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Not to mention Joey acting like a deranged mouth breather when Nene got into the playboy magazine, will this lead to Cover blacklisting this western cancer?

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they won't, because of numbers

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wait Nene did WHAT?

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I hate that spic joey

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I've read those same thoughts of Connor's here on this board before

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How new

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She was listed among the year's prettiest women in the japanese playboy (which is more like cosmopolitan than a skinrag)

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>vtweeter dramafag
god twitter is so fucking disgusting

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Dude, this is OLD news,

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He's a japanese aussie hafu you retard

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connor is based

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He's right or are you gonna tell me that the holos are better streamers than anyone and everyone else especially holoEN2.

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I never believed the rrats but now I'm almost certain this faggot really wants to start a crusade against Hololive.

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Wasn't this from before the Ollie collab?

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Wait. What's wrong with EN2?

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hope holoEN collabs more with vshojo and one of them does the ironmouse x "big name" cuck.
holoJP EOPs will RISE once more

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irys had 200k subs before she had any content. What he said is absolutely true

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he doesn't even like anime that much. how the fuck is this gonna even a big deal in the ani space?

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honestly i would love for bigger e celebs to just openly shit on hololive and vtubers in general. you are no better than kpop stans if you cant take critique

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no he's not, connor makes it sound like the girls didnt work hard before and after joining hololive. he's a piece of shit

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But that's due to her talent though.

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2 of them rarely even streams. 2 of them are boring. 1 is a gold digger. Most of them got in through nepotism.

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Not hard enough when all of them only got in by Ina's recommendation.

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Anon, vtubers are being shat by regular streamers.
Didn't one twitch streamer threw shit on Nene live when he saw her trending on plebbit?

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lmao didn't some of the ID members like this dude

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He asked about HoloEN, not NijiEN

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Ugh, even if what you said is true, I don't see anything wrong with that. The fact that they're still mogging everyone else show how good and talented they are at what they do.

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Same, I wish they would keep doing that to keep more normalfags from getting in

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>he thinks kiara is a hard worker

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>irys worked so had to have her 0 video predebut channel have 200k subs

why are holofags so delusional

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Ollie had him as a call in on her birthday, this was AFTER he said all this shit. The grooming is real boys

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>The fact that they're still mogging everyone else show
That they got the hololive audience who will only watch hololive no matter how neglected they are. See Ayame's fans for example.

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why are 2 views so jealous? just fucking apply to Holo or Niji, no shame in wanting to expand.

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after? jfc Ollie

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>nepotism company and nepotistm company

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The autistic owl is confirmed she is in a dorm because she is either in university or college. Which is nothing new since Nijisanji has a lot of streamers who barely stream due studies.
Kronii and Sana...yeah can't shield them. Unless Sana is going Jhon Wick offstream, she is like Kronii.
Rrat and Fauna are unironically enjoying being a Holo.

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connor has like 2mil subs though?

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Joey is the most based of these ironic weebs

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And that prevents you from sending a short video audition because.....?

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>Not to mention Joey acting like a deranged mouth breather
what did he say?

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i am talking like analytical critique, not bitter roasties going "why do people want to look at a cartoon instead of my tits"

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Look this thread again, yes he's right, no I don't care he cried about "muh hololive success"
I don't even care if the hololive brand is successful or not I only want the girls especially IRyS to be successful

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Kronii rrat : She's actually got VA Projects she's still working on and hasn't finished, hence all the break days to try and get as much of it done ASAP.
Sana: Possibly same deal, working through stuff she needs to get done alongside her break for losing her BEST FRIEND of 20+ years.

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I hate connor but he's 100% correct

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Some about unattainable beauty standards then show Nene's face from a magazine.

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It was a male streamer anon
The roastie ones were on Melody's ass.

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Why does Ironmouse make so many sex jokes when literally having the wind blow on her wrong will kill her, she can't survive sex. It's silly

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She and Ina are not friends anymore?

