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Post chuubas being abusive

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I love you too!

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abusing the rabbit

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God, that voice could make me do anything. She could ask for my credit card information and I would respond in an instant.

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tfw no yandere polka gf

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Collection of abusive chuuba stuff I've written so far. It's primarily abusive, at least.

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I've kind of been waiting for an abusive Kiara one. I might have to write it myself.

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She already sends her employees to the usual room and overworks them, I’d say that’s as abusive as NenePro.

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I'm glad my colored edit of Polka is being used, love you OP

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>in and out of hospital
>even a manlet could likely beat her

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I have actually thought about doing abusive Koopa. She IS armed and dangerous, after all, I dunno. Then I heard the the Mommy RP ASMR vocaroo and couldn't do it.

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Some anon is writing a story about abuse between the chuubas https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1Glud9rXjrjBuJS0CW8Hni4mV2keUJkSWVb7zwRNyTDo/mobilebasic

If you're in this thread anon keep up the work this shit is a good read.

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Planning to write something, but I'm having trouble deciding on who to base it on. Maybe that's a reason on its own to not write it, ha ha.
Well etc. Might as well just make the question outright. What's the chuba more likely to have been legitimately abused themselves in the past, not necessarily by another chuba?

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Unironically Kiara.

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My life just got a lot more busy, I still plan to work on it and I have some idea of a plot and where I want to go with it, however I need to find a way to link it all together without meandering on too long. I'm also trying not to turn it into a shitty light novel

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Korone's endurance would be such a fun thing to play around with.
Like, the obvious thing is endurance sex. Or her just straight up beating you up.

But I imagine her challenging you to a playful little sparring.
>you feeling confident that you're at least a little stronger than than her, even though she seems to be in good shape
>but you aren't fighting to hurt her or anything
>despite that you're still putting in a lot of effort just trying to land hits and block hers
>you're starting to breath hard but she's just getting warmed up
>she even gives you a smile so cute that you barely have the nerve to keep fighting
>it almost distracts you from how much pain you're in all of a sudden
>her punches are definitely getting harder, but you can't do anything about it
>she's not letting you getting a chance to breathe, much less tell her to stop

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all of the writings + others I've done for writing/abusive threads before

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I think I'll watch her once I finish my reps. Which will be ten years later.

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Mr. Koro?!

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Sort of abuse. Posted in the current write thread.
It's up to interpretation, though.

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>a request from the previous abuse thread before it got archived

Standing at the grocery store checkout, you nervously stand at the side of Sora as she finishes her purchases. You tap your feet in anticipation as it seems the cashier is taking their time, almost in what seemed to be a deliberately slow manner to torture you.

Every once in a while you catch her sending a side-glance in your direction, checking out your body with that familiar predatory glint in her eyes. You shivered internally as you just stared at the floor to avoid anymore eye contact.

As the cashier finished scanning the items and Sora handed over the yen, she gave a small smile and thanked the cashier in her usual cutesy manner. You noticed he blushed in response, the average reaction you’d get from being praised by an idol.

But you’ve seen her true nature. Behind that stalwart façade she put on everyday for everyone in her life. To her fans, her coworkers and to her company, she was the seiso idol Tokino Sora. A pure maiden that loved to sing and dance, play Minecraft and help her kouhais. But to you, she was something completely different.

You and Sora walk out of the store, timidly walking just behind her with her groceries in your hand until she stops in front of a nearby alleyway. You stop as well, knowing exactly what she wanted to do. She partially tilted her head backwards and you saw that grin and look of excitement.

Without even saying anything you obediently went into the alley with her following close behind. Once you were a bit down the alley she suddenly grabbed you and held you in place. You felt her breath on your neck while feeling her breasts press against your back.

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“The way you were looking back there… that timid look you had… it turned me on so much,” she said with pure lust on her voice.

Sora reached down directly into your pants and began to fervently stroke your cock with one hand while the other reached to unbuckle your belt.

You could only do what she wanted. You had no choice. Even though she was smaller than you, even though she couldn’t physically overtake you…

She had all the power over you.

The idol pulled down your pants and you felt the cold of the night air assault you as you shivered. Sora let go of you dick and slipped down her skirt and panties to reveal her cleanly shaven pussy. She walked in front of you and placed her hands against the wall and propped her ass up.

“Come on… you know what’ll happen if you don't, right?” she said with a smug across her lips and manic look in her eyes.

You knew.

All you had worked for would crumble.

You had worked so hard to get a job at Hololive so you could get a chance to interact with the idols you adored so much. But you knew the reality of the situation. You could be easily replaced.

And who’d take the word of some random guy over the picturesque idol Tokino Sora?

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You dropped the groceries and pushed forward, inserting your cock into Sora’s pussy, the girl moaning as you saw the look on her face turn even more wild. The pleasure you felt was intense as you kept pounding her from behind, but that little voice in the back of your head kept telling you that this was wrong.

“Dont… just fuck me, grab.. my tits!” she said between gasps and moans. You could only obey as you reached forward and began fondling the idols breasts, kneading them exactly how she instructed in order to give her maximum pleasure.

It was all about her after all.

Everything was.

You continue to fuck Sora until she’s climaxed so many times that you lost count, her smaller body spassing every so often as you hit her every pleasure point. You were at your limit as well, but you couldn’t stop until she said so.

You had to obey every command.

“Cum…” was all she said and you knew. By her command you released your seed inside of her and you both shuddered. For a few moments, you both just stood there and panted as you pulled out, you cum dripping everywhere.

But quickly she regained her senses and pulled up her underwear and pants as if nothing had happened. She walked past you, that innocent idol look returning to her face as she passed

“Don’t forget the groceries,” was all she said as she left the alley. You zipped up your pants and quickly grabbed the bags before catching up to her.

You couldn’t disobey, after all.

Other writings https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OV95u_ee8tyrcUEZGwvU-Gcq0gtVpAe9wVq9WBfM8Y4/edit?usp=sharing

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Ayy. Not the requester but I remember this request. Pretty good stuff, anon.

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Pls not abuse by a stranger, only between chuubas and (You)

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Please write something about Towa, thank you

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Now this is something I can get behind, I’m fucking diamonds right now, thanks Anon

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Im the requester, amazing read, dick apreciated it

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Good job anon

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I'll make one later today if the thread is still around

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Abusive kiara would be kino

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You're just minding your own business walking down the street on your way to the store, when suddenly Himemori Luna steps out from an alleyway and blocks your path. Before your sperg brain can process the least autistic way to react, she delivers a swift kick to your balls, sending you collapsing down to the ground in pain. As she looks down on you with disgust, she spits on you and then says "You're welcome nanora" before vanishing back into the alley and out of your sight. This was the best day of your life.

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>Towa finally unlocks her archdemon form after several years of grinding
>it increases her power, lust, evilness and makes her voice permanently deep

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Dude your work is top tier.
I hope you get everything sorted out and be able to keep working on it

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You were tied up by your wrists and ankles, laying alone in the center of a barren room while a piece of tape covered your mouth. You tried to move around but stopped as you felt your bones ache in pain. With your limited vision you could see multiple bruises and scrapes down your exposed arm. Judging by the similar pain you could only guess that your chest and legs were in a similar state.

“It’s funny, they like to joke that I’m an ‘angel’...”

You heard a disembodied nasally voice speak from behind. Footsteps slowly approached you from behind as you tried to ignore the pain and struggle against the binds. But it was a fruitless attempt as the footsteps stopped directly behind you, feeling the person's shoes press against you back.

Issuing all your available strength you twisted your body and try to get just a glimpse at the person. All you saw was a glimpse of purple and pink pigtails before the person kicked your face with a heavy force.

As you reeled from the attack you could hear the person walk around your body and stood in front of you.

That fishnet stocking that covered her leg, that heart tattoo on her thigh, that devilish tail that swayed at random…

But most of all, it was those bright green eyes that gave away her identity.

It was Towa.

She walked up to you and pressed her sneaker up to your abdomen and gave you a sweet smile.

“...do YOU think... I’m an angel...?”

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You could only groan as Towas' smile twisted into a devilish grin and eyes flashed a dangerous glint.

‘The Angel’ was relentless with her assault as she seemed to increase the force with each kick. Again and again they connect with your body. Again and again the mind breaking pain made your head spin. Blood begins to slowly pool in R
your mouth, eventually becoming unbearable as you begin to choke on it.

“Ahhh, we can’t have you dying. Not yet, at least,” Towa said while she paused her assault. She leaned down and ripped off the tape of your face, tearing at your skin as you quickly coughed out the blood from your mouth. With that maniac grin still present on her face she reached down and grabbed by the collar of your shirt, dragging you across the room with little effort despite her tiny build.

You had no strength to fight back. You couldn't even form words as there was still blood coating the inside of your throat and mouth.

She propped you up on a chair, your arms drooping over the side as your head pointed downwards. Towa reached out and grabbed your chin and forcefully tilted your head up to meet her fierce gaze.

“TMT they call me…”

Towa then punched your face as hard as she could, enough to where you could feel one of the bones break. You spat out more blood as she readied her fist again.


She punched again.


And again.


Another swing.

She said it over and over while continuing her barrage of punches, with not a single one missing its mark. You felt your face burn as it swelled in response to the trauma and your mind became hazy. Eventually she stopped her assault, noticing that her fists and clothes coated in your blood.

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“Dammit… I Have another goddamn stream later,” she paused before looking directly at you.

She only smiled.

“Don't worry, we’ll continue this fun later… I’m sure the viewers will do something to piss me off even more…”

Towa said nothing more as she just simply walked away and exited the room, leaving you in complete silence. You couldn’t even feel your face anymore. And at that point you don't even have enough willpower to care about it.

You were going to be Towa’s punching bag until she got bored with you. She would take out her rage on you until she found a more interesting toy to play with. You were just her tool now.

Nothing more.

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Towa Maji... Debiru!?
Thank you anon.

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Still waiting for a abusive gura thats nilhstic...

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Simply create it

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i used a new electric shaver today, one for the face and beard, and now my balls and ass have plenty of cuts... they're so small, you can't see them easily, but yet painful, it's hard to describe the pleasure i feel. especially imagining my chuuba did this.
seeing the blood, which quickly stopped flowing for each cut due to the small size allowing easy not even visible clotting, made me feel so good.

god i want a loving girl to do this to me

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i donate blood in part for the feeling of doing right, having a sweet nurse dominate me, feeling all these new sensations, the thrill (my body has freaked the fuck out before, causing me to go into a cold freeze), and of course the feeling of weakness.
if you have these abuse fantasies i recommend donating blood.

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I prefer soft femdom and not pure abusive but thank you for this anon, may your soul be blessed.

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Lucky you. As horny as blood stuff gets me I'm immensely squeamish and afraid of needles. Living the dream I guess.

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I imagine Towa being really abusive and mean to you, but only because her demon nature compels her to.
The only way she can show her love is in the dorky accidental way that she does a lot

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On top of what the other anon said, I wanted to go off of her general personality, like her slamming her desk a lot and (fake) getting angry when a viewers mentioned another woman. Her personality can be pretty aggressive, even when she is trying to be loving/compassionate.

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you can do it
anon, i believe in you. my father who's sister died of cancer, and who's been deathly afraid of needles since, i was able to convince into donating blood. he's since become a regular donor due to being universal.
you can do it anon. i believe in you. you can save lives and achieve patrician taste realization.

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I want to ____ the rabbit!

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A personal favorite of mine

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My entire life it turns out I was the mindbreak protagonist...

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Cute retarded onion

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an idea i just had: kiara killing herself in increasingly grotesque ways and leaving the body around for you to find for hours in order to traumatize and manipulate you

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I'm imagining her marrying an old, rich German dude and doing that so he'd have a heart attack and her lavish lifestyle in Japan can really start.

