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Will they ever collab again?

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No, I hope not

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Doesn't seem like it. Peko isn't easy to make friends with period and is not a very sociable Holo at all, and Kiara expected it to just happen? Rather, Kiara must know that it would take work to -maybe- maybe it a thing and she herself doesn't seem to want to put in the effort.

I mean they actually did get along fine-enough in their one stream, Peko wasn't hostile to her at all. I think it's more of Kiara dropping the ball here than the other way around.

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Everyone wanted it after kiara mentioned peko was her oshi, but now that hype is down after they realized they don't really know eachother and don't have that great of chemistry.
PekoMoona happened naturally and pekora seems to enjoy it, so people want that more

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No, i hope not

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Probably eventually but it's better not to force it.

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There won't be any collabs unless their manager force them

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Hololive is a lot of people so collabs can be difficult to schedule. Plus the honeymoon period is over and Kiara admitted she sees Pekora differently, but not in a bad way. There's pressure on them both to do something cool and that stress makes the both of them nervous.
So if it happens, it will be because they both want to hang out and there's a game they both specifically want to play.

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I hope not.
The whole PekoMoona thing was nothing but a nightmare for Kiara, and just brought her a bunch of faggot haters that can't understand kayfabe harassing her on twitter, posting garbage about her, and doxing her everywhere. You can tell she regretted it since she hadn't talked about or interacted with anything Pekora-related for months, and just a few days ago admitted that she wouldn't want to meet Pekora IRL, understandably because that'd just draw in more antis.

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Hopefully not

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I hate Kpop

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Other reason for not wanting to meet her irl could be because it might impact how she sees her even more (although that isn't necessarily a bad thing).

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That whole "Peko is mine" bullshit. That should prompt Pekora to never collab with Kiara ever again.


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>Kiara admitted she sees Pekora differently

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>Will they ever collab again?
One cringe is enough

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Yeah Kiara now sees Pecor differently because she is butthurt and coping with the fact that her previous oshi was absolutely disgusted with her

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I hope they will collab again so kiara can kill all those rrats

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I hope they will collab again so kiara can help create even more rrats

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Personal rrat:
Pekora was massively dissilusioned with Kiara in the collab.
Being the autist she is, she thought Kiara was legitimately interested in the JP server and had chosen her as her guide due to her experience and relevancy to the server. You can tell in her prep stream when she makes the map and marks every zone like a fucking tourist guide. It was really cute, but misguided.
Once the collab started and it was obvious Kiara didn't give a shit about Minecraft and only wanted an excuse to be with her, she kinda felt slightly betrayed. She is the kind of person that feels personally attacked when someone attacks things they like, so Kiara showing no enthusiasm over Minecragt felt like Kiara showing no enthusiasm over Pekora herself.
This is also why Pekora and Moona clicked so hard despite only having in common random Minecraft interactions.

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As a pekomoon fan, I still really want Kiara to be on good terms with Pekora. The three of them could've had a fun rivalry-type thing that slowly turned into a genuine friendship. I dunno. I get they're busy and all and that Pekora rarely does collabs, but any interactions would be nice.

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I totally forgot how much Pekora prepped. This is a rrat I can get behind.

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I want it to happen but only on the grounds it goes well.

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I completely believe this

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All according to plan

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She doesn't love Pekora. She just loves the idea of Pekora.

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You never meet your heroes for a reason, that reason being you realize they are just normal people with faults like everyone else.

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Kiara forced her social association with peko and made peko stressed out and uncomfortable. So much so that peko started streaming at times to purposely avoid kiara.
Meanwhile kiara went off to speedrun holoJP collabs.
Kiara is a community nuke waiting to go off.

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unfortunately kiara turned out to be a fake peko fan

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Anon, that's not a rrat. It's not a rrat if it's true.

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This. She creates them herself.
>noo please draw more fan arts of me and pekora! stop including that purple leech in my fan arts!

