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Waking up to chaos edition.

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How do you expect this situation to resolve, chickenbros? Expecting a positive, negative, or lukewarm resolution?

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What about third debut?

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I need YouTube to get its shit together. I wanted to wake up to good news not fucking this. I swear to god. Like what the fuck did Kiara even do? Nothing. That's what.
I'm so annoyed.

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It'll blow over. Kiara isn't the first holo Youtube mucked up videos and she won't be the last.

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It's going to end up being more positive than she could ever imagine. This time next month she will be the #1 EN and the highest superchat earner on youtube.

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for people who missed it.

punished kiara arc?

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The colours in her design look so much better with that filter...

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If only.

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my quads will confirm this.

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Looking forward what comes out of this

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Positive! Hardware Unboxed had two months of videos hidden due to their shadowban, just like Kiara, and they ultimately got them all back. Kiara's situation is a little different because her videos disappeared AFTER her shadowban was lifted, but I still think it'll work out eventually.

The whole situation has give her the perfect excuse to do a German redebut that people had been asking for and I can't wait to see it. Literally more people in the waiting room than live viewers of her last three shadowbanned streams lol

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I can't believe Kiara became BLACKED.

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What happened the last time an austrian was kicked down while trying to do what he loved?

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Mein Tenchou ist sehr süß!

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Kiara its my job to be in the shadows. Not you. You need to live and be free! It's always darkest before dawn!

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O'riends = JenTaka > Power Gap > Ametori = Sametori > Takotori > Pekokia > Power Gap > Takamori

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I now want a The Count of Monte Cristo Kiara arc.

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YT prison even took her hats. Unbelievable...

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First thing you need to understand about her lore is that she is a Phoenix. The Firebird that rises from the ashes. Brother, she'll come back stronger than ever. Count on it.

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Are we Dark Phoenix now?

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Hopefully they only give one of them back.

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In case anyone missed from the last thread.

Nene's love letter to Kiara and Kiara's response. Starts around 30:40.


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Why is this so low when they are the ones that most talk on discord?

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How do you know that?

Also, I thought their arknights collab was fun and cute.

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Needs more streams to increase power ranking

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>that pfp
Would be kino, but I doubt she knows about Dark Phoenix.

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Kiara mentioned multiple times that they talk on discord a lot and Ina is usually the first one to DM Kiara if something is wrong.

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Takos said it
Fair enough

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Who put the add for the new debut?

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can you make a version where she looks punished/ pissed off?

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lol wut

Where does it go when you click it?

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>Kiara is no longer EN

I'm gonna throw up...

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her channel

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Nothing personnel kid

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It's official now


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Either this joke is getting increasingly elaborate or Hololive is actually opening a new branch...
I wouldn't mind either.

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What if Kiara gets fucked over by management just like Haachama?

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it's a joke that will probably end in her rickrolling people cause she has 0 sense of humour

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t. coomer who got baited by onlyfans

>> No.1226419

what onlyfans? what are you talking about?

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nothing anon, its fine

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I don't think there'll actually be a new German branch but if this stream is popular she'll probably do more German streams in future

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The suffering will continue then.

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Oh no no die Preißn haben gewonnen

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>mfw i always said the majority of her videos are german
>mfw people laughed at me, telling me its just 10 people
>mfw her chat is 90% german now

feels good

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meant to say viewers* not videos lol

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>mfw i always said the majority of her videos are german

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Obviously you get a lot of people chatting in german when its a "german debut" meme stream. That doesn't mean they're the majority of viewers.

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I wish we had a full yandere chicken now

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This fucking woman.

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I'm just pretending to speak german actually
t. spic

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I didn't understand shit....

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Ok, so, FYI, there's a good reason for her doing HololiveDE and it's all because of slingshots.

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Based, IG Metall is the only union actually doing its job. If it had been VERDI they'd be better off at youtubes mercy. Verdi is the Cover of labour unions.

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Why are you shilling this commie shit so hard? Yes Joerg is based, but fairtube is cringe commie shit that will get corrupted very very fast. Only idiots would join that.

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I'm kinda interested to see where this goes. She mentioned doing a German redebut as a joke but it's happening.

