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ccv + sc



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Here it goes
>48,851: ChroNoiR (Nijisanji)
>38,754: Shion (Hololive)
>34,479: Pekora (Hololive)
>31,862: Kuzuha (Nijisanji)
>27,050: Kuzuha (Nijisanji)
>26,347: Miko (Hololive)
>24,417: Kanae (Nijisanji)
>22,592: Shibuya Hal (merise)
>21,583: Subaru (Hololive)
>15,196: Baelz (Hololive)
>15,090: Calli (Hololive)
>13,864: Leos (Nijisanji)
>13,621: Suisei (Hololive)
>13,381: Shibuya Hal (merise)
>13,168: Nui Sociere (Nijisanji)
>12,539: Fuwa (Nijisanji)
>12,182: Lamy (Hololive)
>11,955: Kanata (Hololive)
>11,428: Saegusa Akina (Nijisanji)
>11,152: Ange (Nijisanji)

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1) Marine (Hololive) - 34.7k - Karaoke
2) Pekora (Hololive) - 42.5 - Minecraft (Sport fest)
3) Chronoir (Nijisanji) - 48.9k - Announcement

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>9 Holos
>9 Nijis
>2 Merise

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So foolish, so naive. Indie scene is filled with lots of trash, go figure. The fact that they managed to get 5 scandal-free(that we know of) chubbas with decent enough talent (Boyfriends are not scandals)...well, some of them could do with better opsec though.

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it seems the scandal was with management but, from what I could gather, it was a
>lie with dogs, get the fleas

There is this easy to realize fact: if your employees / social media boosters have pronoums on their social media bios you already lost and doesn't even know

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I don't get why Risu doesn't tag her NNN videos as #shorts. There are limits to debuffing yourself, but this is insane.

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Man, that traffic-jam of MC sportsfes training, really did a number on the numbers for Hololive. The fact that Kuzuha has 3 spots makes me chuckle though.

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Gura has family stuff to do until Sports Fes, the fastest to 200M VOD might be Mori.

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Oh. Management was trash too? That's just going to be absolute dog-shit then. Pronouns in bio, not even once.

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F, Belmond's birthday stream didn't make it to the top

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Blame 2020 yabs, so many eyes on hololive thinking that they can replicate their success simply by being able to "protect the talent" and "good management".

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RIP. Sorry not sorry.

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first it's ILLEGAL VIEW FUNNELING to boost his coworkers, now it's multiple streams in a single day to secure more spots in the tally of the day. how do we stop this evil mastermind?
jokes aside it's interesting more people showed up for splatoon than for apex. well he was playing splatoon earlier than apex (he started at like 11pm) so maybe that influenced it.

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Hololive 9
Nijisanji 11

Nijisanji won today in an action packed night and got 3 out of the top 5. A banner day for Nijisanji.

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Cover one of the only companies that could survive the many fuck ups they had last year.

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i mean, all three of those are one person...

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First good Niji day I've seen in a while, what were they getting up to? Even some females managed to chart.

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Only 50K to go. If it hits 1M within the next 10 hours (under 3 days total) it will be the 8th fastest holo song to 1M, or 5th if you only count originals. Kinda crazy for this little meme song.

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>this one person scored 3 goals!!! That means they should only be credited for one!

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A meme song made in a week at that.

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Having a lot of streamers that get decent numbers like Holo/Niji do means you can take a few hits along the way. Holo lost Aloe out of the gate and Coco over a long drawn out saga, and Niji had 3 of the bigger females just fuck off for various reasons, and they're still both coasting along just fine.

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that's not the same thing though, if pekora just switched her streams after one hour, she'd dominate the top 5 without doing anything much differently

it's more like one goal that they replayed 2 more times

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Anykara arguably can too.

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its more like claiming that your team won 2 half-times instead of 1 game.

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only in japan

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The song itself is just ok, if it had a shitty MV with still images like everyone else released last week it probably wouldn't be doing half as well. Ame's idea to do it in their 3D map was brilliant and makes it very replayable.

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>Cover one of the only companies that could survive the many fuck ups they had last year.
Survive? They got fucking stronger

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-earn the ire of the Yt algo, resulting in multiple talents getting demonetized
-get rekt by copyright rules and nearly get nuked from YY
-lose a talent to undiagnosed autism, smbad family life + anti cocktail
-forced to shut down Chinese branch due to completely out-of-proportion spergout by bugmen (that may or may not have been spurred on by a competitor) and be barred from China essentially.
Yea, 2020 was a WILD year for Hololive.

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How well would Niji work in transferring viewership for Kuzuha? Like if he took a break or got sick or something, would his viewers just watch other Niji during his timeslots or would it just be a black hole of viewership for Niji?

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Nah, it's fine. Let them have this. Even Lebron was able to take games off a full powered GS+KD. It's gonna be a home game for Holo during sports fest anyway.

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> that may or may not have been spurred on by a competitor

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The apexfags would likely fuck right off to other chubbas and streamers, some which may not be Niji.
His core would be...well, Niji is kind of fragmented, their fanbases don't really spread out between multiple talents too much iirc. It'd be rough.

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there are days where he doesn't stream and no one gets the viewership as he usually does. there is a portion of his fanbase that definitely overlaps with the fanbases of some of his coworkers (for example people being fans of chronoir) but it's not that significant of a number and those people are already alternating who they watch so there wouldn't be a big increase anyway.

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Probably referring to A-souls parent company who's notorious for pulling kpop tactics.

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Kanae and their other male members could carry his viewers since they practically stream dailybut not much. It's hard to gauge their other male members when they've been playing buff games in any opportune moment.

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It's the rrat that Asoul (or someone working with/for them) 'encourged' certain elements in billi to keep the fires going instead of shutting that shit down. Note how they rose up so quickly once Hololive got ejected out of the market.

>> No.12465548

Doesn't mean they've totally won the market, when a significant portion of them still wanted to watch Hololive. Real fans getting caught in the crossfire is the real loss.

>> No.12465587

Yep. The timing on that plus how any attempt of clarification would get shut down was super sus. I personally subscribe to that theory.

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How would you interpret this data? English viewers in general chat more active compared to Japanese viewers?

>> No.12465689

eng viewer are more tribalistic

>> No.12465798

Pretty much I guess, EOP loves to backseat especially.

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From what I remember, pro-Hololive threads and comments were being deleted and anti-Hololive were left alone.
The whole thing pretty much died off the moment Hololive pulled out (besides the fringe group on NGA).
NGA deleted the Hololive board once Coco graduated, looked like they were tired of their (fringe group) shit.

>> No.12465939

Hmm. That unique chatters increases with subs, though not in with a super strong correlation. Council, due to the sub-slashing, and IRyS likely due to being both a JP+en magnet gets more unique chatters due to engaging both languages. Man is Pekora an outlier though, and Gura being highest isn't surprising.

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Gotchu bro

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Are Fauna and Bae destined to be sub-twinned forever like Kiara/Ina?

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Well their growth is almost identical so far. Bae might get a buff from the sports festival tho.

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>>24,417: Kanae (Nijisanji)
>this was because Kuzuha had to fix a sound problem.

