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i want to see some genuine feelings of gratitude and appreciation from a chuuba over their usual thank you everyone spiel. give me proof as well, bet you cant since your oshi is an ungrateful bitch.

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ui is thankful for my cock everyday

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>if you know, you know

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Ayame is so appreciative of her fans that she streams for us once, sometimes TWICE a month. She makes the cutest giggles too. I feel blessed to be a nakirigumi.

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i am a cynic so when my oshi expressses genuine appreciation for her fans(if she ever has) i see it an attempt to milk me for more pomucoin

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My oshi streams almost every day, drew pic related as a thank you for a sub goal, composed the following song for her fans (which started as a joke from her GTA stream), and hosts intimate twitter spaces where she pours her heart out and voices her concerns to everyone
She also plays Darkest Dungeon, names the characters after people in chat, and screams and cries when someone is about to die

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nice oshi u got there friend, im glad you found the one.

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i know she's a snail, but what else is special about her?

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nevermind, holy fuck she's on edge. now this girl needs actual saving.

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Show me a chuba who shills doge and I'll show you a chuba who genuinely cares about her fan. Me. At the expense of all the rest, just as it should be.

Meanwhile, I refuse to acknowledge that a chuba who sucks up watch time, ad revenue and money without giving anything meaningful back could ever truly claim to care about their fans. If you're making money then why shouldn't your fans be making money too? If you're not making money for your fans then you don't really care about them.

That's my honest opinion. Nobody can even dispute the assertion without devolving into a rant about how "fans should be blind cultists who know their place, and must willfully allow themselves to get financially exploited for the benefit and success of someone they'll never even meet." I'm sorry to say, but the honeymoon phase is over. Complete parasitism doesn't fly anymore. The new meta is about what you can do to lift your fans up as well. If the answer is nothing, that's your worth as a chuba as far as I'm concerned.

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>If you're making money then why shouldn't your fans be making money too?

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pic related(my oshi), ririsya, temma, ayamy, this anon's oshi >>12490598

or basically a vtuber that makes effort to entertain fans

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Beautiful oshis my guy

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Shuba seems to genuinely care for her overseas EOP's more than any other JP in hololive.

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true, specially during her zatsudan streams where she takes effort so that filthy people like me who are lazy to do his reps can understand what's happening. she truly is one of the wonders in the modern world

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could you elaborate on whats wrong with her? i found her channel but i happen to not understand japanese.

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nta, but she pulled her toe nail off. Shit was disturbing

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Moona seems very appreciative of her audience from what I've seen, especially in membership streams. She'll literally like have streams where she just talks with the chat and since her audience isn't very big it works well.

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idk what you mean, but didn't HoloMyth hire a bunch of fans for their Anniversary and Halloween stuff? and they met fans at conventions.
frankly, it's already a big step that most vtubers don't complain about their viewers constantly like most streamers.

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Is this a bot?

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>An accomplished utaite, doesn't needs the fame or money
>Could have a streaming schedule as barren as Azki since they have similar contracts
>Streams long hours several times a week, leaves special messages at the end of each video, repeats most things in JP and EN because she doesn't wants anyone to be left out

You don't understand how sorry I am for shitposting about her model being weird at first when she debuted. She's fucking lovely.

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jesus christ that's horrible. link?

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She genuinely wants us to be healthy, I'd say that's a pretty good sign.

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It's actually unironically Ayame, streaming this little forces us to do useful things with our lives instead of watching anime girls all day

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Moonmoon likes to talk with her chat a lot, I've noticed it a lot even way back. Specially during her moonarchitech streams.
I've sadly also got swept into the whole hate on IRyS thing until I listened in one of her streams. It's my mistake to listen to /vt/. IRyS is great and engages with chat a lot during sc time.
I don't usually check in on EN but I gave fauna a chance recently and have been enjoying her streams so far, her 3D during the Halloween event was pretty cute too. I love her model there and she seems to care a lot guess I'm getting why she's been called like a mother.

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does not exist

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Except for my oshi

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if she cared about her fans she would have revealed she is in a relationship to them

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She could play just Apex to get more numbers but she wants to play other things to please her variety audience now that she feels like she isn't alone
She always prioritize her promises with her Dragoons, she already did this when she was invited in the Reignite Cup where she did a separate schedule for that
She tends to read maros of her fans and the letters they send to her
>She always encourage her audience to be healthy every stream
>She wants to get better at singing for her members
>She always enjoy to talk about random shit with her members
>She always write goodbye messages at the end of every stream
>She try to be as active as possible and thanks all the people who makes fan arts and clips for her

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holy turbo gosling

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And I'll go even further beyond and say she's the best vtuber in general.

