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CyberLive thread

Kaneko Lumi
>Lumi: Strategy/action games. Great at chat interaction.

Utano Pandora
>Pandora: British, speaks EN/JP. JRPGs. Idol type.

Amaris Yuri
>Yuri: FPS/horror games. Seagull laugh. Likes guns.

Ayane Hylo
>Hylo: Variety. Godlike vocal range. Boomer humor.

Momozora Seina
>Seina: Speaks EN/ES. Variety, good at rhythm games.

CyberLive Official links

Full schedule:

Reference Sheets:

Upcoming Events:
Kaneko Lumi Outfit Reveal. November 10th.
Kaneko Lumi Birthday. November 17th.

Teasing is fun :) , Gen 2 teaser doko?


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I value Lumi's companionship as a friend!

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Sorry bro she'll never love you

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I want to support Lumi, Hylo, Yuri, Pandora and Seina as much as I can!

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Damn that is good art

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Nice drawing

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i wish i could draw so bad bros

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Lumi about to fuck up that whore Lia

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Pic needs Seina and Iori too

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Same. Best I can do is commission

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Nice art bro

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I miss Panda...

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I miss Yuri...

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I like Lumi. Not "like" like, just like now, you know?

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my hands typed this post

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explain further.

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I was about to go full gosling for her but she helped me find my wife. Thanks Lumi, you're the best.

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Congratulations, anon!!!!!

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I think he's talking about the weird shit going on over in /pyon/, Lumi.

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anon's goslinging over someone else?

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I wonder if Lumi saw those dickpics

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All times UTC

11:00 - AOE4 AOE4 AOE4 AOE4 AOE4 AOE4 AOE4 AOE4 AOE4 AOE4 AOE4 AOE4 (Twitch)

22:00 - Pandora Duolingo

02:00 - Yuri/Lumi FC6

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Will it work streaming today? Will the PC even run it?

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01:00 - https://twitter.com/AyaneHylo/status/1455800115646636032

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01:30 - https://twitter.com/AyaneHylo/status/1455800115646636032

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01:30 - https://twitter.com/AyaneHylo/status/1455800115646636032
I'm fucking retarded today.

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anon is retardeder than usual today!

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I want to cover Yuri in bite marks from her neck to her feet so that no matter what she wears people will know that someone has claimed her!

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Sei is the sikrit owner of CL (or at least one of them).

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Was going to ask the same question. I want to watch her stream, but sleep also sounds really nice and I can get another hour or so of sleep if her computer is shitting itself & she isn't going to stream

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Hylo! I love you! I want to marry you and have 3 children with you! I want to make you the happiest woman in the world! I love you Hylo! I love you! I'm going to move out of my mom's basement just for you! I'm going to become wealthy just to support you in all of your endeavors! I'm going to make you feel so loved that you never feel lonely again! I love you Hylo!

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Does Lumi even know there's a stream now? kek

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With her pc problems i wouldnt be surprised if she cancelled all her upcoming streams till she gets her new one

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If so she should say so as soon as possible, a lot of people are go by schedule to watch her and move their own schedules around.
There is no helping scuff, and that is not lumi's fault, but as a professional streamer she should, if not amend her schedule, say she won't stream for x days.
Again taking time off is not the issue no matter how long, people will bitch sure, but they will bitch regardless. Leaving them hanging on the other hands i kind of a cunt move.

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Anon she's just sleeping.

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>went from blue to orange
What did she mean by this?

>> No.12453137

yes she is sleeping with me (her boyfriend).
I will not wake her up to play silly rts gamers. Maybe if they were gsg...

>> No.12453219

>Blue star going orange
Old and close to death

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What's the over/under on the stream time?

>> No.12454110

There were supposed to be 2 streams today at different times lel.

>> No.12454220

After last nights thing her mental is going to be sub zero uoooooooooo im gonna SAVEEEEEEE I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT LOOMERS

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summon her with the sacrifices.