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How based would it be if her first DE song on stream went

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESOQR8lu1X4 Chances the next song will be something like this?

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alright, where's teh damn archives? Surely one of you was dedicated enough to store everything?

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where is le 71gb anon when you need him!!

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Sorry, I accidentally 71gb of Kiara content

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It's not official, the stream was going to be a minecraft stream until last minute when YouTube fucked her again. My guess is it will be like Chamers, where she does the occasional stream in German if they prove popular enough.

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One of her clips where she spoke German got like half a million views.

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It would have been a lot cooler if she did a version of The Wall instead of trying the Imprisonment angle again.

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I'm glad she's finally playing to her strengths!

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Meant to quote

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Sorry chicken, try as you might, you will never fill the gap left behind by Haachama. She is the strongest idol, and you are the weakest.

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t. snow mexican

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The king cover was kino, don't deny it

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Stop crying pigboy

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>6k in waiting room
>3 times as much as she had during her last stream

Was shadowban really that harmful? Or did she summon tons of germans?

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Obviously shadowban was super harmful but this is also first stream off shadowban and an event.

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>Hey she posted a new video
>Wait 2 months of content deleted
>Realize you haven't watched her in a week or two

>> No.1227790

It's a special event.

>> No.1227807

how the fuck does it take 2 months to move and set up a PC?

>> No.1227819

>event stream
>lots of people anticipating it
I think you can figure it out, anon. After the redebut, she'll be back to her regular numbers pre-shadowban.

>> No.1227820

? she was in jail retard

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Do you think tons of people will leave the stream once they relize they can't understand shit?
What about you guys? Are you staying to support her?

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nta but I'm a german ESL, so of course I'll stay

>> No.1227855

I love hearing Kiara speak German so no, I'm not leaving.

>> No.1227860

The fuck does that even mean? Are you 15 years old?

>> No.1227863

Ich sprech Deutsch.

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>all these red superchats in prechat
Goddamn KFP be nuts.

>Was shadowban really that harmful?
If you check out clips from any of her recent shadowbanned streams, you'll see many comments from people who had no idea she was back and had assumed she was on a break. So yea, it was quite harmful.

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>the entirety of HoloJP

>> No.1227905

Which one?

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>had to delete months of her own videos just to fake drama and get attention again
Man, how desperate can she get? I know Ina overtaking her would get to her again, but I didn’t think it’d be THIS bad.

>> No.1227962

>He doesn't financially ruin himself to get the attention of his oshi for 20 seconds

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It's all coming together boys

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what a great rrat you have there anon. Do you wanna cookie or should I change your diaper first?

>> No.1227974

>thinking she would butcher Heart Challenger on her own
There's no way she'd do that for attention

>> No.1227982

Yeah, what a fucking BITCH. I hope she graduates soon from HoloDE and returns to HoloEN

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>kiara is a dumb whore
>kiara is a mastermind who has YouTube on strings and manufactures events for her phoenix lore
Pick one, antis.

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I picked one but the voices in my head prefer the other one. We cant come to an agreement yet.

>> No.1228055

Preferably the beret. I've never liked the fast food meme, and even if they want to go that route, fast food cooks/managers don't wear chef hats.

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I'm going to watch the archive when I get home from work, but I only know a handful of German words so I'm only doing it because I like Kiara.
You know if I did learn German though I'd be an English/Japanese/German polyglot like her but with a different mother tongue. Would be kinda funny.

>> No.1228091

anonchama stop replying to bait

>> No.1228105

I want to believe there aren't multiple people who have spent thousands of dollars, and it's a group of people who change their username or something.

>> No.1228110

I haven't replied to anyone in my post, blindchama.

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Still can't believe she brought a gun to Japan, no idea how

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While Kiara isn't the first one to get a shadowban and then lost videos on YT, she's certainly the first Hololive member to get hit by both an account termination AND a shadowban. There's a couple of channels who got videos restored after they got a shadowban undone, Hardware Unboxed had something very similar happen to them and they got their videos back. Honestly, this is just one more chapter in a very long book that highlights the many flaws of artificial "intelligence" being used to moderate online discussion and speaks more towards the bias of the software developers behind the AI than anything else.