>> No.12466889

Pekora said in one of her Jump King streams that a lot of her viewers aren't subscribed to her. Which makes her numbers look even scarier

>> No.12467006

Would be kind of hilarious if it's similar thing like the claim with nijisan "Japanese don't sub", but a more minor version off it.

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Found it
Something like 30-40% of her viewers aren't subscribed to her

>> No.12467112

5% female, that's pretty dismal.

>> No.12467843

What happened to NijiARK? I thought it supposed to be their buff game

>> No.12467920

She's the most know EN2 among the JOP from how she already collabed with HoloJP while Fauna did only a few collabs with Myth or HoloID, even when playing Minecraft she prefers to do it alone

>> No.12467983

There's an updated graph?

>> No.12468234

Loads of potential upside then. And it's not that strange that she might not be the taste of the female demographic.

>> No.12468318

she's funny, her humor and even her design seems like they would appeal to people of either gender. i thought more girls would be into her, not a majority by any means but way more than 5% of her audience. what's your reasoning?

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File: 490 KB, 828x916, 64893517-1382-4D5E-9FFD-71DFEA5FC5CD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Millie being smart and beating the traffic. Good choice of game too, whatever result she gets is not caused by any debuff

>> No.12468405

ace attorney is a debuff outside japan

>> No.12468450

Really? I thought it was a meme game with good numbers. Any other EN played it?

>> No.12468470

I don't think Phoenix Wright is really that great of a stream game for numbers because it plays similarly to a VN and (from Miko's streams) Capcom makes you hide the endings of the cases, which is fucking retarded for a 10 year old game.
Most of NijiEN don't have buff games tho so there's not really many better options. At least she isn't overlapping.

>> No.12468752

>What happened to NijiARK?
Assumedly, people are done with it and onto Splatoon or back to Apex now.
>their buff game
For like 2 weeks. It was never going to be sustainable unless the big Nijis like Kuzuha were playing it consistently too.

>> No.12468759

Well, this might come off as me having misconceptions. But the general female demographic she would have will be Japanese due to the language. She might put off Japanese girls since she can both be loud and harsh, typical boyish traits were female traits are more of passive nature(might be my total misconceptions of Japanese women). Not saying there aren't women that would watch that or are that kind of women themself, just that it's not the norm.

>> No.12468762


Yeah. I remember Ame mentioning before that she wanted to stream it but she probably gave up considering these restrictions.

>> No.12468965

>5% female, that's pretty dismal.
1.5k from 25k is not dismal, that's better then most of nijiEN average .

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One thing she said that I find interesting is that because Pekora is a girl she expects more male viewers.
At least with my experience on Twitch female streamers have more female viewers and male streamers have more male viewers.

Is this not true in Japan's streaming scene?

>> No.12469752


>At least with my experience on Twitch female streamers have more female viewers and male streamers have more male viewers.

lol it's just you

>> No.12469798


Which timeline are you from?

>> No.12469930

That's a good counter to the claim that gura's subs are all deadsubs.

>> No.12470063

nigga is 5 streams of just kuzuha and kanae

>> No.12470073

I should have worded it better, but excluding boobie streamers is not true?

People like Pokimane, LilyPichu, hafu, seem to say they have more female viewers compared to their peers.

>> No.12470184

I hate having to deal with Susan's hackery. She doesn't give real numbers. Give us real numbers you slag.

Cover and Nijisanji should give this thread the real numbers so we can look at them and play with them. They doing us a disservice by hiding them. Nothing in these threads matter and nothing breaks containment so there isn't any harm. At least one of the small companies like Phase Connect should let us have the numbers.

>> No.12470512

shut up Mark Zuckerberg you cant sell these data

>> No.12470893

Nice try TheGunRun

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Nearly one month in and the numbers aren’t there yet. I wonder if she’s getting second thoughts by now, considering she had a really good thing going with HoloID

>> No.12471304

she's a gigantic numberfag so unless she's making a lot more money in other avenues(merch, sc), she's definitely thinking hard

>> No.12471319

> had a really good thing going with HoloID
Anon, ID3 will be Reine's circle. Moona has no power within that branch.

>> No.12471370

Reine will have all the Indonesian political elite in Hololive.

>> No.12471428

Damn, she legit had better numbers on her old account. Let this be a reminder to any somewhat big name indies who want to join NijiEN. This is really sad. How are the Nijikeks feeling?

>> No.12471561

Since she's now sharing money with Nijisanji she needs to get at least 2 or 3 times more revenue to get the same profit
Enjoy your vacation anon

>> No.12471657

How is he getting a vacation? He's comparing two different vtubers. Are you saying they are the same?

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>> No.12471955

Just 2X.

>> No.12471962

reine also interacted or knew lyrica.
she even replied to current millie

>> No.12472134

Do meidos even care anymore?
The most I see them care about is if it’s real life identities.

>> No.12472270

Hololive: 9
Nijisanji: 9
Others: 3

Ohhh Alright, very impressive day for Nijis to have a tie with Holos in numbers of 10k even if 3 of those are Kuzuha.
Still a very good achievement

>> No.12472404


>> No.12472478

The warriors (mostly males) don't want to play it, so it died. No wars, no hype. Wars cause drama, there are some Nijis who still have active antis due to Ark drama, Kuzuha's name is even blocked in some chats because of his Ark watchers back then

>> No.12472595

Reminds me of when Aqua got hate because she did research on the game and picked a strategic starting spot.
Don’t think she ever played it again.

>> No.12472707

Oh yeah, I just remembered that was a thing. Fucking JOPs and their autism is something else man. Did any of the livers try to diffuse it or did it turn into a Jun situation where he did try to stop his fans from being retarded but they couldn't be stopped anymore?

>> No.12472939

the fuck are you talking about, all of those streamers have significantly more men drooling over them than women who tune in. Heck this remains the case for pretty much all streamers, you rarely get past more than 50% women for a streamer apart from extremely niche content like make up lessons and the like

>> No.12472944

What was Nene's peak numbers? Holostats didn't caught the stream it seems

>> No.12473055

You retard they meant proportionally, their fans are still majority male. It was said when comparing to titty streamers.

>> No.12473164

They did, there were even some streams about it, but telling people to stop doing things makes them do it harder. They simply did not go back to Ark once the biggest server died out. Apparently Kuzuha mentioned being too scared to go back to Ark when Himawari made the 2021 server, because of his retarded pigeons.

>> No.12473236

WTF, nobody picked this stream up. Holostats, Playboard, live-ranking.
Was it some sort of last minute guerilla?

>> No.12473565

You mean this? https://youtu.be/o2uitqfCzmk
It 's a re-uploaded video.

>> No.12473663

Hot pockets does not browse these threads.

>> No.12473726

What happend with the first incarnation of the stream?

>> No.12473841

That's messed up. Also, from a numbers perspective, that's a pretty big blow since any attempt at turning Ark into a long term buff game goes out the window since the most popular members are averse to participating.

>> No.12473864

Valkyrae in January showed her viewership gender breakdown. https://twitter.com/Valkyrae/status/1349115034304081920
Male: 55.4%
Female: 44.6%

She said a year ago it was Female: 25%.

Even the most popular female streamer has more male viewers.