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This is just getting into subjectivity over what talent is. Some people would argue streaming takes no talent is basically just acting like a retard and sucking your audience's dick until you get big enough to where they begin to suck yours. Others might say it's just riding off of popular games. Others might say the only good streamers are the ones that are god-like at whatever games they play. Still others might think that being a good singer or dancer isn't streamer-friendly content.
I'm not going to go into every single Holomem's background and my opinions on them as streamers, but he is right in that Hololive is basically a huge boost in popularity right off the bat, regardless of what you did and how good you were at it before. I want to think there is at least some reason you'd need to be talented to retain your audience and grow it, even if that talent is bullshit like being good at GFE.
I mean, I'd argue that Connor is just as non-deserving as the worst Holomem are of their audiences, regardless if that audience is something he himself had to cultivate. The only streamer that I think deserves his audience, and more, is Jerma. But those are just my 2 cents.

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stop advertising your twitter
off topic

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Oh, sly one you fucker. I meant her dog, and for some people, they really go off the deep end when losing their pets, especially if they've had them for as long as Sana had her dog.

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You ask that in a website where a bunch of incels constantly make sex jokes?

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Why does all of 4chan make so many sex jokes when literally more than 85% of its users are virgins?

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she didn't always have super AIDS, in her glory days she had more sex than /vt/ will ever had in their lifetimes

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It's great how people will react to this and intentionally misread it to have a bad reaction. He said that if you become part of a big group like Hololive you're guaranteed a minimum amount of success. Whether you maintain or lose it after that is all on you and your abilities but if Yagoo picked up a bum off the street and threw them behind an avatar they'd get guaranteed an easy 100k subs before they even debuted. The irys shit is a perfect encapsulation of his argument because there's plenty of good indie streamers out there, and plenty who are better than Hololive members but without that name brand boost they could be languishing in 100 view territory for months.

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So why is Connor so obsessed with Hololive that he keeps on bringing them up constantly?

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Kronii doesn't make sense because her excuse is that she's sick, which if you want to believe then she can't take more projects and if you don't want to believe it then it's a way worse excuse than being busy with other projects

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>All of them hired by merit
The absolute delusion lol

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>out of context clip
Maybe the conversation lead to this point retard.

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>The fact that they're still mogging everyone else show how good and talented they are at what they do
Actually try watching their streams before saying something as retarded as this. They're not talented; they're doing the same shit the rest of the hololive girls have done before, only they're worse at it. The only ones out of them that I'd say seems to genuinely enjoy and wanting to be a holo out of EN2 is Baelz. Maybe Fauna too, or she at the very least enjoys the money the simps throw at her, but she's boring af.
Ollie is a female version of a man. She only thinks with her nether regions and she wants to bump uglies with Connor. Basically, she's a dumb whore and a walking yab and this isn't new.

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>Ollie is a female version of a man.
Retardchama, what you're describing here is a tranny.

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The ugh at the beginning is what pissed me off the most, but the bait loses power with your blatantly trollish second sentence.

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Asian women chase average white british guys. In my opinion Japanese, Korean and Chinese women would be far happier, if they instead chased the HLD(humongous latino dick). The sight of a pale Japanese, Korean or Chinese women with a strong latino man is the type of sight we need more in the future.

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I think it's different because incels simply can't get someone else to AGREE to have sex with them, not that they're literally incapable of physically risking a foreign germ being introduced to their body because it will activate their instant fatal cell death disease

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That title actually goes to Chris, the only entertaining one of the lot.
Joey is fucking cringe.

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Didn't he say this months ago? Or did he say the same shit again?

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Do people seriously believe that Ame has some sort of "talent" that deserves 1 million subs? She's a basic twitch streamer there's like a hundred people exactly like her out there. Which is why Teammates are such a deranged bunch because they've realized this fact a long time ago but can't admit it.

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I agree with this, it would beneficial for all of Asia if more latinos started impregnating asian women. There nothing lose and everything to gain.

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>will this lead to Cover blacklisting this western cancer
Man can dream.

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Oh yeah, did she develop it in her 20s or something? From sound of it it at first almost seemed like she's been in a rolling hamster bubble her entire life

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Why does it matter? It's a fucking joke, autismo.

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Are you retarded I fucked like 4 prostis since I got out of college most people here aren’t virgins

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You are delusional if you think anyone, Hololive fans included, would watch something they don’t find entertaining. I don’t watch Ayame myself outside of her collab with SENPAITACHI / Fubuki + Mio, but obviously her fans find her streams entertaining. Hololive might help their talents getting their names out there, but keeping fans around is mostly up to the chuubas themselves.
Unless you are trying to build some sort of parasocial relationship with the chuuba, being “neglected” isn’t that big of a deal. Grinding and taking care of your fans are good way to build a strong and devoted fanbase, but hardly the only way

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I swear to fucking god I've seen someone post this same exact shit before, am I finally becoming schizo?