She'll be fine, but it does feel particularly shitty that she's been getting singled out by YT particularly. Mori did have that villain arc with the sleazeball who did a copyright claim on her own music and Ame got a copyright strike for singing 3 seconds of All Star during the Shrek watchalong, but both of that is small time to getting practically unpersoned by YouTube and just a few months before, having your entire account terminated. IF there is one good thing to come of this, this means that Kiara's account will actually be immune to further automatic terminations (from her first incident) AND shadowbans in both cases, since YT explicitly flags exceptions. This sort of confirms that being flagged as immune to one doesn't make you immune to the other, though.

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>> No.1228208

So is she immune to automatic/bot-driven account termination AND shadowbanning now? Or can she still get shadowbanned by mistake?

>> No.1228221

So Youtube just accidentally made an "immortal" youtuber?

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>mfw Youtube locked Kiara out of her account, too

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She moved between countries. Apparently youtube is retarded and lashes out if you do that.

... not that it is at all in question whether youtube is retarded.

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>the sleazeball who did a copyright claim on her own music
By the way, how was that resolved?

>> No.1228317

Please rise for the KFP national anthem.

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this music...

>> No.1228341

More like a "vaccinated" Youtuber. If she started doing a Triumph of the Will watchalong, I'm sure Youtube would shadowban her in a heartbeat again.

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>> No.1228413

bruh why spoil the joke

>> No.1228433

>pussing out with a disclaimer

>> No.1228444

ich verstehe den warnhinweis nicht? übersetzer?

>> No.1228447

Probably not actually. The movie isn't banned nor copyrighted anymore.

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>> No.1228476

They can't even make a joke without a disclaimer... What is hololive turning into?

>> No.1228489

Because some people won't understand is a joke

>> No.1228513

corporate cuckoldry, same as it always was

>> No.1228535

Never underestimate the power of retards taking shit seriously. They could accidentally make it far worse for her.

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>Kiara has to explicitly say that Hololive DE is a joke
>Haachama can shitpost endlessly about joining EN Gen 0

>> No.1228539

Because there are people that stupid that literally need it explained or they think they're "betrayed" when they're proven to be stupid.

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This means that YT staff has to actually review if she gets reports and make a determination of what to do then (which is 99% of the time nothing), and even if they do, it usually just means giving a strike or notice rather than straight up termination.

In a way, yes. PewDiePie has the same protections, for instance. Official artist channels are also by default immune to copyright strikes, shadowbans, and account terminations, which is marked accordingly next to their name. Mori has been having the same protections Kiara currently does, but also cannot get hit by automatic copyright strikes either.

>> No.1228564

Blame youtube.
At this point Google needs a massive monopoly breakup.

>> No.1228576

>my internet says I hate you just like everyone else

>> No.1228594

>Haachama can shitpost endlessly about joining EN Gen 0
>gets suspended

>> No.1228604

We had some absolute retards in chat who actually asked why she is leaving HoloEN.

>> No.1228605


>> No.1228606

Haachama got suspended so...

>> No.1228611

Leave the stream? I had German in school. Finally I can use it!

>> No.1228615

>Google and Facebook being broken up like standard oil.
I live for that day.

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>> No.1228621

Since when does youtube care about debutes specifically?

>> No.1228632

>>Haachama can shitpost endlessly about joining EN Gen 0
>forced to "find herself" by management
Can she really tho?

>> No.1228636

German accents make me cum so I'm just going to leave it open for background noise.

>> No.1228644

Indeed. If there's one thing that I can count on is techies tormenting us with their retarded tech solutions. Nobody asked for bot mods. Ever.

>> No.1228646

>Actually using a German accent.
Kek, kinda cute ngl.

>> No.1228652

Blursed image puyo

>> No.1228655

I'm thinking that disclaimer is what her manager told her to do exactly because of all the Haachama stuff.

>> No.1228664

>I was in a prison when someone openened the door and told me to get out and to stream. So I told them I have to introduce myself first.


>> No.1228668

They really need to extend those protections around all the vtubers.

>> No.1228674

She should add this to each stream, but keep adding more words to it each time.