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You are kidding right?
She is constantly reminding KFP they are not enough, no matter what they do for her, she will always complain that she doesn't have enough fans or artwork, or views, etc.

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>she is passionate about what her doing
>she really love her brats that she spoiled us mostly in her membership streams
>shes chaos but in reality shes definition of unity
>shes very sweet as more you watch her streams
>she single handedly make the holoen micra saba alive

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/vt/ is a shitpile outside of the generals. People who just want to play warring factions spew garbage about their non-Oshi outside of the splits, and sometimes even inside the splits. It's best to take everything outside of splits with a grain of salt and just realize it's people looking to pick a fight.
Kiara also streams long hours, dubs in JP, and leaves messages at the end during the goodbye screen often and she got just as much shit, if not more. I'm with you on the model, although I never shitposted. Irys seems like a very nice woman from the bit I've heard/seen.

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Imagine being a faggot clipwatcher and purporting your knowledge of Kiara as absolute fact.

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jesus fucking christ i found and can confirm. it is horrible. not sure about the context but the shit people do for clout...

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what the fuck.

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the only correct answer is Subaru and you can't prove me wrong

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Does haachama actually care about haatons? Or is it just a facade?
FYI, Pic absofuckinglutely unrelated.

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There’s no “exploiting fans” retard. Fans choose to give their money. Nobody forces you to watch, nobody forces you to donate.

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This anon is right. I can elaborate if needed.

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She is just a kid but during gen 1 concert all the girls cried reading the letters they wrote to their fans except her.

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No it's not?
Why must you continually do this Faunaposter? Nobody is even shitting on her here, why do you have to post your cuckbait? Why are you like this? You know the responses you'll get. You know why you'll get them. You understand the logic behind them. Why must you provoke them, time and time again, Faunaposter? Why must you farm (You)s? Is it because you were hurt as a child, Faunaposter?

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She is a big contender for that title. Top 5-6 for me for sure.

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>you can only exploit somebody if you force them to do something

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What kind of meds do you have that you are not taking?

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Why is this your response every time you are called out, Faunaposter? You never engage with the posters, Faunaposter. You only ever post in places you know the responses of, and then when you inevitably get the responses you knew you'd get, you post "meds". You pretend as if you didn't know it all along, Faunaposter.
Why Faunaposter, why? Why do you do this? Why?

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Aki and Subaru are the JP Holos that love their overseas fans the most

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I'm glad aki got over her depression

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Holy Jesus point on the doll where the mean man touched you anon

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you'd have to be a real faggot to cry during that

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>everybody says how great IRyS is
>I can never watch her live because I'm an EST wage
It hurts

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She's a nice and approachable girl who deeply cares about the well being of her viewers. I wouldn't want any other oshi.

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>Streams long hours because she loves it so much
>Often stays for hours after she's done playing a game to talk to everyone
>Constantly looking at chat for reassurance and talking points; incredible engagement
>During her drunk stream. while plastered, started talking about how she enjoys singing happy birthday to her fans because it becomes a celebration for everyone
>Incredibly grafeful for the support she receives
I love her so much

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Thanks anon, you should check out pochi-sensei sometimes. and watch out for random pochi-threads out here in /vt/

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We don't deserve her.

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She loves her fans!
Despite failing every time, in all the streams she tries to make us gachikoi, so cute.
She does her best, and remembers all her members's names! Despite the number of superchats she gets, she tries to read every single one of them!

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they're girls anon

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>they're girls
Wow. That's gay.

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Reimu is in Elira's chat watching her suffer and cheering her on

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As far as I'm aware (I don't watch her at all), no one knows a definite reason she did it, but I could be entirely wrong about that

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you'd have to be a real pussy to cry during that
>inb4 they're girls hur dur
haachama is also a girl and she didn't cry for some loser fans

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>Zero proof to support the claim
>Not even trying to be convincing
Opinion discarded

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I don't think there is anyone more grateful than Iron Mouse.

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This is true. I started watching Mouse very early in her career (back when she streamed on YouNow for like a few hundred viewers). Took a break for two or three years to focus on other things, and while I was gone she had exploded into popularity; migrated to Twitch, joined VShoujo, the whole thing.

It made me really happy to see, and I congratulated her in a small donation. She actually remembered my username and asked how I had been. Couldn't believe it. This girl really, genuinely cares about the people who support her.

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all of them

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