>> No.12474146

Didn't C*nnor have a much higher female percentage? It seems like it could be possible to have higher than 44% female audience. Maybe it's different for videos as opposed to streams.

>> No.12474191

Hot pockets dont care about PLs, NijiEN thread is an ocean of PLfagging with L ritualposts, and Senazawa threads archive easily

>> No.12474499

He got his start in Yaoi black butler RP so it's not surprising.
NijiEN threads being cancer is nothing new.

>> No.12474556

He got his start doing Black Butler fandubs, the audience for which is 99% fujo bitches, I'm sure his % of female fans has gone down as he's interacted with less niche communities.

>> No.12474894

Holiday numbers

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File: 82 KB, 277x316, 1635387547435.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Golden king

>> No.12475558

>48K showed up to Chronoir
>less than that showed up to Kanae and Kuzuha Apex not even 5 minutes later, Kanae only hit 26K because Kuzuha wasn't live for a second, he averaged 10K and Kuzuha averaged ~20K
Where did they go?

>> No.12475619

fujos don't care about games

>> No.12475623

Idolfags aren't streamwatchers. Ever wonder why literal who hololivers gets 60k in her concert?

>> No.12475728


Well, it's both of them in a 告知 stream. Lots of people just open to see the big announcement and then *poof*

>> No.12475997

>quick announcement stream
>longer stream of a game they play together all the time
they went to sleep to skim through the VODs later or wait for the next apex stream

>> No.12476087

Geez... How many game has she abandoned by now?

>> No.12476155

shit how many clips generated from that sport festival practice stream?
is there a way to check it out?

>> No.12476187


>> No.12476206

"Hololive" "uploaded today"

>> No.12476343

Right now there have been 27 clips on the Minecraft Practice.
I only watched Pekora's POV so its great that i can watch the highlights of the others pov

>> No.12476404

In some music news:
CROWN feat. Mori Calliope - 294k (BV channel)
Graveyard Shift - Calliope Mori ft. BOOGEY VOXX - 498k (Mori Channel)
【COVER】THE BADDEST - K/DA【Calli / Moona / Reine / Risu 】- 467k (Moona Channel)
[Original MV] Myth or Treat - Happy Halloween - holoMyth - 990k (Amelia Channel)

>> No.12476884

Expect Millie to be the first to get herself a new outfit and its going to be something that gets numbers

>> No.12476897
File: 153 KB, 550x978, FDRXJy-aQAAJbM2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Estimated percentages of members in chats in streams of October for Nijisanji JP

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>> No.12477008


>> No.12477042

holy shit, that's a big decline, what happened?

>> No.12477126

s-slow and steady..

>> No.12477156

It isn't summer anymore. A lot of people have also cut streams due to concert practice. Mito being the biggest there as she had Initial Step AND her solo live in 2 weeks

>> No.12477174

not that it changes much but is that the % of chat messages sent by members or the % of chatters that are members?

>> No.12477215


>> No.12477233
File: 1.17 MB, 1897x1158, 4867837627835236467.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12477243

Percentage of members, but again it's an estimate, same algo as those chat trawling posts for Hololive, so it isn't accurate and can have either double counts or miss people who lost membership during October

>> No.12477288

Dammit, I can never recognize moonrunes.

Is this Niji Females?

>> No.12477290

thanks. yeah i figured it was about as reliable as those estimated membership counts, but it's interesting figures nonetheless.

>> No.12477328

Shit, what's with the Bae incline lately?

>> No.12477354

Hololive sucked up all the people who want to watch girls. I have no other explanation. That level of drop off hurts my feelings.

>> No.12477356

>I can never recognize moonrunes.
Ironically you will need your kana and kanji reps to be able to understand numbers in this thread for the most part as a lot of what gets posted here is ferried from the fellow nips numberfags

>> No.12477433

>Hololive sucked up all the people who want to watch girls
It's not just that. As >>12477156 said, for some the reason is cutting on hours streamed, which demolishes one's numbers
>except, of course, if you are so cute people REWARDS YOU with more numbers the less you stream

>> No.12477468
File: 3.34 MB, 262x312, 1626321510477.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>except, of course, if you are so cute people REWARDS YOU with more numbers the less you stream

>> No.12477486


>> No.12477592

I had no idea Lize was a 16k streamer in 2020. I was kind of amazed to see her very often in the daily list but I genuinely didn't know she was this huge.

To put in perspeective, regardless of whether that's mean average or median, 16k would put Lize
>above October 2021 Rushia and Aqua
it would also put her in 5th place on October 2021 Hololive trailing only Peko, Miko, Gura and Subaru (excluding Marine and Ayame that didn't stream enough in October).

>> No.12477647

Ayame, I kneel!

>> No.12477679

that himawari recline...

>> No.12477736

You can't blame it on any one spell of lack of streaming when the trend is Niji females being driven into the dirt. October was the lowest month for them on that graph. September was the second lowest.

>> No.12477817

>Hololive sucked up all the people who want to watch girls.
It's Holo and VSPO if i had to guess, each attracting different types of fans.

>> No.12477818

oct 2020

oct 2021

Mito has the same stream numbers as her Oct 2021 one.

>> No.12477913

so it's actually people losing interest in nijifemales and going somewhere else

>> No.12477932

Blue line is Nijimale

Orange line is Nijifemale.

What's the white line? Other branches?

>> No.12477962

njisanji as all

>> No.12477965

How about NijiMale one?

>> No.12477969

Total for the company (male + female)

>> No.12478030


2020 vs 20201

>> No.12478107

> +51

>> No.12478140

Thanks anons.

So according to the graph, Nijisanji as a whole is trending downwards for the last 3 months.

Summer buff finally wore off.

Males surpassed the females at October 2020. What happened there? Males kept rising while females were reclining around that time.

Can't just be the Hololive boom, it happened a few months before that.

>> No.12478171

Slow and steady!

>> No.12478183

slowly and steadily declining

>> No.12478185

Men are more interesting than women in literally EVERY entertainment field except porn and vtubing

>> No.12478223
File: 195 KB, 291x328, ok.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>post about Holo memberships
>post about Niji memberships
>post about Niji decline
>20+ posts by people who don't even know what they're reading

>> No.12478305

Soon NijiEN will be carrying Nijifemales into a renaissance. 42% loss in one year isn't catastrophic, if this were stocks no one would be bothered.

>> No.12478309

it seems to be the effect of the spam viewer filter introduced in december but yeah month by month is still not great.>>12477233

>> No.12478311

there's nothing interesting to talk about in regards to niji except how much they fucked up

>> No.12478316

I can see that box pushing can avert that problem with making viewers have secondary niji to watch if their main niji cuts their stream hours. Unfortunately they didn't and probably lose viewers to vtubers from other agencies

>> No.12478347

when's anycolor's next financial report?

>> No.12478349

Hololive doesn't have boxpushing either.