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Ive never been interested in EN besides the odd clipping or song.
Can I get a quick rundown on kiara?

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It was so obvious how Kiara didn't give a single shit about minecraft and the holoJP server.

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PekoMiko never die!

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Bad model, grating voice, rude, forced as fuck shipping with mori, debatable whether the other en members actually like her. Cringe collab with her oshi in which he attempted to create a love between herself and pekora who wasn't into it. Redebuted for the 3rd time and she's barely ahead of Ina, who isn't a subscriberfag like kiara. Constant rrats being created because people don't like her, leeches off of other holos for subs constantly, currently ripping off haachama. Is that everything?

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you forgot her other career which is literally cosplaying whoring herself. Photoshoots etc. Which you'd think someone who cosplays a shit-ton would've chosen a better look than what her model is going for. It clashes so obnoxiously that it hurts more to look at and just looks like it was something out of kingdom hearts.

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you never give up do you?

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Failed multi language idol, Forced shipping that range from super fucking cringe to genuinely good interactions with Mori, lots of technical messups, entertaining superchat readings with a lot of tangents, memory is so good she recalls a lot of her fans names and comments whenever they change them, use to live in an apartment in japan with a rrat in her walls she called Casper, acts as the manager of a KFP restaurant with the chat being unpaid employees, people call her and her fans a cult, is a phoenix so has played around the revival streams, collabed with a bunch of jp holos before she had to move back to Europe, very talkative.

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I think you hit the nail on this one

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I wonder how the talk on discord to arrange for this collab went. Kiara very likely made it look like she was genuinely interested in the JP server or whatever to not intimidate Pekora, that is assuming it wasn't a collab arranged by management. And then you have >>1257929. A logical conclusion like this can't even be considered a rrat. Good job anon.

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She probably wrangled Marine into asking for her.

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>Will they ever collab again?
We'll see if Pekora ever appears for Holotalk

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About to get into a lorefagging tangent, please ignore unless you're a lorefag

Her lore makes literally no sense
>shark poseidon
>eldritch god high priestess
>grim reaper in training
>pheonix... that is trying to open a restaurant chain... that also has a sword and shield for some reason?

The lore of holomyths is ame is discovering hidden supernatural shit. Yet Kiara doesn't play into that at all. It's annoying because with HoloALT they're now trying to build on the lore of JP chuubas and Kiara doesn't fit into her own gen's lore.

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holy shit ! i can get behind this one. absolute brain you have there anon

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I don't mind the lore being nonsensical too much, it's anime so an anime phoenix girl having a sidegag of managing a restaurant chain isn't that unsual. The design of the sword and shield is weird though, why is it mecha looking?

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Jenma probably attempted suicide after that collab.

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Yeah that's pretty much the only way I can see a collab happening between the two of them again, I feel like Peko might do it given enough time but it's clear these two did not become friends or even friendly.

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Huke likes Kamen Rider

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real rrat

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it honestly looks more like it was ripped from transformers instead of kamen rider.

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I think that Kiara herself was designed seperately from the rest of EN. The sword and shield look more futuristic, like Roboco's and AZKi's designs. Furthermore, as other anons have pointed out, the color scheme on her design is tricolor instead of fading or just one color

What I mean is like this
Ame's design
>White shirt
>blonde hair
>beige clothing
>red tie

Her entire scheme except for her tie is beige and easy on the eyes. Essentially she's colored to be easy to look at. The red tie pops because of the constrast with the rest of her design, but it's so small it hardly makes a difference

>bright orange hair that fades into light blue
>bright orange clothing
>purple eyes
>turquoise ear feathers and neck ribbon
>white arms and chef's hat
>black and red beret
>dark blue and purple badges on her clothing, and buttons
>black brastraps over her shoulder

Kiara's main problem isnt her orange colorscheme that hurts to look at, it's that she's overdesigned.