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Yuri far cry is in like 10 hours

>> No.12454763

Blood or bust

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What happened last night?

>> No.12454832

Technical difficulties with Twitch

>> No.12454972

Don't worry bro she already forgot all about it and is happy as a clam now.
t. Lumi's big-dicked bf

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Lumi here

>> No.12455338

Good morning

>> No.12455506

What did you think of the cock pics posted here not long ago?

>> No.12455520

Buenos dias Lumi

>> No.12455777

Hi Lumi

>> No.12455847

Good morning byoutiful

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>almost 3 hours late and no news from Lumi at all

>> No.12456847

Gomen she's recovering from the absolute dicking I gave her last night

>> No.12456894

Yamtato is actually fucking dead.

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If your oshi:
has blue eyes
has a piercing stare
has an eccentric but lovable personality
is bald
That's not your oshi, that's Yuri from the Red Alert franchise

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You now remember CyberLive Generation 1 talent Kaneko Lumi.

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I'll always remember my first Kaneko Lumi stream. It was a quiet day on /vt/ when I noticed a thread talking about a vtuber actually playing strategy games. Curious, I decided to check out what the hubub was all about. To my surprise, she was playing the newly released Humankind by Amplitude Studios. Intrigued, I watched her experience the joys of learning a new game and quickly subscribed. From that point on, any stream of hers I could watch, I did. She was a radiant existence the likes of which I have never seen. Not a single stream would end without me smiling to myself like an idiot. I'm glad that I was there to watch her shine the brightest, yet now all I feel is the cold vacuum of her absence. I'll always miss you Kaneko Lumi and to know you're gone forever hurts more than you could ever know.

>> No.12459451

It really does feel like she has died, maniac LumiLove has been replaced with tepid LumiLiking

>> No.12459481

My wife Lumi is so cute.

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Lumi lets go get coffee....

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>> No.12459614

Literally Whomi?

>> No.12459641

Protip if she goes offline in her discord that means she's actually asleep. She's probably passed out from not sleeping again.

>> No.12459661

My wife is so cute, Lumi.

>> No.12459684

I love my wife Pandora!

>> No.12459781

Cannae believe Lumi is pretending to sleep just so she can avoid playing RTS...

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>> No.12459835

she's more of a based friend rather than my whole world at this point since we know she doesn't want our love

>> No.12459846

I love my wife, even if she is a bit dumb at times.

>> No.12459851

Too many people are playing AoE4, she refuses to stream popular games.

>> No.12459852

Good morning, overslept much?

>> No.12459863

likely the easier road to take mentally

>> No.12459895


>> No.12459896

My blood offering worked...I'll see you guys later...getting kinda tired now for some reason...

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>> No.12459919

It's very clear she wants to be one of the boys, so I'll treat her as such.

>> No.12459933

Waiting patiently for the love of my life Lumi to stream

>> No.12459939

Don't worry, my wife Lumi
I will accept a naked dogeza as an apology

>> No.12459951

>we know she doesn't want our love
she doesn't want your love

>> No.12460004

How about scheduling streams with a normal sleep schedule in mind?

>> No.12460049

We already have a "eat this to cum more" infograph, when's the "eat this to bleed more" one?

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>> No.12460061

built different pls andastan
workaholic pls andastan
i just need coffee and carrots pls andastan
microsleeps behind the wheel pls andastan

>> No.12460063

She probably didn't hear the alarm and overslept 3 hours

>> No.12460086

Joke on her I'm gay so I'm coming for your bussy Loomi

>> No.12460096

Lumi you can rectify this by having me wake you up

>> No.12460102

It just happens ok?

>> No.12460106

ok Lamy

>> No.12460125

Beets, livers, spinach

>> No.12460166

Ok schizo whatever you say, Lumi has explicitly said she doesn't want to pretend to be our girlfriend/wife/lover and that it makes her uncomfortable.
She might still bait it occasionally for the sake of getting more viewers/donos, but we know that it's basically a prostitute going through the motions rather than genuine desire.

