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If viewers aren't a measure of talent, then why does everybody use 2view as an insult?
There's a recognition that talent is directly connected to the amount of viewers you get.
Everyone on this board will understand if I shit on a 2view based on their viewcount, and call them trash.
But people will get angry if I raise up Pekora because of her viewcount, and call her the best VTuber.
Why is that?
Why can people accept that a lack of views is equivalent to a lack of talent, but can't accept that the most views is equivalent to the most talent?

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No one cares numberfag, go back to yor containment board.

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talent isnt personality you stupid faggot

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You should if you use the term 2view. You're implicitly accepting that what I'm saying is correct.

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Because there's more that factors into high CCV than just "talent" which you can't objectively define anyways. If you are an actual 2view then that demonstrates you're at the very least boring, which would actually indicate a lack of talent.

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So what you're saying is low viewcounts mean you're boring. So higher viewers would mean you're more entertaining. The highest viewers would then mean you're the most entertaining. Thanks for playing.

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What is wrong with numberniggers? Were they born with a defect? If they just assume everyone else thinks like them that's autism right?

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You changed the word from "talented" to "entertaining". Which one is it?

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Please, point out what I said that was incorrect.

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2view isn't necessarly an insult, though, just a shorthand for a smaller indie. Using it as an insult does make you a fag actually

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Low view counts means you are boring. That doesn't mean high view counts means you are entertaining though, just that it's possible that you are. And it certainly is not a direct correlation.

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Your entire point is based on the assumption that everyone else shares your mindset, that's just not true

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Sorry, let me rephrase.
So what you're saying is low viewcounts mean you're boring. So higher viewers would mean you're less boring. The highest viewers would then mean you're the least boring. It is a talent to be the least boring in the field of entertainment, so they would be the most talented by default. Thanks for playing.

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>Low view counts means you are boring. That doesn't mean high view counts means you are entertaining though
But it does. If views reflect entertainment ability, it goes both ways.

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Apples aren't oranges, so everything that isn't an orange is an apple, right? Retard

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Views are views. Apples are not oranges. Idiotic attempt at an argument.

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In what world does high CCV mean you're objectively more entertaining? XQC is one of the highest viewed streamers on Twitch and his entire shtick is screaming in a Quebecois accent and acting like a complete fucking idiot. Pekora has multiple factors that need to be considered when talking about her success. Being a 2view is indicative of failing at being entertaining. Being wildly successful as a corporate Vtuber is not indicative of being the "most entertaining". I could just as well say Rushia is the most popular Vtuber because she gets paid the most, but that doesn't make it true.

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>Everything with a lot of views/attention is good
Hopefully this will help, OP! If you need any help reading the big words, don't hesitate to ask <3

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If only 2 people consider you entertaining, you're probably not entertaining.
If thousands of people consider you entertaining like XQC, you are entertaining.
Don't let subjectivity cloud the fact that big Twitch streamers are able to entertain thousands of people. They are objectively more talented than, say, Kiara, who is only able to entertain around 2 thousand on any given day.

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"You are entertaining" and "you are the most entertaining" aren't the same thing. You're changed your argument twice now. Three strikes and you're out.

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Being a 2view does not at all mean that you're unentertaining. There's a multitude of factors that go into having a low/high viewcount. Your argument assumes that for some reason every single viewer makes a conscious decision to watch when that is not how reality is and I don't understand why you'd think that's how it works?

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You anons realize this is a recurring thread OP right?

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Right. Let me make this real simple for you.
In the field of ENTERTAINMENT, who can entertain the most people is king.
Thus, having the most views means you are the most entertaining. Entertaining people is a talent, so you are also the most talented.

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Yes but I'm taking a shit right now and I though responding to OP would be fitting at this time ;)

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The point of the entertainment industry is to make money, not to entertain the most people. Therefor, Rushia, who has a pathetic CCV comparatively to Pekora is the most talented Vtuber. Notice how changing your own statements and the definitions of things makes it impossible to lose an argument? At least try.

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>It doesn't matter if you can entertain people in the entertainment industry bro
Now this is 2view cope.

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Open wide newfags and eat the airplane.

2view is derived from 2hus because hololive global back then in /jp/ had a habit of accidentally killing 2hu threads. When OPs make multiple threads posters would post lamenting those deaths ex. "Please think of the 2hus..." obviously there are no tohous in /vt/ but the old habit remained, so thus the "2view" jargon was formed. It had nothing to do with the quality of said 2view nor was it inherently an insult.

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Holy shit please tell me that not all numberfags act like cocky Ben Shapiros

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Numberfag is a retarded insult on a board where it's common knowledge that the VTubers with the least viewers are the worst.

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Okay buddy

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>If viewers aren't a measure of talent, then why does everybody use 2view as an insult?
different people

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exactly, it's specifically numberfags and general shitters that use it as an insult

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Couldn't give a shit about the topic, but OP is based for making so many faggots seethe so hard with such ease

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You are not any less of a fag if you acknowledge that you're spoonfeeding before you do. And if you think there wasn't condescension in lamenting the 2hu threads then you're also mentally challenged.

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View not viewer

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We use 2view because we think of them when they die anon, it's a term of respect

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It originated in /jp/ as a replacement of 2hus when /vt/ started, newfag. It just sticked around now as board culture, same as meido.

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pekora is queen of female streamers and cumshits seethe eternally at it

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2view implies that there's a minimum treshold for viewership below which you're just wasting your time, not that whoever has the most viewers is necessarily the best.

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No, because other factors can contribute to views like branding, hitting a trend or just plain old luck of going viral and being stuck in a positive feedback loop with the YT algorithm. If someone has no views after a month or more of streaming, they definitely lack talent because talent would grant them more views.

If a backpack is light, I know that there's no books in it. But if it's not light, there might be books in it - but it could also be filled with something else.

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Having good numbers doesn't automatically make you good, but having bad numbers usually means you're bad at being a chuuba and promoting yourself.

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Ah I see, the brainlets in this thread thinks that
>Cater to me = entertaining = talented
>Not cater to me = not entertaining = no talent
What a bunch of retards.

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holy shit, a retard!

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2view is an insult because 2views get offended by it. The purpose of insults is to offend. They could be the most talented people in the world, as long as they seethe about being 2views, or fans of 2views, it will continue to be used.

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xqc is the most talented streamer with the most entertaining streams