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holy kek

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I've got an idea

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Requesting some mio co-dependency

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Miko screamed against the gag and, despite being tied to the chair tried to get away from the burning hot brand. Moona just smiled as she touched it to the flesh of her arm. "Now, ladies, what did I tell you? Pekora is mine. Stay away from her. Or else." She plunged the brand back into the coals and turned back to Kiara, sitting on the Spanish horse. Weights were tied on her ankles that painfully pulled her down into the triangular piece of wood. Tears filled the phoenix's eyes and her breaths came in shallow gasps. She squirmed, trying to stop the pain in her crotch and hips "What's wrong, bird? A little uncomfortable? Well, all your talk of 'I love you Pekora-senpai' made my little Peko uncomfortable." She picked up a spiked paddle and slapped her across the face with it. It clanked off the bridle that Moona had fashioned to keep Kiara from trying to bite her tongue off again. Blood splattered into the nearby brazier and sizzled. "Disgusting bird, you're making such a mess!" Moona slapped Kiara's exposed torso and breasts a few times with the smooth side of the paddle as punishment. A rattle from behind caused Moona to turn and see Miko had slumped, fainted again. "Faq!" Mocked Moona and rose, going to a small refrigerator. She removed a syringe of steroid and approached the Shrine 'Maiden' grabbing her forearm. Miko jolted awake before the needle pricked her skin and screamed around the gag, shaking her head. Moona dropped her hand. "No?" Miko shook her head again and Moona slapped her. "THEN STAY AWAKE!" Miko sobbed and looked through blurry eyes at Kiara, her nude form writhing in pain atop the wooden torture device. 'Why?' she asked herself again 'Why do we deserve this? For loving Pekora?' once again she wailed and, this time, Moona punched her in the gut. "Shut up! Filthy bitch!" Kiara jerked against her restraints and tried saying something. "Oop ittng er! Oop it!" Moona stolled over to her. "Stop? Ok I'll hit you instead!" Moona raised a fist and slammed it into the redheads stomach, causing her to gasp in pain but still met Moona's gaze. Moona smiled at the contempt in Kiara's eyes. Miko had broken so easily but this bird...she would be fun.

Postin this here too

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one I made from a previous thread but thinking about rewriting it

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What if you were a brother of Pekora? You must have been looking down on her, and telling your mom that she shouldn’t let her 20 some yo daughter be a lazy neet anymore. You must have been worrying what I’d be like after ten years.
And then, everything has changed. She earns ten times more than you, and now it’s you who are suffering from your uncertain future as a wage slave. You thought it wouldn’t last long, but as time went by shejust became bigger and bigger. Now she has literally a million supporters scattered throughout the world paying her money while you’re still a xenophobic Japanese unable to speak any foreign languages and running away anytime you see a foreigner.
You can’t visit your patients anymore, because each time you go there the annoying rabbit comes out her room and says
>Oniichan! You were telling me I was useless! I had no future! But see what I got and what you got! Mom is proud of me not you Peko!
>I got another 50M yen while you were worn out in your sweatshop company! You complained to me about squandering my money for some medals, but now I have a bunch of coins and I won’t complain even if you ask for some! Peko peko!
>Don’t you have tuition money for your children? I can give it all to you. It’s nothing for me peko! Just explain them how their aunt succeeded in her life and you failed it! Peko peko peko! Almond almond almond!!

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Looking down you saw her broken body, her clothes tattered and multiple stab wounds across her chest. Her once fair skin was battered and broken. That bright orange hair soaked crimson by her own blood. Her bloodied sword laid idly beside her body while the area around her pooled a similar red.

But it wasn’t those things that terrified you.


Those deadened violet eyes that lifelessly stared out towards you.

You already knew what this was all about. You knew this all a part of her little game. Kiara was a phoenix, an undying immortal who could never truly perish. Despite this, however, she could still be wounded and temporarily die. But the regeneration would then kick in, and she would be back to normal in as little as a few minutes.

You turned you back to her body, hoping to scrap the memory from your mind.

You knew the second that you got involved in her life that she wasn’t normal, even by human standards. At first it was those forgettable little things that were normal to any person. Complaining about her low subscriber count, lamenting about her shadowbans from YouTube or her increasingly distant relationship with the reaper Mori Calliope.

But then things took a turn for the worse.

Kiara would come back to the house each day more agitated and hysterical than the last. When you tried to talk to her about her issues, however, she would either yell at you to leave her alone or break down crying on the spot. It was then the doubts in your mind began to form.

It wasn’t safe here anymore. You needed to leave.

You didn’t know what caused her to finally snap. But when she did…

All hell broke loose.

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At first you were broken when you found Kiara lying ‘dead’ on the floor. With her throat and wrists slit and those dead eyes staring up at you, the knowledge of her being immortal seemed to have gotten lost. But the wounds then healed, followed by her awakening and then subsequently berating you and claiming how this was your fault.

It then happened the next day. Another grizzly death, another awakening, another barrage of abusive words from her lips. It became so common that eventually you would be surprised to not find her body lying somewhere around the house. But even after all these times...

The sight still horrified you.

You didn’t even look back as you heard the sounds of Kiara awaking from your suicide-induced sleep. You already knew what was coming next.

“Ahhh, darling.... I’m glad you checked up on me…” she said in a hazy voice while approaching you. You still didn’t turn, not wanting to see those damn eyes again.

“Darling…? I want you to look at me…”

You could hear her stop directly behind you.

“Darling… you know what will happen if you don't turn… right?” she said with an oddly sweet sounding voice. You grit your teeth and curled your hand into a fist as you resisted the urge to turn.

It wasn’t your fault she is like this. It wasn’t. It wasn’t. It wasn’t. It w-

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Your thoughts were interrupted when you heard her sigh and grab her sword from the ground. At that point you finally snapped and turned to face the phoenix. She was pressing the end of the blade directly against her exposed belly while a maniac smile was on her face.

You saw those damn eyes again as Kiara walked towards you, blade still inches away from ‘ending’ her own life as she approached.

You waited patiently. She was right. It was your job to keep her safe. It was your job to help support her and her career. It was something only you can do. You just didn’t want to see her ‘die’ again and again.

The phoenix eventually stopped directly in front you and dropped the sword off to the side. As if by a silent command, you wrap the girl in a hug and press your face against the top of her head, not minding the blood still present on it. You could see the smirk grow on her lips and her eyes glow in response.

“Ahhh, thank you darling… you understand now. You’ll always be there for me… right?”

You could only nod.

>> No.1253776

If you make it so deep down she's really sorry about how she's treating (You) but she just cant let you go, that would be nice.

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k... kowai....

>> No.1254028

I wonder if sex would be a release, considering how phoenixes reproduce.

>> No.1254183

Pristine shit, Anon. Love it.

>> No.1255184

That is one of the most erotic things I have ever read.

>> No.1255282

I'd like to see a codependency one where Lamy descends into alcoholism that spirals out of control

>> No.1258333

Oh his, I can see it.

>> No.1258789

Niichan comeback when peckers is still in her thirties and still single while he's having fun with his kids when?

>> No.1258942 [DELETED] 

>chuubas being abusive
>what is kiara's twitter replies and parts of streams.
>that fucking newyohka accent

>> No.1259196

>Daifuku looks at you with pity and self-derision.
>Pity that you're stuck with this abusive and alcoholic ice half-elf and he's powerless to do anything, as he's let everything happen.
>But he relies on you to keep lamy in check or else she might do something really stupid and he cannot disobey her.

>> No.1259256

Indeed, write it from Daifuku's pov as he's forced to watch lamy loving and abusing (You)

>> No.1259294

The rabbit is for abuse

>> No.1261405

Lamy has a lot of abuse potential since she's a heavy drinker. I can imagine her yelling at her partner and throwing shit around, only to sober up and be apologetic.

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I've got an idea for this but tell me, how explicit? I can really turn the horny up for this with the concept I have

>> No.1261488

and ensuing soul-draining sex

>> No.1262042

Make it 50% horni

>> No.1262176

I suppose it's the case of Marine. She is friendly, cheerful, and receptive, but it's all facade. When there is no audience nor coworker, she's 24/7 sullen and only casts a contemptuous glance at or throws harsh words to you.
You have to sit on the tatami floor with your knees bent while she's drinking sake, and if you budge she yells.

>> No.1262205

I'd go for high levels of horny, you should be able to visualise getting your post moved to /trash/ while you're writing it up.

>> No.1264029
File: 1.10 MB, 2279x1893, LamyWait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The nauseating smell of alcohol.

The feeling of arms wrapped around your body.


These were the prominent senses running through your body as you laid against the back of the couch, your eyes gazing across the pristine white ceiling. Everything in this room was either blue or white. The walls. The couch. The pillows.

But most importantly…

The blue and white Yukihana Lamy that is currently straddling you. Her azure hair was messy and unkempt, missing its usual tidiness and her signature white hat that was tossed nearby on the floor. She was only wearing her stockings and her white undershirt that was unbuttoned, revealing her large breasts that squished against your body.

The snow elves' face was firmly pressed against your chest as you felt every breath she took while she mumbled incoherent words. Even without seeing it you could feel the disapproving stare of Daifuku, Lamy’s loyal servant that floated by her wherever she went, coming from above. But the disapproval wasn't towards you.

It was for her.

Daifuku knew the pain you went through each day because of her. Not only the physical, but the emotional abuse as well. Lamy was all you had in your life, and whenever you didn’t follow her way, she would make if painfully clear that was the case. But unfortunately for Daifuku, he could only watch and obey his mistress. He wanted to help you, but you were the one one keeping Lamy under control. Without you, he could only shudder at what she would take out her drunken machinations on. In other words:

You were all on your own.


You heard Lamy’s softly spoken words and tilted your head downwards. You were met with her beautiful golden eyes staring back at you, her soft cheeks flushed a deep red while her mouth was curved downwards into a frown. This was the Lamy you loved, the Lamy that you poured all your soul and heart into. The one who would never abuse you in any way.

“Dear… do you love me?” the drunken elf said while she tilted her head in a cutesy manner. You instantly nodded your head and affirmed your love for her. It was no lie. You did indeed love her. No matter how much abuse you would receive, you would still love her. That frown instantly turned into a bright smile as she let out a few giggles.

“Hehehe…. I love you too darling. Since you love me sooo much…” she said while pulling herself up to you, her face level with your own. You could already see a stream of drool forming at the corner of her mouth. She then went up directly next your ear and whispered in a voice dripping in lust:

“I’ll show you how much I love you.”

>> No.1264054
File: 593 KB, 634x355, LamyEmpty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Before you could even respond Lamys lips were pressed against yours, her tongue invading your mouth as it explored its every crevice. Meanwhile her hands reached over and guided your own to her breasts. You quickly freed them from her undershirt, the large mounds bouncing as you reached over and began fondling them. You heard her moans through the sloppy kiss before she pulled away with a devious look. The elf reached down and grazed your growing erection with her touch.

“It looks like you’ve been really wanting this dear… It makes me so happy,” she said in a cheery voice. Lamy got up from her straddling and positioned herself between your legs. She quickly unzipped and removed your pants and underwear, taking your erection gently into her hands to give it a few strokes. A wave of pleasure rolled over you, with just the sensation of her touch making you want to cum.

Lamy then took her breasts and sandwiched your cock between them before she gave you a sly look. She then began the up and down motions, sliding her breasts all along your shaft while she would give the tip a few licks here and there. But it was those golden eyes, those seemingly innocent golden eyes looking up at you expectantly that sent you over the edge. You felt your cock twitch and you ejaculate all over her face and breasts. A look of satisfaction was across her face as she licked some of your cum off her lips.