>> No.12460174

Eat iron, B9, B12, get enough fluids and tap your blood regularly. You could probably minmax to a HGB of 50-70 where your red blood cell production is the highest. Without blood tests, when you're just about feeling like you're not getting enough oxygen in your brain, that should be the ideal target.

>> No.12460240

whats the easiest way to blood tribute without nosebleeds or syringes, asking for a friend

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She is not pretending anymore because the love is real. She doesn't need to plan out date streams because every stream is a date with my Lumi.

>> No.12460250

be a woman

>> No.12460292


>> No.12460297

That's assbackwards. She wants a boyfriend and she wants to play pretend GF as a substitute, but at the same time she can't really deal with people falling for her and has PTSD from getting rapped, so in the end she's both doing it and not doing it.

>> No.12460303

a knife across your palm

>> No.12460332

If you dont brush your teeth you might get some from your gums

>> No.12460364

Cope and eternally seethe

She's a stacy that could get a boyfriend at the drop of a hat, and likely has one. She just wants to play video games and be creative, she doesn't want your affection.

>> No.12460372

Fuck the lumi coming straight from the underground
A young nigga got it bad 'cause I'm brown

>> No.12460404

Lumi is brown? Dropped.

>> No.12460429

She deleted it so she didn't mean it and continues to GFE with community posts.

>> No.12460449

No, her bf is

>> No.12460464

>Retards still reply to the bf shitposter

>> No.12460470

It's not that she can't find a boyfriend, it's that she has PTSD and assburger and refuses to get one. At least that's her cover story.

>> No.12460472

more confirmation on the hapa rrat...

>> No.12460718

i have a feeling they just bought her a prebuilt....

>> No.12460738

You don't search the teeth of a gifted horse.

>> No.12460743


>> No.12460760

Pray for Laptop-kun

>> No.12460797

She deleted it because of blowback, likely mainly of people calling her a hypocrite. She hasn't made any more GFE community posts and is weaning chat off of GFE.
Either way, even if she keeps doing it, we will always know that she doesn't genuinely want to, that it makes her feel uncomfortable.

Ok, she doesn't want to get a bf irl and likewise she doesn't want to pretend to be chat's gf.

>> No.12460875

>White people let you in to their country so that you can have a better life
>instead of thanking them and trying to assimilate you attack them
This is why these are non-humans

>> No.12460946

They straight up bought her a new prebuilt versus other companies where you have to get a loan from them for a new PC or leaving you to out to hang with no streaming for weeks.

>> No.12461035

Oh and whoever puts up their ETH wallet first be it Notpippa or Lumi gets an extra 500 USD worth.
I really want more people to use/accept crypto. I would also love to be able to commission some art for crypto.

>> No.12461053

Inori is streaming if you need your fix

>> No.12461143

Cheaper than buying a 3080

>> No.12461163

What's a safe place to make a wallet that hides your identity?

>> No.12461191
File: 732 KB, 1024x576, sleep[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Foblqrs.mp4].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12461194

On the offchance that this is real, Lumi get this:

>> No.12461356

Just get the metamask browser wallet >>12461194
and then link the address in your videos/twitter.
It's literally just a node on the blockchain, there is zero connection to your identity.
If you want to cash out crypto to fiat you can make an account on binance and that would require some KYC (or maybe can use some anon ways of cashing out like bitcoin ATMs), but the wallet itself is fully anonymous.

>> No.12461386

Why the fuck are cryptofags such annoying niggers?

>> No.12461389

What would a wallet be tied to you? All transactions are tied to your wallet but there are some anonymizing service contracts with eth.
https://www.myetherwallet.com/ Is handy.
https://tornado.cash/ To hide where you are sending your ETH to.
So this way a streamer makes 1 wallet to accept donations; then if they don't want it tracked they can use the second thing to send it to a new wallet that no one knows about.
There are also these two things from a quick google search but I dunno about them.
Crypto currency is in reality really simple and easy to understand but like most things finance is made artificially confusing to keep people out and easier to scam.
Also there are quite a few different exchanges for cashing out. I'm not sure of a good one for your country.