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Kronii is a better VA than Connor though

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Very happy to start seeing this opinion more and more on /vt/ it speaks volumes to the maturity of the posters here. I fully agree, this is what our world needs, it would create a stable, strong and moral generation. The asian women/latino man pairing is incredibly overlooked. Congrats to both of you and to anyone promoting such a futuristic and healthy outlook.

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Hololive has Hako-oshi which means people watching every stream even if they don't like that person which causes the delusion that everyone has the same amount of talent

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The worst thing about Trash Taste is not that they're ironic weebs, its that they're Nijifaggots that will criticise Hololive on the one hand and then try to leech off Ollie on the other.

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Because it's absurd, it's like a talking stick of butter saying it's dream to go to the beach and making jokes about going the sauna. Silly butter stick, what are you talking about! So silly.




just sounds like deja vu, for whatever reason your brain hyperfocused on it to the point that it seemed familiar

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I want to lend my voice in agreement to this, very overlooked and a very prosperous combination. Full support from me.

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Connor is right. He worked hard for his succes meanwhile Holowhores get instant fame and succes for passing their audition which might be as well have been giving Omega a few blowjobs under the table.

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all this because Ame ignored him
blame her

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i unironically despise the chicken, but anyone who thinks she isn't a hard worker needs to take their meds.

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Joking about something doesn't mean you want to do that thing.
I don't know how this is hard to get when you are posting in edgy jokes and ironic faggotry central.

>> No.12197109

>You are delusional if you think anyone, Hololive fans included, would watch something they don’t find entertaining
You are the delusional one. Thousands of people watch Noel or Matsuri. It's a girlfriend simulator where fans are deep into roommate-seeking, not entertainment. That's what idols are for.

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you guys are boring, throwing the same bait over and over again

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Timelooping faggots this is months old.

>> No.12197146

All summer bitch.

>> No.12197147

It's Twitter, he is lucky he isn't getting shat on for saying a slur in 1994

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>Calling Matsuri girlfriend generator

>> No.12197168

Problem is the girls can be boring as shit that rarely streams, rarely read chat, and hate their fanbase and people would still love them. That's how cucked the hololive fanbase are. They are not a fan of the oshi. They are a fan of the brand then the oshi.

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Wait, really? I thought he said it again
Even twitterfags are timelooping?

>> No.12197173

Look at her roomate portfolio, newfag. She worked hard, that’s how she got into Hololive.
Saying IRyS, or any Holo member for that matter, didn’t have to work hard to get her stronf professional career starting point is like saying FAANG employees didn’t have to work hard to earn that much salaries - that’s dumb af

>> No.12197192

Streams the bare minimum
She's great but she's been missing for almost 3 weeks
Is completely fine. Not amazing but good.
>Mumei and Fauna
Again, fine if you're not a unicorn.

For me personally its Myth > Lazulight > Phase Connect > Council = Obsydia > Vshojo > Ethyria

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Vbaizuo is the worst thing to happen to western chuubas. Every other agency and independent chuuba needs to steer clear of Vbaizuo.

>> No.12197202

Some people just want the menhera experience

>> No.12197209

Do you know Lyger? He's not the only one

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>Joking about something doesn't mean you want to do that thing


>> No.12197222

He said it in a rude way because he obviously has something against Hololive but he isn't entirely wrong. Just getting in to the company gives you a baseline of success regardless of whether or not your content is any good. You won't necessarily be pumping out huge numbers but it doesn't matter because the Hololive brand name is enough to automatically give you a big enough audience to live off of.

>> No.12197224

Nigger, twitterfags are all about causing drama over shit that happened aeons ago

>> No.12197228

We don't do that here sir, we just call whoever we don't like an undeserving talentless whore and move on, please keep in line.

>> No.12197242

So, without hololive, they can as easily get the number they are getting now?

>> No.12197248

>Again, fine if you're not a unicorn.
No one gives a shit about unicorns faggot.