“That was a lot, dear… it seems Lamy needs to take care of you more..” she said while standing up. She instantly reached down and began stroking your dick again, but this time, with a lot more added force.

“You only need Lamy in your life. You don't have anyone else anyways, because you're just another loser…” Lamy said while keeping her eyes looking directly at your face. That innocence you once saw, that gentle warmness that was once there, was gone. Instead, a pair of dull and empty golden orbs was left.

“But that's why Lamy loves you… that's why all you need is Lamy in your life…” she continued her hand motions as you felt another erection coming up.

“Since no one else loves you… since no one else cares about you...Lamy will,” she said while pausing her strokes. The snow elf reached down and tore her stocking off and then took position above you. You saw her clean pussy right in front of your eyes, glistening with her juices as she readied herself.

“I love you so much, my dear.”

>> No.1264070
File: 952 KB, 1103x1300, LamyLove.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This was all she said as she dropped down and your cock penetrated deep inside her pussy. She let out a huge moan and her body became stiff for a brief moment. But as the initial shock went away, she began bobbing up and down without any hesitation. She wildly humped your dick, as if trying to milk your cock while her large breasts sways in the air. You reached out and grabbed her tits and began sucking on them fervently as she shrieked in ecstasy.

“Sucking on my nipples so desperately like that… you're pathetic, but it's what I love about you, dear,” she said in between moans. Lamy then stopped your sucking and then pulled your head to look directly at her.

“I want to see that face of yours when you cum, so keep looking at only Lamy… only me...” she demanded. You only obeyed as you kept your eyes locked on her. You felt the sensation in your balls and you knew you couldn’t last much longer. When Lamy sent a final thrust down, you unloaded your seed into her. Lamy let out as shriek as she climaxed hard, her smaller body spazzing in complete pleasure as you wrapped your arms around her waist.

As you two panted heavily, that warm look returned to her eyes again and that once cold face she had returned to that loving expression you remembered. Lamy gave you a big smile as she pulled out your cock and wrapped her arms around your neck while straddling you again, your arms still around her waist.

“You love Lamy right…? You’ll always love me….” she asked in a weak voice.

You nodded. You would always love her.


Whew boy I really went all out on that one

>> No.1264739

Hologra really didn't hold anything back, portraying Lamy as getting violently angry when someone tries to take away her drinks.

>> No.1264780

Nice, I particularly like how her personality shifts.

>> No.1265035

>pov you're a bottle of sake

>> No.1265067

I wanna see when Lamy tells you she gets pregnant with a beaming smile and you realize it will actually be a big trouble, and daifuku starting at you with glassy eyes.
After a couple of years you see her snoring right beside the crying baby covered with her vomit, and daifuku floating with glassy eyes.

>> No.1266264
File: 2.89 MB, 1400x1800, __tokoyami_towa_hololive_drawn_by_speckticuls__e2e563a55d7c53f6b76de9e1a6fd95ac.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want Towa to use me as an ashtray!

>> No.1266664

>expect some videos
>the thread is just filled with shitty fanfic
oh well

>> No.1266935

I want her to use her deep voice bully me

>> No.1267205

Good shit here as always keep it up Can someone do an abusive nilhstic gura

>> No.1267226

Thanks for the bump retard

>> No.1267447

Damn this shit is fascinating. May God bless all of you anons for writing these stories.

>> No.1268262

Lamy could never abstain from alcohol long enough to give birth

>> No.1270302

see >>1233061

>> No.1271783

Thanks, I really enjoyed this

>> No.1275971
File: 370 KB, 615x900, __pavolia_reine_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_pochi_pochi_goya__061338ec372de8388b7e1308fc327233.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would but I dont really know Gura that well

>> No.1275997
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>> No.1276215

Can someone post the link to the google doc with the longer abuse story?
The one where it starts with Calli beating up Kiara and then her going to stay with Ina.

>> No.1276250

Ah yeah, the one where the takofag had to make super duper sure that Ina was stated as 100% totally not into girls because she's only for him.

>> No.1276291

Yeah the author is obviously a huge takofag but I still like the story and want to see how it continues.

>> No.1276372
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I believe this is the one, the author If I remember correctly was trying to figure out how they wanted the story go

>> No.1276542

Based, thanks anon

>> No.1280253

Nah, that's not why I did that. I was actually having trouble writing Ina up to that point -still am actually- but it's more along the lines of she's not into Kiara's blunt advances. That part kinda make me embarrassed to re-read and one of the things I've been struggling with is going back and reworking it. The line with the 'miss me with that gay shit' meme and the one about her being the queen shit of stink mountain or whatever I wrote are the worst lines in the story in my opinion, and I need to rework that entire segment. So, for now, pretend that "To coin a phrase Mori would use " to "She said, voice losing the forceful backing and intonation, returning to normal." Just isn't there. Even the remark about Ame and Gura is non canon because they have a stable -albeit unconventional- relationship.

>> No.1280716

Alright, fair enough. I can respect that. That section was just particularly jarring to me, especially since I had liked everything else up to that point, and it came off as a gachikoi trying really hard. Thank you for giving it a honest look and deciding to improve, because you really have talent.

>> No.1281260

is kiara abusing her position over you for lewd purposes considered traditional abuse

>> No.1282173

Nothing will hold my attention like these abuse fanfics.

>> No.1282446
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Pressed into the wall, you let out an involuntary moan as your boss gropes and fondles you below your clothes, her own free hand viciously pleasuring herself beneath her coverings. You’re disgusted at yourself stiffening up to her touch while she continues to feel you up, rubbing at your length as she pants into your ear. “That’s a good boy~” Kiara coos into your ear as your body begins to surrender to her touch, wet sounds clearly audible as her fingers fervently work beneath her panties. “Get nice and hard for me…you put up such a tough act, but you always love it. You would’ve quit if you didn’t.”
Some part of you shrinks at that comment, but you quickly reaffirm with yourself that’s bullshit. KFP is the only place hiring in this goddamn town, and you need the money. You don’t have a choice in the matter. Kiara grasps your cock directly as you tense up, biting your lower lip as you avoid looking at her. She chuckles softly in response, pulling her slick hand from below her skirt and using it to begin undoing your zipper. Your stomach turns. “You know you love it...you always cum sooo hard, squirming and moaning for me…just enjoy it…”
The phoenix wheezes softly as her face flushes further, sweat rolling down her forehead as she finally frees your dick from the confines of your uniform pants, twitching and erect. You’ve been sent here, to the usual room, almost every day for weeks now. And as far as you know, it’s been you and you alone. Your coworkers refuse to speak to you beyond an apologetic glance. It makes you sick how content they are to allow you to be the sacrificial lamb to Takanashi’s desires. Kiara undoes the suspender clips keeping her incredibly short skirt in place as she allows the fabric to fall, moving in just a bit closer as she grasps your length. With her panties exposed to you, she pulls open the front, giving you a free view of her soaked sex, her arousal leaking into the damp fabric as she aims your dick towards it, going so far as to lightly rub you against it. “L-Look…see what you do to me?” She mutters, a bit of drool dripping from the corner of her mouth as she strokes you, rubbing your glans against her. “You’re twitching so much right now, getting precum on me…can’t you feel how hot and wet I am? Take me, already…”

Your cheeks burn up in embarrassment as she plays with you. The most disgust you feel at the moment is directed firmly at yourself, because you know she’s right. As much as it makes you sick – being taken advantage of like this – you know she’s right. You hate her. You hate the people you work with. You hate this shit dead end job you can barely get by with. But you love the attention. The feeling of being lusted after. The feeling of Kiara pleasuring you. These thoughts clash, but one prevails over the other. Swallowing your pride, you bring your hands up to Kiara’s hips, taking a firm hold of them as you grind against her. The phoenix moans out in response, visibly squirting a bit against your cock. “I knew it…I knew you wanted me. Don’t hold back, give me everything, just…fuck me already, I can’t stand it anymore!”

Truthfully, you can’t either. Kiara tugs her panties down and lifts her leg enough to pull them off one side, very quickly pinning you up and against the wall as she slips said leg around you, pushing your head against her slit properly. Leaning into you, she roughly presses her lips against yours as she shoves against you, forcing your dick into her while she groans into your mouth. Cooperating with the phoenix’s rough actions, you support her while she does most of the work, thrusting into her as she roughly pumps her hips forward, tongue pressed to yours as she holds you. The inside of the phoenix is beyond hot; as expected, given her affinity for flame. As her body presses against you, the heat fills you to your core, sinking into your flesh and filling you with a sensual warmth. You finally relent and moan into Kiara’s mouth as she greedily sucks on your tongue, using your body.

Kiara spasms against you as she cums once more, breaking the kiss to move into your shoulder, sinking her teeth into the tender flesh there while bucking wildly against you. Working with her, your mind begins to swim while your knees wobble. Your cock swells within the phoenix, slowly starting to reach its zenith as your boss covers your neck and shoulder in bites and hickies, milking you for everything you can put out. At last, you relent, giving the phoenix exactly what she wants. You let out a low moan as you finally erupt within her, eliciting a groan of appreciation from your partner as she slams herself down against you, letting you empty yourself within her. Slumping back against the wall as your legs wobble, the two of you pant heavily, basking in the afterglow and warmth of Kiara’s body.

>> No.1282538
File: 458 KB, 472x524, This is SO not worth minimum wage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You’re sickened by yourself once more – letting your arousal overwrite your judgement. Kiara slowly plants kisses up your neck and cheek before settling on your lips, running her tongue over yours as she smirks at you, eyes half-lidded.
“That’s my little employee of the month…you’ll earn that raise in no time.” She remarks, leaning in to lick at your cheek. It’s slow and deliberate. Her saliva is hot. “Keep up the good work.”
“T-Thank you, Ms. Takanashi.” You squeak out in response.
Maybe you enjoy this abuse more than you let on. Maybe this is just your way of coping with it. Slowly, Kiara untangles herself from you, sliding your wilting cock out of her with a shuddering breath. Quickly redressing without bothering to even clean herself off, she leaves you slumped against the wall, panting for breath. Reaching the door way, she looks back over to you, a lecherous smile plastered across her face.
“Same time tomorrow, baby. Don’t be late.”
With that, she departs, leaving you to clean yourself up and regurgitate your pride.


I don't know I've been thinking about dumb chicken lately. Thanks for reading.

>> No.1283013

Good shit man

>> No.1283224

I appreciate you saying that, and thank you sticking with the story so far. I welcome critique and constructive criticism. If I'm going to be honest with you (and everybody in this thread that cares to read this) a lot of what I wrote about Ina is a product of me not knowing about what I'm writing, I don't watch her. I've tried to give her a fair shake but her presentation style turns my interest. I'm more along the lines of KFP than anything else when we're talking about HoloEN. If I'm going to be frank I think I'm just going to expand on the aspects of Ina being Lovecraftian or non-euclidean or whatever people are calling it these days slap a cold personality on her, and just continue on with the story. I've muddled over this way too much, and I do have much more to write. though I will make a serious attempt to bring some character into her and not make her the atypical 'big bad evil guy'.

>> No.1283904
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Great read anon

>> No.1284050

All of these Great works For hololive en Zoomposting ame Kiara fucking you up with sucides then reviving yandere mori Ina that drugs you but still no good abusive Gura stuff damn thats a shame

>> No.1284192

>Ame zoomposting

>> No.1285027
File: 22 KB, 521x293, EuHY_AsUYAM9--x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah umm I am going to gush about YOU for a second. First off thanks for fucking writing this story it has been a fucking blast to read. I like how you play with all of holos personalities. You don't just take the characters and inverse the apparent joy each of them brings outside of this, but you replace with gritty, brutal realism. Thanks for giving me the totally broken home, drug ridden and overpowered upbringing I never knew I needed,

One question, how did you get so good at writing? Do you just sit on google docs and type and that's pretty much it, experience? Super excited for what you put out next my guy.

