing that got her hired
>explicitly does weird shit (horse birthing, astrology) to scare off normies, because she only wants people that like her for her to be around
I don't think she gives a shit about numbers

>> No.12576397

Almost no one in this thread ever watched Sana, or they would know that she doesn't want to have huge numbers and likes being where she is right now. She's already talked about purposely filtering people, which is perfect because it gets rid of fags like you guys.

>> No.12576664

>she doesn't want to have huge numbers
>purposely filtering people

Sure, that's why she joined the corpo with the safest, most vanilla content and largest English market share by a wide margin.

>> No.12577475

That is the stupidest shit I've ever read on this board today, and /vt/ has some stupid shit to begin with.

>> No.12579128

literally anyone who has watched her knows she is not a numbersfag, unless your definition of numbersfag is so broad and meaningless that "being in the most successful company" alone is enough to make you one automatically, in which case, lol.

>> No.12580216

You've gotta be retarded. As much as I love my Oshi (not Sana), I would understand if there was an announced break where she had to go on hiatus for a little while and would be happy to see her in a fee collabs if she could fit them in with whatever was happening in her life. Sana is coming back on the 10th, and I'll be there.

>> No.12580418

Probably fucked Roberu

>> No.12580777

somebody make the edit

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Sana is a planet vtuber
Planetarium is where they keep planets

What do they call the place where keep Sana?

>> No.12582470

You Guys do realize that 90 percent of hololive have a bf that they fuck off stream right.Not knowing about being cucked isnt that much better than knowing

>> No.12582556


>> No.12582768

I never understand why people here get so mad when a vtuber takes a break.Sometimes shit happen and expecting your streamers to just stream all of the time is stupid some of them have actual lives and important shit

>> No.12583266

are u sure u have talked to other human beings cuz u do not make a convincing case for it

>> No.12583505

I know we are on /vt/ but do you Guys understand how Human emotions work.Grief doesn't work for the same way for everyone some people get over there pet dying in like a week or 2 or some takes month

>> No.12584549

who are you gonna care about more a random schizo who you don't even know or your pet for a long time that you have grown a ond with and is one of your closest companion

>> No.12584825

Wait if her bf died that confirms she's single now.

>> No.12585822

I heard autism is correlated to little empathy due to low emotional intelligence

>> No.12585926

sucker simps buying the dead pet excuse oldest trick in the book in reality that is just the rehearsed story that the managerial team layed out for her in actually she spiraled into a deep depression after having had such a shit debut, lack of popularity and not being able to keep up with her gen-mates being several 6 figure digits in difference

>> No.12586166

She is one of the most superchatted in her gen.

>> No.12586562


>> No.12590497
File: 401 KB, 968x1024, 1633988361055.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Wait if her bf died that confirms she's single now.

>> No.12591828

I like this rrat

>> No.12591978

only good post in this thread

>> No.12592582

I love how Sana continues to confound the numberfags here haha.
>She streams niche content, does what she wants, tells people they don't have to watch live, is happier with a slower chat, takes a month off... doesn't she care about the numbers?!! B-but you're supposed to!

>> No.12592944

How could she have a boyfriend? That isn't even possible. She's an idol.

>> No.12594126
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>> No.12595387

>Almost no one in this thread ever watched Sana
Fuck you, I did.

>> No.12597142
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>Planetarium is where they keep planets

>> No.12601720

That's why he died. It was impossible for him to exist so he just stopped.

>> No.12605896

I'm wheezing too hard at this anon

>> No.12608834

you fucking threw YOU BITCH YOU THREW

>> No.12610875


He never existed to begin with.

>> No.12612887

both of these things sound like a low-key menhera to be honest. Like Mocca-lite tier. Intentional self-sabotage and obscure filtering content almost as a dare to the audience to stay.

I do give her massive credit for trying different things and not doing the standard flavor of the month + minecraft.

>> No.12613143

Sounds like her trying not to be pegged as an artist, and attempting to innovate to me

>> No.12614465

You lack empathy for other people and need therapy. It's okay to express emotions that aren't anger anon

>> No.12614550

shouldn't have slept on the street

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