Again, in contrast to gura
>white hair with small blue highlights
>blue hoodie
>red shark mouth on her hoodie

And that's literally it. The cool blue color makes her easy to look at, as well as the aquatic theme.

Overall, Kiara's design sucks. She hurts to look at and she was overdesigned horribly. This really doesn't help her retain viewers. In contrast to the most popular chuubas like rushia and gura that are easy to look at, Kiara hurts.

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You can tell that the sword and shield are really stupid because I can't recall a time it was used/mentioned since debut
As opposed to Ame's magnifying glass or Mori's scythe which get used all the time.

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Agreed. Peko is a introvert and avoids everyone. It isn't about Kiara. Its about Peko. She seems fine with Marine but still quiet. She's just quiet and shy

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What a shock, her looks and overdesign match her personality.

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Is it really that bad ? I used to be really shy/introverted but after working for over a year at my current office, I'm a lot more comfortable, even with newcomers. Isn't she supposed to get better and get more comfortable eventually ? I guess it's not going to happen if she never gets out of her way to try and improve

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>I think that Kiara herself was designed seperately from the rest of EN
kek reminds me of that rrat about Polka stealing Kiara spot on gen 5th

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Kiara really does look better the more things are removed from her. Her head in particular looks much better without any hats at all.

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lmfao ogey

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stop it hurts

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Here's a rrat for you: Kiara had a "never meet your idols" moment with Pekora, left it feeling a little underwhelmed, and hasn't even asked for another Peko collab because it's something she's already done and she's too focused on trying to do new collabs. The next time you see Pekora will be Holotalk.

Source: I actually watch Kiara, she practically never talks about Pekora anymore, and the last time she did she was just saying how being a colleague has made her feel differently towards Pekora compared to just being a fan.

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Even with repeated exposure, progress rarely ever feels like progress for some people. It just feels less and less shitty over time.

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she gotta wrestle for that collab

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I mean it's not a rrat she made it pretty clear. Neither Kiara nor Peko left from that collab feelling good about it.

>> No.1259683

She stilk gushes over Pekora. She was fangirling and demanding encore last Bloom. I think the better rrat is that she saw the amount of hate she got from always mentioning Pekora before and got shamed to not mentioning her anymore unless it's like concerts or special events.

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The truth? The rrat? What difference does it make?
We're all ogey in the end.

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I absolutely can see this rat being true.

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They most likely will, Kiara isn't shy and will just ask people for collabs if she wants to. And even if Pekora wouldn't want it she would be too polite and beta to say no.

Hopefully not Minecraft although it was pretty funny for being a tourist guide (the most shit tier of all collab possibilites, below even SNOOZEhouse51)

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i believe long hair would fix her
long hair fixes everything a̶n̶d̶ ̶c̶a̶t̶ ̶e̶a̶r̶s

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So no then

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>what difference does it make
I didn't know hillary clinton was a kfp shitposter. No wonder the cult is shit tier.

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This is probably it

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Do you watch Pekora and her collabs?? It's a tradition to shit on her and then she retaliates. It's also a tradition for her act all smug and then get wiped unless it's luck based games. The only probable thing you said is that Pekora is a social autist. You can only really connect to her though games. Kiara has always excelled on conversation with a little bit of gaming type of collabs. Pekora can only really do that if with Marine and even with simple games she absolutely takes them seriously. Sure she likes MC but do you see her playing it? She's burned out with it. She's a sololive gamer. It's hard to connect with her if you just offer talk streams unless you're Marine or Miko.

>> No.1259908

I hope they play an RNG game

>> No.1259914

She had the in her three houses run for bit if I recall and maybe a collab but yea never been used

>> No.1259929

I think they will again sometime, it's just not gonna be frequent. While I have no doubt that Kiara did legitimately like Pekora, part of her debut "Pekora obsession" is just something she came up with to add to her character, just like the Takamori ship. I think the next time you see her with Pekora will be on Holotalk, possibly the week she hits 1M as a special hyped episode.