>> No.1228691

The guy's account was terminated and he was blacklisted on music platforms. He tried to do the same thing again under an alias and got copyright struck, then tried to do a "remix" where he just changed the equalization levels and got terminated again once he tried to monetize it. I think he gave up after that.

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>Kiara's been away for so long that her German is worse than her Japanese
Now THIS is a true weeb

>> No.1228717

Yea, it feels like it was written by Jenma even.

>> No.1228718

I thought people hated Kiara, why are there so many people watching her?
Fucking hell someone even had to mention how much they hated her in an unrelated thread

>> No.1228756

because it's an event stream after being shadowbanned?

>> No.1228761

Jesus that's blursed. Puyo.

>> No.1228762


>> No.1228764

>I thought people hated Kiara
Rrat infestations don't a fanbase make.

>> No.1228793

enma hate

>> No.1228807

KFP pretends to hate Kiara here so people will talk about Kiara.

>> No.1228825

The curse of orange...

>> No.1228850

>I thought one person* hated Kiara
Fix'd that for you.

>> No.1228862

>jenma having to do her best and cover both hers and kiara's asses because of enma being so strict

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For every rrat there must be an ogey, but the ogeys have left for the mountains

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File: 1.43 MB, 2560x1440, Ha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>/vt/ represents anything more than a small, fetid puddle of the larger vtuber fandom

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all me

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File: 31 KB, 680x392, 333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's actually speaking German unironically

>> No.1228908

I want to go back... to a time before oogeys and rrats...

>> No.1228913

>so many euro spachas
Actual HoloDE soon

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>> No.1228952

Huh, didn't know Huke has done Fate stuff.

>> No.1228954

Only way to make the joke work is to commit to it

>> No.1229041

>as a joke
thank god

>> No.1229045

too bad you can't understand the language of the white men.
sorry anon, maybe next time

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Knowing Kiara is secretly seething from all these numbers she lost gives me endless amounts of pleasure. Literally jerked it to the thought of her crying at losing Heart Challenger this morning.

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Do Austrianfags really?

>> No.1229062


>> No.1229071

>"I love fighting! i love War!"

Oh no

>> No.1229076

who hasn't

>> No.1229092

who the fuck hasn't done fate stuff at this point?

>> No.1229113

>she still has 兎田ぺこら in her intro
Holy cringola

>> No.1229124

As successful as this re-debut is, I imagine her "Heart Challenger" is going to take off when she reuploads it.

>> No.1229157

Her Pekora voice/intro is way too similar to how Pekora sounds... I'm scared.

>> No.1229159

Next, she will admut to raping some girls and locking them in their basement for years

>> No.1229160
File: 3.63 MB, 1550x1550, hukeAres.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he's a suprisingly decent mecha designer

>> No.1229166 [DELETED] 

she's streaming during EU hours now
the absolute worst hours for SEAnigs

>> No.1229172

>Ich kann Deutsch!
>Who cares about english

Never change, chicken.

>> No.1229212


i fucking love this chicken

>> No.1229219

Do you think her English is good enough that she won't get tripped up if I ask her to try and pronounce "squirrel"? This is important

>> No.1229223

They told us if we didn't win we'd all be speaking German...
Bros...I wanna speak German...

>> No.1229231

>He thinks skinwalker Kiara is just a rrat

>> No.1229234

Why is she such a self hating whitoid? Does she wish she was born japanese?

>> No.1229243

Wait, why was she having pain?

>> No.1229274

who is her favorite Raildex

>> No.1229276

Probably her getting her memories back like last time she debuted

>> No.1229278

> Does she wish she was born japanese?
Doesn' t every weeb?

>> No.1229300

Austrians have nothing to be proud about anymore, so probably.

>> No.1229304

remembering Mario Sunshine

>> No.1229302

I thought it was because of something with the fav games

>> No.1229308

Mario Sunshine.....

>> No.1229345

If the alternative is being born austrian....

>> No.1229400

What's wrong with being Austrian?

>> No.1229427

She pronounced thighs as ties.

>> No.1229454

Someone is advertising her stream on /vt/, I love how much it'll make people seethe lol

>> No.1229461

it's only the second best nationality after german

>> No.1229497


thats the worst germanglish I have ever seen, it hurts

>> No.1229501

Is /hlg/ even alive anymore?