>> No.1285336
File: 639 KB, 1736x1441, MioTaiga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not the anon who wrote that but has posted a lot of abuse stories on these threads, its mostly just comes with experience and practice writing. Also finding your own writing style is very important

>> No.1285496 [DELETED] 


blowjob ASMR on stream

>> No.1286061

Imagine an abusive pptenshi using her gorilla strength on you and destroying you mentally and physically

>> No.1286075

Thank you for your service fellow employee

>> No.1286091

While Coco watch

>> No.1286184

You're welcome anon! I'm glad you enjoy it!
Is right, it's mostly about practice. It also helps to read a lot too, for enjoyment. Don't try to copy exactly what you read, tho, just let authors that you like influence you. Some of my favorite authors, and you can probably see this reflected in my work, are Stephen King, Isaac Asimov, Orson Scott Card, Robert Jordan, JRR Tolkien, Frank Herbert, HG Wells, Jules Verne, Brandon Sanderson, William Gibson, Harlan Ellison, Edgar Allan Poe, the list goes on. I just read a lot growing up, and as you can see it's mostly fantasy and sci-fi.

But the most important thing is to write. And don't worry about writing bad stuff, I just omitted a paragraph from my story because honestly it's garbage. I agree that it seemed very gachikoi, and in fact when I was writing it I was like 'that's really fucking chuunibyou but I have got to move on'. That's one thing that a lot of writers, especially neophyte writers, struggle with. Don't get caught up on one thing. Just keep going and you can go back and correct it later. Even if you feel that it breaks the flow you can fix it eventually.

I say that as somewhat of a hypocrite because to be honest that's one of the reasons -although actually a minor one- why I'm hesitating to write right now. I have some of this imagery in my head that I want to convey but I'm not sure how to get there yet, however I think what I'm going to do is reformat that old paragraph, insert some new stuff into it, and that will allow me to be able to link together a couple of ideas that I have more properly.

That leads into another thing that I want to talk about and something that many people, especially these days, don't understand: critiques and constructive criticisms help you better yourself. Not everyone that critiques your work is a hater. Sometimes if you're feeling iffy on a subject -like I was- and somebody comes along and says 'nah man that's not good at it fucks the flow up' that can be the tipping point to bettering yourself!
-To the Anon that told me that I should revise that I honestly thank you, it really did help.-
However that does require the caveat that not all criticism should be taken into consideration. Sometimes people will have a problem with an aspect of a story and ask you to change it simply because it makes them uncomfortable, however it's a major theme and your story requires it. You have to be judicious in what criticism that you take otherwise you're just not going to make anything.

This post feels like a blog post now so I'm just going to cut it short: tl;dr Read write, and read some more. Then write some more. And then repeat.

>> No.1286486
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Imagine being a shounen fan of Suisei, you save up your pocket money just so you can give her a bright red supacha at her next concert. A few days later she suddenly sends you a DM, thanking you for your support and asking if she can give you a small gift in return in person. Overjoyed, you go to the convenience store corner where she asked to meet. You're standing around, looking at your phone when you feel a soft hand firmly pull your free arm behind your back and a damp cloth goes over your face.

You wake up in a bedroom, the walls plastered with posters of young, lithe anime boys. The large blue bed you're on is covered in stained sheets. You try to move but realize each arm is chained to the bedposts, and you have a gag in your mouth.

Suddenly you hear a door open somewhere nearby. You begin squirming and grunting through the gag, hoping it's someone who can help you. You see the door open- a young woman with pink hair walks in, looking bemused but not especially surprised.

"Suisei... another one this week, seriously?" she sighs to herself. She walks over to you and undoes your gag, throwing it aside.

"ONEE-SAN, please help me!" you gasp. "I was waiting at the convenience store when someone kidnapped me-"

"Yes, yes, I know." She sighed again. "Don't worry, I'll help you out kid." She climbed up on the bed, towering over you. She looked down and smiled while slowly lifting up her skirt and pulling down a pair of lacy black panties, revealing her steaming adult pussy. "But first, use your mouth for something useful for a change and lick onee-chan's pussy." And with that, she pressed her hot body up against yours, your eyes going dark as wet folds invade your mouth and soft moans begin ringing in your ears...

>> No.1286589

this is a new one

>> No.1286705
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Now we need a part two where Suisei joins in with Anemachi and you

>> No.1286760
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Do go on...

>> No.1286772 [DELETED] 



>> No.1287258

Yeah, I used to write but just stopped, this makes me want to continue, so I will start by reading your guy's stuff and then writing and then writing, it helps to have a group with keen eyes to review your stuff so I will look for that and thanks for entertaining me.

>> No.1287379

In every image her eyes look dead. It's only a matter of time before she makes a rabbit skinsuit

>> No.1287442


Top one is another great writer from these threads, the bottom one has all the ones I've written so far for these threads


>> No.1289672
File: 1 KB, 239x44, 2021-03-07 07_12_02-HoloEN Ry story Google Docs version - Google Docs — Mozilla Firefox.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Find and replace is a hell of a drug

>> No.1291772

Abusive Marine when

>> No.1291821 [DELETED] 

Noel will never punish you with sodomy and pegging.

>> No.1291840

Ok, I've revised it.

>> No.1291851
File: 878 KB, 2507x3626, 8216A9E6-4CB4-4F84-A366-A92F61D4E295.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Noel will never punish you with sodomy and pegging

>> No.1291961

Imagine being a Novel living punching bag

>> No.1291976

the thought of koopa instant loss has me rock hard

>> No.1292017

i don't know why but this kind of shit gets me going harder than anything else

>> No.1292052
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>> No.1292107

Good shit

>> No.1295426
File: 2.99 MB, 1966x3309, Suisei.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I've got an idea to expand on this

>> No.1295657
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>> No.1296569
File: 2.10 MB, 2894x3479, SuiseiSing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


You were so excited to meet her. That blue haired girl you saw by chance on one of her streams. Her singing voice was so pretty, her starry eyes were mesmerizing to look at and she was good at the same video games you played. Her streams were the thing you looked most forward to after a long day at school. By your definition, Hoshimachi Suisei was the perfect girl for you.

Spending day after day, taking on small little jobs from your relatives, you saved up enough money to send a big red super chat during one of her concerts. You knew that since you were at least half her age, there would be no actual chance of you being with her, but at least it would get you noticed by the girl you adored so much.

But to your surprise, a few days later, you got a DM from Suisei thanking you personally! Not only that, you actually chatted for a bit and told how her singing streams helped you concentrate on studying for your high school entrance exams. When you said that, however, she stopped typing for a moment and your heart went south. Did you say something wrong?!

But then a few minutes later she sent another message, congratulating you on getting into your select high school! She even said that she lived nearby and wanted to give you a small gift for your hard work in person! You were so excited that you didn’t even think about telling your parents as you went straight from your house to the convenience store corner she told you to meet at.

You waited for a while, tapping your feet anxiously as you waited for any sign of the blue haired girl. You began to worry as the minutes went by. Was she running late? Was this just some sorta prank?

The last memory you had before you blacked out was the feeling of a hand grabbing you from behind and a damp cloth being draped over your face.

Then when you woke up, you found you were tied to a blue sheeted bed with posters of young teenage boys from various anime’s you recognized and the bed sheets were thoroughly stained. You tried to move your arms but they chained to the bed posts and there was a ball gag in your mouth. You tried to scream for help, but then, the sounds of a door opening filled your ears.

A pink haired girl walked in with an exasperated, but unsurprised face as she walked up to you.

>> No.1296592
File: 265 KB, 1600x1000, AnemachiSuisei.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

“Again Suisei? This is the second time this week…” she said with a sigh as she reached out and removed the ball gag.

“O-Onee-san, please help! I was going to the store when I got kidnap-“

“Yeah, I know, I’ll help you out kid,” she said while giving a small sigh. But instead of removing your bindings, she got on top of the bed and towered over you. She lifted up her skirt and slowly removed the black laced pants while giving you a small smile.

“But first, why don’t you put that mouth to good use and lick onee-chans pussy?”

Before you can respond she presses her hot body against your face, your eyes going dark as her wet folds invaded your mouth. You had no way of fighting back, so you just did as she told. You extended your tongue into her pussy, licking it thoroughly as you heard the pink haired girl moan in pleasure.

“Ahh, k-kid you're pretty good!” she exclaimed. You still couldn’t see but you felt her rubbing her folds across your face as you continued to lick. Eventually you felt her body shudder and an onset of her fluids sprayed out across your face. You nearly choked on them before the girl got up and looked at you with a pleased expression.

“Damn that felt good. I never get to play around with you kids cause Suisei hogs you all the time,” she said with a slight tinge of annoyance.


Did she just say Suisei?

You heard that same door opened and both you and the pink haired girl turned to see the latest newcomer. What you saw however shocked as your mouth and eyes widened at the sight. It was those same clothes she wore. That same hair color she had. Those starry eyes.

It was Suisei.

And she looked angry.

>> No.1296623
File: 3.29 MB, 2000x3000, SuiseiDangerous.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

“Onee-Chan! What are you doing with him?” she exclaimed with anger across her face. Suisei walked towards the bed while removing her jacket and hat, tossing them aside as she gave the pink haired girl an annoyed look.

“Just having some fun nee-chan. You never let Anemachi have fun with them, so I thought I’d get a little taste before you,” she said with a wink and a smug smile. You saw Suisei have the same murderous look she got when she played those video games on stream before. But when she turned her eyes to you, they became softer and you saw that familiar spark.

“Don't worry, your onee-chans will take care of you…” she said with a dangerous voice. She crawled onto the bed and removed her shirt, showing her small breasts that gave a small bounce. You blushed as you saw Suiseis sister do the same, the animosity between the two seemingly vanished into thin air as they approached you from either side.

Suisei was the first to act as she reached down and pulled off your pants and underwear before taking your dick into her glove covered hand and began stroking it. Meanwhile Anemachi pressed her chest against you and invaded your mouth with her tongue. You felt your mind go blank as your senses were overloaded. The sensation was too much and you spread your seed all over her hands.

Suisei lifted her hand up and licked the cum off her glove while Anemachi gave her a small pout.

“Don't just hog it all to yourself nee-san,” said the pink haired girl as she crawled up to Suisei. Without saying anything Anemachi kissed Suisei on the lips, the two girls exchanging your cum between their mouths. The overwhelming sight almost made your pass out as your mind raced.

This was the real Suisei? The one you adored?

The sensation of your body being touched drew you back to reality as you saw the duo pressing their bodies on either side of your torso, their legs wrapping around your own while each reached out and grabbed both of your cheeks.

“You’ll help out your onee-chans, right?” they both said in unison with pure lust on their voice. You could only nod as they spend the rest of the night violating your body in every manner possible.

I'm going to jail

>> No.1297608

Did anyone cap that Matsuri story from a couple threads ago? I really liked it

>> No.1297648

The one is this comp?


>> No.1297991
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I don't know why, but I feel like the best part of shotacons is seeing them portrayed as desperate weirdos
That's what I liked about the Mori copypastas

>> No.1297997

No, it’s not that one. It was one that was written from her perspective

>> No.1298026
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I think its the one from this comp


>> No.1298055


Here's a link to /vt/'s archive. I'm about to bed down for the night so I can't hunt it down, so here's the tools if you want to search through it then it should be in an abuse thread. I wish you the best, anon.

>> No.1298376

I didn’t know /vt/ had an archive. Thanks anon. It took some doing, but I managed to find it. I was referring to this one.