>> No.12461441

Who do you think funds the vtuber industry?

>> No.12461491

fucking aaaa why do they always do this in movies, it's one of the most stupid and painful places to cut yourself

>> No.12461550

Metamask is handy but myetherwallet has more info and allows for offline wallets and those can be handy if dangerous.
This. If the market wasn't already reaching saturation I would be tempted to start a EN-all male vtuber company.
Holostars has already created a niche in Japan and I think it's only a matter of time before there are m*les with 2k concurrent viewers and a % of there income seems nice.

>> No.12461552

Wageslave weebs

>> No.12461579

Gotta sell that tupperware.

>> No.12461648

Don't call me out like that, anon...

>> No.12461670

Pretty based. Feels like HolostarsEN will never happen and even if they did will have the usual ostracization from Hololive. Damn shame because the lads are pretty funny and they need to be without the usual female auto-buff

>> No.12461737

you can start one now and face no competition. The male chuuba market hasnt even started

>> No.12461912

Well the main thing that stops me from staring a M*le company is the fear of starting a business but I think I can deal with that; it's dealing with converting say 100k-300k in start up capital for it.
Last time I converted a large amount of crypto to dollars dealing with government was not fun.
I could probably easily be persuaded but I'm not that involved with the community so there is no one to do that.
I do think that m*les with some backing might find a more welcoming audience too.

>> No.12462052

there are quite a number of male indie vtubers in wvt that are streaming with just PNGs a little support for some models would help them out tremendously desu. Also they seemed to figure out the formula ages ago, you gotta have a group of males doing things with each other all the time with pretty models to gain a female audience, they'll get aroused by a group of males being yaoi with each other as long as you're not pandering. Too bad no company has more than 1 male out there to showcase this.

>> No.12462053

Why not just do the crypto loan thing, coinbase supposedly lets you take out a fiat loan on your crypto assets of up to a million USD.
Taking loans against your assets is how all the richfags work around taxes.

>> No.12462410
File: 275 KB, 405x463, 1634399309497.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw permavirgin software dev who has literally nothing to spend half my income on so I send $ to random women with anime avatars who make me laugh

>> No.12462504

Yeah, it's reeeal tempting. Maybe I should find some people to do this. I dunno how to go about sticking feelers out for people though; I'm sure fishman would have useful advice too. I could make some burner accounts and try to contact people but I doubt many will take me seriously.
It's because I got into crypto back in 2013/2014 and the government did not care at all about it then. So it's basically been sitting cold and if I have assets to loan the government will come sniffing.
So I think what I would end up having to do is just take the money out, take a hit on taxes and the government and then use that as the capital for the business.

I'm almost tempted to make a thread for this but I don't want too much attention directed at it. Thank you for the feedback.

>> No.12462558

Same bro. Same.

>> No.12462607

Good luck. I suggest looking around in the wvt trashbin just to get some more opinions about things.

>> No.12463141

There's literally nothing wrong with this. GFE is exponentially cheaper than GF and you can walk away at any time hassle free.

>> No.12463215

So...what did she mean by this? I don't understand.

>> No.12463218

Well Loomer, we know you have this kind of autism but yeah, it's not the end of the world to just say it....

>> No.12463249

People asked when was the guerilla

>> No.12463250

Technically you could be getting a lot more value for your money with escorts.

>> No.12463589

Translation: She tried to boot AoE4 on laptop-kun and of course it was a slideshow

>> No.12463624


>> No.12463639

>The thief is changing classes! See the new form reveal on November 10th!
>Konosuba ED Cover
Oh no...She became a wizard now

>> No.12463706

Those jellyfish Lumi scare me.