>> No.12478350
File: 1.20 MB, 2465x752, 385727357836.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Their october 2020 numbers

Kenmochi Toya 21,274
Kuzuha 19,630
Gwelu Os Gar 13,918
Maimoto Keisuke 9,454
Kanae 9,296
Yashiro Kizuku 8,385
Fuwa Minato 7,630
Saegua Akina 6,997
Kagami Hayato 6,928
Ibrahim 6,673
Joe Rikiichi 4,777
Mayuzumi Kai 4,601
Hanabatake Chaika 4,571
Ex Albio 3,908
Uzuki Kou 3,746
Yumeoi Kakeru 3,252
Nagao Kei 2,395
Mashiro 2,309
Kaida Haru 2,300
Kanda Shoichi 1,237
Fushimi Gaku 1,140
Genzuki Tojiro 1,020
Suzuki Masaru 984
Suzuya Aki 648
Shibuya Hajime 440
Harusaki Air 427
Naruse Naru 174

>> No.12478371

For the day niji won, the thread sure is slow as fuck.

>> No.12478447

DO they have like this for Hololive??

>> No.12478504

Does anyone have the one for Hololive October 2021?

>> No.12478505
File: 41 KB, 1152x1080, 1613761844514.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>post about Holo memberships
More like speculation at best, all membership discussion is based on very shaky data, not much to talk about either way.

>> No.12478537
File: 81 KB, 1125x1114, 20211029_143842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I for one still waiting the vshojofags and selenschizo that shitting the thread when holos win
so far no sign of them, I wonder why

>> No.12478554
File: 687 KB, 1075x834, 1634098090809.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not as detailed but here.

>> No.12478556

I purposefully take my meds when Nijisanji wins.

>> No.12478576

I'm guessing its because she has JP chatters too.

>> No.12478713

bae as good viewership in mc

>> No.12478779

Vshojofag here
We don't get included on these lists so we really don't care who wins
Small rookie company just having fun
Pleez undahstan

>> No.12478794
File: 125 KB, 386x649, niji males.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here it goes, assuming that's the median of peaks
Format is
2020 -> 2021 (delta perc) :: streamer

Sorted by incline, pic is sorted by name
>1140 -> 2331 (+104%) :: Fushimi Gaku
>1020 -> 1389 (+36%) :: Genzuki Tojiro
>19630 -> 26589 (+35%) :: Kuzuha
>2309 -> 2878 (+25%) :: Mashiro
>9296 -> 11525 (+24%) :: Kanae
>7630 -> 9411 (+23%) :: Fuwa Minato
>984 -> 1154 (+17%) :: Suzuki Masaru
>2300 -> 2534 (+10%) :: Kaida Haru
>174 -> 192 (+10%) :: Naruse Naru
>4777 -> 5167 (+8%) :: Joe Rikiichi
>6673 -> 7016 (+5%) :: Ibrahim
>4571 -> 4428 (-3%) :: Hanabatake Chaika
>8385 -> 8013 (-4%) :: Yashiro Kizuku
>6928 -> 6509 (-6%) :: Kagami Hayato
>4601 -> 4141 (-10%) :: Mayuzumi Kai
>21274 -> 15699 (-26%) :: Kenmochi Toya
>3908 -> 2864 (-27%) :: Ex Albio
>648 -> 464 (-28%) :: Suzuya Aki
>6997 -> 4656 (-33%) :: Saegusa Akina
>2395 -> 1461 (-39%) :: Nagao Kei
>3746 -> 2079 (-45%) :: Uzuki Kou
>440 -> 233 (-47%) :: Shibuya Hajime
>3252 -> 1473 (-55%) :: Yumeoi Kakeru
>1237 -> 474 (-62%) :: Kanda Shoichi
>9454 -> 3536 (-63%) :: Maimoto Keisuke
>13918 -> 1224 (-91%) :: Gwelu Os Gar

>> No.12478799

woah pekora is amazing nearly 5% of her audience chats at least once in her stream each month. fucking lol.

>> No.12478835

? ? ? ? ?

>> No.12478836

Honestly vshojo doesn't feel like a company to me. It feels more like a circle to me.

>> No.12478839

Pic sorted by 2020 median,. I surely mean

>H-He Ayame...
Shouldn't have streamed so much

>> No.12478863

the fuck happened lmao

>> No.12478894

So why are "VShojofags" shitting on Holos everytime they win? Or are they fake fuckers?
So they really are just Nijicopers

>> No.12478903

man the gwelu line was insane back then

>> No.12478905

Without the number of streams in the period the median (or even the mean) are useless. Maybe he only had that one stream, like Ayame October 2021 86k+ median

>> No.12478941

You are surely confusing that one "HoloEN hater" with "VShojoFags". He used to do "Pekora vs. Gura" before, then he tried "NijiEN will mog HoloEN" but people stopped biting either so he moved to the next way to ramble against HoloEN

>> No.12478943

>Honestly vshojo doesn't feel like a company to me. It feels more like a circle to me.
NTA, but technically speaking it's a co-op.

>> No.12478978

maybe his permanent gimmick stream fucked up the metrics

>> No.12478981

It used to be but I don't think coops hold auditions so the new batch will surely be hires

>> No.12478986

Anon, a 42% drop in stock price would have heads rolling. The hell you on about?

>> No.12479030

My suggested videos on Youtube is BLANKETED with clips from today's practice for Sports Festival.
I don't sub clippers so these are all organic

>> No.12479048
File: 2.86 MB, 320x309, 1625879088224.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>42% loss in one year isn't catastrophic, if this were stocks no one would be bothered.

>> No.12479068

Yeah, I like that about it
The girls are always hanging out in each others chats, collabs happen out of nothing
>shitting on Holos
Beats me, we mostly hang in our general and our girls all seem to like the holo girls. I used to watch a couple of the EN ones on twitch too so I personally got nothing mean to say about them.
I don't really see it as a competition or want to see any company succeed at the expense of another, just hope to see vtubing get bigger in general

>> No.12479070

They would have roped 6 months in.

>> No.12479090

Gwelu's content was more show oriented back then and he hasn't streamed normally much in this month plus his meme stream ruined his noombers

>> No.12479148

>his meme stream ruined his noombers
No it didn't. One stream can't "ruin" a median, unless it is the only one or two of the period and that one stream counts as exactly one

>> No.12479153

>new Nijimale group consists of the top guys here
Coincidence? I think not...

>> No.12479308
File: 20 KB, 1064x175, 1626929133918.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here it is, 2 days 20 hours 45 minutes if i am not mistaken. 8th fastest holo song to 1M, 5th for originals.

>> No.12479326

he still gets to do show oriented show BUT the woeght of other nijis as guests is not what it used to. However that month i belivehe had 100k celebration and also was doing constant artstream drawing other niji memebers that month and those attarcted viewers.

>> No.12479333
File: 438 KB, 749x733, 1626558139999.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12479359

Like that sudoku'd last year because he thought he lost hundreds of thousands dollars stock trading?

>> No.12479363

>-42% YOY not catastrophic
Anon, I...
When we say Vshojoschizo, its just one dude that's hellbent on trying to start shit.
Then there's twitchzchizo, who's hellbent on trying to equate YT numbers = Twitch numbers, when we have evidence that YT fucks around with what's considered a "live viewer" quite a bit, and Twitch does not, or at least, not to anywhere near the amount that YT does. It makes comparing 1:1 futile, but I do like keeping track of Vshojo number trends, because THAT is useful data even if we can't do 1:1 comparisons between platforms.