>> No.1298935

Shotacon abusers are the best

>> No.1299254

Nyafuu has one too

>> No.1300504
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>> No.1301548


>> No.1302987
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>> No.1305379
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>alternate perspective to my Matsuri writing

He hated you.

That’s the conclusion you came to.

You sent that text exactly three hours, twenty-five minutes and seventeen seconds ago.

And he still hasn’t responded.

You looked across your arms and legs. Red slashes went up and down them. Blood is still dripping from them. The knife in your hand still stained the same color red. You felt it on your face as well.

You were Natsuhiro Matusuri. You were supposed to be a successful idol. One who sang, danced, went to festivals and played video games for fun. You were supposed to be perfect.

But that wasn’t true.

You were far from perfect.

So imperfect, in fact, that you still wondered how you got a job at a company like Hololive.

Even less so, how you got a boyfriend that ‘loved’ you.

It was your main worry in life. Even more so than messing up a dance on stage, or losing a game in APEX. That you would lose the one you love so much.

You thought about him every day. The memories, both good and bad, that brought tears of joy whenever they came about.

But then then fear would kick in.

Fear that something you would do would drive him away. That your messed up mind would cause him to leave you behind.

Just thinking about it made you feel despair.

You heard a knock on the door at that moment. You heard his voice following.

You ignored it.

He must be here to grab his things and leave you.

That could be the only explanation.

“Matsuri... I’ll say it again, I’m so sorry I missed your text. I was busy trying to get home so I could see you again. So please, I’m begging you, let me in or I’ll open the door myself. I don't care if you're mad at me, I just want to make sure you're okay.”

You ignored him again. He was just saying that to make you feel better. He would push you away like everyone else-

The door opened and he entered. You still pointed your eyes to the ground. You didn’t want to meet his gaze of disapproval. This was you at your ugliest moment, and he would surely leave in disgust.

But instead he kept walking towards you. As the steps got closer you felt your last barrier break.

You snapped.

>> No.1305420
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You immediately stood up and ran at him with the knife. You fruitlessly swing around trying to stab him .

“You hate me, DON’T YOU?!” you screamed as you kept trying to attack him. You saw that you most ripped up his business suit more than actually hurting him.

Great, even more easons for him to hate you.

He eventually managed to grab your wrist and held you in place. You waited for him to strike back. It would make the most sense after what you did.

“Please stop! Matsuri, I love you, but please stop. I don’t want to hurt you,” he yelled at you.

Another lie. You stopped struggling against his grab for a few moments. But as he let go, you went for another stab.

And another.

And another.

And another.

Eventually he managed to rip the knife from your grasp and tossed it away. It was then you realized it.

You overreacted again.

Your felt tears pour from your eyes and your lips tremble. He reached around and pulled you into an embracing hug as you sobbed into his chest. You felt his face pressed against the top of your head.

“I love you Matsuri, even if you hate me, yourself or anyone else, I’ll still love you.”

At those words you sobbed even more. You couldn’t believe those words. He must‘ve been lying. After all you had done, there was no he could love you.

But at that moment you decided to live in that lie. Maybe there was a slim chance he wasn’t lying. Maybe it wasn’t just another one of your delusions.

You promised to not do it again, but you knew you were wrong. The emotions would strike your heart and you would lash out.

It never ends.

It never will end.

>> No.1305450
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the original one

>> No.1305708

Self-hate, dependency, love and mental breakdowns? You're ticking all my boxes here.

>> No.1307209

Damn imagine an abusive Marine how would that work

>> No.1307237

but she's a boomer pirate, wouldn't se be sotty after all that abuse and the possibility of (You) leaving her?

>> No.1307515
File: 647 KB, 2400x3357, __houshou_marine_hololive_drawn_by_jikatarou__17b9313ba083007d07ac02c612e2a352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she would probably be a sexual/mental rather physical abuser, forcing a codependent relationship like >>1264070

>> No.1307730


>> No.1307784

Does Pekora breed like an actual rabbit?

>> No.1308013

>Will never be threatened at carrot point to continue siring heirs

>> No.1308356

I’m glad somebody liked it. I’m working on a Calli story, but I find myself getting hung up on details

>> No.1308438
File: 1.32 MB, 2508x3541, Poruka Oruka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1308517

>Membership to Polka
>Can't stay up to watch the shit live so I just catch VODs
it hurts

>> No.1309994

>Membership to Polka
>I've been sleeping at 11am since 2 months

>> No.1310097
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Honestly want to read this out and make it into a audio file

>> No.1310624

Do it. Sounds fun.

>> No.1310761
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have you considered that Ina could put you in a full on psychological horror story?

>> No.1312189

Could be fun with the idea of seeing her as flashes in your peripheral vision. Not really know if she was there or not.

>> No.1312280

That's not even a matter of likelihood, we know it for a fact. Though I wonder if it was ever physical.

>> No.1313181

Tbh All of the Hololive En Girls aside from gura are scary as abuser.Mori is a literal grim reaper and can kill anyone you love if you dis obey her Ame can Fuck up your life with time travel and shit.Ina is literal elderich horror and kiara cant die.Safe to say if you got any of these 4 as an abuser your fucked

>> No.1313497

Gura could just drag you back to atlantis

>> No.1317797
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Anon did this in the least thread

>> No.1319276
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You felt pain.

Felt it all over your body.

It clouded your mind. Your vision was blurry as you tried to look around. You tried to move but your body wouldn’t cooperate.

“Ah, it seems I went overboard again. Let’s fix that,” you heard some feminine sounding voice say. You felt something pierce your skin and then your body felt very warm. It was almost a soothing kind of warmness. Your vision became less hazy, your mind became clearer and some of the pain faded away. With what strength you had, you tilted your head up to try and see the origin of the voice.

You saw a smiling smiling face greet you. She had bright blonde hair and a pronounced chest that dangled over you. Her clothes reminded you of old detective movies you used to watch. Her eyes were a bright azure, but when you looked into them, something felt…


“Sometimes the Watson concoction can be a bit… unpredictable… at times. This one should work though,” spoke the blonde girl cheerfully as she walked over and replaced the empty syringe onto a nearby tray. That tray was full of many of them, all different colors lined up side by side. But the most prominent one was a bright blue syringe, the liquid having the same color as her eyes. And filled with the same amount of mystery.

The girl walked over to you, that smile still present on her lips as she leaned in and pressed the needle against the base of your neck. You twitched as you felt the metal penetrate through your flesh and the blue fluid being injected.

At first you felt nothing different. Nothing seemed to change as the girl backed away and discarded the used syringe. But the whole time she kept those blue eyes locked on you while her smile slowly turned into a maniacal grin.

“This test should be interesting…”

>> No.1319295
File: 128 KB, 720x1057, WatsonInjection.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At that moment your body tensed up and you began to sweat. Your breathing intensified as the world changed colors. The girl seemingly multiplied as copies of her grinning face filled your vision as you felt your head spin. Her loud giggles sounded like multiple echoes that assaulted you from multiple directions. But then you noticed she had another syringe in her hand, this time you couldn’t tell the color due to your rapidly changing vision.

“Now this, this is where the true fun begins!” you heard her exclaim as she injected another syringe. This time you didn’t even feel it as your mind was still racing from the first injection.
What was all of this? Who was this in front of you? Why was she doing this-

Your thoughts were interrupted as a massive wave of pain washed over your body. At first it felt like molten lava was pouring through your veins but would then switch to a piercing frozen sensation, then it altered between the two. Your muscles spasmed but the restraints on you prevented your body from flailing about. You tried to scream, but you could produce no sound, instead it felt like hot air was burning your throat.

“Now, we get to the final part of this experiment...” she said. You fought through the pain and looked at her as she menacingly approached. Her eyes seemed hollow but filled with a crazy glint, that wide grin still present as she stood in front of you. The injection came again, but this time instead of retreating back to her usual spot, she merely tossed the syringe away and turned to you.

“That last concoction should make you feel nice and awake!” she said with enthusiasm as she cracked her knuckles. Your senses seemed to dilate as you felt your skin becoming hypersensitive. She blew out some cold air and it felt like a blizzard touched your skin. Your eyes darted around the room at lightning pace as your body become energized.

The girl then swung her first directly into your gut. The pain was immediate and overwhelming, worse than anything you had ever felt up to that point. She reached out and held your head up before slapping your cheek. The stinging permeated through your face as you felt tears begin to fall.

“We're not even that far in yet and you're already like this… I would’ve thought you would have some tolerance but it seems my calculations were off. Amelia Watson Is rarely ever wrong, ya know?” she said as she sent another punch. This time it landed directly in the center of your face, feeling your nose crack and blood began dripping.

>> No.1319312
File: 518 KB, 1500x1500, WastonNeverEnding.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Amelia Watson…? That name seemed so familiar. You tried to ignore the beating and figure out how you got here. But then it came to you. This wasn’t the first time you’ve been in this chair. You’ve been here dozens of times before. Maybe even hundreds. And every time SHE was there.

The hitting and kicking became more and more intense, each strike carrying more force than the last. The pain you felt multiplied as you felt your bones snap and muscles tear with each strike. Your heart was beating so fast it felt like it was gonna explode and your mind became numb. You felt your chest squeeze under some pressure and breathing became erratic. Your vision became hazy again as she stopped the attacks for a brief moment and observed you.

“Already having a heart attack? That’s so pathetic. Looks like we need to use this already,” she said with a sigh as she pulled out some kind of watch. She pressed a button and your vision began to warp. Everything around you seemed to change. You closed your eyes and you felt the pain disappear. It was an almost relaxing experience. But then you opened your eyes again after a brief moment and there she was. Looking next to her, instead of seeing empty syringes, they were all full and ready to be used.

“Understand now? Until I get what I want…” she paused as she approached with that familiar blue syringe. Each step forward she took filled you with an immeasurable amount of dread.

“... we're gonna play this little game. Over, and over, and over again. To be honest, this is actually fun for me. To see that look of pain and desperation on your face… it’s so exciting!” she giddily squealed as she prepared for the injection.

You could only scream as the pain ensued.

>> No.1319716

This ruled. Great abuse of time travel shit and her mystery syringes. Fantastic shit, man.

>> No.1319797

What does she want

>> No.1319908
File: 3.17 MB, 2100x2970, WatsonHappy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wanted to leave that part up to the readers imagination. Did she really want something? Was she just torturing you for fun? Maybe that's what she was looking for? Could be anything

>> No.1320290

lmao like that midget could drag herself back

>> No.1320314

Steins;Gate, but its just Amelia time traveling back and forth to fuck with you

>> No.1320517

Requesting gura co-dependency and horni

>> No.1321163
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>> No.1321644

IDK anon, Gura is an apex predator and also a friend of Ame, maybe when Ame is bored after playing with you she will send your bruised, battered, and broken body to Gura. Imagine the joy on her face when she opened the box with a note that said "Midnight Snack -Ame" then imagine her cute predatory grin when she looked at your bloody face, in your drug-addled mind you began to feel a tickle and slight wetness on your toes, and then she take a bite. Imagine the rush she must feel when your blood gushed on her face and into her mouth, and imagine the feeling as you snapped your head to see a cute shark with your leg on her mouth, you might be feeling unimaginable pain but don't worry, she won't let you die, you're a snack remember? It's a waste to eat you in one go.

The next few days was a haze as you lost so much blood, thankfully Gura was kind enough to treat the stump that was once your right leg, hell, she's kind enough to give you meal every single day just for you to recover quickly. You began to hear her mumble about her eating schedule "once a week" she said "enough for a month" she said, you can also hear her talking on the phone about 'preservation', whatever that means. A week passed and you woke up to see her bright blue eyes, glistening like the sea as she tore off your right hand.