>> No.12197249

He has a point, that being in Hololive or Nijisanji or even Vshoujo guarantees a certain baseline viewship, but said it in the most obnoxious way possible. Also will Gura, or Mori make more money than most people? Yeah. Will Anya and Astel and Sana? Not at all.

>> No.12197294

i hate women and want then to suffer so i dont mind their self image being obliterate by an anime bitch, but if i cared about women, its fucked up that nenes roommate was deemed worthless due to not having good looks and having to resort to hiding it behind an anime avatar, and now other women have to compete with what is essentially a perfect beauty icon that is unattainable

>> No.12197297

just yesterday we had a thread that reached bump limit where anons got trolled by a bait and switch twitter post
don't expect that the users of this board have a functioning brain

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Damn, one of the fastest threads...

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He's not wrong but if he didn't think twice about saying this, he's a bit of retard and sounds like a liability long term

>> No.12197312

>but said it in the most obnoxious way possible
He is british, they can't help it

>> No.12197313

There are more to entertainment than just making people laugh. GFE is entertainment. Singing is entertainment. Dancing is entertainment. The list goes on - as long as people feel happy and / or enjoy your content, you are providing them entertainment. Do you think idols aren’t entertainer or something?

>> No.12197326

Latino men are ugly though. They all look like they stink.

>> No.12197332

Technically I don't think they're timelooping since I think twitter holofans weren't aware of it, but the clip has been circulated here for months.

>> No.12197353

2views and nijis agreeing with an anituber just to stick it to hololive. Sad!

>> No.12197357


Yes. Some of them even did. It's like a multiplier effect to a pre-existing high stat build baseline requirement

>> No.12197364

>Anya and Astel
Anya is ID and Hololive doesn't include Holostars
she has made 50k from SC only (she'll take 35% of that) in just 2 months

>> No.12197389

He's just an asswipe. He knew what he was doing by asking her that question on stream. The guy has been against Hololive ever since the fans shat on his podcast for the Mori episode.

>> No.12197407

>and now other women have to compete with what is essentially a perfect beauty icon that is unattainable
That has been a thing for ages. You are not going to look like those super famous models or celebrities unless you MASSIVELY luck out with your genetics/upbringing or you are rich as fuck.

>> No.12197408

Then how come people are still delusional about >her

>> No.12197409

This is a drama board before it is a vtuber board
we truly were lolcow all along

>> No.12197413

calling your more successful competition no talent hacks is pure cope

>> No.12197416

>Some of them even did.
who? Let's look at livestream stats like CCV

>> No.12197434

>will this lead to Cover blacklisting this western cancer?
This happened weeks before the OllieMouse collab so no, I guess not. Feel free to keep pretending they've been blacklisted by anyone though. Whatever it takes to cope.

>> No.12197447

>Some of them even did.
You fucking liar. Only Gura got anywhere close to their number now.

>> No.12197466

Because people are retarded. At least luthorposting is entertaining.

>> No.12197472

lmao at this transparently jealous beaner

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she didn't have to work hard to get 200k subs and that's the point. You're saying 200k people doxxed her and carried over from her old roommate to sub to this new hololive channel with 0 content

>> No.12197503

glad to hear he didn't change his opinion

>> No.12197529

Fuck you faggot, asian women love hispanic men.

Asiam women/latino men are the future

>> No.12197539

sure, but its gottem even worse now since they have to compete with fictional characters literally designed to be perfect looking.

>> No.12197575

Jesas this stream is already old as fuck why do people want to start a war now? it's pretty obvious that the TT guys got mad that they didn't had their way into hololive just forget they exist already

>> No.12197586


Mumei's roommate hit a milly

>> No.12197593

Nope, because Vtubing is becoming such an oversaturated market that people discovering them would be hard. He is right about the part that Holo gives you a certain amount of success, yes, their senpais worked hard making the brand what it is just like Vshojo is making their own brand to help the undiscovered 2views that might pass the audition, problem is the part where he says you don't even have to be a good stramer and you'll have simps on you, that could be applicable to every Vtuber ever, even the one's tits he is resting his head on.

>> No.12197604

Spaniards raped asian women before, the result are seaniggers.

>> No.12197611

>which might be as well have been giving Omega a few blowjobs under the table.
Considering he's Loserbait this is more than likely what happened.