>> No.1259939

>Big chungus in the chat
hopefully never

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>She is the kind of person that feels personally attacked when someone attacks things they like

If you think about it, this is probably the best way to build character for hikikomori-rabbit
without causing irreversible trust-issues.
(TL;DR friendly people can have ulterior motives too)

So in my opinion, the collab wasn't totally wasted opportunity.

>> No.1259980

I rather see the elusive Aqua/Peko collab

>> No.1259983

this why hololive and jp in general is great, if it was a western company they would only hire the socially-type / kiaras

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I'm not really into gachikoi Kiara. I prefer if Kiara does more collabs with Marine or Coco. That would be better. Pekora is only really good in collabs if she's focusing on the game 1st and the collab partner 2nd. If you want to really connect with her, you have to devote months and months of offline conversations to get her talking and even then that won't guarantee anything. We know she talks to Kanata a lot but you don't see them collabing

>> No.1260019

Marine broke the wall through careful RL interactions didnt she.

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>"I'm sorry," I told the bird as I raised a pistol.
>"It's not me. It's the Algorithm."
>I squeezed the trigger.

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This is where the 1 month restriction started so that's why 3rd gen is closer than other gens.
Hololive is great because there is no real pressure to collab. It's a bonus. The only ones whining are EN fans. Nobody cares if they collab. It's a bonus but not a requirement. I would love an AquaxPekora or a Gen1/Gen0 off collab or another PolkaxNene.

>> No.1260166

this can only be fun

>> No.1260389

I don't know what game will suit them though. Maybe the same thing she did with Botan?

Kiara should find another type of content to work on. I will never fucking watch her grinding jrfuckinggsssss.... Anything. And another slither ifuckingo. Her choice in games is horrible.

>> No.1261375

I guess they both thought
>(Oh this is one realli yebe menhera. better off staying away from this broken animal)
when they met irl for the first time.

>> No.1261480

>Personal rrat:
Stopped reading there

>> No.1261633

Why did you feel the need to comment only this?
If anything you should be thankful anon had the decency of clarifying this was his own schizo theory

>> No.1261689

Eh, it’s not like that anon is making it sound. All Kiara said was that Pekora was and is someone she looks up to, but now they’re technically co-workers as well. So she went from seeing her as an idol, to seeing her as a senpai.

>> No.1261807 [DELETED] 

KFPfags drink bleach

>> No.1261984

Hi Pekora, your English has gotten much better

>> No.1262156

>wooooooow senpai you changed my life
>pekora visibly uncomfortable
>never collab again

>> No.1262390

They will collab when Kiara reaches 1m. The first time was a fan meeting their hero, but things are different now; Kiara said they are coworkers now. The next time they collab both of them will meet as idols, it’s pretty anime actually

>> No.1262831

Marine has a sister with extreme social anxiety so it's only natural she knows how to deal with individuals like Pekora really well.

>> No.1262858

Pekora genuinely doesn't like Kiara and I don't blame her.

>> No.1263004

This. And as it seemed she was doing it so easily Kiara just got it wrong. But in reality it necessitates training for 30 years or more.

>> No.1263106

>She is the kind of person that feels personally attacked when someone attacks things they like
So your average non-autist then?

>> No.1263255

Crying about someone not liking a video game as you is actually incredibly autistic.

>> No.1263360

But then we get the stories about Ayame.

>> No.1263398

But the phrase is things you like, not vidya. There's hordes of sports fans arguing about their fave athletes every single day, and these are most likely beer chugging truckers that get themselves wasted every super bowl.

>> No.1263487

Wouldn't say she's a failed multilanguage idol to be honest.
I agree with everything else.

>> No.1263506

Kiara had a once in a lifetime 1-year travel visa to Japan. She used it early March of last year. You could imagine the insanely unlucky timing of that. She told Pekora she would watch her streams while trapped in her apartment and it cheered her up.