It feels like eternity to you, but in reality it's only been two weeks, you are now a limbless puppet. Tomorrow, Gura will eat your head which will end your suffering, this is the first time that you feel genuinely happy in this hell, the thought of death was the only hope that keeps you alive. The feeding day arrives, you gratefully open your eyes to greet your end but the only thing you see is a gremlin with big smile holding a "special watch."

You can hear Gura hollering in awe as you feel whole again.

ESL and first time writing, pls andastan

>> No.1321675
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I feel like that would be the aftermath of being mindraped though, and then becoming insane enough to enjoy her tentacle juice.

Its like you were her boyfriend before her ascension to Priestess
Her new form was weird enough, but the personality shift and general creepiness is what drove you to run away and hide from her.
But even that was better than her actively using her powers to crush your spirit and twist your mind. You were sure she was enjoying it.

>> No.1321782

That's a tempting idea anon.

>> No.1322169

nice work Anon

>> No.1322884

Jeez this is prettt horrifying

>> No.1323199
File: 624 KB, 1002x1417, GuraBlood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it bad I felt aroused by this?

>> No.1325506

Man Gura has alot of untapped potienal as an abuser

>> No.1325621

Womanlets aren't intimidating.

>> No.1327394


She would eat you alive

>> No.1327428
File: 151 KB, 1075x1483, 830F9EBF-CC16-486B-9F2E-2E01E0912FEA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More of these are needed

>> No.1327524
File: 199 KB, 2048x1768, 58e0d7142efcfbff35236aa1f9e74b7b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course she would, but not all at once. Her little dwarf shark tummy can only handle so much after all.

>> No.1329784

Hey anon, I also really like your stuff, especially that 8-page story with every holoEN.
How much do you edit and when do you call it quits ? Obviously it's never going to be perfect, but when do you say "ok, i'm satisfied, that's it" ? And how many iterations of editing do you do, as in, how many times do you re-read your writing ? Is it possible to do it too much that you loose the original "soul" of the work ?

>> No.1332309
File: 312 KB, 2500x1643, __ookami_mio_hololive_drawn_by_nejime__0fa78adf3e83cf44bcb17ff4635549ce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Different write anon here, editing is a pretty big area where it depends on person to person, but for me, when you over-edit you can lose a lot of genuineness of the writing. I usually only do it to correct grammar/make, flow of words and some different word choices. Its similar to the advice you hear from teachers in school to not constantly second guess yourself during an exam, cause your more than likely gonna change a right answer to a wrong one

>> No.1332389

That's what I thought. When you go back to your initial draft to edit, you're a different person than when you first wrote it. My thought was that, if you go back too many times, your writing ends up more neutral and less personal.

>> No.1332469
File: 19 KB, 542x414, 1614852438794.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Usually a better idea than to go straight into editing is to get a second persons opinion before you make major changes to a writing pieces story, it can give you a good sense as to what works/doesn't work while allowing to be flexible

>> No.1335016

Welp. Mori Stori, as promised

I have no idea what happened. I switched directions like 3 times while writing it, but I’m glad I could get it out. Please tell me if it’s shit or not.


>> No.1335185
File: 160 KB, 402x387, 1614817701696.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So hot I broke my 1 month streak of not fapping.

>> No.1335285

Nice anon. That makes me think that Mori, Kiara and Ame having been through so many periods of humanity doesn't get exploited enough. We need more historical dramas.

>> No.1335324

I like it

>> No.1335491
File: 825 KB, 850x1511, Chosen one.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your legs burned as you sprint down the narrow corridor – seemingly growing smaller and smaller the more you went on – as the sickening moist sounds followed, getting closer and closer to you. Wheezing, you burst through the door lying at the end of the almost unfathomably long hallway, slamming it behind you in haste. Your heart leaps into your throat as you realize just how close one of those decorated tentacles was to latching around your throat. Lungs on fire and muscles seizing, you quickly throw everything you can move in front of the door; tables, chairs…anything to keep the horrors in pursuit of you out. You quickly take stock of the room you’re in. Small, unevenly shaped…differing heights in the ground creating alternating rising and descending slopes. It’s the same as the other five you’ve already sprint through in a panic. A lone door at the far end of the room awaits you. A pain ripples through your head as you wince, making your way towards it. Why did this have to happen?

Why did it have to happen to Ina?

Your girlfriend was always bookish, put simply. Shy, quiet, pensive. You count yourself lucky you ever managed to even talk with her. She was kind, as well…thoughtful and sweet. Not whatever the fuck she is now. Moving towards the door as the one behind you rattles from impact, you move on. Something in your stomach shifts while the muscles under your eyes twinge, equilibrium thrown off balance.
Your memory seems so muddled now. You can barely recall Ina’s…human form, you guess would be the best way to put it. Long black hair in place of the crown of tentacles…no tentacles at all, really, as far as your memory is concerned. It all started with that goddamn book. The educated part of you quickly chimes in, mentioning that the book is most likely a grimoire – an ancient magical tome. Can potentially contain entities. It doesn’t take much thought to surmise that one of said entities probably corrupted Ina to her current state. A tentacle beast. Something touched by beings beyond the stars.

Muttering about “The Ancient Ones” leads you to believe that it’s probably far worse than you thought.

The appearance change was strange enough, true. She had stopped talking to you for almost a week – prompting you to visit her apartment in worry – as she tried to hide it from you. That day seemed so long ago, now. When she finally revealed the form to you, she didn’t seem particularly bothered by it. A red flag, in retrospect. You were willing to move past it, of course; she was your girlfriend. Future wife if things kept going well. The tricks with tentacles grew to be endearing, the more and more she mastered them. You weren’t sure what exactly you could do for her in this relationship other than be with her; obviously, no doctors or the like could do anything for her, nor did she want to even try. She was happy with her newfound abilities.

If they had stopped there, you would’ve been happy, too. Something about her demeanor…shifted. It changed just as much as her physical appearance, though it took much longer for that to come to the surface. Her eyes lacked the same curious sparkle they had. Her quiet nature bloomed into something more…open. You thought this was great, at first – Ina was finally leaving her shell. Only what was leaving the shell wasn’t the Ina you knew. It was something almost malicious. Something older than time. Something that wanted to watch you suffer, crack, and finally break. You shiver, navigating the seemingly endless labyrinth of halls. You regret ever stepping foot into Ina’s closet to hide from her.

Is this even a closet anymore? Where the fuck are you?

>> No.1335503
File: 308 KB, 850x1054, Speaker for those without voices.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You noticed the more and more you came to Ina’s apartment, the heavier the atmosphere was every time. The air was harder to breathe. The edges of shadows coiled and shivered. Light barely pierced the dark veil of her windows, no matter how much you cleaned. Something touching your shoulder only for there to be nothing there. Faint whispers on the edges of perception. You don’t know why you kept going back. Ina always promised you something so grand and beautiful if you would just come and spend time with her. Why did you always say yes? Why didn’t you just decline? Why did you feel so compelled? Something in your brain squirms.

Arriving at a door, you hastily move inwards. The room is unlike the rest of the ones you’ve maneuvered through, bringing you momentary comfort…but discomfort. You can’t make out the shape of the room itself – all is cast in the same disgusting darkness as the halls outside – but the key figure piece of the room is an ornate full body mirror, seemingly hovering in the center of the room. Cautiously approaching it, your reflection comes into view from the darkness, and you cringe at the sight. You look on the verge of death. Shakily, you take stock of your injuries in the moment of peace. Blood seeps down from a wound in your shoulder. Your fingers are coated in an inky black substance, almost tar. Bruises and sucker marks form a solid coil around your neck. Examining yourself in the looking glass, you lean in just a bit more. You don’t remember taking this much damage along the way, but…adrenaline is a hell of a thing, you surmise. But something about this seems…wrong, somehow. You look at yourself just a bit more closely, examining your features. Bringing your hand up to your cheek, it all clicks into place. Just barely visible in the low light around the mirror, you can make out the fact that your hands are clean. No inky substance to be found. Your eyes widen as your “reflection” grins, your features quickly growing into an exaggerated rictus of madness. Without warning, it lunges forward. Ina shoots through the glass as you scream, narrowly avoiding her as stagger backwards, ripping the door open and setting down the hallway. You hear her laughing behind you as your ears ring and heart pounds, the slithering noises growing closer behind you.

Another wave of nausea slams you in the stomach, bringing you to a screeching halt as you lean against one of the inky black walls of the hallway. The texture seems to writhe against your skin like living shadow, the roaring wave of disorientation causing you keel over and vomit on the ground. It comes out a murky tincture of red and black before it promptly is absorbed by whatever surface the “ground” is comprised of. Ina’s laughter echoes from the hall behind you, hastily bringing you to your feet as you haphazardly resume your sprinting. You can hear her behind you. Her breath is at your neck. You’re going to die here. Adrenaline crashes through your veins. Violet eyes dot the hallway, opening and watching you pass as you struggle.

Just before you reach the door, one of the long, slippery appendages coils around your ankle, sharply pulling back as you fall face first. You scream as you’re yanked back painfully, clawing at the shivering ground below you in any attempt to gain purchase while more and more of the seemingly endless mass of tentacles constrict you. Working their way up to your throat, you’re flipped. Ina stays above you, seemingly floating in perfect stillness, the sharp purple hue of her eyes piercing you as her grin widens. Without warning, one of the tentacles plunges into your mouth, squirting a disgusting, caustic substance into your mouth. You attempt to scream, only to gag and forcefully swallow whatever it is Ina pumps into you as she watches with great interest.

Your throat burns as your limbs grow heavy and numb. An awful, searing pain works its way up your body, leaving only that terrible numbness in its place. Your heart, once pounding out of control, begins to gradually slow and relax. Your mind begins to go with it. Ina very slowly begins to descend towards you – or perhaps you’re being lifted. Stopping just shy of you, she leans down, and with a wink begins kissing your forehead. Immediately, pain floods through even the numb areas of your body. You spasm in response as your brain is flooded with knowledge of something…indescribable. Far older than you had initially assumed. Far older than you can begin to comprehend, than any one can comprehend. It could crush you with a passing thought. Yet all you can feel from it is love. Boundless, fathomless love. Affection. Desire. Lust. And Ina was chosen as its priestess. The pain continues to build up as you twitch and shake in agony. You feel like your brain is being scraped out of your skull. Finally, without warning, it stops. Ina pulls away from you, smiling.

“Now do you understand?” She asks coyly.

You don’t have time to respond before you faint.

>> No.1335521

I hit the 5k limit, whoops. Inspired by >>1321675 - hopefully it's to your liking.

>> No.1335790
File: 405 KB, 1061x1481, InaPain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Good shit as usual anon, love the suspense and backstory in the first part especially. Keep it up

>> No.1336498

Now we need a gura fic where she's anxious and what not, feeling that she doesn't deserve all the success she's getting and (You) trying to calm her down and her threatening to eat you for real if you leave her rather than sexually eat you.

>> No.1336512
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Use the duck.

>> No.1336798

Amazing stuff anon, it's truly wonderful.

>> No.1336941
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Got an idea based on this for Roboco

>> No.1338884

haha imagine Ame never leaving your side, literally. haha she time travels to make sure she's by your side at all the important and vunerable moments of your life haha, whether you want her to be or not!

>> No.1338989

Fuck, I'd love to see this.

>> No.1339002


>> No.1339658

We need more ame zoomposting

>> No.1340718
File: 565 KB, 1000x1768, Occ_final_logo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah yeah man, its really great
I've been on such a Darkest Dungeon kick lately that I even considered writing it myself, but I got lazy and settled with the basic little summary so its cool that you were able nail the exact tone I was thinking of.
Coincidentally, I was also thinking of a plot point where the protagonist is just barely aware of an outside force toying with his mind.
The horror of the situation only begins to rise when he logically considers that any sane human would run for the hills after seeing Ina.