>> No.12463733

Here's your AOE for today.

>> No.12463929
File: 449 KB, 800x800, 1635957158732.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>1400 subs

>> No.12463941


>> No.12463985


>> No.12464153


>> No.12464276

>Lumi singing the baka song
We're finally getting somewhere on the journey of self-discovery!

>> No.12464953

bros i fucking love lumi

do your wander and lend me your voice reps now


>> No.12464978


Lumi's really putting out content

>> No.12465786

same desu

>> No.12466243

Lumi love!

>> No.12466519

I'm working on an mspaint by popular request. Might take me an hour or so.

>> No.12466623

Star explooooooooooooooooosion

>> No.12466877

If it's what I'm thinking then thank you, looking forward to it

>> No.12467102
File: 232 KB, 398x434, 1634400433928.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd like to have kids at some point & it's not like GFE will find me a wife

>> No.12467139
File: 49 KB, 900x900, 79186661-5243-4CD2-A673-812905B8BB27.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Loomers this could be us as you stroke my cock and I slide my hand between your legs and caress your tight, wet little pussy

>> No.12467206

but lumi's not white?

>> No.12467271

let me have this for fuck sakes

>> No.12467294

slavs are white, fuck you.

>> No.12467312

Are mexicans white?

>> No.12467344

what do you mean?

>> No.12467435

We considered them white when we took the Mexican territories, because only white people could be citizens and we promised them citizenship.
Also the census has a long issue with what to consider Hispanics

>> No.12467495

lumi is a daughters of a Russian/Ukrainian migrant family' tho, possibly with connections to the mafia.

>> No.12467532

But are Slavs human?

>> No.12467573


>> No.12467589

Is this even a question?

>> No.12467635

That's a very dangerous line of thought anon.

>> No.12467689

Lumi is:
Which is it?

>> No.12467710

Mystery meat Lumi.

>> No.12467791

Sorry, the mystery meat is mine.

>> No.12467890

I wrote this post

>> No.12467972

Keep coping, she wants nothing to do with you

>> No.12468087
File: 85 KB, 636x388, F31D8BFE-EF4F-4484-9089-2E45C530C49E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go to the gym. Implore the forgiveness of Christ. Purge your sins. Be a man. Take ownership of your life. St. Joseph pray for us; make soldiers. You will make it.

>> No.12468242
File: 609 KB, 1377x1920, 1629671156269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>worshipping a jewish god

>> No.12468493

Palmyrene Empire had Jewish people, but wasn't a Jewish Empire. Hadrian would be a more classic choice for a Roman

>> No.12469301
File: 335 KB, 1600x3045, AgeOfSlumbires4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It is done.

>> No.12469311
File: 3.71 MB, 1575x879, Arch_of_Titus_Menorah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wouldn't be surprised if jews had something to do with the Crises of the Third Century, but it was more just a cool picture of a Roman.
Here's some pre-Hadrian jewish butthurt.

>> No.12469341
File: 35 KB, 622x541, 1614252810005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you.

>> No.12469344

She is actually half Kyrgyz half Iroquois. Shes the child of a former Soviet soldier and a former American soldier who met on the battlefield during the cold war and were forced to kill each other

>> No.12469443

What is it with Eastern Europe and Central Asia have so many fucking countries no one has ever heard of

>> No.12469450

I guess Yuri will either delay Far Cry or play solo

>> No.12469493

They're all Turks so idk maybe theres just something about turks
That or its Russia's fault idk

>> No.12469518

loomers leave the thread and go stream aoe4 already holy fuck

>> No.12469572

t. burger

>> No.12469575

Loomi doesn't know where Denmark/Ukraine are, let alone Kyrgyzstan

>> No.12469580


>> No.12469594

I forgot theres a literal guy from Khazakstan in /clg/

>> No.12469595

She's in class.

>> No.12469612

She said she won't do it today. all of prayers mean nothing, the sacrifices were in vain.