>> No.1263533

Don't see quality narratives like this'm nowdays.

>> No.1263692

>but after working for over a year at my current office
That's the thing anon, a shy person can overcome it if they're in social situations often, but Pekora has a mainly work from home job with only occasional office meetings, and the people she interracts with the most at work, her chat, are a nice, safe, block of text, so she doesn't even have to do the video calls other work from home jobs do. Even her manager probably only interracts with her through text.

>> No.1263727

It's not that Kiara didn't give a shit, it's a that Kiara actually watches JP and non of this shit is new. Take away the suprises and all you have is Kiara's pekotism.

>> No.1263796

No. Kiara came on too strong and ruined it. The other thing to consider is how she egged on the shippers when they sperged out and constantly spam for collabs, it soured the whole thing. If they ever collab again it'll be because of social pressure to please fans and not because pekora actually wants to.

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It's absolutely Kiara's own fault. She claims to be a massive Pekora fan but doesn't even know how much of a socially retarded introvert Pekora is, and tried to force her way into collabs, constantly pestering and pressuring her. The whole fiasco was like putting an introvert in the worst situation imaginable.

>> No.1263976

Well I dunno about you anon, but if m oshi gave me a tour of the holoserver I'd be pretty happy to see everything 'in person' with them, even if I've seen it all on stream a million times before.

>> No.1264099


I'm sure they'll have another collab eventually, unless one of them retires within the next year or something. The real question is will they ever be friends like PekoMoona, and the answer there is likely no.

>> No.1264130

The sword and shield were supposed to be a Power Rangers reference by Huke; the shield actually shrinks into the little badge on her belt. Sadly, Kiara doesn't care about Power Rangers, so that aspect of her design is kinda wasted.

MY beef with the lore is her amnesia every time she revives. Her being so in love with Mori makes sense if Mori is the one constant throughout all of her lives, but if she just forgets about her every time she dies, then why is she so obsessed?

>> No.1264826

True, but that doesn't fit in either. Gura has her trident and mori has her scythe, but they're just normal weapons pretty much, nothing futuristic like Kiara's. Again, almost as if she was designed seperately to the rest of EN.

>> No.1265405

>The whole fiasco was like putting an introvert in the worst situation imaginable.
In the tour guide prep stream nousagis asked Pekora if it was going to be an off collab and she VEHEMENTLY denied it. It was hilarious to say the least.

>> No.1265532

>happy to see everything 'in person'
Now this is funny. Gura said to Ame how nice the tour with Moona was and Ame commented exactly what you said. She knew all the buildings from watching the streams but it was interesting to see it in person.

>> No.1265583

No. She couldn't build a good relationship with jp vtubers.

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Did someone say "senpai collab"?

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Yeah, that was fun for how short it was.

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>> No.1268261

I've seen Tokyo Tower a thousand times in pictures and media over the years, but I was still thrilled when I got to see it in person and got inside and went to the observatory to see the rest of Tokyo from up above.

>> No.1268301

Kiara doesn’t need a girl like pekora leeching off her.

>> No.1268317

I'm pretty sure that's what the entirety of this website believes so your rrat isn't personal.

>> No.1268371

He owns the rights now. Sorry.

>> No.1268401

You are right, I would want to keep her earrings though since they are very pretty.

>> No.1268605

I had to close the window when Kiara started spilling her spaghetti in earnest. It was painful.

>> No.1268617

This might just be blog-posting/anecdotal but with Covid, we've been alternating office/WFH and I've only been at the office at most 2 days a week for a year now. But I still got social anxiety just the same even when working from home and interacting with coworkers via text chat. I don't get the "nice, safe, block of text" feeling, it's still the same anxious apprehension.

>> No.1268727

In the meantime this whole thing is retarded and I gotta give the people on this website credit because they really have forced PekoMoona as the collective OTP of the website solely to piss off KFPs. I don't even watch EN, ID, or Pekora for all that matter, I'm just amazed that an entire website rallied around this event just to own Kiara.