>> No.1229524


It sucks having the highest standard of living in the world, everywhere you go on vacation will be a disapointment.

>> No.1229526

Asked in another thread, but I want to know, are there a significant number of European vtuber viewers? Do Euros even watch streamers? Do they use Twitch? I assume its different from the US?

>> No.1229542

Even German youths kneel to the BEC
and to the turkish as well ;_;

>> No.1229547

Went for it. Not akasupa though, so it'll be a longshot

>> No.1229583

Switzerland also exists.
Austria is really just the third best german nationality you can have.

>> No.1229585

they're a minority, even within EU streamers, donating isn't as common as in NA since they prefer to save their money if I'm not mistaken.

>> No.1229605


>> No.1229632

>i seem to have forgotten myself
What if the Haachama-cull is merely a sign that Menheralive is upon us. Red Heart went nowhere, she is just getting started to livemanage Kiara and Reine as a ploy to build her own agency. .

>> No.1229648


>> No.1229672

I hope she releases this version unironically.

>> No.1229677

deutsches feuervogel lied

>> No.1229679

>no Du Hast

>> No.1229682


>> No.1229696


>> No.1229711

German Hinotori.

>> No.1229720

>german cover of her own song
based chicken

>> No.1229735
File: 232 KB, 345x315, 4D2A4AFC-649A-4A23-BF75-6336929A6D09.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Singing Hinotori
I don’t understand this timeline.

>> No.1229745

>No one even thinks about Liechtenstein

Feels badman

>> No.1229752

don't europeans use debitcard more then creditcards?

t. europoor

>> No.1229776

Absolut Kino.

>> No.1229807

Actually pretty based. Translating that can't have been easy, so either she has planned this for a while or really crunched it.

>> No.1229818


>> No.1229820

Depends on the country, you would definitely want a debit over a credit card in germany for example. Reverse for sweden.

>> No.1229822

Not gonna lie bros I respect Kiara a lot more with this stream. It's kino.

>> No.1229828

One day

>> No.1229844

I thought Liechtenstein was a mix of the surrounding languages without having too big of a focus on one.

>> No.1229856

Fucking amazing. The goddamn balls on this birb.

>> No.1229857

Liechtenstein and Luxemburg are memes, not countries.

>> No.1229862


>> No.1229871

"Das ist stimmt alles nicht!"

She's remembering

>> No.1229873

Have Kiara's titties always been this fat? I'm feeling a bit woozy.

>> No.1229874

I can't believe she made me kneel again

>> No.1229875

Oh no, it's become self aware

>> No.1229876

she's waking up

>> No.1229889


>> No.1229902
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>> No.1229927

Cover corp's mental conditioning is wearing off!

>> No.1229930

lmao jp version fucking based

>> No.1229953

Gee tenchou, how come Jenma lets you sing Hinotori twice?

>> No.1229967
File: 251 KB, 411x433, 1612986385937.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't handle all this kino

>> No.1229968


>> No.1229971

That's luxembourg, Lichtenstein is much smaller and between Austria and Switzerland

>> No.1229996

>reminded that Calli animated the MV for Hinotori
Calli is pretty cool.

And it was a perfect lead-in for her to regain her memories lmao

>> No.1229997

du dummes Hühnchen, don't sing it again, you're ruining it.

>> No.1230017

Reminder that swiss dont have a ß in their vocabulary and thus cant be considered german

>> No.1230021


>> No.1230075


>> No.1230086

Correct. They're Swiss, so better.

>> No.1230118

If you wanted us to be German, you shouldn't have stood in front of our pikes you fucking East Burgundians

>> No.1230120

Oh. Right. That one.

>> No.1230136

>sings Hinotori two times
>will make sure that burgers wont understand it both times

Based chicken, adopting the european mindset so fast

>> No.1230151


>> No.1230176

Is she going to end up having re-re-re-debut in two months?

>> No.1230182

Hinotori for Eurovision when?

>> No.1230187

>march 5th

>> No.1230195

>I don;t know why youtube keeps killing me!
You're killing me now chicken..