>> No.1344791
File: 1.46 MB, 1278x1430, __shirakami_fubuki_oruyanke_and_miteiru_hololive_drawn_by_tonton_tonz159__37a108f1f5e2fa5650ed45976d0c467f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really need to finish a game of Darkest Dungeon, never got around to it

>> No.1344861
File: 53 KB, 1565x319, amelia 'consent is a myth' watson.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I regret not getting into this shit sooner

>> No.1345014
File: 232 KB, 400x300, 1614651757503.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>image file name
>consent is a myth

>> No.1345107
File: 40 KB, 1795x145, amelia 'ENTRAPMENT' watson.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

With a bit of tinkering you can really get them to do some nice shit. Just requires a bit more user input.

>> No.1345174

Is that AI dungeon or some other program?

>> No.1345241


>> No.1345245

Holy fuck. I wish there was a way to locally host this shit because some of the stuff I want to write I'm afraid to input (especially with an account).

>> No.1345343

100% agree. I tried one prompt once, said "fuck this I don't like this being online" and bailed. Maybe one day when they sell out completely.

>> No.1345398
File: 2.95 MB, 2290x3682, __inugami_korone_hololive_drawn_by_dogxfish__9261a785228153dd2c0377292348f678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I never have been able to get anything useful out of AI dungeon, how do you do it? Even with more user input most of the time I just get random shit

>> No.1345412

Read "A Coomer’s Guide to AI Dungeon"

>> No.1345459
File: 73 KB, 247x220, 1612787784154.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn this seems like a long read. Time to go get a coffee. Thanks anon

>> No.1345465

If the story isn't going where you want, there's the option to write out the next part of the prompt yourself. It'll eventually get into a groove.

>> No.1345572

This one time, I forgot to choose "male", so it started as a woman. Instead of starting a new one, I changed my gender with magic. I think the AI took note of that, because everything went to shit. After a battle, the enemy commander turned into a woman because he was frustrated after losing, or something, it was really funny. Then I raped him, but I became pregnant instead, and immediately gave birth. Knowing how harsh this world was, I immediately started his martial training. He learned fast, and started overpowering me, still a baby. I summoned a mighty shit dragon for help, and he shit on everything. Then I fucked a corpse of an enemy soldier and started dancing while my soldiers clapped, and died with a smile, revived decades later inside a strange house, got into a bar fight, fucked someone's skull, and then died again.

>> No.1345579

And I wasn't going for a coomer run, just wanted to have an adventure

>> No.1345925

Always thought that AI dungeon was more a gimmicky showcase more than anything, might actually give it a shot now

>> No.1346482
File: 730 KB, 2019x2852, RoboSleep.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


You were captivated by her. That girl with the long hair that sat in the purple chair before you. She was nude and sitting cross-legged with those robotic legs of hers, her brown hair draping over her breasts and her eyes were closed. The girls black plated arms were firmly planted against the arm rests and gripping the ends of them. Along her arms, shoulders and back there were a multitude of cables and plugs that were imputed into various slots. It seemed like she was sleeping peacefully, undisturbed by the outside world.

You didn’t know how you got there. Before you just remembered being in bed at your house. , but after that, all you remember was waking up on the cold concrete floor nearby. You wandered around, following that large cable that led you to this girl, where they all seemingly converged to. You could only question as to who… or what… she was. But whether she was human or not, there was something you couldn’t deny.

She was mesmerizing to look at.

At that moment you heard a loud beep and the room sprang to life. The wires leading up to the girl changed from a bright red to neon blue, the computer screens all around her started to rapidly display lines of code and you could see the circuits under her skin light up. After a few minutes the power went off and the lights briefly went out. Through the dark you could see only one thing.

A pair of glowing yellow eyes staring directly at you.

You almost screamed as the lights returned to normal and revealed the figure. It was the girl, her eyes now full open, but still remained seated with that deadened look. You could see her arms, body and legs slightly twitch, like a person waking up from a long nap. She stretched her ligaments and yawned, something you thought you wouldn’t see from what appeared to be an AI. The girl got up from and returned her gaze to you. You blushed as the girl’s whole body was exposed to you, her hair moving a way to show her large perky breasts and her cunt fully visible.

She slowly walked towards you, trying to get her bearings before she stopped directly in front of you. The two of you remained in an awkward silence, yourself trying to hide the erection in your pants while the girl seemed to analyze you. You saw the girl's eyes glow for a brief moment before she stepped up to you and grabbed you by your shirt.

>> No.1346498
File: 682 KB, 2896x4096, RoboCrazy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Before you could say anything she pulled you in and shoved her tongue into your mouth roughly. Your mind was blank as she explored every part thoroughly, yourself feeling unable to push back. Almost as quickly as it started, however, she pulled back and stood in place That dull expression she once quickly morphed into a more lively one as she gave you a smile.

“I analyzed your saliva, it says you're not a member of the staff… who are you?” she asked in an innocent tone. You were taken aback by her relaxing voice, but couldn’t find the words to speak as she tilted her head in confusion.

“You can’t speak? Well I guess it doesn’t… matter....” she stuttered in her words as she paused. You saw her fingers twitch and eyes dilated as she kept her gaze on you. Suddenly her whole body began to shake as you took a few steps backwards.

Something wasn’t right.

You saw the ends of her hair begin to change color. Instead of brown, the edges of her hair were now tinged red. Her eyes were still golden but now glowed with an eerie tone to it. You could see the circuits glowing through her skin change to a bright red. You felt a knot grow in the pit of your stomach.

You needed to run.

But as you turned and tried to escape, something grabbed you by the legs and pulled you back. Lookdown you saw it was a cable similar to the ones you saw attached to the girl earlier. You were slowly dragged backwards and dangled in front of the girl, who now had a maniacal grin across her face.

“After seeing Roboco like this, you think you can run away?” she asked. Instead of that sweet voice you heard earlier, all you felt in her voice now was full of sadism and malicious intent. The tentacle-like cords holding you then threw you across the room and you slammed into a nearby wall. You felt dizzy as she approached, unable to stand up or even think straight. Roboco stopped right in front of you and you could see more of those cables extending out from her back.

“I’ve been asleep for so long… it was boring just running through the same memories over and over again. But now that I’m awake, I think it's time to have some fun,” she said as the cords wrapped around your arms and legs and held you in place.

“And since you were the one to wake me up, I think I’ll give you a reward.”

The cables quickly ripped off your clothes and threw them aside. Roboco licked her lips as she reached out and grabbed your cock, giving a few strokes before running her tongue across the shaft. You moaned as she then took your entire dick into her mouth, the pressure and wetness seemingly adjusting on the spot to give you maximum pleasure. You didn’t last long before you cummed and shot your seed into her throat.

But she didn’t even flinch. The cables then forcefully pinned you against the floor and Roboco stood above you with that same crazy look. You saw her pussy now brimming with fluids as she stood directly above your cock.

>> No.1346507
File: 146 KB, 809x960, RoboReady.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

“If you only lasted a few seconds just for that blow job, I wonder how you’ll hold up to this?” she questioned as she rubbed her pussy lips against your tip. You groaned as you tried to push up, but the cables kept you down on the floor. Her grin deepened as she bent down and pressed her lips against your ear.

“You're gonna have to tell me… what do you want me to do? I won’t know if you don’t ask” she whispered and you shuddered. You felt pathetic but the achiness in your crotch overrode your sense of pride. You asked, no, begged Roboco to fuck you. A look of satisfaction filled her deranged face and she was once again standing above your cock.

“Good boy, since you even begged I’ll give you the extra special treatment.”

She dropped down and enveloped your entire cock in one go. You nearly fainted from the overwhelming pleasure as you felt her pussy switch and change the softness and texture of her own insides. You even felt something wrap around your shaft, what seemed like tiny moist tentacles holding your cock in place as she bounced up and down. The combination of pressure, wetness and heat sent you over the edge.

You spent your seed again and again as she kept milking every drop of cum out of you, not even taking a pause for a moment as with each ejaculation she changed the modules of her pussy. Without even asking you reached out and fondled the AI girls tits, the elasticity and firmness just having a perfect balance. It was as if everything about this girl was perfect.

Eventually you cummed one last time and she suddenly stopped. The cables suddenly retracted and her face changed again to that neutral expression she had once before. But you were too exhausted form the continuous fucking earlier, and quickly passed out before you could make sense of what happened.

When you woke up, you felt completely relaxed as you looked up. Those golden orbs were staring at you, but this time, their gentleness had returned and the rid tipped hairs gone. Looking down you saw that somehow your damaged clothes had been returned normal. Your head was laying in Roboco’s lap as she gave you a smile.

“I’m sorry about what happened earlier… due to my long time in hibernation my code can become… corrupted... at random. But you don't mind that, do you?”

You nodded as you returned the smile, only to pause in horror as you noticed her eyes began to glow again and her hairs changed to red again. You saw the demented smile return to her face and you knew what was going to happen.

“Lets have some fun again!” she exclaimed and it began anew.

>> No.1349357

Korone would never abuse me.

>> No.1349392
File: 53 KB, 850x716, This has to be a health violation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

“M-Ms. Takanashi, please…” you moan out pitifully, writhing in the Phoenix’s grip. She nibbles your ear roughly in response as she fondles you from behind, below your clothes…in the middle of the goddamn kitchen, your coworkers doing everything they can to ignore you. Some sweat, others blush. None come to your aid. The lusty firebird merely presses her breasts into your back in response, teeth tugging at your helix as you shakily attempt to continue to work. Kiara’s grown bold with your little arrangement. It’s gone beyond The Usual Room, now. No, everyone – even those ignorant to what Kiara Takanashi is really like – knows about you and her now. The past few days have been terrible: evolving from one less-than-pleasant occurrence per day into eight hours of sexual torture. This was already the third time today. “Keep struggling for me,” Kiara whispers cruelly, her hand softly massaging your erection. “It’s such a fucking turn on. Do you like being watched like this? Because I do.” Her hand squeezes you just a bit harder and you let out a shuddering groan. The girl working the line next to you visibly flinches upon hearing you, doing her best to hide her incredibly flushed face. Kiara giggles. “She’s had a crush on you for a while now,” she coos. “And it feels so good to flaunt my dominion over property in front of her.” You grit your teeth. “I-I’m not your property, Ms. Takanashi!” you spit. Kiara’s hand stops, and the man working across from you physically turns his head back, staring at you in wide-eyed horror.

“Oh?” Kiara begins. The lust is gone from her voice, now. Replaced with cold fury. “Such insubordination…and I thought we had come such a long way in our relationship.” Slowly, she retracts the hand from your uniform trousers, and sweat rolls down your forehead. Mounting arousal is replaced with fear. “M-M-Ms….Ms. Takanashi, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean any disrespect…” you weakly mutter. Slowly turning your head just enough, you can see why your coworker was so terrified. Kiara stares at you – almost through you – as you speak. Her face is devoid of all emotion but contempt. Quickly turning away from you, she crosses her arms behind her back. “Take him to the Usual Room, please.” She says. A few moments of silence pass before she turns, face filled with fury. “That means you, you fucking slackers! Take him to the Usual Room! Now!”

Two coworkers leap from fear as they quickly scramble over to you. You attempt to struggle as you’re grabbed before you could parse the appropriate response, but more join in on your restraining. It takes six people to force you down the hall. None of them utter a word, but you hear one of them sniffling. The door is opened as you’re thrown inwards, stumbling as you poorly attempt to catch your balance, ultimately ending up face first on the floor. Kiara quickly comes in behind your ‘guards’. “Good,” she says, face still filled with contempt. “Now get the fuck out of here. I have disciplinary action to take.” The men quickly funnel out of the room, and the door slams shut.