>> No.12479536

-42% is not jumping out of a building tier though. People act like Nijifemales are walking corpses when they still do very well in the current climate. Most are at least Mel tier.

>> No.12479599

Now every Holomyth has a 1m+ song in their channel.

>> No.12479613
File: 421 KB, 1132x463, 5468.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Using the same scaling as the Nijisanji one.
Sloppy but I didn't feel like putting too much time into it.

>> No.12479717
File: 146 KB, 368x360, 1621997979689.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Most are at least Mel tier.
Now that's a depressing cope.

>> No.12479731

That tiering doesn't really tell a good story if 1/3 of the the agency is in the top tier.

>> No.12479780

Can you blame them for shitting on Nijis? Everytime we see even a slight decline on Holos, nijifags quickly starts to shit on them.
Give and Take anon

>> No.12479800

You need to sort this a different way than Nijisanji does it, this chart is kinda useless. Split up the top more.

>> No.12479826

Myth is the third gen having 1M+ song on each channel, and the first gen in terms of original song .

>> No.12479853

>That tiering doesn't really tell a good story if 1/3 of the the agency is in the top tier
??? because they actually are?

>> No.12479860

If AZki had streamed, she will be on Roboco Tier right?
Too bad our diva is MIA

>> No.12479874

Honestly, people here lose sight on just how massive all these corporate chuubas are. You can make a full time job out of streaming to 300 viewers on Twitch. Every one of these streamers is doing fine outside of this made up competition.

>> No.12479877

>Nijifans playfully tap Holofans shoulders
>Holofans bring out sledgehammers and start an inquisition
It just is too much. Holofans are in the majority here but think they are being persecuted.

>> No.12479907
File: 166 KB, 1406x933, 1633469472227.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

vshojo numbers so far today:
Veibae apex 8,990
Apricot apex 3,257
Projekt Melody spooky game 4,667
Silvervale minecraft 3,038
Nyanners singing 10,372

>> No.12480031

Ok 2view shill kun, big league here, take your ant number somewhere else

>> No.12480048

their lowest tier is like equal to the highest tier in niji en
if there was ever a doubt as to the rankings of the biggest en corpos

>> No.12480057

>16 Holos at 10k+
>18 Holos at 5k+
>5 Holos at 3k+
>4 Holos at 2k +
>2 Holos at 1k+
>2 Holos at sub 1k
When you take into account that this include all Holos while Niji's only has JPs it starts to look even worse for the Niji females.

>> No.12480067

Oh boy, Nijisanji management is really incompetent.

>> No.12480080

you're right but it's pointless to argue this in the context of this thread.

>> No.12480087

these girls dont have debuff or debuffs
it seems no matter what they do they can increase their numbers significantly or decrease them.

>> No.12480090

This thread reminds me of kpop fans. They do the exact same thing. They have accounts for numberfagging and when one side who loses wins, the former winners go ballistic.

>> No.12480117

Not useless since if we use it for comparing against Nijis since this is the format they use.
But chartanon, he is right i think adding more tiers will be much better
>Playfully tap
Don't be too bias, Nijifags are doing everything they can to annoy holofags. They even use Hal, VShojo and even HololEN itself to shit on Hololive lmao

>> No.12480160

Look at the comparison you are doing, my god. One graduation, 2 covers, one self introduction. In less than a month she already have almost the same quantity of subs and SC. At this point you guys do it maliciously, it has no other explanation.

>> No.12480166

*MIA in Holopro
She is (understandably) doing stuff on her roommate still, especially since there's no more 'deadline' for her to get everything wrapped up before Mid 2022, when the project was originally slated to end and she would graduate. Now she can do things at whatever pace makes sense for her.
True, but big drops are still big drops, even accounting for the spam-viewer change in December 2020, the fact that the females have dropped so much while the Nijimales have gains and losses is...yea, doesn't paint that great of a picture.

>> No.12480222

Of course they do, Nijisanji is only allowed to be shit on in here.

>> No.12480243

Ah yes, so incompetent that she has 8x more viewers now than she had before, has already tons of SC and almost reaching the same quantity of subs that Lyrica got in one year. Delusional, all of you, who do that kind of shit in bad taste just because you like other company.

>> No.12480267

On the bright side, we are on a smaller scale and most numberfagging wars only happen in 5ch and 4ch.
KPop Fans are so scum they'll shit on everything. I remember when a Kpop Idol said he loves MHA.
His fans attacked the MHA community and author since they didn't greet him on his birthday.

>> No.12480269

They often just seem to do whatever they feel like. I think Nyanners was just going to do her usual 1 or 2 songs at the start and then play something but 4 hours later she's still singing.

>> No.12480282

NijiEN is our punching bag. They're doing fine but it's funny to shit on them as if they are starving paupers.

>> No.12480389

Did you forget the Niji cut?

>> No.12480415
File: 2.72 MB, 280x192, rats-fight.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Most people here just take the piss and I doubt anyone buys hundreds of albums or spams likes/bots. No one is at the kpop level of grudges, it's mostly memes. There isn't really the feedback loop required to radicalize here.

>> No.12480482

Lyrica to Mille comparison being done is indeed stupid. Malicious? Who knows, but baiting for (you)s is the past-time of a good chunk of this board, how new are you?
I dislike doing so, but I do think looking at their numbers and trends, it doesn't look so great for another wave, assuming that Niji does as they do and they go back to releasing another 3 + waves (9+ chubbas) in 2022 for the EN market (This is not including wave 4)

>> No.12480499

>the nijinigger cries out in pain as he strikes you

>> No.12480520

I think NijiEN are out on females. 10 is 5 too many. They need males and for males not to be > tier.

>> No.12480545

He's using the formatting for comparison's reference, because that's the only reason you'd have these types of graphs instead of a simple table.

>> No.12480574

Ame's song has actually reached a million?

>> No.12480643

All it does it give the debatable impression that Hololive is dabbing all over Nijisanji.

>> No.12480657


>> No.12480665

What a waste of opportunity
So many fun moments happening every day and they are clipping the oldest shit possible

>> No.12480709
File: 768 KB, 1080x1872, Screenshot_20211103-221601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12480725

I'm not new. It's just that I know some retards come in here from reddit and pick those numbers without analyzing them or putting much thought at all.
It's still a lot of money though. And on every front she's reaching the same numbers overall with less than a month. Nijisanji EN is much smaller than HoloEN but even a relatively big indie like Lyrica was able to get a lot of it in a short time. EN tag is very strong.
I'm not sure how they'll go with it desu. Looking at other overseas branches, they generally reach a moment where they stop and slow down. ID for example had 5 waves between 2019-2020 and then the new one only came like 8 months later.

>> No.12480736

Yes, it's a silly little thing with a lot of passion and fanservice in it with all the little references, and people like it as a result. It's also the first Original song on Ame's channel.

>> No.12480753
File: 529 KB, 1212x829, Blue Fauna.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wtf is happening on Lamy's Stream? Is YT fucked again?