>> No.12197637

It's the way to the future. Personality > Looks.

>> No.12197666

I disagree, I think this is better. Those supermodels/celebrities are real human beans and thus they create the illusions that you can look like them if you try hard enough. This leads to a lot of women doing retarded and unhealthy shit thinking they would look like those bitches (even though said bitches only look like that for shit like photoshoots).
If you are "competing" against a 2D girl then that's no longer an issue, because it's literally impossible to look like them. There is no retarded or unhealthy shit to do, you either seethe forever or accept it's just a fantasy-like ideal of beauty and move on.

>> No.12197681

Normal women don't look up after anime characters as beauty icons, you retarded fucking neet.

>> No.12197730

You say that as if women don't want a man with as much muscle as Toguro.

>> No.12197737

actually thats just flips

>> No.12197763

No, they likely can't (or at least, most of them can't). However, it has nothing to do with my argument.
First of all, without hard work, they wouldn't even be able to get into Hololive to begin with. The fact that they are Hololive members, passed an audition against thousands people already meant they put a lot of effort in it - be it improving their skills, or presenting themselves in front of the interviewers, or making proper connections, maybe all of those.
Additionally, just like virtually every other jobs, hard work can be a factor to their success, but it usually isn't the only factor. Just because Hololive plays a part in Holos' success doesn't mean Hololive is the only reason they are successful. It's a simple mutual feedback-loop relationship: the talents keep their fans entertained and raise Hololive's reputation, while Hololive use said reputation (and the revenue it brought) to support their talents in getting their names out there. Saying that just being part of Hololive'd guarantee you success is dumb.

>> No.12197767

Is he a crypto-commie too? This type of gripe always comes from people who are unable/unwilling to understand that the value of things comes from what others prescribe to it rather than it having some inherent value (labor theory of value). They see success, disagree with the person who achieved it, so that must mean it was given unfairly because he/she does not have said success as well even if they are doing similar things.

>> No.12197781

Can you please not use my ethnic background to bait people? Speaking for most latinos, I think very few of us have yellow fever or could see ourselves dating an Asian person, and I'm pretty sure the same is true of them.

>> No.12197784

I wonder how Mori would feel about that comment.

>> No.12197794

could be applied to standard anime as well. If anything the avatar is an equalizer, allowing personality to become more important (could argue it's also more attainable, if expensive, than becoming camila cabello)

>> No.12197831

>Iron Mouse is there
Yeah no, I would believe Holos were the point of conversation if Vei or even Nyanners were there but Mouse takes vtubing more seriously than, even, most holos thus is more respectful to the gig despite all the pepepoopoo jokes she makes.

>> No.12197835

The fuck is a crypto-commie?

>> No.12197858

Back in za day she'd probably agree, hence her 5% comment and self hatred. These days she'd probably just shrug.

>> No.12197863

>You are delusional if you think anyone, Hololive fans included, would watch something they don’t find entertaining

Its not that the girls are "not entertaining" its that the bar for what a vtuber consumer will consider entertaining is incredibly low, as long as its done by a girl with a cute voice and 2d avatar.
The hololive girls are not particularly worse than any other vtubers, its just that it doesnt matter how "good" they are. Any vtuber with any level of skill will succeed if they join hololive because of the insane brand loyalty.
As many others have pointed out, the girls get hundreds of thousands of subs before their first video. you think those people unsubscribe if they turn out to be boring ?

>> No.12197878

>Speaking for most latinos

If you're not South America or from Puerto Rico you don't speak shit for us, you Latinx.

Otherwise many Latinos actually like asian women.

>> No.12197881

They are, but it's all just roasties whining that anime girls are mogging them in viewership

>> No.12197920

Holy based. The amount of seething cannur generated

>> No.12197937
File: 2.81 MB, 2276x1228, ba0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12197947

>streaming stats

>> No.12197959

>South America or Puerto Rico
Hahahaha wei le vales verga a todo el perro mundo.

>> No.12197968

I didn't understand a single thing she said.

>> No.12197975


>> No.12197977

Anon latinos are some of the thirstiest motherfuckers for asian women.

>> No.12197992

Ironmouse should've just asked him if he thinks that applies to Froot as well

>> No.12198003

Neither did she tbf

>> No.12198011

No that vtubercringe faggot is the one timelooping. No one on Twitter cared about these comments.

