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We could have stopped it.

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she truly was a vox monster after all

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No one can stop the JP IRS, anon.

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Do the other girls just pretend she doesn't exist now?

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The show must go on

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Stopping drug addictions are not that easy, anon

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You don't even know why it happened.

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Who? Voms are two girls only, silly

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Give me a QRD

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There’s nothing I could have done to stop her from driving while intoxicated and killing that innocent pedestrian.

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stopped what exactly?

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There is literally nothing you could have done to prepare, to stop it, to save her, to anything. It was completely out of your control. I'm sorry anon, but it's time to let her go.

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dont make me do it anon...

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You are not real to her

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This is the ultimate bullshit about the whole thing. Instead of saying "oh I talked to her, she's doing XYZ, doing well now " at the end of say a Supacha stream, they deny her existence and any mention is instant ban from chat. It's so fucked up.

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>just a fun casual hobby project on the side
>strict contract that gets chuuba erased off the face of the earth if broken

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The pain will never stop.

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this why i never wanna be apart of no corporate bullshit or semi Indi contract crap

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What happened?

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Can I get a quick rundown?

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Fired due to "serious contact breach," immediately erased from existence. All of her content is gone. No graduation. No personal goodbye. No further acknowledgement of her work. Pika and TMSK currently busting their ass to make up for the loss but also not permitted to mention her. No one knows anything else.

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There is none besides rrat.

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that's fucked up

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Weren't they talking about her just the other day?

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God I miss her like you wouldn't believe.

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I've heard coy mentions from Pikamee, but overall the issue isn't being discussed or pressed.

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Care to expound? I fail to see why banning drama seeking fags is bad.

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really? i honestly don't remember this. id kill for even something like "i was talking to a good friend and _____."

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So what actually happened?

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Roberu impregnated her and she loves him too much to break it off.

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Yeah it's obvious anyways they aren't allowed to talk about it. Shit happens, girls get dropped, deal with it and hope she comes back under some other identity.

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Japs think she had a job in the public sector. There are really strict laws in Japan that prevent people that work for the government from having other jobs or income. Thus to even do a graduation stream would be breaking the law further. It is possible that Monoe didn't think that a vtuber career would count since it isn't a typical employment.

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Seriously? Even aloe get mentioned. Wtf VOMS?

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Aloe didn't get fired, she resigned.

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Whatever it was, she did it to herself. Stop being autistic.

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No, you couldn't because none of you watched her. /thread

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Nobody knows what happened exactly (aside from VOMS themselves), and Pika and TMSK are not permitted to bring up the matter anymore. That's all there is to it unfortunately for now. Otherwise you're going to have to wait for some magically leaked email or something, and who knows if and when that would ever happen.

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There's nothing average people can do, anon.
She suddenly got magnet superpowers irl, and she's been in CIA's radar for a while. It's bound to happen.
They'll put her under some government facility and try to erase all of her past.

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Shit's weird, it's like she killed someone

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She killed Monoe.

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So she was a glowie?

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clearly it was some very yab scandal similar to hitomi chris

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>/threading himself
go back

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Yeah, but Chris doesn't.

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Jitomi Monoe? More like Jitomi Nomoe.

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I liked her design the most out of the 3 voms to be honest

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what could /we/ have done?

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