>> No.12480756


>> No.12480853

>Roboco tier
She barely streams but she does not do debuff streams anon. AZKi only streams singing and Minecraft which nets her quite a few viewers. She's at least Sora tier in this chart

>> No.12480866 [DELETED] 


Her PC is having problemas for the whole week. Streams just shut down randomly.

>> No.12480885

I was talking about this one:

>> No.12480909

And they will keep doing it because retards like (You) keep giving them what they want.
They're still enforcing the rules hard on doxxshit, so it's more just they not caring about PLs if not related to their real identities.

>> No.12480979

Oh, that shitpost of a song. Yea no, that's probably not hitting 1 mil anytime soon.

>> No.12480986

>N I J I S E E H T E

Stop taling anonymous retards on teh anonymous retard site seriously

>> No.12481036

The first song on each Myth channel are all originals.

>> No.12481096

So it wasn't just Diablo 2 that's causing her PC to crash

>> No.12481162

>how massive all these corporate chuubas are
That's the problem. It's okay for indie to have a big drop because it's still doing fine even though it's hurt. It's not good looks for company though. It could affect many things like investment or partnership with other companies

>> No.12481202
File: 289 KB, 1436x807, niji en so far.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Speaking of NijiEN, they're doing much better now with regards to scheduling. Fewer full branch overlaps, better coordination on the collabs.
It reflects in better numbers

>> No.12481259

Speaking of Lamy, this is already her 8th stream.
Why is she streaming so much this month lol

>> No.12481261

it helps that no holoen is streaming
but the 6-7k ceiling remain true.

>> No.12481290

She's always been a heavy streamer

>> No.12481330

Much better.
It probably helps a little bit that there's 0 HoloEn streams happening until 8pm PST

>> No.12481351


Eh, Lamy always had good stream frequency, no? Especially with her morning streams, they are quite consistent.

>> No.12481417

Meanwhile, this 900 sub clipper with like 600 views average has gotten 250k views for this perfectly-sized "shorts" clip that showed up in my recommends:
Could have gotten those views if you weren't incompetent, HoloEN management. Could have been you!

>> No.12481519

Gods...yea, choosing to go with such a low frequency of clips when trying to get the channel to take off...c'mon. At least do 2-3 a day with some newer stuff mixed in!

>> No.12481972

>Lamy holding 5k during NA primetime just chatting while other EN vtubers are streaming

>> No.12482005

The power of consistency and being the only Holomem streaming right now.

>> No.12482192

>Males surpassed the females at October 2020
Are we looking at the same chart? Orange goes below Blue in 2019.

>> No.12482393

What would NijiEN have to do to make your knees shatter in respect?

>> No.12482444

play a role in getting omegatroon fired

>> No.12482494

One member with 5k median and another with 10k median

>> No.12482598

Mass graduation and it gets over 15k CCV.

>> No.12482629

Tbf the Nijisanji way of sorting is also retarded because everyone who got 10k or above is in the highest tier.

>> No.12482691

It's not retarded because not many get 10k. That's why every tier other than the bottom is pretty even aside from the tippytop.

>> No.12482952


>> No.12482989
File: 907 KB, 1170x585, anya.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even Anya can get a birthday merch. NijiEN is designed to milk as many donos as possible, Printing livers every few months as long as the top liver still performs above 500 CCV. The branch deserves as much disrespect as any second-rated chink gacha game.

>> No.12483106

flip witch beating gura ccv

>> No.12483112

Then we use their standard then. So make a 1 for 1 comparison between Holo and Niji. And as we can see, it's no contest given how almost half of the Holo talents get 10k i.e. "a bar that's hard to get for Niji"

>> No.12483145

Nah Millie might be able to.
Nina on the other hand

>> No.12483166

You can jerk off about Hololives better numbers all you want but that isn't what I mean, what is the point of a tierlist when it's incredibly top heavy. You can't parse who's better than who in the top tiers. You can see the standout performers in Nijisanji in their chart. If you still don't get it, fixing the tiers for Holo would make the top performers look even better

>> No.12483169

>inflated by EOP views
doing a 1 to 1 comparison for holo and niji is as retarded as comparing twitch and youtube directly

>> No.12483206

Male wave massively successful (massively here being easily 4k+ CCV 2-3 months after debut for each of em, decently successful would be 2k average, and mildly is 1k) WITHOUT utterly tanking waves 1-3's numbers. It will have proven that the managed to scout correctly AND that there's a market for male chubbas.
I doubt that'll happen though (pls no grudgeposterino)

>> No.12483233

>EOP views doesn't count because my company isn't successful in the west

>> No.12483237

And Niji is inflated by SEA views. The nips have slowly moving away from Nijisanji to other brands not Hololive.

>> No.12483246

>>inflated by EOP views
And EOPs being in the hololive viewer base is bad because...? They're numbers.

>> No.12483297

Because NijiEN didn't bring any EOPs to NijiJP obviously.

>> No.12483323

No, I get what you mean, but if we use different standards for Niji and Holo, some faggot here will see that for example only Marine and Ayame are in the "top tiers" for Holo (with 30k ave CCV) vs Niji with 8 (base 10k CCV) and then use that to falseflag/bait/troll.

Just use 1 standard. Either separate everyone by a factor of 10k or use the Niji model

>> No.12483325
File: 562 KB, 1164x1093, 1635721944456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>flamming holo big number because they got big number

>> No.12483345

If people keep narrowing the definition of what a success is and what isn't the label loses more and more meaning.

>> No.12483376

Make a 1M views in a month cover/orisong. I don't think it's unreasonable.

>> No.12483402

Maybe comparisons of this nature are silly because it's fucking obvious who gets more views. Context matters in analysis.

>> No.12483406

Or you could just create more tiers for holo beyond 10k and put the two charts side by side.

>> No.12483433

>my post
Grow some balls
>can't do this for Holo because people will shitpost but it's fine for Nijisanji to have only 4 in the top

>> No.12483439

*that's not carried by big names like TeddyLoid and mafumafu
*or by ads

>> No.12483461

but shouldnt we trust the EOP boom Kuzuhabros?

>> No.12483475

Then we should also do the same for Niji since some of them (Kuzuha and Tohya) do get more than 20k. And then at that point, just use the Hololive standard then

>> No.12483484

There are only 4 in the top tier of nijisanji. Different standards need to be applied since otherwise it looks like a mogging.

>> No.12483519

Yea, it would help if NUMBERS were included in the "tier-list" and split up a bit more for Holos, because as is you have so many bunched up its hard to see who the standouts are, even if we know that Marine, Pekora, Miko and Gura would be in the top of the list.

>> No.12483522
File: 25 KB, 648x253, chinkSize.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12483530

Having a big name is fine. Ads is big no though.

>> No.12483566

So what factors do we use to measure the tierlist?
> Subs ratio
> streaming frequency
> average ccv increase in collabs maybe compared to the median?(to measure weather they have collab buff or debuff)

>> No.12483584

Why not?

>> No.12483591

Why use different standards, are you retarded? This is number thread, not a drama thread. The point here is so we have some means to compare talents across different companies. You can interpret the results however you want.

>> No.12483610

I guess it's ok in the vtuber sphere since those names do not carry too much weight. But it's like getting a Drake or Ye feature in principle.

