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Ayunda Risu

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Kill yourself.

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I think we should let this one die. Last thread was up for 5 days and I'd rather not have us stuck with a frogpost for that long.

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=VS RISU= in 12 hours!

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Make sure this thread is dead before then

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You Will Discuss Her New Show In This Thread

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Just sage please

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I'd just like to point out, without announcing anything of course, that frogposting on /vt/ seems to be a reportable offense, even if the rule is inconsistently enforced.

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I'm not sure what to report it as which has me hesitant. But it is true that generally frogposting gets deleted on this board, maybe they'll do us a solid on this one

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"Extremely low quality" makes the most sense to me.

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Yeah agreed, hopefully that gets through and rids us of this cursed thread. Just need to avoid bumping in the meantime

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If the frogposter keeps bumping, we could always make another thread and hope that the mods/jannies can tell which thread was made in bad faith and delete it.

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Oh damn Risu thread is up how did I miss it

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God I want to have sex with Frog Risu.

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just make another risu thread if you don't want to post here, if you don't want to have 2 of the exact same threads then just title it differently like "risu x iofi" maybe.

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