>> No.1230204


>> No.1230268

gets fucked over by youtube, immediately turns it into an event. multiple times. based bird. her numberfagging be forgiven.

>> No.1230318

Lol. I can see this happening considering the shit they play at Eurovision.

>> No.1230322

What's the significance of March 5th?

>> No.1230338

Getting out a German Hinotori on such short notice is big birb brain.

>> No.1230360

>1933 – Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party receives 43.9% at the Reichstag elections, which allows the Nazis to later pass the Enabling Act and establish a dictatorship.

>> No.1230376

>got bonked by youtube robots
>spent all day putting together a german debut bit on the spot
>threw together a german translation of hinotori in probably a couple hours
i love my tenchou

>> No.1230380

I pick the second one, because I like Kiara

>> No.1230389

Anon...spare us

>> No.1230390

>Haachama posts a date regarding Jack the Ripper.
>Kiara and this.
Plus all the fucking number checks in these threads have been mind boggling.

>> No.1230407

>Security thingy
So anons here were right.

>> No.1230427

Nenechi is too powwerful...

>> No.1230428

The movie also isn't good.

>> No.1230483

Tenchou said no rrats.

>> No.1230498

>she dislikes rrats
Now that's absolutely fantastic

>> No.1230507

Nene working with Casper

>> No.1230519

she knows

>> No.1230547

Oh boy cant wait for another one like this to get destroyed in the votes.


>> No.1230586

>you just want to sniff

>> No.1230590

I want to see tenchou's cats

>> No.1230607

Imagine living in Austria and then thinking about everyone who lives in other countries and you come to the realization that their lives are so much worse than yours.

>> No.1230648

*cough* *cough* Instagram... *cough*

>> No.1230671

Just a sniff tenchou... onegai.

>> No.1230673

>my vocabulary in English is not as good as my German vocabulary

>> No.1230688

fuck you and fuck your gay ass site that never fucking works on my computer

>> No.1230690

Hinotori in German was amazing!

>> No.1230725

is that DECORA

>> No.1230752

As a native speaker English vocab is absolute bullshit.

>> No.1230768
File: 56 KB, 903x616, You_will_never_be_me.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm her cat.

>> No.1230780

ah, right. i forgot switzerland exists for a moment there

>> No.1230789

You don't have to learn declensions and genders for every single word. Shut the fuck up.

>> No.1230791

I really want to make love to Kiaras roommate

>> No.1230821

You know, I unironically wouldn't mind an Hololive EU. German sounds cuter than I thought, and a French vtuber would be cool.

>> No.1230823

>thank you reddit gang

>> No.1230832


>> No.1230844

It was so cute

>> No.1230877


>> No.1230884

Consider that English has far fewer words than other languages tend to.

>> No.1230890
File: 504 KB, 554x554, 1613622604770.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She'd be an 8/10 if she just went to the dentist. What is it with Europeans and shitty teeth, anyways?

>> No.1230901


>> No.1230903

13k on the hololive subreddit right now vs. 250 ips in /hlgg/

>> No.1230947

lmao what? English is choke full with synonyms.

>> No.1231002

>Kiara used to be br*tish

>> No.1231003

English has NO synonyms

>> No.1231015

Yeah, just like 5% of ten other languages.

>> No.1231018

>Superchat reading
Good luck with that

>> No.1231060

Mutt fake plastic teeth are absolutely disgusting.

>> No.1231092

As an author I will echo that English is bullshit. It's three languages in a trench coat acting as one.
Also kinda dorky but everyone knows the Heavy from Team Fortress 2 right? How his English is simple? In the Russian translation he's actually really eloquent. I have a feeling it's the same thing with our birb.

>> No.1231100

gen 2 will will have a UK, spanish and french members. they will speak english 90% of the time, just like ID gen2

>> No.1231104

>begin, start, commence, and initiate

>> No.1231125


>> No.1231133

We're team shadow. The fans she will never know. We're content to be anonymous and whispers on the wind but not a lot of normies are.

>> No.1231139

She's a 4-5/10 without makeup. But a decent 6.5/10 with makeup on imho. And I'm not even being biased here

>> No.1231164

Stupid dumb normalfag scum. Go back to plebbit.