>> No.12483620

Yea, clearly the fucker who's being snide is just being snide, I get what you mean, that Holo-chart right now is a mess. Split it up into 20k-15k-10k ranges and it looks not only neater, but better conveys the info. It's like the opposite problem of including Ayame in the "Peak averages of october" chart where one outlier massively squishes the rest of the numbers, in this case there are TOO MANY GODDAMN PEOPLE IN THE TOP to convey anything meaningful at a glance.

>> No.12483698

Did you not read most of the replies here? They don't want Niji to be put in the same standard as Holo because it would be too much of a mogging

So since Nijibros won't accept Nijis being held to the same standard as Holo, we'll just instead put Holos in the same standard as Niji

>> No.12483726

Having 70% hololivers in the top 2 tiers tells us nothing.

Hololive should have it's on tier list so we can do holo to holo comparisons easier. Nijisanji has thier and it works for them. They shouldn't be judged by the same standards. We already know what the comparison is, don't meme it into a visual form so people can remove the context and post it in the catalog.

I freely admit viewer numbers are down for Nijisanji and Hololive's numbers appear better.

>> No.12483779

Yeah a big name producer doesn't guarantee a success. Look at this song by DECO*27 for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMZNjFkJK7E

>> No.12483787

Is that what's being said, I read it as the Holo-chart is too goddamn cluttered so it looks like a mess.
IMO if you really want to compare side-to-side, adding more 'tiers' to split the numbers is fine and makes for better info, since Putting Pekora in the same tier as so many others IS a bit silly.

>> No.12483791

That's what I'm saying too but somehow anons are taking it to mean I want to shitpost against Hololive. I just want a fucking readable chart. Hololive gets better numbers so comparing them to Nijisanji where 10k puts you at the top is dumb. How many times do I have to say it, should I also add that I'm a Nijifag and do some dogeza? So much persecution complex in here

>> No.12483812

>Kek rumao, is this the "most popular Vtuber company" right now? They only have 1 HIGH TIER talent?
>Niji has 4-5 hgh tier talents
>Hololive in shambles, KING I KNEEL
>Pekora graduation emminent, mogged by Marine and Ayame
I guess this what you people want huh. Tbf, it would make this thread less dead than it normally would be.

>> No.12483842

Dumb faggot just add numbers under their images

>> No.12483854

if you fall for bait like that that's your problem

>> No.12483871

Nijifans don't misrepresent the truth to piss people off. It would be falseflaggers. Why am I the bad guy for wanting less shitposting?

>> No.12483910

Why are you so scared of shitposting that you can just ignore like a normal person? Do you want all the girls to be put on the same tier so we can have some kumbaya moments in here about how everyone in Hololive is doing equally well?

>> No.12483919

>Different standards need to be applied
Is this equity/equality affirmative action bullshit? Leave that crap in reddit. A standard exists to be applied equally to a particular class. That class can be niji or holo or vtubers as a whole but it must be applied to the same standard. It's why Twitch vs YT numberfagging is fucking problematic, because the standard of a ccv is not the same

>> No.12483957

Separating the 2 coprs should be fine but you should apply the same tier Ranking for both. You can't say a Holo is A tier because she's in Holo and have her as S tier when in Niji. She should be A either way. This should provide consistency.

>> No.12484011
File: 503 KB, 1874x1100, 834658234525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek I remember nijifags tried to compare both before but they stopped doing it because holos mogging them at 1:1 full month data.
pic of their attempt

>> No.12484019

Hal and some other small corps should be added too like VSPO.

>> No.12484030

Leave VSPO out of this

>> No.12484052

ITT: People talking over each other wrt goddamn fucking tier-lists.

You fucking autists, just add NUMBERS to the fucking tierlists! NUMBERS!

>> No.12484089

WOMP WOMP. there we go.
I can see why they stopped. We need an updated version of this.

>> No.12484108

Some of them actually have consistent numbers better than low tier Nijis though. It should give a lot people some sort reality check. They aren't top but they are consistent. Tamaki and Patra should be added.

>> No.12484136

>Febuary 2020
That was a competitive month.

That picture makes it look like Nijisanji is doing the mogging.

>> No.12484149

Leave 774 out of this

>> No.12484196

>February 2020
>Ayame 1 stream

>> No.12484204

Are you retarded? Half of the Nijis were at the bottom with fucking Choco only being the only 1. What it looks like is Niji is wasting manpower handling too many low tier chuubas

>> No.12484257

I mean, this was when Niji was TOP DOG, the fact that this...UPSTART company was starting to compete against them? Should've rang alarm bells. What happens instead of having the livers buckle down and work harder?
Well...volleyball, etc etc etc.

>> No.12484265

Use some critical thinking for once in your life and look at how many are under all the Holos.

>> No.12484298

This was when Hololive was already gaining traction, so I wouldn't say this was peak Niji.

>> No.12484358

More Nijis in the highest tier and Holos were mostly a mess of second fiddlers. A mogging is October 2021, this is relatively competitive.

>> No.12484359

>people still arguing over using the Niji graph to compare Holos
That graph is worthless and only exists to shitpost who is the top of their peer group.

We already have tables that gives us info on things, but most of the tables focus just one aspect of a streamer's overall statistical data.

>> No.12484499
File: 976 KB, 793x2953, 8734673746.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>2/1 - 2/7
its a week's data. Coco ends up no.1 on that month anyway.
>Coco 18,741
Niji highest was Mito at 14,726

>> No.12484514

>OMG pekora gura and marine is on the same tier as lize from niji because them topping the tier list

>> No.12484522

You guys keep pushing this volleyball thing (it was dodgeball) when that happened during Nijisanji slump time, and the offpako rrat was started by fucking virtual buddha and picked up by V antis. We're approaching Narukami tier of hatred towards Nijisanji in here. If you want more context more people were upset everyone vacationed during a time of no content, saying everyone was wasting time and wanting to cancel their memberships.

>> No.12484530

Your logic only stands if it weren't for the fact that the total CCV for all top 5 nijis is just a 5k difference between top 3 Holos.

>> No.12484610

Please fucking learn how to read numbers. We are in the NUMBERS thread.

>> No.12484667

That's too reasonable.
Get out.
Okay, but that makes way more sense (dodgeball during early spring makes more sense than fucking volleyball) and rrats being what they are, little surprise shit gets misrepresented.

>> No.12484669

>That picture makes it look like Nijisanji is doing the mogging.
>More than 60% of Holos rank well above 60% of Nijis
Man, you're like the poster child of those elaborate meme images of the disfigured, reatrded wojacks.

>> No.12484680
File: 208 KB, 850x1063, 1635768202371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She mogs your holo during tournament while collabing with celebs

>> No.12484696

>Hololive mogged; they only have 3 mid tier while Niji has 20

>> No.12484793

I've seen the volleyball rrat be mentioned more and more often this week, which is funny considering another big part of the drama was that some of the girls there were complaining about getting hit too hard by the men, causing Gwelu to get a ton of shit

>> No.12485062

>King wins
>holocopes start looking at past triumphs fondly
The past becomes more distant as time goes forward. You should have appreciated it more because all things come to an end.
So what if hololive went from 2view into competitive tier? The late 2020s are over and the paradigm has shifted completely. The decline is real.