>> No.12469624

The men may as well not be because of how often they're balding
I can say this because I'm a prematurely balding Slav

>> No.12469698

feel free to post it in the discord, I'm too shy to oust myself as someone from here.

>> No.12469796

>olde shop
>not Chuck's

>> No.12469900

This isnt /pcg/

>> No.12470445


>> No.12470650


>> No.12470903

I pity her so much bros... I wanna hold her tight and tell her its all going to be ok, things will be looking up when you get the pc loomers

>> No.12471258

If only I was there to hold her hand and guide her to the right bus. Then we go back to her place to make passionate love, and laugh as we hold each other and not having a care at all...

>> No.12471271
File: 77 KB, 395x632, 1606328377255.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12471328

I have never rode a bus, how do you get on the wrong one?

>> No.12471330


>> No.12471390

Sometimes they might have alternating paths for the same route or line or whatever
Sometimes more than one route converges at the same stop
I dont know what it's like in Europe and asia but in america busses are essentially for the poorest of the poor or people with mental disabilities that exclude them from driving so they're total shit and completely disorganized and it can be pretty bad depending on where you live here

>> No.12471422

I live American hence why I have never rode a bus. Everywhere I lived didn't have any bus routes so you either drove or were fucked

>> No.12471501
File: 35 KB, 906x257, 1635776729724.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Her boyfriend already does that for Lumi, you are not important to her.

>> No.12471578

let me know when you get tired of this

>> No.12471584

This 100% is some random anon, Lumi would never cheat on me!

>> No.12471856
File: 25 KB, 796x208, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You should create a new falseflag every now and then so people don't notice how obsessed you are

>> No.12471927

>I'd like to have kids at some point & it's not like GFE will find me a wife
Just freeze your sperm, live a healthy livestyle and wait until artificial wombs are a thing.
Then make only daughters and raise them on retrogames, Sudoku, classical music & tennis.
>Technically you could be getting a lot more value for your money with escorts.
It's technically an escort term to begin with.

>> No.12471995

Do american really? I can't fucking imagine drive in any area covered by public transports

>> No.12472015

>10 posts
Oh noooooo...
As long as my fellow 4chan posters continue deluding themselves regarding Lumi's love, when she has said she doesn't want it, I will continue reminding them.

>> No.12472149

>10 posts
In a span of 3 days

>> No.12472152

It's because the public transport here is literally your last ditch effort to get somewhere. The bus will easily take twice or even three times as long depending on where you have to go and you also have to deal with a bunch of people who are drug addicts or borderline homeless
I'm going to assume lumi has extreme anxiety with driving since that's why I take the bus too

>> No.12472196

alternatively, traffic can be so shit that it's gonna take a long time anyway so might as well let some other fag drive for you

>> No.12472233

I got over my anxiety and started driving at 20 and I'm fucking autist so unless you were in an accident you don't really have an excuse

>> No.12472241

what the fucking fuck

>> No.12472514

I'm literally afraid of driving and my exams scared me to death.
I just can't.
The fear of something going wrong and killing not just yourself but allso somebody else is too strong.

>> No.12472682

My first car was some 1980s junker I got for 500 bucks. It would stall out if you accelerated too hard. I had to take the highway to get to my job. After countless amounts of near-death experiences, I no longer fear the road.

>> No.12472698

The girl barely eats and you think she can afford a car and parking?

>> No.12472786

Didn't she say that she had microsleeps while driving?
She may not have a car where she lives but, well, she must have a driving license. Or at least she would have in a civilized country, idk how it is in burgerland

>> No.12472836

Sounds awful to bad we are in a country where it's entirely car focused; just because I can drive doesn't me I don't fucking hate driving

>> No.12472887

When I was in college I had a car, but would still take the bus to class, downtown, or whatever else since it was free with my student ID + I wouldn't have to get fucked by parking fees or deal with finding a spot. If her college is in an urban area it might just be easier to take public transit even with how shitty it is in the vast majority of the U.S.

