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When will she draw Kiryu Coco?

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>Kiryu Coco
Literally who?

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When you stop being a faggot

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Ina doesn't accept commissions.

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Hopefully never

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cant ruin reputation with chinkshin impact devs, please andastd

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The only chance i see her ever drawing coco is in a group photo of either every hololive members or of gen 4, commissioned by cover
She'll never draw coco by herself

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Kek, she drew a homo but not one of the biggest reasons she has her job now.

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She did, but it's for Cover related person only.

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Can someone post the "Ina's Korean dog hands" image? Kills me every time.

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Will she draw Kson?

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Ina is a North Korean spy tasked with infiltrating Google. First she became a YouTuber, then a vtuber to protect her identity, but unfortunately the Chinese got to her before she could complete her mission.

Kim Jong-un was devestated, so he released his mightiest weapon that had already infiltrated Hololive: Coco. Coco managed to wipe out the Chinese scum from Ina's path, but it was not enough; Ina was now in an alliance with the Chinese. Kim Jong-un was seething. In fact he was so angry with Ina's betrayal he killed her friend's dog as a warning.

To be continued...

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Every fucking time lmfao

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Right after apologizing for calling hololive fans pathetic losers.

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I believe...

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But she apologized the next day for that

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omg so she's basically the female connor? my gosh

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Ina will draw coco in her current vr 3d drawing stream. Screencap this

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>look, le cringism
>isn't cringism so FUNNY? Do I fit in yet guys?
Fucking newfags.

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She already did.

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She never did that

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Nationalist Ayame isn't at all a joke a newfag would understand or find funny, though? A newfag probably wouldn't even know who Ayame is.

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Coco absolved Ina and anyone like her of guilt.

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Never trust a Korean. Squid Game only reinforces this statement

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is this real?

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this woman is a married korean

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Chink whore married to a tranny, she will never

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so which one is it? make up your mind takos

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I never understood why she was blocked from interacting with Coco. I know that she's Korean but is she also half Chinese? or is it that she's drawn for chink games before?

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Yeah right here nigger.

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Ask her husband

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> When will she draw Kiryu Coco?

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It was a general rule at the time, which carried on today. Cover is somewhat pro-China to begin with (even released a statement supporting the "One China" policy, which they hastily took down and claimed was an error after the backlash).

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Coco doesn't exist
t. OmegaBussy

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Maybe on the 101st Anniversary of the CCP

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Never. Sorry, part of the contract.

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It surprises me that companies are still falling for the China meme. Yes they have an absolutely enormous market but if you operate there the CCP owns you.

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She could or could not draw for Chinesse gacha games.And earn fat $ from it

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What about Majima?

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I wonder if anyone has a screencap of that "One China" thing. I legit want to see it.

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I mean you see the screenshot, anon.

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When you loosers stop whatchin her.

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When kson pays her the multimillion yen commission fee

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>When will she draw Kiryu Coco?
Just as soon as you lose your virginity OP.

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Are you still butthurt about that, you loser ?

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Her husband was the one enforcing the Coco ban for EN, so she probably was okay with that, maybe even demanded it.
That and of course her love for that China money.

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Right after she draws abby from fate sucking my pp

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>Part 2

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For people that think these tweets aren't real, just check twitter

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I wish those were real...
Would make me instantly member to the oni

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She's still doing illustrations for chink gacha games. i think Arknights was the recent. acknowledging Coco means career suicide for her because she's very dependent of those chink companies for her salary.

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Obvious bait. We all know she will never because she needs to satisfy her chink gacha game patrons. How can you ask a chink’s pet to crash her career by drawing someone that does not support one china policy by the ccp. Fucking retard OP

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Takos are probably the worst fanbase for a western Asian woman. Ina rather maintain her relations with Chinese developers

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She needs the chink money

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Are people really suprised that Ina doesn't want to commit career suicide for a stranger?

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The more I see what Coco became, the less I care if Ina draws her

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She's corporate. Always has been.

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they all are

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Not at all
It fits perfectly with everything else and I am honestly surprised that the rest of Myth (except Ame) are still on such good terms with her

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None of the ENs give a shit about Coco
Why wouldn't they be on good terms with Ina?

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>None of the ENs give a shit about Coco
Mori went out of her way to get not one, but two collabs with her as soon as the ban lifted
She also cited Coco as perhapts the only thing she knew from Hololive before joining
Gura sang Baka Mitai for Coco specifically
Kiara also had two collabs with her and from what we heard from BOTH of them had a lot of fun off stream interacting
Ame clearly got inspired by her for all the other more out there stream ideas, like Ame in the AM
Funnily enough only one missing out of Myth who we never heard anything from in regards to Coco...

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>Coco never want her kouhai got drama because of her.
> Coco asked us in memstream for support her kouhauli and Hololive after she graduated.
> Tatsunokos never care Ina draw Coco or not. We understand her situation.
> Only (You) faggots in 4chan care

T. Chinks

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> Mori and Ame have fun with Tatsunokos in the last day of free chat in Coco channel .
> They sang Fansa in freechat
> In the same time, Kson sang Fansa in memstream.

..........This is Hololive!

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Ina was crying on stream about have no time collab with Coco anon....

Forgive her

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where did she said this? i need a source.

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that's why

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In what stream? Timestamp please

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You can serch in Youtube with keyword
" Ina cry Coco ". I think someone clip it

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>If she draws Coco she gets fired from her main job and blacklisted by all the companies that usually employ her in her day job
>She showed support in the way she could and attended the graduation
>Everyone close to her understands and no one has an issue with her
>Except some extremists on 4chan.

Take em. Those meds.

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When she stops being boring.

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