>> No.12198019

She will unironically be on their side.
She didn't knew what vtubers were before Holo and meeting milky and even looked down on them.
She applied to Hololive as a joke and she even stated how surprised she was at how many doors started to open for her just for being a Holo...but also how a lot of stuff she used to do can't do it anymore.

>> No.12198021

Really? she didn't say anything complex.

>> No.12198040

Seeing how IronMouse was clearly uncomfortable and politely told Connor to switch to other topic, obviously the conversation didn't lead to that point - at least it wasn't her intention

>> No.12198042

Yup, confirmed Latinx

>> No.12198044

True my girlfriend is Asian

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>The amount of seething
Yeah, sure, whatever. Reminds me of this guy

>> No.12198067

How the fuck do you achieve ubi via crypto and fucking gaming?

>> No.12198069

Then I guess that excludes Mexicans. My friends and I can only see ourselves long term with either latinas or white girls.

>> No.12198096

Why did I laugh?

>> No.12198140 [SPOILER] 
File: 29 KB, 600x563, 572a407791058424008c0aa7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its actuallly really simple if you use one of these.

>> No.12198161

>T. bitter2view
Hololive has the name and fame
But to get the perks of their name you need to be accepted
And to be accepted you need to work hard or be ina's friend
Irys is just her outcome from all those years being a content creator.

>> No.12198201

Me pelas la verga parado de manos, puto.

>> No.12198229

>she didn't have to work hard to get 200k subs and that's the point
She had to work hard, and most importantly BE GOOD, to be accepted into Hololive. Those 200k subs she got are partially from brand loyalty, sure, but partially also from people essentially giving Hololive a vote of confidence that they hired somebody good. You don't know what the fuck you're talking about and you sound like a talentless, seething 2view

>> No.12198258

cbdc and lotteries

>> No.12198271

explain how did Bae get in.
Her profile is just average

>> No.12198332

Chanting it doesn't make it true.

>> No.12198348

i can see her being bitter as fuck that her talent and craft and years of work meant so little and all it took was pandering to incels as an anime girl to blow up

>> No.12198392

connor has 2.4mil subs and he's absolutely right in his statement

right, and people just sub to contentless youtube accounts despite the owner also working hard outside of youtube. What an absolute hail mary of a cope

>> No.12198396

>You're saying 200k people doxxed her and carried over from her old roommate to sub to this new hololive channel with 0 content
No. What I meant was that she worked hard to get her roomate where she was. She worked hard in networking as an utaite. She worked hard to present herself to Cover's interviewer(s) and convinced them that she is a good choice. As a result of all those hard works, she managed to get into Hololive and thus, received her strong starting point with all those subs.
That's why I brought up FAANG employees. Even the freshies get a lot higher salaries and more opportunities to brush up their portfolio than senior employees of most minor indies companies around. However, would you say that they didn't need to work hard for it? Nope. The strong starting point they get (in IRyS' case, subs and initial set of viewers, and in FAANG' employees, access to internal forums, high salaries, and their projects) is the result of working hard to get into the company. That counts as well.

>> No.12198404

>her talent and craft and years of work meant so little
Probably because that's exactly how much they are worth

>> No.12198417

this but unironically

>> No.12198477

No one in this thread ascertained the context or the point he was making
He was talking about people who lie on job applications. Mousey said that you shouldn't lie because then you have to do the job and you don't know shit. He insists that despite that, people will do it because getting the job is better than not getting it.
>Hololive is the dream job because you will get fame before having to do anything
>Someone can lie in their application, or oversell themselves, and if they get picked there's no consequences

He didn't say *current* holos don't have talent
He didn't say *current* holos don't deserve their jobs

Anyone on the defensive here is projecting insecurities

>> No.12198487

By showing she is hardworking and competent streamer? Maybe even saying she is willing to commit to Hololive in the long run since she seems to be a fan. That's what cover wants if I'd have to take a guess. And let's be real, Bae and Fauna have kept the Council alive past weeks, so clearly she was a good hire.