>> No.12485255

Yagoo lurks this thread. Hololive will "suddenly" within the week release a final date for the new HoloEN costumes in an attempt to stop the mogging from the KING.

They can try, but they won't succeed. This month has already been won by Niji

>> No.12485270

>mogged in the past
>mogged in the present
>y-you're coping

>> No.12485329

I think you're the one coping bro
The discussion about the past charts only started due to people wanting to have more tiers in this chart >>12479613

>> No.12485375

The King won 2021/11/02
That is the most recent date we have numbers on. He got most of the top 5. He is the present.

>> No.12485380

this is better than vshojo timeloop i guess.

>> No.12485582
File: 101 KB, 810x450, 1635713549823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12485729

He hates hololive too.

>> No.12485775

It's Feb 1 to Feb 7 so only 1 week's worth of data.
But still, lol.

>> No.12485851

This game must be the most boring choice of this week on Hololive

>> No.12485871

fags only talking about nijisanji and hololive when 774 will end up surpassing both in 2 years kek just wait and see.

>> No.12485916
File: 512 KB, 1664x1287, Screenshot_20211104-003155_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12485936

Only when they open an EN branch

>> No.12485987

That's just Kronii's choice in games for ya, she really likes lore-heavy games.
Come back when 774 charts 10k on the regular, 774 schizo.

>> No.12485990

Fortune telling is exclusive to Nijifags, 774 schizo

>> No.12486023

Its nice to have some variety you know.
People are complaining Hololive is leaning too much on Minecraft and Nijisanji on Apex.
Its the first time i've heard of this game and also GRIS which she'll also play this week.

>> No.12486073

Patra will with her ASMR, just wait

>> No.12486088

can't be worse than the current JP trend of playing The Radio Station. It's better than the Aka one but the downtime of the game is very boring.

>> No.12486138

>>12486023 (me)
Though it's obvious not all people appreciate it. Only 9.5k are watching

>> No.12486149

i actually really like that new piano girl from the isekai branch. i forgot to subscribe but i'll probably do it next time i watch.

>> No.12486286

Kuzuha is the present, Nijisanji is the past
He's literally just like Messi in Barcelona or Lebron in Cleveland. Kuzuha needs help...

>> No.12486387

Nijisanji is fine without him. If hololive lost Pekora, Marine, Miko, Gura, Aqua, Subaru, and Korone they'd be in shambles.

>> No.12486393
File: 230 KB, 1100x232, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

IRyS Nihongo + Moona being cute = clip numbers

>> No.12486409

Except he doesn't care about those numbers, he sounded dead during his shill stream for their concert and when it came to Apex he suddenly was back to normal

>> No.12486411

Sei Touri is really cute

>> No.12486415

and unbraid pekora's pussy

>> No.12486511

>Barcelona is fine without Messi. If Madrid lost Modric, Kross, Benzema, Vini, Alaba, Casemiro, and Courtois they'd be in shambles.
Okay, I said the wrong thing. Nijisanji needs somebody to help Kuzuha to increase numbers.

>> No.12486519

I was reading until I saw
Try not to expose yourself nigger

>> No.12486602

Nijisanji is fine without Kuzuha. If Hololive lost their JP, EN and ID branch they'd be in shambles.

>> No.12486628

CCV isn't everything

>> No.12486630

I have no idea who those people are.

>> No.12486908

Yeah but it's an important factor

>> No.12487183

Myth or Treat
1 mill (1030925)

>> No.12487292
File: 200 KB, 1656x670, 9874131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We don't need trannies here

>> No.12487342

>Nijisanji hiring L2D modeler
>1k yen/hour
black company?

>> No.12487376

>anon making random things up

>> No.12487950

minimum wage

>> No.12488122

Proof doko?

>> No.12488126

i thought niji won today, why are holofags kicking their ass in this thread?

>> No.12488196

Anyone has total views of Niji and Holo for October?

>> No.12488197

Fujos are too busy schlicking to Chronoir than bothering with NUMBERS

>> No.12488200

Because that's what they do in this thread?

>> No.12488258

Are you new?

>> No.12488583

>guy sounds more hype playing a video game than waiting for his coworker to finish explaining something
no way... what could be the reason for this?

>> No.12488627

nta but this is probably what the guy was talking about https://open.talentio.com/1/c/ichikara-inc/requisitions/detail/20829

>> No.12488750

Or he could just be nervous.
Ohh please you guys always try to make them look like they're not even trying yet implying Kuzuha and the other Nijis don't care about numbers.
Believing if they starts to care then he'll beat Pekora or the other Holos.
Sounds bullshit to me. Do you guys have infinity stones or something? You've seen alternate realities?

>> No.12488768

>Responsible for assisting the main modeler
Ah. Yea, this is basically looking for even the scrubbiest of scrubs looking to get some experience at Niji for bargain bin prices then.

>> No.12488815

What the fuck

>good song
>big name producer
>unique and well done music video
>english subtitles

How in the hell didn't this do better?

>> No.12488893

So an assistants job. Responsible for splitting up the pngs used in Live2D for the main modeler. Retarded anon couldn't read

>> No.12488924

>those timing s and salary
just pay a real live2d animator you aint getting any quality with that
it was the last of 5-6 originals watame did in 2 months and isnt a loop able as maydaymayday

>> No.12488982

>Average at best core music fanbase
>Song itself is not unique
>Heavy music release schedule for sololive

>> No.12489287

Watame released a ton of songs at the same time so of course they wont perform that well individually.

>> No.12489290

>only 9.5k
For a game like this that is phenomenal. I swear you people are bi-polar. You complain about too much Minecraft and when they play something that isn't Minecraft.......you complain.

>> No.12489350
File: 31 KB, 998x99, 9087123jhal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12489388

The more things chance the more they stay the same

>> No.12489758
File: 147 KB, 1920x1080, streamcharts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was this discussed already? Surprised to see a korean girl so close to the second place, thought koreans don't watch their females.

>> No.12489845

isnt vei more watched?

>> No.12489865

Koreans are super popular on twitch it's like their porn.

>> No.12490120
File: 559 KB, 1080x1080, hachet - 2020 women.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>here's from 2020

>> No.12490171


Isn't porn illegal there? Would explain why Korean titty streamers are so popular.

>> No.12490389

She was on the list in september but did less hours last month. Mouse was the opposite as the plasma shortage kept her hours down in sept.

>> No.12490397

I got that info from these threads tho

>> No.12490613

>VTA debut relay
That number...

>> No.12490708

Not vtuber.

>> No.12490724

I just realized that they are PNGtuber

>> No.12490733

Okay, so what's the point of this program again? Training streamers? It sounds so stupid honestly, you don't need to train for this, just go in and stream whatever you want.

>> No.12490809
File: 586 KB, 1980x933, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was wondering if Ina was the current number 1 art streamer, and the other big name I could think of was Lilypichu so I looked up her numbers, they're basically tied.

>> No.12490836

ichikara the real visionaries in the industry
from shifting the landscape with livestreaming away from videos to debuting literal PNGtubers as the trial phase to give people a chance

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