>> No.1231169

I wouldn't say 8. She's cute but more of a "girl next door" type of cute.

>> No.1231174

>buying gaming chair
When will people learn they need office chair?

>> No.1231181


>> No.1231197

>only 6.5/10 with makeup
You sure have absurdly high standards. She's a cutie.

>> No.1231208

how high are your standards?

>> No.1231225

Where's that website with archived videos?

>> No.1231232

What's even the difference.

>> No.1231252

one is a meme the other is cheaper but just as functional

>> No.1231272

I know fren. The mere mention arouses great anger in all of us. REEEEEE at your leisure.

>> No.1231276

What the fuck is she reading? Such a fucking stupidity.

>> No.1231287

Is that so? Mine was like 150€ and I don't know if it's better than those gaming chairs.

>> No.1231294

Normie hands typed that.

>> No.1231300 [DELETED] 


crooked teeth is normal for asians, so the weeb in her feels at home

>> No.1231356

Apparently some KFP guy is rewriting crusader letters with Kiara and various employees

>> No.1231357

How eloquent are we talking here? Like, speaks with back yers eloquent?

>> No.1231409

weeb level yaeba

>> No.1231421

>Ur a simp too

>> No.1231441
File: 1.49 MB, 1679x1000, Eu7v417WYAM21UZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all those donations
gonna numberfuck here but i dont care: pretty sure she just made more money on 1 stream than most holos do in a week

>> No.1231477
File: 16 KB, 368x112, image_2021-03-05_211958.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this bullshit again?

>> No.1231531

>im gonna die soon here have a 100 bucks lets fucking gooooo

>> No.1231542

She's the top EN earner this past month by 20k more than Calli in 2nd.

>> No.1231570

fucking what? excuse me? she made 20k more than the 2nd WHILE BEING SHADOWBANNED?

>> No.1231579
File: 2.34 MB, 3302x1423, 20210305_141900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I real life shitpost about it in the next book I'm writing. It's also gonna let a little of my inner weeb shine but whatever.
The real question is if its gonna post sideways or not.

>> No.1231607

She did release a new song, to be fair.

>> No.1231637

She had big events like the current one and the karaokes. Usually they have similar numbers which are still crazy.

>> No.1231650

How do you even put up with this crappy font rendering and Arial when writing?

>> No.1231675

considering rent in austria is much more affordable than in japan, how much money does she get to keep from streaming?

>> No.1231699

How would you even explain what vtubing is when filing for taxes?

>> No.1231703

I started with it over a decade ago and I'm just used to it now. I use Openoffice instead of Word so i don't have to pay Microsoft for their stuff too so my set up is a little jank.

>> No.1231736

entertainment, the same way streamers file for taxes probably, the V part is largely irrelevant in the government's eyes

>> No.1231738
File: 68 KB, 973x171, MY DOG [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fuauxv1.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1231739

nta but I'd imagine something like "Virtual Entertainer", "Streamer" or "Content Creator on Youtube"

>> No.1231839

Kiara finds the gamer girl chair funny
as do I

>> No.1231856

When will Kiara say Herst and Oida

>> No.1231907

She's already said oida before.

>> No.1231910

>worried about "australian" viewers
kiara can't catch a break, huh

>> No.1231921

Vaginal tubing

>> No.1231949

pretty sure it was 90% germans who just typed servus in chat.

if not.... shes in trouble,. auustria is small. shouldnt be to hard to stalk her with all the dox spam

>> No.1231969
File: 602 KB, 822x462, shit blur.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your boy may be cool and shit but can she take another lesson in visual aesthetics so she can stop applying border on top of every effect?

>> No.1232013


>> No.1232045

Late again...

>> No.1232068

Is it necrophilia to fuck her?

>> No.1232078

>Kiara is now telling me I HAVE to learn German
o-okay Tenchou....

>> No.1232132

We normally wear braces, you don't even need to be wealthy to get them since government pays for them. Either Kiara was a super hyper poorfag or she just didn't bother wearing them.

Anyway her nose is a bigger problem.

>> No.1232166

>singing original opening

>> No.1232187

I guess I have to do my German reps...