>> No.1268841

it's all because of moona if moona graduate then pekora would love kiara again

why is kiara always need to experience this... she's very pitiful

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Wanna try that again?

>> No.1275942

You are completely delusional

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>Fake fans

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>so Kiara showing no enthusiasm over Minecragt
good rrats have some truths in it
Kiara did say i don't like this or that

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I can get totally behind this rrat due to how Kiara has acted in other streams. I feel for Peko going through all this shit just for her to basically be told "yeah whatever"

Then she cant even try to seem happy or have fun? She seemed to be forcing everything and Peko really didnt seem to have it.

>> No.1278845

It's unironically true though. Moona fans and Nousagi have joined forces to coordinate most of the anti-KFP shitposting on this website. How is this delusional?

>> No.1278889

I'm watching the Kiara-Gura stream and I'm starting to believe the Pekora-disiking-Kiara rrat

>> No.1278954

i almost onions jak'd you, but you're too precious for that.

>> No.1279018

Was Pekora even mentioned or what?

>> No.1279081

Kiara is insufferable without Calli telling her to shut up

>> No.1279138
File: 138 KB, 463x453, ea9972c0c91ce399c9741a1f9253a0c6ac1815a8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yup, Kiara totally missunderstood, and invaded personal space there

>> No.1279150

>I gotta give the people on this website credit because they really have forced PekoMoona as the collective OTP of the website solely to piss off KFPs
If you would actually lurk the one dedicated KFP thread, you would know KFP dont talk about Pekora or Moona at all in there. They couldnt care less about the two. When it comes to collabs they literally only talk about the other ENs, Nene, Reine, Marine and Subaru.

>> No.1279426

I think if they kept her hair the same phoenixy colors and made the rest uniform it wouldnt look so bad.

>> No.1279462

>Hololive is great because there is no real pressure to collab.
Yeah for example you have the whore Ayame, that never want to collab, unless someone from SENPAITACHI is dragging her ass

>> No.1285723

People were into pekomoon here before that split even happened.

>> No.1285750

Consider this: Pekora and Moona are real people and actually have a friendship, it’s not about people “joining forces” for a “ship”. The only one forcing anything was Kiara with Pekora.

>> No.1285845

PekoMoona was completely organic and Pekora initiated the friendship. It's no wonder it's the one people support over a menhera chicken fangirling hard and trying to create friendship with Pekora.

>> No.1285980

Feel like that's every holo-girl
>Love the idea of Calliope or Marine
>If i ever met their roommates, it'd probably be more of a headache than anticipated

>> No.1286036
File: 1.00 MB, 1078x541, kiara-goatman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

valid rrat

>> No.1286126

Thats a cute picture

>> No.1286273
File: 466 KB, 1612x1599, 00e49cc1a6b5722bbf808a83dd031468a52e7c46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus you can literally read the kfp seethe in this post kek

>> No.1286959

>joined forces to coordinate most of the anti-KFP shitposting
Jesus christ anon take your meds, you're talking like there's some sort of secret pekomoona society where they plan all these threads out just to upset you chickenfags, that's insane.

>> No.1287017

>secret pekomoona society where they plan all these threads out just to upset you chickenfags
Sounds like a based society tho

>> No.1287069

Not going to lie that part where Ina was a few seconds ahead of her for the Bloom watchalong was pretty funny.

>> No.1287070

I mean Kiara didn't really know anything about Pekora, which probably gave her a sour first impression when Pekora probably found out she wasn't actually a megafan from her behavior. Plus the entire thing was awkward and Pekora will never collab with her again, even bug cross company collabs might only have Pekora or Kiara

>> No.1287122

Meds, now

>> No.1289717

Kiara and Mori has more traction in JP than the rest of the EN. If a collab can happen even if it's just Holo management setting it up in the Holo Channel, Kiara and Calli will be their first choice. I don't remember seeing any HoloID in the year end party even if Iofi or Risu can speak JP.