Kiara wastes no time in quickly stripping her top off, her pert breasts spilling out into the open as you finally turn on to your back, anxiety welling up in your chest. “Look here, slut,” She spits with an almost palpable layer of venom, stomping over to you as you attempt to scramble backwards. “Just because you’re a good piece of fuckmeat doesn’t mean you get to talk back to me like that. You work for me. I own you. I sign your fucking checks. I can spit in your mouth and you’d be expected to swallow it.” Your back hits the wall as she leans down, grasping you by your uniform shirt collar. With a terrifying amount of strength, she pulls you up to her, staring at you through half-lidded, cold eyes. “Do you understand me? You’re mine.” She speaks, still in that same cold tone. “We can keep playing nice, or I can just take what I want from you. I can ruin you in this town. No one would hire you here, ever again. Do you want that?” You shrink in her grasp. “No, Ms. Takanashi! I don’t!” you cry out. Kiara’s face of contempt instantly erupts into the lecherous smirk you’re used to. She quickly sets in, kissing you deeply as she presses her bare chest to yours.

>> No.1349430
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The phoenix’s tongue flits and flicks against yours as you shrink further, feeling more and more powerless. Breaking the kiss, Kiara grins. “That’s right. You like being my property, don’t you?” She asks. Faced with termination and God knows what else, you shamefully nod in the affirmative, hoping to appease her. A deep scarlet hue fills Kiara’s cheeks as her breathing becomes heavy. “That’s right. Say it out loud. Let me here you say it.” Bitterly, you wince, looking away from Kiara as she sets in on your neck, ravenously licking and nibbling everything she can. “I…I love being owned by you, Ms. Takanashi…I’ll do whatever you want…I’m your property…”. The words leave a godawful taste in your mouth, but Kiara growls out in pleasure. “Good boy,” She mutters between alternating different sides of your neck to assault. “Now strip for me.”

Shivering in contempt and fear, you bite your lip, closing your eyes as you slowly disrobe. Your manager moves away just enough to let you remove your uniform top before she sets right back in on the freshly exposed areas of your shoulders, leaving you to undo your trousers at an agonizingly slow pace. Finally undoing the button, Kiara’s hand shoots out, ripping your pants down herself, apparently displeased with how long you’ve taken. In a smooth motion, she detaches herself from your mark-and-saliva covered neck, slipping into a kneeling pose as she tears your underwear down as well, freeing your hardened cock. Licking her lips, she gives an amorous wink up to you before effortlessly taking your cock all the way to the base in in a swift move, causing your knees to buckle from the sudden sensation. Kiara swirls her tongue over every inch she can reach while quickly bobbing up and down, cupping your balls with one hand as the other pleasures herself. Pleasure assaults your brain as you shiver, letting out a low groan of defeat. “Ms. Takanashi, w-wait…slow down, it’s—”

With a soft ‘pop’, your boss frees your cock from her mouth, moving the hand from your balls up to the shaft, stroking you roughly. “Call me ‘Kiara’. I’m tired of that formal crap.” She says casually, leaning in to lick the tip of your twitching dick. “And I don’t care. Cum in my mouth. Okay?” While trying to formulate a response, Kiara quickly swallows your dripping member once more, taking you to her throat repeatedly. Twitching and swelling within Kiara’s mouth, you instinctively bring a hand up, planting it on top of her head. She freezes for just a moment, looking up to you somewhat surprised…before she moans out around you, working at you with renewed vigor. It doesn’t take much more to coax the orgasm out of you. Shoving Kiara’s head down on to your groin, you twitch and spasm uncontrollably, flooding her mouth with a thick load of semen, finally leaving you after you nearly came in your pants from her teasing earlier. As you force Kiara down, she squirts onto the ground, fingers roughly plunging into her wet vagina as her eyes roll back just a bit, greedily swallowing your seed.

As you ride out your orgasm, the pleasant warmth of afterglow falls over you. Kiara slides herself off of your cock, panting as she licks the tip clean, staring up at you with lewd gaze. “See? Doesn’t being company property feel good?” She mockingly asks, your half-erect cock twitching against her warm cheek as she leans against it. “You belong to me…but in that same way, I belong to you. Get it?”
Shakily, you nod. Kiara’s smile, for but a moment, seems a bit less lecherous. Bringing herself up from her kneeling position, Kiara gingerly wraps her arms around you. Holding you close to her, she pulls you in as close as she can…her nails softly digging into the flesh of your exposed back. “That’s a good boy. That’s my good boy. No more fighting back…okay?” She whispers. With a gulp, you reply. “Yes, Ms. Tak-…K-Kiara."

Content with your answer, the phoenix snuggles up with you, holding you to her. If she has any actual love for you, you don’t know. Frankly, you’re afraid to ask.

I wanna FUCK the phoenix! Against my will!

>> No.1350419


>> No.1350972

That's some spicy chicken.

>> No.1351434
File: 299 KB, 885x626, 067D5149-C92C-44E0-A960-E6001DD89182.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wouldn’t wanting her to forcefully fuck you against your will be consensual?

Anyways great work anon

>> No.1352786
File: 162 KB, 1082x731, 1EADC54D-6D2E-4936-95A5-FAD07031BCCC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it bad that reading this i just feel lonely and want to be kissed?

>> No.1353831

God, i wish i were Hololive's official Gigolo

>> No.1353899
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there should be a writing collab between all the write-anons to produce one giant piece, that would be awesome to read through

>> No.1354723
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I want her to top me

>> No.1356465

Man you guys have some serious issues

>> No.1356728

Man you guys have like some serious issues

>> No.1356802
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And thats how we like it

>> No.1357244

Gura pasta when

>> No.1357368


check >>1321644

>> No.1358464

But i wanted co-dependency

>> No.1360058
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cant help there anon, I would write one but Gura is one of the ones that I dont really know that well

>> No.1360511

That doesn't look right

>> No.1360557

Ok anon, thank you anyway. Lose your stuff regardless.

>> No.1360613
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This is abusive and terrible and I shouldn't like it but

>> No.1360697

let it control you anon, this is a true patrician taste

>> No.1360728
File: 1.18 MB, 4096x2304, DanchouCrazy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1364703

Shhhhh. That's part of the fun.

>> No.1367766
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>> No.1370333

You guys have messed me up. I thought aboyt being Married to Reine and her starting to pull a Henry VIII and becoming spiteful of you because despite having a large family, the two of you have yet to bear a son.

>> No.1370536
File: 1.37 MB, 1262x1920, Oozora.Subaru.full.2920370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anything for best duck?

>> No.1370744

Someone wrote a Subaru gaslighting story.

>> No.1370831

Top fucking tier.
Thanks anon.

>> No.1371063

>the thought of death was the only hope that keeps you alive
Made me chuckle a bi, pretty decent otherwise.

>> No.1371112

>tomboy bully

>> No.1371482
File: 1.40 MB, 1912x1078, MikoNutcracker.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone should a make a Miko one where she recreates that torture scene from GTA 5 and crushes your balls with a giant wrench

>> No.1372517

she can handle this massive schlong

>> No.1373152

unlike you my seed will surely be strong enough to give Reine the male heir she deserves

>> No.1373361

But wouldn't it be reine's fault instead of being (You)r fault?

>> No.1373444

Assuming Reine is the one in power and it's a Matriarchy, it'd be your fault.

>> No.1375860

God no. I cringed in that one.

>> No.1375996

I want Gura to bite off my legs so I could not escape and then be crushed as she drags me to the ocean depths to show me her home

>> No.1376205


>> No.1376619

>Miko says something about your balls being possessed by a demon of lust and it's her duty to cleanse you
>Fucking bonks you with a mochi hammer (usu whatever the fuck you wanna call it) directly on the balls over and over again

>> No.1380137
File: 357 KB, 1483x1439, Ame1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1380158
File: 642 KB, 2480x2370, Ame2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1380197
File: 537 KB, 2480x2370, Ame3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1380221
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>> No.1382056

Extremely erotic

>> No.1383220

>his cum is girly

>> No.1383366

>no aki

>> No.1383460
File: 328 KB, 1277x1204, 1614634873804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was thinking of doing an Aki one where she gets abused by Ina cause she has a tentacle fetish

>> No.1385625


>> No.1388616

Abused in a serious way or abused in a "rough tentacle sex that leaves Ina exhausted' way

>> No.1388716
File: 30 KB, 500x500, 1614005136316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why not both

>> No.1388891

I can see both Aki sub and Aki dom and imagining Aki in charge turns me on so much

>> No.1389032
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I'll do a double part story where in the first part aki is the sub and and in the second part she turns the tables and doms Ina

>> No.1389209

god I'm so into Reine abusing people for acting horny toward her

>> No.1389348

Reine abusing (You) for being the only person NOT horny for her

>> No.1389434

You have my support, Anon.
>Reine will never forcibly milk you over and over again with her hand while scowling at you and talking down to you for getting erect in her presence without permission AGAIN
Could also be fun.

>> No.1390217

>You're the only one who didn't buy into the mommy/oneesan train, instead something else appealed to you and you both eventually got together
>She pretends to click her tongue and express utter disappointment in her viewers because of their horni
>she signed up for it, there's no way she could've known
>but with you she means it
>You don't know how or when it happened, but every now and then, she clicks her mouth at you in disappointment, accompanied with a disdainful gaze that chills your very soul
>deep within she thinks you're no different than the rest, no, perhaps even worse.
>that one day you'll show your "true" colors and bring harm in some way
and i don't have more, maybe this will help you start something

>> No.1391348

can this thread go back to emotional abuse and mind torture? I can fap to that easily but femdom is such a turn off

>> No.1392028

low test

>> No.1393020

>She beckons to you with an authoritative voice so she can "get it done" and milk you, that's what you were after weren't you? is what she's thinking.
>You may have wanted to get intimate with her but not like this, yet you have no choice but to obey, lest she bring up that disdainful gaze of hers, weighing down on your soul

>> No.1397226

>Will never be able to start a genuine relationship with Reine because she thinks you just want her for sex no matter what you tell her otherwise
>Will milk you anyway

>> No.1397513

>In your death bed she'll give you one last gaze of utter disappointment and one last round of mouth clicking, but this time meant more at herself, crying as you breathe your last saying that you love her and you wish you could've done better for her.

>> No.1397584

God that's miserable.

>> No.1397794

im into yanderes like ollie, kiara, rushia
am i sick anons?

>> No.1398003

No, you just have a deep desire to be lusted after and wanted by someone with which you have a 100% guarantee they will never cheat on you or think about someone else when with you.

>> No.1398028

You probably like yanderes because of their undying loyalty. That, and/or violent protectiveness turns you on.

>> No.1398830

An interesting line of thought, I have a particular penchant for dominant, yandere, vampire-type girls and that's what spurs me to donate blood.

As far as I can tell, though, there aren't any vampire themed Vtubers out there. Or maybe I just haven't been looking hard enough.

>> No.1399486

Your sauce retard

>> No.1399561

You are a gentleman and a scholar, thank you.

>> No.1399989

>tfw no paranoid Coco gf to torture me whenever she gets delusions of me being a Chinese spy

>> No.1400110
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And if I might give a recommendation your royal downyness


>> No.1401196

go big or go home

>> No.1403284

Haachama tying you down and torturing you until you are Haachama-chama, whatever her definition of that is.

>> No.1405525

Thoroughly insane?
Good thread folks. Lots of content. Will see you in the next one.

>> No.1406327
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