>> No.12198498

exactly, but weeb simps will lap that shit up like its the next coming of christ because shes now a cool grim reaper dork dad

>> No.12198512

>connor has 2.4mil subs and he's absolutely right in his statement
Gura has 3.52mil subs and connor is a stupid, ignorant fuck talking out of his ass. Ironmouse was too nice, she should've shut him up properly

>right, and people just sub to contentless youtube accounts despite the owner also working hard outside of youtube
What fucking kind of schizo non sequitur is this? Are you drunk?

>> No.12198529

It’s old. For whatever reason, it’s being brought up again

>> No.12198554

>Is he a crypto-commie too?
Wouldn't surprise me, he's basically whining about some kind of imaginary "Hololive privilege"

>> No.12198564

We dont know what criteria Hololive recruiters look for during auditions. Its very naive to assume that you win hololive auditions by being in any meaningful way "better" than the others.
Its more likely hololive screens for "who would be a good fit" and having notable talents helps you stand out from the crowd. Ina obviously made the final cut for being a great artist, but does that make her a better vtuber than someone with no focus on art in the first place ? Ame has no notable talents other than prior vtuber streaming expirience, in what way is Ame "better" than hololive rejects like Pomu ?(t.teamate btw)
And lets be honest, once you're in hololive you dont have to "work hard" by any reasonable definition of hard work to remain successful. You can work hard if you want to, like the girls who take their music or gaming seriously. But all you really have to do is show up consistently and not be Anya tier boring and you're set, you literally cannot fail. Perhaps being able to stream yourself at all is a level of difficultly that has to be overcome, but obviously every vtuber has to do that in the first place.

Getting into hololive is more about being lucky and unique, not about any meaningful notion of hard work. Some people get in because they worked hard yes but thats not the main criteria. And once you're in hololive, hard work is simply not a requirement.

>> No.12198563

nigga what, coucil is literally a 2 man show of kronii and mumei

>> No.12198596

But she said "decentralized". Forget about the crypto and gaming shit, how are ubi and decentralization even compatible?

>> No.12198610

so he's right about everyone below him, thanks. Irys is a hack and the rest of HoloEN don't deserve their subs like connor, cope

>> No.12198617

>right, and people just sub to contentless youtube accounts despite the owner also working hard outside of youtube. What an absolute hail mary of a cope
You are being confused. Just because Hololive members had to work hard to get where they were doesn't mean less successful chuubas didn't work hard. As I said, hard work is ultimately just one of the factors to a person's success. However, that also means you can't just disregard their handwork completely either. The same applies to literally every other industries, not just VTubing, and I'm not even sure why this isn't already obvious

>> No.12198650


>> No.12198660

Ame had actually, you know, experience streaming and creating content. Pomu had..uh....she's charming and she really really wanted to be a vtuber!

>> No.12198661

just join hololive its that easy 4head

>> No.12198676

Cry harder cunt, connor is a literal leech and any modicum of success he's ever had in his career comes from other people. His is the epitome of projection

>> No.12198675

That doesn't help him at all lmao. The 6 month pre-debut stage where they're working insanely hard and no-one outside the company knows they exist? They could still get filtered out at that point.

>> No.12198685

Dude is upset because 2d anime girls pull better numbers than he does but Hololive chooses and promotes their streamers. Of course they pull in bigger audiences right away, also many of these streamers aren't new to this game bro is just seething.

>> No.12198705

OK, Connor.

>> No.12198707

This never happens, it's just a bullshit way to inflate your own opinion of a streamers. "They only like them because they're cucks desperately clinging to a brand!" Fuck off. Stop trying to be a fucking Internet psychoanalyst.

>> No.12198750

you're just a jealous 0view, what would you know about someone with 2mil+ subs making an accurate opinion

>> No.12198755

I'm not saying he's right lol that's on him for not knowing how it works, despite talking to mori.
But people on this thread taking it as an insult to their oshi or whatever are pathetic.

>> No.12198759

That just makes it look like Hololive is living in his head rent free.

>> No.12198764

It's a combination of all those factors. It's maybe 10% luck, 20% talent.

>> No.12198792

Pewdiepie has 100 millions subs, and he said countless times being a youtuber hard and doesn't blame the people who takes chances to be famous.
Checkmate, who are you gonna quote now?

>> No.12198800

This amount of copium is so dense i can cut it with a butter knife.

Anon there is this notion called: ''People have different tastes'' just because you think someone is boring doesn't mean other people doesn't like that person'' I know is a new concept for you.

