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This ain't fucking fair

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Maybe those other bitches should get some talent and charisma.

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>lets make a collab to just show how good i am at apex
i mean i think most people know the result not sure why the accepted it was a good idea.
Just go and play mario party. More fun for everybody

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Go go nippon live with you.

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Life isn fair

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I hope you are talking about the girl with 19 views and not the ones with over 500 views at least.

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The best one gets everything, seems fair to me.

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Are dragoons the worse NijiEn fanbase?

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Last time I checked pros are supposed to win tournaments

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A Way Out was almost at 2k they were just ending at that point.

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no, they know they are the best and dont take shit

>t. Dragoon

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People like to watch a bloodbath. I imagine that's the same reason people enjoyed Botan bullying Subaru, Luna and Choco in CoD as well.

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That's more than I thought the go go nippon vtubers would have.

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They're the only nijien fanbase.

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Absolutely but they're reinforced with shitposters and tribalfags because Selen is the new board choice of falseflagging.

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i thought nijiniggers were "immune" to tribalism. looks like holochads are the true unity lovers.

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The fanbase does reflect the oshi, but it isn't as cute or banter-like when it's anonymous shitposters on a Tibetian jelqing conclave.

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I like enna and millie but a way out is literally a debuff game. Everyone has played it. I can't stand even looking at that shitty game.

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Their stream was wonderful.

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Dragoons how does it feel to have your oshi change face as soon as she loses the upper hand?

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Pomuniggers in their peak were the worst fanbase of any vtuber, while dragoons just shitpost and have a legit sense of humor, those retards can only say "I'm pomu" and parrot how amazingly generic pomu is.

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this. Fucking bland idiots

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Waaahh I’m just gonna go kill myself now
Dragoons are an embarrassment

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>Waaahh I’m just gonna go kill myself now
Dragoons are an embarrassment

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deleted post btw

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I saw that

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Dragoons are so desperate they latch onto typos and missed characters kek. Selen lost then she bitched about it like a 14 year old on xbox live

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how do we save them bros....

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everyone uses 4chanx
you are embarrassing yourself by deleting posts that everyone can see

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Who's that next to Enna?

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Go Go Nippon: Live with You!
They're a chuuba pair based on a decade-old VN from Mangagamer. They're cute, but nothing too special, unless you like the feeling of 2views remembering your name because you're one of the only 50 people that appears in their chat.

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That's a very interesting choice

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>Selen loses
>I-It's all just fun and games guys! It's nothing serious, haha.

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Its ok Selen is used to losing in apex

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Why are dragoons like this?

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>19 watching

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VTubers of characters of a game I played 10 years ago is such a weird thing to see. I guess it's MangaGamer's version of the corporate mascot VTuber, like Netflix and Crunchyroll has.

They sound so low effort too.

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Niji is survival of the fittest kinda company.. look at fucking niji jp

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Sink or swim, baby. Sink or swim.

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I liked the "I'm Pomu" joke, maybe it was not the funniest thing ever but it was silly and made me smile when i posted it

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> I guess it's MangaGamer's version of the corporate mascot VTuber, like Netflix and Crunchyroll has
Is it? There is that one guy who has a Youmu avatar

>They sound so low effort too.

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All vtuber's first big meme is awful but i'm pomu is at least good, beats the berries thing.

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I will save her

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why do they keep saying "oooh"

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Holy shit you actually think this girl has charisma? I caught a stream of her collabing with Kanae but I thought she was obnoxious, unironically I preferred the other girl. Normally Kanae's sort of guy that goes with the flow but I think even he was confused about how to smoothly talk with her.

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its funny how collabing with selen is a debuff for every single niji en if she also streams her view

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I like Selen but fucking hate her retarded fans here

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Is this even a company anymore?

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Selen is usually the first one to put up her stream as well so she gets all the initial viewers.

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19 viewers? I'm more impressed than anything.

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It got over double that, thank you thread

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Highest is 3k views? NijiEN is such an embarrassment.

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That's higher than some Kiara streams

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ok and? so the highest niji en is barely higher than some of the lowest streams for one of the least popular holo ens? lol

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Still a 10x sub difference

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Based. Honestly i don't even watch streams, i just tune in and use control + scroll wheel to zoom until i can only see the amount of viewers. I like to see the number grow. Then i masturbate.

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Life isn't fair.

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>Pomudachi are/were mostly Holofags
>Dragoons are/were mostly Holofags
>Both are obnoxious and despised
The snake has begun to eat its tail

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