>> No.1289730


>> No.1289952

>Kiara will never get to collab with Pekora
>Pekora will never put effort into the collab
>The collab will never be good
>Pekomom will never give Kiara a shout-out
>Pekora will never watch Kiara's reaction to Pekora's performance live on stream
>Kiara will never get to collab with Pekora a second time
>Pekora will never put effort into the second collab
>The second collab will never be good

>> No.1290107

Pokos one on one collab is not so often even in holo jp and she has yet to collab with all jp members that way. Also this goes for other jp members. For instance, Ayame, Sora, etc rarely collabs.

Also Rushia worships Subaru but their first one on one collab finally happened only a few weeks ago after she devuted.

So its not like some special thing has specially happened to Kiara. Its just a normal holo thing.

>> No.1290207

>Neither left the collab feeling good
Here’s how I know you both don’t watch streams at fucking all

>> No.1290353
File: 978 KB, 828x1165, 9CD57A5F-D4CE-44BA-BEBE-C9219F71A7AF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They will collab again and SEAdogs with seethe because their purple leech won’t be able to butt in again. Kiara and Pekora had a great time despite Kiara’s Don’t Meet your Idols moment. Pekora has literally requested to go to the EN server and fuck with them. If there was to be another collab it’d be on Holotalk or Minecraft. Its literally just that there’s 50 others in the company, time zones, and Kiara actually has chemistry with other people and would rather collab with them. Marine and Kiara had plans to sleep over, and even if it didn’t happen, that’s way more “personal” than just over the internet. Point being if she hasn’t even collabed with Marine again then it’s not a surprise she hasn’t with Pekora again (yet) Just wait

>> No.1291000

I say this all the time but this will always be ignored. It doesn't fit their narrative. I know that Rushia and Okayu have hang out offline and do talk but is yet to collab in a stream together alone. Okayu hasn't collabed with Suisei too inspite their singing voices being really popular and both having glove fetishes. That's what I have been wishing for, an OkayuxSuisei.

>> No.1291047

they will never have passionate NTR sex while calli cries in the background.

>> No.1291168

Stop makeing lab rrats that are stronger then ones bred in the wild anon

>> No.1291190

Kiara you have to let it go

>> No.1293706

>amnesia every time she revives
Chat's reaction to 'Who's Calli?' was one of the best moments in Hololive history and I wish she milked it a bit longer. But it was basically a one-off joke that she only repeated again this week. Not really a big part of the lore.

>> No.1294232 [DELETED] 
File: 90 KB, 421x520, kiarajak~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>They will collab again and SEAdogs with seethe because their purple leech won’t be able to butt in again.
>Kiara and Pekora had a great time
>Pekora has literally requested to go to the EN server and fuck with them. If there was to be another collab it’d be on Holotalk or Minecraft. Its literally just that there’s 50 others in the company, time zones, and Kiara actually has chemistry with other people and would rather collab with them. Marine and Kiara had plans to sleep over, and even if it didn’t happen, that’s way more “personal” than just over the internet. Point being if she hasn’t even collabed with Marine again then it’s not a surprise she hasn’t with Pekora again (yet) Just wait

>> No.1294257


>> No.1294419

Ayame has been in like 3 collabs last month you're dumb

>> No.1294452

In her German re-debut, Kiara told the viewers she uses a Pekora mouse pad, probably THE Pekora mouse pad. Make of that what you will

>> No.1294463

I hope not.
Leeching is a shameful practice, and Kiara should learn about that soon. Her utilizing said practice is honestly ruining Hololive's rep.

>> No.1294979
File: 1.79 MB, 320x193, 1497597977285.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kiara and Pekora had a great time

>> No.1295249

I hope not, Kiara is so damn cringy