>> No.12198809

>Twitter drama
>With old news
No wonder this board is so shit.

>> No.12198815

Yeah, but him then choosing hololive as an example despite not knowing how it works just comes across like he's bitter about them and trying to find anyway to make them look bad he can, even if it's not accurate.

>> No.12198864

I'm quoting connor who is still right about non-2mil holoENs. Are you gonna cry because you numberfagged and wilting over because it blew up in your face?

>> No.12198868

Being a fan of hololive already lowers your judgement of the talents to the absolute lowest. You are delusional if you think the hologirls are any better than any other vtubers. Hologirls success are a result of brand name and their effort but only because the holos aren't dead. Face the facts. 90% of the reason for their success are because of brand recognition.

>> No.12198886

ame is generally touted to be really good tech wise so maybe theres that. it ended up being very important for myth since they all went to her for tech problems since management did fuck all

>> No.12198920
File: 465 KB, 908x601, 44548.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>holo en girls get 200k+ subs before even streaming
>"T-they did this with their raw talent we swear!!!!"
Sure, getting accepted into hololive requires some amount of talent, but it also guarantees success after the fact.
>It doesn't matter what you put on that application once you've been accepted.
Truer words have never been spoken.

by the way fuck antiubers and fuck trash taste, but the denialism from holoniggers is palpable

>> No.12198935

You sound like the kind of little bitch that can dish it but can't take it
>an accurate opinion
It's just very well articulated, it is projection after all

>> No.12198964

Is he wrong?

>> No.12199004

same but with holofans crying at a months old clip of connor

>> No.12199113

"in what way is Ame "better" than hololive rejects like Pomu ?"
Pomu hadn't even done shit by the time Hololive auditions were going, ame had been streaming literal 2view numbers for years only getting solid indie viewership mere months before she debuted in Hololive. On the other hand Pomu debuted as a indie vtuber around the time HoloEN auditions had been over for months. Ame had the fortune of being someone who was in the game for a long time before most people

>> No.12199120

I see a bunch of people laughing at the local village retard of Fryghhrygrynhgrnynghryngrhngry, Wales

>> No.12199145

>>It doesn't matter what you put on that application once you've been accepted.
>Truer words have never been spoken.
Then why are RBC and Choco, plus to a lesser extent, Sana, not that successful? Heck, even Mel barely managed to incline very recently too. Or are >we defining "success" as "not being a 2view" nowadays?

>> No.12199208

>all more than 1k viewers
Damn. That's not success?

>> No.12199239

By being more talented and better than every other vtuber out there. Holocouncil are outstanding and they are selected simply because of how talented they are. EN vtubers as a whole are awful talent-wise. Look at NijiEN and Vshojo and see how dogshit they all are compared to HoloMyth and Holocouncil. Cover is doing the right thing by filtering out the whores and the untalented losers.

>> No.12199244

having 4 digit viewers is literally 5 percenter tier success in this job

>> No.12199246

>just because you think someone is boring
What ? Where in my post did i say anything about anyone being boring ?
My whole point is that there is no meaningful way to say in most cases that one vtuber is "better" than another so saying hololive girls are better or harder working than others and thus deserve their success is silly.

>> No.12199306

right, typing a documentary on holos' roommates and how they deserve their vtuber subs is just pretending to be mad

>> No.12199318

Following your line of thought, why are NijiEN girls such flops then? If Holos aren't any better than others then why can't Nijis be entertaining without delving into peepee poopoo humor? They're the leading brand in Japan backed by huge investments yet why can't they replicate that success overseas? They're even losing their foothold there.

>> No.12199387

The potential for ridiculing this moron is just that high, please understando

>> No.12199413

Yeah but like you said, for all Ame's years of expirience, she was still just a 2view. So obviously, on her own, being a 2view is all she's worth.
So how can she suddenly deserve her success after getting into hololive. How is she suddenly in any way "better" than the million other 2views ?
Fact is, she's not. We don't know why Ame got in, maybe the recruiters just liked her specific personality, but its not because she's better than anyone or deserves it. And im not saying this to shit on Ame.
Connor is an annoying cockhead but people in this thread are coping if they think he's wrong

>> No.12199458

>Putting myth over lazulight and obsydia
What in actually fuck is wrong with you