>> No.1232230

Jews are everywhere

>> No.1232237

>secret hitler

>> No.1232325

Kiara is telling us to do our "Am" Reps

>> No.1232360

Do you want us to learn Japanese or German more Kiara? Which one will it be, you have to pick!

>> No.1232375

Am addicted to Kiara being happy and having a good time

>> No.1232403

japanese for anime german for war
you decide.

>> No.1232424

If a chicken can do it, you can too!

>> No.1232469

How hard is it to learn Deutsch, bros?

>> No.1232488

Depends on how old you are and what other languages you know.

>> No.1232545

25 year old EOP! And whatever broken remnants of basic Spanish I have floating around from being forced to learn it in school

>> No.1232580

You can make it, but it wouldn't be worth it, if you don't have a clear goal with it.

>> No.1232628

Should be doable, you won't speak without an accent but understandable enough. Also if you do it to watch some content online should be easy. But it'll take some time obviously.

>> No.1232660

Couldn't the shadowban have happened because the streaming location suddenly changed?
Months and months streaming from Japan, then suddenly it's Australia.

>> No.1232721

She was already shadowbanned when she got out of Japan. It was the Nene mishap. She said they notified her with something like someone trying to hijack her account.

>> No.1232758

KFP's not a cult puyo!

>> No.1232928

Any germanic language speaker will have an easy time understanding German when it's spoken or when they read it. However, writing and speaking it yourself correctly will still be an absolute nightmare.

>> No.1232946

Oh god, Kiara... your comedy culture reps...

>> No.1233001

Bros, I planned to watch a movie before going to bed and yet I can't close a stream of a bird thanking superchats. My priority reps...

>> No.1233018

Why is she laughing?

>> No.1233050

Accidentally read a SC sent by Dildo Gaggings

>> No.1233086

wtf she's not in my subs anymore

>> No.1233181

Sigh, someone realy needs to dick out that numberfag stuck up her ass.
She really can't let it go can't she?

>> No.1233268
File: 65 KB, 248x254, 1613692850722.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You could say that she's looking for the top

>> No.1233503
File: 11 KB, 183x182, 1613323497308.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bros... why is she so against a German stream...

>> No.1233544

Because it would lasted only for 1 hour.

>> No.1233565
File: 43 KB, 1280x720, 52EFA9D5-6B1F-40E1-A343-EDFDEC6AC7CD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have completely fallen in love with Kiara’s laugh. It makes me smile whenever I hear it now.

>> No.1233657
File: 63 KB, 771x366, 1613344339041.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love her voice in general. It's soothingly lilting and feminine.

>> No.1233675

It sounded like she got off to a rocky start, she might be rusty.

>> No.1233703

>maybe you need another German class

>> No.1233735

I unfortunately cant really watch or listen in on the stream right now. What's she been doing? What's it been about?

>> No.1233782

debut in German, Hinotori in German, Hinotori in Japanese, memories back, superchats

>> No.1233794


>> No.1233890

I'm not at home either but she's doing a redebut in German. I imagine she's probably doing superchats now.

>> No.1233914

It's okay Anon. People mistake Australia and Austria all the time. You wanted that one >>1233735

>> No.1233969

Lol oh. I thought it was the same anon trying to get his question noticed.

>> No.1234042

This cat lady is going to get herself killed by her pets before an Austrian viewer

>> No.1234105

What's usual room?

>> No.1234161

As much as i want to meme its either a jail or an abbatoir. Anything more solid is up to interpretation.

>> No.1234197

Kiara is an exception and *nglos are not Europeans.

>> No.1234204

She's sounding kinda sexy singing "Fly Me to The Moon"....

>> No.1234279

According to her Animal Crossing house it's a jail with a lava floor and a jigsaw puzzle that's missing a piece.

>> No.1234379

If a jigsaw puzzle is missing a piece, then it's not missing a piece.

>> No.1234652

I'm gonna make a new thread in a sec. I wanna get to writing and don't want to spend any longer on my lunchbreak dallying.

>> No.1234711

There we go

>> No.1234817
File: 956 KB, 1754x1754, 1611054219372.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A torture room where misbehaving employees are punished.

>> No.1234824


>> No.1235014