>> No.12472906

Well, I am happy to live in a country with very well developed public transport, where people having a car are no better than those who can't. Idk what about you, Americans.

>> No.12472938

good luck bud with that bud maybe someone will believe you after the 1000th time

>> No.12472953

Unless you just borrow someones car there is no way to take the test without owning a car

>> No.12473023

I took my tests in a parent's car

>> No.12473067

That's what borrowing is

>> No.12473109

I'm in a civilized country, the cars we take our exams in are owned by those who teach us to drive.
Sorry you had to find out about it in such way, burgerbros.

>> No.12473184

We get our permits that way, but not our license

>> No.12473290

We have states with larger populations than countries there are no way that could be easily implemented

>> No.12473291


>> No.12473336

I'll skip this

>> No.12473388

Yo paso de esto

>> No.12473655

just don't think about it
focus on the actual driving and if you're not a tard then you'll likely not end up killing something

>> No.12473875
File: 418 KB, 1200x1032, Rail_map_of_PRC.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a cope, America has cities with population biggers than those in Europe, and there was a thriving public transportation sector before the war. China geographically is as big as mainland USA and it is constructing a marvelous public transit system (yes China has more people obviously, but USA has plenty of high-density regions e.g. northeast) .
The reason America doesn't have good public transit is because of the flooding of American cities with niggers and the subsequent escape of Whites to the suburbs, to which they naturally did not want to build easy access to niggers for via quality public transit. Whites have to suffer with shitty public transit in America and a retarded car culture, as a form of nigger tax.

>> No.12473917

I don't know cyclists, pedestrians, and retarded drivers can show up at anytime. Nothing more fun than teenagers cycling in the middle of the road, because they know you can't do anything

>> No.12474021

I was talking about having the people doing the exams teaching you how to drive.
Also you do know that black people know how to drive right?

>> No.12474192

>The reason America doesn't have good public transit
I thought it was American car culture tbdesu

>> No.12474274

>Nothing more fun than teenagers cycling in the middle of the road, because they know you can't do anything
just honk at the little faggot and maybe rev your engine
if has a shred of self-preservation he'll fuck off
hate cyclists who think they own the road though, one little tap from a car and you're eating road and maybe even dying

>> No.12474320

With a car you can go anywhere

>> No.12474345

That's just an extension of the public sector in America being shitty, which is as usual all done as a way for Whites to flee from niggers.
1) Blacks barely know how to read 2) Everyone in America was forced to have cars (although black car ownership is lower than that of Whites), and they're a less efficient way of transporting large quantities of people around, it acts as a bottleneck on the amount of niggers that are going to be coming to your nice White suburbs.

>> No.12474387

We get it you like saying nigger let's get off this entire public transportation talk

>> No.12474476

America used to have public transport rivaling that of Europe when cities were the domain of Whites, once niggers were shipped in and Whites fled to the suburbs is when American car culture developed.

>> No.12474495

you have to be 18 years old to post on 4chan

>> No.12474550

Go back to r*ddit

>> No.12474988

Says the tourist.

>> No.12475173

I would if it wasn't a panful way to die that can take up to 30 minutes depending on several factors.

>> No.12475196
File: 8 KB, 126x55, 1617624948926.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.12475333

I wasn't asking. Do it.

>> No.12475340

In an urban setting, I find driving more stressful than public transportation. But not by much.
Also I think Hylo said something about being the only CL with a license. I could be misremembering though.

>> No.12475449


>> No.12475490

>Also I think Hylo said something about being the only CL with a license. I could be misremembering though.
yeah she said it sometime during her subathon but I definitely don't fucking remember exactrly when

>> No.12475519

Hylo and Lumi can drive, but Hylo is the only one who drives regularly. I'd imagine Seina and Misaki drive regularly too since they seem normal compared to the rest of this band of misfits.

>> No.12476168

Does anyone else want to just beat the fuck out of Yubi and Loomers because they’re indignant ? Idk man I just want you to give them a couple strong right crosses to keep them in their place. Panda would get the signal after one strong backhand then would fall into place. I want to make them aware of their femininity and of my masculinity. The situation would be corrected afterwards. Does anyone else real like this??

>> No.12476204

Just you.

>> No.12476281

based ryonaCHAD

>> No.12476310

No, but I strongly want to forcibly hold you down and stick a burning hot iron rod against your skin until the flesh curls. I'm curious, do you think that would be as fun for you as it would be for me?

>> No.12476639

ogey shariachama

>> No.12476877

why does pandora include lewd artwork in her outro if she just censors it? its cute but I dont get why

>> No.12476902

>you physically harm someone, I physically harm you, same thing xD
No, what was expressed in >>12476168 involved love and a wish for one to mature through (conscious) harm. You, on the other hand, have physical harm that has no use but to sate your own sadistic tendencies, a degenerate wish.
The fact that you think these things are equal really says a lot.

>> No.12477012

>going blind
>still drives anyway
based hylo doesnt let anyone tell her what to do

>> No.12477068

I bet Hylo wears those big ass grandma specs to be able to see.

>> No.12477210

My urge to do it just rose after reading this.

>> No.12477338

based af

>> No.12477477

God I hope Hylo is a drunk driver

>> No.12478028
File: 15 KB, 325x316, rawr xdd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't entirely dismiss you because when Lumi gets bratty I definitely feel a sadistic streak want to come out, but I'm not at all interested in lasting harm or degradation.

>> No.12478109

I want to wrap my hands around Lumi's neck and squeeze to the point where its gets harder for her to breathe while I fuck her raw. I want to keep her on the edge between passing out and staying conscious as she cums over and over again. Masochistic slut like her deserves only the best.

>> No.12478472

>lumi doesn't stream for 2 days
>fanbase turn into violent rapists
sasuga loomers

>> No.12479331

every fanbase has its own way of coping with no streams
teamates start having gay orgies so i think lumigumi are alright so far

>> No.12479713

>teamates start having gay orgies
wtf i love ame and her fanbase now

>> No.12480434

Darkness unfading
While signal is unsending
Songs are unstopping

>> No.12480537

man I wan to unleash my animalistic rage on Lumi. Beating her up, breaking her arms, crushing her knees, and many much more until she begs on the floor crying desperately unable to move a single inch from all the pain that her body endured.

>> No.12481157

i want lumi to poo in my ass

>> No.12481189

and terrible
Congrats, anon, you win the thread.

>> No.12481217


>> No.12481242

based anon

>> No.12481850

I want to watch Lumi stream

>> No.12481997


>> No.12482057
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Seek help

>> No.12482131

wtf bro...

>> No.12482347


>> No.12482376


>> No.12482451

Nyaho https://www.twitch.tv/amarisyuri

>> No.12482566
File: 407 KB, 2048x1152, FDT0I2YUcAUUSJL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh Hylo is streaming too https://www.twitch.tv/ayanehylo

>> No.12483952
File: 3.76 MB, 4208x3120, Self_Care.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take care of yourselves bros
Syllable pattern: 5, 6, 5, 6; 10, 11, 11, 10

>> No.12484260

classic aesthetic, never gets old

>> No.12484394

Could use some more blood but overall quite decent, 8.5/10

>> No.12484838

>Publishing your thumbprint
nice self doxx

>> No.12484856

Aside from the blood, any criticism for improvement?

>> No.12485116

Imagine how Yuri's pudgy breast rubs against your body as you give her a piggy back ride in the beach. She doesn't have any choice aside from clinging on you tightly and hope for the best.

>> No.12485352

Not really, i'm not very good with peotry

>> No.12485371

*pudgy tummy

>> No.12489907
File: 3 KB, 297x99, W0NDR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do your wander reps
we're gonna make it bros

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